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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  November 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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>> mike: two coaches that respect each other and played a whale of a game. >> allen: the final throw into the end zone, picked off by jordan sterns. and mason rudolph and the cowboys will have a happy ride back to stillwater, escaping with a 43-37 win, that 92-yard quick strike scoring drive proving to be the difference in the game. pressure was coming. had to get rid of it. wound up finding a crowd of people in the end zone. >> mike: nobody could shake themselves free. just a three-man rush with an add-on. the add-on guy gets the shot on ertz as he tries to throw the ball. >> allen: let's go to kris. >> kris: how were you able to come one the
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>> our defense rallied. we gave up a few more yards than we wanted to. but fortunately, we played the pick play down there effectively. and then they got the pass interference call. it was interesting, if it wasn't for that, the clock would have ran out. so worked to their favor just a little bit. but i couldn't be any more proud of our guys. when you come on the road and turn the ball over three times, really hard to win. but we found a way. so i was proud of our team. >> kris: you talk about the turnovers. what does it say about the composure of mason rudolph that he was able to lead those drives after those two picks? >> he played pretty average up to that point. but it's interesting, he played better after that than he did before. so you have to love that about the kid. he's found a way to win a lot of football games. but overall, everybody played good. i thought our offensive and defensive coaches made some really good adjustments. >> kris: i appreciate
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>> allen: cowboys get a win in a very difficult place to win, manhattan, kansas, and move to 7-2, 5-1 in the big 12, and a game behind oklahoma who is undefeated in conference play. tonight, nebraska and ohio state here on abc. final score from the little apple, oklahoma state 43, kansas state 37 in what turned into a thriller i
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in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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this is abc 15 news, taking action. >> the end is near and the presidential candidates are getting last weekend support in battleground arizona. today it's dr. ben carson stumping for donald trump. we'll have the latest from campaign trail. plus a full day of college football today. and that includes the arizona wildcats searching for the first pac-12 win of the season. heartbreak in mesa where a 4-year-old boy drowned. this hammed just before noon in greenfield. it appears the boy climbed out of a window and got in a pool which had no fence around it.
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boy in the murky water. crews arrived and started life support. the child was not responding on the way to the hospital where he died. and police are now investigating. we are three days away from the election. the final push is on here in the valley and really just across the country. ben carson is in phoenix, trying to get out the republican vote. raquel cervantes joins us live where he just wrapped up. >> he just left the building right now and the mood has been very spirited and very energetic and a lot of supporters are out here. and people of all ages out here coming out to support and hearing what dr. ben carson had to say. only a few days left and trying to get people out to vote. there's been a lot of complacency in the country and he of course talked about the opposing candidates and how he
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direction for the country. so let's listen to a little bit about what he had to say. >> do you agree with him or not? as long as you sit down and keep your mouth shut. and that's what the problem has been. we've been sitting down and keeping our mouth shut and it's time to stand um and open our mouths. [ applause ] >> and i think you're going to see the beginnin the election on this tuesday -- it's only step one. okay-- we cannot be complacent with that. the swamp has to be drained. >> and you can hear him talking on the megaphone. it was a packed house and hard to tell how many people were in here. definitely more than 200 people so just a packed house and some of the supporters are out here.
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ben carson. >> we'll keep watching. tomorrow bernie sanders will be campaigning in phoenix for hillary clinton. he'll rally specifically behind clinton's vision for our economy. doors open at 10:45 in the morning and you are asked to rsvp. and the latest washington post poll showing hillary clinton leading nationally 47 to 43. support for trump had slipped to the lowest in 10 days, and hillary clinton has recovered from the latest damage done by the e-mail investigation. both donald trump and hillary clinton and their surrogates out in full force. it's the final push. trump in the battleground state of florida going after the hispanic vote saying the cubans just endorsed him.
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different deal than they made with castro. the hispanic vote is turning out to be much different than once thought. >> trump appears to be running neck and neck with hillary clinton in florida. and while campaigning there today, he said he would spend some of the last hours in democratic strongholds including a trip to minnesota and he's planning trips michigan and pennsylvania. and new controversy for melania who was out campaigning for her husband. a new report claims the former model was working in the u.s. before she had legal permission. she was paid for 10 modeling jobs, totaling $20,000 before her work visa was approved.
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the terms of her immigration status. >> i have spent my life and career fighting for women and families and that's what i'll keep doing. you are a hardy bunch standing out in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you -- >> she found out today that she can't really fight mother nature. she was at the event in south florida and a big old storm moved in and you could see the raindrops there. she tried to stay on point the wind and rain won out. she wrapped up quickly as the rain and the candidates were drenched outside. political parties cannot go door to door collecting ballots for you. this comes on the heels of a decision by an appeals court. state officials challenged it and the u.s. supreme court agreed putting the ban back in place.
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democrats who say the idea was aimed at helping minority voters. arizona is becoming a battleground state. we're named one of the top states. police are asking for your help to catch this guy wanted for robbing several places in the valley. and chandler police -- now
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a man wanted for robbing several valley business. take a look. he's accused of robbing a cvs, red roof inn, extended stay america, and the family dollar store. he'll come into the business and he has something underneath his shirt. probably a gun police believe. the guy wears a hat, shorts. he demands the cash and then takes off running. police are asking for help catching another crook who robbed a walgreens on october 11th. this guy wearing a red cardinals shirt and hat waited for customers to leave. and then he approached the sales counter. he demanded all the money out of the register. and had his hand underneath his
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gun. he took off in a black chevy tahoe. call 480-witness. a busy valley freeway about to shut down. we'll tell you where to avoid. and gorgeous on this saturday. finally near average. in the 80s all across the valley. and coming up after the break, a pretty night night ahead. we'll be climbing to the 90s
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>> >> chandler police say a man is in custody, accused of ramming a police car. police say detectives were trying to make a traffic stop yesterday and the driver reportedly ran into a police car. the driver took off on foot. smith is facing aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, reckless driving, and
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wrongway driver in the valley. gilbert police telling us the pursuit started near arizona avenue and ray road. the driver tony gutierrez kept going through all the red lights. and police got involved, using a pit maneuver to stop him. he bailed out and didn't get far. the police dogs caught up to him. he's in the hospital getting treated for dog bites. police are searching for a suspected off running. some of you called us about this situation. phoenix police stopped the driver suspected of drunk driving. the guy bailed and was never found. a big mess on i-10 near ray road. a trooper was investigating a serious crash on the ramp and the trooper's vehicle was clipped by another car. the damage not too severe. no word on if the driver is going to face charges.
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hospital. phoenix police are searching for the shooters after a man watched his uncle die in front of him. both of them shot in the street right in the heart of the -- the uncle died and the nephew is in stable condition and recovering. the nephew telling police four suspects drove off in a car together. no motive for the shooting at this point. a witness heard conversation going on before shots rang out. >> the shooting not far from where the murderer had seven people killed. no indication that the latest scene is connected. they do want this man caught. they are still offering the $75,000 reward. a silver alert issued in the valley now over. police say this 86-year-old man
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reported missing yesterday. police are thanking everyone for finding him. two separate rollover crashes an hour apart. this video from our adot camera happened near ray road. one was in the westbound lanes and the other in the eastbound lanes. a minor injury in the eastbound crash and unknown injuries in the over rollover. an effort to embrace localness. the local fa wrapping up. organizers are calling it a celebration of all things local. the festival highlightshops, boutiques, restaurants, and food makers, and there's the arizona made beer, wine, and other beverages, the hope is to divert shoppers away from the chains and box stores. >> you're supporting the community much, much stronger
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believe it or not. there's probably better deals and you get a lot more than if you support the local business. today's fall festival features 160 arizona vendors, and up to 15,000 people were expected to come out because the weather was gorgeous. we get to brag right now. >> 80s out there today. beautiful, so near average, sunny skies. winds are light. >> what more could you ask for? >> here's a look at phoenix downtown. sunny skies and the setting in an hour or so. it's 81 in chandler, and luke air force base, 80 with upper 70s in the north valley. here's the plan. if you're out and about. we'll see the 70s over the next couple of hours. nice clear skies into the 9:00 hour. 70 and then the upper 60s in our forecast by 10:00 looking for light winds all evening long. we'll bottom out tonight in the
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can't be ruled out. good year tomorrow morning, 59 degrees. and tomorrow looking for a nice one if you're heading to the grand prix of scottsdale. the race is beginning at -- and tomorrow afternoon, temperatures similar to today. 82 in mesa. and glendale topping out at 83. the average is 80 but it's going to be a beautiful sunday ahead as you look across the valley. calm winds reported in scottsdale and glendale. a little stronger across the high country. sedona, sustained winds, 14 miles per hour. and bull head city, 20 miles per hour. and as you look at the broader perspective. the low pressure system that brought the showers and thunderstorms to the state over the last couple of days well
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showers and thunderstorms to new mexico, the texas panhandle, and a ridge of high pressure begins to build in and that means that temperatures will begin to warm. and we'll be back above average and getting close to the 90s as we head to the next couple of days. as you look at this, 84 tomorrow. and 87 monday. and 88 on tuesday. just shy of that 90 dry mark before we fall back to the mid- 80s with the average between 79 and 80 degrees. we'll be about average. in flagstaff, a cool one at 50 degrees. 50 at the grand canyon. and prescott sitting at 60 and lows in the 40s along the rim. 30s for flagstaff. 36 tomorrow morning at the grand canyon and bull head city in the mid-60s and then back up to 83. beautiful day statewide. 63 in window rock. and 69 in winslow. and we'll be looking for 70s for payson and globe.
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safford as well. one last peak. 62 cave creek. and 62 in anthem. and buckeye going to see 59 tomorrow morning. back to 83 tomorrow afternoon, and 83 in chandler. and sunday in gilbert at 83. and look at the most accurate forecast. and we'll see breezes as we get into tuesday and wednesday when the temperatures warm up just a little bit. morning lows and a dry day ahead. cardinals are on a buy week. and asu on a bye week. but he's pretty busy. >> no shortage of action on college football saturday. a wing time upset to talk about. and plenty of pac-12 action
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well, it's november and the arizona wildcats are searching for the first conference win of the season. and even worse, it wouldn't get any easier today. u of a trying to avoid the 6th straight loss. and washington state looking for the 7th straight win. the cougars just rolling this season. and today they continue to roll over the wildcats. it's 38-0 washington state in the 2nd slight bright side just before halftime. finds-- for a 47-yard touchdown. and would you believe it. that was the first touchdown pass of the season. he's been injured but hard to believe. this one just wrapped up moments ago. and this just looks brutal. the final score -- let's take a look here. 69-seven. washington state, the 6th strait loss to the wildcats.
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standings. arizona drops to 0-6 in conference play. guess we will look at that at 10:00. let's take a look at stanford. christian mccaffrey -- playing host to oregon state. how about bryce love breaking free for the 66-yard score. and oregon state makes a game of it. and in the end, stanford pulls it off on the home turf. 26-15 the final over the beavers. here's a look at the game everyone is talking about. texas a&m in starkville taking on the unranked mississippi state bulldogs. you may see where this is going. takes three defenders in with him. bulldogs on top in the 4th. a and m strikes back quickly. down by seven looking for the big play. and final second -- not going
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and the aggies fall in starkville with the biggest upset of the day. the cardinals enjoying a much needed bye week. and this team knows if they can string a few wins together. tied a tough game and the silver lining at the halfway point of the season. seattle has a game and a half lead in the nfc west. a game and a half. the fact yet to run away with the division leaves a window of opportunity for cardinals. >> that's the only good thing. we're not happy with the first hatch of the season. but for the second half of the season to be a game or game and a half or whatever the numerical is. knowing we'll play them again if we can take care of our business that game should matter and we're in the hunt
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automatically gets us in the playoffs. >> there are many ugly moments in the first half of the season. >> it's been hard to watch. they had such high hopes. >> seattle has only one more win than the cardinals. so seattle has let arizona kind of stay in it. >> let's let them take a breather. >> get healthy and make a run to the second half. it's the last weekend push. what the candidates are doing across the and right here in the valley as and right here in the valley as election day phoenix is gorgeous! warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you!
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wow the guests for thanksgiving -- monday at 9:00. if you're joining us, the top story, a deadly drowning call out of mesa. mesa fire says a 4-year-old boy climbed out of a window, jumped in a pooled that no fence around it near university and greenfield. the father found his son in the water. just a tragic scene out there.
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hospital. and police are now investigating. we're now three days away from the election. can you believe it? the final push is on in the valley and across the country. today ben carson is here supporting donald trump. raquel cervantes joins us live. >> dr. carson left the building a few minutes rallying for support. and organizers were here wrapping up here. earlier though, carson in the house talking to a group of 200 people. it was a packed house. just trying to rally that support and getting them fired up for election day. talking about the reasons why people should not stay at home. saying that people have been very complacent in the country lately. of course, also talking about
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other sides are not cutting it for the country. and talking a lot about healthcare. and the doctor is a doctor and he spoke from experience. and they -- what he had to say in general. [ applause ] >> the level of corruption is unbelievable. >> yeah, it is. >> and don't think that it's only on the democrat side. >> reporter: he talked a lot about the changes he wanted to see for the country. and he was getting people in the house excited for election day coming up. and he is now on to the next venue in phoenix to continue rallying for trump. back to you. >> and trump supporters are still excited and pumped up from the speech. >> tomorrow it's bernie sanders' turn to visit arizona. he's standing behind hillary clinton and her vision for the economy.
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high school. and the doors open at 10:45. make sure to rsvp. a whirlwind weekend for the race to the white house. hillary clinton and trump are crisscrossing the country, trying to shore up support. taking very different approaches. >> i know we've got work to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton out early on the campaign trail, making her closing argument at event after event. and even speaking in pouring rain. >> you are a hardy bunch. standing out here in the rate. let's vote for the future! >> getting out the vote friday night with jay-z and beyonce. ? [ music ] ?? >> the pop superstar performing in what else? a pantsuit. >> i want my daughter to grow
4:36 pm
country. >> we don't need jay-z to fill up arenas. >> i'm very excited to talk to you about my husband. >> the republican nominee plans to hit 10 states in the final days. trump repeated a false claim based on a bogus fox news story. >> fbi has multiple open criminal investigations going on hillary clinton. >> fox news is calling the report a mistake. >> that just wasn't in our -- it was a mistake. and for that i'm sorry. >> trump still pushed the discredited story and repeated similar ideas. >> they are also conducting a second criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption at the state department. >> clinton is spending much of the weekend reaching out to minority voters. her support could be critical.
4:37 pm
most diverse coalition of voters. >> abc news, washington. thousands of people will be off work this election day and getting paid for it. general motors is one of many companies making election day a paid holiday. others include ford, hurst publishing, and -- [ indiscernible ] every vote counts so they are giving them the chance patgonia is closing all retail stores plus the distribution center in nevada. and we are three days away from the election. many of us may be stressing over the picks for president. and there's a lot of stress over who our friends, family, and loved ones will vote for. abc's dan harris decided to run a little experiment putting a bunch of clinton and trump
4:38 pm
them to meditate together. >> reporter: is the election leaving you with insomnia, heart palpitations. >> is it an actual disorder? >> i think it's a little tongue in cheek but stress is impacting people. >> reporter: according to one study, more than half of americans are feeling anxious or stressed over >> they are catastrophizing. looking at worst case scenarios. >> that close to a nuclear weapon. >> i do not trust hillary at all. people are tired of the same old politics. and i think that's why donald is going to get elected. i'm a big believerin women's rights. >> this is the first time that this has ever happened to them. >> what do you advise in a
4:39 pm
>> don't talk about politics. >> and turn off the tv -- not right now -- and unplugging from social media, exercising, and another method that i personally swear by, meditation. >> make america calm again. >> we brought in a nonpartisan ringer meditation teacher jeff warren who is from canada. >> are people here feeling stressed out. >> i'm tired of the social i'm tired of watching my friends and family fight with each other. >> everyone seems to be surprised by what 15 minutes of meditation can do. >> they have to see each other as republicans and democrats or a trump or hillary supporter. >> is it stressful to be in the same room. >> oh, no. i believe we're all entitled to our opinions.
4:40 pm
just trying to be funny. and hillary clinton leading by 4 points. 47% to 43% among likely voters. let's get to other national news. look at the flames. 200 firefighters battled a blaze in a neighborhood on the city's southwest side. the chicago fire commissioner says it may have been started by homeless people trying to no one was in the building and nobody was hurt. in oakland, california, 10 people were wounded in a shooting outside a nightclub a block from city hall. investigators believe as many as three gunmen were involved. so far, no -- a south carolina man accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her captive for two months appeared briefly in
4:41 pm
she was found thursday morning chained to a metal storage container on a rural property in south carolina. her boyfriend, charles carver, is still missing. all new information on a tesla crash that killed two people in indiana. police have suspected that the autopilot feature could have been to blame but the car was traveling too fast for the autopilot to be on. the feature is limited to 5 miles above the speed limit. and the car had at a high rate of speed before the crash. >> and in minutes, friends and family will gather to remember a valley man killed in a wrong way crash. tony shaw was a big car lover. he was killed tuesday morning on the loop 101 when he was hit head on by a drunk driver. the driver was also killed in the crash.
4:42 pm
belonged to is gathering in his memory. >> meet at a restaurant in honor of him. >> we'll have more coming up tonight at 10:00. a traffic alert to anybody heading to the west valley tonight. a busy valley freeway will be shutting down. we're talking about i-10. westbound lanes are closing overnight. mcdowell and van buren are the best go to for other routes. the first in the region to utilize drones as investigative tool. it's a pilot program to certify several officers all to operate the devices. the police chief says the 3- pound device marks a huge and significant step for crime scene investigators. eleven officers will be trained
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let's get to the weather forecast. tom is standing by with a look outside. >> nice one today. temperatures in the 80s. sunny skies here across the valley. and a little more cloud cover. we're sitting at 82. 82 in deer valley. and chandler checking in at 82 degrees. here's the plan. we'll keep skies clear and fall into the upper 60s by 11:00. and tomorrow we wake up in the 60s. it's going to be a warm the average high is 80. and 84 tomorrow afternoon in phoenix. and tempe topping out at 83 as well as gilbert, glendale, and good year. after you hit the 50s tomorrow morning. in a couple of minutes, we have some winds returning. and the 90s. when we'll see them coming up. digging deeper into the story of an arizona teen just sentenced on terror charges.
4:44 pm
accused of contracting
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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sentencing for a tucson teen pulled into the dark world of jihadist websites. the story is also about the struggle to balance our safety with one man's mental hlt >> reporter: cuffed and wearing his jail stripes, it's hard to know how much he understands. >> i know that he had no idea of the severity of the consequences that his words would care. >> his sister and others try to convince the judge that the 18- year-old would never have gone through with the threats. >> i hope that you are able to see in reality he's a lost and
4:47 pm
the extraordinary steps they took reaching out to the family, trying to get the teen mental help. >> it saddens me given the unprecedented level of cooperation we experienced between the family and mental health professionals that we've come to this point. >> prosecutors say they had to pursue the legal case when intervention didn't work. >> he was given numerous chances to and he consistently lied to the fbi and went on jihadist websites and was in the process of carrying out attacks in arizona. >> reporter: he'll spend eight years behind bars, followed by a lifetime of probation. >> and we'll do everything we can to eron the side of -- err
4:48 pm
arizonans. we had the crazy storms earlier but calm now. >> sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s. just gorgeous. >> not bad. >> and we'll fall into the 70s in the next couple of hours. eventually-- started at 61 this morning. so overnight low of 57. and today topped out at 82 with the normal being 80, far from the record of 93 in 2007. we do have 90s back in the forecast. you'll see that in a couple of minutes. right now back to the west. sun getting ready to set and you will not find any clouds as you look back in the west valley. a different story across the high country. some clouds and desert doppler showing a couple of sprinkles around the flagstaff mormon lake area. and these moving off to the south and the southeast right now. overall, it's been a beautiful day and a nice night ahead.
4:49 pm
flagstaff. 35 tomorrow morning in window rock. 42 in winslow. 60s at lake havasu. we'll bottom out at 63. and back to 88 tomorrow. and phoenix is headed to 84 with 60s across the higher terrain. a nice, dry sunday. and a sunny sunday coming up. here's what is going on. the storm system that brought the showers and thunderstorms will continue to move off to the east. it's and thunderstorms right now to parts of texas and new mexico. that moves off to the east and a ridge of high pressure builds in as we get through the sunday, monday, tuesday forecast. our temperatures will warm up. and plenty of sunny skies. and the storm systems staying well off to the north. and storms over the next 24 to 48 hours. back to the northwest. and we stay dry and the
4:50 pm
84 tomorrow. and 87 monday. and 88 on tuesday with mid-80s in the forecast through wednesday and thursday. we'll be getting close to the 90s into the monday, tuesday forecast. enjoy the low 80s this afternoon. and 82 in phoenix. and 82 scottsdale. and 82 deer valley. and overnight lows tonight slightly above average. we'll be at 61 tomorrow morning in deer valley and scottsdale. and ahwatukee will bottom out at and tomorrow back in the 80s, slightly above average. gilbert will hit 83 tomorrow. the 7-day forecast shows a few breezes as we get into the tuesday, wednesday forecast. temperatures warming just a little bit. morning low, 62. and 65 on wednesday, sunny and dry as you look at the next seven days with a few clouds
4:51 pm
seniors have accused these two of scams around the sun city area. and now the state has finally issued an arrest warrant. >> it's a grand jury indictment after they were accused of abandoned this sun city landscaping job. she paid them $16,000. >> as you see it's half done. >> and they are not licensed. they have investigated similar complaints since 2010. payments totaling $138,000. and that includes customers from judy and lynn. i questioned about the other cases. >> why not just pay everybody back. she paid a fine and agreed to restitution. sometimes going by anna or lisa, newly released documents call her raphael la.
4:52 pm
related to debby's case. >> i would like justice to be served. >> reporter: the attorney general's office can't find these two. if you see them, if they approach you, if you're doing business with them. let us know. i'm investigator joe ducey. jason is back with sports. lots of saturday football. >> saturday is a big day for the little ones as we'll introduce you to small stars just learning the fundamentals of football.
4:53 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
4:54 pm
well, you got to start somewhere and for a group of four, five, and 6-year-olds known as the scorpions and road runners, it starts with the
4:55 pm
minute tips, it's nice to have a 6-year-old to fill us in on the details. >> and this is our favorite team, the cardinals. if you play football, you have to wear a mouth guard because you don't want -- because you don't want your mouth to hurt. >> and the most important thing is to always have fun and -- >> i'm going really, today. >> it's time for coaches to get the kids in position. >> take two steps for me there. perfect. >> and get this game started. it's the scorpions in white and the road runners in blue. and the best play in the book is a handoff and run. just run.
4:56 pm
>> right now we're on on fence. >> on fence, off fence, it doesn't really matter. what's the objective. >> to pass the quarterback. >> after some hard hittings action, the kids are letting coach know how they are feeling. >> my legs are tired. >> we're getting ready, let's go. >> and just like that the kids are ready to go at >> one, two, three! scorpions! >> congratulations scorpions and road runners, you're this week's small stars. >> i love hearing the coaches. wait, wait, wait. >> to watch our small stars, go to and if you know of a small star you'd like us to feature, e-mail us or send us a message on twitter or facebook.
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and legs do get tired. >> they'll sleep od tonight. meryl streep is getting a new trophy for her mantle. the cecil b. demille award. where would we be without her. she's won eight golden globes and 29 nominations. do you remember river wild? >> it's been >> that was a good one. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the weather is pretty nice. 60s in the forecast tonight. take a look at the extended forecast. breezes return tuesday, and wednesday it's going to be a dry one, and a few more clouds
4:58 pm
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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presentation of espn on abc. ? a flawless fall afternoon gives way to a frosty evening in the heart of ohio. welcome to ohio stadium in this crucial game between the buckeyes and the cornhuskers. espn saturday night football on abc presented by walmart. both nebraska and ohio state come in in contention, controlling their destiny in


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