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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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it's the southeast valley where we've been seeing this rain move in. all over the screen showing you that light to moderate rainfall. i mentioned to you that showers are losing a little bit of intensity. now seeing less of that red and we're seeing more of that moderate rainfall as that rain moves through guadalupe. the showers are tracks from southeast to northwest so they couldco cities like scottsdale and continue to move through mesa as well even into tempe as they hold together which there is a chance they could. for some scattered showers. but as we go through the day today rain chances are sticking around and by the evening commute we could see more widespread showers and thunderstorms. so we'll go from 72 now to 85 later and a 40% chance for showers and storms by this
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like on future cast. but mallory you're keeping a close eye on those wet roads in the southeast valley. >> yeah, take a look at our a-dot camera right here. right as you're approaching loop 202. you are going to see a lot of shine out there and just slick road conditions. as you continue westbound into the valley let's switch over to our traffic computer here. you're really not seeing this impact your speeds just yet. we'll take acl drive along i-17 in just a few minutes. breaking overnight several arrests made by police officers on 27th avenue. we were there on the scene. let's take you closer and on 27th avenue right there at the i-10 off ramp phoenix police apparently pulled over. they're all now in custody. it's unclear any pending charges i'll let you know.
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that location several dps troopers had a vehicle pulled over at 27th avenue and osborn. and we saw two women being taken into custody. dps e-mailing us this morning. when they update us, the situation we'll follow up danielle. if you're on the fence about who to vote for this election the candidates are hoping their high profile visits to the valley might justin there's another round of rallies happening today. >> there sure are danielle and just coming off the heals of hillary clinton's big rally last night in tempe. it was just jam packed with people. it's going to be nothing like that when it comes at least to the size of that event.
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is actually closed to the public. but he is expected to give his entire speech in spanish then right after that he's going to head to tuscan. now donald trump's son also planning to visit here to the valley. this is going to be the second time in the last few days that he's going to be here and then another visit. mittromney. he's going to be in the valley today campaigning for john mccain. donald trump brought the florida. pie row technichs anybody. he will stay quote nice and cool. hillary clinton warned voters here in our state that the quote, unhinged one she believes is her opponent. both candidates are making a massive final push. president obama helping close the deal for clinton in north carolina. >> i hate to put a little
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the republic rests on your shoulders. >> hillary clinton will be in raleigh, north carolina today and donald trump will have a busy day waking up in jacksonville, florida going up to pennsylvania then back to north carolina. right now we are working to find out how a man in his 50s is doing after he was rushed to the hospital after this crash. the southbound lanes were shut down for several hours at last check he was condition. dps not exactly saying just yet what caused that crash. we were also tracking a few stories happening in the courtroom today. samantha allen. her body was found in a foot locker five years ago. who can forget these images
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with kidnapping, sexual assault. this video from scottsdale shows ramirez carrying a woman who claims he took her home and raped her. ramirez even recorded part of that act. the court is scheduled to start at 8:30 this morning. happening now phoenix police asking for your help to find this woman. she is wanted in a murder case. the 53-year-old man that was killed, her boyfriend. officers found his body inside th september. only now do investigators say they have enough evidence to arrest medina. they also may believe she may be several months pregnant. a person accused in a case of revenge porn. police say those images are actually stored on city devices. he's 44-year-old richard abbot.
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since their break up in 2015. spread them out on her front lawn. court records show abbot's still on the payroll for about $3000 a month while on disability. family and friends are making one last plea to the judge. some of them are asking that maund heen kaun. he needs help because of his mental health issues. he took a plea deal and is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. parents on edge this morning. a coyote has been found roaming around a school. this is happening near i-17 and bell. concerned parents they reached out to us. shared that photo of the animal running through a front yard. game and fish experts weighed in
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cause for concern. it's extremely rare they'll actually approach you. >> we saw a coyote and it was kind of looked like a dog. so at first we didn't know what it was. it was like gray and fuzzy. >> if a coyote does become too comfortable call game and fish they say they will try and remove it. police are on the hunt for vandals that left behind obscene messages on cars >> and if you're looking to have chickens in your back yard. >> so far we are crash-free and delay-free. watch out for some slick roads. >> and we are tracking those wet
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into the valley as expected. pushing mainly into the southeast valley. you're probably saying what rain. it's pretty dry in our west valley and northwest valley neighborhoods. but again in the southeast valley is where we're seeing some of these showers and these showers are moving from southeast to northwest. so they could very well if they hold together push into parts of central phoenix and the west valley. we're starting to see some of those heavier showers taper off just a bit. not that it's not raining anymore it's just not coming down as heavy in spots. you see all that red down in chandler and now just more of that green indicating we're not seeing as heavy showers but some moderate rainfall falling through the southeast valley. and in east mesa into gilbert is where we're seeing some of those showers still and some of those wet roads along the u.s. 60. also you'll notice those showers
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chandler. ools guadalupe and right along the 10 getting some of that rain as well. again. some pockets of more moderate rainfall as you see that bright yellow but it's not as heavy as it was earlier. these showers we'll continue to track from southeast to northwest as we go through the morning and that chance for scattered showers will stay in our valley forecast through the morning even as we go into this afternoon. we've got a chance for scattered showers and also some thunderstorms. we've got another storm moving into globe. so heads up if globe area you've got a bit of lightning in this one. again, indoors is the best place to be if you can as that storm moves through. you can wait until after it pushes through. so you've got a little bit of time here if you can hold off before you head out on those roads. spotty showers. the higher terrain will be the focus for more showers and thunderstorms through the day today. and they'll be more widespread up there. here in the valley, though,
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day. right now a 30% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. not to say we're completely in the clear. but it likely won't be until mid afternoon and through the evening that we see another chance of more widespread showers and thunderstorms. >> 72 now a high of 85 this afternoon. i'll show you what temperatures do in the next few days. >> and i want to give you a look right now on our drive. this isn't loop 101. in fact let's pull up our a-dot camera as well to give you a look at how wet it is up there. this is right at ray road and you can definitely see some shine out on the roadways. but taking a look at the big picture right now from our century link pichl traffic center and in the -- prism
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about a 10-minute drive from southbound 101. mostly going to give you a closer look at i-10 in just a few minutes. 5:15 do you know how to tell a service dog from a pet. >> and updates on the battle for mosul. there's a brand new message coming frois even double dating with other members of the
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cousin. she uses much of her time to give back including world visions newly appointed global embassador working on their clean water campaign. and coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have more on harry's new
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15 and a crime alert to tell you about. hut by vandals with some pretty obscene political messages. here it the words f-trump. and it shows up on two cars as well as some homes, fences even a playground. police saying the foul message showed up sometime on halloween night. >> if they were making that political statement i think they should paint it on their own car. >> officers believe it was a group of kids and they need some help. they need some tips with all the damage involved.
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the battle for mosul. the information coming in right now to the life desk. releasing a new message encouraging followers to keep up the right in iraq. here he is. right there. iraqi forces are fighting their way into mosul. the isis leader also calling on terrorists to strike in arabia and turkey. sheriff arpyo . that's now through election day. call the number on your screen and mention their group name basta arpyo. >> this is definitely a way for us to tell people there's no excuse. there's no reason if something comes up your car breaks down whatever is the case there's a solution. >> the group of taxi drivers
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being offered in maricopa county. well the number of salmon salmonilla cases is going up. in glendale the city is allowing you to keep chickens in your back yard. one resident calling it a bad idea. >> that doesn't make for good neighbors because you're going to have a chicken coop right or their living room window. but more importantly i'm concerned about the health issues. >> right now you can have chickens. . so let's say sometime this morning you see a dog with its owner in a store are you an isn't that cute person or why is that dog allowed guy?
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just about everywhere. says in one incident two dogs got into a fight at the check out counter and we have even witnessed pools of urine at the base of the support in stores. he questions whether or not they were truly service animals. justice sterling trains assistance dogs and says true service animals are usually easy to spot. >> you need to be calm and focused on their handler. >> reporter: some are still learning the ropes. not pets not emotional support or therapy dogs. service dogs must be trained to do a specific task. to help a person with a disability. even if the disability is one you can't see. >> mobility assistance dogs and we also train service dogs to assist people with post
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allowed but disability rights attorney sarah kater says any disruptive animals can be removed. >> the dog needs to be house broken. >> so how can you tell if it's a service dog. >> it's how they behave. >> by law businesses are also allowed to ask two questions. is the dog a service animal and what worker task has the dog been trained to perform. legitimate service animal is going to be prepared. >> any breed can be a service dog and those vests not required and you can actually buy them online. you've got a problem let me know. we are traug rain on this thursday morning rather. sneaking into the east valley right now. the west valley still not seeing much for you. but it's the east valley where we're seeing some of those wet
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to gilbert, chandler, and even mesa. you'll notice that we're seeing a lot more green on radar versus the reds and yellows we were looking at a little earlier and that's because of these showers are losing a little bit of their intensity. these are not severe thunderstorms by any means and again we're not even seeing a whole lot of lightning with these storms or showers as we push into the valley. but we are seeing a few pockets of rainfall. light showers. a few more showers in tempe also guadalupe as that rain moves right over south mountain eventually moving towards central phoenix. so we'll be watching that batch closely. plan on those wet roads because these showers even the ones sitting to our south where we are seeing some of that lightning those will push to the northwest and could very well move into the southeast valley here through the morning commute. the focus for the rain this
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be across the east valley, but the west valley you've got a chance of showers and thunderstorms especially as we go into this afternoon and evening. because we're going to keep the chances for rain in the forecast through the day. a 30% chance this morning. a 40% chance this afternoon and evening. that puts us right in that scattered rain but also as we go into the ooepg as well. now the focus for more widespread rain coverage will be across the higher terrain on future cast. but scattered showers and in the valley. we could see storms develop to our south too that could produce some stropger wind gusts. with any storms that develop between phoenix and tuscan. strong winds a possibility especially storms to our southeast. some pockets of moderate rainfall. we're not expecting a wash out here in the valley. the heavier rain will be over that higher terrain to our north
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meanwhile temperatures warm into the mid 80s this afternoon. i'll show you that hour by hour temperature climb in just minutes mallory. >> and iris switching over to the roads right now. i'm not seeing any slowing out there or any crashes. really nothing to slow you down so far but i do want to head back out to the east valley. still no delays on the 10. this is just a 7-minute desert drive time. this is going to be westbound. this is a spot where iris just showed us some showers working their way through. again it's good to use caution. let's give you a look from our a-dot camera as well. this is u.s. 60. you're not seeing heavy rain come down but you can still see a lot of shine come down on those strings and all along the u.s. 60 especially is long the 202. we'll give you a closer look in just a couple of minutes. it's meant to be a life-saving drug that fights
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gather to see her.
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a disturbing discovery about some immune boosting drugs used to fight cancer. drugs known as check point inhibitors can cause deadly heart damage especially when used to go. now this is rare. only happens in less than 1% of patients so doctors are
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the huge benefits of these drugs. parents do know what lean is. what about purple drank. have you heard of that? four elementary school students in new york are home from the hospital this morning after drinking that homemade concoction at school. >> cough syrup, sleep sedative and a jolly rancher. stay alert and make sure to keep those medications locked up. warming into the low to mid 80s. we've got a chance for showers and storms through the day. i've got your hour by hour rain forecast next. >> and here's a look at i-10 at chandler boulevard. i'm going to give you a closer look at those desert drive times. >> also ahead. history has been made. folks in chicago still partying at this hour. a new day and a new world series champions.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. 5:30 and happening right now. we're on the scene of this bad crash. 27th avenue is the location of the scene here. >> and if you thought you were just going to breeze in and cast your ballot early. think again. you might just be stuck sitting
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the places in the valley already seeing a long wait time. raising a lot of concerns but is there a legit reason for a lawsuit. good morning to you. we have a large power outage in the downtown phoenix area. a thousand plus customers pinpointed that right now. >> okay. now we're talking weather too iris. that rain moving in. >> yeah, you'll see that alert box. at the bottom right-hand of that screen. tracking showers moving into the southeast va we're seeing some of that rain mainly pushing through. also mesa impacting some of our big highways in the southeast valley. so if you've got to head out the door soon and maybe you live between the loop 202. either the red mountain freeway that's where we've got that rain falling right now in mesa and these showers are slowly tracking to the northwest. as we go through the morning. rain chances are in our morning
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obviously on time you may want to lee a little early as we've got a chance of 30% scattered showers with more storms possible this afternoon. i'll show you what chances look like later in just minutes. mallory. i'm allison rodriguez before we get to mallory i'm actually in the live drive right now. here on the loop 202. santana. let me show you what we're right here. it's actually raining now in this aye. we're coming up to higly right now. so looping around here. we're going to continue to track these wet roads and these wet conditions for you this morning. for now let's get a check on that commute. i want to give you a look right now from our a-dot camera. this is right at mcclinic talk. i know it's a little jumpy but it looks like there could be a possible crash on the onramp as
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picture. we're starting to see a little bit of slowing on the 10 right now. so your desert drive time is up to 14 minutes. this is going to be from the 101 to the 17. i'll break down your west valley commute in just a couple of minutes. happening right now motorcyclists rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition. this happening late last night. 27th avenue and camel back. officers say the driver of that car pulled out of a circle k when the they do say speed is a factor. we'll keep an eye on that one for you. i also want to show you another crash. hard to believe nobody injured in this one. one person was inside that car. no other vehicles involved. officers are telling us impairment is a factor here. no word yet on exactly how that driver flipped the car. i have more breaking news. pinpointing in downtown phoenix danielle. >> we'll come right back to you.
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asking when will it stop? the family of a young man killed by a wrong-way driver talking about this issue. tony shaw was hit and killed by a driver going down loop 101 the wrong way. the family as you can imagine just devastated by this tragedy. >> this person had no business on the highway and you feel this horrible anger toward him but he died too and you have to have some kind of feeling for the fact that he died too. >> we're enthusiast. you'll likely see hundreds of subaru drivers hitting the roads on saturday. >> all right. get ready. there will be lines. that's the message from the head hancho who's running the elections in maricopa county. abc 15's justin pazara is live in glendale and some of those
5:34 am
>> yeah, they really had to wait it out. they thought they were going to walk right in and cast their ballots. some of these folks waiting two hours in line to vote. now this was the scene at 57th avenue and glendale. some of those voters waited. others just decided you know what i'm just going to leave. hopefully coming back today this morning and those lines are going to be a little bit short are e. some thought the county would have this the primaries. >> as much problems as we had with the primaries, that i guess i would have expected there to be fewer problems. >> now i'm kicking myself for not doing the mail-in ballot and i didn't and this is probably what i get. >> reporter: so we took these concerns to helen parcel. she says you know what there's just going to be lines
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election. but they are looking at sending in more equipment and more workers. >> 5:35. now up to 15,000 people turned up to see hillary clinton last night at asu. the democratic nominee looking to pluck arizona. a typically red straight from donald trump. she spoke for about 45 minutes after showing up two hours late. now she covered a lot of topics but she also weighed in on a big >> i think it's time you had a new sheriff in town, don't you? >> i think you know that paul will serve and protect all the people of this county and he will follow the law not his own idealogical agenda.
5:36 am
1996. >> dan while she was speaking in asu trump was back in florida for building that wall. >> should we do it or not? tell me . should we do it? well you're more excited about building the wall that i can see. >> and another big visit coming to the running mate mike pence. she spoke to several hundreds in mesa making that push for final votes. >> six days away from a great victory all across arizona and all across the united states of america. >> so much focus on our state right now. the visits to the valley are not over. this afternoon clinton's running
5:37 am
maryville commuter center and then tomorrow donald trump jr. he will be returning to phoenix dan. >> we've got an update now. a worldwide exclusive. and bill clinton. the american center for law and justice suing lynch and the obama administration. demanding that they come clean about the mission and handing over all of the details including when and how it was to meet days before. now we've reached out to the group behind this lawsuit. we have not yet heard back. and dan, breaking news i want to tell you about here locally. police are on the scene right now of a crash near 7th avenue. 7th avenue in van buren. that's possibly the cause for this large power outage. 1151. more than 1100 customers without
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we have a crew headed to that scene. they're saying this is a service interruption involving a power line. i want to give you a close are look because identify been taking a look at the speeds in the area around the intersection and it's pretty slow right now. i would avoid that intersection. so maybe excuse me another one could be roosevelt or even 7th street to get you around that. hopping up to the north part of the valley it's been very quiet this morning. it doesn't look look my computer wants to work here. no problem spots there as you're traveling eastbound. out in the east valley you're still seeing some shine out on the roadways here. i showed you this camera and the rain was definitely coming down at that point. it's looking a little bit better here. but it's something you'll want to watch out for this morning. through the morning commute. so even if you're not getting
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30% chance of scattered showers through the morning commute. right now the bulk of the rain falling in the east valley from fountain hills down to mesa to gilbert and parts of southeast chandler. it's not very heavy and as we look at abc 15 doppler we're seeing somewhere of that red and more of that green. that we were seeing earlier in spots like chandler as the showers initially moved in. but the chance for scattered showers the morning commute. we do see that chance of showers and this afternoon drop by midday. we've got in a potential for more widespread showers and thunderstorms. the focus for rain this morning will likely be across the east valley. by this afternoon we could see more widespread coverage. keep that in mind you could get cut under these showers and storms on your way into work or by the time you are heading home
5:40 am
our temperature right now. it will be a gradual warm up again today. but today a little warmer. warmer than yesterday by a couple degrees. but again we're going to keep those clouds around and we've got those chances for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. and that 30 to 40% chance puts us right in that scattered rain. we're not talking a complete washout but that chance it there for scattered activity. so again a gradual warm up. up to we are also going to feel some stronger breezes through the day today. we'll talk more about those winds plus what to expect as we start looking at the weekend in minutes. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. we're going to do some digging into her comments and let you know what is true what might not be. >> and an abc 15 exclusive this morning. a man accused of trying to break
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he left the courtroom. >> and still more breaking news right now. there's been a subway crash. we'll take you to the scene and with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
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no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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ureeth nt y 'ev tth. scnt?! ffent. teeth, nd u'rfes. e uth alth. ureeth nt y 'ev tth. ffent. teeth, nd u'rfes. e uth alth. phoenix is gorgeous! warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is keeping phoenix in motion with fun, free, cultural events for you and your friends. discover the stress relief of our drum circles
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when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at hey don't forget you've got a chance to win $50 in free coffee every morning. you've got to keep watching for that weather word of the enter it at for a chance to win. and breaking overnight one man is dead another's in a hospital after they are hit by a new york city subway train. i just pulled it up from the circle 7 there in new york. they're there on the scene. this happening in brooklyn. transportation authorities say both men are employees. got to watch an ad here. an early investigation shows the
5:45 am
the track when the train came around the corner pinning them down. it's not clear if speed was a factor here. >> a valley man is in court for creeping on college students. he's accused of trying to find exclusive photos. he didn't want to comment on the charges but the feds say he would study his victims online. answer their security questions on their e-mail accounts and reset the and he apparently stashed everything on a work computer. authorities say there were 1400 students. quarter to 6:00 now and we always take action for those held accountable. this morning we're looking into a claim that hillary clinton made at asu where she said her tax plan would not increase the nation's debt. >> we have a plan and we have a
5:46 am
does not add one penny to the national debt. >> that plan would generate almost $300,000. because of interest and spending on medicare and spoeshl security. so politifact. >> the burning of a black church a hate crime. firefigh those flames but not before the 111 baptist church was damaged. vandals also spray painted the word trump outside that building. thankfully nobody was inside that church when it happened. well a nightmare uber ride for one woman and her friend. they didn't want to go very far. they thought it would be about $5. they say somebody swiped the driver's side mirror and they
5:47 am
>> today i got this notice that i'm getting a cleaning fee and at the very convenient that they want to call it a cleaning fee with no proof. >> now uber says that the driver reported somebody urinated in his backseat during the ride. he even submitted some pictures. marcy says that's not what happened. when asked by our sister station uber would not show the driver's pictures. dna i have coming out of california right now. authorities are looking for richard williams. he went missing from california earlier this week and his family believes he may have diven to phoenix. williams was last seen wearing a red and black plaid jacket and blue jeans. with the license plate 5bey089. if you see him police need to
5:48 am
. here's the 0-1. this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! brian makes the play. >> six words millions of cubs fans thought they would never hear. the cubs win the world series. a city of chicago and really the entire sporting world. let's be honest. losers no more with the champagne bath. the curse of the billy goat is thing of the past. so many players contributed to the fall classic . this one is one for the ages. special shout out to long time diamondback miguel monotaro. the chicago cubs, the world champions. the most tortured fan base in the world. we know a lot of chicagoens in the valley are loving it. >> check out this tweet from president obama.
5:49 am
cubs win the world series. that's change even a southsider can't believe. and a lot of of you celebrating here in the valley as well. take a look at this. this was the chaos in phoenix. standing room only as fans celebrated the reverse of the curse. >> all right. let's talk now about your most accurate forecast here on this thursday morning. as we take towards the loop 202 i-10 interchange. the roads will be a little bit wet. but we're not seeing a whole lot of rain. but those rain chances in the forecast through the day today. so keep that in mind as you get ready to head out the door . especially if you're in the southeast valley here this morning. temperature wise we're sitting right at 72 degrees in phoenix.
5:50 am
up overnight. but across the valley we're seeing between 5 and 15 miles an hour. as temperatures across the valley sit in the 60s and the 70s as you get ready to walk out the door. it is going to stay breezy as we go into this afternoon. with gusts here in the valley at times as high as 25 miles an hour. similar wind gusts across northern arizona but more widespread rainfall up north too. here in the valley watch for i do think we could see a bill of a lull in the action by the end of the day. not to say we're completely in the clear by the lunch hour. but the chances for rain do drop a little bit. by this afternoon and into the evening though i do think we could see more widespread showers and thunderstorms move in from the southeast into the valley. we're going to have to watch for strong winds. so if you're traveling maybe from phoenix down to tuscan keep that in mind today.
5:51 am
start to drop them overnight and by tomorrow just a 10% chance of a few spotty showers and thunderstorms. overall the best rain potential will be across northern arizona. that's why those higher chances are in the forecast. some spots could end up with over an inch of rainfall. especially if you live from paceson that looks to be that area where we could see the higher rain amounts. >> here in the valley we're talking maybe a quarter inch. it's not going to be a washout but you could get caught under some thundershowers here as you go through the day. so your most accurate forecast. temperatures sitting in the 70s through 9:00 a.m. it will be a little warmer than lunchtime yesterday. not bad. 81 degrees and today's high 85 with a 40% chance of storms as we go into this afternoon. those clouds sticking around through the day too. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine
5:52 am
with mostly sunny skies and guys unfortunately it does look like we're going to inch through 90. mallory i'll be tracking where that rainfall is. iris so far that rain out in the east valley hasn't affected your drive times too much. it's just about 11 minutes here on the 101 northbound from loop 202 until you hit shay boulevard. along that stretch you're definitely going to seeth as always take it easy. i 17 starting to slow down near northern and it's kind of sluggish. and then i-10 you're going to start to see those brake lights right around 75th avenue. i want to give you a look from our a-dot camera. just moments ago it was completely stopped so you're just seeing that typical i-10 traffic of that kind of stop and go around this time in the morning. i want to go to 7th avenue in van buren.
5:53 am
that i can show everybody. that i can show everybody. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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believed this would happen. they were sitting right behind florida georgia line. also marianne morris says she was watching it from across the street the year before. she never believed this would happen to her. >> and finally just the atmosphere out here. there were fans who flew in from all over the world to be here in nashville and you got to experience it all by yourself. at home watching abc. i'll throw it back phoenix. >> thanks and for more highlights and behind the scenes vitd owe head to our website we are on the scene of breaking news happening right now. 7th after and van buren. roads are closed in that area. there's also more than a thousand customers without power in that area. >> we've got the abc 15 live drive spotting rain in the valley. where the showers are headed
5:57 am
5:58 am
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
5:59 am
vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough, and it's the southeast valley where the focus of the showers has been here early this morning.
6:00 am
thunderstorms and it's mostly moderate rainfall that is falling through the southeast valley right now. spots like the loop 101 in scottsdale now getting in on that rain and you'll notice that pocket of heavier rain right in the yellow there. enough to make those roads wet. that's for sure. and it could be a little slick for you as you're traveling maybe along the u.s. 60 in mesa between mesa and tempe and up towards loop 101 as these showers e west to the northwest. they're going to continue to move through the valley and i do think that rain in scottsdale will spread west into spots around phoenix. storm chances staying in your forecast. i'll break down that hour by hour planner for you next. iris we do have a crash right now for north valley driving. you're already seeing a lot of brake lights. so it is loop 101 eastbound.


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