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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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don't take if allergic to rinvoq... as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. put uc in check and keep it there, with rinvoq. ask your gastroenterologist about rinvoq. and learn how abbvie could help you save. breaking right now at 4:30, looming layoffs at twitter. it will be a tough morning for the social media network employees. as much as half of the staff could be jobless in a matter of hours. some are fighting back with a new lawsuit. plus, tragedy in the east bay. a toddler overdoses on fentanyl. the charges now facing the person involved. laurie smith is found guilty on her corruption trial. ahead, why this may not be her only punishment.
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this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for starting your day with us. 4:30, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at the commute coming up. it is friday. a lot more people on the roads when i was coming in. >> i'll go count them. >> okay. let's get a look at the forecast. it's friday, kari. >> yes, and i like the sweater. a nice little touch. you need that this morning. it is cold as we are starting out once again with some 30s popping up on the map. it is 39 degrees in sonoma and 37 in san martin. 38 in palo alto. i'm just blending in with the map with all of this blue. yeah, it was a morning where i just had to turn on the heater. it got too cold in the house. that's what we're waking up to. we're headed for the mid-60s for today. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday.
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san francisco up to 62 degrees. you're tracking some breaking news. a serious crash. the freeways are moving at speed. from northbound 880 and the san mateo bridge, you will see some flashing lights. i learned from chp all the activity, the very serious activity there, is on the shoulder. the coroner has to arrive on scene before they clear the area. the off ramp is open. a clear roadway and you might want to get to city streets but the off ramp from the northbound side of the nimitz is open. there is a good amount of traffic. all your usual spots. back to you. breaking news we're
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following this friday morning, could be a rough day for workers at san francisco-based twitter. major layoffs are coming. >> at 9:00, they are scheduled to get email that is will go out to those employees. either they will be laid off or they would survive the first round of cuts. this is by new boss elon musk. we are learning of a new class-action lawsuit filed against twitter. a group of employees say the company violated the federal worker adjustment and retraining notification. our scott mcgrew will join us in the next top of the hour with a closer look at that. meantime nbc news has obtained initial email twitter sent to employees telling staff if they still have a job they will get notice through their company email. but if their employment is impacted, that is how twitter put it, they will be notified through their personal email. some tech experts worry twitter will be more dangerous and less trustworthy ahead of the election.
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>> the teams that are working to respond to elections for big events, respond and identify misinformation. it's likely not good for the strength of those efforts. >> not just twitter. lyft announcing it is cutting 13% of its workforce, about 700 employees. lyft executives cited rising insurance costs in a probable recession. another san francisco company opendoor cutting 550 workers. the real estate tech firm says the housing cooldown are to blame. amazon is not laying off people but is announcing a hiring freeze for corporate jobs in the seattle area and the bay area. whether scott peterson gets a new trial will be decided next month. he is asking for a new trial citing efld of juror misconduct in his original case. in 2004 he was convicted of murdering his wife laci peterson and their unborn son, connor.
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he was initially sentenced to death. the california supreme court overturned that ruling in 2020. he is now serving a life sentence. peterson was recently moved from san quentin to mule creek state prison near sacramento. the judge will announce the decision on december 2nd. a livermore father will face a judge. he's facing murder charges for leaving the dangerous drug fentanyl within reach of his 2-year-old daughter who overdosed and died. >> reporter: 22-year-old justin pittman was arrested on wednesday, close to three months after his daughter died while under his care at his home in livermore. back in august police were called to the 200 block of turnstone drive. the call went out as a baby in distress. >> when officers got there, they found a baby who was not breathing. they performed lifesaving measures until paramedics arrived. >> reporter: the toddler died at the hospital. police immediately started their
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investigation. >> detectives interviewed the father and determined that he was the sole caretaker of the baby that day, and he also admitted to detectives he was a fentanyl addict. >> reporter: even with that admission police say they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him. bittman reportedly told police he and his daughter were just taking a nap. investigators had to wait over two months for the toddler's toxicology report before they could charge him. >> once those results revealed that the baby had high toxic levels of fentanyl in her blood, he was booked and charged with homicide. >> reporter: according to city officials, this is the fourth fentanyl-related death in livermore this year. dr. stuart hurd, the school of pharmacy, says fentanyl-related deaths are creating a crisis nationwide. he says it's addictive and deadly. >> it doesn't take very much to
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be harmful and in a much smaller person it will take less to be harmful. it's very powerful. >> reporter: pittman is being held here at the santa rita jail on no bail. he is scheduled to be in court monday to face murder charges. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." a follow-up now, police in atherton finally connecting all the dots in the recent mystery surrounding a car found buried in someone's backyard. contractors first discovered the car last month while doing a renovation for the home's new owners. police quickly ruled out any presence of human remains. they now believe one of the estate's prior owners buried it as part of an insurance fraud scheme, reporting it stolen nearly 30 years ago. the homeowner, johnny lew, was convicted to a similar scheme tied to a sunken yacht. he died in 2015. guilty on all counts. former sheriff laurie smith found guilty on six civil counts of corruption. santa clara county's top cop is barred from holding any future
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office in the future. the former sheriff already took care of that on her own. >> reporter: a 24-year reign ends with sheriff laurie smith being found guilty of corruption and willful misconduct in one of the most unusual trials. >> this is a sad day for law enforcement because when the sheriff is removed from office for wrongdoing, which is really unprecedented, it tarnishes all of us that work in law enforcement. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen says the verdict is a system that holds everyone accountable. the allegations against smith were mostly related to her accepting gifts and showing favoritism to donors when handing out concealed weapons permits. another count of misconduct had to do with her lack of cooperation in the investigation into an inmate who was severely injured while being transported to jail. >> what happened here today, will this impact any of the cases investigated by the
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sheriff's office? >> i don't think so. this was really limited to the conduct of the sheriff and several individuals within the sheriff's office, but not the entire sheriff's office. >> reporter: currently there are two criminal trials pending against sheriff smith's former number two and a captain. both are accused of engaging in a conspiracy to commit briby. >> what information and evidence is obtained during those trials. there might be additional indictments sought against others including the sheriff. >> reporter: smith had tried to prevent any verdict by officially retiring monday and asking the judge to dismiss the case since it was a civil trial, but that request was denied. and the outcome, according to the political analyst, was no surprise. >> what was truly shocking was the strength and the depth of this evidence. this was a classic corruption scheme. there were specific prices negotiated for specific government licenses.
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>> reporter: as for the sheriff's office, they released a statement where they say they respect the jury's decision but clarified one individual's actions don't reflect the department as a whole adding they're looking forward to new beginnings with the incoming sheriff. stephanie magallon for "today in the bay." 4:40 right now. another price hike. the change one big streaming service is making to its app. going touchless. the new payment option merchants using paypal will have.
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happy friday to you. it is 4:42. let's head over to the east bay where it's another cold start. temperatures in the low 40s right now for pleasant hill. as you head out the door you do need the heat on or a heavier jacket. temperatures warming up through late morning. all of us enjoy more sunshine today. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. and we just had no headlights and now headlights. the traffic very light so it did not impact our sensors. a smooth drive out of santa rosa down here. we'll see if there's any build. it's friday. we don't expect there to be one. that's why i'm watching out. good morning. i'm pippa stevens from cnbc. wall street is set to open modestly higher after stocks fell for a fourth day yesterday as investors continue to weigh the federal reserve's latest interest rate hike. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are
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on pace to close out the week with losses. in focus today the october jobs report, future fed rate hikes. economists are forecasting 205,000 jobs were added last month and that an unemployment health study of 3.5%. hulu raised subscription prices from $7 to $8 for the ad-supported version. now the disney owned streaming service is raising prices for hulu and the live tv bundle. the version with ads will cost $75 a month starting in december up from $70 now. people paying for the hulu bundle without ads will have to fork over $83 per month starting december 8 up from $76 per month now. and paypal will make it easier to accept payments right on their iphones. the company's adding support for the tap to pay technology and venmo apps means stores will be able to accept contactless credit or debit cards without an
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external card reader. paypal struck a deal to have venmo added as a payment option on amazon. back to you. >> interesting. thanks, pippa. coming up on "today in the bay" what sources are telling nbc about who
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good friday morning. right now at 4:47 as you're
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getting up and about to head out the door it's another chilly start. as we take a live look outside in san francisco we can see at least here there's no fog, but the clouds have been higher up as we are starting out with some very chilly temperatures and also a mostly clear sky for the inland areas. right now dublin dropping down to 39 degrees. it is 41 in vacaville and 40 in livermore and sonoma. it's 40 right now, we could see upper 30s in scotts valley. 43 in fremont. a nice recovery there. and 68 degrees in novato. we'll see also upper 60s for the south county. and tonight i know there will be some clouds coming in but maybe you'll get a peek of the meteor shower. you may see about five meteors per hour if the sky is clear where you are. we will see that possibly
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extending into the next several days but this is also what's going to be covering our sky over the next several days as well. looking at this long line of all of this tropical moisture streaming in to the pacific northwest and it's going to slowly make its way down the coast into the bay area as we get our firstaturday with some light, spotty rain, and then starts to fill in as we go into saturday afternoon into the evening. so if you will have or if you do have plans to be outside, you might want to make sure you keep that nbc bay area app close by so that you can get some alerts as the rain moves in. there will be more widespread rain as we head into sunday as well as monday. in all, it looks like some of our models are putting down some pretty high amounts of rainfall anywhere from about three-quarters of an inch of rain to possibly over 2 inches of rain in spots. we could see a big dumping of sierra snow with a couple of
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feet possible over the next several days. so pretty busy weather here as we go from late saturday all the way through wednesday. it's just going to be off and on and, of course, we'll remind you to set your clock back one hour on sunday morning. mike, you're still tracking that crash? i am, kari. the first one was the deadly crash reported here. a person has died as a result. as far as traffic goes the off ramp remains open so there's activity on the shoulder. if that's your exit, that's an issue. the rest of the bay not showing a lot of slowing. two more incidents in the oakland area. westbound 24 and your commute direction we have a crash reported around 580. everything got off to just the fast lane area so right near the center divide. there may need to be a traffic break. disabled vehicle getting away from the bay bridge eastbound 80 is not an issue as far as speeds go so a smooth drive both directions between the carquinez and bay bridge. back to you.
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>> thanks, mike. new details on the hammer attack of nancy pelosi's husband inside their san francisco home. we're learning that the person who actually opened the door when officers arrived and what happened after that. as "today in the bay's" gia vang tells us, paul pelosi is home for the first time after the attack. >> reporter: we only knew someone opened the door at the pelosi home for responding officers. now we're learning who that was and what happened immediately after. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband paul is home for recovery. he spent six days at sf general after david depape broke in and attacked him with a hammer. new details are emerging about that morning. sources familiar with what happened at the pelosi home tell nbc news responding officers say the front door was opened by mr. pelosi who then began walking several feet towards depape and away from police. the sources say it's unclear if mr. pelosi was already injured or what his mental state was.
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>> i'm relieved paul has been discharged from the assault. >> reporter: south bay representative zoe lofgren wrote a letter demanding answers. the speaker is third in succession. >> if you take a look at the level of protection the speaker and her family are receiving compared to what the current or any vice president receives, it doesn't really add up. >> reporter: lofgren says some republicans are at fault for fueling rhetoric. >> i'm not suggesting the attack was intended by the republican leadership, but their failure to condemn that rhetoric helps create the environment that allows it to flourish. >> i find the whole thing rich. >> reporter: john dennis, chairman of the san francisco republican party. he hopes depape is swiftly dealt with without finger pointing. >> the fact that this person wouldn't really know what his
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politics were, but we do have a sense there is serious mental illness in his life. so i think it's unfortunate some of these people have taken this direction. >> reporter: the speaker finding a different direction with a statement thanking those who helped in her husband's recovery. the san francisco d.a. is asking depape be held in jail until trial. gia vang, "today in the bay." 4:53 right now. doorbell security video here shows a surprising guest in a peninsula neighborhood. a mountain lion was prowling the street. quite surprising. it actually happened a couple nights ago around dinner time in redwood city. the family said they've been outside their home moments before the big cat managed to stroll by. do you see it there? big cat. coming up, an all new comedy lineup, we could all use a
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