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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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energize the party for clinton. republican volunteers have not $150,000 and made 1,000,000 1/2 phone calls.>> the goal is to make sure we get as many of our people out as possible. we call and knock on doors. we are hopeful and confident we will win the state for trump. >> a lot of folks are coming to help us here. ouvo love this being a battleground state.>>reporter: one interesting thing to note, both sides a clinton does not need arizona to win. trump does. we will see tomorrow.>> jason, thank you. today we are learning federal election monitors are being sent to 28 states including arizona. this has never happened in 50 years. it's an effort to ensure
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tomorrow's results. >> many people have voted. more than 16% of expected voters have cast a ballot, that's more than 1.6 million votes overall. 40% republican, 33% democrat and 20% independent. hillary clinton holds onto his slim lead over donald trump. cnn's poll of polls passer up four points nationwide. the races closer in key swing states like north carolina and florida. the trump campaign says it several passes to get the votes. clinton is minutes from taking stage in philadelphia. a live look where she is campaigning with an all-star lineup, her husband and the president and first lady will speak. earlier she was in michigan where polls showed the race tightening.>> anger is not a plan, my friends. if we are going to harness our energy and try to overcome our
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talking to each other again.>> clinton was played by the fbi directors announcement finding no wrongdoing with the latest batch of emails.>> hillary clinton should not even be allowed to run for the presidency of the united states. >> we've been tracking live pictures, trump just wrapped up his campaign rally in scranton. he just walked off seconds ago and he is headed to new hampshire. in these last hours before voting day, volunteers encourage people to go to the polls and among them are latino groups. we're live at a prayer vigil. >>reporter: they are reaching out to these voters by going for what is important to hispanic voters and that is state and family.
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vote. volunteers have been going door- to-door in reminding people this could affect their values and their future. it is quite a sight to see at our lady of guadalupe traveling all over the city with them. we spent the day following promise arizona and 150,000 latino voters were registered for this election. that's a record in arizona.>> i am happy that all of this hard work if all the latinos vote, we can make a change.>>reporter: latino activists tell me they aren't telling people how to vote just letting them that their vote is important. we will tell you what steps they are taking to make sure people can get to the polls tomorrow. we know so many of you are planning to vote tomorrow and that's why one preschool will
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church in mesa is a polling location, officials tell us they are concerned about the heavy traffic and say the decision is for the safety and security of the children. with the worries about voting problems, how do you know if your vote was counted. you can do it on loan -- line. we posted a link on to check the status of your ballot. stay with us for more on democracy 2016. later we will tell you what you five -- 205. high pressure is back keeping the forecast warm and dry. sunshine throughout the day and we warmed up to 86 degrees. we have spots across the valley in the mid-80s at this hour glendale is warmer at 89. mesa is sitting at 82 degrees. tonight clear skies temps in the 70s once that sunsets 7 pm at 79 8 pm 76 and 9 pm 74
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tomorrow. near record election day forecast for you. we will walk you through it coming up. we are continuing to watch the hazmat scare in tolleson near 83rd avenue and buckeye . somebody smelled ammonia and this was the scene. 75 people were evacuated. no one was injured. to secure that week. for the first time we hear the chaos inside a phoenix home in february after a man murdered his parents and two siblings and set the house on fire. we have new body cam video showing you the scene near 47th avenue and this. listen to this audio from first responders desperate to stop the tragedy.>> negative. as we approached the window,
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neighboring bedroom. >> police shot and killed the suspect. our team is pouring over the audiotapes. it was a deadly morning on our roadways. this one on us 60, a motorcyclist killed after being hit by a truck. that driver took off. the truck had a trailer and fled westbound. on the loop or no one knew 67th three still working to find out what happened and whether charges will be filed. it is the chilling case unfolding by the day in south carolina. a possible serial killer who did time in our state. he confessed to the massacre from 13 years ago and new, he wants to represent himself in court. the sheriff said, todd kohlhepp is not hiring an attorney he is charged with four murders so far from 2003 but linked to seven including the boyfriend
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last week. three bodies have just been found on his property. the latest was in the last hour. an illegal immigrant accused of crossing the border 25 times and police say he may 20 grand a week selling cocaine. he's off the streets think to it three-month investigation jesus bustamante was the leader of a drug cell and had been dealing for five months when investigators raided they found a kilo of cocaine and more than $175,000 in cash. smelling trouble before the damage. what went wrong. what neighbors are saying about the massive explosion that wiped out an apartment
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused an apartment to explode in payson. 10 people were hurt in that fire. raquel cervantes is in payson with more.>>reporter: two days later in the air still smells like smoke. the explosion was so powerful the apartment complex was level. neighbors smelled glass -- gas two hours before the fire. it's a possible gas leak, a received reports and sent a crew to check it out. that's when the explosion happened. firefighters are working with the gas company and other agencies to get to the bottom. 10 people were injured and one person was hurt so badly she had to be flown to the bird -- americab up -- maricopa burn center. >> it sounded like a bomb.
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>>reporter: neighbors returned and will tell you at 6:00. raquel cervantes abc15 news. it is the fifth largest earthquake to hit oklahoma . we get a better idea of all the damage it caused. 40 buildings in bad shape, shattered windows, falling bricks and cleanup is just beginning. an engineer is evaluating how long all of these buildings will be closed. and oil all the bridges there are said to be safe. jury selection in the charleston church shooting has been postponed. dillon roof was accused of opening fire that was last year nine people were killed. this morning the judge said a motion from roof in the defense team required immediate attention. the hearing will be closed to the public. he faces 33 charges and could
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should you vote yes or no on pop -- prop 205. it's not what you want to find in your
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there is a lot to know before heading to the polls. one biggest issue is recreational pot. melissa blasius has more.>>reporter: the tv commercials have been contradictory and regulating marijuana. it can be complicated. if you don't know whether you will vote yes or no.
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know. first, education. marijuana taxes will provide extra money for schools the estimated $55 million a year does not touch that far.>> it pays for teachers salary a new buildings and kindergarten. >> that's not enough for a textbook for every student. >>reporter: it spells out regulations where shops can be located in security requirements for grow locations.>> we don't have those at the will of any illegal drug dealer that wants to grow marijuana. >>reporter: legalizing pot will reduce some crimes but it will give rise to a new crime. our law does have differences from colorado's and our voter protection lot will make it tough to change. >> the governor cannot veto it and it cannot be repealed. even amending it will require three fourths from the legislature which is hard to do.>>reporter: a concern of
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children will get into recreational marijuana, especially the edibles. in colorado that did turn out to be a problem. here prop 205 has a requirement to common child resistant packaging. tomorrow's nonstop election day coverage begins with a special one-hour edition of the now arizona beginning at four clock and it continues throughout the night with a special one-hour edition of abc15 news at 10:00. it's gut wrenching and we been following this year-old who was left to suffer in a slow and agonizing death trapped in a backseat of his thought as you see -- suv. the jury is about to begin deciding if cooper 's father did this on purpose. five hours of closing arguments wrapped up today. justin harris maintained that he forgot the boy and his attorney call them in
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saying he left himself more. a michigan couple outraged after the claim to be targets of a hate crime after vandals were caught ripping down their pride and hillary clinton signs. this is not the first time, only the third. every time they put up a flag it gets ripped to shreds. they are working with police. this will have you talking. a mom in cif when she opened her kids sack lunch moldy cartons of apple juice.>> that's the one my six- year-old almost drink. there's the expiration date. my son brought the other juicebox into the living room and i screamed at him not to drink it.>> one box expired the same day in the second october 28, six days before given to
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the nutrition department. if the trump name was unrecognizable in mexico, that has forever changed thanks to this election. mexico city's caricature museum features in exhibit that dictated -- dedicated to trump. it's called "trump, a wall caricatures". >> we had an art festival and it was very nice weather for it. this is what we wait for. tomorrow will be near record. it will be incredibly warm. we love it but it's not where we are supposed to be. we are supposed to be in the low 80s and we will be tapping on the door of 90 degrees.
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84 degrees in phoenix are dew point in the upper 40s and winds at seven miles per hour. those wind stay the same. mid-70s carry us through the eight and 9:00 our under clear skies. scottsdale 83 and so is mesa. tempe 8285 in peoria and some checking and 81 degrees and cave creek is the only spot in the 70s. farther north moore 70s in se get. 70 degrees in prescott. 56 in flagstaff. there's the bigger picture. not much to track high pressure in control. that's why things are warm. east we have a cold front, clouds ahead of it through new mexico.
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it does so, it will clip southeastern arizona tomorrow. that's why we are picking up wins on election day, they will be particularly strong. sustained up to 25 or even 30 miles per hour. we will be on the lookout for gusts along the i-10 corridor near the new mexico state line. phoenix has breezes and winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. a repeat of that with more of those breezes, not quite as strong in the forecast wednesday. election day forecast, bring some water, we are talking very warm temperatures in the afternoon. morning looks nice in the 60s. those temperatures above average which is 56. our average high 79, phoenix will be at 89 degrees. 10 degrees above normal in 2 degrees shy of tomorrow's
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tempe in scottsdale. anthem 85 degrees with litchfield park at 89 tomorrow. across the state, we will see freezing spots including the grand canyon and flagstaff. flagstaff right at freezing of 32 degrees. low 40s in prescott and payson and mid-60s northwest for the early morning forecast. highs hitting 90 in lake havasu and caleb and -- 61 in flagstaff, 68 winslow and 68 in show low. next seven days for us we will pick up slightly cooler air we dropped 5 degrees on wednesday, thursday we shave down to 82 and we keep the sunny forecast going with highs and low 80s for friday and the weekend ahead. another warm up for the start of next week.
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in a car wreck had quite a weekend. he surprised his girlfriend and proposed before the eagles giants game yesterday. fellow troopers helped put it off and she said yes. inside the big red brewhouse for our weekly cardinals are down coming out the lowdown on how to join us. stephanie coming up our new poll in the race president's who is now leading would just hours to go in arizona plays a major role. hillary clinton, president, first lady and bruce springsteen about to go on stage. donald trump lashing out at the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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ymcas are offering to help out with the kids tomorrow while you vote. you can drop them off at any ymca location and get for free hours of childcare. it's good from 8 am until eight ymcas are offering to help out with the kids tomorrow while you vote. you can drop them off at any ymca location and get for hours of childcare. it's good from 8 am until 8 pm and it's open even if you are not a member. sundays would not be the same without the cardinals.>> they suffered through more than their share of injuries. even coach said they needed time off and craig is that the stadium with more on tonight's cardinals count down.>>reporter: the bye week is over and it's game week. we are back here at the big red brewhouse. i will show you that the gates are open and you can join us tonight. you can be here with us parking
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kevin minter is our guest. he will and i will be live on our abc15 arizona facebook page answering questions and interacting with you on cardinals count down. if you are close, come join us at the big red brewhouse. parking is on the north side and enter through gate 2., and out -- we already have fans here.>> that is quite a fan. did someone miss a warning sign? new information about a woman charged with the boys.. >> the story does not add up. new information about why a valley man staged his girlfriends suicide. mailboxes left open and this is not the first time. we take action.>>reporter: three ways to put money in your pocket, find out if you qualify
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settlements. we are tracking your forecast for tomorrow and it will be very toasty in the valley. 89 in phoenix in glendale, 88 mesa, sedona 75, flagstaff 61, that is unusually warm for the flagstaff area. coming up at 6:00 we will talk your 7-day forecast and will the temperatures start to drop. a world war ii pilot finally took the plunge and went skydiving. at 94 years old, earl scott from tucson flew a plane in world war ii and he says he never had to use his parachute never had to use his parachute so he was i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse.
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rgest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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tonight, breaking developments from abc news election headquarters here in times square. we are outside at the electoral map. of course, the key, 270 electoral votes. and the brand new polls are just in. tonight, where this race stands, with just hours to go. who is leading before the first polls open? trump, clinton, neck and neck in the battlegrounds. hillary clinton set to take the stage with the president, the first lady and bruce springsteen just moments from now. we're live. and donald trump tonight, barnstorming the battlegrounds, lashing out at the fbi after clearing clinton again. and tonight, why trump is confident he will win. our powerhouse political team is all here. also tonight, the case of the alleged serial killer breaks wide open. the suspect leading authorities to several gruesome discoveries. and tonight here, his new demands.


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