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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this morning, 45 million americans are facing a heat alert. some places seeing temperatures 30 degrees above average as wildfires run rampant out west is there any relief? sight? on this get away friday, millions are set to hit throad for labor day holiday, but pilots for at least six airlines are set to hit the picket lines. president biden delivers a prime time speech calling out mag maga extremism police arrest a man
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suspected of murder as a woman approaches them and is struck in the face and sent to the ground. our ron allen reports. will today's jobs report tighten tighten or ease interest rates "early today" startsright now. good morning, i'm cori coffin >> i'm phillip mena. we begin with the brutal heat wave 45 million people are under heat alerts out west. residents asked to conserve energy as they try to keep cool or else there could be rolling blackouts. and there are fast-moving wildfires. >> reporter: face ing a series wildfires, most and california and 40 million americans across the west are suffering through unbearable heat. >> with the heat coming up, it's
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hard to be at home >> reporter: states all above 100 degrees. >> the heat is too much for me >> reporter: with heat killing more americans than any other extreme weather event, highs are breaking records, soaring 20 degrees above average. >> i've never dealt with something this hot before. >> reporter: the sustained and extraordinary heat wave is expected to last nearly a week outside los angeles, where fires raged before sun rise, several firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion as overnight lows hovered in the 80s. >> very rapid fire growth and very, very explosive fire behavior >> reporter: and now amid growing concerns of roilling blackouts, they are pleading for conservation as heat officers are hired to create a plan on how to adapt to a warming planet >> we have hundreds of people dying each year. it is a catastrophic hazard.
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>> reporter: planning for an uncertain future while facing a dangerous present. to ephelp the power grid, residents are asked not to use large appliances, charge electric vehicles and turn up the ac between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. but it will still be sweltering outside. >> let's get the latest on the heat warnings from michelle grossmann. >> we're going to see this prolonged heat wave through next week it's a combination of the intensity of the heat and the duration that make it technically dangerous. we we're looking at 45 million americans under a heat advisory. and, ses e excessive heat warni california it's all due to this heat pump, this heat dome, this area of high pressure closing off any cooler air coming down from canada, acting as a heat pump,
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and we're looking at temperatures into the triple digits and the risk of fire weather increasing we'll look at the numbers in just a few minutes >> sounds good, michelle, thank you. today marks the fifth day that mississippi's capital is without safe running water president biden was asked last night if he plans to visit jackson. >> we've offered every single thing available to mississippi the governor has to act. we've given them epa we've given everything there is to offer >> but you have no plan to go there, that's correct? >> i have no plan to go there. >> our morgan chesky is there. >> reporter: in jackson, the mission couldn't be more clear >> have a nice day, ma'am. >> reporter: hundreds of national guardsmen handing out cloon clean water to a nearly non-stop stream of cars >> i can't afford to move out of
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jackson, so i have to stay here and deal with this >> reporter: the water pressure improved, but the advice to everyone who relies on it remains the same >> you can shower or bathe please make sure in the shower that your mouth's not open because, again, you do not want to ingest the water currently. >> reporter: with the boil water notice in effect for the last month the growing toll hitting hard >> people are fed up they're running to bordering cities who have clean water to just bathe >> reporter: a loss in pressure temporarily knocked out ac units. tankers are now the only source of clean water >> it was hot. it was humid there was a lot of humidity in the building >> reporter: the city's mayor staying hopeful. when folks here in jackson ask how much longer will i have to come peck up bottled water, what do you tell them >> the good news is we are seeing good days today is a good day. last night was a good night, and
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we're seeing recovery in the system if that maintains we can see pressure restored in the very near future, maybe a couple days from now >> our thanks to morgan for that report president biden is setting his sights on the maga message ahead of the midterms. in a fiery prime time speech he called republican extremism a clear and present danger to american democracy kelly o'donnell has the response from republicans >> reporter: returning to where american democrat cicy was forg long ago, president biden returned >> i'm asking our nation to come together, unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy, regardless of your ideology >> reporter: while touting the strength ofsoul of the nation h warned about extremes in the republican party >> too much of what is happening in our country today is not normal donald trump and the maga
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republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic >> reporter: ten weeks before the midterm elections, the white house insisted that the president's message was not a campaign event >> no, it's not a political speech >> reporter: but house leader kevin mccarthy hieaded to scranton to demand mr. biden apologize for criticizing trump voters >> president biden has chosen to divide, demean and disparage his fellow americans >> reporter: citing president biden's record on crime, inflation and immigration, mccarthy made a direct pitch for republicans to take over control of congress. >> we must change direction in washington before it is too late >> reporter: in this political season, defending democracy is a fight in itself. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the white house. a twist in the legal battle
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over the search at mar-a-a-lago. a federaral judge is still weighingng whether to grant forr president trump's request for a special master to review documents recovered from the florida home but it appears that a more detailed list of what the fbi seized will be made public peter alexander is tracking the development. >> reporter: the showdown over government secrets lawyers for president trump and justice department prosecutors facing off in a federal courtroom over president trump's request for a special master to review documents seized in that controversial search at mr. trump's mar-a-lago home. the judge saying she'll rule on that request at a later date mr. trump's arguing the judge needed to ep had restore public confidence by allowing more transparency into the government's actions and dismissing the allegations about him keeping documents, comparing them to an overdue library book.
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the justice department says the master isn't needed because they've. >> reporte already gone through them they say because he is no longer president he had no right to take those documents the judge says she'll make a more detailed list of what was take taken by the fbi mr. trump is weighing in on the documents that were photographed >> they took documents and put them all over the floor and deceptively put them all over the floor. >> reporter: in a filing, saying it should have been fully spasp anticipated that the former president would have had sensitive information in his home moon
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meanwhile, mr. trump is speaking out about january 6, saying he's financially supporting some accused rioters. >> it's a disgrace what they've done to them if i decide to run and if i win, i will be looking very, very strongly at that pardon. full pardon. >> reporter: it comes the same day a retired nypd officer received the longest sentence yet, ten years for using a flagpole to assault a capitol police officer hello, michelle. >> hello there we're a looking at brutal temperatures continuing in the west it's a long-duration event, that's what makes it really dangerous. temperatures into the upper 90s, triple digits. 100 in reno, 108 in las vegas. 97 in winslow. same story through saturday. no relief over the weekend temperatures into the 90s, triple digits.
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sl salt lake city, 102. and we're looking at particularly high temperatures in sacramento. 107 on sunday, 111 on moayndms g storms from the great lakes to the central plains, temperatures in the 90s all right, that holiday weekend forecast is coming up. >> a lot to watch out for, michelle, thank you. and coming up next, what objectio watch out for if you're ekaveling over the holiday weend.d. a policece officicer p punc wowoman inin the face. why the e city's mayayor is defending the action it's's an upsidede-down n boe wiwith no cap.p. you jujust grab and squeezeze. dawnwn platinum'm's more popowerful forormula breaks d down and reremoves greasese 4 times f faster. dawnwn platinum'm's more popowerful forormula
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nypd released body cam video that shows an officer purvesing punching a many would and knocking her to the ground >> reporter: the new york city police department releasing this body cam video amid mounting controversy. the officer accused of punching a woman in the face in harlem last tuesday after she appears to take a swing at him during an arrest the body cam video cutting out shortly after the blow, but you can hear shocked onlookers shouting at the officers officers were there to arrest a man for attempted murder before the altercation happened earlier this week, cell phone video showed the incident where the woman can be seen falling back and hitting her head on the pavement the hairdresser is now charged with assaulting an officer, resisting address and obstruction. her mother speaking outside of
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the police precinct. >> i get like blown away to see this happen to my daughter, you know it's so painful for a mother to see that >> reporter: wnbc reporting that other people who allegedly tried to interfere were also arrested. >> we shouldn't never, never, never put his hands on her or any female he's wrong he's wrong >> reporter: the nypd says it has launch add investigation into the august 30th incident. the police union and new york city's mayor defending the officer's conduct. >> young lady came, smacked the police officer the police officer responded i think those officers on the scene showed great restraint they did what the system called for. they didn't turn off their body cameras. that's why we have footage of what happened. >> reporter: and a statement
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says when you interfere with the arrest of a man there are repercussions. there have been complaints against the officer in the past, some for use of force violations crum's mother has hired an attorney >> this has to stop, and we have to seek full accountability. >> reporter: the community reacting, demanding he lose his job. ron allen, nbc news, new york. still to come here, the holiday headache looming for fliers over the labor day weekend. and tweet that tweet at long lalast, twitter will let you fix x typos, butut it will you. hehey, craig..... hey, g guys... ththis is justst my workouout s. we know w you're thehe green ha. everyonene knows. we know w you're thehe green ha. [laughs]s] whwhat? that's's bananas.. yoyou're stillll wearing your masask, dude. [laughs]s] whwhat? that's's bananas.. ifif you have e a secret i ide, you need t to keep it t secr. [laughs]s] whwhat? that's's bananas.. and if youou want to save by bubundling [laughs]s] whwhat? that's's bananas..
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travelers will be driving to their destinations this year gas prices continue to decline after record prices in june. the national average is now at $3.82 per gallon if you plan on flying, you might run into turbulence. off-duty pilots are picketing over poor airline service, complaining they are overworked and underpaid. twitter is finally rolling out one of its most-requested feature, but first, the critical jobs report is due now a few hours. good morning >> good morning. in terms of what to expect today, slower but still strong that's the message from the investment community the august non-farm payroll figures are expected to show a slow down in u.s. job numbers but still expected to show broad based strength the total number of new jobs is forecast to come in at just under 320,000. you'll remember that last month we saw over half a million jobs
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added. that was a red hot figure in july the unemployment and average hourly rates which are also going to be closely watched today are expected to be flat. it may help determine where the federal reserve goes from here on to twitter, you mentioned a new feature that you can look at for in the coming weeks. an edit button is one of the most-requested features on twitter, and now the company has come out saying they are testing a new feature which will allow users to modify their tweets within 30 minutes after initial publication of the once edited, there will be clear labeling, an icon and time stamp that indicates that the tweet has been modified and users can actually tap the label to see the previous tweet, to see how it's been edited it's not coming out tor everfor everybody. at first twitter blue will offer the service.
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and dedelivered toto your dor in as s little as s one hour. welcome back on this friday, kicking off the holiday weekend with some more storms in the south. showers and scattered storms from texas, the gulf coast and the southeast. we could see some really gusty winds, some hail the heat continues in the west and then a really nice day in the northeast. parts of the mid atlantic. it will be warm in the mid atlantic, but the humidity level still low. in the south we'll see the heat wave continuing on saturday. things change on sunday in the northeast. we're looking at rain starting in the ohio valley as well, stretching into the southern plains, could see flooding in portions of texas and labor day looking to be a wet day in the northeast. back to you guys >> thank you our top story is next, including
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in today's top stories, a possible break through in the fight against melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. seen tests have found a way to kill cancer cells and stop tumors from growing. findings that were published says a particular enzyme boosts the killing of cancer cells. taiwan claims it shot down a chinese drone.
4:27 am
it comes days after taiwan fired warning shots in the area. according to bloomberg, china says it's unaware of the incident and accuses taiwan of quote, hypeling up tensions. the first group of texas migrants arrived in chicago on wednesday. 75 were dropped off at union station. over the past few months, texas governor greg abbott has been busing migrants from the border to d.c. and fnew york and added chicago as a dropoff station because of their sanctuary city status lori lightfoot claimed it racist tactics. if saturday's launch at kennedy space center is successful, the rocket will go
4:28 am
40,000 miles past the moon you want to catch a big movie on the big screen but have a limited budget you can see "top gun" for $3 the last time tickets were that cheap was 1986 the $3 deal is also for premium formats like i max >> that's amazing. it's like 20 bucks if you want to st to stream it thanks to an amazon delivery driver, three puppies were saved. the firefighters quickly brought the pups to safety outside you can see them there they also contained the fire by the way. the department shared this happy tale to facebook but made no mention of what caused the flame. the bigger concern for many there are the pups
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>> the pups are safe yes! we love that story on this holiday weekend. and we're grad evelad everyone's joining us joining us >> thanks for kicking it who sasays you canan't gegt everythingng you want?t? likeke going foror bold withouout going brbroke... and d stayining true to o youre while e staying onon budget. who o says risining costs mems lowewering the b bar? settliling? no neeeed. geget the branands you wana, the pricices you wanant, whenevever you wanant. tj maxaxx where yoyou can alwaways afd toto be you toto the maxxx
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right now at 4:30, attacked right in front of his home. a bay area man says thieves followed him home from costco. in his own words, the valuable item he believes they were after. and another death investigated at another senior center run by the same company, now under intense scrutiny for a deadly accident. the new details our investigative unit uncovered. stay indoors, stay cool, keep your animals hydrated. >> the extreme heat settling in for a few days. this is


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