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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 22, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning president trump speaks out about declassifying documents, his opinion of the new york attorney general's civil suit and much more >> on the world stage president biden condemns vladimir putin's troop escalation and more. >> and a deadly highway accident captured on dash cam a tractor trailer kareening off a highway. >> the fed raises rates, causing
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rates to soar. >> and our vicky wynn found some eye-popping answers. >> we begin with the latest legal showdown facing former president trump. this time a civil lawsuit brought by new york's attorney general. >> a pattern of fraud and deception that was used by mr. trump and the trump organization for their own financial benefit is astounding, claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal. it's the art of the steal. >> letitia james is accusing the trump organization of inflating their assets to secure more favorable terms for loans and insurance. for example he says his mar-a-lago was valued at $935 million on the false premise it could be sold for residential
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use. the civil lawsuit seeks $250 million in damages and a ban permanently blocking the trumps from running businesses in let's bring in chris malone. how is the trump family responding to the lawsuit that could bring down their company >> reporter: somewhat predictably the former president is calling this a political witch hunt, which is being shared and echoed by his sons as well and eric trump pushed back against the $75 million value estimate for mar-a-lago. the trump organization says not only was no bank harmed, they profited handsomely saying the loans are either current or paid off. donald trump offered this defense last night on fox news >> what we do is here is the financial statement but be careful because it may not be accurate, it may be way off. i mean, we go i think it's close
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to a page and a half of all of these things, get your own people, use your own appraisers, use your own lawyers, don't rely on us. and then she sued us now, again, i didn't think this would ever happen because they had no case. i met with them. i actually thought they wanted to settle but i didn't want to settle because -- even if i paid a very small amount, you're sort of admitting guilt >> reporter: did she offer you a settlementdeal >> in my opinion i could have settled the case >> and mr. trump spoke about another investigation, the mar-a-lago document probe by the justice department the former president made this claim about declassifying information. >> it doesn't have to be a process, as i understand it. you know, there's different people say different things but as i understand, there doesn't have to be if you're the president of the united states, you can declassify just by saying it's declassified or just thinking about it because you're sending
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it to mar-a-lago or wherever you're sending it. >> reporter: three appeals court judges, two appointed by trump, lifted an order that temporarily stopped the justice department from using classified documents seized by the fbi in its criminal investigation now that review can continue frances? >> chris, thank you. >> ginni thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas has agreed to meet with the house january 6th committee. the deal comes after weeks of negotiations between the panel and conservative activists who attended former president trump's rally in washington ahead of the capitol riot. her testimony is being sought after it was revealed she texted trump's chief of staff mark meadows after the 2020 election urging the white house not to concede defeat and she sent emails to john eastman about the fake election scheme to overturn the election results and president biden is slamming vladimir putin over his
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invasion of ukraine and most recent threats of nuclear retaliation as russia mobilizes 300,000 more troops for its war. kristen walker reports >> reporter: president biden on the world stage at the united nations delivering a stinging rebuke of russian president putin and his war on ukraine >> russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the united nations charter we will stand in solidarity with ukraine. >> reporter: the president slamming russia's attacks on schools, hospitals and train stations and alleged war crimes. >> whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe, that should not -- that should make your blood run cold. >> reporter: and responding to putin, who just hours earlier appeared to threaten the west with a nuclear strike. saying in a rare televised address those trying to
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blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know russia has lots of weapons of its own adding, quote, this is not a bluff. >> making irresponsible nuclear threats to use nuclear weapons >> reporter: president biden was asked what would be the consequences for a nuclear attack >> it will be consequential. they will become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been >> reporter: now putin announcing a partial draft, the defense minister saying 300,000 reservists with military experience will be sent to ukraine. putin calling it necessary because the west crossed all lines by giving ukraine military aid. that move sparking protest across his nation, including moscow putin raising the stakes further, backing referendums this week in four regions cur currently held by russia, president biden calling those elections a sham it all comes as russia is in retreat as uaine as counter other fencive, giving up some of
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the territory it occupies. ukraine's president zelenskyy unleashing his own stern warning. >> we cannot agree to a delayed war because it will be even harder than the war now for us >> our thanks to kristen walker for that report. >> former minneapolis police officer thomas lane has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the murder of george floyd he held down floyd's legs as a fellow officer knelt on floyd's neck for nine militaries ultimately killing him he's already serving a two and a half year federal sentence for violating floyd's civil rights and a powerful storm is leaving a devastating path of destruction in much of puerto rico and the dominican republic.
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>> reporter: from the air, it's easy to see the devastation on the ground in puerto rico. entire neighborhoods saturated with water, an estimated 80% of the island left without power. many puerto ricans now depend on generators to power their homes, that's if they can find gas. >> gas stations are pretty full -- some are empty because they don't have any gas. >> reporter: downed transmission lines all over the island. they are working around the clock to repair transmission lines and restore service. a full restoration could be days away >> puerto ricans are being tested by everything hurricane maria made us tougher than we were i consider now that we are already rebuilding >> reporter: more than 200 miles away the dominican republic is also recovering from fiona rivers are overflowing 700,000 people without power and many of those that call it home now working to pick up the
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pieces of their home one woman said it took the roof off. it dismantled everything everything we had to run out. and the threat of fiona is not over it's now a category 4 store. >> and fiona is still a category 4 hurricane. let's turn to michelle for the latest on its track. >> reporter: winds a the 130 miles per hour, we expect it to maintain that strength here is the latest, 545 miles southwest of bermuda it's a big storm we're seeing a big wind area we're going to see impact to the island as we go throughout tonight. we do have a hurricane watch and a tropical storm warning we do expect to see those impacts as early as later on this evening into friday morning. it's moving to the north right now. it's going to make a little turn to the northeast and pick up
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speed, too that's good news as it passes by bermuda. but then it will slow down as it nears the canadian mayoritimes. this could be historic for them, a storm they've never seen before when it reaches the canadian maritimes, it will be extra tropical with hurricane force winds. and a system in the caribbean will move to the west and it could impact the u.s. as early as the middle of next week where weould see a cd still feelingme for this last day of summer. a cold front moving from the northeast will bring showers and storms
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>> we're really ready for that the first ever proposal for mandatory anxiety screening. sam brock reports on why it may be long overdue. >> and a ddleay scene caught on dash cam we're back with more in 60 seconds. new routine. let's watch it work! cascade platinum uses dawn as a built-in pre-rinse system. it rehydrates dried on food... ...lifts it off... ...and breaks it down. for sparkling clean dishes the first time. ok, who wants to start? just scrape... load... and we're done! cascade platinum. scrape, load, done. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant.
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and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. an horrific crash in allen, texas. a semi truck flies off an overpass and bursts into flames before crashing on to that road below. a tractor trailer collided with another car cautioning cuausin control. >> after surveying 66,000 women, 43% reported feeling worried and 32% felt stress. sam brock explains
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>> reporter: the silent suffering of anxiety could be a thing of the past. according to the latest draft recommendation by the u.s. preventive services task force, routine screenings are considered beneficial for adults under 65, including pregnant and post partum women without symptoms >> it's a great thing. it will let doctors open up the confer conversation and hopefully can diagnose and treat more. >> anxiety orders affect nearly 50 million people with just out of one out of every three adults saying they've experienced an anxiety disor atder at some poi in their lives and over the course of the pandemic, the number of people receiving treatment increased from 19% to 21 >> any time you have a stressful environment, pan demic, war-tim
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periods and stress goes up and anxiety goes up and it's essentially the tip. iceberg. >> reporter: anxiety, even found in the presence of fame and success, with more and more celebrities and athletes opening up about their personal journeys, like olympic legend michael phelps, who discussed anxiety with hoda. >> reporter: so what are healthy ways to deal with anxiety? identify i donyour triggers, ma sleep a priority and maintain a heathy diet. and if stress interferes in your life, seek help from a doctor and develop a treatment plan >> the most important thing is regardless of where you are in your life and where you are in society, it can affect anyone anywhere any time.
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. in today's news by the numbers, the new york mets reached a painful mlb milestone wednesday. mets batters have been hit by pitches 106 times this year, setting a new single-season record marc cana has been dbeamed a record 24 times this season. >> 5.2 million people became millionaires this year we now have 62 1/2 million mil millionaires globally. in comparison, the average
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american yearly income is $67,000. general motors is closing reservations for its upcoming electric hummers after over 90,000 vehicles were reserved. the company says the current list of reserved vehicles extends into 2024. >> the federal reserve hikes up interest rates for the fifth time in a row. this time another 3/4 of a point to try and fight inflation we have more on how it's impacting every day americans. >> reporter: in the fed's fight to bring down inflation, chairman jerome powell acknowledged there will be pain. >> higher interest rates, slower growth and a softening labor market are all painful for the public that we serve >> reporter: this small business owner is already feeling it. where will you have to make cutbacks >> yeah, i mean, some of the cutbacks that i've been thinking about is less hours, payroll is always one of those things that you can manage but then that also is a huge pinch on me
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>> reporter: with the central bank raising interest rates for the fifth time in a row, the boutique has to press pause on her expansion plans. >> we're paying more into debt rather than take the money into hiring new people or expanding into a new storm >> reporter: the fed's move is effort to cool demand. prices 8.3% higher in haugust than a year ago. the fed anticipating unemployment will rise from current levels of 3.7% to 4.4% at the end of next year. >> we have to get supply and demand back into alignment, and the way we do that is by slowing the economy. >> something that will be felt by everyone. when the fed raises interest rate rates, borrowing money becomes more expensive, impacting
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mortgage rates, which has raised its highest level since 2008 the fed is expected to keep raising rates. back to you. >> emily, thank you. >> michelle is back with our national forecast next >> and phoning it in a teacher's cell phone call to her students goes viral. let's be real... who has the time to clean an hour or two a week? not us. but a few minutes here or there? totally doable! so we started swiffering! it's a fast and easy way to clean without the whole production. for our floors, sweeper's heavy duty cloths trap and lock dirt, dust, and hair without moving furniture. so simple! and dusters easily get into hard-to-reach places without climbing a step ladder. they trap and lock dust in one swipe! done. we stopped cleaning.
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that helps promote digestive health. now to a topic paramount to parents. at what age should your child get a cell phone we take a look at one school policy impacting students nationwide >> reporter: you may have heard about the district's controversial plan to ban some students from using cell phones. >> students will be required to lock up their cell phones and will enforce a cell phone-free environment. 37% of 11-year-olds had a smartphone by age 14, 91% have a smartphone but at the richardson
4:27 am
independent school district just outside dallas, officials say they're seeing a problem with so many phones on campus, distracted students. so at forest meadow junior high, they're trying the yonder pouch. each student gets one of these pouches. they have to put their phone inside and lock the pouch, no access at all until lunchtime. or dismissal when teacher uses one of these to unlock the phone. student get their phone back >> let's focus on learning >> reporter: the superintendent says research shows adults and teens feel the urge to check their cell phones every four minutes. >> why can't we just trust kids to keep their phones off or in their back packs and not be distracted by them during class time >> i do believe our kids can be trusted and they are amazing humans but we know even as adults the temptation that the cell phone can have. we're trying to develop those
4:28 am
lif lifelong habits. >> in new york city, the largest school district in the country, each school sets its own policy. in los angeles, students are required to turn their phones off and put them in a back pack or locker during their school day. it was found when student don't have access to their phones, 65% found an improvement in academic performance and 83% saw an uptick in student engagement she's already seeing positive changes. >> i'm hearing stories even at lunch when they could use their cell phones that they're still keeping them put away and they're just having conversations, that they are listening to one another >> reporter: but some parents are unhappy with the program, citing safety as their biggest
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concern. >> thanks to vicky for that report there's a lot to talk about, the pros and cons. >> we're just talking about it at what age, how old, what are the limitations? the limitations? thanks for waking up wh itus flu shots at cvs are pretty...flex. schedule one for you... ...or the whole crew. plus, they're free. really? healthier is getting a flu shot on your schedule. cvs. healthier happens together.
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an innocent bystander just got murdered for no reason. how do you explain that to his family? >> the investigation into a deadly over night shooting and a growing call of change after a week of brutal crime. and then masking rules set to change across the state. plus, on the rise, interest rates going up once again impacting millions across the country. the relief checks on the way for some californians. this is "today in the bay"


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