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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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flames and smoke and we do have some new details that you just got katie. >> reporter: i've just learned that witnesses told they spotted drivers earlier this morning. they tried to stop him because the guy was acting intoxicated. they continued to follow the guy on the 101 and called 911 for help. they lost him somewhere along the 101 and that's when dps believes the guy got off the freeway and got back ongoing the wrong way at a very high speed. that's when he crashed head-on into another driver. >> the collision in and of itself was kind of catastrophic and the wrong-way driver's vehicle caught fire and the injuries are so severe that we're not able to positively identify him at this time. >> and that's why the freeway
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hours. as for the other driver. all we now is he's a 22-year-old driver heading home. dps is still trying to notify his family about what happened. the freeway shut down. for more on ways to get around let's send it over to mallory. >> this is the westbound side of traffic. so typically the lighter side of traffic is where you're going to see that closure. but you can see the eastbound side that slows let's get you a closer look at how to get around this closure. so union hills. once you hit i-17 as you're traveling westbound and that will get you back on around 51st avenue. either direction you're going to want to head out early. we have a crash on the 10 and on the 160. it is 601. maybe you're just picking the kids up after a late night of trick-or-treating yesterday.
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of the valley and we'll stay there through that 7:00 hour. some high clouds but all dry on your walk to the bus stop. a gorgeous day. you may want to make afternoon maybe park plans. i'll break down that hour by hour planner for you next. i'm here at the live desk. dan spindle here with you. busy morning already for firefighters in phoenix and mesa. good news no one was hurt in part to mesa. those flames started in the kitchen and spread upwards from there. we know six people were put out of their homes due to that fire, danielle. right now a murder mystery in the valley. police are hoping someone will recognize the sketch you see here on tv after two people were shot. we're told the victims drove themselves to this guadalupe
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but police have also released a photo of the u-haul moving truck. back at the abc 15 live desk. did you see the mini van there. it gives you chills. this one happening at 7th street and broadway. police are investigating what happened but we're told they do not have any good witnesses. all we know was that the mini van was spun out of control. >> looking ahead if you need some health insurance today is your begins for president obama's affordable care act. he's live taking action for us helping you navigate through that website. justin good morning. this is one of the places here in mesa where you can come and get some help. there are just so many questions about this. a lot of folks just shocked about the sticker price on this because arizona's seeing some of the biggest increases in the entire country.
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and there's just so many questions out there. how do you sign up. what happens if you don't sign up and what happens if you can't afford it. we have been hearing so much about these sky high premiums and even sky high deductibles. and help find those best options. that's where you can come to sign up in some of these places in person around the valley. now i just tweeted out one of the links it's cover that is one of the best places to go to find out all of the answers to your questions. it's on our abc 15-page as well and this year danielle you can also sign up on your mobile device. and this comes of course as we're in the home stretch in the race for the white house. candidates are crisscrossing the country trying to get your votes. both of the campaigns will be
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week. today the clinton campaign will focus on five states. president obama starts his week of campaigning for clinton today as well. on the flip side donald trump's campaign will be holding rallies today in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and ohio. >> there is a push this morning to get folks to vote early and also make sure they mail in these early ballots. if you have one of these ballots they want you to mail it in by today to make sure and gets counted on time. some folks waited six hours to cast their ballots the last time hillary clinton and donald trump were on the ballot there to vote for. so maricopa county officials want to try to avoid this. now i want to mention if you can't mail it in today you can also drop off that early ballot at any one of those 25 locations. i did it.
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all the information and if you don't have one of these as long as you're registered you can still come out to those early voting sites. and our next half hour we're going to break down where the candidates are going to be one of them will be here tomorrow and all the details coming up for you at 6:30. and we've got to talk about a lawsuit that's now been filed against donald trump and the republicans. democrats claim trump's campaign is purposely voters. the suit sites trump urging his supporters to watch voters at rallies. democrats say this type of an act violates federal law. >> and we are constantly. in a new abc washington post donald trump is ahead of clinton by 1 point. or the new developments in that scandal surrounding the clinton campaign. now let's talk about the scandal
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all of those new e-mails they discovered. democrats demanding answers as republicans try to capitalize on it. >> thank you anthony. >> but all means they should look at them. and i am sure that they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> ahead at 6:30 we'll let you investigation. some breaking news from overnight continuing in politics. some new information about how donald trump managed to avoid paying taxes for so many years. trump used a tax strategy known as stock for debt swap. the article says trump received big tax benefits for being in debt after casinos. congress banned the practice back in 2004. one more headline in the election ohio governor john
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for donald trump. he wrote in our senator john mccain. in a statement released last month kasich wrote there's no way he would endorse donald trump. more migrants from all around the world are crossing into the u.s. through mexico. new data from homeland security is revealing they're coming from india, china, romania, bang le desh, and nepal. air 15 is now over that wrong-way crash. this is lye on abc 15's facebook as well. two people were killed in the north valley. this is right over the loop 101 and you can see why they've said they cannot identify these cars. unbelievable, just the destruction here with those first responders on scene. still closed at 35th avenue.
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an extensive investigation because the way it it looks from above. again, the that's the westbound side of traffic that's slowed down. we have a couple other traffic jams to talk about. this is a look at i-10. very slow right now. look at all the brake lights right there. all because we have a crash right near the i-17 split. you're seeing those delays the 51 southbound's being affected by this because any time you have it near those transitions. another crash out in the east valley is going to be u.s. 60. it was blocking traffic. it's now cleared off to the right. that's why you're seeing some of those slow speeds. so your delays shouldn't be too extensive at this point. some other hot spots are i-17 and eye 10 out in the west valley. >> and mallory i see some of the
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here. the good news is we're not adding any rain into the mix. all is dry on those roads as you get ready to head out for that morning commute. notice when you step outside it's going to be a nice and cool morning with most of the valleys down into the 60s. and as we go into this afternoon we're finally expecting a day of near average high temperatures. that's great news. especially coming off the very had. as you look at your most accurate forecast we're down to 66 degrees. so a gorgeous start to the day. warming gradually today. even by lunchtime we're still in the 70s at 79 degrees. your high today 82 in phoenix. mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. spots like care-free fountain hills won't even make it into the 80s today and in the west valley a lot of upper sets and low 80s under mostly sunny
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chances are back next. 10 minutes after the hour we just got brand new updates. breaking news out of baltimore. a smashed mustang is now being linked to that deadly dus crash in baltimore. six people are dead as of right now. we know there are a lot of victims injured here. take a look from above. we know all the deaths. no kids on that school bus. we don't know about the driver there. we know several people hurt thereut in this somehow danielle as we investigate. >> 6:11 now. and uber and lyft they may help you get around but some may be waiting around longer than others for a ride. you might be shocked at the reason why. >> and the night of halloween celebrations turning deadly after something goes terribly wrong this during a hayride.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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we continue to follow this breaking news and a traffic alert right now. you're taking a look at air 15. and katie connor is live on the scene of this deadly wrong way crash that has shut down those westbound lanes. you're also seeing delays in the other direction. i'm going to give you a look at your smart routes. we'll see you in minutes. 6:15 and a suspected car thief thought he was making a quick get away from police but instead he crashed right into that police cruiser. this chase had been going on for more than half an hour in l.a.'s valley. and in austin this is the aftermath of a police chase. now the driver, here we go, was a 12-year-old boy.
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boy was drunk. 12 years old. they say he was swerving in and out of traffic before crashing head on to another car. what's amazing is he only suffered minor injuries in this and was taken to the hospital. do you see what it says there. it says off duty on that bus. the struggle is real in philadelphia to get around as public transportation is shut down. while you were sleeping we learned 4700 works the job. they are now on strike. this will affect buses, and trolleys, and subways. 900,000 people use public transportation every day so this is going to make getting around there a nightmare. a halloween hayride comes to a deadly end. officials in chunky, mississippi say three people were killed when a driver rear-ended a trailer. adults and two children.
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people on it. police still investigating what caused that crash. another violent weekend in chicago. dozens of others were hurt. one of the shootings happened inside a restaurant. chicago police say a masked man entered the building and shot two women. when the gunfire stopped, the pain started. >> i took my hand and reached back there before i could move and when i came back hand full of blood. >> so far no arrests in that shooting. but investigators are now reviewing surveillance video trying to determine if the attacker knew the victims. for the first time we are hearing the voice of the pulse nightclub shooter. this was just moments before he was killed during a shoot out. >> let it be known in the next few days you're going to see
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going on okay. >> mateen pledged his allegiance to isis to 911 operators. you'll remember mateen killed 49 people in orlando back in june. well the stock market is just about to open up back in 12 minutes here. there is word the traders are worried about the day-to-day developments between hillary clinton and donald trump the xans. on monday the dow fell slightly. the election is also affecting the federal reserve. expected to leave interest rates alone. well it felt like a curse driving on the superstition freeway. a tire blew out at high speeds. it happened on sunday. the couple says they were driving eastbound when the tire just gave out. when they pulled over they
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also with flat tires. a bridge expansion joint as a possible cause. >> there was a lady that pulled behind us on the left side and she was pretty upset because she had just got new tires and said she didn't have enough money to buy new tires. >> a-dot says anyone who thinks infrastructure caused damage to their cars or flattened tire they can file a claim directly. bystanders surrounding a dog hit by a car in angeles. you see there the dog's not moving. oh, wait. appeared to be badly hurt. the dog jumps up and runs to his owner. the owner you see them picking up the dog overwhelmed that her dog is alive. at least he's alive. let's talk about your most accurate forecast this morning. temperatures comfortable when
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yesterday with 60s valley wide. even phoenix is down into the 60s and we're talking mid 60s. low 60s from glendale to goodyear to deer valley. mesa checking in right at 61. and all clear on abc 15 desert depoler. we're not seeing any rain under those high clouds. we do have them acros the state but i wanted to zoom out to show you a little bit of clearing already showing up in northwest arizona. these high clouds will shift to the south and by this afternoon we'll end up with mostly sunny conditions here in the valley. a little less cloud cover going into this afternoon. as temperatures gradually warm we're going to go from 66 now. staying in the 60s through that 7:00 hour. it won't be until 9:00 that we bring those 70s back and we'll
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our lunch hours. that's where temperatures top out. a high of 82 degrees. so a gorgeous day on tap. that's why i wanted to zoom out. a storm system will move down the california coastline. eventually move into our state and it's going to kind of linger into our state. that will bring rain chances back. best potential overall in the higher terrain. rain chances, though, back in our valley forecast by thursday and show you the latest future cast. but as you look at that 7-day forecast low 80s today and 80s all week long mallory. >> and iris it is a busy morning from our century link prism. i'll show you how to get around this closure here. again the westbound side closed down from this deadly crash. i've been telling folks make
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instead. even the eastbound side of the freeway you're seeing delays back to 75th avenue. taking a look at the 10. we are up to a 35-minute desert drive time here. from 75th avenue. part of the problem is because we have a crash near the split. let's give you a look from our a-dot camera. it's a look at madal road. probably before thomas or so. so a good option would be to take i-17 instead. you avoid those crashes and those extra delays this morning. open enrollment for obama care begins today and the sign says get health insurance well you might need to get some extra cash. why arizonans are getting hit so hard. >> and from the live desk we are tracking the latest developments in the next chapter of the e-mail scandal involving hillary clinton. we'll tell you what the fbi is promising this morning. >> and back away from the light.
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a new study suggests that uber and lyft drivers quietly discriminate against riders. as opposed to white sounding names. overall black riders waited 30% longer for an uber ride. okay. it's definitely not cake. those are just some of the words that olympian michael phelps describes father hood. and during an abc news interview the olympian gos on to say you find out the true definition of love when you have a child.
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young boomer grow. i'm katie connor tracking breaking news out of phoenix. take a look at this air 15 overhead right now at this deadly wrong way crash. i have brand new information coming up. and you're seeing a lot of delays on the 101 plus i-10. it is just stand still at the mini. i'll give you a look at those desert drive times. >> a pretty unsettling discovery near the valley. what we investigation this morning. >> and there is a big push to earn your vote as the presidential candidates come here to the valley. it's going to be a very busy 48 hours and i'm getting brand new information about their visits. >> and temperatures already running several degrees cooler
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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>>br right now out of phoenix. a fiery crash turns deadly. this is on the loop 101. right now a large portion of the freeway shut down for this investigation and our team coverage continues now at the scene with abc 15's katie connor. >> reporter: dan, the captain i talked with is just calling this
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wrong way driver. it sparked this big fire. we do know that firefighters once we got here put out those flames quickly and found the two people inside the cars. we talked with the captain. he tells us that just before the crash witnesses saw the wrong way driver crashed into the other driver. back out here life. they're still working on actually identifying who wrong-way driver is. all we know of the other victim is that he is a 22-year-old male. for ways to get around that let's send it over to mallory. >> yeah, katie, the westbound side of the freeway is closed. so let's give you a look at your smart routes this morning and exactly what that closure is. so the 101 westbound is closeded. so your smart route is going to
6:32 am
that's really your best option to get around it. and back to 75th avenue is where you're going to see that in the eastbound side of traffic. there's a couple of crashes and a lot of delays going on around the rest of the valley. 6:32 we know you're getting ready to head out the door. iris what can people expect as they get out on the roads. valley wide we're talking 50s and 60s now even phoenix down to 6 so great as you step outside you'll notice some clouds out there. but don't worry about any rain and i think we'll end up with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. with a high right near average. 82 degrees. that's our forecast for today. i'll show you when rain chances are back in our 7-day happening nebraska.
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checkered past. abc 15 just confirmed that brenna recently failed a drug test. a mystery unfolding southwest of the valley. human remains from two people discovered. we do not know much more than that. mcso working this one. we're going to continue to ask involves those in that area. and dan now to a second gruesome discovery. skeletal remains were found at herd cemetery in broadway. the medical examiner saying those remains were very old and as you can see from the video their grave sites are eroding so it doesn't look like a cemetery. >> breaking video over night. take a look here.
6:34 am
fusion was headed east of pinnacle peak when it ran right through a car. that driver was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. the good news is that driver expected to be okay. police say the driver of the other car showed signs of impairment and was processed for dui. chandler community is on high alert this morning as police searched for the suspect who searched two homes. police do not have a lot to go on only a witness who said two teens were in that area. a legal battle surrounding the once accused freeway shooter just keeps getting more interesting. the state filing a motion it get a lawsuit tossed out. reportedly asking for millions from the state claiming authorities never had sufficient evidence to arrest him and hold him for months. an important day on the
6:35 am
and if you have coverage through the affordable care act you might be asking where is the affordable part. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, this is one of the places where you can just walk right into the store front right here and get all of those questions answered. one of the big questions how do you sign up and why is it so cost has more than doubled. arizona used to have some of the lowest prices in the country. by law insurance companies they couldn't deny coverage so a lot of sick people they signed up. the problem was the healthy people did not. so a lot of these companies just pulleded out of those exchanges. they're trying to balance out all of that. there is help for those who just
6:36 am
this year about 75% of arizonans got financial assistance. since that price is expected to go up even more people are expected to get some help. >> of course all of this coming in weeks out from election day. here in arizona democrats are hoping latinos will swing the state to go blue. state republicans say they'll think include the santa cruz county near the u.s.-mexico border. and election officials are saying get your ballots in today. abc 15's nick soletty is here. >> absolutely. especially the next 48 hours. so who would of thought this time last year we would talk
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the latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck. flip a traditionally red state. first let's talk about hillary clinton. she's going to be at asu tomorrow night. at the point her running mate tim kaine is going to be in maryville at 2:00 that day. before november 8th. and then on the republican side donald trump's running mate govern be speaking at the mesa convention center. that starts at 10:00 tomorrow. both sides of the aisle really want to get that arizona vote. head to right now. continuing politics right now at abc 15 live desk. the fbi is promising to move quickly with its new investigation on those e-mails that belonged to the top aid for
6:38 am
democrats demanding answers right now. republicans praising the fbi for that new chapter of the investigation. at this hour investigators are still pouring through the e-mails. they were found on the laptop of former new york congressman anthony weaner. time right now 6:38. look to your tv. this is what you're going to see when you step outside. as i told you yesterday those ou are lingering into this morning. i do think they're going to start to push off to the east and southeast and we're going to end up with mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon. we are looking at dry weather. and dry across the state. and today it's going to stay that way. we'll just see those clouds spinning out this afternoon. tomorrow mostly sunny. slight chance of shower to our north and east but the valley dry through wednesday. it won't be until thursday that
6:39 am
be across eastern arizona and the higher terrain and in the far east valley in some of our foothills locations. that's really where things are looking more promising. today dry and a nice day with a high of 83 degrees. your weather word of the day is nice. go to enter the word nice for your chance to win. and we'll talk about those rain chances that are retur the end of the week. i'll show you where october 2016 ended up as far as warmth. >> the east valley is kind of the quiet spot this morning up until now. we have a vehicle blocking the 60. it's going to be witness box between valvista and gilbert. switching over to our traffic map that's really the only issue
6:40 am
now. as you're trying to travel westbound on the 60. but we do have some trouble on the i-10. we had a crash and a lot of debris in the roadway. it's just past the i-17 split and it sounds like the debris is partially blocking the left lanes. i-10 eastbound and the 51 even probably about to about thomas or so is where you're going to see those delays. maybe i-17 southbound looks like a better idea and in fact this portion of your way eastbound were up to a 28-minute desert drive time. surface streets could be a good option. things are looking much better. we're going to head back up north to the closure on loop 101 in a couple of minutes we are counting down to one of country's biggest nights. brad paisley and carrie underwood.
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so fulfilling to me in my, you know, kind of in my spirit and in my heart. if i don't win another one. what a night. what an amazing opportunity. >> only two others have won three consecutive years. kenny chesney and alabama. that's it. starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. parents time to get tough and take those phones out of your kids' bedrooms. how just 30 short minutes of gadget free time before bed can help your kids become more productive during the day. >> this toddler right here was found all alone in the middle of a rir. there is an intense hunt ongoing on right now. >> running behind this morning.
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you are taking a look at air 15 right now. as we cover this breaking news up in the north valley. 101 westbound is shut down at 35th avenue because of a wrong-way deadly crash. either direction you're going to see a headache this morning. i'm going to give you a quick look at your smart routes in a couple of minutes. but first a reminder if you're driving through chandler this morning. so here's a look at the intersections where you will see these lights. there are three along arizona avenue at warner, oktilla and ray. just remember you'll only get kwarngs for the first month. authorities are looking for a missing jet skier after they found a toddler. there's this little boy right there all alone in the middle of a river. the man's jet ski was also found. the father took his son out on that raifr for jet skiing.
6:46 am
mother called the cellphone. someone spotted that boy on a river island all by himself. investigators also found the man's life jacket and wallet. the child is said to be okay. we have a health alert for all you parents out there. get those iphones, ipads, and tvs out of your kids' bedrooms. and light from all those screens can actually delay sleep times and anyone. -- melatonin. well you may have done a good job staying away from the halloween candy but can you stay on that track. health experts are offering some tips this morning on how to beat
6:47 am
of sight and not in your immediate reach. don't put them on your desk. think out of sight, out of mind. >> good luck. dr. albert says it's not a complete diet recker just as long as you don't take down a whole pile of candy without thinking twice about it. moderation is the key. from the abc 15 live desk a baltimore police confirmed that crash started when a hit a car. a mustang is just down the road here. we know five people on this bus were killed. we know that the bus driver on the school bus was killed when that crash happened. we don't know what happened there to cause it. the medical examiner looking into whether there was some kind of a medical emergency. no kids on the school bus at the time. there was an aid.
6:48 am
interview. the bus was a few blocks away from picking up its first child of the day. a bit of a lighter note now will the indians give cleveland its first world series title. or will the cubs keep the game alive. the indians will win in either game 6 or game 7. you know there's bound to be some magic. first pitch is it's official, the lion king cam is a thing. now the phoenix suns have jumped on board. ? [ music ? [ music ] ? ? >> okay. i saw this in person on sunday, so much fun. that's the little girl who won there. that's kiara. parents raising their babies up
6:49 am
it could replace the kiss cam just to avoid any awkwardness. it is so much less awkward. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. it felt warm and it was warm. the numbers are in. october 2016 ends up among the top five warmest ever on record. no matter how you break the numbers down. but when you look at the average temperature overall for the month it was 81 degrees. that makes it the third october on phoenix record and as i mentioned earlier phoenix or tuscan rather actually saw the warm ets october on record. so it was a warm one. the good news as we head into november temperatures are trending down this week and today a cooler day. we're starting out at 66 degrees. our sun comes up at 6:47 and we're going to start the day with clouds and we end up with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. a nice gradual warm up too.
6:50 am
60s by 8:00 and into the 70s by mid morning. so maybe you'll grab lunch on the patio today. our high 82 degrees. we'll talk about that 7 day forecast because i do have some warmer temperatures ahead by the weekend. all right. let's give you another check of traffic right now and this major breaking news traffic alert up in the north part of the valley. on the westbound side of the 101 right at 35th avenue. but really the worst of the delays are going eastbound side. everyone's wondering what's happening over here. and where the closure is for you this morning. so the closure's on the westbound side of the freeway. but your delays on the eastbound side start back near around 75th avenue or so. so union hills drive and the big news is you're just going to have to head out a little extra early this morning.
6:51 am
lane block. it's westbound at gilbert road. left lanes still blocked because of that stall and you're seeing about a mile or two of delays there. also pretty slow on the step right now. seeing this from air 15 just makes you sick folks. we're going to give you the very we're going to give you the very with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... nloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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i'm katie connor fleeuf
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down. a wrong-way driver hit another car head-on. both drivers died here at the scene. but the freeway will be shut down for several hours as dps continues to investigate. abc 15 news katie connor. on the westbound side of the freeway from i-17 to 51st avenue you're also seeing very heavy eastbound delays. make sure you head o a phoenix police officer is out of the job this morning. this is a mug shot from a couple years back after an arrest in sedona. he was allowed to retire. police say a driver was likely impaired. that driver did hitting another car. that driver was sent to the hospital with serious injuries
6:55 am
>> i'm justin pazara. arizona is seeing some of the highest rate increases in the country. there is financial assistance though for folks who cannot afford those high monthly payments this year about 75% of arizonans that are on one of those marketplace plans. that number is expected to go up with those high rates. we're live in mesa abc 15. our state school superintendent is ready the roads. it spans across 136 pages. says they have a lot of ideas from parents and teachers in there. so diane douglas is heading to tempe. ride sharing company lyft celebrating three years of service. teaming up with linked in to help with drivers get ahead.
6:56 am
5:00 to 8:00 p.m. i'm nick soletti where i have to tell you i've seen a number of employees go inside the building. they are counting those early ballots. election officials here tell me they would like people to send them in the mail by today. if you would like to early vote in person that is fine too as long as you're registered. there are 25 of those early voting locations. if now we have a list for you. live here in downtown phoenix this morning. october was very warm, among the top five warmest but we are starting to see those temperatures trend down. 60s now. a high of 82. enjoy the day. get outdoors if you can. slight chance of rain by the end of the week. most stay dry.
6:57 am
then back in the upper 80s by the weekend. >> and it is still busy on the roads right now. we have about a 25-minute drive time. all because this crash right near the 17 split. also right here the h ov lane is blocked. >> check out our mobile app.
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good morning, america. and breaking right now, donald trump surging in our brand-new poll, topping hillary clinton for the first time since may. as she battles back against that fbi investigation, defiant and demanding answers. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails. there is no case here. donald trump doubling down. >> the clinton crime spree ends. it's going to end on november 8th. >> both their campaign managers are here this morning with exactly one week until election day. breaking news for our viewers in the west. a deadly bus crash. at least six people killed when a school bus and commuter bus


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