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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and keeping a student safe amidst the heat wave there. the steps bay area school districts are taking to make sure students stay cool. >> reporter: a fierce fire-fight under way in southern california which is also dealing with scorching heat and a deadly wildfire exploding in size. an update on evacuation orders and the tough conditions crews are facing on the front lines. this is "today in the bay." we are streaming lime on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and on line. thank you so much for starting your tuesday with us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking temperatures for us. normally this is what the end of the day would look like. this is how we're starting out with these temperatures. >> yeah. it's really crazy. we're going to have to deal with more of this extreme heat across the bay area. i couldn't believe it -- like even driving through the sunol grade it was still in the 90s
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this morning. some of our upper elevations are seeing temperatures in the 90s are valleys right now, in the mid 60s and even some mid 70s. let me show you where we're headed for today. we're looking at possibly the hottest temperatures we've ever measured in a lot of spots around the bay area. san jose headed for 106 degrees. look at the east bay. concord reaching 118. we could see that in livermore, as well. oakland, 102. extremely dangerous heat. redwood city reaching 104. san francisco back in the low 90s today. our north bay highs from 76 in bodega bay to 115 in clear lake. we are going to see today the peak of the heat as kids head back it school. you're going back to work. we are going to eventually see some relief. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right.
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thanks. the weather having a huge impact with the heat not near the peak. here's the live look in livermore, one of several cities still dealing with power outages this morning. our crews outside a doughnut shop where workers tried to bring in a generator for back up power so they can open up the store. this particular outage is a system failure. it is not part of the rolling blackout plan state regulators are keeping on standby. around the bay area, pg&e says thousands of customers are without power. and bob redell will have a live report on the situation at the bottom of the hour. >> 6:02. amid the ongoing heat, teachers have the important job and sometimes difficult one of keeping students safe and cool. schools across the bay area, they've had to shift lesson plans, even canceling some school days to keep students safe. power outages a major concern. classrooms need the ac to stay cool. the largest district in the south bay, san jose unified,
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they do have a plan in place if the ac shuts off. >> if a percent of the building loses air continuing, we'll be moving, relocating that class to a different room until we can get the ac repaired. >> the area like novato that reached triple digits, there are limited school days. contra costa county says if the temperatures reach over 105 degrees, there are no outdoor activities that will take place. if you do have some questions about how your child's school is handling the heat, check out our website, we have information there for you. most of those schools have posted a plan or recommendations giving to them -- given to them by the health department. now around the bay area, more cooling centers, they are opening including one at the campbell community center. all seven san francisco public libraries will be opening as cooling centers as well as mountainview community center, camden community center, and
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venetia public library. and bta, they're going to offer free rides for some of those centers and to and from the centers in the south bay again today. we continue to track that heat wave, the flex alerts as well as the power outages. and we also have tips to stay cool and save energy on our website, find a link to resources right in our trending bar, and you can get them even if your power's out slow long as your gadgets are charged. now to new developments now. a federal judge says a special master should be appointed to review the evidence seized from former president trump's mar-a-lago home. that person will be tasked with sorting through documents for personal items and potentially privileged material. and now the two sides, they just have to agree on who that's going to be. >> brie jackson live from washington. what does this mean for the justice department investigations as we move forward?
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>> reporter: good morning. well, much of the justice department's investigation is now on hold because of this judge's ruling. the justice department says it's looking at the judge's opinion and will consider the next steps. [ cheers ] a legal victory for former president trump. a federal judge granting his legal team's request for a third party known as a special master to review the evidence seized from trump's florida home. the ruling temporarily blocks the justice department's investigation into the classified documents recovered. >> the department of justice will need to think long and hard about appealing this decision rather than letting it lie. >> reporter: a detailed list of seized property shows mr. trump had more than 11,000 government-owned documents at mar-a-lago. 520 pages that may be considered privileged, including mr. trump's medical documents, correspondence related to taxes, and accounting information. >> if i were the government, the
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most important thing would be that time is of the essence. >> reporter: mr. trump reacted to the ruling on his truth social website, attacking the justice department and the fbi as totally corrupt. >> the mar-a-lago raid was a desperate effort to distract from joe biden's record of misery and failure. >> reporter: president biden on the road monday blasted trump in what mr. biden called extreme maga republicans. >> they're extreme. and democracy's really at stake. you can't be a democracy when you support violence, when you don't like the outcome of an election. >> reporter: the judge set a friday deadline for trump's legal team and the justice department to submit recommendations for who could serve as the special master. and while this ruling slows down the justice department's investigation, the judge is allowing the intelligence community to continue its -- move forward with its damage assessment of possible national security risk.
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in washington, i'm brie jackson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:06. happening now, firefighters have their hands full in southern california. overnight they tried to gain control of this fast-moving fire in riverside county that killed two people. live look at the fire right now as it continues to burn this morning. and now we know a third person is in the hospital being treated for burns. the fairview fire started just yesterday afternoon in hemet. and it exploded to more than 2,000 acres. as of last night it was only 5% contained. about 3,200 homes are under evacuation orders, and a second fire in the less populated big bear area has already burned at least 200 acres, as well. back here in the bay area, our hot temperatures there, fire concern is something we've been talking about because it's dry out there. and the heat from -- >> yeah. it's so extremely dry, and it's going to be hot today. we're talking about record-breaking temperatures once again. and here's a look at our clear view as you start out this
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morning in san jose. it already feels warm, and we know it's going to be a really hot afternoon. but for the kids going back to school, make sure they have the water bottle so they stay hydrated. look at walnut creek. drop-off time, in the upper 70s. by the time you pick them up from school at 2:00 to 3:00, it's going to be 107 degrees. yes, air conditioner on full blast in that pickup line. as we look at our high temperatures, dangerous heat today, morgan hill may top out at 112. many of these temperatures are some of the hottest that we've ever measured for those spots like livermore reaching 118. we could see that in concord, and 111 degrees possible today in santa rosa. this is the peak of the heat, but it's going to be a while before you we get out of -- before we get out of this. we'll talk about the possibility of more humidity for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike is getting you ready to go back to work with some lower gas
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prices. >> yeah. folks, look at these temperatures here. i'm kidding. these are gas prices. we're looking for lower numbers compared to what kari was talking about. here it's excel gas and mart on north 1st in san jose. $4.79 a gallon. middle number, $4.74 in san leandro at the val era on east 14th street. and here, arco on phelps street in san francisco, $4.89. that's the bottom number. some options. still, staying under $5 overall. these averages. looking to the roadways, and we see green censors for the most part -- sensors for the most part. looking at more traffic for highway 4 and 37 and the bay bridge, notice all the way across the span, that's a lorero there. the back up is from the toll plaza into san francisco. i think they're going to slow the metering lights down. look at the clouds in the sky. looks interesting there. but as kari showed, the temperatures, i'm done with
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those. back to you. >> i'm with you, mike. i am with you on that. much more ahead for you this morning including a new statement from tiktok about reports that your data was compromised. well, plus we'll look at the stock market. some of mike's gas prices that are going down. and out to the futures, as well, where it looks like it's going to be a much better day. ♪♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ >> this heat across the bay area doesn't feel like we're walking on sunshine. it feels like we're walking on the sun. but with labor day in our rearview mirror, one "today" show anchor showing he how she spent the unofficial end to summer. it is adorable. stay with us.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. at 6:13. it is a spare-the-air alert day. take public transit as you head out on pleasant hill. mid 70s at 7:00. look at this that trend for today. going from 74 to 105 at 1:00 this afternoon. it gets each hotter later today. we'll look at all of our microclimates and when we may see some relief coming up. and pleasant hill, 101 at noon. 101 here in palo alto.
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the freeway traveling north with the taillights, at the limit. 65, we like that number. watch out for more traffic building in the east bay. how things are shaping up because the toll plaza is now full. happy hot tuesday. the stock market gets back to work this morning after a three-day weekend. things look pretty good. we'll check the futures here in a second. apple is going to show off new iphones tomorrow. we're up to the iphone 14 at this point. wti is not a stock, it's oil. it's west texas intermediate. oil prices are down, and generally moving lower. in fact, opec talking about a production cut, not much, 100,000 barrels. a sign how quickly energy prices have fallen. opec is worried. okay, let's go to the futures. stocks have been a losing streak for some time. fears over the fed which student even meet for another two weeks. we get another look at inflation exactly one week from today. next tuesday morning. the commerce department is
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going to explain how it's going to distribute billions of dollars from the chip build. you remember that congress passed that bipartisan bill to help out american chip companies and get -- ship companies and get ships built here in america. it will take years to build the factories, fabrication plants or fabs as they call them. silicon valley companies get more detail on the money today. and the attorney general here in california's a simple ask for credit card companies -- give gun stores their own code just like credit card companies can categorize your purchase at like a dry cleaner. he wrote mastercard and visa with the request saying it would be helpful if cloudy companies would categorize purchase at gun stores as purchases at gun stores. right now they just show up as retail. again, some of those retailers get their own code, a convenience store shows up as a convenience store. and credit card companies do look for trouble in those --
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especially for money laundering. the ideas are what if somebody bought a gun every day for 30 days? there are legal questions because you have a legal right to do that. >> right. >> but it also is an indication that something's happening. >> why. >> why? why would that be happening and maybe should somebody look into it? it will wind its way through the courts if the credit card companies says in. >> they might not. >> what you buy on your credit card ideally is private. you know, again, they do look for money laundering. >> right. >> which is not private. >> and i -- like my husband, looks for the amazon purchase. >> yes. >> thanks. >> you bet. all right. let's talk about tiktok this morning. tiktok denying reports that hackers have leaked its source code and sensitive user data. the hackers claim that they have a database with more than two billion records including user information, platform stats, tokens, and more. tiktok's spokesperson says that
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the source code isn't related to the company's platform. security experts say the information is valid, but it does not include sensitive data. >> i mean, it's a heap of an outtake. >> that would be a problem. >> really hard. this is trending this morning. savoring these last few tollways of summer. i know -- few days of summer. i know a lot of us are minus the temperatures. >> yeah. >> trying to stay cool in the process now. >> that includes hoda kotb from the "today" show and her little ones. her young kids set up a lemonade stand over the weekend. they did that here. they make a bunch of money. on instagram she posted images of haley and hope selling refreshments, scooping ice-cream for customers, some say that it was child's play compared to this. >> on your mark, get set, go -- [ cheers ] >> how cute is this? >> little sisters had a little
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foot race at the beach. we don't know who won, but we know you don't tell your sister like who won. you're all the same. we love you the same. one of my daughters spent her summer lifeguarding. that was kind of fun. that was exciting. the other took a math class. so it was not a super fun summer at our house. >> that's very -- >> life skills, right? >> she is making that money. >> she is. >> and the other will be her accountant. that's going to be -- >> see? keep it in the family. >> i was like, our producer was like, show me the fun stuff you did with your kids this summer. i was like, hm, math class, work. i basically spent the whole summer in the car. >> and driving. >> they're not driving yet. >> at least you had air continuing. >> yes. i wanted to -- air continuing. >> yes. i wanted to sleep in the car. >> it's rough, there's going to be a lot of sleepy people at work today. it's going to be so hard to sleep. it has been, and unfortunately we're in for another really hot
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they. as we look outside in -- yeah. everybody's going back to work today. look at all those healthy on 580. we're starting out this morning at 76 degrees as we go through the morning. it isn't long before those temperatures heat up and get really dangerous. even at 11:00, we're at 100 degrees there. and 108 at 1:00 in the afternoon. a lot of these numbers could possibly set an all-time high temperature record as we even look at our daily records. santa rosa reached 111 degrees in 2020. remember that? we were pretty much on fire. then the temperatures got extremely hot. well, san francisco's expected to reach 90 degrees today. the record is 102. oakland, 102 is what we're expecting today. but the record is 100. and in livermore, we may go well beyond that record high temperature, even smashing yesterday's record of the hottest temperature we've ever measured there.
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so some really dangerous heat once again. it's even hard to just look at the numbers. i think i wore the one on the keyboard out today because i kept typing that for all of these numbers. santa rosa, 111. and also 111 in los gatos. now you're looking at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, it's going to take a while before we get out of these triple digits. we start to see some slight cooling near the coastline tomorrow. but we're still seeing a lot of highs over 100 tomorrow afternoon for the inland east bay. and it gets slightly hotter on thursday. you want to make sure you're paying attention to the signs of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. this is going to be very important. not only for you but the people around you. you may have dizziness, thirsterness, heavy sweating. or if you're going into heatstroke, it may be red, hot, dry skin, a rapid pulse, as well as loss of consciousness. definitely a real risk here. even as we deal with cooler temperatures near the coastline,
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well, stinson beach is going to be extremely hot today, 91 there. but upper 60s and low 70s elsewhere. our inland temperatures are going to stay over 100 degrees throughout the week. then we may trade that for humidity for the weekend. and of course we'll talk more about that. mike, you're looking at san jose. >> yeah. exactly. and what's coming into san jose. we have a little more slowing, more spread out than we often see at this time coming into san martin and through there to morgan hill. that traffic is going to make its way toward san jose. the silicon valley, the first burst of traffic, has cleared up back to the speed limit. so people may be leaving the house a little bit later than the commute because there's a shift in the timing, but also we have a lot of folks that still aren't back from the vacation weekend. the altamont pass, pretty light traffic right now. same thing for 84 through the area. no delays for vasco until you get to the last bend starting. just over -- almost 22 minutes for the drive off of marsh
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creek. slowing for highway 37. highway 4, there's a crash i'm tracking here. walnut creek and pleasant hill. i'll let you know who you that affects 680 coming up. back to you. >> thanks. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: a year and a half after he ordered a pairthem. i'm consumer investigator chris kimora. we'll look into the case next. and as we head to break, we've got to congratulate laura garcia and her husband as they celebrate one year of wedding bliss. congratulations to them both. they love each other so much. >> aw. >> want to wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and fun with all six of the kids and the dog. >> yeah. listen, they're good because she didn't come back from clear the shelters with another dog. >> she was there asking about -- he was asking about it that's all. >> don't do it. >> you can follow laura instagram and facebook. you can enjoy pictures, as well.
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we'll be right back.
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on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. nbc bay area respond to a man whose delayed eyeglasses delivery left him in a blur. >> he asked chris chmura and the team to clear things up for him. >> reporter: good morning, rodal in walnut creek played hall and seto optometry $519 for a pair of eyeglasses. a year and a half later, he still hadn't received them.
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he said he e-mailed back and forth with customer service representatives who eventually stopped responding. so he tapped our team. we contacted the optometrist. they said the glasses had been ready for some time. within a week he was able to pick up the $519 glasses. the office said he was right about the reps not responding and said "we are upset that this has happened and are making sure it never happens again." the indicates brings back into focus the charge back. that's when you call up your bank or credit card company and dispute a charge for failure to deliver. the thing is, you might only have a month or two, so you need act fast. the case stand out because he paid with i had hsa, his -- with his hsa, his health savings account. they act like regular credit or debit cards. can you dispute a charge the same way? the biggest hsa company said yes, yes, you can. we made a video showing you how
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to dispute a charge. you can watch it on our website, streaming channel, or youtube page. look for the "how to" playlist. coming up, artificial intelligence to keep schools safer. ahead on "today in the bay," the technology already being used on some campuses and how it works. >> reporter: thousands still without power after yesterday's heat wave and the possibility of rolling blackouts later today as that mercury again goes well above triple digits. stay wh
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every single year once we hit 110, power goes out. transformers blow. >> right now at 6:30, record heat and more possible power outages even before the other ones were restored. all-time temperature highs arrive in the bay area as we experience major headaches. ahead, a live report. team coverage on the widespread outages experienced overnight, and a flex alert that might be issue the against today. cracking down on side shows. the steps one bay area city is taking today try to crack down on the problem. this is "today in the bay" streaming like on roku, amazon fire, and online. thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your morning. keep it cool out there -- hard to do, but we'll try to keep it cool out there. i'm marcus washington. >> nothing cool about me now.
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i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia has the day off. top stories -- it's more than just complaining, this is dangerous bay area heat. we have live coverage. bob redell is in livermore with more on the flex alert and the power outages that are also underway. first, meteorologist kari hall is breaking down the record temperatures today. >> yeah. we're even starting out warm across the bay area. and usually this is our time to let the house cool down and then get ready for that high heat for the afternoon. we're starting out in 0s and 70s this morning. even 85 in martinez now. notice the orange colors if you live in the hills and upper elevations. temperatures this morning in the night and even close to 1 -- in the 90s and even close to 100. this is at 6:00 in the morning. here's where we're headed today -- it's going to be possibly the hottest temperatures we've ever measured in a lot of spots. it's the peak of the heat with san jose reaching 106 degrees. it could be as hot as 118 in
6:32 am
concord today. oakland reaching 102. and as we look at the peninsula, 81 in half moon bay and 108 in palo alto. daly city, 87. night in san francisco, and our north bay highs reaching as hot as 115 in clear lake. now let's turn to "today in the bay"'s bob redell who's tracking some power outages for east bay residents. bob, that is so tough. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the power's been out here in downtown livermore since yesterday evening at the very least. it's still out on the main drag here. 1st street at south l. the power did come back on for a few minutes just before 6:00 this morning, but it went back off. that's why you see the people at the doughnut wheel, they've had this generator out here. it doesn't give them all the power they need, so they can't be full service, but it gives them enough that they can get a small mixer and a fryer going and make some doughnuts. again -- good morning -- several
6:33 am
hundred people without power in the downtown area of livermore and in the south part of the city near robertson park. and tsui the city has already putt stop signs out at the traffic intersections since the lights are working. the estimated time for getting the power back on according to pge is 3:00 this afternoon. we have seen pg&e, at least one truck, we know they're working on it and hopefully will get it done sooner rather than later. richard sakta, he lives here in town in livermore. he was prepared for the outage yesterday. he tells us his power always goes out when the temperatures hit 110 like it did yesterday. he fired up his generators that he had on standby, and they provide enough juice to power everything except for what he needs most in this hot weather. >> i have a generator running, powering up -- i can power up my whole house except for my ac. >> reporter: you got a fridge, lights on -- >> all the lights work. the internet works. everything works.
6:34 am
>> reporter: and you can see these are the numbers from 5:00 this morning from pg&e. there's thousands without power. most in the east bay, north bay, and the south bay. obviously those are the hottest parts of the bay area. makes sense. pg&e says the outages weren't planned. the power went out in livermore because of equipment failure in this intense heat. pg&e points out the utility had enough electricity yesterday but because customers conserved and there was a additional resources they could rely. on today the california independent system operator, iso, has called for another flex alert. if we do not conserve today like we did yesterday, rolling blackouts are a possibility. back out here live outside the doughnut wheel, they are just trying to get some business going with the limited power they can get from the generator. of course, they hoping that this power gets fully restored soon. reporting live, bob redell,
6:35 am
"today in the bay." >> i'm sure there's a wish for a lot of people still in the dark this morning. >> it is tough when you have it out at home but also at your business. you can't make a living like that. >> look, you can stay up to date of what's going on with the heat wave by downloading the free app and a great resource right now. once you download it there for free, you can keep track of what's going on with the weather in your own neighborhood. all right. new this morning, returning to school can mean a return of anxiety over the threat of school shootings. one company is trying to increase school safety through artificial intelligence. >> we are providing a software, a platform, that works with existing cameras in the schools, and it has the ability to look and identify if people are carrying weapons especially coming into the school buildings. once it has identified that, it has the ability to notify the
6:36 am
school alert system as well as authorities. >> a new system would cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per school. but if a school already has cameras, the cost for that software, platform, is about $1,000 a year. through artificial intelligence it can identify hidden guns and knives, even bulletproof vests and masks. and to address privacy concerns, the ware blurs the faces of all students as they're coming and going on campus. the company piloted that technology at a school in denver. 6:36. we are moving you forward this morning because san francisco health leaders today will begin administering second doses of the monkeypox vaccine. this is to expand vaccine eligibility. so the decision marks a change from the current policy of prioritizing first doses. this comes as the case count in the city significantly down. look at this -- the cases right there, they peaked at the end of july. sips then they have been steadily on the downturn here.
6:37 am
we asked ucsf's doctor monica ghandi to explain. >> three factors. one is behavior change. people -- reduced number of sexual partners, that was recorded by the cdc. number two is natural immunity. once you get it, it's hard to get it again. we don't know how long it lasts but smallpox immunity lasts a lifetime. the third is vaccines. we've been getting out the vaccines, given 400 doses out in our own clinic. and all of that together, that issues munt is bringing it down -- immunity is bringing it down worldwide. >> dr. gandhi says another monkeypox spike is unlikely as long as people keep getting those vaccines. happening today, fremont leaders launch a new plan to crack down on illegal street rating and side shows. police are concerned about the safety of spectators at the illegal shows. critics say current state law does not allow people watching or attending to be held criminally liable. the council members will introduce a new ordinance making it illegal to not only attend
6:38 am
but also to promote side shows or street races. today royalty comes to the bay area. the king and queen of netherlands will visit san francisco and siicon valley. the dutch royal couple are expected to meet with governor gavin newsom, mayor breed, and the business and community leaders out there. it's also going to be the start of the tour in san francisco when they're going to go to city hall and see that this morning including a ceremonial flag raising. >> all right. a live look at san francisco this morning, a beautiful start to the day for their visit. they are going to get a false sense of what the weather is like here. kari, it is not like this in the summer especially in san francisco. >> no. we're talking about setting records here and see something of the hottest weather we've ever seen in a lot of spots around the bay area. as year waking up and heading out, we're preparing and planning our day around the heat. let's head to walnut creek because our school day forecast, know that a lot of the staff is
6:39 am
going to do what they can on to keep students safe. a drop-off time in the upper 60s. at pickup time -- 70s. at pickup time, ac on full blast, 107 degrees. here's a look at our highs for today. we'll talk about when we may find some relief coming up. mike, you are looking toward a possible game time traffic in oakland. >> that's right. talking about tonight's game over here, the athletics play at the coliseum, 6:40. that's an outdoor stadium. it's going to be hot just like the parking lot which may get crowded around 4:30, 5:00. perhaps a little more slowing. not everybody's come back from the holiday weekend. we don't have as much slowing coming down through concord for the commute direction, that's 242 and 680 in this direction. the crash that we spotted in pleasant hill is the opposite direction. counter commute. it's off to the shoulder. without any major injuries. highway 4, typically slowing. the slowing is interstate 80 coming through richmond and we're now at about a half hour drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge back up. we'll talk more about slowing
6:40 am
coming up. back to you. >> thanks. 6:39 for you this morning. getting ready for an emotional day in uvalde, texas. next on "today in the bay," back to school day arrives, a tough decision families are making about their kids' return to class following that shooting rampage in may. the changes in store to help ease everyone's return. >> our thoughts are with them. plus, the latest from washington and the latest on the special master. to the big board, so many days of losses that it's nice to see a green arrow. plus -- >> don't look at it then. i can't imagine a more beautiful thing. it's corn. >> that little guy has charmed the hearts of nearly two million people with his love of corn. how he was able to corner a pretty sweet invite to a palace no less. no less. you'reatg ay in the wchin"todyo ghu miret alknady thow roat p tp 27 aaxesegnd resulat
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slines portinbett fg to undal reut sol tionseo th on me honelessriss c owso hl wil nthatevew renuebe nt spe? ne usw houning its a in8 ll 5ticoun in includerg: pntmanesu tipporouve h,sing ny ties hommu comesniti, t ojeckeroom y orsupp htiveotelts uni d annsintemeive ntalthheal a andtiddicreon tnta. in rt sho, ea27 metns g ptinge eopl offe thstre an tod insi hou s ye7.on 2
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good tuesday morning. 6:43. time to head back to work. we're checking out santa rose apart of the north bay. high record temperature there of 112 degrees yesterday. and you can see the trend. we're in the upper 60s now. but soon it's 1:00. we'll look at all of our microclimates and when we may see some relief in the forecast coming up. some relief for this drive. look at these flashing lights west 92 to san mateo bridge. slowed after the toll plaza here. calmed down now that people are used to the crew being on the
6:44 am
shoulder helping that person. maybe some brake tapping here. traffic break a little farther to the east out of hayward that will slow closing for the nimitz. today is going to be a hard day in uvalde, texas, because today is the day that children return to the classroom more than three months after that city's deadly school shooting rampage. >> "today" has more on the changes on top -- on tap for families. >> reporter: as you can understand, a lot of mixed emoegsds in uvalde today -- emotions in uvalde today. with robb elementary school being torn down, never to be used again, former students are going to existing school campuses. a high fence surround the school ground. inside there will be extra counselors and comfort dogs on hand in the days and weeks ahead. this has been a community very much finding its way forward from this unspeakable tragedy.
6:45 am
we know that many of the students who did attend robb elementary last year are choosing to remind in online learning. some tell us they're now enrolled in private schools nearby. parents i spoke to say that while they believe the district here is making improvements, some don't feel it is fast enough. but everyone here is hopeful that this return to class can hopefully bring about real healing. back to you. 62 days until midterms. president biden stumping for candidates. >> and a reminder what democrats are doing, getting things done. >> at least that's according to the democrats. we'll hear more today about how the bipartisan chips bill will help silicon valley. the president played up student loan help, called out the more than ten million jobs created during his administration so far, unemployment near 50-year
6:46 am
lows. >> more americans are working than at any time in all of american history. last year more people applied to start small businesses than any year in history. but it didn't just happen. we never gave much. we never gave -- never gave up. we never gave in. we're delivering for working and middle-class americans now, now. >> in florida a federal judge says there will be a special master in the mar-a-lago case. now that special master will sort the documents found at trump's home into evidence and things that belong to trump, personal items. something the doj has already done. the judge also ordered the justice department to stop its criminal investigation while the special master does his work. a separate investigation led by america's director of national intelligence, though, will be allowed to move forward. avril haines is looking into if
6:47 am
any damage was done to america and its secrets. the decision to have a special master consider executive privilege really startled some experts. executive privilege protects a president's privacy in the white house. trump is not the president. this issue's come up before, three years after nixon left the white house. he wasn't president, but he wanted to claim executive privilege those famous watergate tapes. the high court said no. there are a lot of complicated issues here, but one issue is simple -- at least the way the doj is presenting it. it doesn't matter, they would say, what those documents are, are they classified, unclassified, protected, not protected? it doesn't even matter who can or cannot look at them. under the presidential records act, these don't belong to you, yet you have them. that would be their argument. well, we're watching everything that's happening. we don't expect a move today,
6:48 am
but we didn't expect one yesterday on labor day. you can talk about it on facebook @scottmcgrewtv. >> thank you. trending this morning, that 3-year-old who captured the hearts of nearly two million people on instagram. >> i love this little guy. this is my new buddy all because of his love of corn. >> ever since i was told that corn is real, it tasted good. >> did you think corn wasn't real? >> when i tried it with butter, everything changed. i love corn. >> oh, yeah. when you try with butter. >> butter makes everything better. >> okay. so look, that's self-described corn fanatic there. the internet was all ears earlier this month. so his appearance of recess therapy went viral there, talking about his love of the vegetable and speaking some kind of kernels of truth. over the weekend, south dakota's governor tweeted an official
6:49 am
proclamation declaring saturday official corn ambassador tartan day. he's the corn ambassador there. >> yeah. he even was able to visit the famous corn palace. >> so cute. he's not 3 years old. come on, people. >> he's so famous there, he even signed ears of corn. a big deal. >> a big deal. >> that is some stuff. >> we can see -- he had i'm sure his teeth coming in now. it's going to get interesting patterns when he goes straight across. yes. chompers. you know. >> thank you. >> i'm not boiling corn today. i don't care how much you love it. i think you can make popcorn on the sidewalk. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> it's going to be ridiculously hot today. and we are talking about possibly setting all-time record high temperatures for today. let's look at some of these numbers where yesterday it hit 112 in gilroy. the hottest temperature we've
6:50 am
ever had there is 115. in livermore, 113 yesterday. that was also the all-time record. napa got up to 109. but the record is 113. and san jose, the hottest temperature we've ever had here is 108. san francisco will be just a little bit lower compared to yesterday. but when we take a look at how our day will shape up, brentwood, one of those hot spots. i think after 8:00 to 9:00 it's going to be way too dangerous to be outside. we're going from 77 at 7:00 to 107 at 1:00 today. let's look at all of our high temperatures. and one again -- once again, we may be setting more record with fremont headed for 105. 1118 expected today in concord, fairfield, and in livermore. now for the north bay, 1111. 1 was 112 yesterday. this is the hottest it was.
6:51 am
for san francisco back up to about 90 today. we start to see some relief there tomorrow along the coastline, but seeing widespread triple digits for the interior east bay and south county. it may get slightly hotter heading into thursday where we're still looking at highs over 100 degrees. so here's what we need to do -- definitely pay attention to any signs of heat-related illness. it could be heat exhaustion or could be heatstroke. if you're feeling confusion, you're not sweating anymore, you have led, hot, dry skin, rapid strong pulse or loss of consciousness, that could be heatstroke. we're also watching out for dizziness, thirst, heavy sweating, rap i heart rate or -- rapid heart rate or weakness, signs of heat exhaustion. hot weather for stinson beach, but a lot of places will be a refuge from the valley heat. we will continue to see it reaching over 100 throughout the rest of the week.
6:52 am
mike, flashing light on the san mateo bridge? >> still there. but people got used to seeing them so the drive from the toll plaza smoothed out. it's in the service area. we saw early slowing for west 92. that's cleared up now. just your typical build. i think the traffic break here is done, as well. traveling north on 0 for marine -- 80 for marmarina. the castro valley smoothing out. more traffic heading down through san leandro and into hayward and feeding over past the earlier live shot we showed you. the rest of the bay pretty standard build now. we have 680 slowing as well as 84. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, marin-based software company autodesk is closing its home base office. the "mercury news" reports that close to 600 workers are currently baitsed at the headquarters -- based at the headquarters in san rafael out of more than 12,000 workers worldwide. as of mid-october employees will be transferred to the office at one market street in san francisco, and most of the
6:53 am
affected workers are currently designated as hybrid anyway and not currently required to be in the office. and a quick look at top stories that we have this morning including that extreme and perhaps all-time record heat out there. the rising temperatures already putting the huge train on power transform -- strain power transformers. an update on the power outage and how some are dealing with this as they try to get around. plus, as we head to break, join us now live on facebook. we're talking about that heat and what we've got going on here across the bay area. tune in. we've got more. join us this morning -- join us on facebook, marcus washington nbc bay area, and let's talk about that heat and what's going on. i'll see you during the break on line. after that, we'll be right back.
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this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. i'm okay. 6:56. welcome back. we are moving you forward by
6:57 am
looking at top stories on "today in the bay." it is all about the extreme heat. >> high power use is already pressing transformers, in some cases we're seeing outages. and "today in the bay" has more from bob redell live in livermore. one area dealing with headaches even before the heat. there's a lot of noise behind you because they're running generators, right? >> reporter: yeah. we're outside the doughnut wheel here on 1st street downtown livermore. they got a generator and fired up early this morning. unfortunately there's not enough power from this generator to power all their equipment inside, but it's enough for them to have a light on, to get maybe some small piece of equipment up and running so that they can sell something and not have today be a total loss. i checked with the pg&e website. there are 3,300 customers in the downtown area and robertson park area that are still without power. as you can see, businesses along this street, no lights are on. the traffic lights are off. it's causing a problem here because people are having to deal with a four-way stop
6:58 am
instead of the red, green, and yellow that they're used to. these power outages in livermore and throughout the bay area, by the way, are not the result of rolling blackouts. it was so hot yesterday that the equipment failed. but today, there is a possibility of rolling blackouts if we do not conserve as much electricity as we dead. that's the warning from cal iso and pg&e. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> around the bay area there are more cooling centers opening. one at campbell community center, all seven public libraries. in mountainview the community center there. it's roomy. cam ben community center, venetia public library, also in the south bay, free ride to some of those cooling centers again today. >> because i know a lot of people think they can muster through this, but today's not that day. >> definitely not. you'll want to make sure you're really paying attention to any
6:59 am
signs of heatstroke or heat exhaustion because that's going to be a very real danger today. and we'll see that continue throughout the week, especially when it doesn't cool off during those overnight hours. that just makes it really tough for your body to deal with this kind of heat. and especially with the power outages and things that we've seen recently. yeah, it's going to be -- you want to make sure that you're taking care of yourself and the people around you. now this weekend may be another issue. we're watching out for some tropical moisture coming our way. that could produce some thunderstorms, possibly some dry lightning and humidity, as well. and for san francisco, back to 90 again today. >> great. we're trading heat for humidity. here we're looking at the flashing -- flashing lights. someone is assisting the car was that stabled past the toll plaza. an easy drive now. folks are used to the flashing lights as they approach from the toll plaza. there's the bay bridge. the ooh that kris said -- not
7:00 am
the backup. the backup is standard. the lighting, we had not had a break since early this morning. before sunrise you could tell it was hot. >> people staying in the cars it's so hot in the house. we're a few minutes away from the "today" show. keir simmons is going hi, everybody. happy tuesday. big day for the return of millions to school and work. we're tracking extreme weather from coast to coast. >> everything you need to know before you head out the door. it's september 6th, and this is "today." states of emergency. heavy rain up and down the entire east coast creating new flooding. and neighbors helping neighbors in the hard hit south. >> people coming together all throughout the community. really been heart warming. >> while out west, historic heat wave set to intensify with yet another day of record breaking


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