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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 7, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PST

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if you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the american dream, then this tuesday, you must vote republican in a giant red wave >> kind of slash and burn politics that we're seeing right now. that doesn't have to be who we are. we can be better and it has nothing to do by the way with political correctness or being too woke. >> the heavy hitter is trying to close the deal as americans prepare to cast their ballots
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tomorrow >> we've also got the latest nbc news polls that throw shows us what americans are thinking as they head to the polls. >> should schools surround themselves with put proof equipment as well as arming administrators and teachers? criticism grows on a number of fronts and elon musk reacts to it all. a group of high school students in texas may be forced to retake the s.a.t.s after tests fly out the window of a ups truck. and meet the energetic 8-year-old who wanted an xbox so badly, he put a resume together and got a job to earn it you're going to love this kid. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm erin o'hearn. >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera we're down to the final 24-hour sprint to the midterm elections, and voters seem very motivated nationally, over 41 million americans have voted early either in person or using mail-in ballots. that breaks the 2018 record of
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39 million but based on a new nbc survey, the overall voter turnout this year may fall below the 2018 midterm records. brie jackson joins us now from d.c. and brie, good morning party leaders on both sides are doing everything they can to boost enthusiasm in this final stretch. >> good morning, frances that's right three presidents, past and present all converged on pennsylvania president biden reunited with former president barack obama. they joined forces to campaign for john fetterman and josh shapiro, who are running for senate and governor, while mr. trump give his support to their republican challengers, mehmet oz and doug mastriano. obama and biden continue to warn about threats to democracy >> i understand that democracy might not seem like a top priority right now, especially when you're worried about paying the bills. but when true democracy goes away, we've seen throughout
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history, we've seen around the world. when true democracy goes away, people get hurt. it has real consequences >> if you all show up and vote, democracy is sustained this is not a joke this is not hyperbole. for the second time, this is not a joke it matters it's in your hands >> trump held a rally in miami overnight for senator marco rubio. his closing argument before election day is that the country is currently in a decline. >> if you support the decline and fall of america, then you must good out and vote for the radical left democrats and if you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the american dream, you don't hear too much about the american dream over the last two years, then this tuesday, you must go out and vote republican. >> president biden will spend the last day before the electioe
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and president trump will hold a rally for j.d. vance and that ohio race could determine which party gains control of the u.s. senate frances? >> here we go. brie, thank you. >> well, if the latest nbc polls are any indication, tomorrow's election could be one for the history books. richard lui is here with a closer look. and richard, there is a lot at stake this week to say the least. what are some of the biggest issues driving voters to the ballot box. >> good morning to you as well down to the 20-hour sprint that you were talking about at the moment what are the big issues that get voters to polls right now? that's the key all of the early voting is done right now. the economy we've talked about so many times. that's the big one on the economy right now you see big, big, big. 81% of voters are very or somewhat dissatisfied. just 19% are very or somewhat satisfied there. that helps get republicans
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this issue right here about the economy, two polling places. independence as well the swing voters it's the opposite, though, for democrats when it comes to this particular situation that's especially true when we look at specific messages that voters are trying to send with their vote top of the list, fix the economy. you can see it right here. and reduce the cost of living. but look at these three messages here more bipartisanship, be more effective, productive. honesty and integrity, those issues, well, that means they want congress to get working now women's rights also in the top five here you see when it comes to what message they want to send. now to voters' ideal candidates. 50% said the candidates position on abortion, threats to democracy, voting and the cost of living, you can hear the thematic here, were top of mind. that's 50% this is mostly a democratic message on the top 44% here are watching the position on crime, border issues
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and cost of living you hear it again. this largely a republican message. then finally for you, you're mentioning enthusiasm. got to get these folks who have not voted early to the polls right now. in october, our nbc news poll showed a 9 percentage advantage for republicans. however, in november, it is dead even here between the two. the two parties now have zero difference in enthusiasm so erin and frances, all of these issues trying to get those final voters to the polls. >> yeah. we'll see what happens tomorrow. thank you so much, richard well, frances? >> now to iran, who for the first time admitted they supplied russia with drones. the country's foreign minister told reporters that they gave russia a limited number of drones and said they were delivered before the invasion of ukraine. the statement prompted robert mali, the u.s. special enjoy for iran to accuse him of lying. he claims that dozens of iranian
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drones were transferred to russia as recently as this summer russia has been using drones loaded with explosives to attack civilian targets and energy infrastructure in ukraine. elon musk announcing in a series of tweets sunday that any twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying parody will be permanently suspended. he added that there no longer will be a warning before suspension, and it will be a condition when signing up for twitter blue this came as the same day comedian kathy griffin's account was suspended after she changed her user name to elon musk she tweeted under his name, mocking musk and urging americans to vote for democrats in the midterm election tuesday in order to preserve abortion right. >> hours later, griffin appeared to be using her mother, maggie griffin's account, firing off a series of tweets at musk including one that says i'm back from the grave to say #free kathy. and after laying off nearly half
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the company in the wake of his $44 billion acquisition, bloomberg is reporting that musk is reaching out to dozen of the employees and asking them to return the reporting is based on two unnamed sources familiar with twitter's situation. the sources said some of the workers were laid off by mistake and others were let go before management realized their work experience would be needed to build new features musk has planned. well, a school district in missouri is taking a new step to protect children from school shooters this is where we are, bulletproof furniture. alex fees of kdfk reports. >> and this one is courthouse in wisconsin. >> reporter: while interviewing executive wood products founder paul alexander at his sullivan office, i noticed something in the background. >> we practice what we preach. this is a police shotgun on the left that happens to be a henry 17 caliber rifle on the right.
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>> reporter: zander is packing heat >> i wear a gun every day. this is a kimber micro380. >> reporter: his goal, to arm school districts with equipment to protect students and staff from active shooters >> we've shot it and nothing came through completely safe. >> in the case of an active threat, as the police officer can be behind this as he approaches the threat and protect himself. >> this one was shot, you can see all the different weapons we've shot it with 40 caliber, 9 millimeter, ak 47. >> and hes that calibers to make the case. >> this is a machine gun this is what the steel actually looks like, and the two indissensions are ak-47 and 308 which is much more powerful. and when the projectile goes in, the material actually absorbs the project tile it guess in and hits the steel >> listen to land's answer when i asked him what school
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districts does business with >> i'm not going to tell you the names of any of the schools that buy our products because i don't want anyone to know where they are. i want them to be as innocuous as possible. i want the active shooter to think that he can shoot through them, because that's what saves lives. >> right because that gives the schools an advantage. >> exactly it provides a workstation for an individual it could be a sro or a marshall in a courthouse. >> reporter: alexander showed us a full-sized bulletproof version of a lectern. >> in a test, we shot it 48 times with an ak-47 and it never penetrated. >> our thanks to alex for that report after a weekend of record heat we are looking at a parade of storms in the west. let's turn to michelle >> great to see you. we're looking at mountain snow could see up to 4 feet in some spots. also heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding. winds gusting up to 65, 70 miles
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per hour this is what it looks like on radar. you're seeing the blue here. the snow falling the grown is the rain. the brighter colors, the yellow, the reds we will see heavier rain in california today and tomorrow too. and a mix where you see the pink and purple we're going continue to see that once again this week with a series of cold fronts moving onshore. that's going to bring the snow, also the wind up to 65 miles per hour i'm a little concerned about the flash flooding, especially in portions of california, seeing the heavy rain and snow falling as well. we do have winter alerts in place where you see the white, that is your winter weather advisory we have a winter storm watch in the blue and we also have the chance for some flooding rains as well. wind alerts because we're going to see winds gusting
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scattered showers, even a thunderstorm in portions of southern texas all right. your election day forecast is coming up. >> very important to hear that one. thank you, michelle. fast forwarding into your monday, the powerball jackpot soared to a record $1.9 billion after saturday's drawing make sure you get your tickets before tonight's drawing at 11 p.m. eastern time. time to celebrate in houston, the astros beat the phillies to capture their second world series title that afternoon the city will host a championship parade >> all 30 teams will play tonight. each game will be staggered 15 minutes apart starting with the wizards and hornets at 7:00 p.m. eastern. "early today" will be right back wish your car's air freshener didn't start so strong and then fade too soon? try febreze car vent clips. unlike other fresheners, febreze releases a consistent amount of scent, day after day, for 40 days. won't overwhelm. won't fade away. febreze car. love it or
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cholesterol than dietary supplements a new study has found. researchers at a cleveland clinic looked at four weeks' worth of health data for 190 people between the ages of 40 and 75 they include six common over-the-counter supplements to statins prescribed by a doctor and found nearly 40% decrease in ldl cholesterol with a statin and none with placebos taking the s.a.t.s wasn't stressful enough, many seniors at el paso high school in texas may have to retake the exam after, get this, test papers flew out of a ups truck. the district told nbc affiliate ktsm tv that all but 55 tests were recovered college board, the organization that administered the exams says it is working with the school to provide options for the impacted students it is unclear how the tests came loose.
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up says has apologized and they're still working to recover as many missing tests as possible katie ledecky broke a record for the second time in a week in indianapolis on saturday. the three-time olympic 800 meter champion clocked in at 7:57.42 seconds this saturday before ledecky took nearly 10 seconds off the short course world record in a 1500 meter free. >> a lot of sports going on this weekend. still to come, bring on the upsets we'll tackle a chaotic week 9 in the nfl. and go getter to the resume. meet this 8-year-old on the hunt for a job so he can buy an xbox. ? -oh, um... -uhhh... a k-pop band? i have no idea. vms? i've never heard... i don't know. what if i told you it actually has to do with menopause? ohhh menopause...yay. well then, maybe i'd say... very malicious sweat. actually, vms stands for vasomotor symptoms
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the left side. second and goal, and it's henry walking into the end zone. >> derrick henry ran the titans into the lead on subpoenaed
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night football but in the fourth quarter, it was time future a classic patrick mahomes meback mahomes brought the field goal completed the comeback kansas city win, 27-17 the bills phenom was picked off twice. new york moved within a half game of the afc east lead with a hard fought win, 20-17 >> that was a great game bears quarterback justin field found his groove on the ground, running for 178 yards and a touchdown. that breaks michael vick's 20-year qb record. but the story of the game was tua tagovailoa his three touchdown performance lifted the dolphins over the bears in a thriller, 35-32 quarterback excellence is the name of the gym sunday patrick mahomes led the game while justin fields had the most yards on the ground by anyone in week nine. athletes from across the
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world gather to take on two 26.2 in the big apple the 51st annual new york city marathon was in full swing with nearly 50,000 competitors running the citywide course. you've got evans chebet from kenya who took home the men's professional race, crossing the finish line just over two hours. and also from kenya, sharon okedi earned the top prize for her 2 hour and 23-minute time. all right. michelle is tracking a wave of storms coming up next and dolly's got a coat of many colors and new chords that scream guess what? rock 'n roll we'll be right back. ♪♪ so they can enjoy more visits. ♪♪ have more meet and greets. and have less to worry about. with the new law, 4 out of 5 customers can find a plan for $10 a month or less with financial help.
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copper state just after 5:00 a.m. unlike a solar eclipse, this astronomical event is safe to watch with the naked eye. >> good news we're up back to michelle for another look at the day's weather. hi, michelle >> not only are we up, we're well into our day. at least we get to say we each get a camera heavy snow falling in the northwest. we're looking at up to four feet of snow in some spots. and heavy rain that could lead the localized flooding winds gusting to 75 miles per hour sunny conditions in the central planes although cooler, temperatures in the 50s. could see a couple isolated showers and thunderstorms in portions of texas. same story in portions of florida. otherwise, it's all about record warmth this the east temperatures in the 70s and 80s that warmth is going to continue for election day sunny and warm throughout the tennessee valley, the midwest. portions of the great lakes. we're looking at the heavy snow also continuing in the northwest. back to you guys >> thank you, michelle meet the 8-year-old boy who is leveling up his pursuit for a
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febreze air. she is a rock star now country legend dolly parton was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame this weekend. she closed out the show with a new rock song and revealed she'll be putting out a rock album. this year's inductees with a very diverse class including pat benatar, duran duran, lionel richie and judas priest just to name a few and this is a story i'll be showing my children. an 8-year-old in kentucky is putting in the work for a new xbox drafted a resume to try to land a job of his own without telling
3:57 am
his parents. from our lexington affiliate, kristen edwards has the story. >> anybody know watching this, put a thumbs up to me and say i know him and you'll know me when you know me. >> reporter: 8-year-old nash johnson is an energetic kid who knows what he wants. >> i just want to find my friends on xbox who play xbox. >> reporter: but to get an xbox, he needed some green to get that, he needed a job >> phone numbers, email that you filled out. >> reporter: he hopped online and filled out an application future a dishwasher. >> that had to be the easiest job. also, i'm very good at washing the dishes. >> reporter: one small problem with his plan, though is you got to be 16 to work for drake's that is unless you can find a loophole >> he said you're under 18. >> yes and it didn't ask me the actual age or when i was born, so i put i was under 18. >> that kid is not afraid to
3:58 am
fail he is a go getter. >> reporter: mom belinda had no idea he was going send that application. but in a way, it's not all that surprising >> financial literacy is really important in our household. >> reporter: nash has jars at home where he learns to save, give and spend getting the job at drake's was how we was going get more cash in the spend jar he said i can get more money getting a job. that's going to get me more money than the chores at home the $5 a week gets me. >> reporter: they did invite him to orientation he got that xbox he had been dreaming about
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