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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 19, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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tonight, our special coverage from london as britain and the world say a final farewell to queen elizabeth. and the growing catastrophe in puerto rico after hurricane fiona knocked out the power to millions. first, the new images. fiona now a category 2 hurricane after slamming the dominican republic and causing devastating flooding in puerto rico. most of puerto rico still without electricity. more than 1,000 people rescued. where is fiona expected to strike next? our team in the storm zone with the latest. and here in london the state funeral for queen elizabeth. king charles and other royals including prince william and
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prince harry walking behind her coffin. princess kate and duchess meghan. the jewelry worn in tribute to the queen. and the sweet moment between princess charlotte and older brother george. what she reminded him to do. the service concluding with two minutes of silence across the uk. an emotional charles wiping away a tear, and the moving note the king left atop his mother's coffin. what it said. then the final journey. tens of thousands lining the 25 miles from london to windsor. the queen's coffin lowered into the royal vault, later buried beside her late husband prince philip. tonight the grief, the pageantry, and the future as britain lays its longest-serving monarch to rest. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone, from london. behind me, westminster abbey, where queen elizabeth's state funeral was held today. thousands lining the streets here for a
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good-bye like none other. we'll have the sights and sounds of an emotional day in a moment. but we start tonight with hurricane fiona, now strengthening into a category 2 hurricane with winds up to 100 miles an hour taking aim at turks and caicos islands. after making landfall earlier today in the dominican republic and delivering a catastrophic blow to puerto rico. new images of the devastation to the island, the millions there still mostly without power tonight. the widespread flooding. emergency crews rescuing more than 1,000 people. president biden tweeting that he's spoken with puerto rico's governor about the federal response, vowing to increase support substantially in the coming days. our gabe gutierrez is in the storm zone tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the flooding in puerto rico is catastrophic. entire towns underwater. people on rooftops desperately waiting for help. in the southern town
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of salinas staggering aerial images. roads and homes submerged. hurricane fiona drenching the island for days. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: some parts are expecting up to 35 inches of rain through tomorrow. as the eye of the storm slogged west toward the dominican republic, its outer band seemed to hover over puerto rico, washing out bridges, triggering mudslides and sinkholes. most of the island is still without power. about 2/3 is now without running water, including nitza silva who spent today trying to salvage what she could from her flooded home. she says she was just a few blocks away and it was driving her crazy seeing all this rain come down and she wanted to come here but couldn't. she says the water line got all the way over here and it kept raining for hours. on his way home from europe president biden called puerto rico's governor, pedro pierluisi, pledging his support. late today we caught up with the governor as he toured the devastation. is it fair to describe
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the power grid in puerto rico as a complete disaster? >> no, that's too much. it is fragile. it is fragile. >> reporter: over the weekend he had one of his press briefings interrupted by a sudden power outage. was the government here on the island prepared for this kind of -- >> definitely. much better prepared than when maria happened. >> reporter: exactly five years ago tomorrow hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico, killing an estimated 3,000 people and decimating the island's electric grid. after a private company took over power distribution last year, outages had intensified and so had protests. the frustration here now rising. >> no power, no water, nothing. >> reporter: fabian morang and his family are among the more than 1,000 people rescued across the island as the flood waters swept through their homes. >> have you ever seen something like this before? >> no. never. >> reporter: tonight the rain is still not over in parts of puerto rico. the recovery is just beginning. >> gabe, it's a harrowing situation
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there. when can residents expect to get power and water back? >> reporter: well, lester, the governor says he expects restoration to take days, not months like hurricane maria. but it will be a very long night here. you can see the cleanup effort already under way. downed trees in many areas. and more than 2,000 people across the island are in emergency shelters. lester? >> those folks have already been through so much. all right, gabe, thank you. let's turn now to the historic event that brings us here to london. the state funeral for queen elizabeth ii. the massive crowds and potentially billions more around the world watching as britain paid tribute to the queen at westminster abbey. the same setting where she was coronated nearly 70 years ago. her life and her seven decades on the throne being remembered tonight after the moving ceremony and the procession carrying her to her final resting place. ♪♪ it was an emotional
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and poignant good-bye to perhaps the most famous woman in the world. but in many ways it was also a farewell from elizabeth herself. so many of the details of today's elaborate events decided by the queen. this morning her casket transported from westminster hall. king charles, his siblings, and his sons william, heir to the throne, and harry following behind. harry and andrew both non-working royals, not wearing military uniforms but instead in formal suits. leaving the site where until dawn today hundreds of thousands had waited for up to 24 hours in incredible miles-long lines to pay their respects. this morning hundreds of world leaders including president biden and the first lady, president macron of france, and the emperor and empress of japan arriving for the state funeral at westminster abbey.
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the iconic building that's hosted royal funerals for 1,000 years. where elizabeth married her husband phillip. and where 70 years ago she was crowned queen. ♪♪ the crown she wore that day covered in nearly 3,000 diamonds now on top of her casket, draped by the royal standard, with flowers picked from the royal gardens including from a plant grown from the queen's own wedding bouquet. the stunning view of her coffin from above during the moving hour-long service. a prayer read by the prime minister. >> thanks be to god. >> reporter: who was seen in that last photo of the queen, their meeting just two days before she died. the queen's life of service honored in the sermon by the archbishop of canterbury. >> all who follow the queen's example and
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inspiration of trust and faith in god can with her say we will meet again. ♪♪ >> reporter: the royal family looking on. king charles with queen consort camilla, the prince and princess of wales william and kate, who was wearing the queen's pearls. and their children, the second in line, 9-year-old prince george and his 7-year-old sister, princess charlotte, wearing a pin she was given by the queen. prince harry and meghan, seated behind the king. charles becoming emotional at one point, wiping away a tear. ♪♪ then, just before the service concluded, the entire country coming to a pause. a two-minute moment of silence. a remarkable tribute to the only monarch most here have ever known.
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♪♪ then the national anthem. what had been "god save the queen" now an ode to the king. ♪ god save the king ♪ the queen's coffin carried out. on it a glimpse of the note left by king charles. "in loving and devoted memory, charles r.," he wrote. with her family following, the queen's casket leaving the abbey in a procession. the monarch passing her home, buckingham palace, for the last time. then a 25-mile drive. tens of thousands lining the roads. many tossing flowers. some overcome. >> i am totally devastated she's not with us anymore.
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♪♪ >> reporter: later arriving at windsor and the long walk, escorted by the queen's soldiers, surrounded by massive crowds. bells tolled. cannons fired in salute. as the queen's beloved corgis, mick and sandy, waited for her by the door. her family following the hearse to st. george's chapel, where the queen was brought inside. to the place where just last year because of covid restrictions the queen sat alone for the funeral of her husband. today the room full. >> her calm and dignified presence has given us confidence to face the future as she did, with courage and with hope. >> reporter: then the imperial crown, orb and scepter that elizabeth received when she was just 25
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are removed from the coffin as she is lowered to her final resting place. ♪♪ a bagpipe starts playing. the queen now next to her husband of 73 years, prince philip, and near her parents. ♪♪ afterwards, king charles watching during the national anthem. when the service ends, his car drives away. as the palace just revealed never-before-seen photos of the queen, including this one taken at her jubilee. lasting remembrances framing this historic good-bye. >> a stirring and emotional day. queen elizabeth was britain's longest-serving monarch, who brought a sense of stability to the country over decades. with her now gone, what does the future hold for the royal family? keir simmons now with more on that. >> reporter: tonight the final act in queen
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elizabeth's royal story is just the beginning of a new face of the monarchy and for his family. 9-year-old george and 7-year-old charlotte still figuring out when to bow and curtsy. and charlotte whispering "you need to bow." >> today was very much dual purpose. it was partly saying good-bye to the queen, but it was also putting the rest of the royal family center stage so that those of us thinking about the future could see with our own eyes what the future of the royal family would entail. >> reporter: now king charles looks to his own coronation next year, and there are signals he may make changes, like perhaps slimming down the monarchy. as he followed his mother's casket past buckingham palace where he was born, there are suggestions he might open more of it up to the public. william and kate will play a central role. charles breaking tradition by acting before his coronation to make his son prince of wales, his
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daughter-in-law the first princess of wales since princess diana. >> with catherine beside him, our new prince and princess of wales will i know continue to inspire and lead our national conversations. >> reporter: but for harry and meghan today's service at st. george's chapel will have brought back memories of their wedding day. how much life has changed since then. the new king would clearly like to resolve that tension. ed perkins was royal press secretary to the queen and to william, harry and kate. >> look, whatever they've got to work through they've got to work through, and that's for the family to sort. >> reporter: tonight the uk is at a critical moment. a struggling economy and a new prime minister. now king charles listening to today's eulogies must try to emulate that strength his mother was famous for. the queen, the last world leader who remembered the second world war, calling on that same spirit during covid. >> we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again.
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>> the queen was always a source of stability and security. and now that she's no longer there, people are naturally asking questions. what does this mean? >> reporter: queen elizabeth's greatest strength was not her famous smile in the good times but her fortitude through the hard times. for king charles even after such a personally difficult day the true tests are yet to come. >> and keir joining me here. what's next for the new king? >> well, as you know, lester, late tonight the family held a private vigil, and they will carry on mourning for a week. but the talk tonight is that king charles believes that his most important time will be the first 100 days. and you know, i think his greatest challenge even tonight, it's just so hard to believe that britain no longer has queen elizabeth. >> the weight of grief still heavy here. thank you, keir. >> you bet. >> in just 60 seconds, my conversations with the younger generation here in britain. how do they feel about the monarchy after the queen's death?
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among the millions remembering the queen is a new generation of younger britons who have their own ideas about the monarchy and what they want to see going forward. i caught up with some of them ahead of the funeral. whether they looked on from behind barricades or in front of giant screens, for britons the history of both the moment and of centuries was inescapable. witnessing nothing less than a symbol of their national identity and shared connection laid to rest. but while some may see the past, others who waited in those famously long queues including younger britons told me they see a future. do you have feelings about whether the monarchy is still relevant in 2022? >> i feel like they should always be there because they're always going to be there. >> reporter: these are days of reflection in
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the uk and the commonwealth about the monarchy, including among younger generations who may have adored the queen as a guiding figure but question the institution. a recent survey found that among 18 to 24-year-olds only 47% believe the monarchy should continue. 41% view king charles positively. 62% for prince william. fraser and caleb, one 18, the other 20, who i met here, think the queen's death may rekindle something in the uk. do you think this is going to spark a new interest in british history among young people, a yearning to understand more? >> yeah. no, definitely. i know personally i really love looking back at family trees and figuring out whether things change. >> reporter: the queen was a constant in lives here, a comfort, a living touchstone, a role that both believe does not have to end with her death. there is comfort in continuity. >> we always have continuity of
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government. there's no period of uncertainty. we know who the next leader is. >> reporter: caleb spent his weekend waiting for nearly 16 hours to see the queen. and he shook hands with king charles, who greeted those waiting on line. >> do you think this will increase excitement or awareness among young people like yourselves to the monarchy? >> well, i think whenever you have such a significant event it draws people's attention to it. >> is the monarchy in your view part of the identity of this country and its people? >> oh, yeah. 100%. i mean, we've had a monarchy as long as history, you know. it's something that people love to feel a part of. >> reporter: in fact, for many families the public rituals of mourning proved a teachable and shareable moment. >> it's the kind of thing that he's going to remember for the rest of his life. he'll be able to tell his children about, his grandchildren about. >> i think the fact that we have a unifying figure in the form of king charles
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. in alaska tonight people are reeling after one of the strongest storms to hit the state in over a decade. the remnants of a typhoon causing widespread damage across western portions of the state, bringing hurricane-force winds
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and historic storm surge. one official saying that the damage is expected to be significant. a judge today released adnan syed from prison and vacated his murder conviction. it comes years after a hit podcast profiled his case and raised questions about the death of his ex-girlfriend. miguel almaguer has been following the case. miguel, what did the judge say today? >> reporter: well, lester, the judge in baltimore said she overturned the murder conviction out of, quote, the interest of fairness and justice. a ruling that now sets free a convicted killer who has steadfastly claimed innocence after 23 years behind bars. [ cheers and applause ] this is the moment that adnan syed walked out of the courthouse today, released after he was sentenced to life in prison for the 1999 murder of his high school classmate and former girlfriend hae min lee. syed's trial was chronicled on the podcast series "serial" and an hbo documentary. the episodes detailed how prosecutors failed
4:24 pm
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the funeral of the funeral of queen elizabeth ii was a somber and historic event, capturing the hearts of people not just here in the uk but around the world. it's a devotion that runs deep, etched by history, and comes from a place we may not fully understand. a leader with no real powers except the power to ground, to reassure, to cement history. >> better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. >> reporter: and represents something lasting, something unbuffetted by winds of politics. you may not have expected to shed a tear during these days of unprecedented outpourings. she was not our queen. but they, the people of the united kingdom, are america's closest friends and allies. our turbulent shared history aside. standing shoulder to
4:29 pm
shoulder sometimes means being a shoulder to lean on. and so the pain and uncertainty of this past week is universal. the loss of someone who was always there, a reliable constant, can often hurt the worst. that's "nightly news" for this monday. thank you for watching, everyone. i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night from london.
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right now it is shaping up to be a very active afternoon and evening in the bay area. this is a live look at the satellite radar. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. good afternoon. welcome to nbc news at 4:30. our team has been tracking stories all day long. we have reporters, photographers out in the field gathering the latest news. a lot is going on this monday but first i have a question for you. are you team trey or team this guy, jimmy


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