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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 1:35am-2:10am MST

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breaking news and a bad night on the roads all across the valley. the reason for all these flashing lights in tempe. a rollover crash involving a small car. that driver ran away before help could arrive. it's shutting down the on ramp to westbound u.s. 60.
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happened. a 25-year-old driver is accused of drinking and acting on road rage. crashing into a few cars, including a police car before he was arrested. as we bring in the view you can see debris scattered across the intersection. fortunately nobody seriously hurt. air 15 checking out this scene in scottsdale. a car colliding with a motorcycle here. and the injuries are serious. intersection could be closed for quite a while. a lot of commotion in west phoenix tonight. several asking what happened out there. we went to check it out at 43rd and camelback. police staying tight lipped saying it's a death investigation. not my president. not my president. >> denial, disappointment and now some destructive decisions out there.
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straight night of anti-trump protests. the arrests are piling up. >> from minnesota, to texas, to maryland. all on the heels of more protests in the valley today. we're hearing about plans for two valley marches tomorrow. >> here are the details for you. students or adults 11:00 people are marching from a high school and then from 3:00 to 7:00 in the evening a gathering at old main on the u hundreds saying they're going to be there. much more minutes away. if you have our mow app -- mobile app. leonard cohen dead at the age of 82. many of you know him for his hit song hallelujah. . ? ? >> his label confirming his
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will take place in los angeles at a later date. no further details were given. an escaped prisoner captured after a three-week manhunt. not only was he wanted for a scottsdale carjacking he was also busted for a carjacking in tempe. this one happened last night. nohelani graf with new body cam video from police. the woman in the first tft didn't see this coming. >> a strange man starts pounding on her window. he gets in and her gut tells her to get out. >> has it ever crossed your mind sitting in traffic what would you do if a stranger got in your car. >> are you okay? >> yeah i'm okay. >> that became jennifer's reality after waiting on a red light. >> i got out and he jumped over. >> he seemed to come out of
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>> i'm thinking what does this guy want and in the meantime i panicked and i opened the door. >> before she can process what's happening he's in her passenger seat. >> he just said drive. >> she had no way of knowing that he had led police on a car chase that morning that moments before his fisted met her window he'd been cuffed to a bed in the hospital she was next to, shoved a security guard to escape. even without that back story she knew there was no way sh >> no. hell no. i don't know who you are. >> she bailed. grabbing her purse and phone and he teak the wheel and took -- took the wheel and took off in her lexus. >> we know her car was found last week abandoned. and we also know it was a push start and she had the key fob. now back to you. it's a disturbing social media post. just in officials saying the two girls whose identities
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students at mesa high school. the post bragging about a swastika pumpkin. this was not on school grounds so they won't be punished with the school. the school is taking the opportunity to remind students to really think before they post on social media. she thought she was going to to die. hearing from a phoenix teen after she was hit by a drunk driver. a young person mustering so much courage. and kim is with powerful story tonight. >> it's really hard. sometimes i wake up and like i'll remember that my legs are broken. >> a metal bar and bandages. 16 mindy markle is fighting to keep both of her legs. >> honestly it was like from a movie. >> the teen and her friends ran out of gas near i-17 in cactus. they started to push far off
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them. >> i accepted it. >> lying on the ground she had her friend dial the one number she could remember, her grandma. >> i breathed in and 602. >> her grandma picked up. >> some guy had hit me i'm dying. my legs are ruined. there's so much blood. she said where are you and i said grandma shut up just know that i love you please. >> the paramedics were ready put in an iv. >> i said i'm scared of the little needle you pulled out. they didn't laugh. >> as for the driver. >> i think people make mistakes. i'm not mad at him. >> police say vincent vaughn had a blood alcohol level of president 321 -- .321 and he's had two prior convictions. >> i want him to learn that
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and my freensd life -- friend's life. >> and her friend kaylee who was also hurt in this accident is out of the hospital now and in rehab. mindy says going through something like this changes you. in some ways she feels more herself than ever and also empowered hopeful that she will walk one day very soon. back to you. >> a lot of people want to see her take those steps. an update and an up close raging fire on election fight. near 26th and thomas. no official cause yet but neighbors say they heard an explosion first. others say they saw a transformer sparking. those spread to the trees. firefighters fac led this like -- tackled this like a wildfire, blasting it with water. no homes burned but sheds and old cars and scrap metal were.
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california murder may be hiding the the valley. as i reported at 6:00 23-year- old tony macias is wanted in modesto california. he's been hard to track down since he goes by two other names aurelio gutierrez and tony gutierrez. if you see him call 911 right away. the shirt says it all. only a beast would do something like this. two men caught on video robbing a phoenix cell phone store. this happened tuesday near central and southern. one of them pushes into a storage room. they steal her purse, cash, and merchandise. we'll bring you a couple of close ups. if you recognize them call silent witness. a reward of up to $1,000 is being offered. two accused thieves who didn't get away. deputies used stop sticks to put an end to the chase. steven and his girlfriend lara were driving a stolen truck this morning and not following
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after they wound up in a ditch he made a run for it into some farm fields. the girlfriend also arrested. deputies saying she admitted to being high on meth earlier in the day. doorbell rings, dogs barking, and he lurks for a minute before grabbing a package and taking off. a new thief to catch in the moon valley area tonight. near 7th and floral gables. inside that box? a christmas gift for the homeowner's daughter. what's one of the best things about being crowned miss america? maybe getting the crown. but the crown has gone missing for a miss america qualifying round in the valley this weekend. jon erickson is live with this one. the story begins with a ups delivery. >> that's right. we know it's common for package thieves to go after boxes at the front door. this time though? crooks made off with a box full
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>> miss arkansas. >> can start right here. miss phoenix miss scottsdale. the pageant is this weekend. the problem is the crowns are gone. >> i cried a little bit honestly. >> package thieves stole a box full of crowns from whitney's front porch near east mesa. she's the executive director. and a former miss phoenix herself. >> they don't want to take the crown off when they when. >> what -- win. >> what matters the most is on the inside, sure. but ours is one that likes to look good. >> they're dreaming of wearing that crown. >> in order to get that glimmer back whitney went looking for more goals. a go fund me earned enough to buy new crowns. >> i would love for those girls to have that symbol of the miss america pageant.
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national crown can indeed start for three local crown winners this weekend. >> so the new box full of crowns is set to arrive in time for the pa jept this weekend. -- pageant this weekend. the thieves were driving a green van. if you know anything, see any crowns on someone who isn't a miss america winner give mesa police a call. >> thank you. sure it's a possibility. but would it happen? would sheriff joe arpaio go to charge. he could be cleared altogether. president-elect donald trump gets to appoint his own cabinet and one of those positions attorney general. and that person would have the authority to clear him. arpaio certainly one of trump's biggest supporters. but one challenge in all of this when arpaio's trial begins. his lawyers are working to delay it into next year. >> tonight a final good-bye in the works for a hero taken from
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show low officer darrin reed was shot and killed on tuesday. his funeral planned for monday at 1:00 p.m. in show low at the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. after that candlelight vigil a landmark statue badly burned from the candles placed around the statue. the city working with the artist to replace it. the original material was sty the newest police k-9. he's in training. to become an explosives dog. he comes from hungary and it's named after asu legend pat tillman. he's doing as much training as tillman learning new techniques all along the way. tillman's first game so the sun devils have to give him a
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utah 15th ranked in tempe. they haven't won in tempe since 1976. blackout at sun devil stadium. if you look good you play good. and the devils looked real good. after the first quarter 13-0 good guys. but since then the utes have outscored asu 28-7. at last check it's 28-20 utah in the third. at least temperatures are nice, right? the forecast couldn't be bete and it's looking great for vanz and your weekend too. -- veterans day and your weekend too. freezing in flagstaff. 29 there. skies are clear across the state. future cast shows mostly sunny conditions to carry us through the weekend. more cloud cover across southeast arizona than anywhere else. mid-30s so not freezing yet for
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83 the high tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s all out to the west. sedona 71. flagstaff at 58. your veterans day forecast. a nice morning. temperatures in the 80s for the afternoon forecast. the forecast on repeat with a high of 83 friday, saturday, and sunday and mid-80s to kick off next week before the next cooldown arrives. transition of power. a closer look at the first ever meeting between the outgoing and incoming presiden is there still a sliver of hope for hillary clinton? a new effort to make the electoral college go rogue.
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it's those emotions causing us to bring you special coverage tonight in the aftermath of the election. more obscenities coming from kids not old enough to vote. >> hundreds of students from three high schools walking out of class angered by donald trump. they tied up police resources and blocked traffic. watch what happened in the middle of an interview. >> they will send you back to somewhere you don't deserve. mexico. i'm not even from mexico. i live here and i was born here. >> students say that's an example of what they've been facing because of their skin color. more protests planned for tomorrow and these are getting violent in some spots like chicago. >> you voted trump, you voted trump. >> and then this. a white man viciously attacked by a group of black teens the teens shouting don't vote
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these protests come as the transition of power is officially underway. president-elect trump and his vp mike pence in washington for the first meetings with the men they'll replace in january. . >> and obama stuck to a conciliatory tone he's been using since the win on tuesday. diane has more from the white house. >> president barack obama. >> we now are going do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> welcoming president-elect donald trump. >> i have great respect and at the meeting it lasted for almost an hour and a half and it could have as far as i'm concerned gone on longer. >> the closed door white house meeting is a key step in starting the smooth transition between administrations. i look forward to dealing with the president in the
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>> it is important for all of us regardless of party and political preferences to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. >> so while the two sometimes bitter enemies who had actually never met until today have spent years bashing one another. >> he finally gave the birth certificate. >> he can finally get back to focussing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing. >> these moments mark a public effort to put up a united front as trump transitions from running for office to running the office he met with party leaders. behind the scenes his team is reviewing thousands of resumes attempting to put together the next administers. >> first lady -- administration.
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and melania trump also met but there were no photographs. they talked over tea. a new look at what hillary clinton is up to. thanks to one of her neighbors who facebooked a picture from her hike. hillary out with bill and their pups in new york. now hiring donald trump looking to fill 4,000 positions on his team. a variety of jobs here. if you want to apply go to if you don't they're asking for ideas if you want to contribute. one of his vocal critics from his own party jeff flake before the election he told us america deserves better. but now that president-elect trump won he says he's willing to support him. >> i have not spoken to him yet but the speech that he gave was encouraging right after he won. i thought it was a gracious and healing speech. if he governs that way i thit
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think it will be good for the country and all of us. >> he plans to repeal obamacare and replace it with a plan in his words that does not burden people and businesses. pledging to repeal and replace obamacare today so should people enroll for next year's plans? >> you have to sign up by the 15th of december so there's not a lot of time. they'll have to make that decision before we have a good idea as to what the legislation >> we've been asking the experts. they say it's one-year krablths so don't -- contracts so don't expect changes until 2018. usually if you get the most votes you win. but it appears that won't be the case in our presidential election. hillary clinton expanding her lead in the popular vote count to more than 300,000. but all that matters is the electoral college. trump the clear winner there. the question tonight, is the
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especially who will question the fairness of the current system of the electoral college. >> trump himself once blasted the system tweeting in 2012 the day mitt romney lost the electoral college is a disaster for democracy. to get rid of the electoral college congress would have to pass a constitutional amendment and then 38 of the 50 states would have to ratify it. they say that's highly unlikely. not all states bind their electors. in theory arizona's 11 electoral votes could go to clinton. keep in mind only 29 states have laws in the books to prevent that. arizona is not one of them. the ballots aren't cast until december 19th and then on january 6th congress counts. many people have signed a petition online to encourage the electoral college to go
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in all likelihood nothing will change. while we wait latino groups are working to help families affected. one issue in particular daca which gives legal status to children of illegal immigrants. a number of families are left in the balance of trump ends it. >> it's one of the hardest things i've dealt with because there's fear. we saw some of this 2010. but th this is a little different. this is bigger. >> those groups helping families. turns out a number of leaders are daca children. with all the raw emoeks a-- emotion affecting our youth a strong message from teachers. use education not anger to spark change. >> it stems from the strong rhetoric throughout the campaign talk of rounding up immigrants and building walls.
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there's checks and balances in place. we're america. we don't need to be divided by our parties. let's just wait and see how we can get through this. >> hey, we've had people we didn't like in office before. and the world didn't end. and the sun is going to come up tomorrow and it's all going to be okay. >> teachers asking adults to be mindful of what you post on media. it can effect how the kids feel. cover correction? this election mistake by one of the most well known magazines in the country. and election day? what election day? one of football's top thmohing.of mape.
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all right so much for election jitters the dow jumping 21 points today. kwloezing at a record -- closing at a record high. typically they fall in the days
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meantime tech stocks dropped slightly. the president-elect with his many businesses has an interest in the stock market. while he's in the white house he's handing off control to his three oldest children. a lot of legal maneuvers have to take place but his ownership will be in a blind trust to avoid conflict of interest. joous lick a -- just like a sports team memorabilia are created for both sides. typically you never see items from the losing side. a special edition of news week with the cover madame president was prematurely shipped to newsstands across the country. only 17 out of 125,000 were actually sold. you can find the deal on all the political memorabilia on shelves. all things hillary clinton now half off at least at this
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employee. unclear where this was. is he an unpatriotic patriot?
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he across the country. tonight the nation coming to grips with the fact that quarterback colin kaepernick didn't vote. he never planned on it. why? he tells sports illustrated it doesn't matter who got elected. >> he's criticized donald trump and hillary clinton but people are asking what's he really doing to evoke change? what kind of message is he sending about our duty to vote
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thought? he's hinting that he will press on with his message about racism and police brutality. the 49ers play the cardinals this sunday so everybody will be watching. unless you were living underground for the past year it would have been pretty hard not to know when election day was. but nick saben has been aboveground so it makes this interesting. >> to be honsz honest with you i didn't even know yesterday was election day. so it was so important to me that i didn't know it was happening. we're focused on other things here. >> people blasting him on social media. saying with all the students that look up to him he should be aware of what's happening. post it note therapy. emotions have been riding high with the elections and with $20 people allowing others to vent
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york subway system. people writing messages of resilience, fear, uncertainty, but mostly love. you should know about a special 20/20 on abc tomorrow night. how did he stun the world and take the white house.
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>> long live memes. >> one day, you know, you have to explain to your kids why that's okay. >> why they are okay? >> to insult an authority figure? can they make you a meme, dad. >> yes, of course. is it -- >> i'm totally -- >> is it memes or or gif. big league or bigly. the ross unite is working o >> fear and panic. >> a approach to calm kids at school. the trick? just breathe. we'll explain. first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather


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