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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 7, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>> most
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concerned about while 23% said threats to democracy sichlt the fed has been focused that. and the polls shows democrats have caught up with republicans when it comes up with interest to thee these elections. brie, good morning, party leaders are doing everything in this final stretch. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, fran sechlts three
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presidents past and present all converged on pennsylvania. president biden reunited with former president barack obama and they campaigned for john fetterman and josh shapiro obama and biden continued to warn about threats to democracy. >> i understand that democracy might not seem like a top priority right now, especially when you're worrying about paying the bills, but when true democracy goes away, we've seen throughout history, we've seen around the world, when true democracy goes away, people get hurt it. has legal consequences. >> when you all show up and evoke, democracy sustained this is not a joke, not hyperbole. it's not a joke. it matters it's in your hand.
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>> reporter: and former president trump held a rally overfight for markoco rubio he said the country is in a decline. >> you must go out and vote for the left radical democrats if you want to destroy it and if you want to stop the destruction and save the american dream -- you don't hear too much about the american dream over the last two years -- then this tuesday, you must go out and evvote republican. >> reporter: former president trump will hold a rally for ohio senate candidate jd advance. that ohio race could determine which party controls the u.s. senate frances? >> brie, thank you. we'll see if that voter enthusiasm will translate to turnout tomorrow at the polls. let's bring in richard lui to
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take a closer look if voting is any indication, it really could be a historic day. >> this could be a historic day. erin, frances, it set the record for early voeping. a whopping seven out of ten voters did it early thchlt year with 19 hours to go before the polls cloes close, 41 million americans have mailed in or done early in-person voting the previous record was 39 million. that was set in 2018 so the question might be, does this translate to a haier total turnout come tuesday maybe not. based on nbc news survey, the total votes this midterm could land below 2018's by as much as 20 million. here's another thing to look at earl voting by party
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45% are democrat, 35% are republican this number is low for republicans. now many republicans vote day of as opposed to their early voting habits it's, if you will, switched in these recent years last-minute stuffing my republicans, that may be mor voo voting places when you talk about republicans. women outperforming men in early voting, 53%. interesting here, in the past, this was good, a good sign in past elections for democrats it was a plus d. that was because of donald trump's unfavorable at the time. given he's not on this year's ballot, does that shift this time around around is it instead a plus for ours? why? you might also add in higher prices, the inflation, economy, those pocketbook issues might
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mean women lean right this time around then there's the early vote by age group. we've been watching it very closely. almost half are what you might expect here, and they're 65 or older, but young voters are what we're also watching. they remain late in early voting look at this it's typical given that in previous midterms, low is what we've seen frances and erin, why isn't this higher given the convenience of early mail-in voting options >> we'll have to see when we delve into this in the next coming days. let's ask you this, richard. what are early voting numbers looking like in key states as far as the senate because that's what so many people are watching. >> balance of power in the senate key state georgia, georgia now at 2.5 million this is an all-time record georgia, georgia, georgia is what you might be saying for the
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midterms and the presidential. it still could go higher, says the secretary of state this could mean a bump for democrats with tight senate gubernatorial content ahead. why? when you look at this, they're at plus eight in early voting. all right. we saw how all the presidents were in pennsylvania let's talk about pennsylvania for a moment this number of 1 million early votes, we'll see how that turns out. the key vote, they have cast their ballot in the swing states both parties, presidents biden, obama, and trump, they're all there. young voters, they agree with this they've nearly tripled their voting in the state since early 2018 one last point, a resounding 50 percentage-point advantage for
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dem krocrats in early voting that might mean they have an advantage there. >> we'll know soon enough as we gear up. richard lui for us, thank you so much. we're going to headover to michelle grossman for the weather. >> we're going to do that in a second, but let's first talk about football because that's important especially coming from the weekend. there was a wild week night in the nfl. >> left side he's walking into the end zone. >> derrick henry ran the titans into the lead, but in the fourth quarter, it was time for a classic patrick mahomes comeback mahomes brought the chiefs in overtime kansas city wins 20rks-17. tom brady adding another accolade to his storybook career he's the first quarterback to throw for 1,000 passing yards. he lifted the buccaneers past the rams, 16-13.
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it wasn't all rosy for josh allen in the meadowlands new york moved within a half gain of the afc lead with a first fought win, 20-17. bengals running back joe mixon found the end zone early and often against the panthers mixon scored first half touchdowns and they win, 42-21. justin fields found his groove on the ground running for 478 yards and a touchdown. that breaks michael vicks 20-year qb record. but the key story of the game was tua tagavailoa his performance lifted the dolphins over the bears in a thriller, 35-32. quarterback skblens was the name of the game on sunday. patrick mahomes led the weekend in passing yards while justin fields had the most yards on the ground by anyone in week nine.
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and now nation car has a new winner, joey logano won his fourth race on sunday, setting off three others it's the second championship for logano the 32-year-old last captured nascar's biggest prize in 2018. and katie ledecky broke a short course world record for the second time in just a week this time she took down the 800-meter freestyle record at a world meet in indianapolis on saturday the three-time 800-meter championship clocked in with the win. on saturday she took nearly 10 seconds off the world course record in the 1500-meter free. another reason to set your alarms if you want to catch this, the blood moon is kicking
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off its return it will be the last one until 2025 it will start at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow and reach its full copper state after 5:00 a.m. unlike a solar eclipse, it's safe to watch with the naked eye. and there are storms brewing out west let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman. i was so excited to see her earlier i jumped the gun. >> that's all right. wake me up a bit we're waking up with heavy rain falling, some snow falling you could see up to 4 feet of snow in some spots winds gusting up to 70 miles an hour you're already seeing that on radar. you see the snow falling it's a series of cold fronts onshore as we go throughout the week widespread wind will cause some damage also higher elevation snow anywhere from 2 to 12 inches you could see 4 feetn some ind g
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for showers in the southern plains all right, your election day forecast is coming up. >> that is very, very important. thank you, michelle. many seniors at el paso, texas, may have to retake their test after the test papers flew out of a u.p.s. truck. all but 55 tests have been recovered. so the college board said it was working with the school to provide options for the impacted students it's unclear how the tests came loose. u.p.s. has apologized and they're working to recover as many missing tests as possible those poor kids. that's a lot of stress.
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and that means less candy posing as vitamins. new chapter. that's wellness, well done. new this morning, elon musk announcing in a series of tweet this sunday that any twitter handles engaging impersonation without specifying parody will be permanently suspended there will no longer be a warning and it will be a condition when signing up for twitter blue this came the same day after kathy griffin changed her name to elon musk and was mocking musk >> hours later griffin appeared to be using her mother, maggie griffin's account firing off a series of tweeting from elon musk to say i'm back from the
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grave to say #freekathy. a researchers at the cleveland clinic looked at four weeks worth of health data for 190 people between the ages of 40 and 75 with no history of cardiovascular disease they compared six common over the dose statins to low-dose statins prescribed by a doctor they found no significant decrease with supplements or placebos. salt-n-pepa are pushing it to the hollywood walk of fame. >> it goes to show you we've got a stamp in the earth. >> it's the first time the group has been together since cinderella in 2019
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at 7:00 p.m. eastern. wall street sets its eyes on washington ahead of the midterms stocks were volatile after fed chair jerome powell announced another rate hike, and now all eyes are on election day tuesday. cnbc's karen tso has more. karen, what are investors thinking about this election >> erin and frances, good morning to you certainly we're setting up for an interesting week. a lot of fed speerks and cpi important for the market there could be ripples from the midterm elections. so far the market is looking at the momentum of republicans and believe any split outcome could mean gridlock and that is potentially good news for some of the big stocks out there that have been under pressure all this year. effectively no policy change is good news for policy equity trade trades overall in particular for technology, gridlock could be in no further regulation with those big names that have been beaten up particularly last week one of the challenges is around
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the federal debt limit raising the ceiling leading to potential u.s. default that's a problem for markets but when it comes to a broad-based republican sweep, look out for some stocks in particular that could see more defense spending especially the traditional oil and gas stocks clean air has also been hard hit. that could be a pause for clean energy and also a pause for cannabis back to you. >> thank you very much i appreciate that. all right, michelle is tracking some rain from out west. and from best friends to family an incredible sty w orhoa dna test forever changed the lives of two friends t. ♪♪ so they can enjoy more visits. ♪♪ have more meet and greets. and have less to worry about. with the new law, 4 out of 5 customers can find a plan for $10 a month or less with financial help.
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warmth in the east records broken with 80-degree weather in some spots. we're going to see warm conditions in sunny tennessee tomorrow as well back to you guys. up next, two friends and their unbreakable connections thanks to a dna test had visibly-better skin from dry to moisturized in just 12 days. be fearless wi■th olay hyaluronic body wash and body lotion. dishes still coming out dirty? it may be your detergent. only cascade uses dawn... as a built-in pre-rinse system. it rehydrates dried on food... ...lifts it off... ...and breaks it down. doing the pre-rinse for you. cascade platinum. scrape, load, done. when you can't sleep... try zzzquil pure zzzs gummies. from the world's #1 sleep aid brand. its special formula helps you fall asleep naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before. when do you spray febreze air? after every flush. in my kitchen, febreze tackles my toughest odors.
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after vacuuming, because fresh means clean. i spray every chance i get. starts working instantly to freshen any room. febreze air. now to a family reconnected by a dna test. two best friends both adopted from the dominican republic found out they're sisters. priscilla thompson has the incredible reunion. >> reporter: a reunion more than three decades in the making on an island 1,500 miles from where julia calls home julia flew from connecticut to the dominican republic for just
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that >> and i was fine until i saw my family standing out of the doors, and i looked and i saw my dad. and i'm not a crier usually, but when i saw him, i just started crying. >> reporter: the moment she met her biological father for the first time in her life by her side, cassandra madison, the newfound sister who inspired the journey. our nbc afill vt wvit has followed their story. >> to see our dad just light up, it's amazing. >> reporter: cassie and julia met while both worked at a new haven restaurant in 2013. >> i have the dominican republic flag tattooed on my arm. julia walks by and goes, oh, i'm from dominican republic too. >> reporter: both were adopted from the dominican republic and grew up in connecticut kathy took a dna test.
4:28 am
a year later she reunited with her father in the dominican. >> i remember asking my dad if he had put another little girl up for adoption. it looks like somebody took the wind out of him. >> reporter: it turns out he had. cassie began urging julia to take the dna test too. >> i hopped in the car with a 23andme kit and shoved it in her face and told her she had to do it >> reporter: the results stunning julia frantically shared with kathy to show her the news. >> the results are in. i said, okay, what are they. she said, i am, in fact, your biological sister. t we started crying. >> reporter: the two are sisters. julia danced with her dad, shared a meal with her family, and rode dirt bikes around the island their biological mother died of a heart attack in 2015.
4:29 am
>> the first time in 35 years that our father has had all of his nine kids together a holy-cowmoment. >> reporter: making up for lost time and creating memories that they hope will last a lifetime priscilla thompson, nbc news. >> wow when you're linked like that, the bond, there's no denying it. >> what a story. and all nine kids
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right now at 4:30, filling in the planks to a tragic discovery. a small sense of closure for the family of a woman who disappeared nearly one year ago in the east bay. on the heels of twitter another tech giant may be ready to drastically cut its workforce details coming and the likely time line. and tracking a storm.
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meteorologist vianey arana has an hour-by-hour time line this is "today in the bay" streaming


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