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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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live desk. this could impact your morning loop in north phoenix. 101 loop closed. a deadly crash. we know two people are dead after this vehicle slammed into the wall. you can see how it's impacting the roads. let's get right over to abc 15's mallory moore. >> reporter: this is going to be the westbound side of 101. no traffic being let past -- eastbound not effected. but let me show you your smart routes. from i-17 all the way to 51st avenue. so to get around. union hill drive is going to be your best option and you can enter the freeway once you're at 51st avenue. the rest of the valley really quiet right now. let's talk about forecast as maybe you're getting ready to get out the door.
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as expected that temperature dropping another degree. we do have some high clouds out there but those clouds thin out through the day. we end up with mostly sunny skies and a gorgeous day. a high of 82. we'll talk about when rain chances are back next. still a rough day on the roadways. a home in phoenix went up in flames. sadly alternate of destruction here. abc 15's katie connor. anybody live there and if so what's happened to them? >> gene i've learned this is an abandoned home behind me. they saw flames shooting through the roof. that all happened around 3:30 this morning. crews can be here within 30 minutes. as you can see half the home is destroyed. we just saw and just a few hours investigators will be back out here digging through the rubble
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what caused this fire. but again this was an abandoned house. another fire overnight. this one at an apartment complex. we're told those flames started in the kitchen of the down stairs unit and quickly burned to an up stairs unit. mesa fire and rescue were able to keep it from spreading. they say about six people will be out of their homes. fortunately again in this case nobody hurt. authorities in guadalupe they are hoping this sketch will make an arrest after two people were shot. this happened on friday. and the victims drove themselves to this fire station. one person died. sheriff's deputies also releasing a picture of a u-haul moving truck. the accused killer may have been driving it. so if you recognize the truck or know anything about this please call mcso right away. this car accident on 7th street and broadway.
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critical condition. that mini van got hit pretty hard. spun out of control. police don't have any good witnesses on this one. but they're hoping to get more information when they can talk to those drivers. she came at me with those scissors. >> now that winslow police officer that. austin shiply has resigned after an internal investigation. authorities say holding a pair of scissors and posing a threat to a former officer. her family has filed a lawsuit against the city for more than $10 million. 2015 is quickly coming to an end. and that means it is time to enroll in health care coverage. officially began accepting applications. live in mesa near main and
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>> yeah, you can call it sticker shock, danielle and we're actually in mesa. this is one of the places where you can come in person to this store front. and you can sign up today, november 1st, today. arizona's facing the biggest rate increase in the entire country. so today, day 1 for open enrollment. of course there's really just a ton of questions. and one of the big ones what if i cannot afford we've been hearing so much about sky high premiums and even higher deductibles. so the feds have been here for days training people on answering those questions and helping people find the best options. >> so we want arizonans to know that every arizonan who's eligible for the marketplace has access to affordable, high quality coverage and that there is financial assistance
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>> so cover is one of the best websites for you to check out. you can sign up there to come here in person. and this year you could also sign up danielle on your mobile device. >> breaking down what we need to know and of course this comes as we are just one week out from election day. you can expect the next seven days will be packed with rallies an one concern for voting day, though, is election hacking. nearly every state has asked for federal help to protect voting systems from hackers. for those needing help time is not certainly on their time. department of homeland security says it can take up to two weeks. remember back in august the fbi issued a warning. and then tried to breach systems here in arizona. meantime an election lawsuit
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the arizona democratic party is suing the republican party and donald trump's campaign to stop what they fear will be voter intimidation. they want an order blocking gop poll watchers from harassing or photographing people who show up to vote, dan. >> senator john mccain ran for president back in 2008. he has one supporter for that job this year. john kasich has been critic of donald trump. he voted republican all the way down the rest of the ticket. i'm nick slety. there is a big push thorn to get people to send in those early ballots. now if you got one of these early ballots in the mail. election officials are asking you to send that in the mail by today. to make sure it gets here and is counted just in time.
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that the video. air 15 was over the scene back in march there. some people waited in line up to six hours just to cast their ballot. this was the last time that hillary clinton and donald trump's names were on those ballots. so they are definitely forecasting some long lines there. now i also want to mention if you don't plan to send in your ballot you can hand it in in person to any of the 25 voting locations. you can also come here a early. of course you have to be registered for all of that information. head to now at 5:30 we're going to take a closer look at who is vying for your vote. hard to believe it's here danielle. >> i know, a lot of people probably relieved we're getting close. and speaking of who will be on that ballot. senator mccain's opponent is
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they will announce their endorsement of congresswoman an kirk patrick. our state school superintendent ready to hit the roads to talk about arizona kids can't wait. that's the education plan that spans across 156 pages with 30 proposals. a lot of ideas from parents and teachers. this is the second year for the we are listening tour. she will be in tempe today. thursday. an accidental shooting. a sheriff's deputy is dead. i'm looking at the circumstances surrounding the shooting here from the abc live desk. >> this is a trafficking nightmare on the u.s. 60 after several drivers end up with flats. we're taking action just in case this happens to you. >> and your drive on i-10 in the west valley is picking up now. >> and yesterday was our first
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but today is going to be i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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all right. temperatures dropping another degree or so in several valleys. phoenix down to 68. tempe you're waking up to 66 and you're going to walk out the door to low 60s in spots like goodyear. a few clouds out there and you'll see them across the valley and these clouds will thin out throughout the day. eventually we end up with mostly sunny ie it's going to be a great morning if you want to get outdoors for that bike ride, maybe a hike or a run. but today's one of those days where you can get out later in the day as temperatures are finally going to be running right near average for this time of the year. so we'll stay in the 60s through 8:00 ask then the 70s move in. the atsz do modify in this afternoon but our high tops out right at 82. that's the average high for this time of year. i'll show you when we could see
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mallory. can you look at i-10 from our century link prism traffic center. this is going to be for eastbound drivers from the 101 until you hit the 17. up in the north part of the valley that's where the issues are this morning. you're still seeing this closure. loop 101 westbound at 35th avenue basically between i-17 and 51st. make sure you instead. and ride sharing company lyft is celebrating three years of service in the valley today. so to commemorate lyft is teaming up with linked in. it's all happening at the deuce between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.. 45 pages describing split second decisions by a pilot moments before his plane crashes into a gilbert home.
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was this planned. shots fire with one victim. >> in this morning's gma first book. agreeing with justin ross harris and his lawyers. his now ex-wife and the mother of the child he's accused of intentionally killing is now under the defense. >> yes he did. >> brianna taylor was remembering the died. >> cooper was the sweetest little boy. >> he's charged with murder and is pleading not guilty. earlier this year harris and taylor divorced but she still told jurors harris was a good dad and that her son's death was an accident. >> it was the only thing that went through my mind as even a remote possibility. >> we'll have dan abrahams and nancy grace weigh in at
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we are following breaking news here from the abc 15 live desk. devastating here. three people we know are dead out of the baltimore area. the front part of that school bus smashed night into the side of the commuter bus. there were no children on school bus. we've just learned that. now the driver's side of the bus ripped off with the debris spilling onto the road there. we are getting live updates from crews on our sister station. dan, bringing it back home. officers have released a 45-page report from the night a plane crashed into a neighborhood narrowly missing the couple inside. that plane was carrying sky divers and noticed one of the
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as for those sky divers police say the crew refused to talk without a lawyer. the plane's debris scattered all throughout that neighborhood. well danielle you never know what you'll encounter on your commute. for one valley couple right near this stretch of freeway ended in a scary tire blow-out. so it all happened on sunday and the couple says they were driving eastbound near the greenfield people also with flat tires. >> there was a lady that pulled behind us on the left side and she was pretty upset because she had just got new tires and said she didn't have enough money to buy new tires. >> a-dot says it engineers investigated a bridge expansion joint as a possible cause. anybody who thinks infrastrauch damaged their cars.
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desk. police in little rock, arkansas are investigating a shooting. officers managed to track somebody down. the victim was robbed in the library's parking lot. officers say it doesn't have anything to do with presidential politics. sad day today in fresno, california, a sheriff's deputy we know has died after being shot accidentally. deputies now trying to figure out why thatun we haven't confirmed if it was a deputy's gun or someone else's. we are listening to chilling new audio. you can hear the terrorist pledge his allegiance to isis. >> my name is islamic culture. >> air strikes needs to stop. >> the air strikes need to stop. >> that is omar mateen on the
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innocent people in the middle east to stop while 49 bodies lie around him inside that club in orlando. those recordings showed the shooter offered no words of remorse. bill cosby rushes to the courtroom in pennsylvania. he's wanting his accusers to take competency and memory tests. prosecutors want to use a dozen accusers to show a dozen bad acts. his trial is going to start next month. this might be a problematic. nearly a million rides are taken each day on that system. the 4700 workers walked off the job after negotiations failed on
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worried. businesses, hospitals, schools, all of them have contingency plans in place. maybe as you're waking up this morning heading out the door. it at least feels a little cooler out there. >> already we felt the cooler temperatures yesterday. especially when you're coming off of temperatures in the 90s. those mid 80s yesterday certainly felt nice. but yesterday was even warmer than what we're going to feel today as temperatures will so as you do get ready to head outside first you'll notice some high clouds out there. but the road is dry. of course still dark out there but again those roads all dry. we'll keep some of those clouds around through mid morning and see mostly sunny skies going into the afternoon. and check out how that warm up happens in your most accurate forecast. we're down to 68 now. we're going to stay in the 60s through the next couple of hours
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temperatures right at 74 by 10:00. temperatures are still going to be in the 70s by lunchtime and then our high today only 82 degrees. and i say only because that's average for this time of year. finally seeing those average temperatures with a high of 82 by 3:00. and changes in our way. eventually move right over our state and it's going to linger by the end of the week bringing rain chances back. butod mostly sunny. tomorrow mostly sunny too but we'll watch for a stray shower. just north and east of the valley. going into thursday, those rain chances start to develop in eastern arizona and by thursday afternoon we could see some of those showers and storms closer to the valley. i think the best potential overall for rainfall will be across the east valley. but we'll keep you posted as we get closer. temperatures through the 80s in
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quality and pollen forecast in minutes. abc 15 drive times. >> if you're waking up in the east valley this morning you're doing okay in all of your side streets and really all the issues this morning are on the 101 and part of this deadly crash. it's going to be westbound between i-17 and 51st avenue. all those onramps and that stretch of the freeways are going to be closed as well. and then union hills drive. take that on at 51st avenue. they're going to make you get off the 17. you'll have to head down. i would head southbound. our abc live drops out. they're on loop 101. they'll get you some more details. we'll give you a closer look at your drive on i-17 coming up. how does candy for cash
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a lot of people still feel like if they hold on to their cash and don't invest it they are keeping it safe. >> cash over a 10-year period is always a loser. >> arriving at retirement age and have enough money in the bank. millennials and others need to be smart and not stingy when it comes to investing. >> it's got to be personal savings and personal investments. >> americans are sitting on $12 trillion in cash that is just disappearing. why not say yes to stocks. more often than not debt gets in the way. >> and don't let life prevent
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>> now the air conditioning unit breaks down, you have to replace it. you need to buy a new car your car breaks down. you see something you want to purchase you purchase it. people get driven and pulled in different directions. all right. over the next few days our pollen forecast. is going to be moderate. and i'll show you why you may want to get outside with those temperatures next. remains closed in a part of the valley. >> halloween ended hours ago. authorities discovered skeletal remains. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and today is the big day for folks signing up for obama care. but you're going to have to dig a little bit deeper into those pockets. why arizonans are being hit so hard.
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e-mail controversy and the e-mail controversy and the campaign calling ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooo. ? oohoh? ? wooh oo? ? wooh oo? ? sing sing, baby b i ve you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oh.?
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breaking news first. >> christopher sign is off today i'm dan speth.
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after a deadly crash. >> sdan we've just learned that two cars were involved. they're actually just near the 51st avenue exit early this morning here is where drivers. a driver going the wrong way in the westbound lanes here. shortly after that dps says they got a call about this fiery crash you're seeing here on your screen. dps troopers telling us that the driver hit another car. the cars when firefighters got here they had to put out those flames and that's when they found the two people inside the cars both drivers. right now dps says they will be out here investigating for several hours. so this will be shut down from the 101, parts of the 101 all the way to the 17. for different ways on how to get around all this as they continue their investigation let's send it over to mallory. >> this is definitely going to
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morning. from the 17 all wait to 51st avenue and all those onramps. your smart route this morning takes the 17 southbound and uses union hills. and i also want to give you a look from our a-dot camera. it's starting to slow down just a little bit and as this closure remains throughout the morning i think the eastbound side of the freeway could definitely slow down. time now for your accurate forecast. if you are heading out the door soon maybe getting out early because of those crashes. good news temperatures are going to feel great on kwur way out the door. it's one of those mornings where the windows may be down and we're going to stay there through that 7:00 hour. high clouds but no rain this morning. and a gorgeous day with highs near average. i'll show you that gradual warm
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5:31 and back here at the abc live desk. the death toll out of baltimore is going up. that school bus versus that commuter bus. six people are dead. i want to show you this picture from earlier. this is a picture tweeted out from that scene from one of the viewers from our sister station in baltimore. several people are injured right now. we've just heard that update. you can see the stretcher there, devastating news. six people dead there. we'll gather some more information and pass it along. back here closer to home. homicide detectives headed to that area south and west of the valley after possible skeletal remains were discovered there. we are in contact with deputies this morning. we are going to work to find out more details as soon as they become available but an active investigation this morning danielle. and dan, that discovery
5:33 am
remains were discovered at a cemetery. why is that odd? well the bones were on top of the ground. near 12th street and broadway. the medical examiners saying the remains are very old and apparently these types of calls come in all the time. the grave sites are eroding and the site it really doesn't even look like a cemetery. fires across the valley have communities on high alert this morning especially after chandler police call two fires over those homes were under construction. officers don't have a lot to go on right now. all they'll say is that two teens were in the area. and a condo fire in gilbert. a $30,000 reward is available if you can help the feds and local authorities catch this guy. police say a person of interest was spotted near the site of that fire back on october 15th. back here at the live desk.
5:34 am
overnight. we've got new video. phoenix fire tweeting out the two cars were involved. people were taken to the hospital. one person we know is in critical condition. crews had to pull that person out of the car. there's some changes coming to the phoenix police department. announcing several promotions in the force. those promotions will be recognized on thursday. the legal battle surrounding the once accused freeway shooter continues to get more the state now filing to get a lawsuit tossed out. claiming authorities never had sufficient evidence to arrest him. and hold him behind bars for months. we do have a call into authorities to find out how busy they were this past halloween weekend. dui enforcements just stops rapping up. we know dozens of people were arrested across the valley on
5:35 am
drivers in chandler. heads up. photo cameras getting turned back on today. four intersections to tell you about. also there's a new camera going in at dotson and ray. there is a bit of a grace period here. you'll only have to deal with warnings for the first month. so november 1st. finally here. that means it's time to look ahead to 2017 when it comes to your health. enrollment starts today. and more on the enrollment and why it's not happening without a hitch. justin good morning. >> good morning danielle. one of the things that everybody's talking about is the price tag. this is one of the places that you can come in person and get all of your questions answered. you might need to get some extra cash because costs have more than doubled in some cases here in arizona. so why the increase. that's the big question. arizona used to have some of the
5:36 am
law insurance companies they couldn't deny coverage. so really a lot of sick people. they just signed up for the coverage. the problem was healthy people they did not. so many companies they pulled out. they lost money. they got out of those exchanges. that's why you're seeing such an increase. but there is help available for those who qualify. >> it's important for people so re for health insurance is not the price that consumers actually pay. financial assistance is available to help consumers pay for the cost of the monthly premium. >> okay. so this year about 75% of arizonans who have that marketplace planned they do get financial assistance. the thing is that number could go up. we're live in mesa abc 15. so whether we officially are
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the candidates are not ignoring arizona. live in phoenix for us. nick, arizona certainly a popular place to be with just a week to go. >> danielle absolutely. who would have thought we would be talking about arizona. all the polls show that hillary clinton and donald trump running neck and neck and the clinton campaign really sees an opportunity. so hillary clinton is going to be in the specifically at asu speaking at 6:30 and then the next day running mate tim kaine is going to be in the valley and then there's also reports that bernie sanders, clinton's former opponent in the primaries is going to make a pit stop in arizona. and on the republican side i want to maengs this we're hearing that donald trump's running mate mike pence is going to be in the valley. for more information on all
5:38 am
the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server is ongoing. the fbi saying it is moving ahead with urgency as it begins the examination of these newly discovered e-mails. cht hillary clinton's campaign arguing that the fbi's director is applying a double standard the candidates. >> than one involving the democratic nominee for president is nothing short of jaw dropping. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager speaking there. the white house says it will nooesdz defend nor criticize director james comey. apparently she only learned of the investigation on friday says she learned it through the
5:39 am
officials were looking into e-mails that she sent or receive. the story coming straight out of florida this morning. after finding a toddler all alone in the middle of a river. the man's jet ski also found. the father took his son out on the river when they didn't return. someone even spotted the boy on the river island by himself. investigators also found the man's life jacket and wallet. the child okay. a pipeline in alabama shut down after a massive explosion killed a dozen workers and injured about a half a dozen more. all right. the numbers are still coming in but it's likely we're coming off the warmest october on record in
5:40 am
spots like tuscan. yesterday highs in the mid 80s and this morning we're done into the upper 50s to low 60s. i've spotted a few more 50s this morning and some cape creek you've just recently cooled and buck eye you started the day at 57. you get ready to maybe head outside. it's going to be a great morning and a near average day. average is good coming off some very warm record topping temperatures. so we'll stay in the 60s through that 8:00 hour. but we're still in the 70s even through lunchtime. our temperature up to 79 degrees by noon. then 80s through the afternoon but our high only makes it to 82. that's right at average for this time of year. we'll talk about when those rain chances return in your 7-day forecast. and i-10 is really slow
5:41 am
crash. cars are coming off those transition ramps. you're going to see a lot of brake lights. now it doesn't sound like the actual crash is blocking traffic but there's a lot of debris in the right lane. of course you're going to see those delays here. also out in the west valley we're up to a 15-minute drive time. the heaviest spot's going to be between 75th. we're going it head up to the north part of it is 5:41. we say good morning to everyone with black friday. deals they aren't 24 days away. they're starting already. >> and already convicted of contracting without a license. this woman cannot seem to stay out of trouble. joe lets you know why she and her partner are due back in front of a judge. >> and catch cardinals fever. our weekly cardinals count down
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catch the abc 15 sports team live at i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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it is a quarter to 6:00. a wrong. way crash killed two people in the north valley just after 3:00. a wrong-way crash. moments later there was a head-on collision near that fire that we saw. drivers in both died. we know katie connor was just speaking with the trooper. she's doing it as we speak. we'll check in with her to get the very latest. >> and mallory has your smart routes. first u.s. marshals not wanting to see any spooky things as they did some double checks on sex offenders across the valley. looking to make sure no halloween decorations were out
5:46 am
candy. >> we're going after the individuals that have been convicted of child sex crime and we want to make sure that the kids are safe and as far as away as they can be from these individuals tonight. >> officers telling us they didn't find any serious violations. talk about a joyride. all of this unfolding live on facebook. watch this. didn't last long. this guy stole a police cruiser after finding it with the doors unlocked and the officers were tracking him down. endangering lives here folks. he parked the cruiser at his parents' home. also new video from the script station in san diego. check out this geyser in the back round. we're told that a ford fusion lost control hit that fire hydrant. and slammed into the door of a
5:47 am
officers showed up. he will be checked out for any possible impairment there. halloween has been over for quite a few hours now. it is time to start christmas shopping right? maybe. well you could be. amazon just launched its black friday deals. i've brought this shot up here on the ipad. they're already counting down. ea friday. through the holidays until december the 22nd. will the indians give cleveland its first world series title in almost 60 years or will the cubs keep the dream alive in game 7 of this epic fall classic. the indians will win in either game 6 or game 7 but in a sport with superstitions and curses there's bound to be some magic.
5:48 am
the running for that mirror ball trophy as another star is sent packing. ryan lochte and cheryl berke were booted from the ball room. lori hernandez getting her groove back. ? [ music ] ? ? >> the count down is on to the 2016 country music awards. brad underwood. kenny chesney and alabama have accomplished that before. you can watch that right here on abc 15 tomorrow starts at 7:00 p.m.. good morning. joe ducey here. for years unsuspecting seniors have suspected these two. >> tore out pipes and just left
5:49 am
after anna juarez and hugo juarez were accused. debbie said she paid them nearly $16,000. and they're not licensed. they arizona department of contractors said it's investigated the juarez since 2010. that includes those from customers judy in 2014 and lynn in 2014. i questioned juarez about cases last year. >> why did this put everybody back? >> she paid a fine and agreed to some restitution. whatever her name she and hugo are charged with conspiracy, illegally conducting an enterprise and theft related to debbie's case. >> i would like justice be served. >> reporter: the attorney general's office says they can't find these two.
5:50 am
i'm investigators joe ducey if you've got a problem let me know. time now for your most accurate forecast. 5:49 and today the day we've been waiting for for what seems like weeks now. we're finally going to be cooler today. but if you are going to be heading outdoors just a few heads up. our pollen forecast still in the moderate. our air quality also in moderate. as you're driving into work and small particlates also into the moderate range. no air quality alerts it's just if you are specially sensitive. and if you're going to be outside. our burn time about 45 minutes. if you're going to be out longer then certainly sun screen a great idea. now we'll start off the day with some clouds. mostly sunny skies going into the afternoon. perfect day to be outdoors.
5:51 am
eventually by that 9:00 hour. staying in the 70s through lunchtime today. our high only makes it to 82 degrees which is right at average for this time of year. and you'll notice that many spots in the valley will only make it into the upper 70s to low 80s. 79 today in fountain hills. we make it to 81 in tempe under mostly sunny skies and anthem your high 79 degrees. so a gorgeous day on tap that temperature goes up a bit over the next couple of days. rain chances are making a come back. coming up in just a little bit i'll show you future cast and show you which spots have the best potential for rainfall in just minutes. an arizona backup to the north part of the valley on this 101. right at 35th avenue. take a look at the eastbound side. it's really starting to slow down with that curiosity factor.
5:52 am
avoid those delays. so to get around that closure on the westbound side your smart route is going to be union hills. if you're driving along i-17 this morning things are starting to slow down around dunnlap or so. look for some slower traffic there. i'm also hearing of a new crash out in the east valley. i'll get some more details on that and let you know how that could impact your morning drive. 5:52 even after all that candy are you still craving something sweet. >> and ahead in the 6:00 hour the border battle taking another
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do nuts for half off today. donald trump doesn't quite care what people think of him. but don't think you'll be able to express it online with your own web address. guess who owns his company owns 32 addresses. hundreds of his daughter ivanka's name. we'll talk about who has the best shot of seeing rain in your most accurate forecast. >> and we have a crash out in mesa right near loop 202 and it is blocking traffic. >> we have new details just in about that deadly wrong-way crash. we'll tell you what the troopers are saying about one of those drivers. plus discrimination in your
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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happening. wait until you find hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was
5:59 am
man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. breaking news from the abc 15 live desk. take a look folks. we're live right now at loop 101. again in investigation going on all morning long. this is the scene early on.
6:00 am
flames and smoke and we do have some new details that you just got katie. >> reporter: i've just learned that witnesses told they spotted drivers earlier this morning. they tried to stop him because the guy was acting intoxicated. they continued to follow the guy on the 101 and called 911 for help. they lost him somewhere along the 101 and that's when dps believes the guy got off the freeway and got back ongoing the wrong way at a very high speed. that's when he crashed head-on into another driver. >> the collision in and of itself was kind of catastrophic and the wrong-way driver's vehicle caught fire and the injuries are so severe that we're not able to positively identify him at this time. >> and that's why the freeway


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