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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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phoenix police catch whoever fired off the first shots. they are setting up for the mike pence rally behind me with hillary clinton also being here tonight. do these last minute push his work? a political expert weighing in. >> things for starting your day here with us on abc15 mornings. >> iris, i wore a sweater today. will i be able to keep it on the morning? >> in the 50s and 60s in the valley this morning. it is a little chilly this morning. cool this morning down to 63 in phoenix but a lot of 50s around the valley. we are up into the 80s again this afternoon and only the low 80s. we are tracking big changes with rain chances going up. i will show you that hour by hour breakdown in minutes,
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just moved our camera and we are still seeing slowing past this spot. you will see it partially walking the hov lane. you are back to 59th avenue ourselves but once you are passed 43rd or 35th, things are looking much better. i will give you a look at your drive on iconic 17 in just a few minutes. the breaking news right now is two officers have been killed overnight in investigators are calling this an ambush with two separate incidents here. both officers were shot while sitting in patrol cars.-ish shooting happened to took miles apart. lynyrd skynyrd is working hard right now to find the shooter. >> it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars.
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>> so the could actually be more than one shooter. officers in des moines are now doing patrols in paris. keep in mind this happened this morning and it is something i following even now, danielle. trick-or-treating is supposed to be fun for kids everywhere but it was anything for fun -- but fun for a valid way. -- a valley boy. police are searching for a paintball shoote >> the family was just walking down trick-or-treating when somebody fired off one of these. the thing is it hit one little boy -- a 5-year-old right in the face. take a look at his face. phoenix police searching for the person who did this. firing a paintball as they drove by monday night hitting logan right in the face going
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a guy was hit in the back and logan's parents are just thankful it wasn't worse. >> the fact that it hit his face, it could happen anybody. he just happened to be the right height and the right distance. >> reporter: right now phoenix police believe they are looking for someone who was in a silver suv, possibly a durango with a roof rack. if you don't think, call police. we showed you this fiery crash of breaking news on abc15 mornings yesterday. right now dps still trying to identify the man who drove the wrong way. he and the other driver pulled killed. this has been an ongoing problem in our state with dps admitting getting 800 calls so far this year about it.
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develop technology to detect wrong way driver's and alert dps and others on the roads. >> we a few musing this year to really develop the system. we have to move on to final designs. >> adot hopes they can test this technology in phoenix sometime next year 33rd avenue and come back after an officer from grand canyon university is hit by a car while walking across the intersecti and is expected to make a full recovery too. a clue in a guadalupe peak murder. they have received several tips and they say the driver may be driving this u-haul. one of the two victims survived. you might think it is odd to steal a doorbell, but this is happening in north phoenix. you can see the thief right
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but then the crook brings it away from the wall. the home was near 64th street and cactus. this happened at 5 million on sunday. >> my wife comes in and says somebody stole the doorbell off the wall and then there is a guy stealing it with a crowbar. >> he said police told him the same thing has been happening all around that area. another crime is a safety alert for everyone as thieves break they broke into the car and stole a garage door opener with thousands worth of dollars of items gone in a blink of an eye. >> it took about six minutes and it was that fast break you can see them coming and going and the next thing they are gone. all of my christmas decorations is now with this guy and it is gone now. >> he had never heard any of it
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keeping your garage door open in your car. less than a week to go until voters head to the polls all across the country. time could be running out, but it is not stopping the campaigns for duking it out in the valley. abc15's nick ciletti is live from this morning were donald trump's running mate will be later today. nick, arizona is in for a busy few days. >> we have actually seen a and actually i just saw a bomb sniffing dog go into building with preparations for this event well underway. hillary clinton will be speaking at asu tonight. the truth is this. most of voters have already put up their minds. we just checked and more than 24 million people have already voted early and half of them
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these candidates are still giving it everything they have got with millions watching on tv and online and it could tip the scales in their favor. >> is the email scandal in up to swing people into trump's column? i think that is why he has come. and i think she is trying to pull them back into her column. >> these experts also expect the candidates to customize their message for arizona voters. we think mike pence today is really going to hammer immigration, isis, obamacare. coming up in our next half hour we will break down all the details you need to know about the visit of mike pence coming up. hillary clinton will speak to crowds or she spoke to crowds in florida last night before she comes to tempe today. the democratic nominee colin trump unfit and unqualified to
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>> don't get me wrong, but i never thought they were unfit to serve. >> clinton also continued taking jabs at reports trump does not pay taxes and immigrants pay more federal taxes been heated. in the meantime clinton is defending herself against more email links. wikileaks publishing a change. john podesta said we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later. the clinton campaign clarifying by dump he really meant released to the public. donald trump speaking of seeing clinton could be under investigation as president if she wins sparking a constitutional crisis though the fbi has declined to prosecute her.
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donald trump isn't paying his bills when it comes to a veteran gop pollster he hired in may. the term campaign is disputing $767,000 and the poster said his firm is owed. several past 12 employees like painters, mechanics, and plumbers are also on record saying trump refused to pay them for services provided. some of those cases wound up court. tensions are high during the election but is it an excuse for a valley teacher to make racist comments? now the aclu is stepping in. the battle for mosul rages on. working to clear isis out of the territory. here is a look at your drive on i-17. we will give you another look at the crash on the 10.
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we are taking a live look right now from the mesa review. our abc15 smart shoppers want you all to get a great deal we are looking at free gas up to $20 for -- per car starting at the only catch is you have to download the gas buddy app to your smart phone. we would also like to fill up your coffee cup for free. how does $50 worth of dutch bros coffee sound? 10 winners each day. iris will be revealing the word coming up in the 6:00 hour but how about now revealing your most accurate forecast. >> temperatures are down into
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chandler. 57 in glendale and the valley at 61 with phoenix also down into the low 60s. if you thought yesterday was cool, today is cooler and maybe you will need a light sweater before you head out the door. we will keep the low 60s in the forecast with a gradual warm-up on this gorgeous day climbing to 79 by noon and highs today back into the low 80s. yesterday and that was right at average. today the forecast is 83 degrees with mostly sunny skies and passing clouds at times. we are seeing some of those clouds early today drifting by across the valley. there is rain and even a little bit of snow up north as rain chances go up. i have got part of the forecast in just a few minutes.
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centurylink prison traffic. -- prison traffic. i want to give you a look from her adot camera. it looks like we have two crashes on i-10 crashes on i- 10/43 avenue and there is another one on the right closer to 35th and we will give you a closer look coming up. it has been the top scam fo arrests. this morning joe latino how that is impacting irs calls and what it means for you. and a total of six people shot at the park and information just now coming in. in this morning gma first look the break up of the nearly 20 year marriage between nba legend scottie pippen and his wife marci heating up. >> 911 what is your emergency?
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the husband is getting really aggressive with me. >> larsa is heard calling police last month. larsa calls police and says don't come after all been three days later another call. >> my husband has gotten crazy again with me. >> two weeks later he filed for divorce in the divorce filing obtained by abc news scotty claims the marriage is irretrievably broken asking the court not to award alimony in any rm a.m. we will have the latest on the bitter divorce. with your gma first look, abc
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the breaking news from this one has a search happening for shooters in memphis, tennessee after a total of six people were shot. one of them is dead and it is a teenager.
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they started shooting at a group of people and a 16-year- old girl was killed. in the hospital when ssa 17 shots were fired. according to police, this may be related to an ongoing disagreement. that is how they described it, dan. iraqis soldiers celebrating a victory for the first time with the troops entering the outskirts of the second city mosul. they are moving into the city now and it has been controlled by isis. the battle for malls lowe expected to involve dangers house to house fighting. detectives now getting to find him. they have been looking for leads ever since the day of the crime september 27 late at night and
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clerk running away with the cash. a phoenix charter school is firing back against student discrimination with the aclu claiming a teacher calling a young muslim a terrorist. the teacher is also accused of telling the child muslims would be deported if donald trump is a look at present. keep in mind this child is only 11 years old. the school strongly denies any of this happened. police did investigate but do not take any action. opening arguments could start today in the trial of a former south carolina police officer. michael flagger is charged in the shooting death of walter scott. cell phone video captured the shooting of scott essie ran in april of last year from a traffic stop sparking protests across the country. flights out of sky harbor
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500 pilots over the next year leaving under 1000 in phoenix coming three years after the merger of u.s. airways and americans. 500 pilots will either move or commit to other hubs. joe ducey here. as you start your morning you have heard about irs scammers with dozens of people finally held accountable. hasn't put a dent in the number of calls we are gein >> the pretend to be an agent and if you don't pay you'll be arrested. >> last year 61 people were charged. allegedly they were laundering money through prepaid debit cards and wire transfers. they say more than $250 million was collected in the scam. the amount is startling. also startling is the impact so far on the number of people now
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>> it goes from 200 tim peake of 211. >> alicia thompson than the decrease on the skin tracker site. we have had a similar decline with at least a dozen complaints weekly since october 6 when it was announced we have only had one complaint. >> some good news is does not mean it has gone away and there is no one else there complaining about being an irs agent. >> this has gone on keep those landline calls going to weisel. i joe ducey. have a great day. if you have a problem, let me know. let's talk about your most accurate forecast with temperatures running cool this morning. you will feel the difference when you step outside. i wanted to give you the early heads-up. we are down into the 50s in much of the valley. phoenix especially coming in right at 63 degrees with some
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mostly clear conditions. mostly clear by this afternoon with temperatures gradually warming up to 79 by noon and a gorgeous 83 degrees for a high today. your most accurate forecast is just a degree warmer than yesterday. i mentioned those passing high clouds moving across parts of the valley and especially now with the east valley this morning. you will not see any rain in the phoenix area. up north we ar a few light sprinkles of snow mixed with rain around flagstaff. it is mainly light rain but a few of those spots indicating a mix of precipitation. through the next 24 hours rain chances go up across the high country where we will see the best potential along the eastern rim. here in the valley we will see more rain chances with the moisture increasing tonight.
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scattered showers will be possible in throughout the day a slight chance of showers in the valley. still dry today with a 20% chance of showers in the morning and a 50% chance by tomorrow afternoon. the promising timeframe is overall the high country we will see the potential for an 8% of should -- 80% chance of showers north and they are talking an inch the rim. summit we are watching closely. temperature wise we will see those temperatures seeing the 80s into the weekend but this going to get warmer into next week with 90 evaculate forecast by tuesday, mallory. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> i wanted to be a closer look at this crash adding to the delays.
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everything off on the right- hand side. we also had one closer to 33rd with a lot of delays so far. this give you a look from a traffic map 327 minutes desert drive time. it will take you to the 17 and the slowing is from the 75th avenue until you hit 35th avenue. if you are starting out in the east valley 10 looks great and then a couple of minutes we will head up to the north part of the valley and give you a closer look at loop 101. in order keyboard. all of the things you expect to have germs but you will never guess what might be the ultimate germ attraction. and coming up at 5:30 history will be made tonight
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that the online holiday shopping because but beware. every click you make is a chance for cyber crooks to get malware infections. the research shows the worst days or two weeks after cyber monday. we rely on our cars to get us around.
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carries germs, listen to this. interiors of cars are more than 2000% dirtier than smart phones and 55% dirtier than your computer keyboard. tests found 200 living bacteria per square inch frame including mrsa. today 83 degrees but am tracking an increase in rain chances hour by hour forecast. >> delays are already happening this morning. i will give you a look at your desert drive times. a horror story we are warned about every year. the dangerous trek that is now a reality here in the valley. the big day is just around the corner and now we are
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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looking for. good morning everybody. this is abc15 morning. glad you are with us today up with us. >> you are probably cannot to cool temeratures this morning. i have to be honest i put the car heater on for just a second this morning. >> it was cool this morning. especially coming off of triple- digit temperatures this week. you are going to feel it when you step outside. we including in mesa but despite our cooler start it is going to be a gorgeous day with highs in the low 80s this afternoon and when rain chances are back your most accurate forecast still ahead. iris, we are off to a slow start this morning with a crash on 35th avenue and even though it is off to the side you are slowing with those brake lights. i want to show you the rest of the valley and this is really
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i will break down the rest of your drive on the 17 in just a few minutes. >> mallory, i have to get to the breaking news after two police officers were killed early this morning and it looks like it was an ambush here with two separate incidents. a police sergeant giving an update moments ago calling the suspect a coward and now we have just learned that schools in this area closed. this is video with post officers sitting in their patrol cars when they were shot. each shooting happening two falls apart from one another and responding officers are working hard to find the shooter. officers in des moines are not doing. patrols riding in doubles
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throughout the morning. >> me of a safety alert with mesa police urging everyone to triple check halloween candy. they are fighting a raise plead with the snickers bar. we are told the family will be trick-or-treating in several neighborhoods pinpointing where it might have come from. if you know anything, contact police. a phone call to phoenix police after trick-or-tr paintballs and one person right in the face. abc15's justin pazera is live. >> reporter: the family is trying to come to terms with it because they were just walking on 31st avenue right here at cactus when somebody opened fire with a paint can. it hit a five year old in the face. take a look at this. phoenix police searching for
5:34 am
drove by monday night. they hit that little boy logan right in the face near 31st avenue and cactus. logan's parents really thankful that this did not turn out any worse. >> when you are targeted -- when your target audience is 10 years old it is really disappointing to me to thing that anybody would think this would be a good time to >> reporter: so phoenix police looking for a silver suv right now possibly a dodge durango. if you anything, call phoenix police. justin pazera, abc15. 5:34 with an apartment fire in phoenix. krusemark this one down the quickly with ar-15 -- air15
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the flames show the scene of a terrible crash with children involved. it is at 24th street and baseline with the cars crashing. a pregnant women and another adult take it hospital and at last check they were all in stable condition. no word yet on what caused the crash. buckeye is in hot water with residents spike in water bills. the city council heard from some last night. we are talking $2000 in some of these cases. some people have turn off the sprinklers and the pills are still really high. >> hookah loung of what they said we use would be like me taking my 12,000 gallon pool and don't unit three times in my yard in 30 days. >> the city said it will investigate the cause of the
5:36 am
home owners are threatening a class action suit against the city. these homeowners are making their own next moves. a lot action meeting this saturday at 2:00. we will follow-up for you. federal agencies all over an upscale neighborhood in ahwatukee and the question is why were they there? a source telling abc15 this is a case of wire fraud not human trafficking like phoenix city council members told us. -- sal dicriccio told us. >> there is an international component in the spousal. >> diciccio said his office
5:37 am
just into the abc15 live desk we now know a federal judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit this thursday centered right here in phoenix. they are suing the republican party. we could do some of the details yesterday and the democrats want the judge to order poll watchers to block photographs taken of people who shop to about. the term campaigns head is to distract from the hillary clinton travels. >> hillary clinton is hoping the state will go blue and the democratic nominee will be holding a rally leader on today in tempe. you can see the lights are on and they are setting up the bleachers in the tent around this area. i told the secret service will come through this morning and search everything.
5:38 am
with the kids opening this afternoon. the defense does not start until 6:30. this will be clinton's second visit to arizona. donald trump has been her seven times. a recent poll shows the two neck and neck in arizona. we are going to be streaming this even live at city can always count on us for total coverage. >> katie conner, the vice presidential nominee for the gop will be in mesa this morning and abc15's nick ciletti is at the convention center where folks are already getting in line. >> reporter: absolutely. we have just spoken to the first person in line who got here at 3:30 this morning and is very passionate about seeing mike pence. we also saw a bomb sniffing dog
5:39 am
event takes place. the polls here cannot be tardy. we know that arizona is very important. the doors open here at 8:00 with the event supposed to kick off and mike pence is expected to take the stage at 10:00. the >> reporter: campaign would like you to rtp online. for tickets you can have to . this is a very busy day for mike pence and after this he has to colorado and hoping to get to 270. at 6:00 we speak with an expert weighing in on this pushes to try to sway voters. do they work? we will let you decide. >> thanks for that. mike pence in mesa and donald trump focusing on florida. a state experts said he cannot win the white house without the sunshine state. he is scheduled to hold a rally
5:40 am
a big name in local politics started thinking about the 2018 election. we caught up with phoenix mayor greg stanton after he hinted at a future run he said this just a formality allowing him to transfer campaign donations before the deadline. >> i love public service. i love what i am doing as mayor of this city. but i turned out and so this is part of my expiration for other leadership opportunities in arizona. 19 but it could be first to step down -- doesn't end until 2019 but he could be forced to step down if he runs for another office. >> let's talk about your most accurate forecast with a cooler start to the day down into the 50s in the 50s and 60s across the valley with sky harbor running cooler than 24
5:41 am
we are down to 63 degrees right now with passing high clouds and mostly clear conditions dry across the valley this morning. we will keep those clear skies in the forecast and in for another gorgeous day with a gradual warm-up. 73 by 10 a.m. and 79 by your lunch hour. today's high is 83 degrees that is only 1 degree higher than yesterday and it is only 1 degree above average. we are right near where we should be for this time of the year. we will cool down into the 70s by 10:00 and by tomorrow and those rain chances are going up across northern arizona where we have got an 87 check -- 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. some spots could pick up an inch of rain. we had chances for rain going up in the valley too and i will show you when we will see that
5:42 am
mallory? >> i want to show you a look from our adot camera right now. here is a look at 43rd avenue. everything is off on the right- hand side but take a look at the delays starting around group 101 -- loop 101. north ella drivers are also seeing flight traffic as well eastbound from 75th avenue and once you are on are not really seeing any crashes there. we will give you a closer look in just a few minutes at the east valley. if valley teenager in the battle of his life getting the trip of a lifetime and how the nypd made it when he will never forget. and a devastating loss overseas with authorities launching a major investigation after dozens of minors are
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>> oklahoma is peppered with
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women.
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a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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the time right now a sleight 46. there had been a peppery up -- 5:46. there been a peppering of earthquakes in the lone star state right here and -- in oklahoma. this is a lone star state here. look at all of the earthquakes peppering the state. going to be a 4.5 right here. look at this with five earthquakes just in oklahoma within the past 24 hours. no major reports of damage at this point, but there are some reports it is all of the way to kansas being linked to fracking, dan. devastating news out of china with one of the worst
5:47 am
in years. a gas explosion trapping 33 coal miners in china all found dead. two were able to escape and estate administration of work safety ordering a full investigation. a bump in the road at yosemite with pieces of a boulder across the roadway falling during a rockslide yesterday blocking a major entrance to the park forcing visitors to turn around. >> i spend 1.5 days here so we kind of had some plans here. >> there was a detour for those still determined to visit the park but the drive time was two hours. they say it was likely triggered by a recent rainstorm. crews spent most of the day try to plus the boulder. so many americans are struggling to pay of student loan debt but now one company
5:48 am
bill with staples giving each top employee an extra $100 a month. they could get up to $3600 for the next three years. tonight the phoenix suns are playing with latin culture for a dia de los muertos celebration. the first 5000 fans will be given bobble heads and you will also see the teams sporting the jerseys. tipoff blazers is at 7:00. in the streets of chicago overnight cubs fans were raising the w over the game seven of the fall classic. they jumped out right away fueled in part by the grand slam. from there the cubs but hang onto win 9-3 with tickets going for thousands and thousands of
5:49 am
fun stuff thanks to a stolen game taco bell is giving away free doritos tacos across the country. it assume 2:00 until 6:00 participating locations. an arizona teenager gets the vip treatment on a trip to new york city. >> a few weeks ago jacob priestly wanted to collect 10,000th birthday cards that would help take his mind off the illness. officers in the end responded -- in brooklyn responded inviting jason and his whole family to the big apple. >> he has been busy helping with a christmas blessing at radio city music hall giving a special proclamation. his family is expected to visit more attractions in the big apple while they're on their trip. all right. let's talk about your most
5:50 am
as we are waking up to some passing high clouds but otherwise mostly clear conditions with temperatures down into the 50s and 60s across the valley. it is dry in the valley but we have some sprinkles to track in northern arizona. little bit of mixed rainfall with some light snow over some of the higher terrain up near flagstaff. it is a nice site to see here as we are from the coming off that october heatwave starting down. also west of sedona this is just the beginning of the storm system moves into our state. it includes here in the valley but don't worry about rain today. it will not be until tonight that we see a boost in moisture with rain chances going up. and then a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon and evening
5:51 am
i want to give you that early heads-up. the best chance for rain overall will be across the higher terrain, especially the eastern spots like shallow. back here at home our most accurate forecast will gradually warm today with 60s this morning and upper 70s by noon and we are only going to make it into the low 80s today with a high of 83 degrees under mostly sunny skies in phoenix. tomorrow out a little bit former with rain chances going up tomorrow into friday and warming back up with 90s in the forecast by next tuesday. for drivers starting on the east valley this morning it is still crash free right now with no problems on the 60. the 10 out of the west valley has extra heavy delays due to
5:52 am
101 or so and you can also see i-17 is starting to slow down right near camelback. this is right at grant street and this is the heaviest spot just before you 50 durango curve. we will take a look at those delays in a few minutes. two rescued almost returned to the wild and this is a journey five months in the making. coming up at 6:00 a
5:53 am
i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights
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arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. phoenix is gorgeous! warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is keeping phoenix in motion with fun, ds. discover the stress relief of our drum circles or enjoy a night at the movies with us. if you don't think this is right for me when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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here is a story we are happy to report. two holes are back in the wild after spending months in rehab. take a look -- owls are back in the wild after spending months in rehab. they were took were they were rais spread their wings and fly. >> tonight is the night to celebrate country. >> brad paisley and carrie underwood hosting bcma a worse together for the next time. carrie underwood up for money awards and nominated for entertainer of the year for the first time ever. it will be a tough competition going up against luke bryan and
5:56 am
awards tonight at 7:00 right here on abc15. >> cannot forget about bentley of course. starbucks is making a big change with its annual holiday cup. the cubs feature a mosaic of 100 people. this is to create a symbol of unity. there are rumors going around saying those famous red caps should be back in little later this month. you might be getting some hot coffee temperatures running cooler down to 63 in phoenix. i have your most accurate forecast next. we have a brand-new crash right now on state route 50 southbound near mcdowell. i will let you know how this will impact your morning drive. police have no identified the suspect accused of ambushing and killing two police officers. recreational marijuana. should be legal?
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if you are headed out the door, beware of the race for the white house making another stop in our state. >> team coverage begins in just
6:00 am
let's start with breaking news coming into the live desk. right now a manhunt is underway in iowa with two police officers killed overnight. both of them were sitting in their patrol cars when officers say this guy -- they just release a photo. this is a 46-year-old scott michael green still out there considered armed and dangerous. but officers walsh october were shot was sitting in patrol cars 1 mile from each other. several roads are blocked off and crime scenes in both locations. there is not a s.w.a.t. team situation unfolding in from the live desk i'm watching. this talk now about your most accurate forecast waking up to cooler temperatures and at the top of the hour we dropped another degree with phoenix down to 62 degrees with a whole lot of 50s around the


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