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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> we are your home for democracy 2015 coverage. >> you know what this morning's temperatures running comfortably cool. we've dropped back into the 60s as i told you we would. down to 69 degrees with some high clouds out there. otherwise dry as you're heading to the polls. temperatures warming fast and we're into the upper 80s near 90 this afternoon. we're not far from record either as our temperature tops out 10 degrees above the i'll show you how close we'll come plus how close. >> now we had a crash near the 17 that's all cleared up but you're seeing those delays kind of trickle backwards. this is going to be right around 91st avenue and then we have a
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so we'll give a closer look at that next. happening right now from the abc15 live desk phoenix police involved in a standoff overnight. several voters waking up to officers in the streets there. we were there as well as police were using loud speakers trying to communicate with the suspect who apparently did not want to go outside. our cameras there on the scene. they also called that standoff ended about an hour and a half ago. all right. let's kick off our democracy 2016 coverage right here from the abc15 live desk. polling places are now open in arizona. that's air 15, live. they have just launched and they're enroute to some of the polling locations and i'm getting reports that there are already some lines out there and there's concerns about potential
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abc15's nick ciletti is on the ground there. >> we're here in glendale at 67th avenue where doors here to this polling site opened just a minute ago. we had about 20, 30 people in line to make sure they got in early. i just mentioned that. this is all in hopes of trying to avoid those long lines we saw back in march. some folks waiting in line 5 to 6 hours just to ballots. now the hope that this time around is that those early voters will alleviate some of those concerns. we know at least a million and a half people across the state. i will be hear throughout the morning. we'll also go to some other polling sites trying to check in on those lines. >> nick, while you were talking, nick i want today let everybody know hillary clinton has just
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there. as we watch the live feeds coming in. former president bill clinton with her as well. i guess they're allowed to take pictures inside the polling locations there danielle. >> apparently. not holding back with those smartphones up in the air. before you head to the polls you're going to want to make sure you're going to the right one. >> abc15's katie connor breaking down why for us. >> good morning. dan, take a look behind me. there are about 100 people standing outside waiting for the doors to open. and so far things actually seem to be running pretty smoothly. we do want to remind everybody you have to vote at your precinct. saying it's important because there are different races in each precinct and democrats weren't able to prove that minorities were impacted by the law. every voter will be warned
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epoll books that warns them that if they are not in their own precinct they can vote provision alley. >> and just a piece of advice if you are heading out to the polls today right now you can see the line is already outside of the building so your best times to vote are during the day after 10:00 a.m. probably during noon. and then you'll have a break between 2:00 and probably 4:00 that's the best piece of advice. back to you guys. thank you. so the race everybody's watching this morning. hillary clinton a very early advantage. of course we're talking about the tradition in the little new hampshire town. town is being generous of video overnight. clinton won a 4-2 margin. the polls opened at midnight then they closed. new hampshire allows communities with fewer than 100 residents to
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midnight. >> just goes to show every vote counts. the magic number is 270. political eyes are still keeping a very close watch here of our state. in order for donald trump to win he's got to flip florida, and iowa. for hillary clinton to win she's got to get pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and keep colora nevada. it was a long and late night for both candidates. their rallies ended in the morning while you were sleeping. this was her message to supporters in north carolina. >> one of the great privileges of crisscrossing the country as i have in this campaign is meeting remarkable people. people who stand up against the
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hearing a major speech like close to around 1:00 in the morning. are we crazy? is this crazy? crazy. >> meantime donald trump he's back in new york right now after giving that late night speech at a rally in michigan. to the races in our state it is a close one. mayor joe >> he's going up against democratic challenger ann kirkpatrick. she's hoping his one time support of donald trump will actually hurt him at the polls. and remember the polls close at 7:00 tonight. after that the parties begin.
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downtown phoenix. justin pazara is live with what you need to know. >> talking about a big party just steps from each other. they're hoping for some wins here. hoping for some big wins. they're going to be looking or watching the watch party. the cool thing about all of this is if you want to come watch these results you can. both of these watch parties are open to the public. this looked like in 2012. a lot of folks crying. a lot of folks cheering. here's the deal. pretty much as soon as those polls close the watch parties they're going to start. that's going to begin around 7:00 and previous watch parties they've had to shut that down or at least limit the amount of people coming in. if you want to come down here to downtown phoenix you've got to
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live in downtown phoenix justin pazera. >> yeah, our special hour long edition of the now arizona starts at 4:00 this afternoon and counties all night long. of course you're going to see a special one hour edition of abc15 news at 10:10. >> so much happening here at the abc15 live desk. we're still talking about elections because the lines are beginning to form. but i want that's a police situation happening right now just north of indian school. we are waiting on an update but clearly the crime scene tape is up. they're already taking photos. i don't know exactly what happened yet. >> thank you. in other news this morning another grizzly discovery on the south carolina property.
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and this morning a suspected serial killer behind bars. the victim's only son. investigators say he has confessed to seven murders. when her husband was shot and now she kws >> he came back to buy another one and felt like they were making fun of him. it's hard to imagine that that kind of conversation would make somebody that angry. >> back in south carolina investigators will be back on that property searching for more bodies. all right. it is 6:09 and whether you're heading out to the polls or heading into work. it's going to be dry and cool here this morning.
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stronger winds through the day today. and we are tracking record warm temperatures here by this afternoon. we're going to come really close. so we are going to have to be on record watch this afternoon. now i mentioned that it's dry. that's because you're going to notice some clouds out there. they'll stick around through the morning hours. we'll stay dry through the morning and eventually be back to clear skies this afternoon. temperatures are running several degrees warmer than this time 69 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. i do think we'll cool a little bit. that's when we're going to feel the warmest temperatures as we top out at 89 degrees today. that puts us 10 degrees above the average for this time of year. and the record at 91 will come very close this afternoon. temperatures are trending down in that seven day forecast. i'll show you that next.
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brought to you by century link prism. >> right at northern avenue it was blocking the hov lane. it's completely off on the right-hand side. take a look at your desert drive times. you're seeing about 19 minutes here for your drive time. so you could always use the 51 to avoid some of those delays. it has recovered for the most part. the north valley on looking problem-free. i'm going to break down those desert drive times. it's all clear but i'll break down your drive on i-10 coming up. now samsung offices being raided overnight. what this is all about next. more coverage in democracy 2016 including what mexico is doing in the event donald trump wins tonight. >> two valley businesses just landing two major deals. how it will help boost our
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let's take a live look from the valley. polling places opening up across the state. air 15 you'll see on the right side of your screen and you can see several people already lined up. a couple quick things mind if you're headed out there. you've got to vote at your neighborhood precinct. and don't mail that early ballot. again we have our teams all across the valley. bringing you everything that you need to know. and of course this election is really like no other. >> considering it didn't exist for a lot of it. everybody's going to choose a new president tonight. what happens to then president obama's social media accounts?
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use. the handle. the timeline won't have the posts. >> so if you're feeling nostalgic and read other readings from president obama you still will be able too. samsung has another huge problem to tackle. this time we take you to the company haushgz in the galaxy note 7. samsung is accused of illegally funneling millions of dollars into an account owned by a friend of the samsung's president. a woman was pushed to her death. the suspect is in custody but overnight we learned this may not have been the first time this woman has done something like this.
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a history of schizophrenia and claim she did the same thing last month but in that case it was ruled a suicide. technical falls need to be for a meet and greet. more than a thousand people showed up to see one of the players for the celtics and rapper designer was there. the police had to pepper spray members of the crowd and we know outside teenagers were arrested for throwing bricks and glass at the police officers. singapore has the largest police officer presence in the nation. nearly 4,000 employees will provide some of the heavy lift helicopters. no word on how many choppers are part of that porch. but roiters is reporting that
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dollars on its agents. seattle just announcing that it will use the company's axon body cameras and software in its police department there. the 35th major city to do so according to the phoenix business journal. mesa and tuscan also use that technology. looking ahead tomorrow don't be alarmed if you hear the emergency sirens. siren testing is scheduling for tomorrow. don't be alarm t should say. so if you live in the west valley you might hear them at noon and then again at 12:30. he's on a roll. steph curry set an nba record. one hundred thirty-three pointers. curry finished the game at 46 points. he went 0-10 behind the line. with at least one 3 pointer.
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pelicans 116-106. come take a look at your screen for a second. a massive sink hole on the streets of japan. a 5 lane road collapse overnight. nearby buildings have now been evacuated. at last check that sink hole finished 88 feet wide and 98 feet long. incredible images coming out of japan. election day 2016 can say things are really heating up. >> it's going to be dry as you head into work or whether you're heading into the polls or grabbing some coffee. temperatures this morning in the 60s as you're heading out the door. maybe you're grabbing coffee on the way to the polls. very comfortable this morning with some high clouds out there but it is all dry. here's the deal. today warms up quickly and it is going to be a very warm
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to near record levels this afternoon. so we'll warm to 71 by 9:00 a.m. then lunchtime year into the low 80s. you're going to feel the breezes kicking up especially by midday. of 89 degrees. that puts us 10 degrees above the average for this time of year. unseasonably warm weather here on election day. we're going to feel those breezes re valley. they'll be stronger to our south. so if by chance you're driving down to tuscan notice the gusts may kick up. so something to watch for. here this afternoon. meanwhile 89 in phoenix but warmer to our southwest. we're talking 90s in hela bed and court side. 70s in is a done in an and 60s today in flagstaff. a dry day on tap.
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but i think we'll see sunny skies this afternoon and then temperatures will start to trend down. we're looking at highs into the low 80s. >> we'll talk about the strongest winds overall today in just a few minutes. and iris we have a new crash on the 10 right now. it's going to be i-10 eastbound out in the west valley. it sounds like it's two separate crashes. so far i'm not seeing extensive delays from that crash. you're definitely going to see some brake lights. this is from the 101 to the 17. you really doesn't slow down until you hit closer to 91st avenue. this is right at the durango curve. but this is slowing down as well. and there's a crash just off of the freeway. buck eye road right at i-17. first on abc 15 mallory there were some scary moments
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and police. this one ends with some brilliant dumb criminals. you're going to love to hear what they left behind in the ca vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing.
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ed, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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6:25 right now and my producer is telling me in my ear as we speak we have breaking news. school because there is a problem involving the voting machines apparently. nobody has gone inside. the line is growing at this very moment. the newest reports coming in right now. do i have you tyson? give me a couple of minutes. this is two more computers are down. and this is happening where? where are the computers down? >> all right. oh, two other locations.
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the information is coming in at this very moment. we're getting some reported computer problems involving the voting machines at tempe high school. keeping a close watch on this. we're going to have a great relationship with mexico. right now it's a one way street. we can't have that. they're going to pay for the wall. >> of course you've heard that line many times before. what happens if donald trump does win today. mexico is bracing for a trump presidency. experts think is trump wins the peso will plunge which are expected to hit mexico hard. 6:26 as you wake up. kind of a big oops for donald trump's campaign. he was at a rally in new hampshire. he addressed the crowd and he told them i think tom brady in
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tom brady wasn't there. but he said tom brady's friend and supporter. the only problem hours later brady said he hasn't voted yet. brady says he will vote today but he won't comment on trump's comment. more people starting to get in line here at this polling site in glendale right now. we're keeping tabs on it and letsing you know how long it's >> we're going to tell you who's partying where. >> and a murder investigation happening south of the valley. why a pair of shoes may be the grak in the case. >> plus we have a crash on i-17. i'll break down your morning drive coming up. >> and breezes they are increasing today.
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6:30 and today is the day. democracy 2016. today is what many are calling a historic election. >> lines are already forming across the valley. in just moments we have complete team coverage on everything you need to know about this election. let's get you out the door with your most accurate forecast. temperatures down to 69 degrees in phoenix. some cooler spots across the valley but overall nice and mild and dry as you step outside. warming up and today just a
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record as our phoenix temperature tops out at 89 degrees. i'll show you whether there's any relief or rain in that 7-day forecast mallory. and iris you could see some delays on i-17 southbound. it's been sticking around for awhile. you're going to see a little bit of a small traffic jam. >> we're actually seeing most of the delays on the 10 we're seeing almost a 30 minutes drive in plus a crash on the 10. mallory, the time right now is 6:31 this is breaking news happening right now. the poll's open. that's not necessarily breaking news. what's breaking right now is the line is growing because we're getting word at the abc studios is there's some kind of computer problem at the tempe high school and that there are other
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locations here. dan it's happening right now. our teams are heading to that scene and others. >> and important to note please let us know if you're out in line and experiencing problems at your location we'd like to pass that along. those problems expected throughout the day. when you finally get up to the front you'll shave everything you need to cast your ballot. >> what do folks need to know. >> well the best piece of advic is to come early. there is still a line outside this polling center. people started lining up around 5:20 this morning. the polls open at 6:00 a.m. and they'll stay open until 7:00 p.m. nationwide. now you must vote at your correct precinct in your neighborhood. go to don't mail it in.
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front of the line. and i just learned a maricopa county investigator is questioning 5,000 ballots. just a few minutes ago i talked with a voter and asked her what she thought of this election so far. >> pretty dramatic, um, it's a big year. i have a little one at home so it's very important for me to vote. because i think it really matters this time around. >> and as questionable ballots i'm told that the county recorder has reached out to those people on e-mail and the phone. they have until 7:00 tonight. back to you guys. >> one question katie, a lot of people want to know how do you know that your vote will actually be counted. 67 spots across 28 states where they believe they need an extra set of eyes there at the polls.
6:34 am
maricopa and navajo counties. >> you can see if your ballot was received and counted. i did this earlier. it's very easy to do. you might need your voter id and in some cases a driver's license number as well. keep those in mind. of course you know this has been a heated election. if you're going to be safe as you cast your so our seam coverage continues. yeah, danielle they're taking action in a big way. we're live here at 67th avenue. we've seen a steady steam of people go in and out throughout the morning. i just spoke we electrician officials. they're telling me it's taking 10 people to get in and out right now. let's switch gears. here in maricopa county the
6:35 am
calls when needed. that's 75 foot line. as a journalist i'm also not permitted to cross it and voters cannot protest, yell, or chant in that area. >> be proud that you're an american that day that you're going to vote and you did your duty. go home and wait for the results. >> you're not there to intimidate anybody you're there to spot criminal >> now the arizona earth keepers will be answering. everyone is saying that you should be a good witness for other people. that means don't interfere with something. if you see something say something. we'll be here throughout the morning and we'll keep you posted on how long the line actually gets. >> thank you nick. and of course voter intimidation it is a real concern for a lot of people today. keep in mind guns are illegal
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so if you see someone armed within 75 feet of the polls you can text guns down to 91190 that's a national voter protection hot line. the first one 205 that would legali recreational marijuana in our state. we are one of five states voting on this issue today. if given the green light. to prop 206 which is the initiative that would increase our state's an our by the year 2020. that is almost a 50% jump from where it is right now. we are closely following as a contentious rematch. chef joe arpyo is seeking a seventh term in office. it's also the most expensive
6:37 am
is and the name sherry stevenings is on there. stevens was the judge on the jody arias trial. if you need a ride to the polls today a number of companies are offering to give you a discounted ride. if you're signed up with lyft a 40% coupon is offered and if you want to ride between 7 p.m. and 8 m. that's when that takes place. with the promo code "vote today". also there's the app discount ride. you just use the code ride to vote. >> parents don't forget all 16 valley ymca locations will be offering child watch today. it is all day. to members and non members. children of all ages welcome. >> if you see a lot of people
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there's a real reason behind it. it's a nod to the suffrages movement. many who plan to vote for hillary clinton wearing white shirts, blouses, dresses, and pantsuits. abc15 news partnering with more than 7 hours of election coverage tonight. and a special one hour addition of abc15 news at developing from the abc15 live desk. pinallup county sheriff's deputies are investigating a murder. 911 callers said something about shooting at her and her husband. when deputies got there they found a man dead in his vehicle. they tracked two sets of footprints to a home. one suspect had blood on his shoes. no word on information regarding
6:39 am
i want to take you to the i-17 and dunlap. two trucks reportedly street racing. dps gets behind them. one of them stops. that truck was stolen. the second truck takes off. they get behind the truck. he crashes. they take off running. here's the brilliant part of this. you've got to love a dumb criminal because they left their wallet in the front seat. two people arrested two others on the run. officers know exactly who they're looking not bad. temperatures have gotten a little cooler thorn. we're down to 69 in places like low harbor. 62 in gilbert. 62 also in surprise. it is a little milder still in spots like deer valley where we're holding on to those 70s this morning. overall a nice start to what will be a nice day. as temperatures top out. so no matter what time you're heading to the polls if you're
6:40 am
will feel comfortable. in the 70s. but then the 80s kick in as we head into that lunch hour and notice today's high 89 degrees. we'll hit that right around 4:00. so if you know you might be in line this afternoon outside of the polls it might be a good idea to just carry some water with you. it is going to be a warm day and that is why that weather word of the day is warm. go to, enter the word warm for your chance to win coffee from dutch bros. >> and we'll talk about temperatures trending down in the next seven days. and iris we have a new crash on your freeways. this one is going to be in tempe on loop 101. just before you hit broadway road. even though it's completely off and it looks like you may have a couple of cars involved here. you're seeing a lot of brake lights. i also want to give you a look at a different portion of loop 101 that is extra slow. a 20-minute desert drive time.
6:41 am
from the 17 to the 51. now even though we don't have any crashes in the area you're slow and go for much of that. eastbound at bullard avenue is now completely off. once you hit about 83rd that's where things start to slow down on the the 10. we're going to head out to the east valley. 6:41 and scammers are not taking election day off. >> yeah, they're trying to doop you into not voting. >> and he was a of the valley's highest profile cases. why is leslie merit jr. going in front of a judge today. >> and snakes on a plane. that is a snake on a plane. that is a snake on a plane. we'll tell you about this paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video.
6:42 am
e, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
6:44 am
donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. i want to give you a live look. this is video from tempe high
6:45 am
polling problems if you will. apparently there are some computer problems and the line is going. air 15 is heading to another polling location. evidently having issues. 66 avenue and buck eye. you have until 7:00 tonight to vote. you must vote at your neighborhood precinct. if you don't know where that is go to we'll help you out. do not mail in ballot. if you have that still. fill it out and you don't even have to wait in line. quarter to 7:00. do you want to avoid the lines at the polls today? as chris just mentioned early voting is over. don't fall for the scams claiming that you can vote by phone or by texting. don't do it. it's a fishing scam for the crooks are just looking to steal your personal information. >> and people are being told to
6:46 am
so they're either taking a phone call or they're texting by phone and what's happening is it's just a fishing scam for the most part and you could actually be giving your information to a scammer. >> glad the better business bureau shedding some light on this one. stand in line. don't fall for those scams. don't give any personal information over the phone. hispanic registration numbers hitting records in key states including activists logging hundreds of miles and knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors. thanks to these efforts. the goal now is to actually to get them to go vote. >> this election is not about candidates or parties. it's really about your family. >> if all the latinos go out and vote, they, you know, we can make a change. >> traveling with the group is
6:47 am
guadalupe. activists tell us she's surrounded by american flag to signify they all love america. some teachers are saying the nastiness from the election is spilling over into the classroom on the playground. some anger directed toward minority students. their message talk to your kids. give them some perspective on what is supposed to be civil discourse. >> so it is our responsibility to say i want you to live in a world where people are nice to i want you to live in a world where you accept your friends for who they are. well it is now up to everybody. to show kids how to move the country forward in a civil way. dan, new developments on the global war on terror. as we talk about our safety and security. german authorities have now arrested five men accused of helping isis recruit. they were recruiting globally
6:48 am
germany. headquarters in germany. the ring leader arrested openly supports isis pledging allegiance to them danielle. other headlines we're tracking today. back to the courtroom for the once accused freeway shooter. but this is not related to those shootings. leslie merit jr. is accused of violating a restraining order. crime alert in flagstaff now. police are on alert there. tough to make out, the guy did not or he got the money he wanted i should say. disappeared. if you know who he is if he's talking please let police know. snakes on a plane. i guess not plural. >> still that's one too many especially if you ask your producer and probably everybody in the studio right now. take a look at this. that's what's believed to be a venomous green viper.
6:49 am
passenger on board an aero-mexico flight. >> the plane quickly landed so that that snake could be caught, captured and sent on his way. it's unclear how the snake got there. >> my anxiety level just went up a notch. can't watch that at all. how about a better view as we look live. we have some nice, high clouds that have drifted in across the valley. if you h pictures of it make sure to send them our way. those high clouds rolling in over the last few showers. so we'll keep some high clouds through the early morning and i'm knot seeling any rainfall as we are going to stay dry today. just get ready for a warm one. now right now we're sitting at 69 degrees. look at your most accurate forecast. still nice.
6:50 am
but today's high a warm 89 degrees just shy of that 90 degree mark and just two degrees away from the record high temperatures so we'll have to watch it very closely as we are very close to that record high. 82 by lunchtime but we're also going to feel some stronger breezes. now we're staying just below the record today and tomorrow still just below the record as temperatures begin to trend down. i'll show you how much lower they'll go by the weekend in that 7 day forecast mlo and arizona heads back out to the east valley because we now have a new crash out there. this one's going to be on the 202 red now. definitely something to look out for there and then we still have this one northbound on loop 101. even though that's off to the side you're seeing slowing all the way back to chandler boulevard. but the 10 is also slow in that area. this is westbound from the 202
6:51 am
our a-dot camera. i-17 southbound at northern avenue. you're going to see about a mile or two of slowing here because of this crash. state route 51 could be a better option. mallory in the past 30 seconds i've gotten two e-mails
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
nix cil nick ciletti live here in glendale. we've heard reports out here in the morning. i was at a polling site at 67th avenue. there were snags in the system right now. we're going to check out what's happening at this other polling site and of course air 15 will be up over these places. we will be taking action for you and letting you know what the stay with abc15 throughout the morning and we will make sure we inform you of what is going on this morning. live in glendale. i'm live in phoenix very voters. if you still need to vote here's what you need to know. you have to vote at your designated voting precinct. you can find that information at if you still have your early ballot here's what you need to
6:55 am
sign the back of it and then go to any polling place and then just hand over your ballot from there. again, the doors stay open until 7:00 tonight, it is a close one in -- it is a close one this morning. taking him on this year. >> and now to our senate race. senator john mccain likely to win his sixth term tonight. this ia this year. kirkpatrick is hoping his one time support of donald trump will actually hurt him at the polls. and in just moments our election coverage continues with good morning america. >> count on abc15 for complete information. >> all evening long a special
6:56 am
at 10:00. >> i'm waiting on an update here at any moment. several people woken up. police are using loud speakers trying to communicate with a suspect who did not want to come outside. don't know who that person is or why police wanted to talk to that individual. your election day forecast. sitting at 69 degrees. we'll end up with clear skies for the rest of the day as temperatures get toasty. we're talking upper 80s for highs this aer so if you're going to be in line by mid afternoon waiting to cast your vote you may want to carry some water with you as we are going to warm up to 89 in phoenix. with 20 gusts near 20 miles an hour. >> and take a look at the roads right now they're definitely busy. you're taking a look at about a
6:57 am
this is eastbound from 75th avenue and then a quick look from our a-dot camera. this crash in temperature e is still off. 101 northbound at broadway road. >> and don't forget abc15 mobile. there's a lot to keep in mind as you head to the polls. >> enjoy your morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. fight to the finish. donald trump and hillary clinton pull out all the stops overnight. crisscrossing the country to make their final push for the white house. clinton holds her biggest rallies yet. >> there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> calling on the president, the first lady and some major star power. >> we are going to a prayer. >> bon jovi, lady gaga and bruce springsteen, all there. ? can't start a fire without a spark ? >> donald trump hits five battleground states in one day. >> i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> the billionaire predicting a victory and claiming a private endorsement from tom brady.


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