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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 13, 2016 12:35am-1:05am MST

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you don't put lighter fluid on a gas grill, do you?! he's about to set himself on fire. whoa. freaky fast. bam.
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it's september 12th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." an outdoorsman canoeing with his dog spots trouble. >> has to help this little loose cat. >> see the rescue that takes a lot of brawn and a big heart. >> it's okay, little moose.
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on a highway. >> going against the grain in new york traffic. the big distraction on the brooklyn/queens expressway. >> can you see this? >> called my dad. >> an emotional scene as a man gets adoption papers from the son he's raised. >> since he was 2 years old. >> now they share their long journey to officially becoming a family. >> whether he likes it or not, my son the rest of >> plus, the great ipad mini give away with the buzz word for your chance to win in today's show as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle are breaking down the best videos from the web. including a guy who bets his kids they won't steal him a carment see how many tries it takes to prove dad knows best. >> one, two, three. >> some crazy things happen in
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you have to stop and help. >> this person is mike. the dog you see at the front of his canoe, and while they were in saskatchewan, something crazy happened on the river. >> kind of a log jam of loose tree branches. they notice something over there and they need to help. >> okay, we have to go help this little moose. he's going under, he's going under. >> that's when he has t into action and help this little moose. >> he's just a wee little fella. okay. >> he starts calling his mama. come on, help us! >> it's okay, we're going to get you out of here, okay? 're going to get you out of here. >> this video is nine minutes of mike trying to help this little moose calf, who was stuck underneath all those tree branches that are just grouped up right there. >> trying to get him in.
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swoop it up into the canoe. get the canoe, man. >> in the canoe. it's okay, little moose. >> moose has gotten to the bank of that river. >> be more careful next time, okay, fella? >> needed to get out underneath the brush. mike did a good job. >> wow, what an experience. >> i would say that's pretty amazing. >> great animal eh? brock lin/queens expressway and on the outside you might notice a little traffic and -- >> can you see this? >> are those people naked on a bike going the wrong way? >> they are half naked, but they are on bicycles on a highway. >> weaving in and out of traffic. >> i have no problem with that. >> you have no problem with bicycles on a highway? >> no. it's a parking lot.
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point. >> under any other circumstances, no go. but they are not moving. >> hang on a second, i'm sure a bicycle is classified a vehicle. motorbikes would you be okay with it? >> no. >> admitting to the double standard? >> absolutely. >> and committing to it? >> yes. >> what's wrong with you people? >> think of it this way, all drivers can see them coming. >> they are not coming from behind and surprising the drivers. >> it is new york, somebody might clothe line them. >> traffic moving at all? >> doesn't appear to be. these two guys are on a tandem bike, as well. >> it's never cool. never looks cool. >> going about their business on the bicycle going the wrong way. >> grab your tissues and get ready for the waterworks with this video. we're here with robert mitten, celebrating his 40th birthday,
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read a card his son damian gave him. >> stop. >> joking around, come on, babe, be serious. >> trying to hide those real emotions. >> since i was a baby boy, taught me to ride a bike, kept me going through the tough times. >> damian's biological dad left and that's when robert stepped right into the role, since he was 2 years old. >> so here's my 18 years of life. >> yes, he's surprising robert with final adoption papers. all he has to do is sign those suckers and they are officially legally a family. >> there's no greater gift than family. >> and it's an honor for your son to now take on his last name because he's been serving in that role his entire life. >> yep, and to tell us more about this entire journey, we
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skype right this minute. welcome to the show. >> thanks, guys. >> oh, my gosh, how are you still not crying? >> actually, just wiped a tear away. gets me every time i watch it. still getting me. >> tell us why it was such a difficult adoption process and why it took this long. >> he's been my son since he was 2 and we wanted to wait until he was 18 and damian can do it on his own. little did i know he had already had it done, you know, my and my family all chipped in, and i probably will never have a present better than this one. >> i always looked up to him and he always, like, motivated me as a regular dad, as, like, already a legal dad. it's not really much of a difference, only to say that he is my legal dad, but to me in my book of my life, he's always been my dad. >> i needed him to know what a father is and what a father is supposed to be, so he could be that way. he's already twice the man that i am. >> tell us about that exact
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reading it, that you realized what was happening. >> when i saw it said the adoption is final, i was happiest man on earth and i still am. >> what's it now mean to you he will be carrying his last name? >> not so much about the name, it's just the fact he wants to be mine, whether he likes it or not, my son the rest of his life and he wants that last name. >> damian, how difficult was it to keep the surprise from your dad? >> so difficult. he would always mention my 40th birthday, it would be s to have that last name, you know, as a mitten now, for you to be a mitten. it was fun to hide it and to see his reaction. >> this is the thing that he gave me and wrote for me right here. >> oh, that's adorable. >> if this is what you do for a 40th birthday, i don't know what you're going to do for christmas, man. >> doesn't matter, he's mine.
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ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again, we're giving away another ipad mini. >> going to need monday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> "rtm" ipad mini give away. who said you need rapids to enjoy your kayak? >> what's in there? >> paddle, paddle, paddle! >> get >> yes, looks like a sewer tunnel. >> definitely a drainage tunnel, but watch this. and it's a boy. who said you need rapids or even water to enjoy your kayak? joining shredwin, they do smart things on their free time. they decided to take this kayak,
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course, put a couple of skateboards underneath it, and send shredwin off the roof. >> great. >> i'm loving the logic already. taking it to a new level. >> thank you for speaking of logic, because they clearly have done all the mathematicals on this one. >> you're going to like this video and subscribe. >> send it in, shredwin. >> abort, abort! >> let's try again. >> oh! >> how about one guy that seems to be doing it right, a professional out kite boarding. we're so used to seeing the golden gate bridge in the fog with the orange, looks so pretty. how often do you see it from underneath? this is a guy doing it right. >> somebody did it right on "right this minute."
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your mom and dad? >> no. your sister! >> she already knows. sisters know everything. >> surprise for her sister. >> made a little treat. >> i think i might know what might be in here. is it a baby? what is it? >> cookies? >> no cookies? >> buns? there are buns. >> buns. what kind of >> baby buns? what's it in? >> the oven. buns in the oven. hamburger buns. >> come on, you can get there. >> good hamburgers for dinner. finally clicks. >> a bun in the oven. >> oh, my goodness. you're pregnant! >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you.
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then they show her the sonogram. that progresses, then this happens. >> when we went to our first appointment last week, for us, too. >> uh-oh, somebody else dropped a truth bomb. >> no way! no way! yeah! >> pregnant sisters! >> that's fun for them. >> i'm so excited. >> this selfie has gone viral. it's the most epic of selfies. the most epic of photo bombs, as well. >> how did jonah here get this picture? >> i will show you. that's actually 24-year-old will rosner and he's been sailing for months now. we now have the video that shows you exactly how he was able to capture that.
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selfie. whales go to breach the water, he comes up and boom. >> he anticipated that action and was like -- first i was like they shouldn't be in the whale's way, maybe it's trying to feed, but looks like it's out there frolicking around with them. >> obviously, under the sea encounters are magnificent. when you encounter any type of sea life like in this next go pro video. this was captured by one of our best friends, using the go pro red filter, which he says allowed him to capture amazing images that he hasn't necessarily been able to capture with equipment worth thousands of dollars. it is just stunning and makes me so jealous. i want to do that. >> yeah, i didn't do that. i'm good right here. great video, jeb. cool. glad you're doing it and bringing the footage home.
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>> so epic, imagine what it feels like. if you want to see this entire video, head over to, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. the latest social media sensation. >> ms. charlene has something to say on the next "right this minute." and still to come, katie all her clothes are from a fancy boutique. but a bit of a truth bomb. why the truth is about to burst her fashion bubble. >> oh! >> plus, we've got an ipad mini to give away. don't miss the monday buzz word
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out on that slack line and get his footing. and he does it. >> this is an entirely different game. the tension is going to be constantly changing between the two. there's no fixed point. >> seems like the tension was only enough for him to stay up there a short amount of time. >> you can't not be impressed by the skill it takes to put all of these moving parts together and pull this off. i mean, the fact that he was able to stand at all on t slack line is impressive. >> clearly, slack lined by every definition. if this was a guinness world record, people watching, it would be legit. >> don't have records for this, but they believe this is the first time anything like this has ever been attempted. they said they thought about it, couple of months of planning, and pulled it off. oh, the tangled webs we weave.
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>> you know, one we go to. where is it? >> yeah, in the east village, very swanky up market part of town. that's where mama has been going ever since katie has been going to find her clothes. you can see she's pretty chummed mom goes to this high end place to get her clothes. she gets it there. the thing is, mom has a bit of a truth bomb for katie. should pronounce it slightly differently. it's not a shop. >> what is it? >> it's the attic. >> is it a resale shop? >> no, the attic in the house, now telling her as they break it to her, this entire time we've been giving you hand me downs from your two older sisters from the attic.
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>> their clothes. >> thank you so much, mom. >> all these years she thought mom was going to this swanky place. turns out she was just going up to the dusty attic. >> thank you so much, mom. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz years of age and be a u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click win ipad. >> enter the buzz word and do it every day. >> let's reveal monday's buzz word. it's birthday. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button, click on the buzz word, birthday. >> and later this week, it's bonus give away day. that means somebody's winning an ipad mini and somebody's winning
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good luck. and, hey, happy birthday, "right this minute." dad tells the kids they can have a sip in the back seat, but there's a catch. >> if you can drink in my car without spilling, you can eat and drink in my car any time you want. >> see why this challenge might
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1:03 am, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. what kind of rules did you have when you were kids in the car? >> shut up. >> this dad's got rules. no, you didn't. no drinking. except this one time. there's a catch. >> you can drink in my car without spilling just this one time, then you can eat and drink in my car any time you want. >> really, are you serious? >> yep. >> yeah, picked up on that. pretty quick to accelerate. so, kids in the back, two cups of water. let's see how you do. >> we got this.
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>> yeah. >> just pour it on your brother. >> here we go. >> one, two, three. >> wait until that first initial jolt is out. >> watch it in slow motion. dad knew exactly what was going to happen here. he has multiple cameras set up. so good. >> there we go. >> that's why you don't eat and drink in the >> and they'll never trust dad again. >> dad gives them a second try. who's left with more water at the end of this challenge gets $20 >> one, two, three. >> did it again? >> no money for you. >> such a fun day. at least fun for dad. >> they are still going to get $20. >> going to get a lot more than that. it's called college. that's our lineup for today. go to for
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