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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  August 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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slaves and achieved enormous success by founding the walker manufacturing company. the company made a line of hair care products for black women. it will be part of mattel's women series. the doll features a rendition of madam cj walker wearing a floral printed blouse, a turquoise skirt and holding her original product, wonderful hair grower. gorgeous. don't forget, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire and apple tv. and raj mathai joins us now with what's coming up next. here is what we have. a disturbing visit to starbucks being recorded while in the bathroom. hidden cameras under the sink at a starbucks in contra costa county. >> that's horrible because a lot of kids come in here. >> a lot of kids do go in there. the man accused of planting the cameras, and the reason the d.a. says the investigation is far from over. also, he was central figure during the height of the cold war between u.s. and soviet union.
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mikhail gorbachev has passed away. we look back on his life and his strong ties to the u.s. during the '80s. and former president trump and the department of justice continue their stare-down. the steps mr. trump is taking to defend himself after evidence was seized from his florida estate. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. an east bay man is accused of putting cameras inside a bathroom located at a busy starbucks location right on main street in walnut creek. today that man made his first court appearance. let's bring in pete suratos. >> reporter: behind the glass is steven novelli appearing in a martinez courtroom for the first time since being arrested last week. he is accused of installing hidden cameras inside the bathroom of this starbucks on main street in walnut creek. today those who visited the
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store say the story has left them rattled. >> i think it's terrible that people have to do things like this. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office tells me the cameras were hidden under the sink inside of a unisex bathroom and were pointing directly at the toilet. today we found man who says he has been coming to this starbucks for 20 years. we caught him as he was heading inside today with his teenaged daughter. >> that's horrible because a lot of kids come in here. this is a huge place, especially if you come weekends. all the parents come with their kids and families come in here. >> reporter: and his daughter added that many of her friends go shopping in the area. and will usually hang out at this specific starbucks. >> so many girls go to that store and come and get starbucks over here and probably use that bathroom and everything. >> reporter: the d.a. says they're not ruling out the possibility that other businesses may have also been targeted. >> it's in downtown walnut creek next to several child facilities such as a ballet school. it's next to several shopping
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areas. for example, broadway plaza. >> reporter: so far the district attorney's office says they have identified 39 victims who came to the starbucks on june 4th and july 23rd. if you were at the starbucks on these days and have any information, walnut creek police would like to talk to you. in walnut creek, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00 tonight, mikhail gorbachev, the leader of the soviet union credited with ending the cold war has died at the age of 91. gorbachev introduced greater openness, culturally and economically to the communist hard line country. he was also known for working with then president ronald reagan on an arms agreement that eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons and started the withdrawal of most such weapons from eastern europe. while gorbachev was credited with reforming the soviet union, he was also blamed by critics for its collapse when it broke into 15 separate nations. gorbachev was respected by other world leaders and remained
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active through his gorbachev foundation. this thursday, president biden will address the country to talk about the soul of the nation as we approach the midterm election. today the president was in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. he laid out the framework for his plan to fund community policing and gun reform. this thursday's speech will be at a symbolic location outside independence hall in philadelphia. the president is expected to focus on how america's rights and freedoms are still under attack. you can see the presidential address right here on nbc bay area thursday evening, the exact time has not yet been announced. truth social, the social media platform founded by president trump remains unavailable on the google play store. that android users who make up 34% of smartphone users can not download it. going. says it lacks systems for generating moderator content which violates terms of service.
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mr. trump has four million followers on this platform. well, speaking of mr. trump, the deadline is nearing by the end of the day, the department of justice has to respond to former president trump's requests. he wants a special master to review evidence seized during the search of his mar-a-lago estate. nbc's alice barr has the latest from washington. >> reporter: today it's the justice department's turn in the high stakes back and forth over classified documents seized from former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. a federal judge ordered the president to respond today to the former president's call to an independent special master to review the evidence and determine if anything should be returned. the judge signaling she's inclined to grant the request after a hearing thursday. >> she may think in a high profile case, and they don't get much more high profile than this one, that having a neutral third party is better for everybody in the long run. >> reporter: but the justice
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department says it's already filtered through the material and set aside what could be protected under attorney/client privilege. >> we need a judge to monitor our access to these documents. >> i do believe that the trump legal team is looking to use this as an overall delay. >> reporter: a third party review could slow the investigation and the national security damage assessment the community community wants to conduct. >> its documents have been spilled so to speak, it could be we have sources overseas whose lives are in danger. >> reporter: the white house insisting president biden did not ask for that assessment, and has not been briefed. the president pushing toward the midterms today in battleground pennsylvania, where he hopes to seize the traditionally republican law and order campaign message. president biden pointing to trump supporters attacks on the fbi following the mar-a-lago search. >> it's sickening to see the new attacks on the fbi. threatening the life of law enforcement agents and their
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families. >> reporter: and seeking to highlight his administration's increased funding for police. also today, after having some past difficulties lining up lawyers, the trump legal team is adding a new attorney to its ranks. he is florida's former solicitor general and some analysts think his entry marks an elevated legal fight from this point on. alice barr, nbc news. >> alice, thank you. making online platforms safer for kids, the bill just cleared a big hurdle in california state senate. the bill is called the age appropriate design kodak. it requires safeguards for yearses under 18, including defaulting to thighest privacy settings and sending an obvious signal to minors when their location is being monitored by a parent or guardian. it bans the use of so-called dark patterns or tricks to secure users towards a is effect
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choice. if the president signs it could take effect in two years. a landmark bill to increase the minimum wage for fast food workers up to $22 an hour. this would apply next year. it would also create a council to negotiate on behalf of fast food workers. lawmakers passed the bill last night. supporters say this gives workers a much needed voice in the industry. but opponents say the fast food chains will only get pricier and force small businesses out of the state. ukraine's members met members of the national atomic team in kyiv. president zelenskyy renewed calls for russia's occupying forces to withdraw from the nuclear power plant, europe's largest. the united nations watchdog team son an urgent mission to safeguard the plant against a radioactive catastrophe. the dangers are so high, officials handed out anti-radiation iodine tablets to nearby residents. the u.n. group will assess damage to determine the
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functionality of the plant and evaluate the control room staff working conditions. relief is on the way from ukraine. the first ship carrying grain from that country has docked at the horn of africa port of djibouti. it's part of the united nations program to bring food to the hungriest parts of the world. areas of east africa are suffering from deadly drought and conflict. there are 23,000 tons of grain on this ship. but experts say it's just a drop in the bucket for the worst hit countries of somalia, kenya and ethiopia. as of sunday, 114 ships carrying more than 110 tons of food commodities has left ukraine for starving parts of the world, but the exports fall short of the exports ukraine had before the russian invasion. a sea drone seized in the persian gulf. the u.s. navy says iran's military seized and later released an american sea drone. a spokesperson for the navy said the iranian boat was towing the drone behind it as a u.s. navy
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ship and helicopter approached it. that's when the navy called repeatedly to the iranians who ultimately let the drone go. iran did not immediately acknowledge the incident. this comes over heighten tensioned over iran's nuclear deal with world powers. nasa going for take two. we learned that nasa is the mission was scrapped yesterday because of a technical issue with an engine. while artemis has a lot of support from congress, the program has cost billions more and taken far longer than expected to lift off. nasa chief bill nelson says that's not a problem. . >> it's over budget. it's behind schedule. is this program jinxed? >> to the contrary, you know, folks said the same thing about the james webb space telescope. twice as long, twice as much money. look what that telescope is telling us and will tell us for the next 20 years. >> when the rocket does fly, no
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astronauts will be on board this capsule. instead, three test dummies will be strapped in to orbit the moon for six weeks. now if this mission is successful, the next mission would have astronauts orbiting the moon. and then in 2025, the third mission would have them landing on the moon for the first time in 50 years. switching from nasa to spacex, the company wants to put more of its starlink satellites into orbit tonight. the rocket is taking off around 10:40 p.m. from vandenburgh air force base near santa barbara. depending on the weather, that launch could be seen for hundreds of miles, mostly in central and southern california. starlink is meant to bring high speed internet anywhere in the world with a focus on rural areas. as of march, spacex says it has around a quarter million subscribers. harsh weather has crippled many parts of mississippi. look at this. up next, the desperate need for clean water in some of the state's biggest cities. tonight we've got a viewer
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with a five-figure check that his bank will not cash. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. i'm jeff ranieri. so far this summer, six days at 100 and hotter. we'll add to this in a big way and temperatures will go over and temperatures will go over that 106. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing
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27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. tonight we respond to a south bay man who had a five-figure check he couldn't cash. >> that's a chunk of money. our consumer investigator chris chmura is on the case. what do you have? >> reporter: we want to talk about barry. he did something a little unusual in cupertino. back in 2017, he put money away for a rainy day by purchasing a wells fargo cashiers check, and a whopper too, 11,564 bucks on it. this past july, he had to make a
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payment, pay some bills. got to do that. so he asked wells fargo to cash the check. barry told him the check was old and they had sent the money to the state unclaimed property office. >> soy was really upset. i skt them why was it my problem and not yours? they said we didn't have the money anymore. >> reporter: so barry asked us to check out his issue. we asked wells fargo to take a second look. and within two weeks, the bank let barry deposit his 11,000 dollars check. wells fargo sent us a statement. it didn't really explain what happened here, but it did say our unclaimed property group was able to make the customer whole before the funds were sent to the state. okay. barry's cashiers check was five years old. so here's what we did. we contacted the state treasure. we looked it up online and found that the treasure does not recommend keeping them that long. in fact, it says three years is the benchmark here. cash any cashiers check within three years of the date of
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issuance, or return them to the bank for reissue. get them again. so if you let a cashier's check sit for longer than three years, remember, the state says a bank might just send that money to unclaimed property. and barry recommends you ask your bank about the terms right when you get a cashiers check. and i agree with you, barry. thanks for sending us your case. if you are having trouble cashing in on, well, anything, i guess, that you've paid for, you're not getting what you think you paid for, let us know. go to click the responds option from the main menu or give us a buzz the old-fashioned way, 888-996-tips. under the mattress probably is the only way i would probably recommend south of the cashier's check. probably not the best place to stash your money. >> do you get a lot of calls and emails and texts? >> thousands and thousands and thousands since we started back in 2016. keep them coming, please. we love it. >> thanks, chris. >> see ya.
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the fda is expected to give emergency authorization to the new covid booster any day now. as the wait continues, nbc news got an exclusive look inside the pfizer facility making this new vaccine. we got special permission to take you inside the formation room and the filtration room where the shot is being prepared. the tanks may look a little like a brewery, they're actually mixing up a vaccine formula that targets the omicron variant. vaccine vials are being stocked in freezers all at the ready to be shipped. tonight on "nightly news," pfizer's chief global supply officer explains how many doses are boxed up and how pfizer plans to keep up with demand. tonight at 6:30. jackson, mbs has a water problem. they can't produce safe drinking water. the problem started following heavy rains and flooding. it damaged storage tanks, pumps, and water pressure. the governor says some progress is being made, but the situation is far from being resolved.
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>> as we speaks, we are drafting a state of emergency declaration with regards to jackson's failure to produce running water. it means the city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to reliably flush toilet, and to meet other critical needs. >> in 2020, an epa report cited a long list of problems with the water system, including a failure to replace lead pipe, faulty monitoring equipment, and inadequate staffing. >> that is some serious problems there in mississippi. >> and it doesn't look a lot better the next couple days. there is a stationary front hanging out over the southeast. >> they're going keep getting hammered there? >> another 2 to 5 inches over the next seven day. >> wow. etreme weather there. we're about to get extreme weather here. >> the heatwave is still on the way. we've seen some adjustments on the temperatures and exactly when the hottest weather is going to get here. i do want to get you all those details tonight in our microclimate forecast. and first start off with
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something a little different. you may have noticed it if you were outside today. especially in the south bay. we're surrounded by mountains on three different sides, down in the santa clara valley. and what we're seeing is some of this smoke getting trapped down here in the south bay. so most of the bay area's moderate, but unhealthy for sensitive groups in the south bay, and expect the same air quality forecast tomorrow. because we're basically seeing some of this smoke. it's not extremely harmful, but you may notice it if you do have a very sensitive respiratory system. asthma, emphysema, anything of that sort. because the rum creek fire and six rivers fire again is pushing in a little bit of the smoke towards the bay area. watch out for that tomorrow. we're going get you the particulars on the heatwave in just a bit. let's move it right into tomorrow morning's forecast. well start off with that fog again across the bay area. spotty drizzle also mixing in. a lot of this clears back by 10:30 in the morning for lots of sunshine in tomorrow's forecast. temperatures will be nice and refreshing to begin. and as i've been saying it,
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enjoy it now. once the heatwave is here, it's going to be hard for our homes to cool down, even with that ac. you know going at the temperature you got it at, 59 here in the south bay. tri-valley at 60. and we're coming in with a mix of the 50s right here over the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. temperatures begin to warm up a couple of degrees tomorrow. the heatwave just isn't here quite yet. so 83 in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. these temperatures are going to feel really cool compared to what's on the way. 95 in antioch. 93 pleasanton. oakland 74. peninsula, 66. daly city. redwood city 79. san francisco 68 in downtown and north bay. 86 in santa rosa. my forecast in mill valley, 78. let me show you what's going to be happening as we head through tomorrow's forecast. the area of high pressure is going start to develop just to the south of us. now what's going happen with this, it's a very important move with this area of high pressure. it will push out into the pacific. the hot air is going to expand, push the storm track away to the
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north. that's when we get in on the dangerous heat as you roll into saturday's forecast. as it goes now, we have the excessive heat watch throughout the entire bay area. coastal areas will be 70s to 80s starting saturday into monday. inland temperatures 100 to 110. so i really want to stress remember to hydrate. also, those pets and hot car danger before you shut the door. check it twice to make sure anyone, anything important is not left in that car. because if we have 110 degree temperatures, the number inside the car can be approaching 150 and/or plus. in san francisco, 80s as we roll through the next several days and through the inland valleys week, up to 102 saturday. 107 on monday. so that's a little change there. it looks like the hottest day will be on labor day for monday. >> that is a hot way to start september. >> it is. coming in strong. >> we are ready for it, though. thank you so much, jeff. >> thank you, jeff. well, here is a new way you can watch us. all you need is roku.
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to find us select the live tv tile on your home screen and scroll down to channel 133. and now you can see our newscast any time and anywhere in the country via roku. up next, meghan markle speaking out aut the royal bo hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen. i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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well, this didn't louisiana long, only two years. facebook is shutting down its game streaming app. facebook gaming, that's what it's called, launched at the beginning of the pandemic. the app lets you watch and play video games on demand. but since it launched, it struggled to compete with amazon's wildly popular twitch app. facebook game willing no longer be available on ios and android on october 28th. however, you can use it through main facebook app. meghan markle is speaking out about her relationship with britain's royal family. you'll remember the duchess of sussex and her husband prince harry stepped away from royal duties in 2020. the couple said unbearable
5:55 pm
intrusion and racist attitudes led to their decision to leave. yesterday the cut magazine published an interview. during that interview markle said just by existing, she and her husband prince harry upset the dynamic of the hierarchy and said it isn't easy to forgive the royal family. today we got answers. have the 49ers and jimmy g decide to stay together? we're going hear from coach with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet.
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made to do anything so you can do anything.
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ghu miret alknady thow roat p tp 27 aaxesegnd resulat slines portinbett fg to undal reut sol tionseo th on me honelessriss c owso hl wil nthatevew renuebe nt spe? ne usw houning its a in8 ll 5ticoun in includerg: pntmanesu tipporouve h,sing ny ties hommu comesniti, t ojeckeroom y orsupp htiveotelts uni d annsintemeive ntalthheal a andtiddicreon tnta. in rt sho, ea27 metns g ptinge eopl offe thstre an tod insi hou s ye7.on 2 yesterday, the breaking news. today the explanation. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan
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says having jimmy g back is a win-win. >> very curious what's going on. back in the day we had joe montana and steve young. this time around, though, it's jimmy g and trey lance. here is nbc bay area's anthony flores. >> it's cutdown day in the nfl. teams trimmed their rosters from 80 to 53 players. but shock was the player the 49ers didn't release. yesterday the team and jimmy garoppolo reworked a new deal to keep jimmy g in san francisco. with practice canceled today, it was quiet outside of 49ers team headquarters in santa clara. but you can imagine the buzz inside the building after the 49ers resigned jimmy g. to a restructured one-year deal to backup starter trey lance. >> this wasn't anything like hey, our team has to get this or we have to do this for trey. this was oh my god, jimmy
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garoppolo's available as a backup quarterback for us. i just feel it makes us a much better team. >> under the new deal, garoppolo will make $6.5 million this season. making him among the highest paid backups in nfl history. with bonuses and incentives, that number could climb close to 16 million. the zeal a huge pay cut for jimmy g, but with a no trade clause, it potentially sets up number 10 with a big payday next season, and gives the 49ers some insurance in case lance is not ready for the big stage. >> having jimmy as a backup makes us feel very good because we have a starting quarterback as backup. >> shanahan calling it shocking that jimmy g. is back with the team. >> yeah, i'll miss you guys. >> you might remember garoppolo said farewell to the bay area back in february. but off-season shoulder surgery made it all but impossible for the niners to trade him.
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>> the rest of the league had a chance to get him. i'm so fortunate he is here in that case. >> reporter: jimmy g. is expected to be back in uniform for the first time this season when the team returns to the practice field on thursday. in sclarks anthony flores, nbc bay area. well, at least everyone is honest about it. it's surprising that he is still on this team. >> it is. but the circumstances, right? it was hard to trade him. >> it was. >> jess is very happy. i'm so fortunate he is here. i'm going with kyle. >> you're his number one fan. >> aim for sure. take it away. >> coming up at 6:00, a washed up dead whale with a story to tell. the reason this humpback was so beloved to the bay area. and one man's story why the animal was especially important to him. >> i was kind of blown away when i found out how it happened. >> also, friends gathering at the site of a tragic stabbing.


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