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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 5, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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documents the fbi seized from mar-a-lago how the move will impact the doj's investigation. also tonight the extreme weather coast to coa this labor day. the holiday travel nightmare. flash flooding on the highways in rhode island part of busy i-95 shut down nearly 80 million on alert up and down the east coast in the west record-breaking heat and the deadly explosive wildfire we're tracking it all. breaking news in the manhunt for two brothers wanted in a stabbing rampage that killed 10 in canada. at least one suspect found dead the seaplane crashing north of seattle. at least one person dead, nine others missing. what the coast guard just announced the desperate search for a missing teacher. the suspect charged in her kidnapping but no trace of her tonight the new clues. plus, the uk naming a new prime minister to replace boris johnson. how the queen will break from tradition when the two women meet face to face. and college football is back
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along with a powerful and heartwarming stadium tradition. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt and good evening i'm tom llamas, in for lester tonight we begin with that breaking news on this labor day. the surprise holiday ruling a judge handing former president trump a legal victory, appointing what's called a special master to oversee the documents seized from his home that ruling essentially removing the files from the justice department's possession the move could slow down any further investigation into the former president's handling of classified documents. the doj now has to decide whether it wants to fight that decision and it comes as mr. trump blasts the fbi in his first rally since the search for his part president biden was on the campaign trail today as both ramp up their roles in the final sprint to the midterm elections. kelly o'donnell starts us off tonight >> reporter: tonight the criminal investigation into
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those classified documents found at mar-a-lago is temporarily on hold. as a result of this 24-page order where a florida federal judge granted former president trump's request that authorizes the appointment of a special master, an independent observer to review what the fbi seized from the trump estate last month. hundreds of pages of classified material. more than 11,000 government-owned documents. 520 pages that may be considered privileged including mr. trump's medical documents, correspondence related to taxes and accounting information. the judge noted the undeniably unprecedented nature of a former president being involved but made clear there has not been callous disregard for mr. trump's constitutional rights but in a rally this weekend -- >> the fbi and the justice department have become vicious monsters >> reporter: mr. trump said he is being
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targeted politically >> the mar-a-lago raid was a desperate effort to distract from joe biden's record of misery and failure >> reporter: today in milwaukee president biden urged voters to reject trump's allies as dangerous to democracy. >> the extreme maga republicans in congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division. >> all right kelly joins us now live from the white house. kelly, let's go back to that court ruling we know the doj's considering its next steps. at the same time the judge who ruled on this will name that special master >> reporter: tom, the judge set a friday deadline for both sides to submit recommendations for who should serve as that special master. she's also allowing the intelligence community to continue with its national security assessment. tom? >> all right kelly o'donnell leading us off tonight. kelly, we thank you for that another major story on this labor day, severe weather on the move flood watches up and down the east coast.
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in new england a nightmare for holiday travelers. flash floods shutting down part of busy i-95 blayne alexander's tracking it all for us >> reporter: tonight on this labor day holiday across the country severe weather is dealing a withering blow the heavy rain has soaked states from alabama to rhode island, where in providence part of i-95 is completely flooded, leaving holiday travelers at a standstill the governor is urging everyone to stay off of the roads unless absolutely necessary >> it's moving the cars >> reporter: it's all part of a massive storm system pushing to the east, blowing through dallas -- >> oh! >> reporter: where heavy winds destroyed part of this structure still under construction strong enough to strip the bricks from the side of this building. in southern indiana massive flooding swept through homes, killing one person and displacing dozens more >> when it let loose it let loose i imagine most of it's down the ohio river somewhere. >> reporter: and
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tonight more than 78 million people remain under flood watch, including parts of north georgia where the rain left its mark on the small town of summerville, leaving cars, homes and entire streets submerged. even as the waters begin to recede they leave behind a trail of closed businesses and a crippled water supply, forcing a boil water alert. nbc's george solis is there. >> reporter: flood waters tore through this popular downtown boutique you can actually see how high the water got in some spots. volunteers now helping with cleanup as they sort through soiled and soaked merchandise. >> reporter: all of it coming at the tail end of a turbulent summer for travel problems that forced the airlines to cut back on flight schedules starting in mid july >> blayne joins us now live from the world's busiest airport in atlanta, where flooding continues to be a concern blayne, how long is the threat there going to last? >> reporter: well, tom, that flood watch here in atlanta will actually end later tonight, but the threat continues across the northeast in fact, some people there could see up to three more inches of rain
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and meanwhile, several states will actually see some of those flood alerts stretch well into tomorrow afternoon. tom? >> all right blayne alexander for us blayne, we appreciate it and more extremes in the west tonight. more than 40 million under heat alerts as an explosive wildfire blazes a deadly path through northern california and tonight a growing risk of rolling blackouts. miguel almaguer reports from a scorching l.a. >> reporter: tonight the deadly double threat scorching california a still out-of-control wildfire in the northern end of the state and an unrelenting heat wave now bringing the highest likelihood of rolling blackouts after six days of sweltering temperatures >> it's just brutal outside. just absolutely brutal >> reporter: in the small town of weed two were killed as this explosive blaze, fueled in part by hot weather, tore across roughly 100 homes. >> i just see fire
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coming out of the sky. >> reporter: the heat wave slowing firefighters who across the west are tonight responding to more calls for help as 46 million bake in what feels like an oven after nearly a week of the brutal broil the extended forecast offering little relief for major cities, still well above triple digits. >> it's going to be like 100 plus. >> reporter: as temperatures soar 20 degrees above average, more than 100 daily records will be set after one of the worst heat waves in western history. in bullhead city, arizona winds knocked out power to 36,000, where it could be 113 degrees today. the intense demand for power to cool homes in california could tonight overwhelm the fragile power grid on the brink for days >> we know it's been a long haul, and it's about to get even more difficult. >> miguel, we heard you report there officials are warning of rolling blackouts a major concern for many residents and this is a real possibility. >> reporter: tom, it is a real possibility. with so many people
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home for the holiday cranking up their air-conditioning units to beat the heat, if the demand for power outpaces supply, and that is forecasted to happen tonight, there will be rolling blackouts. tom? >> all right miguel almaguer for us miguel, we thank you now to the breaking news in that urgent manhunt in canada after one of the deadliest attacks in the country's history. police say one of two brothers wanted in a stabbing rampage that killed ten people has been found dead. gabe gutierrez has the latest >> reporter: tonight the manhunt in canada is expanding after a horrific stabbing spree that left at least 10 people dead and 18 injured police now saying one of the two suspects, damien sanderson, was found dead, not from a self-inflicted wound it's not clear who killed him his brother, myles sanderson, is still on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. today both of them have been charged with murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering >> this is an ongoing active investigation >> reporter: the stabbings unfolded early sunday in a rural indigenous community in the
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canadian province of saskatchewan police are investigating 13 crime scenes in the james smith cree nation and the village of weldon. >> now i'm terrified to go to sleep at night. terrified to open my door >> reporter: authorities say the men were then believed to have fled to the province's capital city, closer to the u.s. border. >> as far as the threat, myles sanderson is still at large. we still are advocating for people to be vigilant >> reporter: the attack now among the deadliest in canada's history. >> this kind of violence or any kind of violence has no place in our country >> reporter: so far no word on the motive for the stabbings. investigators say the suspects targeted some victims while others were random. tom? >> gabe gutierrez for us tonight back here in the states, late today the coast guard suspending the search for nine people missing after a seaplane crashed in the waters north of seattle. a tenth person was found dead along with some of the plane's wreckage steve patterson on the
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investigation tonight. >> float plane just went down. >> reporter: tonight the urgent search for any sign of life off the coast of washington state, now a recovery effort. authorities say the dhc-3 turbine otter float plane crashed sunday afternoon, suddenly diving down with no distress call, carrying nine adults and one child. >> people on the shore saw the plane coming down very quickly and hitting the water. >> reporter: the plane was in the middle of about an 80-mile flight from friday harbor to renton airport, where it crashed off the coast of mutiny bay, about 30 miles northwest of seattle. today the rescue operation suspended. >> we believe that the fuselage or debris is somewhere between 150 and 200 feet deep, which makes it very difficult to find anything >> reporter: so far the body of a woman was recovered while crews worked through the night searching for nine others and fishing large pieces of metal from beneath the surface. this morning coast guard boats hitting
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the water for a second day while aircraft scour from above, covering 2100 square nautical miles >> unfortunately, we don't have any indication of what may have happened in the moments that led up to that crash >> reporter: tonight the ntsb leading the crash investigation while the coast guard says family members have been notified a list of all passengers scheduled to be released tomorrow morning tom? >> steve patterson with that air mystery near seattle steve, thank you we head overseas now to the united kingdom and its new prime minister liz truss will replace boris johnson after he announced his resignation in july. the new pm formally meets with the queen tomorrow but in a way that breaks years of tradition. keir simmons explains. >> reporter: chosen as britain's third female prime minister today, tonight liz truss is being compared to margaret thatcher, facing inflation, strikes and a recession and promising tax cuts >> we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver. >> reporter: soon to be former prime
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minister boris johnson tweeting congratulations. his scandal-ridden tenure ending with a long good-bye this summer with stunts like flying in a fighter jet. now liz truss looking at a long, hard winter with skyrocketing energy bills, fueled by the war in ukraine. she may need billions just to stop british businesses like pubs from going broke all this as the nation's queen is increasingly frail, unable to make it to london because of mobility issues. for 70 years prime ministers have traveled half a mile to see her at buckingham palace. tomorrow they'll fly 500 miles for a handover at balmoral castle a constitutional moment unprecedented during the queen's reign. liz truss hoping to reaffirm britain's long-standing special relationship with america after at times rocky relations between president biden and prime minister johnson
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the man likely to be the new foreign secretary speaking to nbc news today >> well, it's always in our mutual interest for the uk and the u.s. to have a strong working relationship liz understands that >> reporter: in less than 12 hours from now boris johnson will stand here and sign off. but already tonight some are saying don't rule out a return. tom? >> our thanks to you, keir in 60 seconds, new clues in the search for a teacher still missing after a suspect is charged in her kidnapping and back to school in uvalde. the fear and hope among students and parents for a new school year. stay with us
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we're back now with the desperate search for a missing memphis woman intensifying tonight the mom of two, a teacher, was kidnapped during an early morning jog last friday police have captured her suspected kidnapper, but he won't say where she is jesse kirsch is in memphis with the latest >> reporter: she's been missing nearly four days. on her morning run friday this mother of
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two allegedly kidnapped by a man who bolted from this suv, forcing her inside according to court documents roughly four minutes then passed before the suv took off, that affidavit saying this may have been a bloody struggle causing serious injury >> in the criminal context that's actually a very long time that's enough time for him to restrain her. that's enough time for him to seriously harm her. >> reporter: tonight the suspect, 38-year-old cleotha abston, is locked up and charged. but investigators are still desperately searching for eliza fletcher because the affidavit says abston won't tell police where to find the beloved teacher. >> that does not bode well for her wellness. >> reporter: now tributes grow near the university of memphis where police say fletcher vanished, the same scene where abston allegedly left his sandals amid a struggle according to the affidavit, dna from the shoes matched the suspect and helped authorities corner him saturday >> clearly this is impulsive. it was frantic
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he did not seem to put a lot of thought into premeditating this >> reporter: late sunday police scoured this memphis neighborhood the affidavit says that's the same area where two witnesses including the suspect's brother reported seeing him wash his clothes in a sink and clean the inside of the car with floor cleaner, acting very strange hours after kidnapping fletcher, the granddaughter of a memphis hardware store magnate. overnight police taking a dumpster away from the area as fletcher's tragic disappearance devastates her church, her school, and her family >> more than anything we want to see liza returned home safely >> jesse kirsch joins us now live from memphis where the alleged abduction took place. jesse, i know you've looked into the suspect's criminal history including a prior kidnapping case? >> reporter: yeah, tom, police confirm the suspect pled guilty in that prior case more than 20 years ago. and today the newest of charges against him grew but those new updates don't give any clear
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indication as to how eliza fletcher might be doing physically. meanwhile, the suspect is expected in front of a judge tomorrow morning. tom? >> all right jesse kirsch with some new reporting tonight. jesse, we thank you. still to come, the new beginnings in uvalde the challenges and changes ahead for students going back to school tomorrow.
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welcome back school starts tomorrow in uvalde, texas and with it big changes for students the community is still reeling from the mass shooting in may that claimed the lives of
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21 at robb elementary. and while there are fears as the school year begins, there's also hope. morgan chesky is there. >> reporter: in uvalde flowers cover the names on crosses that have long since been memorized 21 lives lost in a town fighting for a better future when its elementary school doors open tomorrow. >> it's hard to stay but i really want them to go back i'm scared for them to go to school >> reporter: monica arriola feels stuck. on may 24th her son jeremy was inside robb elementary and heard the gunfire that killed two of his cousins and best friend, jose flores jr with his old school now being torn down, the 10-year-old admits counseling has helped but first day nerves are real >> it's helped me calm down and feel kind of happy, not scared or nervous. but since school's coming i'm actually
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scared and nervous >> reporter: to ease that transition the uvalde district is promising extra counselors and comfort dogs in the days and weeks ahead. and here on the outside new high security fencing surrounds several school campuses. the changes coming after a painful summer >> you need to clean house. >> reporter: as parents demanded more for student safety >> i can't help but wonder if they just didn't find our children worthy of being saved. >> reporter: then in august a change in leadership the school board firing former school police chief pete arredondo. >> turn in your badge and step down! >> reporter: painful steps that brought healing too. friday night lights pulling this town together and as only texas football can the coyotes playing their hearts out to start their season with a big win >> they're going to play hard for each other and they're going to play hard for the town >> reporter: pride in a team and town, proving they can make it through anything together morgan chesky, nbc news uvalde >> the whole country
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rooting for uvalde when we come back, the inspiring new college football tradition. a different kind of wave at this game and why it means so very much
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finally tonight, labor day weekend marks the start of college football season and also the return of a new tradition, one that celebrates the young heroes off the field >> it's time for one of the coolest traditions -- >> reporter: for 70,000 fans in iowa city, iowa --
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>> everybody here turns and waves to the children's hospital behind the stadium >> reporter: -- some moments are bigger than the game itself like this one. look from the field at the hawkeyes' kinnick stadium to the stands, everyone turning to wave hello to the kids next door. there they are in the windows. you can see a mother clutching her baby and waving and more young patients at the university of iowa stead family children's hospital. also waving, 5-year-old olivia tays, a little girl with cerebral palsy, looking at the stadium rooting her on for her and her family this tradition lifts them up. >> it was very emotional and very good knowing that they were all thinking of us >> reporter: even on the field these little warriors meeting the moment that's 7-year-old eli belzer he's now recovered from cancer and is representing the hospital as their kid captain this year.
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for eli's mom katie, this tradition means so much. >> i just was overcome with emotion, like seeing the other families standing in there. i just wanted them to like -- to feel love and just -- like they're going to be okay >> reporter: now eli spreading his message to other kids. >> be strong and never give up. >> reporter: and remember, when you hear the roar of that crowd just outside your window, fight on because those cheers are for you. >> iowa creating a great new tradition. that's "nightly news" for this monday. thank you so much for watching i'm tom llamas for all of us here at nbc news, good night >> wave just a little bit more nice and high so everybody can see you. there you go
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right now on nbc bay area news, the heat wave hitting us hard. there are many power outages across at this hour. we are following a fire along highway 4. it is just now starting to spread. another fire, this one in southern california. homes are destroyed. we will be joined by a cal fire representative. good evening. this holiday weekend ending on a dangerous note for a lot of people. the heat and the fire danger and now, power outages. we are keeping an eye on rolling blackouts. estate independence power op


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