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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i am marcus washington. i like that pocket square. >> you can borrow it later. >> it's very cold in some spots, and we have frost advisories and freeze warnings further to the north. all of these areas shaded in blue in the north bay has temperatures dipping quickly, so protect your plants and above-ground pipes and the animals, as they should not be outside in these kinds of temperatures. we are 35 in santa rosa, and it's 39 in dublin. more 30s here that we saw yesterday at this time now that the sky is clearing and we are only heading up a couple degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon, but we are staying in the 50s in san josé and low 60s for parts of the north bay. i will track all of these temperatures and the next chance of rain coming up.
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there's a crash, and we are looking at most of the bay here and a nice and easy drive and the crash is in the north bay on highway 12, and it's eastbound 80 getting away from the cornelia junction. that crash is affecting part of one lane. come into the area also maybe a distraction by road crews, and highway 12 had overnight construction. no slowing shows up on any of the sensors but we are watching the activity. we saw slowing in both directions across the dumbarton bridge. and we will track it. back to you. activity outside the pelosi
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home as house speaker pelosi arrived after spending the day with her husband, paul, as he recovered from the attack. and there's renewed safety about the other politicians as well. >> reporter: the pelosi house was busy. eventually david depape attacked paul pelosi with a hammer. a secret service agent said what capital police have access to is a lot. >> all over the country, many of the protectees have multiple residences, and so the volume we
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are talking about is overwhelming. >> capital police said the cameras are not monitored as when the politician is at the residence. it can be more challenging for security teams as court documents say in this case had more targets. >> if you fast-forward to today, there's thousands and thousands of sites all over the internet, and the volume is just pouring in from not only the u.s. but overseas. >> and the capital police chief was pressed on a specific plan with dealing with it, and he wrote the manner in which the speaker and her family were
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targeted raises questions about those in congress. the speaker, third in line for the presidency, spent most of her evening at sf general where her husband has been recovering. the attack on paul pelosi is causing many to think about it. >> i have had a number of death threats, and protesters have had a pitchfork in front of my home so i am concerned. >> the mayor said the team has made changes to our security protocol. they are not going into detail about what those changes are. a hit-and-run driver arrested. the suspect struck a grandmother and her 3-year-old grandchild.
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>> we remember this horrific scene. an elderly woman alerts drivers she's about to cross, and within seconds an impact launching the grandmother and leaving the child face down. both were left injured and the driver kept going. they have arrested a 20-year-old as a suspect after community members identified the vehicle, and the suspect was arrested on felony hit-and-run but police tell us she's out on bail, and the victims did say they hired an attorney and are feeling relieved because an arrest has been made. take a look at this chart. as of last week, san josé had 55 deadly crashes with 57 victims. 29 of them were pedestrians, and
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eight bicyclists. we saw 47 deadly crashes and only 19 pedestrian victims. to a story that you will only see here on nbc bay area, there's a string of break-ins, and it's possible there are additional reports that are still being processed. a restaurant manager said he saw the whole thing unfold. >> chased them out and by they got there it was too late, they had already broken into several cars. >> he adds numerous cars were broken into. no word on a suspect or suspects. police said it appeared a dark-colored mercedes benz was connected with the break-ins. if you have already casts
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your ballots by mail, and if you have, here are tips on making sure your vote was counted. >> i am jonathan bloom, and here is what to know about how to cast your vote in the mid-term californians were mail, and now it's 90%. if you signed up to vote by mail, you will get your ballot in an envelope that looks like this one, and pages can be long and they are usually double sided. when voting, you should try and not make any mistakes, but in a worst-case scenario and there's no time to get a new one, you can try and x out the mistake and make your choice, and election workers will try and
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figure out what you meant so they can count your vote. the state has a website where you can sign up for text alerts about your ballot. it's .gov. 4:49 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," the new changes users that are verified on twitter can expect to see on their account and how soon. >> and one app is making sur
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good thursday morning. the time is 4:42 and temperatures are dropping quickly. let's head to sonoma. right now, 35 degrees. we will have temperatures very close to freezing in this area where we have a frost advisory in effect. we want to make sure to allow extra time to get out the credit card and scrape off the windshield. we will talk about the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. going high-tech with the card there. everything should be okay, and i will watch for the changes and we will show you what is going on with the business world, we will check in with silvanna.
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>> good morning. wall street is set to open slightly higher after yesterday's volatile session. the markets rising after the federal deserve delivered another interest rate hike, but stocks fell when the fed said it's too soon to talk about the pace and pausing the rates, and that's a signal the fed is committed to stomping out high inflation, and the s&p 500 fell 2% and the nasdaq nearly 3%. in focus today, reports on jobless claims. the services sector, productivity and labor costs, factory orders. google is updating an app so you don't have to have your e-mail account, and you can see your shipping status at the top of the message. it will work with most large
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shippers like fedex and ups. google won't look up tracking numbers unless you want it to. and twitter is charging for verified accounts and the blue checks that go along with them as soon as monday. users who have already verified accounts which include celebrities and government officials will have a grace period before they will need to pay for the badge or lose it, and there's access to the edit button for everybody for free as soon as this week. that could be good. the edit button is a good thing. >> yeah. >> yes, it is. 4:44 for you this morning. our climate in crisis is on the ballot. coming up here on "today in the bay," we will show you how your vote on this year's ballot
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welcome back, folks. looking at the golden gate bridge, a light drive as you would imagine but slowing is showing up on the sensing because one of the two lanes going up in the northbound direction has cones, and that's why we are seeing that coming out of san francisco from time to time. just enough slowing to turn the sensors yellow heading towards marin county. a light drive from santa rosa to
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the golden gate bridge for southbound 101, and along the coast an easy drive as well just slowing out of the altamont pass. we have vasco, the connecter between brentwood and 580, and that looks up to speed. a lot of our temperatures this morning are in the 30s and 40s. the warmest spot on this map is 50 degrees in san mateo and the coolest is 35 in santa rosa as well as napa. we are also seeing upper 30s in the tri-valley as well as the south county, but you may want to head back in and get a heavier jacket. it's going to be nice, heading for 62 in oakland. up and down the peninsula, we are in the upper 50s and low 60s for today. as we go through the forecast we're going to have a chance to dry out. more sunshine in today's forecast as well as tomorrow. then by saturday, especially
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late in the evening, our next storm system will be arriving and this one moves through fairly quickly and reinforcing the shot of cold air and we have a bigger system dropping behind that will keep rain in the forecast from sunday into monday, as well as tuesday and wednesday. we will see another storm system behind that. looks like we are head into busy weather going into november. as far as how much rain we could see, some models over the next week are putting down anywhere from two to three inches of rain, so that could be really significant there with the next storm system coming in and the sierra could also get a heavy amount of snow with possibly close to 70 inches 6 snow in twin bridges in kirkwood which is going to be a boost to the ski season and rainy season. it's a couple days of dry
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weather, only today and tomorrow before we are tracking more rain. it looks like the rain continues off and on as we set our clocks back an hour on sunday morning, and then go into the middle of next week, and it's going to be raining off and on and we are seeing the cool temperatures settling in for san francisco as well. now let's turn to our climate in crisis series. we have a new report from the united nations saying our countries are bending the curve toward lowered greenhouse gas emissions, but plants remain insufficient from temperature goals from rising, and according to the report the world is potentially on track for around a 2.5 degree celsius of warming by 2100. it's time to put our money and votes to companies and leaders
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who are able to keep us with the green initiatives, one official said. >> one of the biggest problems with the way the government works right now is that we are constantly flip-flopping, and there's a regime that supports climate initiatives and another regime that doesn't, and that makes it difficult. and have the clarity of how long programs will be available is important to this industry continuing to grow. >> meeting our climate goals is a race against time, and findings like this one in this latest report could bring about an urgent response to the climate change summit coming up.
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november is alzheimer's awareness month. 1 in 3 of all seniors die with alzheimer's.
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