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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hoping for an historic liftoff. we're tracking nasa's planned artemis 1 launch this morning. here's a live look at the launch pad, ahead in a live report a closer look at the significance of this trip and what it means for the future of space travel. >> you need to start thinking about putting money away for your children at the earliest possible time. >> like before you have them, funding for their future. tips parents with young children need to keep in mind to make it in the bay. this is "today in the bay," streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. all right, let's get you started with that day on this monday, kicking things off. we want to get a look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall tracking what we can expect and kari, i looked ahead at that forecast and how is today shaping up for us? >> it looks nicer compared to what we've had recently as our
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temperatures continue to cool off. we're concerned about air quality and it's going to be a hazy day, as you're heading out in dublin, we're starting out temperatures in the upper 50s, a light wind and we'll see a few clouds for the start of the day. clearing out as we go into late morning and our temperatures warming up to the mid-70s by noon eventually reaching 85 degrees for a high temperature there in dublin. for mountain view look for a high of about 78, once again feeling comfortable for much of the bay area, but the trend will be for things to heat up and we're going to be watching that. i'll have more on that as well as what to expect for the holiday weekend, that's coming up a little bit later. >> thanks, kari. a live look right now at cape canaveral where, for the time being, history is on hold. nasa is still hoping to launch its artemis 1 rocket to the moon but first, there's a glitch or two to work out. >> this will be nasa's largest rocket launch ever into space. it will set the table for sending americans back to the moon and eventually to mars.
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"today in the bay's" chris pollone is live near cape canaveral awaiting the start of the historic mission. do you know what's holding things up, chris? >> reporter: yes, laura and marcus, that's right, the countdown is on hold. we're about 30 minutes from the start of the launch window, that window where nasa could conceivably send the rocket into space. engineers are looking at a couple of different problems. engine number three, there are four of them on the rocket, well that third engine is having trouble getting ready for launch. they're taking a look at that issue right now. another one, too, they noticed some ice forming on a flange, which is essentially a seam in the rocket, when they were fueling it, they're checking for the possibility that there was a crack that might need to be repaired. so those two issues being worked on right now. nasa says the launch obviously at the start of the window is unlikely but they have a couple of hours to do this today. if not, they could do it again on friday. if it doesn't go, though, i'll tell you, though, it will disappoint hundreds, if not
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thousands of people who have gathered here on the beach. they want to see the future of american space exploration and artemis take flight. the artemis sls rocket is a monster, 322 feet tall and 15% more powerful than the rocket last sent americans to the moon 50 years ago. for nasa, putting its astronauts back on the moon's surface is goal one. >> we'll have landers on the moon, rovers on the moon and eventually a base camp on the moon. >> reporter: today's first step a test flight sending the orion cruise capsule into orbit around the moon. nasa scientists will gather data on what the spacecraft and astronaut also experience on future flights. >> we are pushing the vehicle to its limits, really stressing it to get ready for crew. >> reporter: if successful, humans could be on a lunar orbit flight within two years, then a moon landing in 2025 or '26. it promises to be a future of firsts.
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>> it's a future where nasa will land the first woman and the first person of color on the moon. >> reporter: captain victor glover among several nasa astronauts hoping to be chosen. >> i wanted to walk on and work on the surface of the moon. >> reporter: for members of the artemis program today, the key emotion is pride, pride in their country and pride in the nation's ability to accomplish big things. >> it's a country that is strong because people come to gather here and do amazing things and it's a country that can reach for the stars that, can land on the moon and it can aspire to go to mars. >> reporter: the next era of american space exploration now here with artemis 1. and obviously, there are no astronauts inside the orion crew capsule at the top of this rocket for this first flight, but however, there are three mannequins that will test the effects of space on the human body, and also one stuffed animal, snoopy will be in that crew capsule when that capsule reaches orbit, you'll see him floating in zero gravity.
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live in cape canaveral, florida, i'm chris pollone, back to you. >> history of all sorts. thanks, chris. >> testing graph tlit. 5:04. nbc news will provide a special report when the historic launch gets under way. the "today" show's craig melvin and tom costello will provide special coverage from kennedy space center and cape canaveral. due to delays, we're tracking when the blastoff will take place. when it does, we'll carry it live on nbc bay area. this morning, years of work on the golden gate bridge is nearly complete. within the year, the safety netting should be in place meant to prevent suicides. soon the focus will assess what happens next. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez here with us this morning with a look at the training now going on for the first responders, kris. >> it's not just enough to catch people, should they fall or jump, but this life-saving project has been in the works for more than ten years now. that's that part of it. the $250 million steel net under the golden gate bridge is still under construction.
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it's expected to be complete by the end of next year, so now the focus is on what law enforcement, fire and other first responders do if or when a person lands in that net, that is whether they are injured. it is a 20-foot fall after all or still resisting help. now there's money dedicated to training them. the golden gate bridge authority is setting aside nearly $1 million. $824,000 for a training facility near mill valley. part of that is going to be a plan for a replica of that steel mesh so that first responders can practice those rescues because it's a different setup than what you would have if you were rescuing somebody from a building. the funds will come from the bridge's capital budget. more than 1,800 people have fall on it their deaths from the bridge since it opened in 1937. if you know someone who is in crisis, there is a toll-free hotline for help in english and in spanish, it's here on your
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screen. there's an 800 number, but most recently activated was a three-number 988, if you need help, that's all you have to to do to get it. >> thank you, kris. if you're already expecting or looking to start your family, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to costs of raising a child especially if you're trying to make it in the bay. across the u.s., parents are spending an average of $286,000 per child this is from birth until the age of 17. local financial professional sam gaeda from define financial planning joins us now. sam, i want to thank you so much for joining us, and let's talk about it. it seems parents are raising their kids in the same way. why are we seeing such a rise in cost of raising the children? >> i think it's not so much, you
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know, we expect costs to rise over time. i think what's the most concerning about raising a child today is the pace at which costs are rising. according to a recent study, we're seeing about 3% increase in prices over the inflation rate, meaning if long-term inflation is 3%, that means it's costing us 6% increase in child care costs over time and that's a little concerning. >> it's interesting when you see the numbers. you have to think about okay, in the bay area, it actually costs this much. so what are we seeing a lot of those parents spend most of the money on when it comes to raising the child? >> yeah, three major categories, housing, food and child care are the big ones. housing is just expensive. we have to put a roof over our
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kids' heads and over time, those costs are increasing. they're increasing more today than ever. personally, i just looked up food, for example, snacks and baby food, two things that are on my mind because i have a 7-month-old daughter and a 3-year-old daughter, those are up 16% over the 12-month period. we're seeing drastic increases in food costs and child care. this is the big topic, at least every birthday party i go to for my kids, what are we paying for child care? i just did my personal numbers here, and just one year increase in child care is up about 11% in the 12-month period. we're seeing major increases and that's the thing. what we're seeing is major increases in child-specific items that are increasing much faster than the broad base inflation numbers. >> you can watch that entire interview, we talked about it a lot more, streaming at nbc bay area's app and talked about the increasing costs of college. he actually shared some tips for parents to say just download our app and find that story under the must see play list. developing right now, new air quality advisory for parts of the bay area. this is all due to smoke blowing our way from wildfires burning
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in northern california and southern oregon. one of the fires in oregon has now grown to more than 8,000 acres since starting two weeks ago. it is also burning out of control. meteorologist kari hall has a closer look at what kind of impact that we may actually see this morning. >> we are getting a slight shift in the wind direction as well as more of a marine layer, thicker layers of fog near the coastline and trapping in some of the wildfire smoke. we are going to have more of a hazy sky and moderate air quality for much of the bay area. we can see where we have the darker blues as well as green that shows more wildfire smoke coming in, especially through parts of sonoma county and along the coastline, as once again it gets trapped in that marine layer. as we go into the rest of today into tomorrow, it's going to still be kind of smoky at times. if you're sensitive to the smoke, you want to limit your time out there. you can see how thick that smoke is up farther to the north around the california/oregon border and traveling down the coastline into the bay area.
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so heads up about that for today. you do once again want to limit your time outside. our temperatures are cooler as we start out with mid-50s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and only reaching up to 71 at lunch time with high temperatures near 80 degrees there. so we'll continue to watch that. mike, you have a look at where we can find some lower gas prices. >> we try to find your lowest gas prices from gas buddy to kick off your work week of course. cupertino and have leroux on de anza $4.65. berkeley gas and smog in berkeley shattuck avenue $4.85 and arco redwood highway gas for $4.69. quite a variety, quite a span of prices around the bay. as we look at the roadways, things are mostly green, a little more yellow and red -- yellow and orange i should say coming out of the altamont pass no, surprises, vasco at speed out of brentwood, byron, discovery bay and earlier
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crashes highway 4 and 580 both cleared. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. netflix gets ready to offer a lower cost option. ahead on "today in the bay," picture being a subscriber about half the current rate. new details on the rumored lower price tier that will come with a big catch for frequent netflix users. how about cheaper tickets in the movie theater as well $3 tickets? i'll tell you how to get them. plus -- ♪♪ ♪ giving me a weekend, i knew you, your heartbeat on the high line ♪ >> we have some good news for swifties out there, a major announcement the pop sensation announced last night at the vmas and a look at the night's biggest winners. much more ahead for you this much more ahead for you this morning on "today in the bay." here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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good monday morning to you. it is 5:15. we're taking a live look outside in oakland as you get your work week started. it's mostly cloudy this morning, low 60s, and we'll see a very nice and cool morning across parts of much of the bay area. our temperatures cool to start out the week but it is going to heat up as we get closer to our holiday weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes >> that was 880. this is i-80 across the bay bridge, beautiful view and a nice, smooth, easy drive.
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we'll watch traffic volume has been picking up a bit. we have an issue in i-80 in the north bay that's maybe a serious issue for a number of reasons. we'll follow that coming up. good morning, very happy monday to you. we expect another really tough day on the markets this morning. look at these crazy numbers, from friday's close, dow down quadruple digits, this is a 3% loss. the nasdaq fell almost 4%. this comes after jay powell made that speech at jackson hole on friday. the speech we all knew was coming. the speech frankly that didn't surprise me much, but sure seemed to surprise investors. powell said the fed will keep plugging along fighting inflation by raising interest rates. and he said the fed had learned lessons in the past about not being aggressive enough to raise rates to fight inflation. really this was all just a standard description about what the fed does but some people were hoping that recent evidence that inflation was easing might
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make the fed a bit more dovish, a bit less likely to raise rates. that did not happen. and i don't sit up at night worries about rich people but i thought the numbers show you what a big swing the markets took. elon musk lost $5.5 billion friday. tough he day for jeff bezos, overall worth fell $6.5 billion or more, bill gates, warren buffett had an easy day of it. video from a recent congressional hearing looking into why there aren't more women and minorities in fintech like square or stripe, and the woman testifying is miriam hawke. i asked how do you testify in congress just in case you have to go before congress. what is that like? do you get invited to testify before congress? how does it work? >> you always say thank you for the question and you're always addressing the mechanics at chair or chairwoman or congressmen and remembering that
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formality that you're not used to. >> you can get more tips on our podcast sand hill road anywhere you find podcasts, apple podcast, stitch or spotify. movie theaters all over america will start charging $3 a ticket for one day, that's september 3rd, so that would be like a week from tomorrow. it's national cinema day, a day they just made up just right now. 3,000 theaters across the united states will participate and we're talking big chains cineymark and amc. amc does a deal soda and popcorn is $537 that's $8 to go to the movies and have popcorn. >> which is nice. >> there aren't that many movies out. the end of the summer tends to be dull but at least it's local. >> family outing. >> yes. >> only september 3rd? >> only september 3rd, one day only. >> that's saturday? >> on a holiday they just made
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up. >> i'll take it, though. thanks, scott. if you like movies, the first details apparently coming into place for the upcoming lower cost ad supported subscription tier on netflix. insider tells bloomberg the new plan may run from $7 to $9 monthly t could roll out early next year. ads will be shown before and during most shows at the rate of about four minutes per hour but some programming will still run ad free, other streaming services are also developing a cheaper ad-based tier, disney plus recently announced similar plans which may arrive this fall if you don't mind the commercials. the mtv video music awards. >> bun artist happier than ever for those results. ♪ when i'm away from you, i'm happy more than ever ♪ ♪ wish i could explain it better ♪
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♪ i wish it wasn't true ♪ >> that's billy eilish singing "happier than ever" took home song of the year. another big winner, taylor swift took home three awards including video of the year. in a surprise move the singer thrilled fans with the news of her next album set to debut october 21st. harry styles has another award to add o-to-his mantle taking home honors for album of the year, bad bunny named artist of the year. >> good choices and good music, too. >> a variety. >> that it is. >> really is. all right, here we go back to another work week. >> all right, well we're starting out -- >> no it's not your fault. not your fault. >> we're waiting to see what's going to happen with artemis in the next few minutes if it's going to happen. they're working on some stuff. let's talk about it quickly. the window opens within the next 10 to 15 minutes and once again it's a 42-day mission with no
5:21 am
crew and it's happening near or far lunar orbit, near and far lunar orbit and orion's shield test as well all of this expected to happen over the next couple of months and then the splashdown is expected october 10th near baja, california. this is what we're expecting it to look like over the next few hours. we're looking at the two rocket fuel blasters, the fuel tank as well as the two engines and then we are hoping that this is what happens and this is what it will look like. this is kind of an animation given out by nasa and what we're expecting over the next hour. this, of course, historic because of who is going to be manning part of this. as we watch over the next couple of hours to see what happens, hopefully the weather holds up for that. as of right now, there are some storms in the area, and we're going to see if they get those technical problems worked out as
5:22 am
well as if the weather is going to hold up. as far as what we are seeing here at home, temperatures in the upper 60s today near the coast, and some upper 80s inland. this is cooler than what we've had. as we go into the day tomorrow, temperatures come up another couple of degrees in some of our interior valleys. we're looking at mild weather near the coastline as well, but we are expected to heat up by the end of the weekend. you can see it at the bottom of the screen that yeah, 107 for the tri-valley. going toward the weekend, a lot of our inland areas will be in the upper 90s. we can enjoy the next couple of days while it's still mild. temperatures in the upper 60s in san francisco and low 70s for much of the rest of the week, upper 70s by the end of the weekend. mike, you're looking at a crash on i-80. >> a big crash as far as the vehicles involved, a semitruck or a trailer truck along with five other vehicles. i was going to start making jokes because it involves tomatoes spilled across the roadway, and we hear there may
5:23 am
be injuries. someone may be pinned in one of those cars eastbound 80. look at this. this is as you're traveling through vacaville east 80 farther north than most of our viewer, driving. still of note it's affecting folks coming in, if you are expecting carpool or folks to arrive for work as well they may be delayed coming into cavaville. even though the crash is eastbound, it's got tomatoes spread across the roadway, a number of vehicles and crews arriving on scene, a big distraction for your commute coming into the bay area as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. okay, so if you have a roku, you can now watch "nbc bay area news" whenever you want. find us on your roku play list. select live tv tile on your home screen, scroll down to channel 133 and watch local news that moves you forward on your schedule. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> millions of people with opportunity loans are eligible for debt forgiveness. i'm consumer investigator chris ra.chmu
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there have been thousands of dead fish spoted along bay area coastlines. ahead, we'll tell you why this is happening and what you need to do if you come across it. stay with . stay with . you're wusat here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families.
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with xfinity mobile you can get unlimited for $30 per month on the nation's most reliable 5g network. they can even save you hundreds a year on your wireless bill over t-mobile, at&t, and verizon. wow. i can do better! yes you can! i can do better, too! now you really can do better! switch to the fastest mobile service - xfinity mobile. now with the best price on two lines of unlimited. just $30 a line. our goal this time with the artemis program are to establish a consistent human presence on the moon. >> right now at 5:30, history on
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world. a live look at the kennedy space center. the question right now is when is liftoff? this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> good mob morning. i'm whereby. marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a moment 50 years in the making as nasa prepares to take a major step returning to the moon for the first time since 1972. the unmanned artemis 1 rocket was originally set to blast off minutes from now but two issues have cropped up, one involving one of the rocket's three engines. the other involving an unexpected buildup of ice. nasa has a two-hour window to get things straight and carry out that launch today. if and when it happens, this will set the table for plans to conduct a new moon landing within three years. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that forecast in florida and the area around the kennedy space center.
5:32 am
so kari, talk to us about the conditions this morning. how are they? >> i'm hoping they get the issues fixed soon because there are some storms in the area. when you look at the item itself, the rocket launch and the artemis, there are so many different components to it. i wanted to touch on that quickly, the fuel tank, the two solid rocket boosters, as well as the orion capscapsule, the re-entry vehicle and the orion main engine and second stage engine. you can see how all of those components together make nor a very difficult mission that they have so many parts of it that they have to make sure everything is working just fine. nasa gave us this illustration of what it could look like as we go into the next hour or two possibly if it happens what we expect to look like and looks once again very cool as you can see that animation there and the possibility of thunderstorms is kind of throwing a wrench in that as well as some of the mechanical issues that they're having. we're keeping a close eye on
5:33 am
that possibility of some of those storms firing up very close to a cape canaveral over the next couple of hours. things quiet here. we'll talk more about that in our forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:32 right now. an ominous phenomenon raising red flags from our climate in crisis. thousands of dead fish are popping up in parts of the bay. >> if you were walking along the coastline this weekend, you may have noticed it yourself. a fish die-off due to what environmental groups are saying is an ununusually large algae bloom. "today in the bay's" ginger conejero saab is live for us in san francisco and ginger, we heard about this algae bloom. what are experts saying about all of this? >> reporter: it's really very interesting. good morning, laura and marcus. it's something that has caught the eye of so many people. if you haven't seen it for yourself along bay area coastlines, well, you can check out social media. people have been sharing photos of dead fish washing up onshore.
5:34 am
take a look at these photos. people have been snapping photos of dead aquatic life in sausalito, point richmond, oyster point and these fish also washed up in alameda. the nonprofit san francisco baykeeper tells us these are the consequences of an algae bloom that has spread across the entire bay area. the first reports of red tea colored water tied to algae came in july and since last week, baykeeper has been receiving reports of dead fish, which they suspect are being killed by the algae and that number is growing. but the big question is, why is it happening? the team at baykeeper believes treated waste water that's dumped into the bay has nutrients that help the algae grow. >> that's why it's really urgent that we get this nutrient enrichment from waste water treatment plants under control as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the scientist goes on to say he believes the blooms will fade as the year goesim be
5:35 am
advising people and pets to avoid prolonged contact with the water. marcus and laura? >> all right, ginger, thank you so much for that. hopefully things get better out there. happening for you today, a man recently arrested in a 40-year south bay cold case set to make his first appearance in court. authorities in hawaii last month arrested 75-year-old gary ramirez at his home. prosecutors say dna evidence matching him to the 1982 killing of a 15-year-old, karen stitt, she was stabbed dozens of times near a bus stop in sunnyvale. last week ramirez was extradited from maui to the south bay to face murder and rape charges. authorities say he has no prior criminal history. this morning a deadline is approaching for the state to agree to a new contract for cal firefighters. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us now. so do we know where the deal stands? >> reporter: we do. good morning to you, laura.
5:36 am
the union that represents the cal fire firefighters say they are the lowest paid firefighters in the state of california, so last week, the governor and that union agreed on a tentative contract that includes three pay raises and other benefits that the union has been fighting for, for years. you can see this on your tv screen. the firefighter also receive a 2.5% raise retroactive to july 1st, a second 2% raise january 1st and another 2% raise the following july 1st. also a $260 monthly stipend for health insurance. this would increase state spending by $126 million annually starting 2024. also, the length of a firefighter ship for cal fire would reduce from an average of 72 hours per shift down to 66 hours. the idea is to get the cal firefighter's pay on par with that of other firefighters and also to help reduce staffing shortages. the union says the job is demanding. it's disruptive to family life
5:37 am
and comes with risks like injury and ptsd. >> the most significant deal in this contract is the commitment from the administration reducing the work hours of the cal fire firefighters. you work a 7 -hour shift already the long e in the fire community in tepter: the contract now has to be approved by h until this wednesday to give a thumbs up or down. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you very much, bob, for the very latest. 5:37 for you right now. there is breaking news to tell you about. artemis 1 that was set to make that historic launch this morning has been put on hold. as you can see right now, it is just sitting there. of course, we've been talking about this throughout the morning as they were trying to figure out if it would take off today, but that decision has been to keep it on the ground as for now. of course there are other things
5:38 am
that we need to look into, what will happen next. meteorologist kari hall has been talking about the weather there and she's saying it should happen sooner because there is some incoming weatherin that area that could affect the future launch >> that's what we've been watching to see if they can get the technical issues resolved before the weather rolls in so maybe that wasn't the case. we are starting out nice and quiet here, as we wake up and head out on this monday morning in san jose. here's a look at how the day will shape up for you. we are going to see temperatures in the low 60s at 8:00. at 10:00, we're at 67 degrees. we're rising into the low 80s for a high temperature today, really nice and comfortable with the breezy wind but unfortunately, there will be a little bit more of a haze to the sky and some wildfire smoke, especially in parts of the north bay, where novato will reach up to 84 degrees. we'll see a high of 88 in concord and mid 80s for morgan hill and san martin. hayward hitting 77 degrees. it will be heating up as we head throughout the week as our
5:39 am
temperatures reach into the upper 80s today. we'll see some low 90s tomorrow, and that trend continues to heat up by the holiday weekend. so we'll talk more about that. mike, you're starting with a backup in the north bay. >> yes, a big backup, kari. this is your commute direction coming into the bay area, most of the viewers in davis aren't watching us this morning because they can't and if they have roku, they can. we have a big backup that is the major commute direction coming into the bay area, heading out if you're travel north across the carquinez bridge you are jammed up, two tomato overhaulers overturned, some injuries, hearing about a fractured leg but that's the only thing specific i'm hearing amongst the six vehicles also involved with the two overturned tomato haulers. this is a big backup that's it's holding folks up here keeping carquinez and the benicia bridge likely with lighter traffic for the time being. that's a break for folks. we see highway 37 volume is starting to build. that's right now.
5:40 am
let's look ahead as well. we have a giants game tonight, that will be some traffic around the stadium, oracle park, the parking coming across third and tonight a closure important one, sorry, guys couple extra sections, northbound 101 closed around tremble and de la cruz around the airport a route off and back on from tonight 11:00 to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll talk about construction later. back to you. >> 6:40 this morning. advice for you holiday travelers, plan ahead. this morning on "today in the bay," we'll tell you the reason experts are urging travelers to prepare if you're flying for the labor day weekend and the alarming new data on satisfied fliers. also, numbering clear concerns on the rise in ukraine as leaders there fear a meltdown may soon become a reality. the drastic new actions being
5:41 am
taken in preparation for that possibility. it's 5:40 right now. stay with us. you're wating "today in the ch you're wating "today in the ch
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5:44 am
about that in the forecast coming up. kari, more backup. two westbound lanes also declared blocked and closed. three eastbound lanes are blocked and closed, they crashed east of davis street, double tomato overhauler overturned, major injuries and big impact on your commute. we'll talk about how it plays out for the local bridges coming up. and san francisco a deadly stabbing near the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. station is under investigation. this happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon above the station. police say surveillance cameras show two men arguing near the elevator before one man stabbed the other. that victim walked down the stairs, collapsing on the b.a.r.t. platform. the attacker took off. police are still trying to track that man. it is 5:44. developing this morning, inspectors from the united nations nuclear watch dog agency are expected to inspect possible damage from shelling near a ukraiian nuclear power plant. shelling intensified again over
5:45 am
the weekend. authorities in the surrounding area are trying to prepare for the worst, that includes having iodine tablets on standby in the event of a meltdown. evacuation backup plans are also now in place for everyone who lives within a 30-mile radius. the pentagon is watching for a response from china after two u.s. warships transited the strait of taiwan. >> scott mcgrew we're seeing a show of force from the u.s. >> we are, after china had its own show of force moving warships closer to the island nation of taiwan. we're waiting for video from the defense department of the transit. we have file video of one of the too ships the "antietam" and sistership the "uss chancellorville." the taiwan strait 100 miles wide so you're passing close to china. you may remember from history class antietam and
5:46 am
chancellorville were battles in the american civil war, they were the ships that were available. there's no meaning to sending those specific ships but the "chancellorville" will probably be renamed at some point. the u.s. won the battle of antietam but lost at chancellorville. in a way, all this comes after house speaker nancy pelosi made that trip to taiwan, a country that china claims belongs to china, but taiwan's success as a capitalist democracy just 100 miles off the coast has been a real embarrassment to china. over the weekend, a federal judge in florida indicated she was likely to grant donald trump's request that a special master be appointed in his case for reasons that we have absolutely not been able to figure out. the trump legal team took two weeks to request the special master, somebody neutral who can go through the documents seized to figure out if there are personal documents investigators shouldn't see. two weeks may be too late. the fbi has filter team to
5:47 am
separate personal papers from what may be evidence of crime in the absence of an outside special master, and republican adam kinzinger said on "meet the press," he can't imagine holding on to any secret documents. >> if any of us walked out intentionally with even one document from the scif and the house came to us said you had to give the document back and refuse to do it for years, we'd be in real dribble. >> the fbi's case does not rely on the existence of classified documents. it doesn't matter if they were classified or not, according to the reasoning spelled out in the search warrant and the affidavit. while we're keeping an eye on everything, the president's coming back from delaware where he spends his weekends each weekend. we'll talk about that on social media. on twitter, find
5:48 am
here @scottmcgrew. if you're headed to the beach in half moon bay stay away from the area near the ritz-carlton where a dead humpback male washed ashore. calls on this started coming in late yesterday afternoon. the marine mammal center team plan to head over there today and try to learn more about how or even when that whale died. a live look at sfo, air travel not the only thing that took off this summer. air travel complaints took off as well. the department of transportation says customer complaints rose nearly 300% in june compared to before the pandemic. back in june, airlines experienced a lot of staffing struggles combined with weather issues across parts of the nation. some of those issues continue. one insider believes with labor day on the horizon, you may want to brace for more industry turbulence. >> we're not out of the woods. there's always going to be the possibility of flight disruptions, but i think airlines have improved
5:49 am
significantly from where they were earlier in the summer. >> ahead on the "today" show, the best and worst air travel report cards this summer, and what to expect going forward. that's at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." here we go, holidays creeping up on us, labor day weekend commonly slow for movie theaters but this saturday, the largest chains are offering an added incentive to try to draw you in. >> they're talking about $3 tickets a pop. sounds good, right? $3. scott mcgrew was just mentioning this earlier, the plan was announced yesterday. most of the bay area's largest chains are going to take part in this, talking about amc, cinemark, regal. it also includes $3 prices for imax as well as 3-d formats and all to celebrate national cinema day. >> here's johnny! [ laughter ] >> scary deal for the film
5:50 am
lovers. $13 to watch 13 popular films based on stephen king's works. "the shining" is on that list, dish is bringing back what's now an annual fall contest. the winning participants have to watch all films while wearing a fitbit to monitor the heart rate and determine which film is the scariest. dish provides the fitbit and the films and asks that the winners watch all 13 of those movies in the dark. >> oh, wow. $1,300 to do all of that. >> urging you to watch in the dark. maybe you can do a deal with pg&e cut the power, cross-promotion, get something going on -- >> look at the way his mind works. >> i see. >> have the food coming in, here's johnny's. >> everything done before the power is cut off. >> we'll work out the timing. totally taking the timing off of our show right now. >> for good reason. >> which is why we need to go to
5:51 am
weather. >> all right, it's monday, and it's the nice refreshing start to our work week. we are going to see temperatures heating up. let me show you what's going on now. it's clear this morning as you look out the window waiting for that sun to come up but it will turn hazy as we go into today, more wildfire smoke coming in. there is a fire up around the california/oregon border starting to drift in and we can see it here on our near surface smoke model in the forecast for today where we see the darker shades of blue and even the green indicate where we have more wildfire smoke and this is going to be especially heavy in parts of sonoma county, along the coastline. it's being trapped in that marine layer and does make for some unhealthy air quality especially this afternoon and evening and it clears up a bit. you can see the thick plumes of smoke drifting around northern california and just coming down the coastline into the bay area today. so we're watching out for that smoke advisory today, but at
5:52 am
least it does feel cooler. as we look at our temperatures today, we're headed for 81 degrees in santa rosa, while oakland will see a high of 75 and upper 80s for livermore. and it comes up another degree or two for the next couple of days but it's going to continue to heat up as we go through the week. you may have seen it at the bottom of the screen in your seven-day forecast how hot it gets as we get closer to your labor day weekend. i know you're making plans, they may be outside but plan on it being super hot this weekend. let me show you brentwood because our temperatures today reach into the low 90s. we're up to 101 on friday, and then hitting 110 degrees for sunday into labor day, so make sure that the air condition is tuned up, the pool is cleaned out or you have a pool to go to. make a new friend over the next few days, because our temperatures are going from mid 80s inland to upper 90s and once again, there will be some hotter spots in our valleys, and interior areas, and then we look
5:53 am
at san francisco, it just gets a little bit warmer over the next several days. mike, you have more lanes blocked of i-80? >> this is because of the overturned tomato haulers spread across i-80. six other vehicles involved. we have some injuries, nothing extensive reported just yet, that's my main concern but for drivers, we have five lanes of freeway that are blocked now, three in the eastbound direction going away from the carquinez bridge and over in toward davis, but the folks coming into the area, they're held up trucks hi that center barrier and the cod it has to be safe for everybody involved. this will be an extended issue for repair work. for your commute, folks are held way up back here and maybe making things easier for vallejo coming across the carquinez and benicia bridges. i-80 locally is fine at the bay bridge but the metering lights are on. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. did you know there's a new
5:54 am
way to watch our newscast? use roku, and select the live tv tile on your home screen, scroll down to channel 133 and now you can watch "nbc bay area news" any time, anywhere. a helicopter crew will gather information from a new mapping system of those high-risk power lines using lidar technology to collect the data. starting at 9:00 this morning, that team will survey the area north of interstate 580 in and around livermore. this is your last chance for free testing kits. still ahead, why the white house is cutting off its free covid testing program and the deadline you need to know to get yours before they're gone. plus, we continue to follow breaking news, history is on hold. the reason the artemis 1 space launch is being scrubbed. we're live in cape canaveral with an update on the issues being reported. we're right back, it's 5:54 on
5:55 am
your monday morning. you're watching "tod in the baayy.
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5:58 am
>> dylan j. cruz gochi faces charges of grand petty and grand theft as well as arson. prosecutors say that he set that fire at the store on blossom hill road back in april, this is when it was full of customers and workers. in addition to the panic the fire caused, an estimated damage well into the millions of dollars. if convicted, he could spend 14 years to life in prison. teams in san jose are set to begin clearing a homeless encampment near the mineta airport. it sits along some 40 acres and evictions have been in the works for months. city councilmembers originally approved a june 30th deadline and pushed it back to the end of september. it's now supposed to start thursday. san jose must clear that site to qualify for millions of dollars in federal funding. >> it's 5:58. time is running out for to you get free covid tests from the government. you have until friday for eight tests to be delivered to your
5:59 am
home. congress hasn't provided additional funding for the program. the test program launched in february. the white house says as soon as this fall, it will stop buying vaccine treatments and tests. the national retail federation says families are spending close to $900 on back-to-school shopping, but secondhand stores your advantages along with lower cost of items, experts say retail stores can be a good work-around and avoid supply chain delays. >> so our inventory has not decreased at all. if you go to any local retailer right now it's hard to find what you want in your size, in your kid's size and you still have a ton to choose from, if anything our inventory has grown a lot because customers need cash in their pockets. >> add han at "today" show, tips how to get school supplies on a budget coming up at 7:00 in the morning, right after us here on "today in the bay."
6:00 am
that breaking news for you right now at 6:00, a historic liftoff canceled. ahead in a live report, what got in the way of this morning's artemis 1 space launch and a longer look at how this mission will impact the future of space travel. >> tips young parents need to keep in mind to make it in the bay. ' life-saving project years in the making coming into focus for the golden gate bridge, a look at the new just approved first responders training once safety net something in place along the entire span. this is "today in the bay" strem streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. thank you for allowing us to be a part of your monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura


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