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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 7, 2016 2:00pm-2:30pm MST

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it's november 7th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". a bear cub caught in a trap is in -- >> trouble. >> see the nervous guys watching out for mama as they try to free her babies. a driver tries to stop a bus that is -- >> in flames! >> the moment passengers finally get a clue.
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>> a young woman wakes up one day to find her face -- >> had gone completely numb. >> how she documented her long battle to get her smile back. plus, the monday buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the net, including the latest craze going viral. >> little bit freaky. >> see why the mannequin challenge is perfect for people who don't want to move a muscle. >> that poor little bear is in a heap of trouble. these hunters were out in russia when they came upon this poor little bear cub they believe is about 10 months old caught in a snare. that snare was set out for an adult bear, but this poor creature got caught in it. so these guys are trying to get that metal rope from around it. bear cubs have to stay with their mom up to two and a half years. they cannot survive on their own.
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believes mom was probably nearby waiting with the baby, try to release the cub, wasn't able to do it and went on her way, but these guys were able to get the bear free after working on the rope. the hunters said they were going to track the bear to make sure it got in contact with mom, but if that didn't happen, they were going to make sure it got to a nature reserve, because this bear, obviously, is going to need care. one baby that is okay is this little creature. this is an elephant c after he's born. standing up on shaky legs. this little creature was the first elephant born at the zoo in new south wales, australia, and as you can see, this little bundle of love is adorable. you can just marvel and wonder at that cute little creature that will grow up to be so large it could mess up. >> i like baby elephants. they don't have that much
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if it didn't exist, we would never believe these stories. check out this video. this driver behind a bus in flames. >> this is our stop. let me out! >> well, fortunately this bus does the come to a stop all captured on video. you see that the back is just engulfed in flames. i will say that this case is still under investigation. they don't know exactly why this bus c happy to know that even though the video is short and dramatic, everyone onboard was safe. moving over to kiev, where this video comes from, you see in this dash cam that we're coming up to a scene. this man here standing next to this car has hit the man on the ground, who at this point appears to be motionless. is now on the phone calling police. actually a dash cam video from inside the car that hit this
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you see through the windshield that the man does get hit and falls to the ground right in front of this car. >> well, we saw him hit the vehicle. >> let me guess, one of those -- help, i'm hurt. >> if i rewind to the very beginning of the video, keep an eye on this guy right here, because as this car is coming, you see that man run into the street, right on to this car. and pretend like he's just been hit by this car. this was captu so the police and the insurance know exactly what happened. this man's going to get no money, even though he was demanding money at the scene. things did not go as planned. in the near future, next time you go to a large event, fireworks may be a thing of the past. >> no. >> replaced by something i think
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this. aerial light displays put on by drones. this is intel drone 500 project. last year they set a world record by flying 100 drones at a time. this year they upped it and are flying 500 at a time, but all 500 drones basically flying as one. >> we have changed the whole thinking from many individual drones towards one single suite of drones. >> this entir operated by only one pilot. you don't see 500 people down there standing with remotes. >> how, how, how? >> programming, right? got it all set up before, they know where they are next to each other. >> luck. >> yeah. i got this! >> the world record was set. all of them had to be airborne for no less than a minute.
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created these different logos and pattern that is you saw in the sky. the whole fleet controlled by one person, but they did need two pilots simply as a backup, if one guy was like -- there was somebody else there to help fly and make sure everything went safely. >> takes a whole concept of a light show and drives your imagination. it creates an expression of art. scott, who watches us in new york, is the latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. win, too. all you need is monday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. pretty simple goals for my job, i get up every day and come to work because i want to put a smile on people's faces. it feels great to smile. what if one day you woke up and you couldn't?
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all. it was completely paralyzed. >> that would suck. >> it would indeed. this is a whole series of snaps you can see here of anna robertson, 27 years old, and she woke up one morning. you may notice not everything seems to be going according to plan with her face. >> did she have a stroke? >> that was her initial thought. she woke up convinced what happened, have i had a throat, but she was diagnosed with bels palsy. out of nowhere, the left side of her face had gone completely numb. she could not move it. the thing is with bells palsy, one in 14 people that suffer from it never recover, and they said this may be permanent, but she decided that she wanted to smile. and you could see as she goes through the pictures and snaps, she's having fun with it, and slowly sort of moving her mouth and trying to train her face to remember how to smile.
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was just so she could smile at christmas. she's been very open and honest about the situation and she shows all kinds of things, like the fact she has to tape her eye closed at night so she can sleep, otherwise her eye will be open. in august, two months later, here she is now. >> yes, i'm still having to tape it to sleep at night. but i'm getting my movement back. motorcyclist is enjoying a smooth ride, >> try and spot the danger. >> why what happens next is going to blow. and dude plays bruno mars' 24 karat magic. >> using 24 karats. ?? >> the twist on the mega hit that's as good as gold. >> that's pretty good. >> brought to you by -- target
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closed captioning provided by -- i need to kick acid with rolaids? advanced. it goes to work instantly on your worst heartburn, bloating, and gas. that's better. kick acid and gas with rolaids? advanced. ?? bruno mars' hit song "24 karat ma billboard charts. ? magic in the air ? >> well, andrew wong is creating magic himself using 24 carrots. >> 24 carrot magic in the air ? >> no. >> so did he really make a flute out of a carrot? >> does that work? >> yes, he did. he made a flute, he made a slide, and when you check out the split screen of all the
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snatching, slashing, and biting the carrot. ?? >> everybody knows that carrots make the best flutes. >> this video came about because he opened it up to subscribers and asked what they wanted to hear and see next, and someone said recreate "24 karats." ? 24 carrot magic ? time to send nick's blood pressure skyrocketing. three videos all featuring vehicles of the two-wheeled variety and all kinds of
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try to spot the danger. first one -- being on a motorcycle, this guy moves over into the fast lane on a highway. happens fast. >> oh! a ruptured tire, man. >> yeah, you see that back tire on that lorry right ahead of them, just completely shreds. just about missed it. you see as he kind of knocks his camera, pulls himself right over to the side, gets himself all kinds of sorted. >> there's nothing you can do about it. it's just chance. >> exactly. not his fault at all. this nex same for the rider. messing with his bike. >> destroying the bike. >> the wind is destroying the bike. funny you should say that. >> oh! >> hey. >> that guy was psychic. >> no protection on his arms. >> that goes down, basically breaks into about seven separate pieces. as he goes down, don't worry, he was okay. the bike, not so much. >> lucky for him, he was able to
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>> this last video is going to get the pucker factor to about 15. guy just absolutely brushing it down the road. two lanes, nice surface. at least right now. ready for it? you're not going to like this one. survived it. as he goes past this car, the road quality is just appalling. >> the very definition of lucky fella. >> yeah. >> romance at sea. wait until you find out what happens in this video o and still to come, he's got an early morning birthday surprise. >> has to be opened now. >> why this present is definitely one worth waking up for. plus, there's still time to score an ipad mini. don't miss monday's buzz word
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for fuller, thicker looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. i think this just gave us the perfect idea for the next team builder. >> i know there's a lot of animosity between you this is the final, best of three games. i want a clean game. shake hands. >> they are at a trampoline park playing dodge ball. >> a lot of injuries happening to team "right this minute." >> both teams are in their corners, and go! >> dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. >> off the wall, that adds a whole other level of fun. >> they are doing flips and turns and 360s that none of us would ever be able to do.
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need. find some of the world's best gymnasts and parkour experts and let the world enjoy. >> i'm enjoying how hard core some of the ladies are, as well. taking really nice shots. as the match continues, you see one by one they are dropping like flies and now we get down. one man against three people. he's toast. >> it's a bold strategy, cotton, let's see if it works out for him. >> he's done-zo. >> back for more next week on espn 8 "the ocho." >> they all had a great time. >> yes. they had a great time and made for a great video. as always, they have the behind the scenes footage of how they put it all together. wake up. >> huh?
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morning. >> it's your birthday and there's a big present downstairs. it has to be opened now. she sent her dad a big present. she's off studying in norwich, england. can't be there for dad's birthday. >> 3:00 in the morning, couldn't sleep. >> all he wants for his birthday is just some sleep. >> he's not getting it tonight. just looks into this box li what? >> it's empty. there's nothing in there. >> oh, my! >> you can order anything online. >> what the heck? >> that's amanda, his daughter, yeah. she didn't send a package, she is the surprise, and she documented this whole big journey, the adventure to
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snapchat. >> see, snapchat stories are very emotional and meaningful. >> amanda got from england to see her dad. big surprise, obviously, little bit of help from mom. dad didn't expect to see his daughter until christmastime, so what a sweet way to say happy birthday and document the whole entire thing. >> dad, we just surprised him. >> great, can i go back to bed now? >> it's that time. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right, need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter each every day. >> now it's time for monday's buzz word. it's election. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter the buzz word, election. >> and later this week we'll have a bonus give away. that means somebody's going to
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it's the latest trend to take over social media. >> so creative. >> oh, hey, that's pretty rad. >> these are something i could get behind.
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pieces, just for me and christian. >> bring three, i'll have his. for the crafty and artsy folks in the world, sometimes ideas just float in and out of their heads. chris shea had walking by the ohio river in cincinnati. to most people that looks like trash. to chris it looked like an awesome opportunity to put his craftsmanship to work. gathers up a bunch of wood, brings it back to his shop and starts hacking, chopping, and working away with all of his hand-powered tools. remember, chris does not use power tools. >> what's he building? >> something much more comfortable and useful. and i love to see him work away with the different peg work,
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fit it all together, no nails, nothing like that. as you see, he had to go back and get more wood. this is a labor of love over six weeks. took him 40 hours to build an adirondack chair out of driftwood. >> you can sit it in it and drift to sleep. >> that's what he does. takes it down to the city fountain, relaxes a bit, relaxes riverside, where he found all the wood, in the end, chris he said it was surprisingly comfortable. >> nice. it seems we can't go on the internet without letting some sort of challenge, have to be honest, kind of a deby downer when it comes to challenges, but i'm in for this. it's blowing up and it's so creative. for example, there was this one, uploaded to facebook, and you'll quickly figure out what goes on.
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>> look, these are some mannequins i can get behind. standing around the locker room and i'm seeing all kind of muscles frozen in place. >> behind, in front, on the side. >> it's not just locker rooms, it's schools, universities, it's studios, it's office buildings. people spotted this and they've just got so creative. the video, the one they believe started it all, is this one right here, it was posted to twitter. 45 seconds long. you can see a group of students are all frozen in generic poses, some standing around, but from there it's just exploded in creativity. this one's getting a lot of attention. a whole bunch of kids outside and people are doing all kinds, falling off their chair, as well at the same time people have figured out ways to make each one of these situations a bit more special, but at the same time it's a little bit of freaky. >> i remember this game, freeze
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>> we played it. >> then you can go through all kinds of stuff. some of the locker rooms feature quite a bit of male nudity, so the girls seem to be enjoying these ones. go to facebook, twitter, whatever, use the #mannequinchallenge and they'll pop up. >> such a trip, though, all of these challenges are started by kids and they have all these adults going in on it. >> we should do it. >> right now, right here? >> here it is. ?? hope you enjoyed our look at some of the day's best videos. for more, has them or catch us on the next
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it's an all new show today "right this minute". danger ahead as kayakers in a rocky passageway are thrown side to side. >> this must be what it feels like to be a pair of socks in the washing machine. >> how they managed to survive one dangerous spin cycle. >> on her face. >> this has got to be one of the -- >> most clever ads for an acne product i've ever seen. >> the crazy experiment with the helmet cam and boss standing behind her product. it's the story of an epic tug of war and a 12 year old who -- >> never, ever gives up. >> find out if the fighter can send his team over the top. >> look at the heart on this kid, man. >> plus, monday's buzz word for


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