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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 29, 2022 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. don't miss our labor day weekend special. save 50% on sleep number 360® limited edition smart bed. ends labor day. . breaking overnight, nfl running back brian robinson and the washington commanders has been shot in attempted carjacking details ahead. after a weekend of multiple lightning strikes we're hours away from nasa's most ambitious launch in decades as the artemis prepare force its maiden moon mission. mississippi is experiencing flooding and in pakistan, massive flooding has taken over
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many villages. it was a big night at the vma's. and serena williams her final u.s. open. good morning i'm dara brown >> i'm phillip mena. we begin with breaking news out of washington, d.c. where brian robinson is in stable condition after being shot a police spokesperson says he was the victim of a possible armed robbery or attempted carjacking and shot twice in the lower body police are looking for two people in connection with the shooting robinson's injuries are not life threatening, and team officials were with him at the hospital. he is in good spirits and will be back soon doing what he does best the governor of mississippi has declared a state of emergency. the mayor of the state capital
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jackson has told residents to get out as the state prepares for more flooding. the pearl river is expected to overflow its banks cresting at 36 feet. they have deployed more than 125,000 sandbags to try to keep the waters at bay. people who were affected just a few years ago are bracing again. >> get out now get out as soon as possible. >> reporter: the pearl river is expected to crest at 35.5 feet near downtown jackson. as many 150 homes in the path of destruction. homes like barbara green's it flooded with two feet of water when the river last crested in 2020. >> lost pretty much everything i
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had before just don't want to keep going through the same cycle >> reporter: this flooding adding to water still on the ground in mississippi after days of excessive rainfall. as the governor declared a state of emergency, warning time is running out. >> the actions that you take now can help you protect your own life and help you protect the lives of your family members >> reporter: the threat of fast-moving floods being felt across the country raging waters tearing through big bug creek in arizona saturday and water rushing in at the minnesota state fair millions of americans across the upper midwest are at risk for see clea severe weather four different storms are being tracked over the atlantic this week for the first time in 50
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years, we could be heading back to the moon. in just a few hours, nasa's most powerful rocket, the orion will blast off. itwill be a test flight of the artemis. with plans to get crews back onto the moon and eventually to mars >> reporter: the threat of violent morning thunderstorms is hanging over nasa's plans to launch artemis early monday. after a series of lightning strikes hit lightning towers nur the launch pad five five times saturday it didn't do any damage to the rocket named for the sister of the greek god apollo it will lift it to a 42-day uncrewed orbit around the moon. >> this mission going with a lot of hopes and dreams of a lot of
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people we are now the artemis generation >> reporter: if all goes as planned, astronauts could be on board in 2024 and then a moon landing in 2025 or later just like apollo, the astronauts on orion will lift off on their backs. but there's room for four astronauts instead of three. right over there is a retractible rowing machine for exercise and right there is a commode. orion will eventually dock with a station called gateway >> they will go on to the lunar surface. >> reporter: already the gateway components are coming together at this facility in houston. eventually four or five of these modules will be linked together orbiting the moon with crews spending on average 30 days on station. the astronauts will then use a lunar land to descend to a moon
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base for six straight days >> the goal isn't to stay here the whole time it's to get prepared to go in the lander and go down to the surface and spend time >> reporter: this is like base camp circling the moon >> exactly a good way to look at it >> reporter: it will return to u earth hotter and faster, parachuting into the pacific ocean. there's an 80% chance of go at 8:30 a.m the further you get into the window the chances start to slide because of the florida weather. we're all watching that 8:33 liftoff time hoping it can go then >> so are we, tom, thank you you can join us starting at 8:30 a.m. and all eyes on the skies for the liftoff. let's get a check on the conditions with michelle grossmann. >> so far so good. we had thunderstorms, we're still track ago liting a little
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showers. 8:33 still looks to be 80% go. we see a few showers in the vicinity but it should be good for the six-mile and 12-mile radius so there are some pretty specific launch criteria in terms of do not launch lightning, winding and solar activity but we're going to continue to see the weather improving b by 8:33 it looks like we will be good to go there are increasing fears of a nuclear catastrophe in ukraine after three straight days of shelling at and around the zaporizhzhia power plant nearby residents have been offered iodine tablets which can help protect against radiation the iaea announced that its inspectors will visit the russian-controlled plant this week after weeks of pressing for
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access zaporizhzhia is the largest in europe and twice the size of chernobyl. the buffalo bills have cut rookie punter over the weekend he was named in a civil suit alleging that he rape add girl at party after giving her an alcoholic drink. no one has been charged. the alleged victim described as "jane doe" described the event >> they threw me down onto the bed, face down, and they took turns assaulting me from behind, other things that, in the mix. and i was bleeding everywhere. >> the bills say that the lawsuit brought forward new
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information but the team admits it's known about the immigrations as early as july. araiza has denied the immigrations and said he looks forward to quickly setting the record straight. an ohio kidnapping suspect is due in court today after shocking surveillance video showed him lunchging at a police officer with a pen the video shows him reaching for the pen before the officer was able to quickly subdue him he is accused of trying to kidnap a 5-year-old girl at a catholic school near dayton, ohio his hearing is set for today it was a meeting of the popes over the weekend pope frances paid a visit to his predecessor, benedict xvi let's check back with michelle for a look at today's
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weather. >> we are looking at the chance for severe weather today we have an enhanced risk we haven't seen that in quite some time. three out of five on the severe weather scale. let's take a look at what we're expecting throughout the day it could start early and extend throughout the afternoon/evening hours. 15 million are at risk of gusts up to 50 miles per hour and also an isolated tornado or two we will be watching that very closely today. as we go throughout time, it's a cold front moving through, the strongest storms from eastern illinois to michigan it could lead to flash flooding. then tomorrow the krocold front moves to the northeast and once again you can seoking for some
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strong storms and storms in the portions of the southeast. the tropics have been very quiet so far, but we're tracking some activity >> it's that time of year. michelle, thanks as the atlanta braves make a push for another world series, the mascot made several pushes take a look. he put the team on their back. pushing them all out of way. the mascots were battling a local team at halftime of the falcons-jags preseason game. the stiff arms drew attention. >> he's like three times the side of those kids. >> like marshon lynch. the documents found by the
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request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. new this morning the government is pleading for international help, and their top climate official calls it, quote, a serious climate catastrophe. we're talking about this in pakistan. >> the monsoon season has started earlier than usual, sparking weeks of flash floods along the river that spans the entire length of the country dramatic video shows a man clinging to rocks in a raging river before being airlifted to safety by an army helicopter two women fight off attackers in broad daylight in new york city. and this happened near the guggenheim on the upper east side two suspects on a moped attempt to rob these women the one right there grabbed the chain off of her neck.
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you can see her friend pulling her away as the driver tries to turn the moped the passenger hops off and is met with two kicks before the two speed off police are searching for the suspects now to the latest on the classified documents found at mar-a-lago they will do an assessment of any risk to national security. monica alba has more >> reporter: the nation's top intelligence officials assessing the possible damage from the trove of classified documents retrieved from mar-a-lago. director of national intelligence, averill haines saying she'll lead the review to the potential risk to national security from the disclosure of records donald trump took with him to florida >> the dni will be looking specifically at the documents, and if they expose the
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identities of cia agents and if methodologies are exposed. two sensitive issues for the united states government >> reporter: intelligence officials will also closely coordinate with the justice department to ensure they don't interfere with its ongoing crimi criminal investigation into the highly-sensitive material. meanwhile, donald trump slammed it as pure politics but applauded the florida judge who indicated he would appoint a special master that special master would be a third party to review the documents to determine if any are privileged, all as the republican party deals with the fallout. >> i don't know what to be concerned about. no one seems to. what's subject matter? what's the date? what's the time?
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congratulations to the 2022 mtv mtv video vanguard, nicki minaj. >> i wish that people understood what they meant and what they were going through i wish people took mental health seriously, even for the people you think have the perfect lives. >> three was the magic number for nicki minaj at the mtv video awards the rapper co-hosted alongside
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l.l. cool j and performed before being presented with the video vanguard award, talking about mental health in her acceptance speech more stars showed nun new jers up in new jersey >> and taylor swift took home three moon men herself, easily making fans' wildest dreams come true while announce ago surprise new album. >> i thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand-new album comes out october 21st >> meanwhile, snoop dogg and
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two-times more than any other probiotic brand. try align. in today's top stories, stock futures are pointing to another bloodbath at the opening after a brutal rout on wall street fed chair jerome powell sparked a selloff after he warned more pain ahead in the fight to bring down inflation with additional interest rates on the horizon, the dow crashed 1,000 points the announcement also sent shockwaves throughout crypto world. serena williams is gearing
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up to say good-bye after decades of dominating center court williams will face danica cone vich her final match is being played at the same place where she won the first of her 23 grand slam singles wins her farewell will also include a sister special as she and her sister team up for the first time in years to play doubles. an unbelievable 31-foot birdie b birdie putt on the 15th hole would help rory mcilroy. the tour championship, he narrowly edged out scottie scheffler to complalaim the $18 million prize. he is the first three-time win
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ner the winner in the history of the fedex cup. this mickey mantle card sold for $12.6 million, the most ever paid for any sports memorabilia. the card sat in the basement of a topps truck driver it passed from collector to collector before being sold at that massive price >> that is one of the holdy grails a beautiful card one of the famous weapons from a galaxy far, far away just went up for auction. it might be what happened right here >> over my dead body [ speaking non-english ] >> i bet you have. >> han solo's blaster from the 1977 star war sold for $900,000
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at a rock island auction in michigan it is the only surviving blaster out of the props used during the filming. the identity of the buyer is not known. >>
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countdown to liftoff we are hours from nasa launching its most powerful rocket ever conceived at next miss 1,000 ha pakistani floods and here in the u.s., mississippi is facing a state of emergency the director of national intelligence says her office is looking into whether


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