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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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police are investigating a major crash in the valley that killed someone. protesters out in force in charlotte after a video was released of a deadly officer involved shooting. and in of date to breaking news, a suspect accused of shooting and killing five people at a mall in washington state, now this man - - his photo was tweeted out by police. and they say he was out of it, even zombielike when they found him. surveillance photos they say were key to catching him. he started shooting inside cascade mall, by people were shot and killed here, the fbi is assisting in the investigation and right now,
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looking for a motive. >> police are on the scene of the crash at 67th and grant, after a car slammed right into a power, we do have the scene out there active right now, they are saying it was the front passenger who did not make it, that was the passenger killed. and the driver is now in stable condition. a third person was also taken to the hospital. we don't know how it happened two cars were involved in this one. we will be asking all of those questions and right now nothing is being rolled out while the investigation is looking like a horrific crash scene, scene, we will get you updates from there. also in glendale, the aftermath of a scary rollover, police tell us that an suv was hit while making a turn, causing it to - - spill over. the intersection is open again
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investigation. and tonight, deputies are investigating shots fired at a park, hundreds of people were nearby, and it happened right across the street from a church as a baseball game was underway. thankfully nobody was hurt in the shooting. two men were fighting in the street, someone from one group fired shots right at the ground. >> we do believe that this is gang-related and related to an incident that happened in reference to rival gang members here in guadalupe. >> four people were detained for questioning, they are trying to figure out if the shooter is one of them in the and csl. >> testers have taken to the streets for the fifth night in a row, after heavy pressure, two videos were released of keith scott, and we do have video from the police body cameras on the left, and on the right, dash cam video from a
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show you the moment keith scott was shot. very graphic. scott's family held a press conference. the video indicates that keith scott did not pose a threat to law enforcement, his family said he did not even own a gun, but police recovered one at the scene. and the gun had been to prince, dna, and blood on it. the officer who fired was not wearing a body cannot. >> law chances today, a six hour standoff ending peacefully, evacuated today after reports of an armed gunmen in the area, the gunmen himself called 91 saying he was going to hurt himself and any officer who came close. police surrounded this area and after six long hours, he surrendered, he was carrying and airsoft gun. >> knock after knock, the sheriffs office posse of
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long day of work. >> where did he go to? did he stay in the state? >> unexpectedly checking on sex offenders, making sure they are living in the home and neighborhood in which they were registered but the man they were searching for moved month - - months ago. the sheriff is saying many offenders may go out and commit the same crime. > actions. we want to know where they are at. the public wants to know where they are at. we want to keep track of them. >> we checked in with them, and of the 70 homes checked today, 20 people were not home, four of them, sex offenders, failing to report the move. >> it is nice and cool out there, the first week of all, laura is tracking your
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below average, high of 97, at 62 this morning it was a gorgeous start out across the valley, temperatures have fallen into the upper 70s at this hour with east wind at 5 miles per hour. overnight tonight, a little bit warmer, so it will be very present tomorrow morning at 67 degrees, clear skies all night long, tomorrow, backup 296, high ready for a storm system to move in and bring some breezes into the valley. gusts will be up to 30 miles per hour, late tomorrow afternoon, high gusts across northern arizona, if you are traveling, we want more on this forecast, and rain in your forecast, forecast, minutes away. >> in phoenix, trouble solving a crime because a man who who was shot will not talk about
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in the leg near central and south news. there were reports cannot confirm it. quite a fight, but no words of arrest after a stabbing in glendale, a man went to visit a married couple at 47th and maryland, and was stabbed in the process, is expected to be okay, but we can imagine that the police are still searching for a motive in this a body was found in an irrigation canal. this all happening in buckeye, police are not saying whether this body was male, female, or a possible age, but they have been fielding questions on whether or not this could be 10- year-old jesse wilson. he went missing this summer.
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investigation today. >> they are looking into the missing persons report to see if there is possibly a match. >> the ten-year-old 10-year-old has been missing for two months now. if you know anything that can help, call the tip line on your screen. phoenix police are asking for your help finding a shooter on the run. one of these in the chest. the victim survived, we were told that he was walking to his car when he was attacked. call silent witness if you have any tips. >> meantime, a valley business went up in flames, tonight, the owner of the building telling us firefighters think it sparked when an oil rag in a finishing room combusted.
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design for restaurants. thankfully, thankfully, the sprinklers helped put that fire out. sun devils opening pack 12 play tonight. they are hosting the bears with the doubles, and they are looking for their first 4-0 start since 2007. they go 98 yards in nine plays, web throws 19 yards to robertson. 7-0 lead. after 35 yards, g field goal, this time a 12- yard, 12 play, 75-yard drive, making it 14-13. in the second - - second quarter, 17-10. 82 yards in six plays, 23 yards to brandon singleton and two different field goals on the night so far for gonzales, inching for - - forward.
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exciting. >> on the edge of our seats for the whole night. >> seam game at tucson as well. >> greg, thankgreg, thank you. >> new claims from a valley yoga teacher. she said she had to flash her breasts to underage boys, an exclusive look at an interview that you cannot miss.
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phoenix police are investigating a fire that happened at cave creek road, the owner woke to the smell of smoke and the smoke alarm going off, there were eight cats in the home and they all died. the race for the white house, we are less than 48 hours away from the first presidential debate, both
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different ways, clinton is a veteran debater, and she has been pouring over briefing books and holding mock debates. this will be trump's 12th debate that his first one-on- one. he says he is wary of overdoing it. trump, a boost from ted cruz. he told - - told people to vote and that they are conscious. 30,000 signs were at headed out across the state, organizers believe the amount could set a record. download podium, our free
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the navajo nation - - the ceo said that the bill is not based on sound science. they said a a deadline for the end of the year. pictures from the fulton fire east of payson, acres, 45% contained, crews say watch out for the smoke lingering in the area. that fire was called - - caused by lightning. time to say goodbye to salt river tubing. this was the last weekend, they close tomorrow night.
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start dusting off skis and snowboards. they are really getting snow. shocking for us. we are finally getting out of the miserable summer. >> had brought wind from the rain and the valley. snowboarders already. >> east wind is light miles per hour, the low in the 60s, pleasant if you are getting out tomorrow morning, the average low is 74 as we go 60s, we warm up quickly, wind will be picking up throughout the afternoon, with some gusts near 25 miles per hour through the afternoon hours, sustained wind between 20 and 25 miles
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quiet statewide, no statewide, no showers or thunderstorms today, passing clouds overnight across the high country, down to the east into the southeast, but no rain, tomorrow you may see spotty flight showers through the mountains, through southeast arizona, and some clouds you will notice are moving back in, high cloud continue to increase in the next couple of days, you you'll see slave rain chances for phoenix, phoenix, 20% chance on wednesday, very slight chance on thursday, the high country will have a better chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms beginning on monday, tuesday, and continuing wednesday across northern arizona.
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and 67, overnight lows tonight is 41 and flagstaff, flagstaff, 37 in window rock with upper 20s this morning, 67 tonight in phoenix, forecasted high tomorrow, 90s across central arizona, 70s along the rim, 60s for the highest spots tomorrow morning. 60s in the bellies tonight, 90s tomorrow, back to here advertise as sunday forecast, the breezes will be lasting through tuesday, a little bit of a drop in the high, and we start the work week on monday, tuesday at ninety-two, wednesday at, wednesday at 93, warmer on thursday, 94 again with slight rain chances and we will be warming up again next weekend. another night game, and doubles fans on the edge of our
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exciting start to play, high-
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cigna. together, all the way. here is an update, sun devils are opening tonight hosting the bears at sun devils stadium, both teams struggle,
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yards to robertson, a 7-0 lead now, and after 35-yard - - lead, they are on the move again, 14-3 now. wilkinson caps a 75-yard drive, his eight the artist and touchdown run that makes it 17- 10 82 yards in 10 plays, 23 yards to brandon singleton. 21-10 at halftime. she is inching closer closer to the record, right now, with quarter, cal is of, 34, tucson, tucson has the night - - down into somehow the ninth-ranked huskies. they take a 7-0 lead, and on the next drive how wildcats go to fourth and goal, hockey - - the huskies of this - - self
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97 yards tie the game. washington will tie the game before happened to right now, they are forced were downstairs in flagstaff, arizona lumberjacks, hosting the fifth ranked washington eagles, combining over 1000 yards of offense, going of 23 to 21. and 101 your slush falling 1-3 on the season, 01 conference play, the eagles beat the jets 50 to 55. and the bills come into the game looking for their first victory of the season and the cardinals are happening - hoping - - hoping to turn around last week from the
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sides of the ball. >> we want to see for us that they have a difficult i don't care what people say six points into games. i mean that is nfl. you lose some and we lost our first. a difficult time. >> we know that we have to play well. >> what is the suspects today, the - - biggest says today, do scores t 21-14 lead, irish take it 31-45 with 8:00 to go in the game, and a score a minute later and with 1:24 left to go, aj kicked at 19 yards field-goal right there, and duke rallies back to shock them with a loss, 1-3 on the season. basketball, second round of the playoffs, phoenix and mercury
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winner take all, one and done playoff game. and 30 points, taylor with 20, mercury moves on to the semi finals with a 1-- - 101 33 sewer liberty, the best-of-five series begins monday night in minneapolis. >> no joke they are just winning, they finished 500. >> here we go, we will take it, we appreciate the update. a self driving car and a
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it is the first weekend of fall. pumpkin spice is everywhere. and pumpkin spice prize, that's right. and there is more, they have some that are drizzled in chocolate. if you want to try it, mcdonald's plans to serve them in japan, so get a clean week through halloween night. a woman made a big moral decision, and now she's being rewarded for her honesty, she returned a stack of cash, 5000 dollars, dollars, accidentally mixed up - - mixed into her order, she found all that cash. >> i was like i can keep it.
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find, you know, it's like $5000. >> she called the manager and did not get a call back. and we helped get hurt in touch with corporate. now she gets free pizza - - free pizza for one year and a free week off of work. and we have another story coming up next,, lots of trash, what the city of tempe is going to do about the park right now. >> do you have an old bike? donated to give a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. help out by dropping off one of
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign.
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or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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a a donation page has sort - - surface for a cup of, these two were both sentenced for the death of 20 dogs. racquel, not everybody is in support of the page. >> some people are outraged, this is the facebook page where they are talking about it, some
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facility and they are upset someone has set up a page for this couple, two years ago, 23 dogs died at the boarding facility when the air conditioning went out and now, the family needs $50,000 to get back on their feet, so far, they've raised $90, two weeks ago, the two of them were sentenced and some of the o spoke out. no sympathy, no apology, whatsoever, in that letter to us. >> we lost our dog sky we lost our family members, they are gone, they will never come back. >> they were sentenced to 60 days in jail along with six years probation, according to the page, they made a mistake guy this was an accident, they said it has taken a a toll on their family including death threats and they say they are
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their feet, there is not a lot of sympathy from people here. also tonight, hundreds are gathering, sing their final goodbyes to a man shot and killed by police, family and friends say it was all about celebrating his life. a father of four shot by betty shelby, prosecutors manslaughter charges against shelby. some activists were protesting to remove a statue of president jackson, the group once the statues out of the fair. they want to remove several monuments from the area, the city has agreed to take down
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adrian peterson talk about high profile cases that he describes as racial injustice. >> on the right, he points out that she drove with her baby in the car, and only got probation - - probation. a phoenix case goes national. a teacher speaking out. and the boy almost put her behind bars, and said that he viewed her breasts as family property.
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of and what was alleged, it is sick. i loved those boys like family, like brothers, it was just a horrible situation. >> the family host that party and said that they paid for her breast augmentation's, augmentation's, she claimed the boys drugged her and took advantage of the situation when she passed out. check out the full interview right here. for the first time, the attorney shared an recording that she said supports every claim. police asking questions after a a person with a gunshot wound showed up at a fire station asking for help, the victim was shot at 23rd and camelback. that person is expected to be okay. we are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting and
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killed after battling a house fire. crews say there is flames and smoke shooting out of the house, several people including small children were trapped inside, when firefighters went into the home, the floor collapsed, four of the firefighters fell through, four kids and one adult taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, it is still unclear what started the blaze. more heavy rain, flooding, expected floodwaters already seeping into homes and businesses there, and in cedar rapids, the river is expected to crest at 24 feet, monday, and the downtown area will be closed for one week while hundreds of people have been advised to evacuate. and floodwaters are finally
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what is happening across the us. a huge line of thunderstorms stretching from nebraska, the cold front moves through our stay a couple of days ago, the main storm system is continuing to move off to the northeast. looking at the temperatures, here in the valleys, 70s, showers, thunderstorms are still moving through, we had some 30s and 40s out there, client - - the plan tomorrow. some 70s in albuquerque, upper 80s in san francisco, 66 in denver and in chicago, tomorrow, more severe weather is expected across the midwest as that front continues to move off to the east. more in - - on our forecast in a few minutes. in flint, the community told not to drink the water because of high levels of - -
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today? the city says it has the proof that people are still drinking filtered water and another round of tests are scheduled for next month. flint is supposed to get water from a new pipeline but the timeline is still up in the air, the water price in flint has become a political debate, trump and clinton have talked about what they would do if they were elected president. and the water limited to flint. this picture of discolored water was posted to social media, hoping to bring change, instead, she was suspended. >> it is inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom, everyone in my school, every girl takes pictures in the bathroom and makes it a profile picture, no one has been in trouble. >> dozens of students are
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after the story aired, the student learns that her suspension will be removed from her record. >> 20 tons of trash has been collected so far, nine clean up trips have been made to clean up the area, after residents were complaining about homeless camps and large amounts of garbage along the trails. the city's mayor out with plans on being out here before the year is up. f are not doing something, it is disingenuous. it - - we are, we have evidence that this is is a nice time- out here, we are also looking at the humid side. >> the city plans to go over some long-term solutions. >> the future of driving, facing questions today after this, a google self driving car badly smashed up in a crash, the company says they are not
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driver they said had caused that crash, google confirmed three crashes in the valley, all linked to self driving cars. it is child passenger safety week. a reminder for caregivers to check those car seats. first, make sure it is not loose. seats should not be able to move more than an inch cross, and choose one or ensure the clip is not low on your child. very important. >> 10,000 car seats, 10,000 types of cars, everything is different, even though you may have had success with one, maybe you buy a second one and it is not as easy. and just want to do it right every time. >> aaa also recommends not using mirrors or hanging toys
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they can actually hurt your baby if you get in a track - - in a crash. how many times have you dropped your phone in water and had to try that old bag of rice trick? a new machine could save you trouble and time and it got the seal of approval. and right now, machines are being linked to dozens of staples stores, and in hopes of extending creators went to this - - to the sharks. >> it was a rush of emotion, it was confusing at times, it was exciting all the time. >> i feel there is nothing i've done in my life so far what i've learned so much as i have the last few years. shark tank was no different. >> it must have been intimidating to face the panel. they said that they became inspired when a fellow student dropped her phone into the
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th.
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a star-studded event at the capital today for the official opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture, barack obama and george bush remarks, and will clinton, smith, and oprah tell a story that takes place over 400 years, 3000 artifacts on display. in the museum opened at a time when the nation is debating questions over racial equality. >> it is complicated, it is messy, a story that perhaps needs to be told now more than ever. so, this museum causes - - provides context. >> if you are hoping to see the
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the museum is selling tickets online for specific entry times. the next available ticket is not until december. and clinton is picking up an endorsement from the new york times, the editorial board, the editorial will appear in print tomorrow, clinton's experience at - - as secretary of state they said makes her better qualified than her republican challenger, donald trump, times also democratic primary fights. trump tweets out a threat today, saying he will bring gennifer flowers to the debate with hillary clinton, bill clinton admitted to having a sexual relationship with flowers decades ago, trumps move is all in response to a plan to sit at the front row in the invitation campaign. a a full 90 minutes as the candidates duke it out right get out right here on abc 15,
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starts at 6:00. another check of your weather forecast. we are seeing beautiful temperatures, waking in the 60s and the 70s this morning. >> it was nice, we will see 60s again tomorrow morning, very nice out there right now, 79 in phoenix, looking back toward tempe, we have some breezes picking up tomorrow. 77 in chandler and in goodyear, here is where those breezes are. at luke, 12 miles per hour, scottsdale also reporting 5 miles per hour, picking up tomorrow, a little bit stronger across the high country, flagstaff, sedona, also, payson, reporting a 16 mile-per- hour wind, current temperatures in the 60s, 44 already in window rock, rock, 42 at the grand canyon, 70s, sixty's across south and central arizona, here is what is happening, looking at the
10:46 pm
quiet as we go through - - clouds work their way back through southeastern arizona, a sprinkle or two there, then these clouds start to move in, in, late tomorrow night, into monday, tuesday is when we will start to see moisture increase and rain returning to the forecast, dry tomorrow, and gus near 25 miles per hour. high country with us up to 25 miles wind around 15 up to 25 miles per hour. quite - - not quite as cool statewide, 30s for window rock, 45 in winslow, and 67 tomorrow morning in bullhead city, high tomorrow back in the 90s out
10:47 pm
86 and low, 70s in window rock, 60s are expected in flagstaff and at the grand canyon, again, a mostly dry day statewide, but those breezes do return tomorrow, a little bit warmer. and west valley, more of the same kind 94 in deer valley, and take a look at the extended forecast, breezes on monday and on tuesday, a little bit of cloud cover works back into valley, monday, tuesday, very isolated rain chances, 10 10%, 20% chance of rain coming up on wednesday, lingering chance on thursday, warming backup close to that average high as we wrap this week up.
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the park - - spartans manage to field goals day. 66 - - 20-6. and badgers move 4-0 on the season with a convincing 30-6 victory on michigan state. plus, baseball coming of the loss, that i did ask trying to even the series against the orioles, a couple of former mmx would do them in, miley holding
10:53 pm
out 11 to tithe the career-high for him, another former diamondback connects with his league-leading 45th home run, 1- for on the road trip, 6-1 walk in - - in baltimore. second round, 18 in mercury, winner take all one and done playoff game. he leads with 30 points. fired taylor with 20, the mercury move on to the semi finals with the one - - 91-- - with a victory. the series starts wednesday night up in minneapolis. >> dominating, crazy football in tucson. >> a classic story of man
10:54 pm
after two years of trying, yes, it's true. - - a 53-mile race that starts at the grand canyon, it vanishes in arizona. and his time, one hour, 54 minutes, he is superfast. 200 cyclists came out for
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do you like to view the world through funny faces? a new are of smart glasses can record 102nd videos and you can share those through the app, but it can cost you as they run
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available, snapchat is changing their name as well. >> one must be shop. >> where is this going? where is this going? >> is okay to laugh because it's not having to us. [ laughing ] this is happening on live tv. and if - - it's an with a very friendly baby giraffe on live tv. it's going viral. i i think they handle it pretty well. and i got a little bit out of control. her will anchor banker said hey, she is married.
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