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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 15, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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votes he'll need it comes as mr. trump speaks tonight after another candidate he endorsed loses and for the first time his potential 2024 rival florida governor ron desantis responding to mr. trump's recent attacks. also tonight, poland saying a russian-made missile landed in its territory as russia launches an attack on ukraine. new developments in the shooting on the uva campus that killed three football players. the head coach speaking out will the team still play on saturday and the suspect's father, what he has revealed about his son. the murder mystery at the university of idaho, four students found dead off campus. what police revealed today in the hunt for the killer. inside the children's hospital overwhelmed by rsv and the cdc's new warning for older adults. and the frenzy for tickets to taylor swift's new tour crashing
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ticketmaster's website. the outrage from fans and how swift is changing the ticket game >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone a republican party left in the depths of recrimination and soul searching after last week's underwhelming results finds itself at a crossroads tonight facing both its past and its future this evening former president trump hoping to rekindle the fire that launched him into the white house six years ago announcing his third bid for the presidency at the same moment republicans standing at the cusp of winning control of the house needing only two seats, races still being counted to cement a slim but real gop majority tonight republicans already taking critical first steps towards governing and who will lead them garrett haake is following it for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight nbc news projecting republicans are within two seats of taking control of the house
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closing in on what would be a major midterm victory for the gop. their majority likely much smaller than expected and would end two years of unified democratic control of congress and the white house. house republicans today nominating kevin mccarthy for speaker to replace nancy pelosi. >> we are prepared to lead regardless of the size of the majority. >> reporter: but the midterms also left democrats in control of the senate regardless of the outcome of next month's runoff in georgia and winning key governors races including in arizona where nbc news now projects democratic katie hobbs defeated trump backed candidate kari lake. and now the stage is set at mar-a-lago for an election announcement nearly two years in the making former president trump expected to make official his third bid for the white house. mr. trump telegraphing launch of this campaign for months. >> we are going to take back that big, beautiful, magnificent white house. i will very, very, very probably do it
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again. okay very, very, very probably. >> reporter: but just as mr. trump is set to make his announcement, another potential republican presidential contender making headlines with a not so subtle shot at the former president. florida governor ron desantis was asked about trump's recent attack against him. >> there it is, trump at 71, ron desanctimonious at 10%. >> reporter: desantis highlighting his 19-point landslide victory. >> when you are leading, getting things done, yeah, you take incoming fire that's just the nature of it. and at the end of the day i would just tell people to go check out the scoreboard from last tuesday night. >> reporter: one gop senator now describing desantis as, quote, the leader the republican party whether he wants to be or not as some republicans blame mr. trump and candidates he backed in critical states for worse than expected midterm results, including losses in key senate races in pennsylvania, new hampshire, arizona, and nevada
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>> it's like the aging pitcher who keeps losing games if we want to win, we need a different pitcher on the mound. >> reporter: others remain supportive of the former president. >> well, we will listen and see what he says tonight i think we accomplished a lot of good things when donald trump was president and if he is the nominee i will support him. >> reporter: now as republicans reel from a red wave that never materialized signs of a reckoning in the senate with florida senator rick scott challenging mitch mcconnell for his job leading the party. >> that will not be the only challenge to republican leadership in congress? >> reporter: that's right. kevin mccarthy who embraced mr. trump is also facing a challenge as is mitch mcconnell, who tried to distance himself. both are projecting confidence the challenges themselves show the deep divisions within the republican party about how to move forward into 2024. lester. >> thanks. nato will hold an emergency meeting of
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nato ambassadors tomorrow on a tense situation developing in poland where the foreign minister just announced two people were killed after a russian-made missile fell just inside the polish border. the u.s. says it does not have confirmation of that. it happened after a series of russian missile strikes inside ukraine. richard engle has late details. >> reporter: russia's wrath after a public humiliation following ukraine's success taking been kherson, a wave of airstrikes tonight, one hitting this residential building in kyiv and causing alarm, reports there was a possible russian strike across the polish border, though no confirmation the polish government says it's investigating an explosion that killed two people poland is a member of nato and the polish national security council has called an emergency meeting. russia denied any involvement in missile strikes near the polish border and tonight this from the
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state department. >> we can't confirm the reports or any of the details at this time. >> reporter: in ukraine russia targeted power facilities and caused widespread blackouts russia fired roughly 100 missiles across six regions in an apparent coordinated strike on infrastructure ukraine's president zelenskyy shaking his fist and vowing we will survive everything in kherson the price of victory is now bread lines in a city ukraine says the russians deliberately damaged before their forced retreat no power, no water, but it's being repaired quickly and spirits are high daniel, a commando, was one of the first troops to plant the ukrainian flag back here and he is still fighting do you think the russians are going to company back >> they don't have enough gun power, they don't have power at all. whatever they are planning, they will be crushed. >> reporter: as russia renews long-range
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strikes ukrainian forces are trying to capitalize on their momentum and tonight are on the offensive lester. >> richard engle, thank you. the white house says president biden has been briefed on those reports from poland as he takes part in the g20 meeting in bali. kelly o'donnell is there. kelly, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, that polish incident rose to needing the president's attention. he was on the phone with nato ally polish president duda before the sun came up here on what is wednesday morning. then a call to the nato secretary-general. and the president's national security advisor was working the phones overnight trying to determine what u.s. officials say is the ground truth. they say that russia has a poor track record on precision making their culpability seem plausible, but they want the facts today the president is expected to keep his g20 schedule which includes his first meeting with the uk prime minister where russia's war on ukraine is very much a part of the conversation. >> kelly o'donnell,
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thank you. here at home many unanswered questions tonight after that fatal shooting of three members of the university of virginia football team. w possible insight about the suspect. nbc's ryan nobles is there with the latest. >> really tough. >> reporter: tonight the university of virginia football coach and its team still in a state of shock. >> feels like it's a nightmare, to be honest with you and i'm ready for somebody to pinch me and wake me up and say this didn't happen. >> reporter: questions remain about what led to the murders of d'sean perry, lavel davis jr. and devin chandler, all shot and killed on a campus bus monday the suspect 22-year-old christopher darnell jones jr., is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, charged with three counts of second-degree murder his motive an open question, but the suspect's father believes his son was picked on. >> he said some people was picking on him or whatever, he didn't know how to handle it. >> reporter: university officials confirmed joan was
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part of a campus hazing investigation but said the investigation was unresolved can you speak to whether or not the hazing incident that the police department talked about yesterday had anything to do with the football program? >> i'm not aware of anything related to that, and i don't have any details beyond that, but i'm not aware of anything related to that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the team has gone two days without practicing, and is scheduled to play on saturday all this while the campus community continues to mourn the loss of the young men. among them virginia's governor glenn youngkin. >> it's horrific it's truly horrific. as a dad and as a virginian, we're all broken today. >> you are kind of numb. >> reporter: professor jack hamilton taught both devin and lavel describing them as bright lights on and off the field. how will that hit you when you walk into that classroom and see that desk not occupied >> i honestly don't know i'm sure it will be
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devastating. >> reporter: a heartbroken campus still searching for answers. >> as we reported, there were two other victims being treated at the hospital. any update on their conditions >> reporter: there is. it's good news morley morgan was treated and released from the hospital, expected to make a full recovery. michael hollins has und undergone two successful surgeries according to his father and we are told that additional charges have been handed down against the suspect related to the injuries that these victims sustained. >> thank you. another deadly school tragedy involving four students at the university of idaho has left authorities searching for answers and a college community on edge. gadi schwartz has that story. >> reporter: in the small university town of moscow, idaho, a massacre of four college students in the middle of the night so horrific that the coroner is still processing what she
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saw. >> they will be looking under fingernails, doing all sorts of different exams. it was very, very traumatic. >> reporter: the four students and close friends found dead in this home. an autopsy is pending but police say an edged weapon like a knife was used in what they call a targeted attack the friends seen together in this picture posted just hours before their murders. ethan chapin, a triplet from washington, majoring in sport and tourism management in his freshman year featured a loving post writ bin another victim, xana kernodle, who wrote, life is so much better with you in it love you a junior majoring in marketing and worked as server as a local restaurant with victim madison mogen, a senior in marketing. and kaylee goncalves a senior whose family said was the ultimate go-getter and adventurer, heartbroken by the news investigators releasing few details while the mayor telling "the new york times" it may have been a crime of passion. >> every noise, i was like is someone in the house? it's shocking. >> reporter: a grieving college town
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waiting for answers about a murder scene too horrific to believe. now, when it comes to a suspect or a motive at this point police have only said that they do not have anyone in custody but they have reason to believe this was annis lighted targeted attack and they don't think that there is any imminent threat to the public at large. lester. >> all right, gadi schwartz, thank you. in georgia a state judge ruled today that a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy cannot be enforced the so-called fetal heartbeat law took effect this summer after the supreme court struck down roe v. wade. but the judge said it was unconstitutional when it was passed in 2019 because roe was still in effect. in 60 seconds the man accused of attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband in court and the new rsv warning from the cdc for adults as we go inside a busy icu as it tries to cope with the surge. a as it tries to cope with the surgrge. show my asasthma is driven by eosinopophils, which h nucala helelps reduc.
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charged with breaking into the home of house speaker nancy pelosi and attacking her husband making his first appearance today in federal court david depape pleaded not guilty intent of kidnapping and assaulting a family member of a federal official depape has also pleaded not guilty to state charges, including attempted murder. also tonight, the cdc warning the hospitalization rate for seniors with rsv is about ten times higher than usual. it comes as the virus has already hit children hard. gabe gutierrez takes us inside a major children's hospital in boston pushed to the limit. >> reporter: tonight 9-month-old boris is on oxygen and his mother is on edge. did you ever think that rsv would be this serious? >> no, i thought it was a, just a regular cold. >> reporter: she went to urgent care when her son first got sick last week. >> we were told to go to the e to emergency room
6:45 pm
because his oxygen level was dropping. >> reporter: here in boston mass general for children is scrambling to keep up with a wave of respiratory illnesses like rsv, even postponing some elective pediatric medical procedures to free up space. this is normally a general care unit, but because the pediatric icu is so full they have transferred some of those patients here in october, the hospital saw 2,000 positive rsv tests just halfway through november, it's already seen 1,800 what does that signify to you we are in a little bit of a pediatric crisis and it's not quite over yet. >> reporter: lori is a nursing director who worked here 33 years. >> i haven't seen it in my years, starting in october, that we have had this peak of rsv. >> reporter: across the country 25 states plus washington, d.c., are reporting at least three-fourths of their pediatric hospital beds are full. >> scary because you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: her son is just 6 weeks old.
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what would you tell parents who aren't taking rsv seriously >> oh, my gosh i tell them take it super, super, super serious, especially for little ones. >> reporter: any cdc data also shows that the hospitalization rate for rsv among people 65 and older is now about ten times higher than it was pre-pandemic lester. >> all right, gabe gutierrez, thank you. up next, beyonce is making grammy history sharing an all-time record with a familiar face. and how taylor swift is shaking up concert ticket sales is it a sign of chchanges to c come? s lilife's most p precious cocommodity, espepecially whehen you have memetastatic b breast cancnc. whwhen your titime is threreat, espepecially whehen you have memetastatic b breast cancnc. it's hard to o invest in your fufuture. espepecially whehen you have memetastatic b breast cancnc. untitil now. espepecially whehen you have memetastatic b breast cancnc. youngeger women arare living lononger with k kii espepecially whehen you have memetastatic b breast cancnc. when takenen with an a arome inhihibitor in h hr+, her2- - metastaticic brbreast cancecer. kisqalali is a pilill that's proven t to delay her2- - metastaticic brbreast cancecer. didisease progogression. her2- - metastaticic brbreast cancecer.
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nonothing brinings the pacak togegether like a t trip to great t wolf lodgege. now openen in northehern californiaia. the grammy nominees anouned today and ballpark took the lead with nine nominees, mostly for her album "renaissance." in her career beyonce has now received 88 nominees, tying with her husband jay-z as the most nominated artist ever. kendrick lamar was second today with eight nominees adele and brandi carlile received seven. and taylor swift is shaking up ticket sales for her upcoming tour amid massive demand and frustration, ticketmaster says demand was more than twice the hundreds of thousands of tickets sold during a presale that many fans say left them out. stephanie gosk explains. >> reporter: 20 cities
6:51 pm
>> reporter: 20 cities and 52 shows, presale tickets for taylor swift's tour hit the market this morning. as the moment grew near, fans grew restless with only a small number of seats on offer it would be survival of the swiftest ticketmaster handed out access to the easterly seats through the new verified fan system which requires preregistration, special access to maybe get an opportunity to possibly be in a position to still end up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars. the purpose ticketmaster says is to make sure actual fans get tickets, not resalers when the big moment came today, ticketmaster's website crashed, then recovered, but hearts were still broken js i'm i'm getting tickets. the website crashed! >> ticketmaster, please fix this. >> reporter: the company saying there was unprecedented demand with millions showing up to buy tickets pushing another part of the presale to tomorrow. tickets under up with resale with seats as much as $34,000 for
6:52 pm
the show in massachusetts. >> i think it's important to let the frenzy kind of subside a little bit to see where the market shakes out. >> reporter: taylor swift is unique. the pop star turned cultural phenomenon. >> you haven't toured in like four years >> i know. >> we want you to. >> i think i should do it [ cheers and applause >> reporter: but the excitement over the tour comes at a time when music lovers are craving live shows ticket sales for 2022 were up 37% compared to 2019 pre-pandemic >> when you write songs and you are proud of the songs and you have the fans reacting, i really n miss that connection. >> reporter: the swifties miss the connection, too, and they are clamoring to pay for. stephanie gosk, nbc news ♪ and up next, a family affair in the cockpit of a 787 the fatherer and daugughter inspipiring amererica. a 787.. the fafather and daughthter inspiriring
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6:57 pm
crowd, at one of america's busiest airports, a milestone waits in the wings in the air, what will you two be calling each other >> that's a good question. >> refrain from dad, i think. probably sir. >> reporter: at chicago o'hare captain chris bales and first officer ally bales prepare for a 12-hour united airlines flight to tokyo, japan, their first commercial flight as colleague and colleague, father and daughter. >> you have those moments you know it's going to be the best day of your life that's whey feel today. >> reporter: for this dad of three it caps decades of training. >> i have had airplanes for years. ally is the one that latched on to it and showed a real aptitude for flying. >> reporter: still both feared this finale would never come to fruition 42 years in captain bales' career the 787 pilot is seven months from retirement. his daughter only joining united in july after sweeping
6:58 pm
retirements paved the way for new pilots. >> i wanted to introduce your co-pilot, this is allyson. >> reporter: at gate 316 an important announcement. >> and she is my daughter [ applause ] >> reporter: as boarding begins reality takes shape. how does it feel actually being in here together >> feels pretty natural, to be honest with you. >> as long as she does her job, we'll get along great. >> reporter: proud moment >> very proud, very proud. >> reporter: with that a new chapter in this cherished relationship and a lifelong bond takes flight maggie vespa, nbc news, chicago. >> riding on air. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday. thank you for watching i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
. next on nbc bay area news tonight, what were they doing at the strip club? we have an exclusive update about those san jose firefighters, not just one, but we've uncovered they paid a visit, on duty, to two nightclubs. plus -- >> america's comeback starts right now. >> former president trump, just a short while ago, formally announcing another run for president. we're breaking down the immediate impact this is going to have. and the bay area man who ran the popular ftx crypto exchange into bankruptcy, will he ever be forced to come back here to the u.s.? and why lake tahoe is getting a bad rap, placed on the do not visit list. we have answers.


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