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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 30, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, an entire nation in shock after more than 150 people were killed in seoul, south korea. the investigation into the massive crowd surge that turned catastrophic. survivors speaking out about what happened and how they got out alive. families grieving, most of those killed in their 20s and 30s. >> there was panic coming toward us. >> among the dead, two american college students. plus, could it happen here? what you need to know. nancy pelosi breaks her silence after the attack on her husband, saying her family is heart broken and
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traumatized, as we learn new details about the attack. the surprising new battleground state with nine days until the midterms is suddenly a close race in deep blue new york. heavy hitters rushing in to push their side over the top. terrifying bridge collapse in india, more than 80 dead, survivors climbing to safety. after the big game, shocking video of a group of michigan state football players fighting a rival. >> what happened after the game is completely unacceptable. >> police are now investigating. and billion dollar jackpot, tomorrow's drawing set to be the biggest ever. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. so many families in south korea are in pain tonight, some still waiting to hear news about loved ones for young people,
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mostly young people out in a club district wearing costumes, celebrating halloween. as the crowd of thousands surged, people were crushed together, many simply unable to escape. the cell phone videos of what happened next are disturbing. rows of people desperately providing cpr. tonight we've learned two american students are among the more than 150 dead. there are still dozens hospitalized. janis mackey frayer has the very later. >> reporter: tonight in seoul, the uncomfortable calm of a country in mourning. people leaving flowers where lives were lost, as police search for clues to explain why. >> crowds are trying to move through this narrow alley last night. now the area has been completely closed off as police secure what has become a crime scene. >> the scale of the tragedy is staggering, more than 150 dead, at least 130 injured, two dozen in critical
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condition, crushed in a surge in a popular area where crowds had gathered to celebrate halloween. an estimated 100,000 people trying to move through narrow streets. witnesses say there were too few police around to control the sheer mass of people. >> there was a mix of things i heard, but there was panic coming towards us. some shouts of fear. but also confusion. >> we didn't know really what was happening to us. >> reporter: then people started collapsing, like dominos, said one survivor. in videos from the scene, music is still blaring from bars. nearly all victims have been identified, most of them in their 20s and 30s and mostly women. among the dead, two americans. a nursing junior from kentucky doing a semester abroad, and steven -- a 20-year-old business student from marietta georgia. his father, steve,
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made frantic calls, then received one from u.s. officials telling him his son had died. i can't imagine the suffering he endured, he said in a text message. if i could take his place, i would. families and friends still searching for missing loved ones are flooding a nearby community center while the area where so many bodies were sprawled is now a special disaster zone and still littered with debris. >> janice, it's so painful. what are investigators looking into at this point. >> reporter: now that victims have been identified, authorities are looking into reports of a lack of police presence at the time of the crowd surge. officials admit some had been diverted to a political protest in another area. so, questions remain tonight, but very little consolation for the families who are grieving the loss of so many young lives.
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kate? >> janice mackie frayer for us. thank you. that deadly stampede is raising so many questions about what exactly went wrong and if a surging crowd like that could ever happen here. kathy park has that side of the story. >> reporter: looking at the videos, it's hard to tell how the massive crowds in south korea turned so deadly. experts say the packed, narrow streets of seoul were a recipe for disaster. for 20 years, jose dee ga managed the iconic parades and the ball drop on new year's eve. he says deaths in these situations aren't always from being trampled, but being packed in upright. >> additional asphyxiation occurs, and that's how death and serious physical injury occurs. >> reporter: with halloween events around the corner,
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growing questions about whether a similar tragedy could happen here in the u.s. >> a situation like that play out here in times square? >> there's a lot of open space to get out, so highly unlikely. >> reporter: he says there are other situations that could turn dangerous. we saw it happen last year at the astro world music festival in houston, where a crowd surge left ten people dead and dozens injured. >> an arena, a stadium, where there are a lot of exits but the exits are not as wide as it should. a lot of people rush the exits, you could have a crushing situation. >> reporter: there are several tips you could keep in mind, stay upright. don't fall down. avoid getting pinned to imm. go with the flow of the crowd. and keep your arms tight to your chest, protecting your lungs to allow them to get oxygen. survival strategies in case you're caught in a chaotic crush. >> kathy joins me from
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times square. experts you spoke with said it's important to know your surroundings, right? >> reporter: kate, that is absolutely right. experts say it's important to know your surroundings but also to have a plan in place as well, especially crowded places like times square. you want to find those exits, open spaces like hotels and businesses, so you can head that way in case of emergency. >> kathy park, thank you. now to the violent assault of speaker nancy pelosi's husband on friday. today we're learning new details about the attack ahead of the suspect's arraignment, expected as early as tomorrow. we're hearing from speaker pelosi for the first time. maura barrett is in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: nancy pelosi spotted today leaving her san francisco home. >> how is your husband doing? >> reporter: the speaker sending this letter to her colleagues late saturday night, writing that she and her family are heart broke skpn traumatized but that mr. pelosi's
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condition continues to improve. with both paul pelosi and the suspect, david depape, still in the hospital today, zip ties found in the pelosi home, and confirming the two men did not previously know each other. his extremist ideologies bringing some republicans to question the current political climate. >> we've got to figure out how to bring our country back together where we have a civil conversation and, you know, we have no violence. i mean, this -- what happened to paul pelosi is despicable. it's unacceptable. >> this guy is sort of the picture of radicalization on the internet. 15 years ago, 2007, he was posting pretty standard antiwar, left-wing viewpoints. then there is a 15-year gap on his blog. in 2022, he's posting qanon and pizzagate. >> reporter: the u.s. capitol police reported that threats against members of congress have more than doubled in the last five years.
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growing concern, as elon musk, the new owner of twitter, spread a conspiracy theory about the attack in a now-deleted tweet. >> i just don't think people should be making money off of passing on this stuff as a bunch of lies. >> reporter: larger questions about the role of online regulation to prevent further physical violence, as prosecutors prepare to bring charges against the suspect as early as monday. >> and mora joins us now. you have new details about how the attacker got into the home, maura? >> reporter: kate, the district attorney's office confirmed the attacker broke in via a rear window. the d.a. intends to bring charges of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and elder abuse. we expect to see charges from the federal level in coming days. the midterm elections are now only nine days away, and there are some surprising new battlegrounds
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emerging, forcing democrats to scramble to protect states that many party leaders thought would be strongholds. here's monica alba with more. >> reporter: democrats on defense tonight, fighting to hold on to power in some unlikely battlegrounds. like new york, where the race between kathy hochul and republican challenger lee zeldin has challenged. first lady jill biden campaigning for her sunday. while florida's republican governor and 2020 hopeful ron desantis rallied for zeldin saturday. beyond state-wide office, sean patrick maloney responsible for keeping key democratic house seats locked in a tight >> don't punish the people who are fixing your problems, and don't reward the people who are trying to exploit the problems for their own political power. >> reporter: democrats also under power to maintain governors'
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mansions in two traditionally blue states. >> hello oregon. >> reporter: oregon, where president biden campaigned earlier this month, and new mexico, where he'll go this week. joined on the trail by his one-time running mate, president obama. working to boost enthusiasm in critical battlegrounds like michigan and wisconsin this weekend, where incumbent democratic governors are trying to hold on. and with just days to go, democrats eyeing ruby red oklahoma as a possible pickup, as that gubernatorial race becoming competitive. abortion on the line, all part of the president's closing pitch in this home stretch. >> i'm going to be spending the rest of the time making the case that this is not a referendum. it's a choice. it's fundamental choice, a choice between two very different visions for the country. >> and monica is with me tonight. monica, there's a big debate in georgia tonight. >> that's right, brian kemp facing off with
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in that rematch to lead the peach state, where early voting is already in full swing. kate? >> monica alba for us tonight. at least 80 people india were killed and dozens injured when a crowded pedestrian bridge collapsed into the river below it. you can see people clinging on to what's left of the twisted suspension bridge. some even climbing up the sides of it. the bridge was recently reopened following renovation work. russia restarted its blockade of grain shipments from ukraine today, a move that could cause grain prices to rise. russia says that move is retaliation for a drone attack on its navy. president biden is calling the actions a quote, really outrageous act. polls have closed the in a critical runoff election between jair bolsonaro and lula da silva. some fear it may be a
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from in state rival michigan after the game wasver. jesse kirsch has the details. >> reporter: even after the bitter rivalry came was over, these college players were settling the score. spartans fighting michigan wolverines saturday night. police investigating, allegations another wolverine was also attacked. >> a few of our players were -- pretty bad. >> reporter: two wolverine players appeared to head to the locker room at the same time as the spartans. >> tempers flaring here at the end. >> we try to get our guys in the locker room. it's heated. i don't know what happened. very disappointed. >> reporter: today michigan state more forcefully denouncing its players, promising accountability,
3:47 pm
calling its student athletes' behavior unacceptable. >> we will let big 10 and law enforcement handle it. but this is not what a rivalry should be about. it's not how it should be remembered. >> reporter: but the reporter who witnessed the brawl said this rivalry has been getting uglier in recent years, with neither team entirely innocent. >> there's no reason for that michigan player to be in that situation. there's also no reason for the michigan state players to ever lay a hand on an opponent regardless of what they say or what's happening. >> reporter: this altercation comes after a separate spat between wolverines and visiting penn state earlier this month, some also blaming that incident on michigan stadium's tunnel management. >> that's ultimately where sportsmanship is supposed to be on the highest of display. you congratulate the winner and you walk away. >> reporter: out of
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symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologi st7m best move i've ever made. about cosentyx®. the powerball jackpot is now even bigger, after no one took home the top prize last night. it is expected to reach a massive $1 billion ahead of monday's drawing. the amount marks only the second time in the game's 30-year history that the advertised jackpot has gotten that big. millions across the country are waiting to find out if their student loans will be forgiven after the president's plan was stalled earlier this month by an appeals court. but the application process is still open,
3:51 pm
and many borrowers who are looking for relief are now becoming targets for scam artists looking to cash in. steve patterson has more on the warning signs you should look out for. >> reporter: samantha morgan has been steadily paying off her student loan debt for years. she currently owes 27,000. >> it was like spinning a jackpot wheel and seeing $20,000 come up across the board. >> reporter: and that excitement is what scammers are preying on. >> if you do not verify your income, your payments will start back up au >> they're going after the little guy, the person who's already buried in debt. that makes me mad. >> reporter: president biden unveiled his $400 billion student loan forgiveness plan back in august. some borrowers can qualify for up to $10,000 in debt relief or $20,000 for pell grant recipients, depending on your
3:52 pm
income. it creates a perfect storm for scammers. >> since there's the gap and people need the relief right away, the scammers have really taken over the ad results in the internet searchers. >> reporter: this man has been studying the scams online. >> if you look at the results, you see some pretty official looking sites as the top option. if you go on this site, it's still going to look like a very slick, official-looking site. >> wow. >> it's not a government site. >> reporter: he advises borrowers should never give out their personal information like an fsa log-in, credit card number, or even a birthday. and official government applications are free to fill out. >> the fact they had access to my account or looking at my actual numbers, it gave me a sense of trust in what they were doing. >> reporter: aaron hines says he was moments away from making a payment over the phone to a scammer, promising to forgive close to $12,000 of his student
3:53 pm
loans. >> i was absolutely terrified when i called my wife and we figured out that i had gotten scammed. >> reporter: luckily that call to his wife saved him. though the scammers managed to access his fsa account and change the password, he hasn't noticed any fraudulent activity sense. >> i always touted you can't scam me, but this one came close. >> reporter: the only safe place is the website where applications are live. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> just that one government site. when we come back, carrying on a tradition, the heart carrying on a tradition, the heart felt reason why this peaceful state. full plate. wait, are you my blind date? dancing crew. trip for two. nail the final interview. buy or lease? masterpiece. inside joke. artichoke. game with doug. brand new mug. come here, kid. gimme a hug. the more you want to do, the more we want to do.
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there's good news tonight on this halloween eve about the power of family traditions and the unbreakable bond between a dad and his son. >> you can't miss the skeleton, the witches, the pumpkins outside this house in the chicago suburbs. what you may not see, though, is all the hard work and heart that brought it to life. >> this will be the guy that will pop out of the coffin. >> reporter: gavin does all the wiring, the programming, even the welding. >> so, the cylinder will be welded on there. >> reporter: and he's only 11 years old. welding? that's pretty impressive. >> yeah, i was a little unsure about it at first. >> reporter: gavin doesn't just do it for the love of the holiday but also for the love of his dad. >> reporter: was it a real special thing for you and your dad? >> yeah. >> reporter: gavin and
3:57 pm
his dad, jeff, went all in every halloween, putting up huge decorations. jeff has always loved the holiday. you and your husband got engaged on halloween? >> we got engaged on halloween night? >> reporter: but this april, jeff passed away. at first denise wanted to skip halloween decorating at all. but then she realized gavin needed this. >> reporter: do you think gavin needed to get back out there to work through his grief. >> the morning jeff passed away, gavin went outside and wanted to start putting some halloween out. so, it was just his way to connect with what was going on. so, i think halloween just makes him feel closer to jeff. >> this is part of his way of honoring his dad. >> it is. >> reporter: gavin built a display so inventive, crowds come from nearby towns to see it. it even got the attention of daniel
3:58 pm
suarez at the local home depot. he lost his own dad this year. he called gavin up and offered up the store. >> i said, fill up this cart with whatever you want. >> reporter: the house serving as gavin's gift to the community. >> what makes it worth to you, gavin? >> seeing people enjoy it. >> reporter: and history butte to his dad? think he would think of it? >> oh, he would be so proud. so proud. >> gavin is already planning next year's halloween display. that is "nbc nightly news" on this sunday. stay right here for sunday night football beginning immediately after this broadcast. today it's the packers versus the bills. i'm skate
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you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. well, when you see a broken table at orchard park, it can only mean one thing. bills mafia is absolutely ready to roll. and, to be honest, there is


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