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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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unaffordable now. >> one of our senators in arizona not holding back on the affordable care act. 5:00. good morning everybody on this veteran's day. iris i've got to tell you it's been a little too warm for november for my liking. >> a beautiful day on tap and i've got some good news on that 7-day forecast. clear skies. we do have some out there but i think those back off by this afternoon as highs warm into the low 80s. i'll break down your hour by hour planner and that 7-day in minutes. and iris so far your roads are looking pretty good on this friday morning. nice and light even on the 10 right now. until you hit the mini. heads up in the westbound direction right near 75th avenue. something to look out for there. also we have a crash in chandler
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and mallory i've got to talk about the chaos that erupted in portland last night. protests against president elect donald trump have now escalated to the point where portland police are calling them all-out riots. look at this. this is unbelievable. and we've confirmed 26 people have now been arrested. and i want you to see this video coming in from twitter. car dealership all of these car windows smashed. i don't know what the point is. at one point the protesters split into two groups. one was peaceful doing what they should, expressing their voice there and the other was certainly not peaceful. the police warning to avoid these anarchist. those arrested could face felony charges. in arizona an interesting twists to these protests.
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telling everyone to stand down. katie connor live with more on this. katie this might surprise some people. >> reporter: yeah black lives arizona took to their facebook page saying what are you protesting? you should have voted. just because we don't get the president we want doesn't mean we get to protest the one we've chosen. they go on to challenge people. more protests are planned for today here one at a su and also a local high school. a total of 400 high school students walked out of class yesterday. the teachers are helping organize these walk-outs out of class. back out here live coming up at 5:30 we're going to tell you what the district is saying about the teachers if this is true. one of the big questions right now surrounding the presidency of donald trump is
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the president is saying he will repeal and replace obama care. on wednesday 100,000 plans were selected. the busiest day since open enrollment began on the 1st. meantime senator jeff flake saying there are plans to focus on republicans and. >> obviously there's a sunset period already in some of the regulations there. but we've got to onerous burden on businesses and individuals without the care that people deserve and expect on the other side. >> sign ups for the 2017-year end on december 15th and they are one year contracts so don't expect many changes until 2018. we've seen a lot of fires in the past few days from the protests but now the protests are taking their anger out on their oes. customers of new balance after the company's vice president
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right direction with trump in the white house. now the company's trying to do damage control saying it believes in community and humanity. as donald trump continues to take off. latino groups across the valley are working to help families impacted. one program in particular it's called daca which gives legal status to children of illegal immigrants. >> it's difficult. it's not easy. i think this is probably one of the hardest thing deal with because it's a lot of fear more than anything. back in 2010 with the immigrant community, latino community this is different. this is a little different. this is bigger. >> those who are helping families turns out a number of organizations and leaders are also daca children. big update now. an escaped prisoner captured.
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we're finally hearing from the woman who's car he stole to run from police. >> he was like banging on my window and i think in the meantime i panicked and i probably opened the door. >> jennifer mcnada had just dropped off her daughter and told police that abalos jumped into her car and so she bailed. later pushing a security guard to escape the a wild scene under investigation in cotsdale after officers say a 25-year-old in that black car crashed into several vehicles concluding a patrol car. a woman called 911 after saying she was rear-ended several times. the driver hit another vehicle and spun around and hit a cop car. he was arrested at 40th street and thomas. but is currently in the
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german consolute in afghanistan. overnight one group claiming responsibility for the deaths involved. >> we have a crash in chandler just off of the 101. >> we are down to 67 degrees under clear skies. we've had a nice veteran's day on tap. i'll break it down in your hour by hour. >> nothing can quite say thank
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kind of a battle between two birds of pray ends in a storm drain as dozens of people gather around to look at this sight. they watched rescuers rescue bald eagles. >> i'm stressed and nervous right now. >> after several hours one of the eagles escaped on their own.
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to her leg and cracked beak. before lightening up even further. overall winds lighter than what we have felt the last couple of days. and it is going to be a sunny and warm veteran's day. we're alzheimer's going to want to stay dry as we head into the weekend. if are your veteran's day 67 degrees right now. if you are going to be heading out maybe to the parade to get a great seat, you'll notice that those temperature comfortable through the morning. we're up to 77 by 11:00 and then eventually we do warm into the 80s as we go into this early afternoon with a high today of 83 degrees. that's one degree above yesterday's high temperatures. so if you liked yesterday i think you'll like today too. after that we start to cool back into the 70s. 75 degrees if you've got dinner plans by 7:00. nothing but sunshine today.
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particular plus a big drop in temperatures come engine that 7-day forecast. and iris freeways still looking good. but i do want to head out to the east valley to chandler. just off of loop 101 is where you'll see this. doesn't look like a huge traffic impact from the speeds i'm using. the rest of your east valley freeway's also pretty quiet right now. and i do want to look at o drive time. you can see friday morning traffic exactly what you want to hear. donald trump is now saying he plans to renegotiate the terms of the iran nuclear deal to increase its enforcement. he talked about it during the election. this is new information coming out saying he's not planning to do it immediately. the deal went into effect in
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of iran's weapons. if the u.s. tears up the agreement quote we will light it on fire. coming up what do you do if you have 800 extra hours on your hands. maybe engrave your truck. >> do you want to pay off your mortgage faster. you don't need to pay the bank to do it. joe will let you know how you can avoid the extra fees and save some cash. >> i'm getting new on that attack on the german
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well phoenix is getting ready it to honor valley veterans with this annual veteran's day parade. look at this. this was all done by hand. the owner of the truck says that he spent 800 hours just kind of carving this tribute to veterans here. this is going to be one of many floats that are going to be
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avenue. it's about honoring veterans but it's also about educating americans about all of these sacrifices these braef men and -- brave men and women. there's also going to be a special float with about 20 vietnam veterans on it. this is video from last year's parade and you can see just a ton of people lined up all dawn central. this parade is going to kick off at 11:00 this morning and then head south of 7th all of this starts at 11:00 this morning. dan. >> all right justin. got to say thank you to the family officer those veterans as well. -- families of those veterans as well. vets and active duty can get a free pizza or salad. applebees giving away a free meal. if you have a dirty car head to one of eleven jackson's car washes for a free full service.
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military id for all of these places. we know one person not getting the miss congeniality award. the crowns were for a local qualifying pageant this weekend. police say a box with the crowns inside was delivered to a home. crooks then stole that package right off the front porch. you see it time and again. the pageant executive director was once a miss phoenix herself and says the crowns are a big part of >> they're dreaming of that shiny hat. >> she started a gofundme and raised enough to buy new crowns. anybody with information is asked to please contact mesa p.d.. the grinch who stole christmas. a woman rings a doorbell, waits a moment and then just grabs a package right off the porch.
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daughter. thieves are caught dan. back at the live desk now the taliban is now claiming responsibility for the attack on a german consolute. a suicide car bomber ran right through the compound and of course set off the bomb. four people died. more than 100 others were injured and the blast so loud from quite a distance homes their windows shattered just from the concussion of that damage. officers in orlando showing what pulse nightclub looked like hours after the attack. the weapons still drawn to make sure that area was clear. officers wearing latex gloves. the disco lights just spinning. you see a constant ringing of cellphones left behind by the victims. if you want to pay off your
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you could do that by paying half every two weeks. nancy phoenix says she signed up to do that. the the mortgage company keeps it in limbo until the second half comes in. but if a partial payment isn't applied until the full payment comes in how do you make any money. >> it's not earning interest for you and it hasn't reduced your mortgage balance. >> by paying to enroll in some of these programs you're basicall them. sending half your mortgage payment every two weeks amounts to one extra payment a year. >> take that payment divide did by 12 and every month make an extra principle payment on your own. >> add $83 to your payment. and nans' make sure to tell your
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specifically want that extra payment to go to principle. just get ahold of me. if you've got a problem let me now. time now for your most accurate forecast. time is 5:18 and that temperature those temperatures across the valley a little varied but overall comfortably cool. you've managed to cool into the upper 50s right now. and we're in the 70s in a few like glendale also scottsdale. phoenix and tempe back down into the upper 60s this morning here with phoenix checking in right at 67 degrees. overall a comfortable morning with those clear skies. maybe you'll enjoy that cup of coffee on the patio if you've got time or just enjoy a nice drive into work. i think by around 7:00 a.m. a cool start to the day. staying in the mid 60s through 8:00 and sunny skies to kick off
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afternoon as temperatures warm back into the upper 70s to low 80s. we made it to my forecast high of 82. yesterday we hit 83 in phoenix. 81 for a high in mesa and tempe tops out at 82 degrees today. across the state looking like a nice day. 70s in kingman. 60s in payson. also sedona 60s and 70s rather. just a nice state. again not too uncomfortable. those low 80s they stay in the forecast today tomorrow even into sunday. we do feel a warm up going into early next week by tuesday. we're talking highs again near 90. here is the good news. there is a storm system that will move in and as of now it's looking like it will bring more clouds to the valley and a huge drop in temperatures. nearly or just above temperature
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something to look forward to. it's seven days out. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime i'll break down your hour by hour. abc 15 desert drive times. and your desert drive time right now on i-17 is exactly what you'd expect this morning. and this is southbound from the 101 to the i-10. if you're starting uh, near the 101 you're seeing those same conditions as you're traveling eastbound on the 101. remember earlier this morning we did have a crash i-10 westbound right near 75 avenue and so far i'm not seeing any delays on the 10 just yet either. whoa. okay. that deer not exactly liking the options at american eagle in still water oklahoma. it skipped the door.
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yeah, it ran right through the window and ran off. asu unveiling some new security at sun devil security. meet tillman. he's training to become an explosive detection dog. it is named after asu legend pat tillman. he's doing just as much training as tillman. 5:21 and dan while you were providing us with that story more world leaders reaching out to our new president elect donald trump. we just learned about a phone call between donald trump and the german chancellor angela meshgle. next week president obama will meet with merkle where they will discuss trade. music to the ears of so many ladies and gentlemen.
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we're getting a unique look of behind the wheel of a famous drive. drive. >> coming up at 5:30 the with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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a show of support for the veterans. miami heat jersey featuring
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gave the ultimate sacrifice. pac-12 after dark. asu looking to upset the u. aez big plays as the sun devils hosted utah. 10-0 and thanks to the return of many willkins the quarterback. the sun defts couldn't keep it going. they were just down 1 at the half. asu got blown out in the second half. in order eligible. get ready to rev those engines and make a left-hand turn over and over again. nascar back in town starting today. abc photo journalist got to take a drive around the track. how cool is that.
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weekend long. our reporter caught up with clint boyer. >> hey. i'm here to win. >> now boyer also says he loves the short track at pir and wishes there were more like it around the country. we checked and there are still tickets available for this weekend. definitely going to be a busy place to be. we say good morning to all of you. reed is sharing his students mid western university. speaking about his battle type 1 diabetes. 5 years ago he was told he would never be able to race again. well you know if you're heading out temperatures are going to be great this weekend. in the low 80s each afternoon. 60s in the mornings. i'll break down the hour by hour forecast in minutes. >> and i-10 really starting to fill up right now right at 67th avenue.
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large fire in california. waiting on the video to be turned around. we'll have that in just moments dan. >> a murder suspect on the run.
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tense moments this morning as phoenix police get hundred dollar a car that was involved in a robbery but then the guy doesn't want to stop and ends up crashing into an innocent person. we watched these high school
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protest the elections. were teachers involved? what the district is now saying. >> and the city is getting ready to honor veterans with the annual phoenix veteran's day parade. more on that coming up. >> and from all of us here at abc15 we say good morning and happy veteran's day. iris has a look at today and this weekend. >> to on veteran's whatever it is that you're doing today if you're going to be outside it is going to be it will get warm by this afternoon but this morning very nice and cool. 607 -- 67 degrees. we top out at 83 degrees. we'll look at that weekend in just a few minutes. and iris we have a new crash right now on i-10 and it's right at 51st avenue blocking that hov
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right to get by and again this happened just a few moments ago. delays aren't too terrible. if that sticks around for some time it could get worse. we'll head out to the east valley on i-10 in just a couple of minutes. mallory i want to take everyone to west phoenix where there is a crash caused be i a man fleeing from police. 83rd avenue and indian school. this is what i was listening to as officers moved >> they got him. stopped him right now. he crashed. he's at gun point right now. >> we also recovered a gun inside of the vehicle. >> he crashed into somebody. >> that crash happened shortly after officers got behind the driver of this mustang. we're told that vehicle has been stolen in an armed robbery just about 24 hours ago. the driver who caused all of
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and now breaking video coming out of chandler for a fire forced a near evacuation. we're told a plastic barrel caught fire. it then spread a little bit creating a tremendous amount of smoke. officers at a complex here near 43rd avenue and camel back. details pretty limited a point. we do know the victim is a man. that's all that's an released when i get updated you'll hear it. all right chris if you're dreeuing through tempe it opened back up. the driver took off. we haven't heard if the vehicle's stolen or not. final good-byes for the works of a hero taken in a senseless act of vienlsz. daren reed shot and killed
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1:00 p.m. in cholo. meantime a candle light vigil honoring officer reed takes a very unfortunately turn. a landmark statue depicting how cholo got its name. the candles placing around the statue. the original one was not bronze. it was actually a sty row foam fiber glass material. obviously the people that chris. dan now to the unrest across the country. this after election night and people who say the election didn't go their way they turn to the streets. these are now riots in portland. we've been following the portland police twitter page. we've seen objects thrown at police officers. quite a tremendous amount of vandalism. one person was heading to dinner when we got caught in the middle of this.
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on my window, one tried to break the window. >> what's the point? >> here's the new video from denver. they shut down the highway area for about 45 minutes but then concerning when things turned violent. well president elect donald trump is monitoring these situations in each city. he sent out a couple of tweets. earlier in the day just said an open and successful election. now professional protesters are protesting. very unfair. but an hour and a half ago he sent out this tweet love the fact that the small groups of protesters have passion for our country. we will all come together and be proud. here in the valley we're seeing students walking out of class. what is the message these students want to get across. >> reporter: dan, basically
5:35 am
their president so even though there's no school here today students from asu and also southbound high school plan to hit the protest again today. we watched hundreds of high school students walk out of class in the middle of the day and march to the capital. a few teachers are helping them oregon this protest. th page helpful tips on how to do a protest properly. they believe the students will be future leaders and activists so they want to guide them in the right direction. not everyone is happy with these protests. coming up what black lives matter of arizona is saying is and it might surprise you back to you. >> katie thank you. a lot of raw e moeks out there due to the election. a strong message from teachers.
5:36 am
change. the outpouring of emotion stems from the strong rhetoric. talk about building up walls. >> it's going to be okay. there's a government in place, there's checks and balances in place. we're america. we don't need to be divided by our parties. let's just wait and see how we can get through this and i promise it will be okay. >> hey, we've had people we didn't like in office before and the world didn't end and the sun's going to come up tomorrow. >> wisdom coming out of win creek there. teachers also warning adults to be mindful of what you post on social media. when it comes to other parts of the government it is all about diversity. the first latina american and
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5:36 i need to turn to a crime alert. a person of interest in a california murder may be hiding out right here in the valley and they're searching for 23-year-old tony macias. he's wanted out of modesto. goes by several other names including arello gutierrez and tony gutierrez. please give police a call right a fire rips through a storage. people have been tweeting out video of the flames. i've just pulled it up on the ipad. several people are being treated for smoke inhalation at this moment. has mat crews are on the scene. there's downed wires. they risked their live to
5:38 am
freedom today. knxv justin pazera live in downtown phoenix. >> reporter: the floats already getting here. this is just one of them. this is from the department of corrections right here and it was actually made by some of the inmates. another one that just got here. hank cue who served in the army. he engraved this truck right here. i had to ask him did you trace this? he didn't. he did all basically he said it's like an at that time too artist. this parade is going to kick off by 11:00 this morning. we're going to have 18 floats. 15 marching bands. there's also going to be a special float with about 20 vietnam veterans on it. again it's going to be kicking off here on central. it's going to make its way down camel back then turn down 7th street and head south.
5:39 am
reporting live in phoenix justin pazera knxv. you can catch the veteran's day parade in mesa. we know that several of the roads will be closed in that area giping at 7:00 this morning. throughout the morning this year's theme is generations of valor. just a heads up due to the holiday all the light rails will run on a sunday schedule. there will be no express rapid service either. mallory anything else going out on the road? >> you want to head back out to this crash out on the i-10. even partially dipping into the left lane here. this is i-10 eastbound right at 51st avenue. you're seeing solid delays back to 75th avenue or so. so make sure you stay to the right to get by that crash. you are seeing extra delays on
5:40 am
just a 7-minute desert drive time. until you hit u.s. 60. but this weekend there are some road closures because of some road work in the east valley. i'm going to map that out for you next iris. all right. let's talk about our most accurate forecast. mesa chandler that includes you. 60s still in glendale. shaping up to be a nice morning so far. with some nice breezes. we'll keep some of those breezes near 10 to they'll be below 10 miles an hour across the valley and overall today much lighter winds in what we have felt the last couple of days. our warm up happens like this. we'll go from 67 right now. before we start to warm back up. but we only warm into the low 80s again today. so while we're still above average at least it's not too far above average with a high of 83 degrees today in phoenix. we top out at 83.
5:41 am
80s. starting out in the 60s and sunday looking nice too but we'll see more clouds moving through as we track a disturbance moving across our state. it's not bringing in any rain. overall a great weekend to be outside. we'll talk about that 7-day next. time now 5:41 veterans not catching a break on this veteran's day. talking about veterans hospital. >> maricopa county sheriff's
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. ce while you're mastering life.
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happening right now police need your help across the valley as authorities are trying to find 87-year-old herbert burnett. he was last seen by his wife in sun city. by the afternoon he was gone and he hasn't been seen since. he did use a crate card or at least it was used at a circle k in phoenix hours later. he's driving a 2006 pontiac montana and his vehicle has a unique korean vet license plate. a valley teenager who survived the unthinkable says
5:45 am
suspected drunk driver who nearly killed her but she has some strong words. they were pushing their car to the gas station and it had run out of gas when he hit her. >> i really want him to learn that he's ruined my life and my friend's life. >> this is a tough story folks. police say the driver had a blood alco and he's had two prior extreme duis. she's hopeful she will walk again. her friend is out of the hospital and in rehab chris. dan, wait until you see these photos. there are delays at lax right now. and i want to show you why there are delays. look at this image here being tweeted out. a towing vehicle there collided
5:46 am
the china southern airlines plane blocking the taxiway. whoops. yikes yeah. quarter to 6:00 now chris. problems once again plaguing the va system in our state. two va suspects general reports confirm allegations of wait time manipulation and miss management at the southern va system. the report finds improperly trained staff while a different investigation found workers fails to properly schedule about 400 orthopedic appointments and 600 urology requests. i'm going to talk specifically overnight the mexican peso hit a record low 20.8 per dollar.
5:47 am
trading. it's quickly dropped since the election results came out. the dow jones closed at an all-time high on thursday. gma talking more about that this morning. >> we are looking at those markets chris. in less than a couple of hours it will open up. a massive drop off and then a spike as you just mentioned on the dow jones there. well it looks like the trump effect having at least one woman changing her story. she told polic and robbed of her head scarf by two men wearing donald trump clothing hours after he was elected. now she's admitting to police it was all made up. the damage was done issuing a firm rebuke. i just got down reading about that. a major police ambush.
5:48 am
domestic abuse was found dead in a pittsburgh home. 57-year-old michael quizinski killed his before shooting himself. 50 new jobs coming to tempe and the company bringing them has big shoes to fill. a u.s. airways. american airlines by the merr. and prosing a $34 million investment in the community. tempe's mayor said asu helped close the deal. >> not only for our residents but for the employees i think speaks volume. we're committed to investing in our community and tracking companies like adp.
5:49 am
we do have some other spots in the upper 60s like tempe, glendale also in the upper 60s at this hour. a nice morning overall. and if you live in cities like chandler, mesa, you're actually running a little cooler. we're down to the upper 50s in your neighborhood. a bit of a chill in the air as we kick off our friday morning. we do also have some breezes. right now genere b and 15 miles an hour across the phoenix area. and we'll keep those winds between 5 and 15 miles an hour through lunchtime. after that the winds drop to below 10 miles an hour and we're in for some light winds here. temperatures will go from 67 now in phoenix staying in the 60s through that 8:00 hour before the 70s kick in but we'll enjoy the 70s through that lunch hour before we're back in the 80s. today's high just one degrees warmer than yesterday.
5:50 am
you'll like today. and sunny skies in our forecast. future cast will show you nothing but clear conditions through this evening. if you've got plans to get up for an early morning walk tomorrow. sun eye conditions through our saturday but check out sunday. those clouds start to get closer by early sunday morning and sunday we will see more of those clouds drifting across as we track a disturbance. we'll see some clouds but we won't see any disturbance on sunday. so we do stay dry across the valley. temperatures will get warmer monday into tuesday. we're talking upper 80s by tuesday. but there is a drop in temperatures coming. from wednesday into thursday we're going to go from 85 down into the mid 70s by next thursday. if you're going to be outside this weekend we'll talk about that pollen forecast in just a few minutes. but are you hoping to win a $50 gift card to dutch bros.
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word of the day. catch that weather word sometime in that 6:00 hour and enter at i'm monitoring a crash sounds like it could be south of 1st after. this is all right off of the 17 here allison rodriguez is on her way to the crash. we'll get you more details. taking a look at some weekend construction. loop 202 e shut down tonight. so it's from i-10 right at the mini stack until you hit 44th street. just take the 10 instead of the 202 because again you are going to see that closure. the only delays we're seeing out on the freeway are i-10 out in the west valley. i've pulled up this shot right at 7th avenue.
5:52 am
blocking those delays. i'm going to give you a look at those delays coming up. yes, a kor chorus of young children coming together. >> i've got to admit that i definitely had some tears and um, it's nice to see that they do know what we're about, what we were about. >> donald decker you heard from him there. he's a veteran and he called his best years of his life. he encourages other people to serve. your family can celebrate the holidays a little bit early. we've got that plus other things to do around town. coming up in the 6:00 hour are you team trump?
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well a valley mother proving you can use the creating life-saving art. her daughter's lunchbox every day. mya has down syndrome. so every sketch encourages this bubbly 3 grader to drive for life accomplishments. >> i want everybody to realize there's everyday beauty of life. >> 471 sketches will be on display at the millen house.
5:56 am
great weekend. to make get out on the town. >> lots of things to do for you your family and friends you can rock out to more than 200 artists. a fuel is back for the second year plus chester bennington of lincoln park will be speaking. >> and eric bloodsto will be signing auto graphs. >> and get your family in holiday spirit. give away. >> tomorrow is blitz day in scottsdale. and visit local businesses. >> and of course if you are going to be out honoring our veterans today 83 degrees for a high. i'll show you that hour by hour warm up in minutes. >> and a new crash i-17 northbound in northern. >> and protests turn into riots as things get out of hand across
5:57 am
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5:59 am
happening right now protests across the nation turning into riots as things turn violent in portland. more than two dozen people arrested overnight. >> plus a local activist group is saying no more to these election protests find out why coming up. >> she may still wear a gown but
6:00 am
the thieves that got away with the very important part of the miss america pageant. our temperature down to 67 degrees under clear skies. still some linger breezes this morning but they're lighter. we'll keep those light breezes around through the morning as temperatures gradually warm this afternoon up to 83 degrees. a sunny dry day. we'll talk about what to expect this weekend. mallory. taking a look at the right now. we do have an i'm not sure if it's a crash or a stall. right near northern. it's stopped right now. looks like they're starting to let some of those go on the right-hand side. the hov lane has been blocked. they just moved it over to the side but you are going to see a lot of slowing. also want to give you a heads up on i-10 b. all the way aback to 83rd avenue. i'm going to give you another


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