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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> what they said to us and our family is there was no -- it was unfounded. >> relatives of an 8-year-old hayward girl, why they say her death could have been prevented and who they're now threatening legal action against. plus, the man accused in a gruesome killing in the bay area expected in court today. what we know ahead of today's hearing. plus, people by the thousands lined up to say a final good-bye to queen elizabeth as her body is delivered to her final resting place. we'll look at the preparations now under way ahead of her funeral this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire tv, apple tv and online. a good monday morning to you am thank you for allowing us to be a participate of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll check the morning commute in a little bit. let's talk about the forecast.
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>> it's going to be so much nicer, even over the weekend. it was so muggy even as the temperatures started to come down. this morning fog rolling over san francisco, maybe misting and drizzling at times with the temperature at 62 degrees. we'll see it falling another couple of degrees before it slowly starts to warm up today. the upper 60s as we look at our microclimates, upper 70s today, and we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week. mike, you've been watching the commute. how is it looking? >> it's building. here at the bay bridge toll here is the build, visible now. camera until 6:10. there we go. there's that slowing across the span. to highway 4 coming into concord. we are looking at westbound 80 with extra slowing. it started earlier with an earlier crash. still some debris around 780. we may have a lane blocked,
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there may be activity but nothing drastic. the rest of the day moves pretty smoothly including the dublin interchange. the crash didn't seem to be a problem. back to you. >> thank you, mike. new details this morning and new arrests in connection with the death of an 8-year-old girl from hayward. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us and, bob, the girl's family is now taking legal action against alameda county. correct. good morning to you. the family of 8-year-old sophia mason says they have begun legal proceedings against alameda county children and family services for allegedly not responding to concerns they had about sophia's well-being n. a news conference california attorney general rob bonta and merced police said there was an arrest in connection with sophia's death. his girlfriend, sophia's mother, she was charged with her daughter's murder after the 8-year-old girl was found dead in the home in merced. jackson eluded capture for six
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months with the help of three accomplices who provided money, shelter and transportation. they have been arrested. sophia had been dead for a month. had extreme malnourishment. merced police lieutenant said this is the most disturbing and horrific case he has ever seen. there were eight separate referrals about abuse of sophia but only three were investigated. >> they said to us and our family there was no -- it was unfounded. all of the complaints, even sophia's complaints were unfounded. now that she is dead i hope they can see every complaint was founded. >> reporter: we reached out about the family's legal claim which was filed last thursday. and we've repeatedly sought comment from children and family services about the case. so far we have gotten no response. the county has 45 days to reply to the family's legal claims before they can continue with a
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formal lawsuit. here in the newsroom, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> such a tragic story. a beautiful little girl. bob, thank you. happening today the man accused in the death of a peninsula mother expected to be arraigned. authorities say 27-year-old karina castro was murdered by her estranged boyfriend in the middle of the day last thursday. sources say he used a samurai sword to kill castro with her children nearby. deputies arrested him. they also say the suspect identified has a history of domestic violence and mental illness. flooding is turning death valley national park into a maze of rivers and water falls all because of a monsoon storm that hit there recently. that has forced the closure of roads, even partially washing away some of them. monsoons are common in the fall months. park leaders are warning people to stay out of the canyons during rain or risk being swept away. the body of queen elizabeth
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being moved in a slow procession to its final resting place. >> over the weekend crowds lined the streets of the scottish capital sharing their grief as the world got a first glimpse of her oak coffin. today she will be mourned at the church in scotland where her body is transported to london tomorrow. i want to give you a live look outside of edinburgh. this is where king charles has arrived and that's where tom llamas with our team with the "today" show is with more on this somber trip. >> reporter: great to be with you. something is happening right now i want to show you, the royal regiment of scotland, going into the holyroodhouse, the official residence. that's where she is lying in rest right now. throughout this morning we've been able to look through the palace gates and see some of the rehearsals. we expect a funeral procession to leave this palace to go through the royal mile, the royal mile here where we are right now in edinburgh. it's a narrow cobblestone street
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and they call it the royal mile because it goes from here to the edinburgh castle and st. charles castle is where the queen will be, where the public can see her up close. what will be different it will be very intimate because it's so narrow. the public will almost be able to reach out and touch some of the royals. king charles will be here with the queen's other children walking behind the hearse as it proceeds the we're expecting a special and powerful procession later today from here in edinburgh. back to you. >> all right, thank you, tom. coming up on "today," savannah guthrie will be live in london with more coverage of this morning's events honoring the queen. it starts at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." 6:06 right now. back at home taking a live look in san francisco. a foggy morning to start the workweek. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect. coming off those hot temperatures last week, kari, the cooldown this weekend i felt was rather nice. it was nice and it was humid, too. something else i was doing over the weekend. we had the green transportation
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and clean energy summit. i posted some of the pictures on my social media, and it was definitely an impactful event where we talked with white house advisers as well as local community leaders and politicians as well to come up with a plan for how we're going to move forward in a greener future. you can see there nancy pelosi is speaking. once again that was such a great event and the rotary club put that together. and so it was really a great event over the week where we had that summit. and so we're going to also talk about that on social media as well. let me know if you were able to tune in online. as we wake up we are seeing now our still tropical sunrise with the clouds overhead. it's going to give us a very colorful hue to the sky. we are seeing some of the wildfire smoke drift in that will clear out as our temperatures it continue to cool off. take a look at these high temperatures reaching 78 in east san jose. still we're in the mid-80s for gilroy today and for the east
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bay we're reaching 87 degrees in antioch while oakland will top out at about 73. highs up and down the peninsula mostly in the 60s and 70s. warmer for palo alto and san francisco reaching 63 in the marina district and 68 ingle side. up to 74 degrees in mill valley and clear lake headed for the mid-80s for today. even cooler temperatures in our forecast. as we check in with mike, more people are on the roads driving, heading back to work. they want to know where they can find lower gas prices. we're checking with gas buddy. prices might be trending up a bit overall. we're starting with $4.79. that price at world gas on story road in san jose. top of your screen here. better than that in union city $4.69 with abe gasoline on mission boulevard and the deal of the morning is in mill valley, the bottom of your screen, in the north bay at hq fuel onshore line highway. $4.59 a gallon. these are specific spots not an
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overall trend. the roadways the trend is standard. we are seeing an earlier, unusual buildup over to antioch out of brentwood. still highway 4 has crash activity. an earlier crash cleared and i think a second one might have happened in the backup heading north. south on vasco we have slowing as well. we're almost up to a half hour now out of brentwood because of the slowing. we typically see the last section before 580. over here an early appearance at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's too early to tell a trend, i guess. as more folks are going back to the office we may be seeing more traffic on the roads here. >> you are seeing it. thank you, mike. 6:09 right now. going to the source to track gun purchases. up next on "today in the bay," gun control advocates say this could make a huge difference in curbing gun violence. the new code created by the world's largest credit card companies promising a new layer
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of oversight. fun features on your iphone and how you get them. we'll take you out to the futures as well. those are fun numbers. we like when it's in the green. the best part,my opinion, this season people are getting to know us as a show. >> nbc bay area gearing up for a new fall lineup and that includes a new timeslot and season for "the kelly clarkson show." ahead we'll tell you who the grammy winning artist is calling out to go head-to-head with her battle of kellyoke. stick around. you don't want to miss that. that a
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vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. good monday morning at 6:12, heading for an outdoor run, foster city in the low 60s now and a few clouds overhead. it's going to be a much milder day, just a muggy start. and we'll eventually see some more sunshine this afternoon. overall it's going to be cooler. we'll talk about what's ahead for the week coming up. looking at the nimitz through oakland, everything is moving smoothly but picking up the volume for sure. a delay heading out of san francisco in through the east bay. one train was removed from service. some folks might experience delays in dublin and pleasanton. well, good morning. very happy monday to you. futures calling for more up arrows on the market. apple's new ios rolls out today. we'll talk more about that.
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stick around. twitter back in court fight to go make elon musk buy the company. the former founder and ceo of nikola trucks will start his trial, accused of lying to investors about his company's technology. nikola was going to build electric and hydrogen trucks, showed off videos like this one of the truck under way except insiders claimed the truck wasn't running at all. it was rolling downhill. the company says it's working with government investigators. we expect washington to given us more specifics today about what sort of technology silicon valley can export to china including restrictions on chip-making equipment made by south bay companies like kla may be prohibited from sale. earlier this month the u.s. government ordered nvidia in santa clara to stop selling high-powered chips that are used for computer intensive tasks like self-driving cars. they can be used in ai as well or weapons. we'll get key data today on
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inflation, tomorrow actually, with the consumer price index. the producer price index is the next day. i have the arrow pointed down. technically that's what's happening. inflation is falling month to month. year over year it's still much higher. apple will roll out its ios 16 operating system to phones and ipads today. you have to have an iphone 8 or better. i encourage to you set your phone to automatically update software. now the feature everybody is talking about is the ability to edit imessages after you send them. there are other cool updates like a customizable lock screen soap you can see things that matter to you, say a live sports score, an email to send later and much more detailed maps. now to answer a viewer's question, no, your phone will not be able to do the satellite texting we were talking about the other day. that's a brand-new iphone, the
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14. so many numbers, right? iphone 14, the new iphone, will text to the satellite. ios 16, which is the operating system will make your phone feel kind of new because it has new fancy features. >> cool. >> and that satellite is only an emergency feature, right? >> on the brand-new one. >> hard to believe we were here for the first one. right here. >> back in the good old days. >> not that long ago. >> connect me. >> 1452? >> hello. >> thanks, scott. 6:16 for you right now. new for you that morning gun control advocates are applauding a new move by major credit card companies to track gun shop purchases with specific merchandise code. visa, mastercard and american express have all agreed to implement the plan. previously gun shops were mostly categorized by a specialty retailer but that new code will
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designate retailers whose main business is selling firearms. not how or even if the information will be shared with authorities but credit card companies say they will work to protect privacy. a fall lineup including a new timeslot for "the kelly clarkson show." today the new season kicks off with the signature guest panel, the mix of celebrities and even everyday people doing extraordinary things. and an original kellyoke music video. during the new season kelly will be performing a medley of songs by beastie boys, garth brooks, aretha franklin and taylor swift this season she is challenging one bay area local viewer to join her during a kellyoke performance. >> so this is my challenge to you, come join me for kellyoke, marcus. let's make it happen. throw caution to the wind. get crazy. let's do it.
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>> look, she said -- i don't know. ♪ my love there's only you in my life ♪ ♪ the only thing that's bright ♪ >> is that what you want to sing? >> i would sing that with her. >> that would be a cool duet. >> "my endless love." >> that would be good. ♪ you will always be my endless love ♪ >> that would be good. >> people at home -- >> they want to know where you got the makeup brush. >> it's laura's. >> it's not actually. >> okay, it's mine. but, no, that would be so cool. i've followed kelly since "american idol" when it first -- i love her and i would just love -- kelly, if you are listening, your people are listening -- >> it's on. >> you and me singing "endless love." lionel richie and diana rost did it, luther vandross.
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i'm seeing a hit, a grammy. i think beyonce did it with luther, too. >> she's so talented and so fun. that would be great. well, we can all have a little bit of kelly in our life. nbc bay area's new fall schedule gets preempted tonight actually for live emmy award coverage but that starts at 5:00 p.m. we can watch kelly as we do every afternoon. >> we will be your backup dancers. >> we're going on tour. >> we're getting fancy. >> we'll practice outside today because the weather is nice. >> it will feel so much more comfortable. we couldn't do that last week because it was so hot. as we get a look at the point way we're starting out on this monday morning, how about this, this beautiful sunrise we have happening over san jose. now some of that still the tropical moisture coming in from the remnants of what was hurricane kay and we also have a little bit of wildfire smoke coming in. we're going to start to see some improvement in both.
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lower humidity and less smoke. as we go throughout the day getting the kids off for school in willow glen. our south bay temperatures are in the mid-60s to start partly cloudy skies. by the time you pick them up from school today it will be in the upper 70s. take a look at the high in fremont reaching 75 degrees. 84 in livermore and 80 in napa and novato while san francisco stays in the 60s. it gets even cooler tomorrow. so we get a stronger ocean breeze and more fog near the coastline with some upper 70s in the south county and as well as parts of the north bay. and then on wednesday we're continuing to feel some really nice natural air conditioning. the tropical moisture once again still moving into southern california with some rain and we're seeing a lot more fog near the coastline. that's going to help cool us off. and then as we head to the end of the week, we're going to see a strong area of high pressure build off the coast. that will probably give us an offshore wind going into the weekend and eventually some
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warmer temperatures. in the near term santa rosa is going to enjoy highs in the 70s throughout much of the week. and into the weekend a lot of our inland air quas will be so much more comfortable. quiet week ahead. highs in the upper 60s. mike, what's happening in the north bay? still unusual slowing. it's not highway 37. that's the usual slowing. it's west 80. it started early, continuing now. it looks like things are start to go sort themselves out. debris from an early crash. a second crash around 780. so there's a little bit of an unusual flow. traffic is eking by. one lane was blocked. maybe there are no lanes blocked now. we'll double-check that with chp. highway 4 has more traffic out of antioch. that may be made worse because of an earlier crash that just cleared and another out of brentwood from sand creek road getting up into the antioch area. back to you. >> thanks, mike. nbc bay area news just
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launching a channel on your samsung television. can you find us at channel 1035. if you have roku go to the live tv tile on your home screen. scroll down to 133 and then see all the ways you can watch nbc bay area news ka. get that live breaking news updates. 6:22 right now. the 49ers get off to a wet and bumpy start. next on "today in the bay," a new starting quarterback trey lance following yesterday's mistake-filled loss in the season opener. >> as we head to break, this photo for you this is kris sanchez who posted this on instagram. you can see right there her cup of coffee. she says since the heat wave is over, she is excited she can start drinking at that warm cup of joe in the morning. keep up with kris by following her on instagram, twitter and facebook. much more ahead at 6: much more ahead at 6: right he22re
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every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. let the questions begin for 49ers fans. just week one but the niners have a little bit of work to do following yesterday's kickoff game against chicago. >> so the niners needed some shelter from the heavy rain, that late downpour. the niners led 10-0 through the middle of the third quarter. justin fields ad-libbed that touchdown pass, turned the momentum. head coach kyle shanahan says consistency is key here. for rookie quarterback trey lance it's all about cleaning up the mistakes.
6:26 am
>> we expect to go into a game and win no matter what the game is. we feel that way throughout the week preparing. we have to do things right a lot longer than today no matter who we play. >> the defense kept us in the game, just too many mistakes. a lot of stuff to clean up for sure for me. i'm excited to be here next week. >> i like to hear that. still have my head up. first game as a pro. the niners lose 19-10, leaving the field in an absolute downpour there. they host seattle on the next home opener which is next sunday. >> let's go niners. coming up next the top stories we're following for you today including moves you forward. a monkeypox vaccination. expanding eligibility. details on the new rollout and a new monkeypox death investigation in southern california. >> reporter: and there might be
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a commotion at mclaren park today as the city tries to make sure that they are ready in the event of a disaster even if that disaster makes san francisco landlocked landlocked i'll tell. yth oie chetce b weenro p ap 267?nd 2 s t'reget , propea26 mo ns ny moneto h fixesomels,snes e nocenformentrs ove noand po suporrt f dvdisageantaibd tr ke yis! pr op 2ne7 ges raterehund ds ilof mslion wa toprrds tiiories nlikeouew h using inits n 58all nt cou
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right now at 6:30 a violent shoot-out leaves two people critically injured. the search for who is responsible not over yet. police are saying about that and the discovery made inside an
6:30 am
east bay building at the end of a dramatic high-speed chase. shakespeare says the earlier queen elizabeth, she was a patent to all living. >> king charles iii addressing parliament for the first time since he became monarch. how the royal family is coming together in the wake of the queen's death. a live look outside as we start a new workweek. meteorologist kari hall with a breakdown of what we can expect. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, a.m. zop fire, apple tv and online. a very good morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. we want to turn to meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast for us. those temperatures are looking nice, kari. this is what we dreamed about last week, right? it was so hot. and we're starting out this morning in the upper 60s in martinez. still a breezy wind and it feels humid as we start out today but
6:31 am
gradually that humidity will be dropping and we'll get more sunshine into the afternoon. how about this, dublin reaching 79 degrees. that's the high temperature today and even though we are seeing a significant cooldown, it cools down even more over the next few days. we'll talk more about that. mike, you are hearing about a crash in dublin. >> you called it out. west 580 approaches the dublin interchange. nothing major. i heard from chp the update, kari, as you were giving that forecast. we're looking at a slower drive but the crash did clear to the right shoulder, a little distraction. not a big deal. that's good news for the tri-valley. contra costa county to the north looks just fine. the peninsula is clear. back to you. >> thank you. service is about to get under way for queen elizabeth in edinburgh scotland. >> a live look outside of the cathedral in edinburgh, scotland. king charles has arrived and of
6:32 am
course the family is all there. the hearse is there. a lot of people are gathering there. we are minutes away from the service getting under way. in attendance the royal fab four, harry, william, kate and meghan. "today's" keir simmons with more of what the future may hold. >> reporter: laura, marcus, good morning to you. what we've seen today is british democracy in full color. the king going to the palace of westminster. there are so many palaces, of course, in royal life. that one the most important. in westminster hall which dates back 500 years the place that was created by the son of william the conquerer and a place where king charles i was put on trial and it is the place, the home of democracy here in the uk.
6:33 am
there he gave a speech and took tribute towards his mother. we're getting a split screen between that constitutional picture and those incredible pictures of william and kate, harry and meghan together for the first time in years. we are hearing that in william's circle they consider that to have been a real show of unity at a very difficult time. >> and we will continue to follow that on the "today" show this morning as well. here in the bay area fleet week in san francisco not until next month but the emergency preparedness starts today to make sure everyone is ready. >> kris sanchez is live for us with a look at how the city is getting ready. kris? >> reporter: the city has been practicing to make sure they're ready for any kind of disaster like the earthquake that happened around 10:00 last night to any other kind you can imagine. they are going to land a
6:34 am
military helicopter here so we have the director of emergency services, thank you so much for joining us. what is the purpose of bringing the helicopter here? >> the purpose is to test our ability to get emergency supply and aid via air just in case the roads or the bridges are down after a major earthquake. >> reporter: this is the first time you practiced this. what goes into it? >> a lot of planning, a lot of coordination. we've been meeting for months and so it's a lot of coordination ahead of time to make sure we're preparing before an earthquake actually happens. >> reporter: like you said, san francisco is kind of unique because it could be landlocked in the event of a disaster that takes out the roadways or the bridges and this might be a critical part.
6:35 am
>> we are preparing in case it becomes an island after a major earthquake. and so we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to bring in supplies and emergency relief to san francisco by any means necessary. >> reporter: you have done this the last ten years. one of the things you will be preparing for is fleet week as well. >> absolutely this is a component of san francisco fleet week. we work with our military partners in preparation as well as during fleet week to make sure we're building those relationships ahead of time. >> reporter: especially when you have an event that draws so many into the city it's a challenge. >> that's right. everything is a challenge in emergency management and so that's why we do a lot of preparation beforehand and why we're conducting this exercise today which is still three weeks ahead of fleet week. >> reporter: by the way, you handled all of the covid response here in the city. i think a lot of people would probably given you thumbs up.
6:36 am
>> thank you. there's been a lot of learning and we're trying to apply those lessons learned to other hazards that could impact san francisco. >> reporter: thank you for being ready. is it landlocked or water locked? hopefully we'll never have to know. >> always a good time to get ready. >> we all have to. >> thanks, kris. 6:36 right now. this morning officials in southern california are investigating the death of a person who had monkeypox. details are limited so far and it's not clear what role the disease may have played in that death. this is one of two deaths under investigation in the united states. doctors say monkeypox is rarely fatal but people with weak immune systems are at higher risk. in the meantime marin county is dealing with a surplus of monkeypox vaccines broadening its eligibility criteria to make sure that high-risk people are not being missed. so far some 600 residents have
6:37 am
received the shot. 6:36. developing for you right now a suspected marijuana grow leads to a shoot-out and high-speed chase and an ongoing police church. >> ginger conejera saab, do we know about the people involved in this? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. police are saying this was a planned heist that involved at least four suspects. one of those suspects has been arrested. another is in the hospital in critical condition after the shoot-out and at least two more are out. the search continues for those two. let's look at the suv towed by san leandro pd. take a look at the windshield riddled with bullet holes. officers say some 20 to 40 shots were fired in a shoot-out between suspects who tried to hold up a marijuana grow operation inside a warehouse on
6:38 am
adams avenue just blocks from oakland's airport. a man was hit several times and is in the hospital in critical condition. a security guard was also shot but is expected to be okay. now one of the security guards shot at one of the suspects. that suspect is in critical condition at the hospital. after the burglary three suspects raced away in a rented u-haul. they were met by police who chased the u-haul into mlk and 31st in oakland. there cops arrested one of the suspects on foot but twogetaway vehicle, a silver jeep. the search continues this morning but detectives are looking into whether the cannabis grow itself was a legal operation. >> i can tell you i have not come across a legal marijuana grow in the city of san leandro since i started. >> reporter: about five to six
6:39 am
years ago there was another shoot-out outside a marijuana grow that was actually not far from yesterday's warehouse. commercial grows are illegal within city limits of san leandro. yesterday's warehouse would fall within those zoning laws, but the lieutenant we heard from earlier wants to make sure there are no special exemptions or a medical exemption to that medical grow or that marijuana grow before he says it is illegal. that's the latest, marcus and laura. back to you in the studio. >> ginger, thank you. new overnight, police say one man is dead after a stabbing in vallejo. it happened last night on yolao drive. the motive for the stabbing still under investigation and so far no arrests have been made. this is that city's 17th homicide this year. happening now the largest wildfire in california this year continues to ravage parts of placer and el dorado counties. the mosquito fire has burned more than 46,000 acres since it
6:40 am
started on tuesday. there are some signs of progress here. containment is up to 10%. that fire still threatening more than 5,000 homes and buildings. it's still not clear exactly how the fire started or how many homes have been lost. over the weekend cooler temperatures helped crews there but they say they're still working in the challenging parts of the steep terrain. >> most of the fire activity we've seen today has been within the existing fire perimeter as well as with containment. a lot of work taking place to strengthen existing lines and build new lines and even improve lines that have been in existence from previous fires. >> we're told about 11,000 people remain evacuated. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the impacts here in the bay area from that. no matter how far that is, still, i mean, the effects can affect us here in the bay area. >> reporter: we've had a lot of smoke drifting in from the bay area. though it's been a cloudy weekend that has impacted our air quality, now our near surface smoke will show it could
6:41 am
be clearing due to a stronger westerly wind and will continue to improve going into the next couple of days as a lot of that smoke now drifts off to the east from the mosquito fire but definitely a lot of smoke. we are hoping the cooler air and the higher humidity will help the crews there get more containment. healthier for your outdoor workout in foster city especially with the cooler air and also starting out with some more clouds. we're in the 60s through the morning and we'll continue to have a nice week ahead. we'll talk about that. mike, you have more info on the crash on hypeway 4. >> the one out of antioch. westbound, the commute direction, this crash investigation continues there as police activity after what sounds like it may have been some sort of pursuit. that may delay the clearing. i think there's a flatbed tow truck ready to clear the lanes. now later on getting down across the benicia bridge at 10:00 a.m. doing a bridge inspection work but that will take you down to one lane and it may continue for the next couple of days. it's scheduled but it's a
6:42 am
problem if it's your schedule coming across the benicia bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza is full and we have a game at oracle. it might mean more traffic after work. a 6:45 game. a live look in edinburgh, scotland, where queen elizabeth's body has arrived this morning. we're minutes away from a service that will get under way to honor her majesty. the royal family also in attendance including king charles. when the service begins we plan to take a special report for you this morning coming up around 6:55. scott? laura, back here in america, president biden promising a moonshot to try to cure cancer. we'll have that plus -- >> reporter: i'm jennifer bjorklund in los angeles where the stars will be out as we get the stars will be out as we get
6:43 am
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good monday morning to you. 6:45. as you head out the door in the east bay we're checking out berkeley. a humid and cloudy start. temperatures in the low 60s. we're going to hold in the 60s up until about noon and we get to see more sunshine and lower humidity. big changes for this week's forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> hole holding in the 60s in t peninsula.
6:46 am
palo alto with the headlights seeing a lot more, the drive down to silicon valley coming up. 6:45 for you right now. no comment from president biden about ukraine's progress. >> scott mcgrew, we know the white house is watching this carefully. >> you saw the progress over the week. ukraine was able to push back to the russian border in certain places. extraordinary progress. pressure is on to supply ukraine with more weapons. biden asked congress for another $13 billion in funding for the war in ukraine. no comment from the president as he boarded a plane from his weekend in delaware. davis, who has made a career out of translating russian television, posted these clips about russia's recent defeats and looking for scapegoats. who gave president putin the
6:47 am
wrong information, who is to blame. not what do the ukrainians do not, what do the russians do now? do they continue to fight as is, retreat, or escalate and what do escalations look like? we all know what worse could be. on a much happier note president biden will push his moonshot cancer efforts in boston. so much progress has been shown. the chips bill, washington worried about other countries getting ahead of us. the president's moonshot cancer speech comes on the 60th anniversary of the actual moonshot speech.
6:48 am
america made that deadline with five months to spare. the attack on the u.s. capitol says it will hold its next hearing september 28th. the original plan was to be done by now. so many people have stepped forward. new evidence about the attack on democracy is worth holding more hearings. we'll be talking about that on social media, on facebook, can you chat with me. i'm @scottmcgrew tv. >> maybe you need glitter and glam. hollywood gearing up for a very big night tonight. the 74th annual emmy awards on tap tonight right here on nbc bay area celebrating the year's top work in television. >> oakland's zendaya. jennifer bjorklund joins us live outside microsoft theater.
6:49 am
you look like a medal yourself. >> reporter: i feel like an award myself. i don't need an award. i just wore the dress. i'm ready. i am ready for it to start. i'm a little early. it will be an exciting night. so happy to be back at microsoft theater. last year it was in a tent. this year it is the full thing. there are so many shows that will get the recognition they deserve. you may have heard this term peak tv, about the overwhelming number of tv shows and services out there. >> the landscape is huge. it's hard to contain it within the emmys. >> they'll try tonight. >> reporter: "succession" has 25 nominations including best drama which it won two years ago.
6:50 am
the apple tv plus thriller "severance" could be a spoiler or "squid games." ted lasso looks to repeat as best comedy. >> ted lasso was the comedy of the moment. >> reporter: the man of the moment is kenan thompson. the emmy host. >> i'm not worried about anybody trying to slap knee necessarily. unless it's funny. >> reporter: laughs are expected and maybe a few tears as television honors its best. and who better to host than kenan thompson, the longest running "saturday night live" cast member. he's been there since 2003.
6:51 am
anything can happen and he'll roll with it. fun to see all your favorite shows hopefully winning the prize. >> i like to see what they wear. >> what they wear, what will they be talking about this time tomorrow. >> hopefully everyone is nice. >> an oscar event. >> thanks, jen. good to see you. don't forget you can watch the 74th annual emmy awards tonight. the show is kicking off here only on nbc. all right. you can take the show outside if you like. >> it will be so much nicer than last week. the cooler weather that we'll see. take a look at the sun rise. the tropical clouds moving by but not just completely cloudy like we saw on saturday. there is sunshine in the mix.
6:52 am
partly cloudy skies and then going to pickup time you can keep the windows down. you don't have to blast the ac today. 85 in gilroy. low to mid-80s for parts of the east bay. vallejo reaching 82 degrees. 75 in fremont. also some mid-70s for redwood city, daley city at 67 and upper 60s in downtown san francisco. sonoma reaching 82 degrees. you can see at the bottom of the screen our seven-day forecast showing more cool air this week and the moisture from the remnants of what was a tropical system will continue to move away but still bringing some rain across southern california. for us we're seeing more fog near the coast. the stronger ocean breeze. by the end of the week a strong
6:53 am
area of high pressure developing off the coast that could raise our temperatures. concord nice and mild throughout the week. that's what we'll see for our inland areas. mike, you are seeing that commute building. exactly. we're building a lot the last couple of weeks and looking at today, the south bay slowing. northbound 87 already showing a slower drive coming up the capital expressway for 101 build up to oakland road. more slowing up to palo alto. highway 237 slowing off the nimitz. a nice build. to the dublin interchange holding steady and the backup at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now south bay leaders will take a stand against anti-semitism. the state attorney general rob bonta is expected to join today in response to the recent rise of hate crimes.
6:54 am
those incidents include anti-semitic flyers in los gatos and leaders will show support for the initiative to eliminate the hateful rhetoric. samsung television owners, nbc bay area news is always on. turn to channel 1035. if you have a roku select the live tv tile. it's right there on your home screen. scroll down to channel 133. local newscast that is move you forward with live breaking updates a. few remote clicks away. plus an all new lineup. we're on facebook liv morning. join me right now on facebook or on air and we'll tell you about the new lineup happening right here at nbc bay area. say good morning. >> good morning, good morning. and, also, a quick look at the top stories including a final good-bye. i want to give you a look in
6:55 am
edinboro, the hearse carrying the casket of the queen. many people lining the street in edinburgh. more on that and the procession under way right now. more of that service expected to come up in a short moment from now. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:56 am
♪♪ this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone. 10:00 a.m. n the east, 7:00 a.m. in the west. 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon in the united kingdom. this is the scene in edinburgh, scotland, where a hearse carrying the coffin of queen elizabeth ii is making a slow journey from the official palace in scotland to st. giles cathedral where later today there will be a service honoring her. king charles iii and the other senior royals, his brothers and sisters, are behind that casket as they make this solemn procession down what's known as edinburgh's royal mile. a passage that at times is as narrow almost as a sidewalk. as you can see from those
6:57 am
images, it's thronged with people shoulder to shoulder, packed in so to see a final glimpse of queen elizabeth as she makes a slow journey that will culminate in her return to london tomorrow. i want to turn to nbc's keir simmons. these are long days for the royals. king charles started his day in london where he addressed a joint session of parliament for the very first time as king. >> reporter: that's right, savannah. we are watching history both in the royal mile there in scotland after a morning of democracy here in london in an equally historic venue. the palace of westminster, westminster hall, 900 years old. and members of parliament, lawmakers gath exerted there, 900 of them, to hear the king speak and to speak to him about their love for the queen.
6:58 am
one quote from that moment that i thought really was touching, the speaker of the house of commons saying deep as our grief is, we know your grief is deeper. and we think of those words as we watch the king and princess anne and prince andrew and prince edward walk slowly behind their mother's coffin because this week and in these days we are seeing the interweaving of royalty and history and politics and a very personal story for these members of the royal family for whom, of course, this is more than just a constitutional moment. it is a moment of grief for them, both private and public. and in that meeting today, in that hall today, in westminster, savannah, we saw british
6:59 am
democracy in full color because it was a gathering that saw a king who agrees to do as he is told by the elected people of this country while at the same time they agree to let him be the head of state. it's an extraordinary thing. king charles iii was put on
7:00 am
trial, hard fought because of the tension we have seen between england and scotland. all of these things in people's minds as we watch a queen who managed to make it all okay. the queen who the queen who managed to find that balance and she did that by dedicating herself to the united kingdom, to her people, and her people now as we watch showing their love for her, their respect for her and dedicating themselves to her, one last time. >> it's important to remember that history, keir, as we watch these screens unfold. our american viewers may not be familiar with that history and the fact that that coffin when it gets into st. giles' cathedral this morning will have the scottish crown placed upon it and king charles will address


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