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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 21, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, we are just minutes away from another interest rate hike. the federal open markets committee is ready to raise those rates again. this is to fight inflation. ahead, we're going to break down the impact this will have on your family's budget. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for our midday forecast. i'm marcus washington. we're streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. scott, i know you've been waiting for the rate hike announcement. we're expecting three-quarters
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of a percent? >> that's most likely. you'll sometimes hear that expressed as 75 basis points. it's the same thing. it's a lot but it could be more. it's not impossibl the fed had announce a full percentage point. we expect the announcement between 11:00 and 11:15. high interest rates slow down the economy and should slow inflation. the trick is to affect prices without slowing down the economy so much you cause a recession. too light a touch and the prices stay high, too heavy of a touch and people lose their jobs. >> we're right there at that verge and that's what people are scared about. thanks, scott. we are following some more breaking news for you. new york attorney general letitia james announcing a sweeping new lawsuit. this is against the former president donald trump and his three oldest children in connection with a yearslong civil investigation into the trump organization's business
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practices, that detail efforts by the president to inflate his net worth to attract favorable loan agreements. she's wanting to bar the trump family from being in office of any new york-based company for five years. additionally, james wants to ban them from receiving loans from any new york registered financial institution over that time. here's attorney general james outlining the accusations. >> we found that mr. trump, his children, trump organization created and used more than 200 false and misleading asset valuations on a statement of financial condition over the ten-year period. they issued statements that were in clear violation of general accepted principles -- general accounting principles in the united states. >> in a statement, a trump folks spokesperson says today's filing
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is not focused on the facts or the law, but solely focused on advancing the attorney general's political agenda. it is abundantly clear that the attorney general's office has exceeded its statutory authority by prying into the transactions where absolutely no wrongdoing has taken place. new details new this midday. all those lanes are back open. this is in the hayward side of the san mateo bridge after that deadly accident this morning. now, we brought you this story as breaking news all morning long on today in the bay. it says when a san mateo deputy, they were in a high-speed chase with a person in a stolen white ford mustang. the chase broke off on highway 92 near edgewater drive. investigators say the mustang must have run out of gas on the bridge and the man tried to run, but he was hit by two cars, dying there at the scene. all lanes reopened about 7:45 this morning.
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happening now for you, jury selection now under way, this is in that long-awaited trial of santa clara county's embattled outgoing chair. lawyer ree smith is accused of corruption and so far there's nothing typical about how the case is playing out. ginger conejero saab is outside of the courthouse. it seems like a lot of eyes will be glued to this trial over the next few weeks. >> reporter: that's right, during the pretrial and throughout the trial itself, we're told the trial is expected to run until november 18th so we can expect a lot of eyes to be glued to this. a lot of what's happening right now is setting the stage for this much-anticipated civil grandeury trial. today is day one of the juror selection process which means jurors can claim hardship if they're unable to fill the long-standing duty. no cameras in inside but i did
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just come from inside the courtroom where a majority of potential jurors from the first batch are claiming hardship. you can imagine this will be a tedious process in the next several days to go through the juror selection process for both parties. now, as far as the trial is concerned, there has been a lot of uncertainty around how it will play out. it's neither a civil nor criminal case. it's a hybrid of both, which is rare. but nothing has been typical so far about how the saga has played out from the accusations to who will prosecute, who will hear the case and even the location of today's pretrial and trial. santa clara county sheriff faces claims of misconduct. the big question is, what will this trial really do? criminal defense attorney paula canny says a guilty verdict can't mean jail time for smith. the worst outcome would be smith being removed from office and can't run for office again but
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the sheriff had already announced her retirement for january 2023, which is the end of her term. >> it's not like you can go to the code of civil procedure and figure out which rules apply, because it's a hybrid, it's not a criminal case and it's not quite a civil case, even though it's being prosecuted by a district attorney. >> reporter: it's unclear at this point if smith will take the stand. that could change the outcome of the case as well to leave more of a criminal prosecution if that does happen. so far the very latest that's happening inside the courtroom, they're dismissing jurors based on their questionnaire. we'll continue to follow the story as it unfolds. we're live in san jose, ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area moves. >> thank you. make sure to stay with us for complete coverage of the trial. we're going to bring you the latest on air, as well as online throughout the day. well, president biden not
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mincing words and slamming russia's invasion of ukraine at a speech at the united nations this morning. >> russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the united nations charter. no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force. >> the president's comments come as russia's president, vladimir putin, announcing that he will mobilize hundreds of thousands of additional troops in ukraine. putin also says that his threats of nuclear retaliation against the west is not a bluff. nbc's erin mclaughlin has the latest on the developments. >> reporter: today russian president vladimir putin announcing a partial mobilization of some 300,000 reservists to join the front lines here in ukraine. it's a move that's being seen by ukrainian and u.s. officials as an act of desperation, one
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ukrainian officials tells me that ukrainians are estimating that putin has lost 100,000 troops in this war, whether that be killed, injured or deserted, and he needs to replenish the front lines. also, in his address this morning, he announced that he was backing the annexation of russian-occupied areas in ukraine. if that happens, ukrainian officials see that as potentially a new phase in this war. constitutionally he will be obligated to defend those areas as part of russia, hinting in president putin's address at a nuclear option. ukrainian officials view that as a scare tactic. they're trying to scare off the west from its support in ukraine and ukrainian officials tell me they do not believe that is going to work, adding that they expect to see the impact of this mobilization on the battlefield in the coming months. erin mclaughlin, nbc news,
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kharkiv, ukraine. on the largest conference in san francisco since the start of the pandemic, which continues today. the second day of dreamforce, that's what we're talking about here, it is now under way, where tens of thousands of people are attending and the nearby businesses getting a much-needed boost. yesterday we saw people packed in this restaurant. this is on one market, on the embarcadero and analysts estimate it will bring in tens of millions of dollars in revenue and provide a big boost in tourism. of course, that rain not done for parts of the bay area just yet. this is new video of redwood city about 8:30 this morning. you saw umbrellas up and out. wet streets out there. check out this video. this is san mateo overnight near the laurelwood park area where rain was certainly making an impact. meteorologist vianey arana joining us now. we have been seeing this rain, much needed, of course, but some
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people are probably like, is it over yet? >> today it's w see the system. it will clear out until thursday. taking a live look right now at satellite radar, you can see the last of the rain beginning to push out. the latest update does show we no longer expect to see the chance of lightning or thunderstorms in the area so rain will continue to taper off, pretty much by midafternoon we're going to be in the clear. a live look in san jose. you will notice that clouds will stick around a little bit longer where you get a beautiful mix of sun and clouds. look at your temperature trend. really comfortable weather, in the 70s. winds are going to be light but we're going to get warmer. i'll have the answer for you coming up. >> thank you. new overnight, a warning on the peninsula after not one, but two mountain lions were spotted hunting down a deer. there was one guy in the laurelwood park area who saw a mountain lion in his back yard
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around 1:00 in the morning. here's video. residents managed to scare off that mountain lion or two of them with a flashlight, but sadly, the deer did not survive. police say that officers later located two cats, but did not euthanize them because the animals at the time posed no danger. we want to share new details with late night fire that destroyed a warehouse in san lee leandro. alameda county firefighters say they discovered marijuana growing inside and it's not clear if that or something else started the fire. one firefighter suffered treatable injuries that sent them to the hospital. breaking news this midday from the fed when it comes to interest rates. scott mcgrew is going to break down the announcement straight ahead. >> first, a reminder, we have a new fall lineup. you can catch the "kelly clarkson show" at 3:00 right
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here on nbc bay area, followed by "nightly news" with lester holt at 4:00 p.m., and then you can catch our very own audrey asistio on the new addition of nbc bay area news at 4:30. and buster posey is back with the giants but not on the field. we're going to explain the new role with the team and why he's making history. that's coming up for you at 4:30. we'll be back midday with more.
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welcome back to nbc bay area midday news. the federal open markets committee just announced another interest rate hike of three-quarters of a percent with the intention of raising them further in the future. the fed funds rate now between 3% and 3.75%. these are the interest rates between banks and the fed. that's what the fed controls. they're not your credit card rates or mortgage rates, though those do tend to move up when the fed hikes its rates.
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the bigger picture is by raising rates, the fed is trying to slow down the economy, take money out of the economy. its hope, that will bring inflation down. there's a very fine line between slowing the economy down to control prices and slowing it down so much you cause a recession and people lose their jobs. fed chairman jay powell will hold a press conference shortly. we'll show you highlights from that speech in our next newscast at 4:30, and of course always on >> something that affects us all, thank you. florida governor ron desantis is facing new scrutiny. some of the migrants he flew to mar shas vineyard now suing him and other state leaders accusing them of fraud, saying they were lured with incentives like mcdonald's gift cards, as well as promised jobs, housing and educational opportunities if they boarded planes to other states. desantis says the flights were voluntary and the migrants signed consent forms. >> if 50 was a burden on one of
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the richest places in our country, what about all these other communities that have been overrun with hundreds or thousands? >> well, the lawsuit comes two days after a texas sheriff announced a criminal investigation into those flights. new aerial video just in showing the devastation from hurricane fiona in puerto rico. most people there still without electricity or running water. hurricane fiona grew to a category 4 overnight, this is after lashing turks and caicos. that storm's maximum sustained winds, 130 miles per hour. in the dominican republic more than a million people still without power. hurricane fiona has been blamed for at least five deaths so far throughout the caribbean and the red cross and our sister station, telemundo, are teaming up to help provide relief to those impacted by hurricane fiona. just visit or call
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800-596-6567. meteorologist vianey arana has been following this storm. is it getting stronger? >> it's continuing to track north. we've still got some whipping rain bands. this is live satellite radar. as it moves north, you saw turks and caicos was under hurricane warnings. as it approaches bermuda, it's about 200 miles out and they're under a tropical warning. let's follow the trek over the next couple of days. it will remain a category 4, not just for today but also into thursday and also friday. notice, thursday morning it will be at 140 miles when it comes to winds, and the biggest threats will continue to be the storm surge, the whipping winds, but also a lot of impact we were looking out for, is it going to impact the u.s. impacts potentially around some of the east coastlines could be something as strong as rip currents and also dangerous surf
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conditions. not expected to make landfall anywhere near the u.s. but if you notice, it continues to track north, by friday becoming a category 3 and that actually nears canada. you can see it right here. so, again, the biggest threat will continue to be the storm surge and whipping winds. we will keep monitoring this, of course. we will keep you updated online before it falls apart and becomes more of a tropical storm. impacts will remain significant through bermuda as well. we have a system closer to home. it sorts of falling apart. i'm going to zoom this in closer. we got overnight showers and saw some light activity through parts of the interior, and now as the system continues to sort of fall apart and break apart, we're not expecting to see the threat of thunderstorms any more. so currently conditions right now, we're in the 60s and 70s, so pretty comfortable. and we're going to continue to see that, at least for the next couple of days, before we see a
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really big warm-up. 24-hour temperature change, not much of a change. similar to what we saw yesterday. your forecasted highs for this afternoon will remain in the upper 60s, low to mid-70s. we have a spotty thunderstorm chance again over the next couple of hours that will continue to decrease. you can see it making its exit into thursday and what's going to happen is we're going to get high pressure that's going to roll in, whenever they get that high pressure beginning to build, that actually warms us up and it dries us out. and that's going to lead us into a pretty warm weekend, considering today is the last day of summer. it will be interesting to see that fall pattern heading into tomorrow. thursday, friday, dry conditions. notice on saturday our temperatures bump up by as much as 10 degrees for san francisco. but really it's these 90s. so we're going to go from a stormy past weekend to now 80s and 90s by friday, saturday and sunday. and, also, tomorrow, if you didn't already hear, it's the official start of fall. that begins at 6:04 p.m.
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and crazy enough, we're going to see a lot more sunshine than what we saw the past two days. everybody be safe, we could still see ponding water. >> so fall comes in and summer temperatures come back. thank you. california's wine industry facing a threat that is only about one inch in diameter, but could devastate the entire industry. lx contributor greg bledsoe is joining us. talk to us about why the state is so concerned right now. >> reporter: you mentioned how small it is. it's an insect, a spotted lantern fly. if you take a look at this thing, it basically looks like a colorful moth. they're pretty. they're beautiful. but they can cause a lot of damage, especially when it comes to grapes and vineyards. basically they not only eat the fruit but leave a residue all over the plant that can rot and kill an entire vineyard. so these are devastating potentially. and the reason we know they can
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do that, we're already seeing it, not just around the world but here in the united states. pennsylvania has had vineyards hit by this. there are 11 states in the country that have already seen this insect. as far as the history and where it came from, they're invasive. scientists think they came over from china sometime around 2014 and since then have been slowly spreading. i mentioned 11 states so far. all of those are in the eastern part of the country. we have not seen this yet in california. but it's coming. so the big question is, when is it coming? we got an educated guess over the summer. researchers at north carolina state university used the same technology we used to predict how covid would spread and plugged in the data of how the insects have been spreading over the last sitting years. and their best guess as far as when it's going to get to california is sometime in the next five to ten years, more likely on the latter end of that. you think five to ten years away, that's no big deal. you talk to winemakers or the state and they say this is a big deal, we have to start doing
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something about it now. we talked to a winemaker in lodi and here's what he had to say. >> i've been working in the industry since i was old enough to hold a shovel and i don't remember another threat that was this scary. if something were to happen to grapes in california, the rest of the country would feel it, and the rest of the world would feel it. >> reporter: the reason the rest of the world would feel it is because california makes 80% of wine in this countriry and we export a lot of wine, so this is a huge industry. the state is taking it seriously. the spotted lantern fly is already on the quarantine list, the california department of food and agriculture put it on the list and that means inspectors at state borders can be looking for this thing. and not just the insect itself, but eggs. they don't travel well, but they can lay their eggs on things like trains and cars and that's how they travel. we saw an egg mass come into california this past summer on a truckload of firewood coming from new jersey.
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it's just a matter of time to when it gets here and sort of establishes as a population. we've already seen vineyards hit by this, like we were saying in pennsylvania and other parts of the world. it seems like grapes right now are a big concern for the state. >> something to be concerned about, indeed. thank you. you can watch a lot of stories like this one on nbc lx. head to you can watch it on xfinity cable, channel 185, or over the air, channel 11-5. happening now, new calls for blood alcohol monitoring systems in all cars. the national transportation safety board is making that recommendation after investigating a deadly crash in central california on new year's day in 2021. the drunk driver struck another car head-on, killing seven children and both drivers. the ntsb has no say in actually making such changes. it's only recommending that the national highway and traffic safety administration authorize
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a plan. last year they were given three years to come up with some type of monitoring strategy
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thanks for sticking around. okay, have you ever thought about what would it be like to be a billionaire. somebody in illinois does. the person that won the mega jackpot from july came forward to claim the prize, nearly eight weeks after the drawing. the prize money will be shared by two people. they agreed to split the prize when they purchased the ticket. both wish to remain anonymous. the winners are opting to take the lump sum that's $780 million. >> i would also take lump sum. i wish we could stay anonymous in california, but we can't. >> i know, unless you make a trust. >> but with the weather, it was a whole thing, a whole system. now that system has fallen
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apart. here's what we can expect over the next couple of days. today we'll top out in the upper 70s. >> and then summer temperatures come back. love it or leave it. thanks for joining us for our thanks for joining us for our midd
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right now on "california live" -- >> i'm previewing an auction of betty white's estate and discovering some interesting things about what she treasured most. then i'm in san jose with other big-hearted folks building a kitchen to feed people in need.


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