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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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are being called into arizona today. >> good morning, everybody. is talk about that rain. i know a lot of people got a lot of rain. >> i saw you tracking it on facebook yesterday. we talked about how it would move in just in time for that evening commute and it sure did. this morning we are not seeing those widespread showers. so is going to likely be dry as you head into with partly cloudy skies and just a 10% chance of a shower. they will favor the foothills and aside from that looking like a dry morning for most of us. 62 now and we will talk about the afternoon storm chance in minutes, mallory. so far the roads are looking pretty good. we have one crash on i-17 north of the valley. it is just going to be south of
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off to the side and i am not seeing any huge traffic impact. we will take a closer look at your ease valley can meet in a few minutes. we are continuing to follow some breaking news with a house fire in the west valley. i want to get out to 83rd avenue and lower buckeye with allison rodriguez. what is the latest? >> reporter: the fire trucks just left moments ago from here. that means the threat is essentially over but what we do have is the next showing up trying to figure out how did this get started in the first place. phoenix fire is making quick work of this one but they did have dispassionate to stop it from spreading anywhere else. right unfortunately i am not sure. i have seen this family going in and out. baby saying somewhere else for the evening is investigators are trying to figure out how this started. the good news is this did not
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quick work of it and no injuries. allison rodriguez, abc15. in democracy 2016 a group hoping this is joe arpaio's last hurrah as sheriff of maricopa county gearing up for another protest. abc15's justin pazera live in downtown phoenix. justin, good morning. >> reporter: we are in the roosevelt art district where they will hold this protest tonight expected to be packed during the first friday event. remember the street they shut down? they call that his retirement party. the same group is going to be behind this protest this time they are not shutting down the streets but they will get a lot of attention tonight with thousands expected for the first friday event coming down for food, drinks, art, and politics. this is not the only group hating on sheriff joe arpaio.
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making a massive contribution. the race for sheriff is not the only one getting heated because heavy hitters are now campaign for the u.s. senate race. abc15's katie conner is in chandler with this with both candidates pushing full speed ahead. >> reporter: yes senator john mccain is calling in with ronnie to hold an event right here at infusion soft in chandler. this will be their second event in 24 hours an health this event in mesa telling the crowd they have to keep republicans in washington. john mccain has admitted this is his toughest race yet. some say he has less total lost with no support trump's name was never mentioned last night. >> i do not know who is going to win the presidency, but i do know this. whoever wins is going to
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middle east time and time again expect this has been the most disastrous presidency in the history of this country. >> reporter: the campaign is firing back with ann kirkpatrick meeting with communities and a peering at rallies. john mccain has gone into hiding and a scrambling for help. john mccain has not been giving any tv interviews in a week since pulling his endorsement from donald trump. we have asked a dozen times an interview but every time his stock has declined. hillary clinton and donald trump supporters fanning out across the battleground states with the same mission to energize and turn out the voters for election day. melania trump taking the podium in her first solo campaign stop. meanwhile tim kaine was here in mesa delivering a speech entirely in spanish.
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involved on the campaign trail. >> this election is just too important. i cannot just sit on the sidelines and be quiet. >> that is morale who appeared for hillary clinton plus tick. today jay z joins in cleveland and the crisscrossing of the nation. you are part of the country it is the last day for early voting in person. we saw shorter wait times in some places but more than two dozen locations in maricopa county alone will be open today. you can vote at any one of them. after today you have to vote in person on tuesday. if you have one of those early ballots, don't put it in the mail. you need to drop it off on election day and remember to sign that envelope. details from this next story are terrible and
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morning as the caretaker accused of putting in a. this is 23 month old adam aguilera. the court paper says litzet moreno got frustrated when adam was crying and she then picked him up and threw him on the floor at a home in surprise. right now the family is praying for the best. >> it just looks like he is asleep fighting that is all we can do and just wait and watch fight. he is not doing well. he is just a baby -- an innocent baby. >> they don't know any other problems with litzet moreno. she is now behind bars waiting to hear from a judge.
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health break a case? gilbert police releasing surveillance video. they think this pair may have details on the condo fire that destroyed five things under construction. kim wells owns a business and thankfully it wasn't her business that burned down that night. >> i am already getting goosebumps. how do you put in words something you have worked so hard -- it is the same thing with them. the work so hard at building this community. >> kim is hoping the new evidence come forward. there is already a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. we have some new information on where two phoenix police officers were just indicted. they are accused of assaulting a homeless woman with pepper spray. apparently that's not the full reason. they are also accused of tampering with a gps to make
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>> a couple of other cases headed back to court today with an arizona teenager learning his fate. he pleaded guilty to terror charges and attend the to blow up an office in our state. he is accused of emailing a member of the tell them to make explosives. he could spend 14 years behind bars. two phoenix suns players will be facing a judge today. the phase i grain of salt charges accused of attacki a man texting their mother. maricopa county is seeking punitive damages. stuck there is nothing relaxing about this experience even though you are looking inside a massage envy. that gunmen rob the store of the loop 101 in september. he just rock a second location in scottsdale and he apparently went back to the chandler store the date of the second robbery. he did not commit a crime at
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it is hard to see what he looks like. employees say he has a raspy voice. hopefully you can help police out here. some say setting up shop to close to school is too close for comfort and they want to see pawn shops band -- ban -- banned. we have rain, thunder, and even tornado warnings across
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as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. right now from the abc15 live desk one man is in custody accused of pointing a gun at police officers. this was a chase early this morning where officers spotted a man in a stolen vehicle. that ben did not want to stop and took officers through mesa
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summer is his name any child to take off running. he did not get far he faces several charges. storms panning the said yesterday even dropping a tornado warning. this video out of florence at felix road shows hail falling in that backyard. thanks to our viewer many for sending this in. you ca pictures and video to and of course plenty of iran radio coming in yesterday as we saw quite a bit of rain across the valley with a quarter of an inch as the patch of rain moves through. here is the latest scan on satellite clouds and radar. we are actually seeing a little bit more clearing with a few showers along the foothills. for most of us it will be a dry morning commute unless you live
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goldfield, or fountain hills where we are tracking isolated storms going along featuring pushing from southeast turn northwest. something we'll be watching through the morning and i will let you know. there is a 10% chance of showers for our morning commute valley white. i think the focus will be the far east valley for any rainfall early this morning. i will keep you posted through the day-to-day with a 20% chance of showers and un afternoon. we could see some showers into the phoenix area by mid afternoon into the early evening with a slight chance of it although for most of us we will enjoy a dry commute. i think after 8:00 we start clearing out those rain chances with a dry night. temperature wide we will go from 62 degrees now and a cooler start heading out the door. a lot of us are actually starting off in the 50s this
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for the little ones this morning. temperatures will gradually warm and our high today is close to average with only 82 degrees. i have a warmer weekend to show you in just minutes. mallory ? i want to show you an eight minute desert drive time for us- 60 drivers traveling westbound from the country club until you hit the 10. valley wide we are not seeing any trouble spots, but we do have a crash this is from our adot camera dynamite closer to loop 303 northbound. it is not blocking traffic, but it is something to look out for. do you have a homeowners association in your neighborhood? one group in the valley is set up looking to put the hoa in check.
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>> in the gma first look investigators are looking at this south carolina area for evidence of a serial killers playground. todd christopher kohlhepp is now behind bars after authorities say they found kala brown held captive on this 100 acre property. >> i can tell you one of the charges is going to be kidnapping. and it could be murder. >> reporter: acting on a tip, police the inside of a storage container of this area on thursday. police found the car at the crime scene but no sign of carver who was last seen leaving work the day people disappeared. brown told them there could be multiple -- multiple problems on the property of kohlhepp. we have your gma first look in
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the tempe city council is taking up a proposal to ban any new pawn shops from being within 500 feet of schools and daycare's. they also have to be 1300 feet from other pawn shops. a final vo expected on december 8. the arizona cardinals has a fan looking to be in a lot of trouble. take a look at this guy. there he is. he is suspected of stealing two chainsaws from a phoenix home depot and threading the storm -- store manager. he also threatened to shoot a manager who tried to stop him. he took off in a white dodge
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know who this is. this man is off the street after he is accused of robbing and raping two women in san diego. jeremiah williams was found in our state. tips helped lead to the arrest in west valley. he is now waiting to be extradited back to california. we hear the horror stories about the surprise bills and the crazy power trips all at the hoa. some people in scottsdale have formed a group aimed at changing the laws. state senator david farnsworth agreeing to meet with this group and his office is already looking at new bills to crack down on hoa's next year. >> it is news you don't want to get with 600 help employees to be laid off and 70 of the those
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arizona. employees can apply for different positions. the holidays you have very likely for the christmas music and sing the decorations. walmart is launching what they call holiday helpers today. the kid stations are going up in the stores and workers will be just as else to help -- elves . a special celebration at asu to mark what would have been walter cronkite's 100th birthday. there are several activities on the agenda including a video chat with the grandson of cronkite. plus we saw a lot of the rain that iris told us was going to come in. >> we actually had some decent rainfall amounts across the valley with a quarter of an inch of rain at phoenix sky harbor. but spots like gold canyon just
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it was beneficial rainfall yesterday, and we could see a little bit more today. right now as you get ready to head out the door there is nothing to slow you down as we are looking at dry roads across the valley on abc15 desert doppler. it is the valley foothills where i am tracking a few of those showers. we are seeing some white rainfall making its way up tortilla flat. if you are heading out o know that you could get caught in some of these showers. they will continue to move from southeast to northwest along the higher terrain. there is a 10% chance for rain in the phoenix area this morning although most of us will stay dry. the best potential the across the east valley. i will keep you posted if i see anything impacting the highways but for now we are looking at a dry commute for the valley. to the east it is much more
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possibly stormy commute all across the eastern when even up to flagstaff as these thunderstorms continue to move up to the northwest. so an early heads-up for flagstaff to leave a little early ahead of the rainfall. as we look at our hour by hour phoenix forecast, notice how those chances of rain are staying in the forecast. i think this afternoon we will see partly cloudy skies and a shower or storm phoenix area. that is for the 20% chance comes in. it will not be anywhere near as what as it was yesterday evening. that is the good news. 62 right now and we will form 20 degrees by this afternoon with a high of 82 degrees. it is going to be a gorgeous day today with the weekend not looking bad. it will have high temperatures in the mid-80s this weekend and
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on will talk about the pollen forecast in case you have plans to be outside this weekend in just a few minutes. >> abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> your desert drive time this morning is looking really good even for west valley drivers on the 10 looking at 10 minutes here. this is the spam starting near loop 101 until you hit the 17. east valley drivers, i want to give you a heads up on loop 202 red mountain. the westbound freeway will shut down between my dell and gilbert road until monday morning and you can use mcdowell or have down and use us-60 instead. i will give you a closer look at loop 202 santana, and a controversial helping costume is putting someone in the spotlight. can you imagine driving
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headlights ahead of you? a spike in wrong-way drivers, perhaps.
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we have a new safety alert to warn you about. >> it is called pink being blamed for the deaths of two teenagers in utah and also one of the rest already made in this case.
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the drugs online from china. it is eight times stronger than morphine. it was actually found at the home of prince. the dea has filed paperwork to be in the drug pink. -- ban the drug pink. a little boy's costume. an 11-year-old denver boy decided to dress up as donald trump for halloween but his more unwanted attention than they hoped. they had to cut their trick-or- treating short after someone made political remarks towards them. >> immediately turned from a situation of fun evening out to something where people have to interject some pretty strong and mostly negative feelings. >> the mother said she never would have let him dress as donald trump if she knew it would get this was attention.
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accurate forecast temperature wise it is still a gorgeous day. i have your hour by hour forecast next. >> and delays setting in an i-10 taking a closer look at how early you need to head up this morning. two teenagers are in custody for stealing a truck with a third on the run at this moment. we will take you to the scene.
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happening right now two teenager seeds go on the run and there is a third being looked for right now. an out-of-state billionaire putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to ousting sheriff joe arpaio coming up. plus, senator john mccain and mitt romney both campaigning together in the are both avoiding. >> good morning, everybody. this is abc15 morning and we are glad to have you along. >> we are starting out cooler, and it is going to be a cooler day today. 62 now warming into the upper 70s by noon with a high of only 82 degrees. there is still a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms, and i will show you the breakdown of the storm chances
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there is still a crash near loop 303. you are going to start to see some slowdowns on i-10 in the west valley right now. you have a little break and some of those lights around 51st and getting closer to i-17 you also see a little bit of congestion. right now two teenagers are in custody and one more still on the run at this moment. police officers say three teenagers arizona mills mall in tempe and on the truck was spotted near 83rd avenue in thomas. that is where they filled out and there had been passable road rage but so far i want to be clear. no weapons have been found and one dps trooper responding to this. i have more breaking news coming in and look at that in just a second.
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office is getting big help from a billionaire who doesn't even live in the valley. abc15's justin pazera is live in downtown phoenix with more on this push. justin, good morning. >> reporter: there is a protest planned in the roosevelt are district later on today. this is not the first protest we have seen here and now we are learning more about this billionaire putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to ousting the sheriff. this . his money has made it influence here with campaign finance papers should be filed today outlining the huge contribution. arpaio has been trailing the challenger paul zone in the polls and he has spent more than $2 million of his own campaign. he is called some of his haters extremists who just look the other way when it comes to
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the sheriff on his website said he really cannot compete with some of these huge local and national media machines trying to destroy his name so he is also asking for donations. justin pazera, abc15 . senator john mccain is calling a big player this morning as he seeks reelection against ann kirkpatrick. abc15's katie conner is live in chandler with more. toughest race yet. >> reporter: for the last few weeks john mccain has afforded one major topic and of course that is donald trump. mitt romney also avoiding trump. he will be in chandler today for one more appearance after supporting mccain in mesa just last night. coincidentally the last two nominees making no mention of the current run as they reach out to voters last night with john mccain calling this his
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kirkpatrick hard on her support of obamacare. they will be holding an event here at infusionsoft. you can stick with abc15 for total coverage of the event. continue with our election coverage for the terms total third time this week a poll giving donald trump a slight edge over hillary clinton in our state. we have trump at 45% but nationally it is still unpredictable and that is why both parties are hitting the today's until the election. today donald trump, jr. will be here for another rally at the gilbert water tower joined by senator orrin hatch congressional candidates in the biggs. happening right now you have got to be alert on the abc15 mobile app about information of a possible pre- election a attack. there is a brand-new report revealing al qaeda may be
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of attack on monday. as of right now the reports coming in that this involves three states. new york and virginia. we have alerted the task force about this threat and specific sites have not been mentioned or at least revealed at this point. very quickly at the same time can make or to satellite 205? i want to show you this palette fire in san bernardino right now and we are keeping a close watch on this one. i don't know if anyone has been injured in this massive fire. you are watching this next story with a tale of terror and this one is a true story. a man is making headlines after a disturbing discovery in south carolina. all of them have ties to the valley. this man is accused of holding a woman captive in a metal storage unit in south carolina and we are learning he has a
5:36 am
todd kohlhepp is a registered sex offender after 1987 conviction. court records reveal when he was 16 years old he held a gun to his 14-year-old neighbors had and tied her up raping her. records also mention he was finally hitting children. he has even shot at least one dog and he admitted that he often thought of hurting people and had a fascination with investigators in south carolina still looking for bodies on the property. sentencing day for the phoenix couple found guilty in the death of a 4-year-old little girl. melissa centeno and debris from surgery tease both pleaded guilty to child abuse. later on police say they hit her in the stomach which led to her death in 2013.
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he is charged with first-degree murder in the death of a paradise valley couple. he is also charged with burglary and arshne. his accomplice was supposed to two licenses earlier this year. 16 people said the face justice in a multi agency >> reporter: post caught on camera. it is near tucson with heroin, ma in addition, the drug charges you can add money laundering to the list as well. it is scary and it keeps happening. can you see what is wrong here? there is a truck facing the wrong way on the freeway. thankfully dps was able to stop them in chandler right now ab202. nobody was hurt but there are questions about how the truck
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that got us thinking about several other roadway crashes happening recently. one killed three back in june and we now have a copy of the autopsy this is the wrong-way driver had a blood alcohol level of at least .31. that is almost 4 times the legal driving limit. keep in mind some reports say that can change after death and still coming up we will tell you how one victim's mother is taking action hoping to put a stop to roadway crashes. let's talk about your most accurate forecast . temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday morning. we are sitting right at 60 degrees in glendale and deer valley and cooler in mesa with 57 degrees sitting at 62 in phoenix. a bit of a chill in the air as you step outside but there is no rain across the phoenix area.
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in the higher terrain east of the phoenix area. from turk hill fought a few sunflower -- tortilla flat up to sunflower we could see some showers moving closer but for now i am not seeing anything and the chance is limited. if anything, it will be the east valley where we see the best potential for rain this morning. just a 10% chance. as we go into th there is a slight chance for a few more showers in the valley. we cannot completely done with those rain chances as of yet but the transfer storms continues today. for the valley just a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms today. i think we will start off with a few more clouds through midday before a few more clouds develop this afternoon. plan on partly cloudy conditions through the afternoon
5:40 am
the phoenix area. most of us will stay dry but keep that in mind there is a slight chance. temperatures will gradually warm today up to 82 degrees. as we clear the storm system, we do have slightly warmer temperatures this weekend. i will show you the weekend outlook next. the roads are in pretty good shape this morning and that includes north valley drivers. all along loop 101 probably pretty. we still have the crash northbound on loop 303 but it is not a big traffic impact. east valley drivers are looking at a 12 minute desert drive time to san tan or on gilbert road making your way to the 10. it is definitely picking up near elliott. take a look at those westbound lanes getting a little bit's ear approaching us-60. i will give you a closer look at some weekend closures in
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chicago, the cubs are going to have a parade today. they are the world series champs. we will have a live look from the windy city straight ahead. a scam targeting the ones they love and duping them out of thousands of dollars. new clashes overnight between isis in iraq it forces
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a grieving mother hoping to put the pain behind proposing a new law to help save lives. scarlett proposes the body alert that will lift the status of wrong-way driver 911 calls to that of an amber alert level meaning immediate unification most electronic marquees. >> this is such a simple, simple
5:45 am
driver just trying to get home. >> eight officials -- adot officials try to get it officials as soon as possible. sometimes they usually at the call after the crash has already happened. let's get back to the breaking news with new information coming in. these are five images from san bernardino, california. this is a pallet fire here businesses in this area and a nearby strip mall is impacted by this fire trying to keep everyone away. more than a dozen fire trucks are on the scene. we are still working to get information on the number of injuries. i want to take you to iraq were 1 million people are in the middle of a war between isis.
5:46 am
in. we have been following it for you all week as things have really been intensifying. the special forces are moving into neighborhoods attempting to push isis out of the city. >> power is being restored at the paris las vegas hotel. and unexpected outage forced the evacuation of thousands of people. the hotel even booked new rooms for guests at different hotels. officials are blaming the outage on the fire suppression system saying it run out of battery. sting will be joining the performers in paris to mark one year since the isis terror attack that kills 130 people in the city. profits will go to survivors and the family victims. sting was to honor the memories and celebrate the life and music that historic theater represents. caught in the crossfire with a bullet piercing the front windshield of a school bus in los angeles.
5:47 am
this morning. the driver was not hurt but investigators say someone fired a shot nearby during some sort of altercation and that is one the stray bullet hit the bus. >> we told you yesterday about a new lawsuit filed against attorney loretta lynch because of the many that happened on the sky harbor tarmac with bill clinton days before she was had to decide on their hillary clinton email scandal. hopes to accomplish. >> she said that this was a meeting that occurred spontaneously. she said that it occurred and only things related to grandchildren and call for discussed. but over the course of a 30 minute discussion more than that has to have been discussed nobody talks about golf for 30 minutes. >> they also are naming this lawsuit 30 days to respond. abc15 taking action with
5:48 am
the $2000. >> this is a guy who adores his grandchildren. >> a con artist pretended to be his grandson saying he had been in a car accident and hit a fence and needed money to pay for the damage. >> the owner of the property wanted to thousand dollars so he wouldn't press any charges. gift cards. he did it in his daughter is now on a mission to get clerks trained to spot that kind of a scam. the celebrations continue for chicago cubs fans. today millions are expected at the victory parade. here is a live look started at wrigley field going several miles to grant part in downtown
5:49 am
the cubs are taking the title for the first time in 108 years. the cubs cannot print the shirts fast enough with so much chairmanship merchandise being installed. they will do $30 million in sales for all of the cubs gear and that number is expected to reach 70 million. that is in 24 hours. getting big honors in the city of mesa declaring november 7 world series championship chicago cubs state. on monday you are encouraged to wear cubs blew -- blue. let's talk about your most accurate forecast and the good news is as you are getting ready to head out for the commute into work we are not seeing any rain this morning in
5:50 am
tracking showers and a few thunderstorms. now northeast of tortilla flat. keep the beeline highway in mind as you could get caught on a shower up to payson. i am also keep an eye on pop-ups in hayden. there is a chance they could still clip by some other east valley cities like apache junction and goldfield. i will keep you posted and there is a slight chance of rain here for morning even though right now it is pretty quiet across the valley cities. off to the northeast we are seeing the bulk of the rain tracking from payson near i-40 and this is all moving up toward flagstaff. we have some pockets of heavier rainfall that will impact the morning commute. keep that in mind as you get ready to have the door. that storm system that brought us all of the rain yesterday is slowly lifting to the north. that will mean the best rain
5:51 am
northeast arizona with a slight chance of showers in the valley. after today we actually warm things up into the weekend. so a 10% a chance for rain through the morning and a 20% chance this afternoon. i do think most of us will stay dry, but i just wanted to give you a heads up there is the potential for a stray showers into the afternoon and early evening. it is drier tonight and through the weekend and even in the high country those rain chances trended down slightly saturday and sunday. 62 now and a height of only 82 degrees today. it is going to be a gorgeous day with temperatures getting warmer to the weekend. not bad but we will warm into the mid-80s for saturday and also sunday. mid to upper 80s next week but you will notice my updated forecast is not bringing the 90 >> yet. we will talk about the weekend
5:52 am
crews are doing work in the tunnel this week. you'll see the eastbound lanes close from the act of 17 lanes up to state route 51. then they will switched to 510 westbound and that will be saturday night into sunday. to get around that your best option is i-17 northbound or southbound. right now the 10 is a little sluggish the 51st avenue. i will give you a closer look at a crash in the east valley coming up. can you believe it is already november? don't waste a minute of 2016. coming up we will help you plan your weekend. just ahead get your tickets
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lisa lundskow: luke air force base is not only vital to our national security -- but also to our local communities and economy. georgia lord: senator john mccain has been a powerful advocate for the base, taking a bipartisan approach when securing the fighter pilot training program. lisa lundskow: thousands of jobs depend on luke. without john mccain's leadership and experience - we could have lost many of those jobs.
5:54 am
john mccain: i'm john mccain
5:55 am
the town this weekend, it is friday and here are some things to do. >> you can go to the herberger theater center full with live music, dancing, ore at the basketball and volleyball tournaments happening at the display in good year. >> help keep phoenix dutiful by volunteering to plant trees or pick up trash around town. >> and you can hit the ground running with a salute to
5:56 am
veterans park. >> the west valley island cultural festival is happening in plan to featuring hawaiian dancing and food eating contest . the rain yesterday helping drop our pollen count today going up over the next couple of days. i will show you whether we will see any rain for the commute next. you are seeing some delays on i-10 plus a new crush closer to the 1a1. i will g there is a brand-new batch of emails from hillary clinton. we are keeping a close watch on this also in the live desk. please take a good look at the video. police believe this person is an arsonist who set fire to a building in gilbert. scary moments caught on camera and a new warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes. we have that and much more coming on abc15 next with a live look outside in the middle avenue bridge in tempe.
5:57 am
and much m i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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6:00 and happening right now. a man pulled a gun and pointed it at tempe police officers. how it ended next. plus, the race for u.s. senate is heating up and what is happening in arizona today.
6:00 am
food, drinks, and art. but who is taking over first fridays in downtown phoenix coming up. this storm hitting all parts of the valley. >> we had a little taste of everything with rain, lightning , wind, and hail. you can see the wall of dust moving toward the valley. >> i was checking facebook live. here is iris with your most accurate forecast . >> good morning. is talk about the forecast as you are getting ready to heading to work. the good news is this morning the commute is looking dry for most of us with a slight chance of a stray shower in the east valley. over the next hour again limited chances for the valley. by this afternoon a slight chance of a storm and we will talk about those rain chances next. most of your delays this


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