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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 11, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the outpouring of grief, as a nation starts to say good-bye.united kingdom,s queen begins her final journey. thousands lining the streets of scotland to watch her casket pass by. the stunning images from above, and the emotional moments along the route. many wiping away tears. the touching gesture from the queen's daughter, princess anne. we're with the crowd, as they pay their respects. >> like saying good-bye to a family member. it's just really upsetting. >> the new proclamations today
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announcing charles as king. but on the front pages of newspapers here, prince william and harry. will we see them together again this week, and what we learned today. plus we're going to take you to those commonwealth countries outside the united kingdom. will more choose to stop answering to the crown? in the u.s. powerful ceremonies of remembrance in the new york, the pentagon, shanksville, pennsylvania, and across the country, pausing to remember those lost on 9/11. >> the american story itself changed that day. ukraine pushing its offensive further, taking back more land, as russia retreats from key areas. and sunday night football is back. the history tom brady will make when he takes the field tonight. >> announcer: this is a special edition of "nbc nightly ws." farewell to the queen. reporting tonight from new york, kate snow, and from scotland, tom llamas. good evening. 21 years later, and the emotions, the
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grief, the trauma are still raw on this september 11th. we're going to show you all the tributes here in this country in just a moment. but we begin with another nation in mourning. tom llamas is with me in the uk tonight. hi, tom. >> reporter: kate, good evening to you. we are in edinburgh, scotland's capital, where just a few hours ago, the queen's casket arrived here, demonstrating already just how massive an outpouring we're going to see in the days ahead. during the six-hour trip, we saw her travel through the scottish countryside. you can see tractors there lined up in tribute to her. we saw her travel through small villages, crowds there filling the streets. and look at this, here in edinburgh, the packed final stretch with so many out to see their queen one last time. and as stunning as these images are, it was the smaller moments as well, the woman wiping away a tear, and princess anne courtesying as her mother's casket
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was carried into the palace here. all of it part of a journey that began 180 miles away at her beloved balmoral oak coffin carrying queen elizabeth,flowers, among the queen's favorite, sweet peas from the scottish estate. her daughter, princess anne, part of the procession. traveling slowly through the breathtaking scottish countryside. in this village, silence, as the hearse passed through. along the way, people paying their final respects to the monarch who touched their hearts. here, hushed reverence. but then applause. >> i find it to be
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emotional. it's almost like saying good-bye to a family member. it's just really, really upsetting. >> reporter: along the route, small but significant gestures to honor elizabeth's life. here you see horses and riders at attention, as she passes by. and then there were tractors, a tribute by local farmers. then on to coastal areas and bigger cities. and then, where thousands lined the streets, clapped for their monarch. after the queen's ferry crossing bridge, people getting out of their cars on the highway hoping to catch a glimpse. and then, finally, as the hearse reached today's final destination -- there are tens of thousands of people lining the streets of edinburgh right now waiting for this moment right here to pay their respects to the queen. cheers along the famous royal mile. what will you
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remember? >> the cheers to say good-bye to the queen. >> scotland, thousands and thousands of people are lining the streets. >> reporter: after more than six hours, the procession arriving at the pa lass of holyroodhouse. security tight on the ground, sharpshooters in the air. three of the queen's children there, including princess anne, courtesying as the coffin carrying her mother moved in. for those that waited hours for a few seconds to say good-bye, it was worth it for a woman who had given them seven decades of her time. an emotional day throughout scotland today. and the days ahead will be critical for the royals, as king charles embarks on a tour of the country. questions grow about the next generation of royals after that surprise joint appearance by prince william and harry. keir simmons has more from london.
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>> rep london today, charles meeting representatives from commonwealth countries that count him as their king, recognizing his rule, lingering doubts put aside for now. >> god save the king. >> reporter: but as he was declared the new monarch of edinburgh, some heard booing. and a protester held a sign saying, not my king. much of the talk is of his sons renietd, william and harry, kate and meghan, together in public yesterday for the first time in years. the public loved it. tonight, one well wisher sharing touching words exchanged with kate, the princess of wales, saying her 4-year-old told her, mommy, don't worry, the queen is now with great grandpa. george, charlotte, and louie starting a new school just days
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before they lost their much loved great grandma. harry crouching down to talk to children in the crowd. it was like old times. the feeling in william's circle tonight, this was an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time. newspaper commentators pouring over the picturing. how sad that it took such a tragic event to make it happen. while another writer worrying, the road to peace is not without its potential potholes, pointing out harry still plans to publish a book. the two couples did not look entirely comfortable, and it's not clear tonight whether harry and meghan's children will take royal titles. one columnist quoting the queen, often the small steps bring about the most lasting change. >> and keir joins us live from london. keir, you've been covering the royals for so long. what's your sense? will we see william, harry, kate, and meghan together again? >> i think it's a real possibility, tom. the queen's body will follow a procession
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from here at buckingham palace to lie in state, and the royal family will join that procession. and then of course there will be the funeral in just over a week's time. tom? >> keir simmons for us tonight. keir, our thanks to you. and we will have much more later from the uk. but for now, back to kate in new york. kate? >> tom, it was of course a somber say for many back here in the u.s. as well. today marks 21 years since the terror attacks on the united states on 9/11. rehema ellis has more on the memorial today. >> reporter: on this day of remembrance, somber moments of silence. [ bell tolling ] emotional tributes at ground zero have become tradition. >> maria, i don't know when this weight in my chest is going to go away.
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but it's going to be there, i guess, until they lay me down beside you. >> uncle jimmy, i am so proud to be named after you. you are my hero. >> one thing i'm sure, i was there from day one looking for you from the first hour i received the phone call. thanks to you for loving me. >> vice president harris joined families remembering those lost in the terrorist attacks when two planes struck the twin towers at the world trade center in new york city on 9/11. >> we'll never forget. >> at the pentagon, president biden vowing to always defend the nation from terrorists and remembering queen elizabeth, who stood with america on the day of the attacks. >> poignantly reminded us, quote, grief is the price we pay for love. >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania, the first lady joined others in the open field, remembering those heroes who stormed the cockpit of united flight 93.
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>> this is the legacy we must carry forward. hope that defies hate, love that defies loss, and the ties that hold us together. >> reporter: in roseville, california, firefighters paid their respects. tributes also played out at football stadiums and at the u.s. open. >> please join us in a moment of silence. >> reporter: back at ground zero -- >> never forget. >> reporter: gordon huey's sister, susan, died in the twin tower. he still vividly remembers the day he lost his best friend. >> we were like two peas in a pod. we were so close. she was my best friend, my confidant. i miss her a lot. >> reporter: 21 years later, people are still dying, now from
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9/11-related illnesses, making today's ceremonies even more important. kate? >> rehema, thank you. so vivid for all of us who were alive then. potentially significant developments in the war in ukraine. as ukraine's army ramps up its offensive reclaiming more territory and forcing russian troops to retreat, megan fitzgerald is following that from kyiv. >> reporter: tonight ukraine is quickly seizing ground. the counteroffensive gaining momentum and showing no signs of slowing. >> so, we have to win. and this counteroffensive shows that we can win. [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: today on the 200th day of war, ukraine's troops liberated more settlements in the east, crippling russia's grip in the kharkiv region, and forcing russians to retreat, burned out tanks and russian artillery left behind. >> would you see what we're seeing with ukraine as a turning
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point in this war? >> absolutely a turning point. >> reporter: and there's a deepening crisis at europe's largest nuclear plant. the sixth and last working reactor shut down, after crews managed to restore an external line, the plant's only source of power. >> are you concerned about a nuclear disaster? >> yes, all of this is too close for comfort for any of the nuclear security people working in the field. it is literally playing with fire. >> reporter: a precarious situation made even worse because the shelling seen for weeks keeps coming. experts say if the power line is struck again by artillery, the plant will be forced to run on backup generators that run on diesel. but there's only a ten-day supply of fuel. >> and megan joins me now from kyiv. megan, we're getting word that russia is retaliating after that ukrainian offensive. >> reporter: kate, just within the last couple of hours,
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ukraine's second largest city, parts of the east, and into the dark, ukraine's president zelenskyy says this was the russians striking critical infrastructure. kate? >> meagan, thank you. still ahead tonight the flash flooding in chicago stranding drivers. chicago stranding drivers. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. th merrill, phil has questions, a bank of america company. (vo)errill, or ulcerative colitis, your day can be full ofs diseasens, reminders of your condition. you weren't made for uc or crohn's, but entyvio is.
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continuing our coverage from scotland tonight, queen elizabeth was not just the head of state of england but of countries across the globe. king charles takes over at a time when some were already considering breaking away from the crown. >> reporter: when the king met with members of the monarch's commonwealth nations today -- he highlighted how the british empire, that once ruled 400 million people, a quarter of the world's population, has shrunk. today there are 56 independent nations that are loosely members of the commonwealth. of those, 14 outside the uk are the commonwealth realms, which means they now recognize the new king as their head of state. an april poll in canada showed as long as the queen was alive, 55% wanted to remain a constitutional monarchy. but in her death, only 34% thought the system made sense. >> it's going to be
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very interesting to see what does happen to the royal family and its influence around the world. >> reporter: australia's prime minister saying today, the queen's death not a catalyst for change. >> the bigger questions about our constitution are not one for this counterperiod. >> reporter: last year barbados decided to become a republic, meaning the british monarch is no longer its head of state. though the island country is still a member of the commonwealth. in jamaica, a vocal push for a similar withdrawal. as prince william and princess kate discovered when they visited jamaica in march, they demanded a formal apology. >> why do you blame the queen and the monarchy for slavery? >> because her direct line descendant of queen elizabeth ii was one of the first
3:48 pm
african trade slaving people to bring people here. >> reporter: slaves harvested sugar that, back then, was like gold. >> that was the business of the wealth and the value of slavery to the british. >> reporter: and carrie joins us live from jamaica tonight. and carrie, another crib i can't country may be on the verng of pulling away from the crown as well. >> that's right, tom. the caribbean nation may hold a break from the commonwealth. here in jamaica, there are those who say it has been a moment in waiting. and now with the queen's death, that moment has arrived. tom? >> we're going to have to wait and see what happens. kerry sanders from kingston tonight. we're back in a moment with the future on the qu with the future on the qu ee (vo) while you may not be closing on a business deal
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outside sacramento, the largest active wildfire in california known as the mosquito fire, is growing in size today. you can see it raging on, as it scorches more than 41,000 acres, forcing more than 11,000 people to flee. further south, closer to l.a., three people were injured when a helicopter crashed after assisting with operations in another large fire. there was major flooding in the chicago area today. this is video of a driver trapped in the middle of a flash flood being helped out by a bystander. the water also soaked soldier field. but the chicago bears decided to make the best of it after their win over san francisco. check that out. it'll hopefully be dryer tonight when sunday night football
3:52 pm
kicks off with the return of tom brady in what could be his last season. here's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: it was just last year that tom brady won the super bowl. just last season he made it to the playoffs again. and just last february, famously retiring for good for a grand old 40 days before unretiring himself and suiting up once more. >> tonight, facing the cowboys, a team that's never been able to beat him. >> his challenge is this whole season trying to get to the super bowl, he's not just trying to beat the dallas cowboys tonight. he's trying to set his team up to win. >> reporter: all while facing questions over whether the season will be his last. >> i think we're all getting one day older at a time. we're all not sure whether we're going to be here next year. it's the reality for every player, every coach. >> does tom brady have anything left to prove? >> no, and you could have said that several years ago. brady hasn't missed a game with injury since 2008. led the nfl in passing yards, led the nfl in
3:53 pm
passing touchdowns last year. >> with so many wins, there is no normal playbook. last month brady was an excused absence for 11 days from practice, reportedly spending time with his family. >> reporter: while tabloids are lining up with rumors of his supermodel wife jaszel unhappy with his retirement. >> elbow pain, [ bleep ] that. >> reporter: whether he retire this is year or not, a more than $300 million broadcast deal allegedly awaits him on the other side. but for now, saying his arm is a terrible thing to waste. gadi schwartz, nbc news. you can see the big game immediately after this broadcast on nbc. and one more programming note. i will be co-anchoring a new "daily show" beginning tomorrow afternoon. it's called "nbc news daily." you can stream it. just google nbc news
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digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. we're back from scotland with an update on some of the most beloved members of the queen's families, the corgis. they will go live with prince andrew and his ex-wife duchess of york, who still reside together. finally tonight, for much of her life, the queen was considered the most famous person in the world. but if anyone could have challenged that, it was the beatles in the 1960s. and now sir paul
3:57 pm
mccartney is sharing his memories of the queen and the times they spent together. as far as british icons go, it's tough to beat queen elizabeth ii and paul mccartney. these legends meeting at least eight times by paul's account, which he wrote about this week on facebook. posting, each time she impressed me with her great sense of humor combined with her great dignity. his fondness for the queen started during her coronation in 1953. but by the time they first laid eyes on each other in 1965, paul was with the beatles and a mega star. the queen gave the band one of the highest honors in england for the arts. over the years, their paths crossing again. and in 1997, what mccartney calls one of the best days ever, being knighted by the queen. >> proud to be british. wonderful day. >> reporter: later telling the "today" show -- >> i was just nervous as usual, like anyone
3:58 pm
goes through those things. >> reporter: then there were the concerts, his chance to honor her, like at the queen's golden jubilee in 2002. and her diamond jubilee a decade later. their visits over the years punctuated by warm conversation and mutual respect. >> we're kind of in a way a little bit soul mates. ♪ nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say ♪♪ >> something paul confessed in abbey road in a hidden track. the lyrics believed to be tongue and cheek. >> her majesty, he's a pretty nice girl, today i'm going to make her mine. oh, yeah, today i'm going to make her mine. >> paul and the queen, lifelong friends. that does it for this edition of "nbc nightly news." i'm tom llamas. for kate snow and all of us here at "nbc tl nigh
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, notre dame football, the nascar playoffs, the pga tour and prime time's number one show "sunday night football." if you win, you will be victorious. >> let's go. >> prime time. >> "sunday night football"!


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