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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  September 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MST

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coach for 25 years, 21 of the 25 years nebraska played in a bowl game that was a new year's bowl game. they have only played in three since. how big would it be for mike riley? tommy am strong, gets outside. turns the corner, first down and more. flag down. >> referee: holding number 83 on the offense. ten-yard penal from the spot. second down. >> brock: thates alonzo moore. he can feel tommy armstrong. he is at the top. nearly a face mask. both of the teams, bob,
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just not trusting your fundamentals and techniques. so much happens, as the environment gets bigger and the game is faster, you're not trusting your fundamentals. >> bob: a net gain after a couple yards. ozigbo has a first down to about the 47 yard line. >> brock: this is where you have to really start to manage this game. tommy just take five minutes. you still need to have tempo. they would love nothing more than four yards, five yards, six yards, be methodical. continue to run at the under belly of the defense. >> bob: ozigbo caught behind the
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manu. a big tackle. and that is a loss of yards. >> brock: he may have missed the previous tackle. in the previous set of downs. did not miss that time. and i have said this now for 20 minutes on ever game action. when is a double move going to come? as aggressive as the corners have played and as aggressive as they are going to be, when is a double move going to hit them? >> bob: only one deep safety here. oregon sho they bring five. armstrong pulls it down to the 48 yard line. it will be third down and about nine. nebraska has all three time-outs. still a lot of time on the clock. over 4 minutes. but would it be four-down territory? would they will able to keep the defense on the field if they fail to pick up the third and nine? >> brock: i think you do.
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most. >> bob: armstrong, tries to beat the blitz. floats it to his tight end, cethan carter, can't hall it in. reggie daniels delivers the blow and the hit was clean. despite the fact that carter is shaken up and now a huge decision for mike riley. fourth down and nine. and if they go for it on fourth down, they will be going for it without arguably their best pass catches weapon in this situation. carter has to come off the field for at least a play. >> brock: you can see armstrong having a difficult time-out with the kracramping and driving the ball. that ball has to be driven to your tight end. and reggie daniels did what schooler would not do earlier.
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wide receiver from football in the touchdown pass. and that time, the center field safety daniels did just that. the legs, the cramping, the amount of energy that tommy armstrong has extended, you would have loved to see him plant his foot and drive the ball between the 1 and 1 of cethan carter. >> bob: the offense is not walking off with him. they are in there they are 1 for 2 on fourth down today. so here is that question. do you not trust your defense? do you try to punt it deep with four time-outs and try to get a stop? mike riley is basically saying he feels like his offense has to continue to the drive. that's going to give them their best chance. what do you think, brock?
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nature. there is no hesitation. i would punt. >> bob: armstrong on fourth down. looking at a four-man rush. fires one over the middle and it is a strike to westerkamp. a fourth down conversion for the huskers keeps it drive alive in front of robinson. >> brock: mike riley has been consistent. he was aggressive in the first half. just enough protection for tommy armstrong. he loves it. he's faced the ducks too times. he lost too many. the last seven against them. he wanted to trust his offense. >> bob: armstrong on a keeper. to the 34 yard line for a gain of four. tonight after texas and cal finish up, it's "sportscenter" at night. that's tonight on espn streaming
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espn. with lisa conckerney and john anderson. nebraska is huddled up and playing this position as if it is their last. quarterback draw. armstrong in the secondary. armstrong's got a step!
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>> bob: nebraska leads by three. 2:30 left to go. oregon about to get the football back and they will deal with the atmosphere of memorial stadium when they do. it's a tommy armstrong, this touchdown run putting nebraska on top. >> brock: the ultimate team game so often comes down to one on one battles. look at ozigbo, and he wins his battle and allows armstrong to
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>> bob: keeper for dakota prukop. to the 28 yard line. now you have a senior transfer quarterback unlike an environment before. >> brock: never heard the noise in my headsets like i'm hearing right now. >> bob: play action. outside, wide open charles nelson. he is a speedster and has an extra gear all the way out to midfield. a good throw outside the numbers for prukop. >> brock: good throw. you move the chains and look what happened to the tempo.
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critical and nebraska having a tough time even getting lined up. >> bob: slant, bobbled, charles nelson. he's got another. there is aidan schneider. he has not attempted a kick of any kind today. prukop. lowers his shoulders and picks up the first down. and only another three or four yards or so would move oregon into what they believe is schneider's field goal range. >> brock: if this moment would be too big, he has proven to you in the second half, it is not. >> bob: prukop on a keeper,
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he's got a first down if the play stands. >> referee: holding number 85 of the offense, ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. second down. correction, first down. >> brock: told you earlier, the indicators the back judges and side judges look for. are the arms out? are you reaching outside the frame? i don't know, in a moment like this, i'm letting the players dictate. i don't see a brutal hold. and i see every indicator to a referee to throw that flag. but what a critical penalty.
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first and 20. prukop. that ball's tipped and falls incomplete, intended for carrington. chris jones got a hand in. second down and 20 from midfield. >> brock: a team that has played 82 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. does not have one on the board and a quarterback who has yet to turn the ball over the entire season, can't afford one now in the final 64 seconds. >> bob: they don't need a first down to get in to field goal range. four-man rush. prukop escapes the pocket, districts traffic. heaves a deep one. he's got a man. jump ball and it's broken up! williams got in front of charles nelson at the last moment. but nelson was behind the defense.
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reach him. >> brock: incredible -- what an incredible game and incredible moments we're seeing down the stretch. just under thrown. williams, just enough speed to distract the incredibly tough nelson. it was third and 26 last quarter. third and 20 now. >> bob: only about 12 yards necessary to be in field goal range. prukop hit from behind. the ball's out. it's scooped up. running with it and brady aiello and the guard gets to the 46 yard line. well, that's not field goal range. now it's fourth down. >> brock: and freedom akinmoladun, the defensive end, both defensive ends for mike riley tonight, burdened by the scheme sbft the speed, finally has a opportunity to get home. he gets on the edge of the
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no tyrell crosby, knocked out of the game. and a redshirt freshman, the biggest moment of his life. unable to contain. if we think it's loud, and my ears are reverberating the way it is for 59 minutes, i can't imagine -- and mike riley, look at his face. this is why he came to nebraska. he wasn't looking to leave corvallis. he gets a play here, this game's over. >> bob: fourth and 18 to try to extends the game.
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prukop is brought down! michael rose-ivey, all but ends the game for the huskers. >> brock: 1-5 were the cornhuskers last year. and as much as i despice rushers on third and 26, sign me up for pressure on fourth and 15. you had a mind set all game long to get after prukop. huh a mind set to go for it on fourth down in the first half. fourth and nine, four minutes to go, outside the convention alg.
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on the line when it mattered the most. and i love that mind set. >> bob: it's victory formation. looks like he is going to call it a day rather than even use his time-outs. mark helfrich is not even going to force n football. >> brock: curious move. they could have run the clock out with the three snaps. how about that guy? what must he be feeling right now? what a game. >> bob: it is official. a field goal win for nebraska over oregon. and the bath and the hug for
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win against his old nemesis. >> brock: bob, you said earlier, the fans remember the past and they so badly want to get back to what they have done. they played a critical game. the noise, the environment played a huge role. >> bob: let's go to allison. >> congratulations. what is going through your mind right now? >> boy, what a great game. both teams fought back. it was back and forth. really, really proud of our team. kept our poise. i thought we were really nervous at the sport. it didn't look like we were crisp at all. but really tough minded down the stretch. >> allison: what the emotions you're feeling right now to beat oregon? >> i love it. this team right now this is huge. a good team like oregon,
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at this stage, it is awesome. to be 3-0 going into the big ten conference. >> allison: you told us that oregon is bold. how did you have to be bold to win this game? specifically going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter? >> well, i thought that might be the last time we see the ball. and somebody told me that fortune favors the ball. we had to just leave it out here today. our kids fought hard all day. we might as well goer it. >> allison: tommy armstrong requiring an iv late in the game. what happen he did show you today? >> he loves football. he is really tough. he competes like crazy. it's awesome. he played a great football game. >> allison: coach, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bob: fortune favors the ball, brock. they go for it on fourth down and get it. two-point conversions hurt oregon. they would have had an extra
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>> brock: this place was rocking this afternoon. >> bob: win for nebraska and effort for the ducks as well. usc/stanford at 8:00 on abc. so long from lincoln. we go back to the studio. guys, welcome in, stan verrett along with mack brown and mark may. at nebraska, he puts out the win. >> more importantly, they lost the games last year. they and huge win for mike riley and the cornhuskers. >> the crew that called the game did a terrific job. and the great point they made, after the two-point conversion after a touchdown, just kick the extra points. if they do, they win the game. >> they are going to have a good team and they lost freeman today. hopefully he will get back. >> nebraska out to 3-0.
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it's christian mccaffery and stanford. we will look ahead to that one and show you the highlights
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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this game tonight, usc and stanford gives you a look at christian mccaffery, the heisman candidate abc. that is coming up at 8:00 eastern. in progress right now, nick saban and alabama taking on mississippi. ole miss beat alabama the last two years. nobody has ever beaten nick saban three times in a row since he's been at alabama. downyoungblood has it and going with it. >> gets to the quarterback. scoop and score.
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>> turnovers were a problem last year. and deron payne with a defensive touchdown frp the tide. >> alabama's going to win because they played great defense and they force the turnovers for scoreses here. >> second and three. damian harris, 67 yards and finally drag him down. say he was down at the 1. so two plays later, it will be scarborough who will finish the job for a one yard touchdown. >> nice goal line surge by the tide. >> tide just added another defensive touchdown. jonathon allen, 290 pounds. >> look what i pounds. >> looks like mark may runs for a touchdown. >> with a jet pack on my back. >> he would have gotten cramps. >> the tide in control, 48-30 as they head down to four minutes to go in the game. so high scoring game in this
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at it? >> alabama is a complete team. young quarterbacks getting better. they are the number one team in the country. in trouble, a time that eas had their number on the road. they come out and dominate. >> hostile environment for alabama. and when you look at jalen hertz on the road, in e has made big plays. he has settled down. >> jalen hertz making an impression. and de'andre francois, from florida state, on the road with his team from louisville. honoring muhammad ali and the butterfly decal on the field. and lamar jackson, floating and stinging himself. >> he is so special. we do it himself. he can run, he can pass.
4:27 pm
>> and smith on the receiving end of the touchdown pass. >> the speed, the finesse and able to get to the there for a tackle. >> 362 total yards. five total touchdowns. louisville, 63-20. michigan, they were down early in the game, the wovm reens come back to win 45-28. and speight, 229 yards and a touchdown. usc christian mccaffery is where we start. >> nobody is able to stop him. receiving the ball, rushing the ball or special teams. that is one thing that usc has to slow down. if they can't stop him, they have to slow him down. >> usc has to do what? >> he has to give it to him in space. he has tremendous speed. >> all right. usc and stanford, getting ready to go. we will see new a half hour here
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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a father of three gunned down during a drive-by shooting. new tonight after a month of no answers that victim's mother is making a cheerful plea -- tearful plea to anyone macon thompson joins us live. what do police have to go one right now? >> reporter: not much and that is a problem . this is the flyer that they have been heading out trying to find answers of that man who was killed. the suspect description only says a black male with around face of the family is saying if you are man enough to shoot up,
4:31 pm
come forward. >> on the night of august 16, i was getting ready to lay down for bed and i got a phone call from my son that my oldest son had got shot. >> reporter: the time line is forever etched in her mind. >> i got dressed and they came to get me. >> reporter: a play-by-play that will not stop about the day her son was murdered.>> he was not a bad person.>> reporter: he was appeared to three children.>> they are asking me who would do this horrible thing to their dad and i cannot answer that. >> reporter: tonight this family is baking for that killer to come forward.>> you want to disrupt people's lives
4:32 pm
>> reporter: if you will not step up, she is hoping you at home well.>> i just want you guys to help. please help me find out who took my son away for me. >> reporter: the only other details that have is the vehicle description -- they're describing that vehicle as a newer silver are great suburban. there is a reward for any information this family is desperate for tonight. >> you can feel that family's pain. some images that will be tough to look at this afternoon. several pets hurt in a house fire. fire crews were working to keep the animals life. we were told two dogs and three cats were treated here and they are doing much better now.
4:33 pm
more about the fire. some challenges for crews fighting a house fire in phoenix. flame sparking in the area of 32nd street. the first firetruck had the fire pump fell. that means they cannot get water to the hose. overnight house party in glendale turned deadly when a shootout goes down. the aftermath of the chaos spanning three different locations across the area. mary elloen resendez down first. >> reporter: that is happening down the street. neighbors say they heard arguing coming from the house just before the gunfire. >> you can hear them exchanging gunfire. it was very scary. >> reporter: when all was done two victims laid in the roadway. one dead and one a live. >> i heard screaming. >> reporter: one neighbors said
4:34 pm
retaliation. that is when a white four-door sedan pulled up and picked up one victims. >> when the white driver was driving off police were coming up. >> reporter: inside a passenger with a gunshot wound. another car was stopped near 57th avenue with what police think might need their suspect. as for the home, neighbors say gunfire is familiar there. >> for a month ago i know i called 911 because i heard a round of shots and when i was on the phone, she could hear the exchange of shots so going on. we have new information and another valley shooting. where getting our first look at a man accused of opening fire on another guy in a bar. police say he got into a fight with the man and pulled a gun
4:35 pm
this happening last night at a bar near 35th avenue. the man who took a bullet is expected to survive. he plunges attacked and now phoenix police need your help finding him. this video is showing a guy holding up a churches chicken on broadway pulling out a gun and demanding money from the register. they say he actually waited for customers to leave. the man grabbed the cash and hopton a car and now offering a reward to help track them down. gender rating tips is how these crimes get soft. we told you that time and time again. tonight signing witness is rolling out a brand-new eyecatcher on arizona streets. take a look at the vehicle making it -- its debut. >> whether they go to a neighborhood function or they go to a school function or an event, this is a visual look of
4:36 pm
like.>> the car was given to a nonprofit by toyota. silent witness will be getting a new vehicle donated every year. a bad crash happening this morning your 59th avenue. you can see a truck right there's left onto its side and we are still working to find out if anybody was hurt. no word on what might've caused the wreck. a scary situation as a crashes a hang glider into the ground. of you were sending us these photos from the scene. we were told the guy was unconscious and having trouble breathing. it happen near maricopa north of the i ate. we are making calls to get update on that man's condition.
4:37 pm
a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money
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is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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getting used to in arizona but now any time that we are under one hundred degrees -->> when when out golfing tonight. >> not so bad. it's been a while but summer will be wrapping up. it is october before we officially typically don't see the triple digits. 99 at the airport. low 90s clipping clear sky 70 for by tomorrow morning and overnight an morning hours will be headed back up into the low 80s and take a look cardinals in town tomorrow. kickoff at 1:05. 101 out there and 103 and by tomorrow afternoon will be topping out at 105. it was a hot day across northern arizona. that's about it. it has been dry and quiet
4:40 pm
kingman, 70 grand canyon, 73 in flagstaff and 75 in -- very quiet statewide we are not seeing any showers and thunderstorms. it will be a couple of days before the rain chances return. is all of that -- will be watching the storm system that is setting off to the southwest . will begin to bring it just a little bit a moisture as we get moves off to the northeast and that means they're showers and thunderstorms chances increase at least slightly over the next couple of days. tomorrow we get been dry statewide. eisley rain chances on monday. increasing to around the 50% chance of rain north as we get into the tuesday forecast. tuesday into wednesday that
4:41 pm
and keep link rain chances across northern arizona as we go through next week. overnight low site will be in the 30s flagstaff, 50 sedona, 45 prescott. 105 bullhead city right now. 72 tonight in glendale, 72 levine, 70 and fountain hills. by noon we are at 98 nice tomorrow around 104, 105 in phoenix and we will start to see high clouds move in late tomorrow afternoon into the overnight hours. keep it dr will not see rain chances and tell it lease monday. 103 scottsdale tomorrow, 103 -- take a look at your most accurate forecasts. we will have breezes. look at those highs on tuesday dropping about 10 degrees down to 90 for, ninety six wednesday and then a hotter forecast back by next weekend.
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hillary clinton is traveling with the undercover nurse. donald trump says that heroine is coming to earth southern border. two claims -- this video of clinton collapsing after memorial bent in new york city setting off a firestorm set off a controversy. if she hillary clinton undercover nurse? >> their argument is that she has been so secretive that undercover nurses are working -- can still health information. photos appear matching the facial features of a doctor. she is not an undercover nurse. will affect raided the claim pants on fire. >> you go to places like new hampshire were it is a number- one thing here went and it comes from the southern border. >> donald trump talking illegal immigration and the need to
4:43 pm
federal drug enforcement agency reports addresses trump's claim. >> you was trying to make the claim that people should not just care about immigration because they live on a border town. >> the main source of the heroine does come from mexico and to central america so plowe fact rated trump's claim true. for more facts visit website. you have an old bike just taking up space? i know a lot of you are having grudge cells but have you considered donate it. abc 15 is teaming up for the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can drop off your old bike at any of 20 different
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is sold in pair of socks was just the tip of the iceberg for this man. police say robert took the socks from a kohl's department store. they stopped him in the parking lot car. inside they found and off -- outs of methamphetamine and a loaded gun. a big demonstration for a big cause more than two dozen protesters protesting. there holding another visual tonight in memory of pets they say were killed in maricopa county. tonight's event goes from 7:00 to 10:00.
4:47 pm
location. another attack on police. this time in philadelphia where a man opened fire on two officers before getting shot and killed himself. a note believed to be from the suspect was found at the scene. it express hatred for police. they say several innocent bystanders were also shot. one of them was killed as the suspect eventually was shot and killed an hourly. police shootings cannot stop there two officers are recovering and fort worth after getting shot while responding to a suicide call. the cops went to a shed in the back of a home and police say when they opened it, a man started shooting at them. both officers were hit and taken to the hospital.
4:48 pm
responded. also in florida no love lost between a father and a son. there but the critical condition after they shot at each other. they found one person in the yard and another inside the house. both with life- threatening injuries. no word what led up to the dispute. neighbors were really shaken up. >> i was on my computer and i heard three gunshots. >> the two were taken to the hospital for surgery. a racecourse in new jersey morning. and explosive device went off as thousand the people were getting ready to run a military charity 5k. the device went off in the garbage can along the road. no injuries reported and no word were that device came from. they say this was no prank. the race was targeted. six states in the state in emergency because of fuel.
4:49 pm
torches after a pipeline spill. gas was discharged from a underground pipeline and leaked into a nearby pond. crowds are now lining up at gas stations are afraid that the supplies will run out. the price is expected to increase in those states as well. a guardsman comes home to the valley to a big surprise but it is not the good kind. he had to call police to find out where reporter: the second lieutenants car was not stalled and it did not go missing while he was away. it was gone because it was towed. >> $2000. especially for something that you had no control over. >> reporter: that was a bill after his car spent two months in powder. he says the car was towed because he cannot put is new
4:50 pm
>> the tags were not on the car because i was 2000 miles away. i was away serving my country. i had no physical means to put these tags on my car.>> reporter: he said he told the staff that he was leaving for military training. the car was towed anyway. >> this is a really unfoun thing that happened to a military member. >> reporter: the towing company reduce the charge to $700. after we took action and called, the apartment companies that they will take care of the rest. they will credit the lieutenants -- lieutenant. his wife are expecting their first child. college football never disappoints. my favorite timelier and there were some crazy place. >> check it out south carolina state takes a kick off in the end zone and a set of running it out, there we go right there
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innocenti start to the day is the number two statesflorida state travel to take on the cardinals with louisville paying tribute to the late mohamed ali with chrome red helmets with a white butterfly on the back with his name written. it may have been one of the greatest performances for the cardinals. lamar jackson runs for four touchdowns and throws as a cornerback runs for one hundred 46 yards. the cardinals jump out to a 35 one hundred 46 yards. the cardinals jump out to a 3510 halftime lead. scoring 28 more in the second half. the defense comes up big as well with nine sacks. the cardinals top 60 points for the third straight week while the -- they suffer a loss in
4:54 pm
five-time national champion north dakota state taking on 13th arraigned i would this afternoon and iowa city. iowa on a nine-game win streak but the bison were on a mission. the quarterback finishes with one hundred 35 yards passing and it was his touch yard run that made the biggest difference. peterson takes a field goal and fires and the bison pulled off a upset over the hawkeyes. clemson taken on south carolina state and memorial stadium. this one turns into early rock. the tigers score early in the first half jumping to a 45 to nothing halftime lead at one point the first quarter he scores two touchdowns with no time running off the clock. after the tigers score bulldogs return that and grabbed the ball in the end zone and flips
4:55 pm
it. 14 points and no tying off the clock. halftime both coaches agreed to shorten the game so they play 12 minute quarters and set of 15 minutes in the second half. looking for the third win of the season against the texas san antonio road runners. this one was anything but easy. let's start with a good. with a one-handed grab that look like the freshman. the sun devils down 14-3 at the end of the first quarter. asu manages to score 2 touchdowns in the fourth. sun devil out of 32-28 when in san antonio. the cardinals won't trying to avoid a sero-2 the start.
4:56 pm
in 2013 and the cardinals trailed the buckeyes 10-0. patrick peterson came up with two big interceptions for 13--- unanswered points. that was a different tampa bay team. tomorrow the defense will face jamie. this will be a great one. we will have compte players tomorrow night. >> let's hope our cardinals can play like that louisville cardinals. >> i like that butterfly on the back. >> we are about 24 hours away from watching this guy at the emmys. hosting for a second time jimmy kimmel rolled out the red carpet this week quite
4:57 pm
the party get started right here on abc 15 tomorrow night at 4:00. the award show follows at 5:00 and that is all followed by a very special edition of abc 15 news as soon as it is done. >> it is the longest red carpet ever at the emmys.>> by a lot.>> so they can interview the stars. >> it will be fun. >> nice weather out there and for us. i wanted to give you look at some current out there. 99. will be falling into the 70s. it will be a nice quiet cloudless night. tomorrow it will be another hot won the average high one hundred and tomorrow we are up to 105.
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. welcome to the pac 12 opener here on the farm. primetime from stanford's pa lashle campus where rose bowl winning head coach david shaw likes to intellectual brutality. it features a heisman hopeful, christian mccaffrey as the ultimate play maker. still, a familiar foe awaits. the trojans have bounced back since opening weekend and with game-changing speed burners of their own, they're out to show everyone how the west is won. it's a pac 12 title game rematch. a classic rivalry.


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