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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 12, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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we kick off your week ahead with a look at the tradition and outpouring for queen elizabeth ii as tens of thousands pay their respects to the only person ever known as the head of the monarchy. the long a winding road for these two of a kind. their private and public meetings over the decades. our tom llamas with sir paul's tribute. turning point for ukraine as russian forces retreat in some areas. they push the invaders back. we've got your week one nfl
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highlights including the sunday night game of the week featuring tom brady in what could be his final nf stewart gets down to the bare minimum for a cup of hot coffee "early today" starts right now ♪ thank you for starting your week with us i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with the face of the british monarchy. >> by the late sovereign of happy memory has become our only lawful and rightful liege lord, charles iii. >> hip hip. >> hooray! >> king charles was officially proclaimed as britain's newest
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monarch. in just a few hours he will deliver remarks to the public. the longest good-bye as the queen begins her journey to her final resting place. joining us from london is lindsey reiser lindsey, good morning. what can we expect these next few days >> reporter: everything is planned to a tee, frances. everything is in place to prevent any hitches. we mentioned the queen's coffin traveling from balmoral castle to edinburgh yesterday long lines of people waiting to catch a glimpse. there will be a service and lying in state at the cathedral tonight. it will be carried by -- to west mincester hall at parliament, and the royal family will be
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following there for a somber procession her majesty's coffin will lie in state for members of the public to be able to pay respects people expected to wait long hours. hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend the event her coffin will lie in state throughout sunday. her funeral will be on monday. we also know that the president and first lady, president biden and jill biden havally accepted an invitation to her majesty's funeral, frances. >> thank you. let's go from now that to one british icon, honoring another. sir paul mccartney, he's been open about his relationship with the queen and how he's respecting the late royal. >> reporter: as far as british icons go, it's tough to beat
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queen elizabeth ii than paul mccartney. these legends meeting at least eight times by his count, posting on facebook, each time she embraced me with her great sense of humor combined with her great dignity. his fondness with the queen started with letter coronation in 1953, but by the time they first laid eyes on each other in 1965, paul was with the beatles and a megastar the queen gave the band one of the highest honors in england for the arts over the years their packets cr crossing again in 1990, one of the best days ever, crowned by the queen, later telling the "today" show. >> i was just nervous as usual like anyone who goes through those things. >> reporter: then there were the concerts, his chance to honor her, like the queen's jubilee in 1992, and her diamond jubilee a
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decade later their visits over the years punctuated by warm conversation and mutual respect. >> we're kind of in a way soulmates. >> reporter: something paul actually confessed on "abbey road" the song called "her majesty. he wasn't joking >> all right our thank togs tom for that report. over the weekend the ongoing ukrainian counter offensive has put russian forces on retreat. more and more territory in ukraine's northeast is being liberated. the defense prime minister is denying claims of a retreat, instead saying they're reinforcing forces to the east the missile strikes caused
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widespread blackouts across several regions. on twitter ukraine's president zelenskyy accused russia of terrorism for attacking the critical infrastructure. today is an anniversary of putting a man on the moon in 1969 president biden is drawing inspiration from that historic moment and will announce his cancer moonshot today in boston. >> reporter: as you said, 60 years ago today, jfk speak at rice university. he said, we choose to go to the moon seven years later, the apollo mission, and then the human beings take a step on the moon today president biden will visit the jkk library and museum to talk about his cancer moonshot this is something that started during the obama administration when biden was vice president.
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it's now being relaunched with an ambitious goal to cut the cancer death rate in the next 25 years and improve the experiences of cancer patients and their families this is a fight that's deeply personal to president biden. he lost his son beau to brain cancer in 2015 another part of this effort is to improve the rates of cancer screening. this is something that's so important to prevent cancer deaths, but there's been a downtick in that since the covid-19 pandemic. they want to get that going again as part of this overall effort to, again, reduce the cancer death rate in this country. back to you. >> like jfk said they went to the moon not because it's easy but because it's difficult and there's nothing more important than eradicating cancer. tom brady became the oldest starting quarterback last night, starting his 23rd season in the league
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nbc gadi schwartz has more on his incredible career and where he goes from here. >> reporter: it was just last year tom brady won the super bowl just last season he made it to the playoffs again and in february, retiring for good for a grand old 40 days before unretiring himself and suiting up once more, all while facing questions will this season be his last. >> i think we're all getting one day older at a time, we're all not sure whether we're going to be here next year or not a reality for every player, every coach. >> does tom brady have anything to prove >> no. he could have said that ten years ago. brady hasn't missed a game with injury since 2008. think about that that arm led with passing touchdowns last year. >> reporter: with so many wins, there is no lasts playbook last month he was excused from 11 days of practice to spend time with his family. >> 45 years old, man, there's a
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lot going on. >> reporter: while there are rumors of his supermodel wife gisele unhappy with his retirement, brady is back with his signature bravado, and not leaving much to his imagination his fitness at age 45. whether he retires this year or not, a $300 million broadcast deal allegedly awaits him on the other side, but for now saying his arm is a terrible thing to waste. and brady in the books they were under the bright lights of texas capping off a wild week one. tampa settled for four field goals, but brady started connecting with mike evans in the third quarter. evans made a falling catch in the end zone for the game's first and only touchdown bad news for the cowboys late. dak prescott would leave with an injury to his throwing hand. jerry jones said prescott needs surgery and will be out for
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several weeks. brady is now a perfect 7-0 with the cowboys in the books, leaving ■xcowtown with 19-3. and the quarterback lighting up the raiders in a 24-19 win, but week one wasn't kind to all the league's top qbs >> over the middle how is he that wide open jefferson again inside for the end zone touchdown! >> the lightning defense forced aaron rodgers into throwing his first interception in a division rival for three years, a thapd're not the purple people eaters of old but they caused four turnovers vikings cruise to a 23-7 win. some late-game heroics by the new york giants, getting in one late in tennessee. saquon barkley punches it in, and they would take the lead
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a missed field goal means the giants stun the titans on the road, 21-20. barclays goals put him on the line for top performers. patrick mahomes still doing his thing. he threw for five touchdowns in the chiefs dominant win over the cardinals. let's turn now to the extreme weather. southern california slammed by remnants of tropical storm kay more than 20 cars were trapped by a mudslide. continues were dispatched to help rescue about 60 people. there were no reports of injuries. >> let's go to meteorologist michelle grossman. heavy rain expected in several areas today. tell us more about that, michelle. >> you'll need your umbrellas, especially in the northeast, atlantic, the southeast, also portions of the great lakes. we're looking at her rain falling this morning and the west coast to the
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southwest, also portions of the southern rockies many of us soggy today 23 million under a flood alert we have flash flood warnings that's where you see the red box and portions in the great lakes. you're going to see heavy rain falling. where you see those brighter colors, that's where we're seeing the heaviest rainfall we could see 2 inches an hour. that could spark the chance for heavy downpour and a chance for localized flooding we have severe flood into portions of the mid-atlantic we could see a brief spin-upk c fall-like in portions of the upper midwest, the midwest and the great lakes, temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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all right. it's monday. we're going to take a look at that workweek forecast coming up. >> we'll see you in a little bit. thank you, michelle. we're back in 60 seconds with thousands of nurses set to walk off the job today. and a shocking moment by a principal caught ocaran me, shoving a special needs student. the charges that he's facing this morning ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva: think bigger.
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♪ ♪then you take me by the hand.♪ ♪i feel better again.♪ ♪oh!♪ ♪i feel better now.♪ of nurses are set to walk off the job. they will begin a three-day strike starting at 7:00 a.m. central time nurses are protesting the hospital systems and pushing for increased wages and better support amid pandemic burnout and staffing shortages the 16 hospitals affected are coordinating with temporary nurses and pausing some inpatient elective procedures ahead of the strike. the former principal of a
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california elementarn video sho black special needs student. it early june at wolters in fresno. the 9-year-old is there, he points at him and shoves him to the ground it's not clear what was said brian vollhardt is now charged with a missiodemeanor. three people were injured and others displaced after an explosion at an apartment complex. prior to the blast they heard odd noises and heard white smoke and felt the ground shaking when it happened. still to come, the 19-year-old who stunned everyone in the u.s. open to become the youngest to top the rankings.
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history made at the u.s. open 19-year-old carlos alkaraz defeated casper ruud in a four-set thriller to win his first career grand slam title. alkaraz became the world's number one to reach tennis rankings and iga swiatek needed two sets. it's the third great title for the women's top seed. to wall street where burger king is about to turn up the flames, and customers buying guns and ammo are about to be counted. steve sedgwick has those details for us good morning, steve. >> a very good morning to you phillip. good morning, frances.
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i don't know how much of you have noticed, but burger king has been slipping in sales behind key rivals wendy's and mcdonald's it was agreed in las vegas at its annual franchise convention, they're going to spend a vast amount of money to revive u.s. sales. $400 million this receives support from those franchisees in vegas over the weekend. elsewhere a really important move on gun controls, categorizing sales from gun shops now. visa, mastercard, amex are all going to be categorizing sales at gun shops that's a major win for those looking for some form of gun control but also track suspicious sales of gun sales that could be targeted massively to gun shooters. this will be opposed by gun activists and gun lobbyists as well very interestingt by the
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payment companies as well. the next question is will the banks follow suit and have some kind of rule in place. a big change back to you. >> that is a key question. will the banks follow. all right, steve thank you. will it be a rainy start to the week michelle's got youfocar rest next. and martha stewart turns heads with the steamy way that she starts her day so they can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. keeping kids together here, at places like the lunch table. where they can share who they truly are. chicken nugget man. because when kids are together, they thrive. lysol. here for healthy schools. when you can't sleep... try zzzquil pure zzz's gummies. they help you fall asleep naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin.
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and when you get off balance, you may feel it. the bloating, the gas - but align helps me trust my gut again. plus, its recommended by doctors nearly 2x more than any other probiotic brand. just one a day naturally helps promote a balanced gut. and soothe occasional bloating gas and discomfort. align probiotic. welcome to an align gut. welcome back on this monday. umbrellas needed in portions of the northeast, the mid-atlantic, into the carolinas, and also the southeast. we're looking for chances of heavy rain, 2 inches per hour. and we're looking for flooding risks. we had heavy rain in chicago yesterday. we're going to look for that today as well. spotty showers in the northwest. clearing out to a pleasant day in the midwest, northeast, and mid-atlantic tomorrow but steamy and humid in the south on wednesday. back to you guys. thanks
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we'll look back at the queen's legacy over the past 70 years. that's next. ♪then you take me by the hand.♪ ♪i feel better again.♪ ♪oh!♪ ♪i feel better now.♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ one prilosec otc in the morning blocks excess acid production for a full 24 hours. unlike pepcid, which stops working after 9. 24 hour protection. prilosec otc
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one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. queen elizabeth ii ended her reign of 70 year, which began in the early '50s, and our richard lui breaks down the numbers behind the monarch's rule with the 15 prime ministers she met with privately each week to the 5,000 hats she wore as queen richard, good day. >> and good day to you how much americans are tied to the queen might surprise you i want to start with the number 10 million that's how many times americans googled queen elizabeth the day that she passed. that's ten times more than serena williams on her final
4:27 am
u.s. open. that's 20 times more than for taylor swift's new album called "midnights." americans were up during midnight trying to find searches according to flight searches, it was 48%. there was her 70-plus years of political guidance she met with 13 u.s. presidents since eisenhower, seven different popes. a little known fact, she had private weekly meetings with each of her prime ministers, the british constitution giving her power to advise and warn her prime ministers. and finally, if you're a royal hat watcher, according to the numbers, she wore over 5,000 different hats during her reign, sometimes donning them as you see here in this picture during her letter writing which she also enjoyed doing she sent 1 million cards to
4:28 am
couples that were celebrating their 60th or diamond wedding anniversary. back to you. >> wow, that's fascinating richard, thank you i'm a fan of the new eras 5950 caps. >> a great breakdown for us. let's turn now to the american culinary queen. martha stewart is turning heads as she bears it all for her love of pumpkin spiced coffee. >> just look at this, a thing of natural beauty no, no, no, not me, my green mountain coffee roasters. >> her voice and everything, 81-year-old entrepreneur partnered with green mountain coffee this is her way of promoting the company is using all natural ingredients and going natural. you can't beat 80-plus like that. >> unbelievable. another one defying father
4:29 am
time al better pujols making history. half her age but only weeks left in his baseball career he would hit home run 697 in center field, breaking the tie with arod for the most in league history. he's go three more tgo to
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right now at 4:30, a shoot-out turns into a high-speed chase. the revelations police are making about what happened inside an east bay building. also, the suspect police are still searching for this morning. plus, paying respect. thousands lined the streets to bid a final farewell to queen elizabeth ii. events under way to honor her lasting legacy. and a live look outside as we start a brand-new workweek. meteorologist kari hall has a breakdown of what we can expect weatherwise. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazo


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