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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 1, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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get emergency care for serious allergic reactions. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. don't let asthma take another breath. go triple. go trelegy. ask your doctor about trelegy today. it's thursday, september 1st. record-breaking heat and dry conditions in the west are spurring requests to lower electricity use as wildfires rage while in mississippi, flood conditions have left reliable water service still ys away. reaction from team trump on the latest revelations surrounding the top-secret documents retrieved from mar-a-lago and why what's ahead today would prove pivotal. theincredible story of an american nun abducted and held
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captive almost five months ago now alive and in recovery. finally, airline passengers may have more leverage when it comes to compensation after fa fa facing dee lace. > delays. serena williams take down the second-seeded player great to start off the month but, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. evacuations are under way in southern california as wildfires rage out of control. the root fire is racing through northwestern los angeles county, and officials say up to 200 homes and an elementary school had to be evacuated. the flames have also shut down highways eight firefighters have been injured. six needed to go to the hospital the fire has burned over 4,000 acres and is 0% contained. this all comes as a heat wave with triple digit temperatures will scorch california over
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labor day weekend. the governor there has sign add executive order to ramp up the electricity supply while californians are asked to conserve power and not crank up air conditioners in the hopes to avoid rolling blackouts. the legal battle between the doj and former president trump will spill into the court today. yesterday the doj filed a blistering argument against such a move of appointing a master. >> reporter: the trump team doubled down on its need for a special master, citing the need for answers not just on attorney-client privilege but executive privilege. the 18-page filing argues that without an outside expert, doj p would be left unchecked. it also says he had his own
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records in his possession. but that argument clashes with the act from 1978 which make it is clear that the government owns any documents from the president's time in office >> finding it in a desk drawer in his personal office next to his passport i think is going to make it very difficult for him to blame others for the improper and unauthorized use of these documents. >> reporter: the doj said in its filing there is evidence that government records were likely concealed and removed and that efforts were taken to obstruct the investigation. and it's not just mr. trump who could be in legal jeopardy two of his lawyers may also face doj scrutiny the "new york times" reporting that evan corcoran and kristina bob are likely to become witnesses or targets in the federal investigation. as for a special master, the judge had previously said that she was inclined to grant mr.
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trump's request, but that was before the doj's response. a decision is expected in just hours after today's hearing. frances? >> okay, brie, thank you for the update former trump lawyer john eastman pleaded the fifth amendment during an appearance before a georgia grand jury investigating interference in the state's 2020 elections he also invoked attorney-client privilege during the testimony the january 6 hearings reveal that he pushed for vp pence to overturn the election despite knowing the plan was illegal president biden is echoing his 2020 message in prime time tonight. he will deliver a speech at independence hall in philadelphia on a battle for the soul of the nation he will lay out the progress made over the past two years but note that rights and freedoms are still at risk. mr. biden takes the stage at 8:00 p.m. eastern. now to the dire emergency unfolding in jackson,
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mississippi. families forced to wait in long line for bottled water with no end in sight for the water crisis our morgan chesky is there >> reporter: in jackson, mississippi, bottled water disappearing just as fast as people's patience. >> i've been in line almost maybe an hour. >> reporter: one case per car, for a crisis hitting 180,000 people >> no water. no water pressure. no nothing >> reporter: officials said a new water pump should help how much longer for the people here can be confident that the water coming out of their faucet is clean >> well, they can be confident that the water that is coming out of their faucet is clean when we tell them is it clean. obviously, right now it is not >> reporter: the plan, part of an older jackson water system that could cost more than a billion dollars to fix, a pricey problem experts say is already playing out nationwide as aging pipelines give out >> a lot of it was built by our grandparents and our parents and
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our great grandparents no one engineered a water system to last that long. you have to face reality at some point it's going to have to be replaced >> reporter: in texas, unfiltered water looking more like coffee. flint, michigan and newark, new jersey investing millions to replace lead pipes back in jackson, lack of water cutting school short at christ united methodist >> you don't think that's what you have to worry about when you go to work or sending your kids to school, will they have water. >> no barthrooms. >> it as very sad, because the whole community is suffering >> reporter: mornigan chesky, jackson. new morning, alaska will be represented by a democrat in
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congress the results of the special election for the state's lone house seat is in and democrat mary peltola has defeated sarah palin peltola will make history as the first alaskan native to serve in congress she will complete the remaining months of the late congressman don young's term peltola will have a rematch against palin to determine who will fill the next two-year term they are using their new ranked-choice voting system. last night serena williams proved she is still a major force to be reckoned with. she won her second-round match in a hard-fought, three-set battle take a look.
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talk about a comeback queen. it was a grueling three-set match that went on for almost two and a half hours, tan was all topped off with that crowd-pleasing signature twirl after playing only a handful of games this year, here's what the tennis champ had to say about last night's win >> well, i'm a pretty good player you know, this is what i do best i love a challenge, love rising to the challenge >> can you catch serena playing doubles with her sister venus tonight. and on friday, she will face the third-round singles match. serena is the hottest ticket in town and celebrities packed the stands you know that guy, golf legend tiger woods, also spike lee and singing superstar, dione warwick among many of the a-listers there in the stands. just hours earlier opening for serena was coco gauff.
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turning up the heat delivering a 128-mile-per-hour serve in the first set. she landed a massive backhand securing her a spot in the third round. and danil medvedev defeated france's player. he now has won his last nine matches in a row let's turn to your weather on this first day of september where wicked heat is scorching the west michelle grossmann is tracking all of that for us good morning, michelle g >> it's going to be brutally hot. temperatures soaring into the 90s and 100s all-time records are going to be broken we do have 41 million people at risk in the state of california, stretching into idaho, and arizona. sacramento, los angeles, san diego, you could see your hottest temperatures of the year
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so are fa. temperature into the 90s, into the triple digits. 106 in fresno. 100 degree soggy day in the south scattered showers along a stationary front bringing some rain it's soggy once again in the south. showers and storms, we'll talk more about that coming uh. >> okay, michelle, thank you dolly parton's been barking nine to five she released a new pet apparel line called doggy parton and is donating the proceeds to a shelter, willa b. farms. the incredible story of an american nun abducted five months ago now safe and sound.
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league the news, the nun abducted in burkina faso is free and the identity of her kidnappers is not known. >> reporter: after nearly five months of agony and prayers for her freedom, sister sue ellen tennyson is safe >> this is unbelievable. this is god working in all of our lives. >> reporter: back this april, the 83-year-old nun was kidnapped in the northern part of burkina faso, an area marred by violence and poverty. her convent was ransacked in the middle of the night. >> they literally took her from
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her bed and put her on a motorcycle and took off. >> reporter: with few clues as to the kidnappers' identities or where about, the sisters thought they would be years before they'd see their beloved sueellen that is until this week when the fbi reached out and said she'd been found what did she tell you? >> i think her first words were, i wish i could put my arms around you and hug you and know that this is real. she did say everyone was respectful of her. she was not hurt but that it was very long. >> reporter: she's known for her compassion and helping others. sister sewellen's now taken time to heal herself. >> we truly do flott know the story. we do not know how she was recovered. but we do know she's safe. >> mm-hm >> and that's what's important aaerin mclaughlin.
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new details on howly be compensated if your flight is delayed or canceled under certain conditions and it comes just in time for the holiday weekend. here's blayne alexander. >> reporter: after a long summer of flight delays left millions of americans reeling from travel headaches, relief is on the way. american, southwest, united and jetblue airlines each rolling out updated policies, spelling out what passengers will receive if they are stranded meal vouchers for delays more than three hours, and if you're stuck in the city, a hotel voucher plus transportation to and from the airport the airlines are clear, this only applies to problems within their control like mechanical issues or staffing shortages, but weather delays are not covered. it will all be laid out. the airline acted independently but with pressure from pete buttigieg who spoke to tom costello earlier this month.
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>> we want to make sure very clearly spelled out so passengers know what they're getting when they buy a ticket >> reporter: what does this mean for passengers? >> it's not that no airlines were providing meal vouchers or hotel vouchers before this, it's just that it was spotty. it depended a lot on the agent, on the airline, and going forward now, it's not going to depend on those things >> reporter: and it all comes as more than 12 million passengers are set to fly this holiday weekend. according to hopper, that's even higher than the numbers we saw in 2019 before the pandemic. back to you. >> all right, good information there, bahrlaine, thanks the. the important safety recall for nearly 300,000 trucks. >>and > bed, bath and beyond the point of no return the growing troubles for the retailer back category to gas. the road to college can be emotional. but also... rewarding. [ding] with the bank of america customized cash rewards card,
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calling all ford drivers
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we have a consumer alert to warn you about. they are recalling 277,000 cars and trucks due to a faulty rear view mirror lens if you own a 2017-2020 lincoln continental, f-250, f-350 you will be contacted. a home retail giant is in for some rough seas ahead. here to make sense of it all is cnbc's karen cho good morning >> good morning to you we've had four straight days of losses on wall street to close out the month of august. but futures are pointed weaker so no respite at this stage. some believe it could mean we're retesting the lows in september for the market in terms of negative catalyst. the narrative from the fed that remains hawkish.
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the latest is from the cleveland fed who's talking about the rates getting above 4% so we may see more the meme stock, bed bath and beyond is taking big steps to control cost as it struggles to win back consumers slashing its head count at the corporate level. recently we saw same-store sales falling 26%. it was a bigger drop than in previous quarters. we keep hearing about retail building up too much inventory, in this particular case, the company didn't have the right type of inventory so missed out on millions of dollars of sales. ra ryan cohen sold his entire stake
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fast. easy. dawn platinum ez-squeeze. flip the way you clean dishes. welcome back on this thursday stormy and soggy once again in the south. a stationary boundary straight from texas to the gulf coast into the state of florida. so we're looking at showers and storms evolving along this front. the heaviest stream will fall in texas. we'll see the front kind of park there bringing more showers and storms along the gulf coast and sea breeze interacting with the land in florida. so we do have the risk for flas flooding in texas. but generally, along the coast here, one to three inches. we could see pockets of heavier rain with heavier downpours as we go throughout the afternoon back to you guys next on "early today," from the court to the classroom steph curry gets his college
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[sfx: relief breath] in today's top stories, a group of inspectors have arrived in zaporizhzhia and are on their way to the nearby power plant. the director of the international atomic energy agency says the minimum requirements for the safety of their travel have been met they will see fort if the safet systems work properly and interview ukrainian workers who
4:27 am
report that russian force tortured them. according to the associated press, reported sectxual assaul rose last year nearly 36,000 service members say they have experienced unwanted sexual contact. september is national suicide prevention month and the u.s. department of veterans affairs has launched a new campaign >> veterans are trained and well-trained to meet challenges and meet them head on. but veterans are also often the last to necessarily take a look at themselves, to take a look at their own needs. >> veterans are at a higher risk for suicide, compared to the general population the campaign, titled "don't
4:28 am
wait, reach out", provides resources for them if you or anyone you know needs help, you can call the suicide prevention hotline at 988. a new gallup poll indicates that a majority of the country wants more power in this hands it outline growing support from both political parties the findings come amid a wave of unionization efforts from employees at major u.s. brands like starbucks and amazon. more than 13 years after leaving davidson college for the nba, golden state warriors guard steph curry went back to where it all started, receiving his diploma from the north carolina school with a bachelor's degree in socialology he attended from 2006 to 2009, becoming the all-time leader in point, free throws, field goals and steals, and now he has been
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♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ i'm really proud of not only our gay, queer community, but of the allies and the parents that brought their children. >> right now at 4:30, drag queen story time interrupted. only on nbc bay area, the protest that broke out at one south bay city and the way they came together to support the lgbtq community. the warning going out to californians to take pressure off the power grid. the major concerns that the heat wave


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