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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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all right. it is finally here. election day 2016. the polls have been open for just five hours but we have already seen many issues. >> computer problems were reported at a number of polling places. and a schooling surprise. computer issues reported at both of those locations and we have taken calls from as many as a doze there are just problems. the computers were down for about 30 minutes. >> also some more voter issues in maryvale. to explain exactly what's happening. nick. >> reporter: danielle good morning. we're right off of thomas and 51st avenue as you mentioned. we're being told people are
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to vote. take a look at this line. it was definitely filled with dozens of more people earlier this morning when we arrived at about 9:00. we spoke to one of them who said that when she came here she always says that they couldn't find her in the registration roll and she says that -- role and she says that that happened to at a least a few other people and she said she had no but to fill out a pro visional ballot. >> they're saying they're not showing up. >> it's frustrating because you have people contacting you like this is your spot to vote. please come out to vote and they can't find you in the system. it's frustrating and it's annoying. >> we have reached out to election officials trying to get to the bottom of that but i have to add i spoke to a couple shortly after that who said that they were found, they were registered and they got in and
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time. it doesn't seem like these problems are widespread but they're significant enough and we are also staying on top of them. coming up at 11:30 heading to another polling location. i want to send things over to my colleague katie connor. katie, i know you've been talking to some protesters and they're very upset about these wait times. >> reporter: yeah, nick are so mad. >> it's 12:00 noon issue a statement. >> this is not going to hold us back. voter su expression is one of the oldest practices in this country. >> and those demands are coming from an anti-sheriff joe arpyo group. we're also learning officials are investigating 5,000 questionable ballots because of
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they were prepared for election day. >> that's for sure. we go around and test every piece of that ballot equipment in every county before every election. >> and for all of those ballots that are questionable. secretary of state says they have until 7 tonight. and downtown phoenix and actually verified their signatures and then their vote will be counted. again, the polls stay open tonight. back to you guys. >> katie connor reporting for us. other big races that we're watching today. the fight between senator john mccain. mccain is likely to win his sixth term tonight but it's a close race for him. kirkpatrick is hoping his one time support for donald trump will hurt him.
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endorsement of donald trump. >> i'm not going to talk about donald trump. >> do you want to talk about it? >> i have not and will not. i will not. okay. >> the senator walking away from reporters who have -- you know, they just really have to ask the question after all mccone is the former gop ptdal nominee but he's been unavailable. seeking an unprecedented year in office. also two propositions you'll be seeing on the ballots.
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allow anyone over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. it would electric black markets, free up police and raise money for k-12 schools. well you have about eight hours left to cast your ballot. we know millions of people skipped those long lines to vote early. a record number turned in their ballot already. now the numbers in county. these are from the county recorder's office right here. officials got more than a million early ballots. you can see the break down by party. more than 433,000 are republican. another 277,000 are independent or other. and after all the votes are cast and before we know who won, the candidates are going to be
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a multiwous year. both parties are open to the public. you might want to get there early because large crowds are expected. this is video from last year's celebrations. >> and non stop election day coverage begins with a special one hour edition of the now arizona. that's going to continue at 1:00 and continues all through the night. then get all of the results and reactions from the candidates tomorrow morning on abc 15 mornings. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. it's been a nice and dry and mild morning so far. but the winds are already kicking up across southern arizona including right here in the valley and we are tracking near record warm temperatures in the forecast by this afternoon. that temperature already into the 80s. we're sitting right at 84 degrees. right now those winds coming out
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afternoon. as temperatures continue to warm. we're going to go from 84 now to 86 by 2:00 and then today's high 89 degrees. that puts us 10 degrees above the average this time of year. so just two degrees shy of it. a very warm afternoon on tap. if you are heading out to the polls this afternoon maybe take some water with you. you want to make sure you're hydrated under these warm temperatures. we that 7-day forecast. we'll be talk about that next. all new at 11 now a woman hit and killed by a car this morning. air 15 was live near 24th street and broadway. the victim was crossing broadway mid block when she was hit. police say the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating. broadway is still shut down
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another bad crash to tell you about this one in chandler. eastbound ramps of the 202 closeded right now. chandler fire telling us a man in a wheelchair was hit by a vehicle and taken to the hospital in critical condition. dps looking for two suspects who were street racing and dumped their truck. one of those strucks it was stolen and had the suspect's wallet sitting right in "t" coming up new developments surrounding an accused serial killer. what investigators just found on the suspect's property. >> plus if you need some help getting out the vote today several companies have discounts when you arrive. >> we want to know do you think sheriff joe will get re-elected to a seventh term. hop on by clicking 15
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another horrible discovery on a south carolina property. two more bodies found bringing the total to three. this morning the suspected serial killer behind bars. he is confessing to crimes in the valley after 13 years of questions. the victim's only son is now getting some closure toddkohlhepp. and now she knows why. >> the motorcycle was still in. he came back to buy another one and felt like they were making fun of him. it's hard to imagine that that kind of conversation would make somebody that angry. >> well investigators back on the south carolina property today searching for more bodies. okay the the clock is ticking on election day 2016.
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with abc news political analyst coky roberts. >> and we are looking at a mostly sunny day.
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and here you go right now. this is a live look at the white house. the big question who is going to call this place home.
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yeah they were up early this morning to cast their vote and we're 99.9% hillary clinton voted for herself. at the jacob javits center. ironically it has a glass ceiling. and what's the first thing donald trump did when he entered his polling place. he opened up his wallet to buy a box of cookies from a little boy. then went on to the voting b to cast his ballots with the rest of the new york voters with his wife milania right by his side. our children are listening and it's not necessarily a good thing. teachers are saying the nastiness from this election is spilling over from the classroom to the playground. their message talk to your kids.
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to say i want you to live in a world where people are nice to each other. i want you to live in a world where you accept your friends for who they are. for months speeches, accusizations fbi investigations going right there on your screen. the latest abc news washington post poll has' hillary clinton at 47 coky roberts joining us here to break things down. as we watch these returns come in today and tonight what does trump have to do to win. what does clinton have to do to win? >> well clinton has to hold on to what she's got. that's a somewhat easier path but she might not be able to follow it. if she loses pennsylvania or
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lose. if he wins florida early and then north carolina then he's got a path to victory. so they both are in position with either one of them could be president tomorrow. >> coky we have spoke several times during this election. what do you think the legacy of this election cycle it going to >> nothing pretty. nothing nice danielle. it has not been a pleasant cycle. and the combination of the fact that since there's been a lot of name calling among the candidates and there's been a real level of nastiness at the level of the candidates combined
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makes it an ugly campaign. not only do we have these huge partisan divide but we have divides among people on all kinds of levels. men and women. old and young. white and non white. college educated. not college educated. they're all deeply divided and who shows up to vote will make a big difference in who g elected but also it will make a big difference in how the country somehow comes together after all this. >> we're in the home stretch. i look forward to speaking with you once this is all over. >> well we'll be watching arizona. very interested to see what happens there. all right. so we hipped you into the manacan challenge yesterday and today see hillary clinton getting into it. she posted this video on her
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president bill clinton and john bonn jovi all getting in on the manacan action. marry you're heading out to the -- maybe you're heading out to the polls or during the lunch hour. those clouds this morning clearing off and those temperatures have been warming quickly. we are running about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. phoenix sky harbor certainly warmer than yesterday. remember if you were watching we were at the 70s this time yesterday. we're looking at a whole lot of 80s across the valleys with queen creek. deer valley you're up to 84. 86 in surprise and 84 also in lavine. phoenix, also sitting right at
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that lunch hour. notice that temperature will keep warming a couple more degrees and we'll be up to 86 under those sunny skies. as i mentioned earlier might not be a bad idea to have a water bottle with you. you'll want to stay hydrated. it will be breezy this afternoon too. we're already feeling some of those breezes across the valley coming in generally out of the east northeast. a few spots like chandler getting some stronger sustained winds but we're also feeling some stronger wind gusts between about 20 and 25 miles an hour. and that's the case across southern arizona. those winds are really starting to kick up with gusts as high as 35 miles an hour already registering in tuscan. as we go into this afternoon central and southern arizona is where we're going to get the strongest breezes. we will see a few pockets of breezes across northwest arizona but it will be southern arizona that feels the strongest breezes
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for the next few hours. they'll be stronger to our south just like we're seeing now with gustier 30 to 35 miles an hour. and that will be the key. just watch for some pockets of blowing dust and that could spernl be something to get kicked up, rather the dust if you are traveling to the south with those winds coming out of the east. something to watch for. now the wind a and kind of just sit to our southeast over the next few days. the valley will stay dry and it looks like really across the state we'll stay dry. so we saw a few high clouds early this morning. plan on sunny skies the rest of the afternoon. valley and pretty much statewide. tomorrow a few passing high clouds at times otherwise mostly sunny and dry and on thursday it looks dry too. slight chance of a sprinkle or two in southeast arizona.
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not seeing big rain chances for the high country or for the valley. we do have another disturbance moving our way into sunday. but we will see a drop in temperatures as we go towards the second half of the week. i'll show you how far those temperatures will go in that 7-day forecast. thousands of ballots. flagged in maricopa county. why they're now under investigation. plus what you need to do to make sure your vote counts. >> and we are not keeping a close eye on the election results.
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ichl that's why we brought her a water. she's four years old. definitely a little cuddle dog. she doesn't care if you're
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she's just all around really mellow and great do you want a drink girl? nope she doesn't. >> we'll send it back to you deny yell you are always ready to help. thanks guys. keeping you safe while you cast your ballot. we'll let you know how sheriff's deputies are working to put you at ease and the long lines continue today at the polls but
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well election day is under way and we are expecting higher than average voter turnout and it is causing a headache for many who want to cast their bat lots. >> first abc's 15 katie connor is breaking down what you need to know if you want to get out and vote. >> if you haven't voted yet you'll need to bring your voter's registration card with a driver's license.
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and vote. a federal appeals panel just upheld the law saying voters must vote at their designated poll. and democrats didn't prove minorities were impacted anymore than anyone else. every vote are will be reminded about this before they vote. >> we have a sign next to the epoll book that warns them if they are not in their own precinct they can visionally but that vote won't count. >> reporting from phoenix katie connor. and those long lines across the valley this morning. abc's nickc ciletti. >> hey guys good morning. we'll get to the glendale location in just a second.
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lot shorter than what we saw earlier. i just spoke to someone bho said their wait time was about 45 minutes to an hour. one woman told me it took her two plus hours to cast that ballot. there was an issue for about half an hour at an elementary school where the ballot reader went down. fortunately things got working within half an hour later and one man tells us he was able cast his ballot relatively quickly. >> fairly well. no obstacles or anything. they took my id. gave me my ballot and filled it out and was out in about 10 minutes. >> so there you go. a voting success story there but we want to reiteraty with reported on some issues that people were reporting not being found in the voter registration.
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worker. there's a hot line. we've posted all the information you need on nick ciletti abc15. >> and this is a particularly heated election southbound. a lot of people are concerned about safety as they head out to the polls. their focus is safety zone. you can't loiter there after you vote. you can't protest, yell, or chant about any candidate within that zone. >> be proud you're an american that day and you're going to vote and you did your duty. >> you're that the there to intimidate anybody you're just there to spot criminal activity. >> they'll be answering a national call to action to protect against voter fraud. in that video message supporters
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any suspects. ncso says everyone should be a good witness and report anything to authorities. >> and if you already cast an early ballot we took action and put a link on you will need your voter id and in some cases a driver's license number as well. . and just because you don't have a car that doesn't mean you can't vote. several companies are offering to give you a discounted today. in honor of our 45th president. if you want a ride between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. uber and lyft is giving customers 20% off. and the app discount ride is offering $10 off each way with a code ride to vote. we're going to have a great relationship with mexico. right now it's a one way street. >> so you've heard that line
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wins today? >> this morning we're learning how mexico is bracing if for a trump economy. they're going to take immediate action as early as wednesday to protect its currency. experts think if trump wins the peso will plunge all because of trump's policies. abc news partnering with more than seven hours of election coverage tonight. join us for a special one hour edition of the now arizona special one hour edition of abc 15 news at 10:00. new details this morning about a suspect accused of sexual exploitation in several states. the 23-year-old is on the run after cutting his ankle monitor off and now the u.s. marshals they're stepping in to help find him. adam lee was arrested last march. he posted bond for $200,000 and police say he then sliced that
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he was last seen in west phoenix. and police in phoenix are working to track down a murder suspect after two people were shot. died at the scene. and his nephew witnessed that shooting. he was also shocked but is expected to survive. this happened friday near 67th avenue near van buren. animal rights activists not taking a by two shots. it's now $25,000. that's up from $6,000. right now two of the horses they are on the mend but that third one did not make it. investigators are still looking into what caused an apartment to go up in flames a
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they sent someone out. a bank robber on the radar now that we have a picture he held up the arizona central credit union on west street last night. the guy did get money and he then disappeared. we have now learned that dcs is in surprise. it turns accused in abuse case. investigators found no reasons to be alarmed and that's when they closed the case. moreno is accused of killing a 23-month old boy and throwing him to the ground because he wouldn't eat. the commander in chief hitting the court with some friends this morning. this is actually an election day tradition for president obama. >> and president obama wishes his game was kind of like this.
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record last night. draining one hundred thirty-three pointers. curry finished the game with 46 points and what makes it even more incredible is the night before he went 0-10. 157 game streak. by the way the warriors beat the pelicans 116-106. from the depths of my toes to the top of my head i will never eat dorothy lynch again. that stuff is crazy. >> well preparing dinner takes a sudden turn for one woman what she later found out about her
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor
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sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough, but doesn't keep us safe. we are closer to getting an answer of what caused this explosion. the company says the rocket may
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causing liquid to freeze oxygen solid. he thinks the company's gotten to the bottom of that september explosion but they need a little more time. the september launch pad explosion destroyed a communication satellite that facebook was planning to use to bring internet to millions of people all around the world. so you've got to come to your screen right now. take a look at this massive sink hole in japan. a 5 lane road collapsed overnight. the power is out to many of those areas at last check the sink hole get this it measured 88 feet wide and 98 feet long. the fear now is that it could be still growing and swallow up nearby homes and neighborhoods. well a colorado woman did not sit out on her civic duties. the first time mom started going into labor on friday but then
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stopped at the boulder county clerk and recorder's office. >> we ran over there and kand of made it just in time because shortly after that i was like okay it's time we've got to get to the hospital. >> that is dedication right there. also we said little guy earlier she gave birth to a little girl. there she is named bella rose. you see a lot of wearing white today at the polls there might be a reason why. it could be a nod suffrages movement. there are public facebook and twitter pages showing voters. they'll be wearing white shirts, blouses, and dresses, and pantsuits. >> two arizona businesses getting a big boost this morning. we're in for a warm and breezy election day. we'll talk about how much higher
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody se any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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so defense budget in southeast asia and it is spending some of that cash in mesa. maybe not directly. but boeing has a huge facility. no word on how many choppers are part of this purchase but roiters is reporting that singapore will spend a billion dollars on its asian fleet. body cam technology isn't just for safety it's also big business for scottsdale taser
11:45 am
use the body cam and software in its police department. it's the 35 major city to do so. mesa and tuscan also use that technology. samsung has another huge problem to tackle. the headquarters has been raided. prosecutors they're investigating over possible links to an abuse of power and scanda government. accused of funneling more than $3 million into a company owned by a friend of samsung's president. back to our election day coverage. if you were hope to go avoid those lines at the polls today. unfortunately the time for early voting has passed. the scam is going around. can you believe this it's a fishing scam where crooks want to steal your personal information. >> people are being told to
11:46 am
call or they're texting by phone andhat's happening is it's just a fishing scam and you can actually be giving your information to a scammer. >> the better business bureau is warning voters. stacy election day -- it's election day so stand in line. phone calls fore closures, finding a contractor. they're all part of this week's class action lawsuit settlements that could be money >> most of us try not to remember a debt collector. here's one you should remember. the accusization is that they used a robo dialer. >> that's the allegation. that's illegal. that means you could get part of the 700-0000 settlement. angie's list advertises itself as a place to find reputable
11:47 am
the class action lawsuit alleges they could pay for those listings. hsbc is accused of abusive practices involving mortgage fore closures. it's a big one. >> there's a great chance that you can get thousands of dollars back from the settlement. >> the total settlement is $470 mi including a fore closure process between 2008 and 2012. >> none of the companies admit any wrong doing. go to click on sections and then let joe know. the assistance league of phoenix volunteer team is saving people money every day. you can call, e-mail or like the facebook page. tell me about your problem right there. if you've got a problem let me know. now to a bizarre story out
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dressing exploded like a fire cracker. >> i hear pop and i looked up and it was possessed. it was shotting up in the air to the side. well it's hard to explain i was attacked by a bottle of salad dressing. i think he thought i was probably into whiskey or something. >> davell mclean took these photos. >> a bacteria in that dressing can make it bubble, foam, and her purse. he ximents -- estimates the damage at $2500. >> look at that. she was trying to be healthy. should of had a bowl of ice cream. >> i agree. all right. let's talk about the forecast. we're talking some stronger winds and that's also kicking up a little bit of a brown haze south of the valley. you can see it right here. just a little hazy out there. if you are traveling south of the phoenix metro.
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just watch for those dust channels along i-10. as those winds kick up especially across southern arizona. so something to use caution with. those winds have been the strongest so far down in tuscan where gusts have been at times up words of 35 miles an hour. the latest wind gusts coming in at 35 miles an hour. also we're getting strong wind gusts in spots the strongest wind gusts will be across southeast arizona today but the valley we're getting in on some of those breezes too. gusts up near chandler 22 miles an hour. but otherwise we're seeing between about 10 and 15 miles an hour sustained winds across the
11:50 am
we're going to warm in the mid to upper 80s this afternoon with highs being about 10 degrees above the 30-year average. so we'll climb to 80 degrees by 1:00. warm conditions, warm temperatures rather and clear skies. so not the most comfortable if you had to stand outside to cast your vote. but that's why i keep saying it might be a good idea to at least have some water handy as you can standing we lstart to see that temperature drop and then eventually back into the sets. now we are staying dry today and today's still a very warm day but we're watching a disturbance clipping by to our southeast. it's not going to bring any rain. our forecast staying dry through the end of the week. so today our forecast 89 keeping us just a couple degrees shy of the record. but i think we're going to have
11:51 am
there is a chance it could sneak up to 90. tomorrow, though, we'll be a little further away from the record as that temperature drops to 84. record tomorrow 88 degrees and temperatures will keep trending down as we head towards the weekend. now today across the valley those highs 88 in patch junction. 89 ffr glendale. under sunny skies, 30 or average is 79 degrees. we are going to be exactly 10 degrees above that today in we're going to make it to the low 90s in spots like yuma. not bad there but certainly above the average for this time of year. temperatures will drop into the 30s across northern arizona tonight and down into the 50s and 60s with much in the valley kicking off our wednesday in the low 60s under those clear skies. as you look at your 7-day forecast here with me. 89 for a high. tomorrow temperatures down a bit down to 84.
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temperatures. still above average but we're back down into the low 80s. through the weekend with those morning temperatures down into the upper 50s each day. and hey are you looking for a post election day free-bee. how about a chance to win a $50 gift card to dutch bros. you've got to watch between 6:00 and 7:00 for that weather word of the day and enter it when you see it. to win free coffee each weekday morning on abs 15 morngs. we are watching two bad we are watching two bad crashes right now hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this
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seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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right now to the results of our poll today we wanted to know
11:55 am
maricopa county sheriff. 42% of you say paul pinzone gets the win. as we come upon the 12:00 hour. as polls open at 6:00 this morning computer problems reported at a number of polling locations across the valley. the computers were down for about 30 minutes but seem to be working okay right now. a woman is dead after being hit by a car in south phoenix near 24th street and driveway. the victim was crossing broadway mid block near a church when she was hit. police say the driver was on the scene and stayed on the scene. and in chandler the man is in critical condition right now. both the eastbound and westbound ramps of loop 202. they're closed while they're investigating. and our election coverage continues all throughout the
11:56 am
daily life. we also have clues in new york. >> sometimes you just can't get to the ballot box to cast your vote. no one has a better excuse than astronaut shane kimbo. as the international space station. beaming technology it was better for kimbro to vote absentee. that's a big decision. >> yeah, but sometimes before popping the question you need a little pep talk. >> big day. got this. be strong. you got it. you're good. pretty good. >> okay so this is ben harrison. this is all part of a special video his girlfriend is watching on the main deck with her vacationing family. >> so after the video stops playing ben walks into the room
11:57 am
happy to say she says yes. congrats to them. you can see all of the top videos at 2:00 p.m. right here on abc15. if you are heading out to vote know that temperatures are going to warm to near 90 degrees. the record 91. i don't think we'll hit it or tie it. breezy through the afternoon too. watch for some impacts of blowing dust. temperatures start to drop that. by the weekend still above average but at least it will be low 80s and the cool mornings in the forecast. >> so we're back with that hour long news starting at 4:00.
11:58 am
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them.
11:59 am
for the content of this advertising. now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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? >> announcer: today, it's election day. so we're celebrating the red, white and "chew" with a turkey day potluck. mario's in the kitchen with the incredible anthony bourdain. michael's cooking up the delicious dish america voted for. be a guaranteed victory for your party. it all starts right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everyone. welcome to "the chew." you know if this election has you stressed out, you've come to the right place. we've got some great food, even better company, and no cleanup.


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