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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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breaking news first. >> on abc 15. >> a crash in west phoenix caused by a man fleeing from police. here's what we heard on the police radio as officers moved in. listen with me. >> he's at gun point right now. >> we've discovered a gun inside the vehicle. >> during that officer said that they were in pursuit of that vehicle. the crash happened shortly after the police got behind that driver of that mustang. we're told that vehicle had been stolen in an armed robbery 24 hours earlier. thankfully the innocent victim in this was not seriously
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of explaining to do. meantime i want to talk about a silver alert right now. we are waiting for a photo to come in for 87-year-old herbert burnett. burnett's car is also missing. it's a silver 2006 pontiac with a wisconsin plate on there. 59110m. a purchase was credit card at a circle k. dan, i'll have his photo coming up in minutes. all right chris, a fire in chandler this morning. right around where that took place. the call went out. we're hearing that a plastic barrel caught fire. firefighters for all over the place. mesa, chandler, tempe all of
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overnight. check out the flashes lights warning drivers about a rollover crash. we know this driver ran off before help could arrive. the crash shut down the onramp to the westbound u.s. 60. so this and much more coming your way. but here is iris with your most accurate forecast. let's talk temperatures. we're at 68 at phoenix sky harbor and we breezes across the valley. winds coming out of the east right now at 9 miles an hour. we'll keep those very light breezes through the morning between about 5 to 15 miles an hour overall it's going to be a very nice veteran's day. temperatures in the low 80s today. we'll talk about how warm we'll stay as we go into the weekend plus some big changes in your 7-day forecast.
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transition of power from president obama to president elect donald trump. trump took on a more humble tone during his first trip to the house. commander and. they also talked about organizing the white house. >> that's complicated business and any white house is expected to be structured deal with multiple challenges or multiple crises at the same time. joe biden met with mike pence. the presidential race officially called in arizona days after he went to the polls. here's a look at the final
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hillary clinton with 45%. maricopa county still has hundreds and thousands of ballots still left to count. understandably so a lot of people are upset with the speed we're getting the results but also the outcome. >> now they're protesting but the problem is these protests have morphed into full bone talking about criminal activity. u.s. protesters sounded the rally cry "love trumps hate.". the worst of it being seen in portland, oregon. this is just something else. i was watching the live images overnight. police having to use pepper sprays, tear gas, rubber balls, distraction devices. united states flags were burned. windows were smashed and cars --
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targeted. a transformer with a baseball bat was smashed. trump tweeted out calling these protests, "very unfair." and abc's katie connor is live at asu. we've seen students leaving class and walking out in recent days. >> reporter: and they plan to do that today and also at a local high school. they want to show up even on their off day. fortunately the protests here in arizona have remained peaceful. we watched hundreds of students in phoenix walk out of class. this morning a few teachers are helping to organize this. if so, the district says those teachers could get in trouble. they posted this on their facebook page helpful tips on
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they believe these students will be future leaders and activists so they want to guide them in the right direction. coming up with the black lives maert of arizona is saying that may surprise you. dan. by now you probably know hillary clinton won the popular vote in the election. but all that matter is the electoral college when it comes to congress would have to pass a constitutional amendment to get rid of the electoral college. then 38 out of the 50 state wos have to ratify that change a scenario experts say is highly unlikely. we are getting an idea of what hillary clinton has been up to thanks to one of her neighbors. hillary clinton out on a nature walk with bill and their dogs
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officer daren reed was shot and killed on tuesday his funeral is planned for monday at 1:00 p.m. at the church of jesus christ. we are getting a look at what happened unfortunately after the candle light individual el. badly burned from places burned around the statue. it wasn't bronze. the original so likely the candles damaged that. an important crime alert to pass along this morning. a person of interest in a california murder might be hiding out here in the valley. 23-year-old tony macias is wanted in modesto. if you see him call 911 right away. seattle police stepping up their presence near a busy bus
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wednesday night. some of them just standing around, bystanders. many commuters now feeling uneasy and taking matters into their own hands. >> very cautious and take extra means to protect myself. >> two of the victims shot remain in critical condition. a 16-year-old valley girl hit by a suspected drunk driver speaking out from her hospital bed. remember that they were pushing their car after their car ran out of gas. she said she thought she was going to die. she said she is not angry but she says she has a strong message for him. >> i really want him to learn that he's ruined my life and my friend's life. >> tough. police say the driver had a
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almost three times the legal limit and he's had two prior dui extreme conditions. she's fighting to keep both her legs and she is hopeful she will walk again. her friend is out of the hospital and in rehab. it is veteran's day this friday. time to honor the brave men and women past and present who have served our country. thousands of people are expected to line mesa. several streets will be closed this morning before the parade gets going at 11. and again we say thank you for your service. just after the parade there will be a benefit concert taking action for veterans in mesa. that show starts at noon at the mesa arts center alliance.
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mallory this is going to be an impact to that area. >> yeah, those road closure wills last from 7:30 until 2:00 this afternoon. the parade will head south of montebello and go south of 7th street before ending at indian skull. so between that area the roads will shut down at 7:30 until 2:00 this afternoon. right now your roads are nice and light. all of your freeways looking good this morning. that includes this portion from our a-dot camera. this is i-17 at the i-10 split. everything is cleared up. you can see that transition ramp is moving nicely but there are some weekend closures you need to be aware of. so i'm going to map that out for you iris,. let's talk about our friday here. 68 degrees.
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door and maybe drive into work we do have some of those light breezes they'll be much lighter by this afternoon. a gradual warm up too. 79 degrees by lunchtime before a high of 82 degrees. those temperatures nice today. i'll show you what to expect through the weekend next. our time now is 4:41 what we've learned now about the officer who was killed in the line of duty in pennsylvania. we're going to tell you what he
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:00444 good morning everyday. i was going to say good morning everyone happy veteran's day. i combined the two. iris has your most accurate
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and christopher sign has your your breaking news. >> the gun man who had a history of domestic violence was found dead in a pittsburgh home. i want to show you some video from the vigil held for the following officer scott bashome. he leaves behind after he was shot in the stomach. well the shirt says it all. only a beast would do something like this. take a look. two guys caught on camera. robbing a phoenix cellpho store. it happened tuesday near central and southern. they push an employee in the storng room and still her purse and cash. take a good look at these two if you recognize them please
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orange flames lighting up the sky. fire just ripping through a petroleum facility. this is in mobile, alabama last night. after seeing smoke coming from that facility's window. nobody was hurt that's the good news. crews got to those flames and contained them in about an hour. they are concerned with runoff because of hazardous materials ntdz that building. a 10-year-old grand rapids boy clinging to life after he was stabbed by his 18-year-old god brother. the older boy tried to break up a fight. police trying to speak to neighbors to see if any adults were around. now that donald trump is headed to the white house his lawyers might try to settle the suit against trump and trump university. the trial is set for the sent 8th. the institution failed on its
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succeed in real estate. just like a championship sports game a headline and memorabilia being created for both presidential. we say stipulately because a special edition of news week with the cover madam president was shipped across the country. news week claims only 17 magazines of 125,000 were actually printed and collector's items for sure. it is the people versus people magazine. the publication facing backlash after a tweet was out he's hired. people says it stands by their feature. this is not an endorsement. right now there's a memorial
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home. according to his son cohen died peacefully in his home in l.a.. a medical break through in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. scientists say they have helped a paralyzed monkey walk again. a neurosurgeon put electrodes in the monkey's brain and alock the spinal cord then placed a head. scientists say it could be at least another decade to test the procedure in humans but steps in the right direction. u.k. scientists have come up with a way to test hiv using a usb stick. the device is said to be very accurate but right now people have to wait up to three days for hiv results.
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help patients in the remote regions of the world. take a look the this is a live look of the white house. it is veteran's day. the obama's will have breakfast with a 108-year-old veteran. this is bill moore. the oldest world war ii vet. he helped liberate a concentration camp. he also visited the world war ii memorial. i don't know you i got chills thinking about this because are losing your world war ii veterans every day and so we have to honor them. >> and anybody who wears that uniform. we love you, we thank you, we appreciate you. and dan we're going to have to get you a cup of water. >> we did have that a couple of days. winds are starting to back off a little bit. you'll notice that as you step outside. temperatures also nice and cool
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phoenix children's hospital valley cam. you can see the amp camera moves just a little bit there. between about 5 and 15 miles an hour. they're not as strong as we had yesterday. light breezes between 5 and 15 miles an hour through lunchtime. overall we're not going to get those gusty winds that we had over the last couple of days. temperatures have dropped into the 60s across much of the phoenix area. 60 down in goodyear. 61 in scottsdale and glendale. maybe you're going out to the parade to honor our veterans. temperatures will be nice into the morning. even into the early afternoon as we climb to 69 by 9:00 a.m. we'll hit 82 by 2:00 and then i do think we're going to top out around 83 degrees today for a high. so just a degree above where we made it to yesterday and overall a nice day on tap.
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we'll see more clear skies across the state today. we do still have a storm system sitting off to our southeast that one slowly will push away from our state by afternoon today. our forecast also staying dry. another storm system will track across our state by sunday. you'll notice more clouds by then but still not expecting any rain chances for the valley. sunny again. mostly s tomorrow looking at sunny conditions if you are going to be heading outside. beautiful clear skies up there tomorrow. as we go into sunday watch those clouds. they start to move in from the northwest. starting early sunday morning. those clouds will thicken up at times across the valley. but again there's just not enough moisture with that system. we are likely going to be dry. right now i am starting to see some changes. more moisture moving in by
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week. that will bring an isolated chance of bringing rain to the high country. and then check this out. we're going to go from the 80s on wednesday to the mid 70s by next thursday. so something to look forward to. it's a long ways away. we'll be tracking it for sure. a break down of that hour by hour forecast and that weekend forecast in just a few minutes. and iris your drive is problem-free right now. really not seeing anything to slow you down. starting tonight you're going to see a closure on loop 202 mountain. this is i-10 to 44th street. that is going to be shut down. it's going to last tomorrow night until about 1:00 p.m. and giving you a live look on our 10 right now from our a-dot camera. it looks like we have a possible
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details on that coming up. election day is coming on. coming up next i'll have a list of things to do for you and your family over this weekend. in today's tech bites g-mail now lets you put a stop to those embarrassing sends. >> only for a few seconds after the mail goes out. it's also available on g-mail's ios g-ma android. the spacecraft system will track the intensity of hurricanes. >> so snapchat spectacles are suddenly a must-have item. they can record up to 10 minutes of video and uploaded to the app went on sale thursday in venice beach. >> they quickly sold out and are
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>> one more way to use snapchat. >> those are your tech bites.
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good friday morning everybody. you made it through another week. we're putting together a list of things you can do with the family over the weekend. first take kids downtown for a movie night.
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hook. the fountain hills festival at fine arts and crafts is back today. if you're a cowboy at heart head to the gilbert days rodeo. that starts tonight at 7:00. there are also shows tomorrow and sunday. and finally how does this sound? chili and chocolate festival. for more all right. and it's going to be a nice weekend with highs in the low 80s and a dry forecast. i'll show you the hour by hour break down of each day coming up next. >> and coming up at 5 k we're going to show you the protests happening because the election didn't go their way. this gets really violent. we're taking you to the scene. >> and in just a few hours thousands of folks are going to
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veteran's day.
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from peaceful demonstrations to all out riots. we're taking you to portland. drives were attacked. businesses damaged and that's just the beginning because they don't like the way the election turned out. >> plus a local activist group is saying enough to these election protests. find out why coming up.
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unaffordable now. >> one of our senators in arizona not holding back on the affordable care act. 5:00. good morning everybody on this veteran's day. iris i've got to tell you it's been a little too warm for november for my liking. >> a beautiful day on tap and i've got some good news on that 7-day forecast. clear skies. we do have some out there but i think those back off by this afternoon as highs warm into the low 80s. i'll break down your hour by hour planner and that 7-day in minutes. and iris so far your roads are looking pretty good on this friday morning. nice and light even on the 10 right now. until you hit the mini. heads up in the westbound direction right near 75th avenue. something to look out for there. also we have a crash in chandler


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