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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  October 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it just feels like you want to be somewhere else. >> i want to be the punch line. really, i never saw you as funny. >> a sunday sit-down and another life well lived all a bit later in the show. >> but let's begin with tragedy in seoul, south korea. at least one american is among the dead during a tragic halloween stampede in south korea. what more have we learned overnight? >> reporter: willie, there is absolute shock. south korea is trying to reconcile how this night in seoul that was supposed to be fettive could go so horribly wrong. witnesses describe huge crowds that couldn't move and then fell like dominos, they say.
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more than 150 lives lost in the crush, a washing though, some of these videos are distressing. >> the search for missing loved ones went all through the night and so did the procession of bodies. the death toll climbing to more than 150 now, mainly young people in their late teens and early 20s and mostly women. the scale and scope of the disaster is staggering. an estimated 100,000 people packed the popular area to celebrate a halloween without covid rules. the tight streets and alleyways 13 feet wide. witnesses say they couldn't move. they could barely breathe and then were crushed in a slow motion stampede. video showing people on the ground getting cpr. >> waves were coming in from both sides and the more people fell. >> reporter: investigators are now piecing together what happened and asking why for such a big event.
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there was no apparent plan in place for crowd control. even emergency crews struggled to reach the scene. several u.s. military personnel were there helping with patrols and first aid. >> you see the bodies just being lined up next to each other all covered in blue bags. >> reporter: south korea's president called the scene disastrous and declared a period of national mourning. the city hotlines are flooded with reports of people still missing as relatives and friends wait for news and grieve. authorities say they have now identified most of the victims, including 25 foreigners, one of them american. more than 100 people are injured in the crush. at least two dozen of them listed in critical conditions so it remains a desperate situation in seoul tonight with relatives and friends searching for information about loved ones and also looking for answers about how this happened. willie.
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>> just awful scenes in the middle of what was supposed to be a celebration. janice, thank you very much. back here at home, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke out overnight about the brutal attack on her husband inside their san francisco home. this as we learned more about the man who police say broke in looking for the house speaker. nbc's maura barrett has the latest. >> reporter: this morning house speaker nancy pelosi saying her husband paul's condition continues to improve adding in a statement her family is heartbroken and traumatized by the life-threatening attack on our pop. it comes as newly released police dispatch audio is shedding new light on what happened inside the couple's home after an attacker broke in. >> rp stated that there's a male in the home and that he's going to wait for his wife. he's advised his name is david. >> reporter: police calling 911 operator heather green a hero for able to decode mr. pelosi's cryptic call for help. >> something is not right here.
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they elevated this to an "a" priority call which meant a quicker anticipated response. >> meaning officers got there within minutes. >> reporter: police detained 42-year-old david depape as he allegedly attacked mr. pelosi with a hammer. the d.a. planning to bring an attempted murder charge when he's arraigned on tuesday. >> when you take someone to somebody's head in that violent of a fashion we believe you're trying to kill them. >> reporter: investigators are reviewing recent blog posts connected to depape. law enforcement officials telling the posts display wide-ranging extremist views. >> what this man had was a very far right "viewpoint" that had changed over the last 15 years, maybe in part due to the internet. >> reporter: with violent threats against political figures on the rise the fbi and department of homeland security issuing a new joint intelligence bulletin warning of elevated threats against the election just nine days before the mid-terms. >> it certainly is a wake-up call that we've gone too far in
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this country as far as political discourse is concerned. >> reporter: maura barrett, nbc news, san francisco. >> maura barrett, thank you very much. this morning the mid-term elections that will decide control of congress are just nine days away. democrats bringing out their biggest star for the final stretch in an uphill climb to hold on to power. nbc's shaquille brewster is in milwaukee this morning with a look at the state of the rations. shaq, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. you can really feel the intensity picking up out here on the campaign trail. we're seeing it every day, big names, bigger events as we enter the final sprint to election day. >> this morning an learn of the hour cross-country campaign blitz to turn out voters. >> hello, milwaukee! it is good to be back in michigan. >> only ten day snoz from first lady jill biden to former president barack obama, democrats sending their biggest stars to stump in key battleground states. >> the reason i'm here is
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simple. i'm here to ask you to vote. >> reporter: mr. obama on the attack in an an attempt to energize voters. >> he's not the person who is thinking about you and knows you and sees you, and he should not be your senator from mississippi! >> reporter: framing this election as a defense of dem. >> i he might be democracy's best hope in wisconsin. >> reporter: nine day franchisee lex day, more than 21 million americans have already cast a ballot, including president biden voting saturday with his 18-year-old granddaughter in delaware who cast her very first ballot. >> i'm going to be spending the rest of time making a case that this is not a referendum. it's a choice. it's a fundamental choice. >> hello, long island! >> reporter: but republicans say they are seeing tightening races across the country. >> this campaign is not worried about barack obama coming at all. we have the momentum! >> reporter: a new online politico morning consult poll showing 11% of voters are still undecided. 83% of those undecided saying
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the country is moving in the wrong direction. >> you're still undecideded? >> i'm very undecided. i'm more confused than ever. >> reporter: and it's not just democrats pulling out their top guns on the campaign trail. former president trump will also return to the campaign trail for a series of pre-election day rallies. he'll be hitting iowa, florida, pennsylvania and ohio. you really see that both sides are doing what they can to drive that final message to voters as we get closer to election day. willie. >> just nine days to go, shaquille brewster for us in milwaukee, shaq, thank you. chicago todd is nbc's political director hand moderator of "meet the press." chuck, good morning. you and i have covered political division for a long time, but this is something different when you have the joint bulletin from the intel services saying there is an elevated risk of actual violence around these elections. we're waiting to see a motive fully for the attack on paul please, but the target clearly
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was speaker please inside her home. how concerned are politicians themselves about what may be coming around the mid terms and in the days that follow? >> elected officials are very concerned. susan collins a month ago, who she has been targeted, she's one of those senators that has been targeted by extremists on the left and the right at various points in time in the trump era, she said it point blank to the "new york times." she thinks some -- that house member or a senator was going to get killed, and that is how amped up the rhetoric is. we see this. we see what social media companies amplify this. we know the incentive structure in order to get clicks and get attention seems to be to play to these algorithms which only seems to feed more of this hate and, look, everything we're learning about the paul pelosi attacker seems to be somebody who was very online and seemed to absorb all of these
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conspiracy theories that we know stem from owe essentially not necessarily one person but certainly one person has helped give credibility to some of these conspiracy theories, and that's donald trump. >> wow. that attacker is deep in the qanon world and we know too many politicians have not done enough to sort of squash that kind of talk. chuck, thanks so much. appreciate it. we'll look for much more this morning on "meet the press" when chuck is joined by democratic senator amy klobuchar and new hampshire's republican governor chris sununu. russia announced overnight will halt grain exports to ukraine rush suspending a grain deal reached by the united nations in retaliation for a drone attack on its black sea fleet, an attack ukraine denies. ukraine is accusing russia, meanwhile, of trying to create what it calls a world hunger games. the world series is tied at one game apiece this morning. the houston astros jumped to an
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early 3-0 lead over the philadelphia phillies in the first inning thanks to extra base hits by the first three batters. that's the first time that's ever happened in series history. the houston bullpen held up, and the astros beat the phillies 5-2. game three tomorrow night in philadelphia. waking up to some cloud cover around the coastline. right now in san francisco 54 degrees but we've got 30s on the map up through parts of the north bay. san jose 57 degrees, we'll be seeing a trend that keeps us sop what cloudy through 10:00 a.m. daytime highs in the upper 60s and 70s. here is a full look ahead to the forecast. straight ahead at highs and lows of the week including the beautiful story of a father who raced straight from a work at a
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coal mine to take his son to a college basketball game and the legendary head coach who was saluting him. and in the spirit of halloween the man who spinally got his big break on network tv after months of auditioning to be a dead body on a crime show we'll explain. but up next, after two years of relentless conspiracy theories around american elections, and an attack on the capitol because of them, our sunday focus is on counting the mid-term vote and what may come after. that's all coming up on "sunday today.
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into voting booths to choose their leaders. in a powerful, individual act that represents the foundation of our democratic process. for nearly 250 years that process has assumed a respect for the results by the losing candidates. but that assumption has been turned on its head by former president trump and by republican candidates already promising to call into question the will of the voters this year. so how secure are these mid-term elections, and what could we see in the days and weeks that follow? nbc news capitol hill correspondent alley vitali has our sunday focus. >> reporter: just over a week until election day historic levels of interest. >> everybody's energized left and right. >> reporter: coupled with growing mistrust and misinformation. >> we have to be careful with this selection. they're not allowed to cheat. >> reporter: heading into the 2022 mid-terms just 1 in 3 americans believes this election will be largely free of fraud. >> a lot of these threats are
6:19 am
fueled by mis and disinformation. >> reporter: election systems eroding. despite countless investigations and experts rejecting the idea, in the short years since trump's loss his lie about the election has spread across the country. >> and i told them all this stuff was bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but a majority of republican voters still mistakenly believed they were robbed. now election deniers gaining residence, nearly 300 of them on the ballot this year in almost every state according to "the washington post." and they're likely to serve in office playing key roles in certifying or overseeing elections. republican lawmakers by and large bolstering the lie. >> trump won in 2020. we know there was fraud. >> reporter: or at the very
6:20 am
least tiptoeing around it. >> at the end of the day, unfortunately, joe biden is president. >> i think i just want to be clear on this point around 2020. joe biden legitimately won the election. >> absolutely it's time for us to move forward. >> reporter: other recycling the trump play book in their own races. >> if you lose will you accept that? >> i'm going to win the election and i'll accept that result. >> reporter: kari lake running for governor. some standing watch wearing military-style fatigues and masks. a trump appointed judge ruling they weren't a true threat. in parts of new hampshire, arizona, and nevada, pressure on state officials to count votes by hand, which is less precise due to unfounded conspiracies around voting machines. and in georgia where there's a senate contest that could decide control of the chamber poll workers like angie jones have seen a shift since 2020. >> i had a lot of voters that
6:21 am
came in angry, distrustful. >> reporter: they've been personally threatened, part of why they're leaving in droves. and while republicans seek votes for denying 2020 in november elaine is drawing a different line in her re-election battle. >> i am not your candidate if you think the election was stolen. >> reporter: what does it say if he loses here? >> it says a lot, yes indeed. i hope we come out triumphant somehow. i'm hoping there's enough good people in our country to do the right thing. >> and aly joins me now live. despite the claims you detail from some candidates running this year election security officials have said again and again the 2020 vote was the most secure ever. so how does it look for these mid-terms and these elections? >> that's exactly right, willie. election infrastructure officials and cyber security experts tell nbc news they're ready for threats to the votes, but as you saw there concerns for voters and workers at the ballot box, they still persist.
6:22 am
you'll remember this, too, from 2020. trump tried to use how long it took to count votes as a sign of something going wrong when really it was the result of multiple close races in battleground states and taking time to count every vote whether it was cast in person or by mail. just a warning that's probably going to happen again this year. election day could become election week with expected high turnout and lots of really tight races. just because we don't know a result next tuesday night doesn't mean a result is fraudulent. >> that's been a big frustration that the mail-in votes can't be counted ahead of time in many states and it does take those days and weeks where the conspiracy theories can fester. coming up next here a new sunday sit down with comedian hasan minhaj, getting his break with the daily show, his netflix special, and his curious take on
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good morning. it is 6:26. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm chris chmura. for the first time since a man violently assaulted her husband in her san francisco home, house speaker nancy pelosi is responding publicly. in a letter to congress, the speaker said her husband paul's condition is improving and noted his attacker demanded to confront her specifically. threats against elected officials are escalating. the u.s. capitol police tell us they opened around 1800 threat cases in just the first three
6:27 am
months of this year. many in law enforcement and politics tell us they fear this attack on paul pelosi signals a new tipping point. >> this is a crossing of the line. this is the speaker of house and she's a woman. i think that means something, you know, in terms of male violence towards women. he was not even targeting her husband. >> the sheriff's office says the suspected attacker is in the hospital. the district attorney will announce charges tomorrow. we're continuing to keep a close eye on this investigation and paul pelosi's condition. our team is posting updates as we get them. you can read them on that story is the top story on our home page. here is a quick look at the micro climate weather forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we're waking up spooky with the fog. live look in downtown san jose. you can see really the fog starting to move in so let take
6:28 am
a look at the visibility throughout. we're down to about half a mile in santa rosa and down to less than that in navado and an jose and the morgan hill area. temperatures, we're still chilly up through santa rosa, look at that at 39 degrees right now. everywhere else we're waking up to the 40s and 50s. here is a closer look at what i'll guide you through at 7:00 a.m. of course, we'll talk halloween. how is your forecast looking heading into monday? but also, we've got some rain on tap for tuesday and this will also bring impacts to the sierra and with the arrival of that system, it will help cool us off and kick up winds heading towards monday, tuesday and wednesday. so you're definitely going to want to tune in at 7:00 a.m. as far as rain totals and timing, i'll guide you through that and we'll take into consideration the changes in the daytime highs and overnight
6:29 am
lows, which will definitely be noticeable after a week of waking up to the clear conditions. that fog is making the return. i'll guide you through all of that at 7:00 a.m., chris? >> rain, we almost always need rain. coming up this morning on "today in the bay at 7:00" the spartans honor a teammate that died. we'll show you how the teammates and parents are remembering him. we'll have that and all your top stories coming up at 7:00 plus the full forecast for halloween and for now, back to sunday today with willie geist in new york. we'll see you at 7:00. you'l
6:30 am
the horror you'll find in cell 662. >> and i'm going to scare you stupid. >> he's back, the return of david s. pumpkin, on last night's new episode of "saturday night live." tom hanks reprising his famous halloween character. jack harlowe following his appearance on our show just two weeks ago has a rare honor of
6:31 am
serving as "snl" host and musical guest. we originally were scheduled to interview comedian hasan minhaj on friday march 13, 2020, perhaps the date rings a bell. the president declared a national emergency that day, so we agreed to postpone and get together in a couple of weeks when covid-19 had passed through. it turned out to be a couple of years. in the time since minhaj concluded his award winning series "patriot act" and announced with his wife the birth of a second child, starred with reese witherspoon in the morning show and most recently released a new netflix special where again he uses comedy to take on people in power. hasan and i got together in new york at long last for a sunday sit down. >> he goes, hey man, relax, you're funny. which is a telltale sign of someone being like, hey, man, you're not funny. >> a successful touring comedian who has worked for "the daily
6:32 am
show." >> i'm like i am here to roast prime minister justin trudeau, and you know what the guy said? have a nice day. >> headlined the white house correspondence dinner. >> donald trump will be tweeting about how bad nicky minaj bombed this dinner. >> hasan minhaj knows how to land a punch line. >> that's not the same thing paula dean. >> we first met him backstage at a live taping of that since wrapped netflix series "patriot act" with hasan minhaj in march of 2020 just hours before covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic and our lives ground to a halt. something happened that day. >> something was going on in the world. i got a text just saying should we do this interview and i was like i don't know. >> and then it was an e-mail that said let's do it in two weeks. >> and here we are 2 1/2 years
6:33 am
later. >> we finally met up for a long delayed conversation here at the cherry lane theater in new york city. you're up on the wall of fame here. >> yes, that's the poster. >> the stage is where minhaj workshoped the theatrical heavy style of stand up. he would debut in his netflix special "home coming king." >> my dad says everybody down at the dinner table and he says whatever you do do not talk about muslim and do not talk about politics. i was like, i was kind of hitting a wall in the clubs and i started to see there were these story tellers that were starting to take their comedy into the theater space, and so i put up the capital to pay rent and put up a show here and the rest is history. >> in his new netflix special "the king's jester" minhaj
6:34 am
tackles fertility, father hood and freedom of speech. >> for four years my wife and i couldn't get pregnant and it was my fault. for years the secret was killing me, man. i've seen humor as a source of strength. if i can laugh at this deeply painful thing i'm looking at it and i am being like you can't hurt me anymore. and to me my favorite comedians were not only to make fun of others but go hey i'm going to beat you to the punch line, you can't hurt me. >> born in northern california to indian immigrants minhaj was raised for the first eight years of his life india. i think your dad's rule was, ie >> no fun, no friends. >> you really had no grounding in american popular culture, right? >> it doesn't have have the same love and reverence in my
6:35 am
family's home as say ballywood. and i get it. i look at ryan gosling. one of them is objectively hotter than the other. every bodywood actor is like 6'3", have an eight pack, dance, sing. ryan gosling is so hot. why does he always look sleepily though? >> let's slow down, he is hot. he's a different kind of hot. >> he's a hollywood nine. he's a bollywood 3. >> wow, that's tough. so you go and start doing a little stand up in college in san francisco and get a taste and go i like this. what happens from there? do you decide at that point i think this could be a career? >> i think it was right after i got fired from office max. i remember gary my manager called me in. and you know it's bad when they go hasan, come to the back, please. i've got to come to the back. and gary goes i don't think you were meant to sell printers.
6:36 am
i go, gary, i don't think so either. >> this was the last resort getting up on a stage -- >> yeah, and if you think about it we are the bottom rung entertainers. we're barely above the magicians and clowns. you love to sit down with a magician and actor. >> like a gosling let's say. >> a normal looking guy like gosling. >> what's the first break? is it all the way to the daily show? >> yeah, the first real break wasn't my pizza hot commercial. yeah, you get nine in the box for $10. >> still getting checks. >> still getting checks, but it really was the daily show, john seeing my tape. >> that had it be a surreal moment to have him tap you on the shoulder. >> it was beautiful. and a lot of times you have to choose between is what i'm doing funny or meaningful.
6:37 am
and the daily show is one of those institutions that is both. >> anything on a plane is a weapon to a muslim. the corner of a dureteo chip can slice a neck. john is such a great guy where he never felt like he owned you. he wanted you to go out and be great. >> minhaj left "the daily show" in 2018 to launch "patriot act with hasan minhaj," the show's second episode, a sharp criticism of saudi arabia and the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi made waves when the saudi government asked netflix to take it down in that country and netflix complied. >> comedians should push the envelope, but sometimes the envelope pushes back. and there are consequences and repercussions for what you say. and so i had to reevaluate especially because i've got a wife, two kids. i had to figure out, hey, what's my line now that i have these other things that i deeply care about that are very important to me? >> and you have to sort of weigh
6:38 am
those, don't you. >> totally. and when people go you're so courageous i go you know i'm 165 pounds, i'm not ready to die for those jokes. >> minhaj is looking ahead with an open mind. trevor noah just announced he's leaving the daily show. it's such an interesting time. >> are you setting me up right now? >> no, no, i wouldn't do it. >> i've got some plans, let's put it that way. >> stay tuned. hasan's new stand up special "the king's jester" is streaming now on netflix. our big thanks to cherry lane theater for hosting our conversation. don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit down podcast. you can find that on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week a favorite sunday sit down with beloved academy award winner ema thompson ahead of the anticipated new film
6:39 am
matilda the musical from her legendary career from sense and and we've got a foggy start in san jose. this is a live look right now at downtown. current temperatures also showing some chill factor up to the north bay but limited visibility down to about six miles in san jose. even less than that up through santa rosa and navadoless than a quarter mile. here is a look at your temperatures. 49 in morgan hills, 56 in hayward, here say look at your headlines with a cloudy halloween sky ahead. ahead on sunday today, our highs and lows of the week including snapshots of terror on this halloween-eve as one haunted house captures its victims in hilarious photographs that have become a viral sensation. and up next the history of horror movies from alfred hitch
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if like me you were a child of the 1980s who watched horror movies probably way too long you were certain jason, freddie or michael myers lurked in the woods and around every dark corner. those slasher films have become much more sophisticated over the years but no less scary thanks to directors like jordan peele. nbc's joe fryer has our sunday spotlight on this day before halloween. >> reporter: it's a question that haunts us. >> be afraid, be very afraid. >> reporter: why do we seek the stuff that spooks? >> i don't believe in ghosts. >> reporter: it's something audiences have been doing since the dawn of the silver screen. >> don't fall asleep. >> reporter: choosing to spend time with monsters both manufactured -- >> it's alive. >> reporter: -- and machinations of the mind.
6:42 am
>> here's johnny! >> reporter: all shapes and sizes, makes, and models. >> they're here. >> reporter: what is it about that communal experience of watching a horror movie together? >> the fact you go and sit in a room obviously collective experience when a lot of people around you are screaming, you're more scared. >> reporter: jason blum is founder and ceo of blum house, the mastermind behind movies like "the purge," "ouja" and halloween end. and released 70 movies raking in over $5 million at the hollywood box office. chalking up the old model and producing, awarding film makers when they kill at the box office. >> traditional studio movie director's already been paid
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