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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  September 18, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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sunday. >> here is what we are working on this morning. a blast left 30 people injured. many wondered if this was another terror attack. here what investigators said about this. a plane fell right out of the clouds. we are gathering the latest out of gilbert. an intent fire in buckeye. this was at an abandon churc
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see if someone intentionally set this fire. thank you for joining us on this sunday. we were toasty yesterday. >> yeah, the america mercury really went up. >>reporter: by 8:00 a.m. we are going up more than 10 degrees up to 85. we are warming up quickly. i wanted to show you dessert doppler. scanning -- dessert doppler. we are above average temperatures. it will just be hot. the breeze is light. we are in for big changes in
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>> it's an airplane. it's an airplane. an airplane just blew up. you could hear the shock in peoples voices. many of you called into the newsroom asking if everybody was okay. the plane carrying 5 total, four skydivers and a buy let jumped out before it was too late. the plane crashed into this home. neighbors were rocked when the crash happened sending everybody into a panic. the people inside the home were in the front part of the home watching tv when the plane
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everybody is okay this morning. what's next for the family and investigation orr. >>reporter: well first off we'll have the ntsb investigating. we should be able to see how massive the damage is. this home is a total loss. we'll get that in just about an hour once the sun starts rising. this is the home where the small plane fell from the sky and hit it. the piolet was ejected. he landed in a field about a half mile from this home. he did suffer some burn injuries. he is at a burn unit this morning. four sky drivers were also
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constitution week festivities. neighbors said as it plane came down they were stunned no one was injured. >> the plane did two 360 and came >>reporter: the ntsb is will be investigating and see why this plane fell from the sky. now to our other big story. cayous rocked the city. this is surveillance video from a fitness center. 20 people were hurt in the
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what investigators believe caused the explosion. it was a pressure cooker type bomb. sources say a pressure cooker was attached to aware and yell phone. the mayor ruled out any terrorism. it's unclear what happened. this is not happened in new jersey. >> i was driving the car and i felt an explosion. the car tilted over halfway and came down. i blacked out and next thing you know i'm in an ambulance. >> several departments made it to the scene. the president was informed but didn't make a statement go off.
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plane and bomb went off in new york. we are living in a time. we better get very tough folks. we better get very tough. >> i believe we should know the facts about an incident like this. it's important to support the first responders and investigators who are looking into it trying to determine what happened. we are >>reporter: experts weight in on those comments noting donald trump called it a bomb attack while hillary clinton called it on incident. both hillary clinton and donald trump are responding and continue to respond to that situation that happened in new york. a church goes up in flames. you can see how intense it was
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fire crews said there is no electricity to the building which leads them to believe someone may have started this. they are working to see where this happened in the church. a small crowd gathered as flames grew. they watched as three different valley fire departments tried to put this out we will continue to update you as story develops. new information at a glenn dale house fire. a shooting happened near 68th avenue. neighbors heard arguing and then gunfire. >> it sounded right outside my window. i jumped up and all i hear is they were next door. i heard screaming. help me, help me. >> one person died at the scene
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that person is in stable condition. a father of three gunned down during a drive by shooting. after a monitor of no answer a tearful and massage to the killer. man up and come forward megan thompson takes us to this case and what we need to crack it. >> on the night of august 16th i was about to lay down for bed and i got a phone call from son that my oldest son had got shot. >> my son was a good son. he wasn't a bad person. >>reporter: his killer was described as a black male with
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the vehicle he fired from was a gray chevy. >> i feel it's nonstop. people shouldn't be able to do some thing like this. >>reporter: she wasn't just a son but parent to three children himself. >> they are asking me why would someone do this horrible thing to their dad. i can't answer that for them. >>reporter: tonight through the tears this family is begging forward. >> taking innocent peoples lives and then you want to hide. >>reporter: if her son's shooter won't step-up she hopes you will. >> help me find out who took my
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>> they are offering a $1,000 reward. a new silence witness car is making a debut. >> whether they go to a neighborhood function or school function or event. this is a visual look at what silent witness looks like. >>reporter: the the nonprofit was done by a company called vision it. this man's weapon of choice is his dog. he's in jail for sicking it on a police officer. derrick baxter hit a woman and child. he tried to get away and was tasers twice. that's when he yelled at his pit bull to attack. the police officer shot and
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recovering and two others have minor injuries. let's talk about tha accurate forecast. >>reporter: it will definitely be a scorcher there. whatever you did this summer you need to do it again. here is a look at your morning forecast. by 7:00 a.m. 77 degrees. great to be outside. i would say a good time to go running you have planned. monday mild conditions but we are getting much warmer. by lunchtime flirting with those temperatures. you will notice we will stay clear. as we get into the evening we'll keep things mostly clear. that's an indication of some of the changes still to come. i'll give you the cards forecast next.
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their five pets made it out safely after their house went up in flames. the cards ta , here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splamore fabulous formula,ess!, she's not splashing. , here comes nancy. you clorox splash-less bleach. just dazzling. wow, she's sure making a splamorand pour he,
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p lined.nse.
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rgg... ve. re. e u. it's 5:14. they are raising money to buy an customized bike for this girl leah. police learned about through the lion's club and teamed up to raise $3,000 to buy the bike. >> this is not consider durable fund medical equipment. >> they will present that bike to leah later today. firefighters took action to
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they are supplied with fido bags. we have more from fire station 6 in chandler. >>reporter: no human patients at this house fire in chandler. firefighters did treat other precious lives. >> we busted through the front door. there was novice ability and smoke down to the floor. we started doing our thing. one of the guys felt some thing hit him in the leg and realized it wa >>reporter: they placed oxygen from their bags to treat them. >> the gentleman that showed up was grateful we were able to get all of the animals out. >>reporter: founder marie stopped by the fire station to replenish their supply after the fire. >> we wanted to make sure they don't go out on a run without the tools they need.
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transported with the animals or damaged during the save. >>reporter: by evening they got an update on the animals condition. >> all three pets will live. that's a more rake -- that was a great turnout. >> the fire started by the the family had went out. the pets are expected to be okay. >> that's the kind of news we like to here. here is a look at your most accurate forecast on this sunday morning. >>reporter: it's 73 for us right now. not bad. we might drop a few degrees or so. take a look at your humidity and dew point. we'll stay pretty dry. we will expect them to be 5 to
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the day. a lot of us in the low 70s right now. we are down to 70 in queen creek. 70 in la levene. some spots are not registering. other parts up to 10 miles per hour today. with future cast i want to give you the broad picture. today is a good day to use one. not a lot will be happening. as we go into 7:00 tonight the whole state is staying dry. you start to see that hung in moisture from the south. that will be not really affecting us as far as rain chances are concerned tomorrow. it will give us more cloud cover. by tomorrow when you head home after work. your commute should be dry there the valley. we start to see those rain
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even south of court side. look what high pressures overnight into tuesday morning. i would say definitely have your belle un?-- unwith you -- umbrella with morning. that will brinbig changes across the state. as of temperatures will be 99 degrees. four degrees above normal is mesa. 104 in good year as well. we mentioned in the evening the clouds will start to roll in.
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across the state we'll see similar conditions. warmer overall. look at the highs. 105 in court side and yuma. if you will head out to glenn glendale to watch the cards take on the bucks. it will be 105. if you will be tailgating it will be hot out there. make sure you have shade umbrella and a lot of water. we are only getting hotter. hopefully the cards come out with a win and everybody pouring out of the university stadium will feel good.
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bit down to 104. we expect breezy conditions. we keep it 20% on tuesday and wednesday. look at the temperature drop we are going 11 degrees today into tuesday. pretty significant changes here. we'll dry off by the end of the week into next weekend. coming up i'll give you a look at your d bags forecast. they are taking on the dodgers. i'm liking those the arizona wildcats had a late game they wore the uss uniforms. arizona covers 88 yards and 8 plays in the game. the bobcats take an 6-0 lead.
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out and it's 20-0 arizona. they went 81-yardes on the next touchdown. duncan threw to brown. brown took it the rest of the way. 56 touchdowns. 47-28. the arizona cardinals will try to avoid an 0-2 today. last time they met in 2013. the cardinals trailed. patrick came up with two big interceptions. they scored 13 unanswered points. that was a different team. the cardinals defense will face
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they have a great repore for one another. i have to make sure that who every who ever i'm coverable is scambling. he has a strong arm and they are truthing me. >> yeah, being an miami guy he went to fsu. he's a many of you are excited about this game. don't forget about the party before head. the tailgate will start around 10:00. there is the beer garden, music, food, and kickoff is at 1:05. are you crazy about the cards like we are? join us on our facebook page every monday and friday at
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interviews with your favorite players and surprises everyone is talking about. be sure to go there. that's live on the abc 15 facebook page. it's a big day for us as we count-down the hours until the
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abc 15 is teaming up with earhart auto center. you can drop off old bikes as any of their locations, you can donation crash, or help pick up the bikes. you have until the end of the monitor to do it. tv's best and brightest will be honored on the awards. >> what will the standout shows be? stephane has a preview of who is up for what? >> dragons an elections. >> people do admire me jonny? >>reporter: and oj. the emmy awards celebrate the biggest years achievements. this years nominees couldn't be
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thrones. this is the most nominated program of the night with 23 nominations. >> it's a fore gone conclusion that they will reign supreme. >>reporter: they will face all the american, better call saul, downtown abbey, and mr. robot. >>reporter: in an the white house is ruling the comedy side. the show lead 17 nominations. >> everyone loved the last show. >>reporter: veep has tough competition with blackish, modern family, silicon valley,
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none. cuba was the trouble plagued former athlete. >> i think the emmy's will be like the former coronation for the people verses oj simpson. no show has been more talked about or praised. >> the greatest intention is this, the television. >>reporter: for the second as m.c. jimmy kimmel will host the big night. >> everyone is fair game and people will be mercifully mocked. >>reporter: we will find out who has the last laugh at the 68th emmy awards. >> the party will happen right here starting at 4:00. the award show will start at 5:00. >> followed by a special edition of abc 15 news.
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throughout the show using the hashtag emmy's 2016. we are following several big stories. a brutal attack outside a mall left 8 people dead. what the suspect asked before attacking. a neighbors say it looked like a fire ball falling from
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myight mb and ml plete on ofcling tein. lete.
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all right, 5:38 on this sunday. >> we hope you are enjoying these beautiful mornings. >> what's not to like? >> that's so true. things will get pretty toasty. i put the forecast together and figured out how hot >>reporter: first 73 today at sky harbor. it's pretty dry outside. it will likely be like this throughout the valley. your pollen forecast if you have plans to be outdoors this is some thing we will have to contend with we are in the medium category. it's not going anywhere any time soon. i'll look at your d backs forecast.
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toasty out there. first pitch is just after 1:00. question will be at 1:00 degrees today. i'll tell you were we'll talk back. we'll have more hour by hour. lit -- let's get back to our big story. a plane dropped to the ground. they are working on figuring ou you can see from the video all of the damage. we know some thing went wrong in the sky. a huge ball of flames people could see falling down there five people were onboard. a pilot and four skydivers. the pilot was taken to the hospital with burns. marry ellen, the sun is about to come up. we know investigators will be
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we are trying to see what exactly happened. what are your sources on scene? >>reporter: well, right now, we have police guarding the house. they are making sure no one goes through. we can see a huge hole in the back of the roof. we are waiting for daylights to give viewers a look at the aftermath. the faa and ntsb will be on- site today investigating the crash. the home was a total loss. the people inside the home at the time were not injured. they were in the front part of the house, as you look at the front part of the house there is a lot of damage. the piolet was the only one injured and landed a few miles a way from the house. we don't have an exact condition on him yet.
5:35 am
down pretty safely which is just amazing that they were able to land without incident. neighbors say they were shocked and very scared as they saw that ball of flames come down from the sky. >> it looked like a plane went up in smoke and flames. we saw it falling and dropped. we heard the sky driver drop with it. >> i looked over and saw the ball of flames. it was going straight and went straight down. we were chilling on our back porch and wondered what's going on. what you are looking at is the front part of the house. this is where the homeowners were. you can see there was a lot of damage in the front part. it's amazing they were able to escape this without injury.
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fire. in was part of the constitution wee here gill gilbert. terror at this meningitis men -- minnesota mall. the man was wearing a private duty uniform. there is no link to a terror group. listen to what officers say the suspect was talking about. >> he made references to ali. he asked one person if they were muslim before he assaulted. >> dozens of witnesses were held at the mall to be questioned.
5:37 am
today. they don't believe there were any other attackers. police are saying robert abbott took socks from khol's department store. they decided to search his car. they found an ounce of meth and a loaded shotgun. he's facing several charges this morning. he looks like he was waiting to order but he was waiting to guy held up a churches chicken. he waited for the customers to leave, he pulled out the gun, and hoped in a car. police are offering a reward to track him down. reaction this morning from the tragedy in north carolina. that boy was released from the
5:38 am
four others were killed. 40 others are recovering in the hospital. the charter bus carrying a group of young college football players slammed into the over pass bridge. the mom said her son was a water boy and having a tough time dealing with tragedy. >> i got the telephone call and didn't know what was going thank god he's okay and praying for everybody's safety. >> the identity of the four victims were not released. the crash was caused by a blow out in the front tire. a 1-year-old baby boy found dead still buckled in his car seat. the mother forgot to drop him off. she didn't realize it until the
5:39 am
she worked as an attorney for a school district. a florida woman was in a mobile home fire in florida. her husband was pulled from the flames. search dogs were brought in to find the woman. they are eager to find the woman. a gunfight in the street in a quite north carolina neighborhood and now a deputy dead. investigators say she may have been suicidal. the man delivered an envelope to a clerk. the clerk called the cops. whatever was inside that made her pick up the phone has not been released yet. police went to a man's home and met with gunfire. officers fired back. a deputy was graced by a bullet. there was a panic strike
5:40 am
high school football game. shots rang out during half time at a game in fresno. it happened behind the press box. some of those shots came from a nearby house. officers didn't find any one with gunshot wounds. tsa said coolio had a loaded gun in his bag at lax. one of his bodyguards said belonged to him but they later discovered it was the rappers. he was released on $37,000 bailment his show tonight will still happen. people are dealing with a shortage of drinking water in florida. toxic water is flowing into the ground. the hole opened a few weeks
5:41 am
fertilizer. people in the community aren't buying that the water isn't contaminated. >> it's an ongoing joke don't every eat the fish because they glow at night. now i understand why people say that. >>reporter: -- of enviromental protection stated don't drink the water. there was a fire that started. this morning they are telling us they are still investigating. six states declaring a state of emergency because of fuel. north carolina, georgia, and
5:42 am
shortages after a pipeline spill. gas discharged from a under ground pipeline and flowed into a bond. the prices will increase in those states. 542 right now talking about the most accurate forecast. warnings have been great but not a ton of relief. >> today will be a repeat. we be are getting lotter today. >>reporter: you will sweat it out today. it's really nice out their and clear skiings for us. a mild morning. 105 degrees in phoenix. we are attracting big changes. some of those rain chances are coming day by day. meet the boy who wanted to share his birthday with those
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ther in-law with a keen sense of smell... what happens next?trash. ther in-law with a keen s nothing.mell... only glad has febreze to neutralizersor 5 days. what happens next?trash. guaranteed. ev the most perceptive noses nn'noce the trash.ays. what happens next?trash. on the campaign trail some say hillary clinton is traveling with an a nurse. donald trump said heroin is
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collapsed. the woman holding her arm is a conspiracy is she her under cover nurse and physician. >> they are arguing that under cover nurses are working as part of her campaign to conceal health information. >> they are trying to match the fascial features. she's former kristine who worked in clinton's office. she's not an under cover nurse. they rated the claim on fire. >> places like new hampshire is heroin. >> donald trump spoke about illegal immigration. a federal drug enforcement agency report addresses the claim. >> people shouldn't just care
5:47 am
live-in a border city. they affect the rest of the story. >> they rated trumps claim true. clinton and trump are gearing up for their first face-to-face debate. for more fact checks visit their website. grade school is a time to celebrate. >> logan's eighth birthday party with balloons and cake but no gifts. >> i know people are in need. i want them to have a better life. >> if highlight of the surprise was the big height. letters loves an airline and
5:48 am
and a trip to anywhere he wants. >> he's such a special little boy. young athletes may not know the symptoms when it comes to concussion. they can experience it. researchers in denver made concussion goggles so they know the symptoms. >> i see a clinic put play even though he has symptoms. >> there are no tests that can reveal a concussion. doctors diagnose these based object a detailed exam. that's why they believe they should know the symptoms. people will get meals and hydrogen kits.
5:49 am
their annual event on tenth avenue and jackson. if you book a flight online do you know the refund policy. what if you have a heart attack before taking off. >> i was getting things ready and felt dizzy and went brown. >>reporter: on this date battling airlines over a flight he wouldn't be able to take. he booked a trip on united airlines and his return flight was on american getting his refund wasn't easy. >> they had to take the phone a way from him. they contacted united and american. >> they said i had to get my money back from orbits.
5:50 am
they said they are bound by the policies of the airline partners. >> he stayed on top of them and i got my money back. i'm very happy. it was the best thing i every did. >> thanks to united and american. they said they extend the value for a year but made an exception. american said they made an exception before you buy know the cancellation policies. here is how to get ahold of me. if you have a problem let me know. >>reporter: all right, thanks, joe. let's take an live look outside. from our hospital camera you can see the sun is not up yet but you are starting to see a little bit more shade out there. you see the outline of the mountains. that looks so beautiful.
5:51 am
in the last few hours you see a little clouds. we aren't getting a lot. we will be waking up to clear skies. your temperatures are not bad right now. milder in the mid to low 70s for most of us. a bit cooler in sports like buckeye. we are hot today getting up to 105. that puts us in a very high category. the epa issued an uv alert for us here in the valley. be aware of that if you have plans to be outdoors. no storm chances today. getting back to today let's break down your temperatures hour by hour. by 10:00 a.m. 89 degrees. we are warming up quickly. hitting the triple digits by the afternoon.
5:52 am
yesterday we were already in the 80s by then. today a warmer day over 88. well above average overall. what can we expect for the next few days. as we look at future cast. throughout the rest of the day today we can't see a lot. i stopped that and let it run through the day. not a lot happening. other night we'll stay calm and quite. tuesday we start to see moisture. we stop it in the afternoon and it's starting to creep from the south. we will see rain chances right now. as we look at that better chances up north. today staying dry the best day we'll see rain is tuesday morning befor we dry off.
5:53 am
the main days for rain. 88 in pason. 90 in flagstaff. low 80s across the east valley. look at these temperatures only one spot in the 90s. that will be care free. we'll be well above that in the city. a lot of 104 here. glendale,la ,lavene. warmer tomorrow but rain chances and breezes. we have an 10-degree drop between monday and tuesday. down no 94 before we dry off
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a new page of ntroversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
5:56 am
the orchestra is hosting a new event today. head to their website for more information. election day is two months away. catch-up on big national races on a big show called the race. it airs every sunday night after the news.
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mixed bag today. ten 105 today. i'll have a break down of temperatures hour by hour for your sunday coming up in the 6:00 hour. also coming up at 6:00 a huge ball of fire landing on a home. we'll be joined live from the scene with the latest as if edural investigators to prepare a shooting happened this
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anyone with type 2 diabetes despite your best efforts. see,
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ghtheaded,or weak, upon standin. lty breathing or are on dialysis.ll youry medical conditions a.
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camera's rolling as a plan crashed in a home. the in new york an intentional act but stopped from linking it to terrorism. a crowd gathers around a burning church. why investigators say this one is strange. >> good morning, so happy to be with you. >> you take it. >>reporter: let's go ahead and
6:01 am
it's a bit warm today. we will start off with milder temperatures. 73 degrees for us. we'll warmup nicely. 85 degrees there. we'll warmup quickly. not picking up a lot. we will start off very, very calm and quite for the day. now, will we get through today. clear conditions and hot for us here. winds won't be too bad. i'll break down your temperatures and give you a look at the cards day forecast as they play in glenndale. police are investigating the scene. we are unsure how it happied. we are trying to see if the
6:02 am
a gunman. the faa and ntsb is just now starting their investigation of a plane crashed into a home. the amazing thing is everybody survived. two people were inside the home last night when it happened on ray and gilbert road. no one was hurt. the piolet ejected himself and landed in a field a half mile a way from his home. we are making calls to update on his conditions. four skiers were on the plane are also doing okay. the home is a total loss. our mary ellen is back in front of that home this morning. what are you finding out? >>reporter: well, nick, daylight is hitting and we are getting a closer look. the plane actually crashed into the back part of the home.
6:03 am
home. this is where the homeowners were at at the time of the crash. as you mentioned the piolet was ejected. we are told he suffered burn injuries. we are waiting to hear on his injuries this morning. four skydivers were also in the plane. they were not hurt. they could be seen coming down side by side. this was part of the fest festivities in gilbert. they are stunned no one was hurt. >> the plane did two 360. by the time he hit the area he was in too steep of a dive.
6:04 am
it. >>reporter: you are looking at the home again live. it's completely burned on the inside. the home was completely destroyed. the investigators will be out hear this morning. once they get out here they will bring you more information. a chaotic scene in new york at least 29 people the mayor called a bad incident. there are shipyards there -- there is glass everywhere. we know a strange device was found several blocks away. for know officials say it's too early to tell if terrorist was
6:05 am
>> i flew off my feet. >>reporter: you flew off your feet and landed on your back? >> i landed on my elbow. >>reporter: a second device was found. it was a pressure cooker with a cell phone and wire connected to it. that device was removed by the bomb squad for negotiation. another explosion in new jersey. police believe this was a planned attack too. a charity run. it was left in a trash can. the race was delayed and no runners were hurt. eight people are recoughing after an stabbing attack in a mall. an off the duty police officer shot and killed the suspect when he started attacking shoppers.
6:06 am
guard uniform and made references to ala. developing now three crews needed to battle the blaze at an abandon church nobody was hurt. our crews captured the video. as it flames grew so did the crowd. we are looking into the cause of this. right now it looks strange. we are learning about two other the first one was in scottsdale. a man fell out of the cart and onto it road. it took about 2 hours to wrap- up that investigation and finally reopen that area. the other crash that happened there was in phoenix. we are still working to find out if anybody was hurt in this one and how the wreck happened
6:07 am
we are placing calls for both of those. new information at a deadly house shooting. he was 31-year-old robert. that happened yesterday in glendale. neighbors say they heard arguing and all of a sudden gunfire. >> it was right outside my window. i jumped up and looked outside. they were next i heard screaming and someone yelling help me. >> no arrests have been made as police try to sort it out. flames broke out at a home on 32nd street. the first fire truck that showed up had their pump fail so they couldn't get water to
6:08 am
also debris scattered around the fire site. a big demonstration for a big cause. thousands gathered last nights outside the animal control building. it was held there to honor the memory of all of the animals killed in the valley. people try to get their voices heard. five family bets are alive this morning rescued after a house fire. inside two dogs and three cats. firefighters pulled them out. some of them unconscious at the time. they had to uses masks from their fito bags. they stopped by to replenish their supplies. >> we want to make sure they don't go out on a run without the tools they need. sometimes the masks are
6:09 am
damaged during the save. >> so happy they are doing okay. all of the animals will make a full recovery. generating tips is what helps in so many cases. they are rolling out an new eye catcher. the silent witness car is making it's debut. >> whether they go to a neighborhood function or school function or event. this is a visual silent witness looks like. >> the car was given to the nonprofit. it looks like not all candidates will make it to the debate stage. hillary clinton and donald trump made it to the debate staple. the other two candidates didn't make it.
6:10 am
week away. the republicans are trying to raise more money. the rnc raised the maximum amount donors can give. they can give up to 500 -- $550,000. that's $100,000 more. clinton's agreement allowed a donor to give up $100,000 to democratic efforts. this morning a tearful be but strong massage from his mother to the killer, man up and come forward. megan takes us through the case and what police need to cap it. >> own the night of august 16th i had to lay down for bed. i got a phone call for my son
6:11 am
>> the timeline is etched in jones mind. >> i got up and got dressed. >>reporter: a play by play that won't stop when marie was murdered. >> my son was a good son. he wasn't a bad person. >>reporter: saunders killer described as a black male with round face. the vehicle he fired from was new silver chevy suv. >> it's messed up for people to do some thing like this. >>reporter: he wasn't just a son but parent himself to three children. >> they are asking me why would someone do this to their dad and i can't answer that for them. >>reporter: tonight through the tears the family is begging for that killer to come forward. >> you know, taking innocent
6:12 am
hide. you have to hunt for them for years and months to bring them to justice. >>reporter: if the shooter won't step-up she hopes you at home will. >> please help me find out who took my son a way from me. >>reporter: silent witness is offering $1,000 for information about the murder. it's 12 past the hour now. we are looking at the forecast. it's cooler now but in for a warm one. >>reporter: yes, it will be a scorcher today. it's warmer than yesterday for sure let's break down your forecast. if you plan to hit the green the morning will be much better for you.
6:13 am
look at this, warmer by lunchtime. you aren't dreaming 105 degrees. very hot today. we are in for a big temperature drop. i'll tell you when coming up. we will tell you when to expect to drive on the freeway.
6:14 am
6:15 am
adot will is almost finished with their project on the freeway. the freeway is expected to open in 2019.
6:16 am
church. he took the donation boxes. walker was seen steel -- stealing from the donation box. there are possible gas shortages on the east coast because of a gas line spill. cars are stations afraid the gas will one out. when it comes to the prices at the pump the national average is up 2 cents from last week. we are paying an average of $2.12 a gallon. it's the best time of year for foodies.
6:17 am
dinners and main courses. may favorite part is dessert. the goal is to get all of the food they have to offer. head to our website for more. mark your calendar you can see our own frederick's in action. the dinner is next friday night at they will have featured speakers. kids at elementary school is just getting the hang of sharing with others. i'm still trying to teach nick. this is logan's eighth birthday party. there are balloons and snacks but no gifts for him. he was asking people to bring things like conditioner and tooth paste to donate to a local shelter.
6:18 am
i would like to help them out and have a better life. >> logan loves allegiance airlines and giving him a trip to anywhere he wants to go. they are trying to raise
6:19 am
one. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >>reporter: whatever whatever errands you have to do i hope it's in i spoke to some viewers yesterday. it's 73 right now. you can see our winds are not too bad either. temperatures are verisimilar in the mid to low 70s. we are in the upper 60s right now. out the buckeye we are in the
6:20 am
valley are not bad. other spots are up to 10 miles per hour. there is a look at future cast. -- futurecast. up north and all over the state we'll stay very clear. we won't see changes until tomorrow morning. look at that you start to see the moisture creep up. we won't get rain chances in the valley. this look at what happens as we continue to play. by monday night, again, no rain chances for us. we might bump it up to a 10% shot. better rain chances down to the southwest. down on your court side as well. as we look at tuesday morning i
6:21 am
umbrella. we could get other things like wind and duststorms kicking up. in the meantime we'll have a good wide chance for showers. we could have rain down to the southeast. it's not a heavy rainmaker but some thing we will look for. 105 today. clear and hot. enjoy it while you can. temperature wise things will look pre this morning get out and do what you can. as we get into later on it will start to be very hot. the clouds roll in through the evening but we will stay mostly clear. we are looking above average. four or 5 degrees above average. across the state really nice
6:22 am
north. in flagstaff. 90 in kingman. we'll kickoff 101 degrees. bring the sunscreen it will be very hot. we looked throughout the quarter hopefully if we get a cards win it will be toasty out. look at this your rain chances increase on tuesday. that temperature drop 10 degrees from monday and tuesday. the rest expecting it to be quieter. they will take on the dodgers today. jimmy kemmel will be
6:23 am
nominations. netflix favorites is kimmy schmitt. the awards start at 5:00. stick around for a special edition of abc 15 news right after that. weekends are about bunch. for many of us that could
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
here to talk about wine country brunch is kathleen from the arts. we have three restaurants across the valley we love. this is a great event. tell us about this event and then we'll go into the food. >> yeah, don't forget the food. >> the 28th wine country brunch tiffany's happies this sunday. it's from 11:00 to 2:00. we invite everybody to join us and sip on champaign. during our cocktail hour we'll have a silent auction. >> yeah. >> does everyone have to dress up? >> yeah, we encourage that, you don't have to. it's surrounded all around
6:27 am
the event support the scottsdale league for the arts. since 2002 the league has donated and contributed 4 million to the ballet, childs play, and free arts for arizona. >> you do a whole lot. you brought delicious foods? >> absolutely. we brought some of our restaurant favorites. this is our smoke salmanalmon hush. i have chicken and waffles. >> these are all yours.
6:28 am
potato muffins. >> we also brought quich. >> we are excited about it. we have the information up there. that will be happying at the camby. that will be there between 11:00 and 2:00. head to their work sit i am totally blind i lost my sight in afghanist. if you're totally bli, i am totally blind you may also be stggling with no24 calling 844-844-2424
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
investigators are just starting the search for more clues in a gilbert neighborhood when a small plane crashes into a home. >> the plane landed in the at the tim the owners of the home were in the front of the house watching tv. what are you seeing and hearing there? >>reporter: i want to get out of the way to show you this house. we are showing you a different angle. this is where the plane came down. neighbors describe it. you can see how burned out the houses are. the home is completely destroyed.
6:32 am
neighbors are taking a look and seeing the damage. this is the first time we've seen it damage. the ntsb is investigating the cause of the crash. the two people inside were not injured. the piolet ejected a half mile away. he was the only one that was injured. his last transmission was his wing was on fire. the other sky divers were also ejected. neighbors witnessed them coming down beside the plane. neighbors were shocked and scared as they watched the plane drop. >> it looks like a plane went up in smoke and flames.
6:33 am
>> we were just chilling on the back porch and wondered what was going on. >>reporter: we are back here live. look at how you can see straight through the home. the back half of the home completely gone. there is pretty much no home as you can see. we are getting a look at that. we are seeing the damage when it was dark. late last night when a lot of the fire crews were here. this was part of the constitution week festivities if in gilbert. that's why they were up in the plane. we are making a call to see how one man is doing this morning. he was riding on a glider.
6:34 am
unconscious when the medics finally got to him. this is north of the i-8 near i- 84. let's take a break from the headlines. it's cool right now but alison is saying get ready to sweat later. >> yeah, we'll sweat as it temperatures heat up a lot. >>reporter: today will be the hottest day. quickly look here as nick amongsted nice -- me conditions. here is some thing you will have to deal with today and tomorrow. your pollen forecast in the medium category. it will be the main juans down here that will cause us problems. as you look at the d backs forecast today we will be at 101 degrees. look at this as it game gets going by 31:04.
6:35 am
chase field with an d backs win. it will be hot. i'll break it down hour by hour next. >> i heard the explosion and moments later i heard debris falling on the ground. >>reporter: right now an active manhunt under way to find the person responsible for the bl we have the latest. >>reporter: watch this surveillance video capturing the moments when the blast occurred. take a look from a different angle debris flying. >> we could here it explosion aloud boom. >> it was so loud it started shaking my body.
6:36 am
was a cloud of smoke. >>reporter: police say chaos erupted around 8:30 saturday night. debris scattered everywhere. >> it was a huge blast of a light. >> nothings going to happen, okay. nothing will happen to you. >>reporter: this man helped an bloody victim. one of >> there is no evidence of a terror connection. >>reporter: the mayor of new york said authorities believe the explosion was an intentional act. counterterrorism searching the area. >> the exact cause of explosion has not been determined. >> that was abc's ray reporting. hillary clinton told reporters
6:37 am
blast and need to do everything we can to support our first responders. donald trump said our country needs to get tougher. he also called it a bomb blast in colorado. a deputy is recovering and one man is dead. police said a man delivered an enhave envelope to the woman at the gas station. she called police. officers fired back killing that man. one deputy was graced by a bullet. your heart breaks for this
6:38 am
he's going through. he and a youth football team was on a charter bus when it slammed into an over pass killing four people. the bus tire blew out before it went into an over pass. >> when i got the telephone call my heart dropped. i didn't know what was going on. i found out he's okay. i was prin safety. >> police say it could take months before he could reconstruct the crash. right now the search is ramping up for a florida woman after a mobile home fire. the woman's husband was pulled from the flames. he was in critical condition with burns. they are searching for the woman but she wasn't in the
6:39 am
they are eager to find that woman before. >> someone started yelling fire. a delta flight attendant sprung into action. the smoke came from a spare battery. it's unclear if it was a leet yes, -- what kind of was. for a lot you go to to faucet to get water but for some that's not possible. there is no toxic water in the ground. the hole opened up into a radioactive pond. the water was used to make fertilizer. it hasn't flown away from the area.
6:40 am
>> they tell you not to eat the fish out of the phosphates pits because they glow at night. >> they stated they told the people this happened but didn't go public until last week. weapon. he tried to get away. he yelled at the pit bull to attack the officers. the officer is recovering to others. in morning in health news.
6:41 am
opiod use. the group follow an playbook to protect their own investment. this could be the best gift a child gets. it used to be the one provided. steve was at earnhardt chevy on friday. this was part of the your bike campaign. you could drop the old bike at any of the 20 locations. all of the information is on our website. >> you still have time. >> we would really like your help with that one. >>reporter: let's talk about
6:42 am
look at how hot we'll get later today. 105 degrees. that's about 5 or 6 degrees above normal. we will have more coming up. >> it's way more important than football. it's a water boy's dream come true.
6:43 am
6:44 am
? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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it's 6:45 on a beautiful sunday morning. temperatures at 76 degrees. this is a live look at outside downtown cameron. really things are expecting to be too breezy for us. i'll break down your forecast in a few minute along. a stolen pair of socks is the tip of i iceberg officers stopped him in the parking lot were they found an ounce of meth and a loaded shotgun. a man looked like he was going to order chicken but
6:46 am
it plays. he was waiting for the customers to leave and then he pulled out a gun and grabbed the crash. if you book a flight online do you know the refund policy? >> i was getting everything ready and felt dizzy and went down. >>reporter: for three years robe >> doctors told me that wouldn't be able to happen. >>reporter: he booked a trip on . he said getting the refund wasn't easy. >> they had to take the phone a way from me at the hospital. >>reporter: he received a notice. >> i was denied. they said i would have to get my money back from the website.
6:47 am
m.j. took it on. >> he was on top of it. >>reporter: they were in contact with american and united and said they are bound by the policies of the airline companies. >> i stayed on top of it and got my money back. i'm very happy. it was the best thing. >> thank you to united and american. they usually extend the value exception. american said they made an exception as well. before you buy know the cancellation policies. here is how to get ahold of me i'm investigator joe. here is a story that will put a smile on your face. the water boy was honored.
6:48 am
would happen. he wore the number 24 and ran the ball. his mother is battling cancer. >> at a team has been so instrumental and help me get him to practice. it takes a village to raise my son. this village has really been outstanding. >> they by leave this least they could do since the team considers them part of their family. >> there are so many tears. what an incredible story. >>reporter: let's talk about your forecast here today. we enjoyed the high temperatures. >> my dog loves the sun. hot or cold he always keeps it cold. >>reporter: relike that just like his owner.
6:49 am
here is a look at your can temperatures here. most of us are in the low 70s. a lot of us are in the low 60s. the sun will warm us up in a little bit. in the meantime we'll deal with slightly cooler temperatures. i think it gets chilly. in the mean time here is a look at 105 degrees today. we are talking well above average temperatures. the uv index will be at an 8. that's a high category. your air quality has ozone concerns. we'll keep with the dry trend. hour by hour at 10:00 a.m. 89 degrees.
6:50 am
as you get in the evening 9:00 p.m. we are still in the low 90s. it will be the hottest day. from hear on out we will get cooler. here is a look at futurecast. not a lot happening. it's not until we take this into tomorrow we'll start to see things. first, i stopped at tomorrow morning. during your morning commute you will be fine. in if evening you will start to see a push of moisture. as we continue it through the next few days we'll get increased rain chances. tomorrow evening we'll have an 10% chance of showers. better shot on tuesday and wednesday before we remove those chances completely thursday, friday, and saturday.
6:51 am
we'll get to pretty overall. 95 today. 89 in winslow. it will be hotter. 81 in window rock. a look right here in the east valley. look at this. we spoke about above average temperatures. the 30 year average is 99 degrees. we'll be at 103 warmer in sports like avondale. as we look at the next several days today will be the hottest day for us. we will drop tomorrow. we'll get rain chances in and cooler air. breezy conditions. this might be a good time. we have those conditions right incase we get blowing dust. look at the drop from monday and tuesday. for the rest of the week it's
6:52 am
our weather is starting to get gorgeous.
6:53 am
6:54 am
mething new. especially when it comes to snacking. th's w we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks thatreinvent snacking.o. cheey the laughing cow. cheese dippers. music and dancing under a moonlit sky. >> it's called ballet under the stars.
6:55 am
let's bring in the executive director. >> we have talented dancers in the area. >> we have been doing this for is the years. it's some thing the community loves. it's outstanding. we thank the city for helping us put-on is >> yeah, my friends say let's go to ballet under the stars. >> what should they expect to see? >> world class ballet. they are considered one of the best in the country. we will give an free performance for about 1 hour long. bring your picnic basket.
6:56 am
and enjoy. >> yeah, they were pretty incredible. >> how much do you train? >> we usually dance from 9:00 to 4:30. we are pretty much dancing all day. >> how many days a week? >> five days a week. >> that's why you are pros. >> we have 30 seconds left. can you give us a preview. >> let's and let the experts take >> okay, i think we might not have music for them. they don't need it. look how beautiful they are. it's in the arms. is this right with the lines and such? >> everything comes from a syllabus. there are certain moves put together. they are practically olympic athletes. they prepare 1 hour and half to get performed.
6:57 am
up. >> they look amazing.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, new york city explosion. the moments of terror caught on camera. >> i heard boom. >> and it was big, black clouds like smoke. >> dozens of people hurt. the blast going off in a popular and busy neighborhood. >> an explosion -- >> this was an intentional act. >> windows shattering in buildings, and cars, debris littering the streets. rushed to treat the injured. dazed from the explosion. emergency vehicles swarming the scene. >> the ground shook and, like, windows shook. >> city streets and subway lines shut down and the frightening discovery, a secondary device a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. bomb-sniffing dogs hunting for more.


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