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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 taking action. >> from a peaceful protest to an all-out riot over night with more protests planned as our country remains divided over a donald trump presidency. >> and they've sued hundreds of times for thousands and thousands of dollars. a valley group says they are non profit. now that said is called into >> and honoring our country's veterans this is a live look at the phoenix veteran's day parade. we're going to give you a behind the scenes veteran's day preparations. we are working to find out more about this bad crash here. this one is near cactus avenue. it is hard to tell by the damage but one of them is a white chevy impala. we're told the driver was trapped inside of that car and had to be rescued by fire crews.
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their condition unknown. we do have calls into police to find out what caused that crash. i was actually out there this morning. police tell me they do believe alcohol is a factor. a crash was caused in phoenix by a man trying to get away from police. >> here's what we heard on the radio as those officers moved in. >> south of indian school right now. he crashed. he's at gun point right now. >> we also the vehicle. he crashed. >> yeah, this crash happened shortly after police got behind the driver of the mustang. we are told that vehicle had been stolen in an armed robbery just 24 hours earlier. now those injuries in the crash weren't serious but the driver who caused that has now got a whole lot of explaining to do here. we've got to say good morning and thank you for
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i'm justin pazera. >>. >> and i'm allison rodriguez. we're sitting right in the mid 70s right now. those breezes still a little elevated. we have felt the last couple of days. they'll stick around for a couple more hours. overall just lighter than yesterday or the day before. temperatures will go from the 70s now in afternoon but it is still going to be a pretty nice day despite the fact that our temperature will be about a degree warmer here on this veteran's day than yesterday. plan on that temperature to climb by 818:00. that's when we'll peak our temperature before we see that temperature fall again. by 6:00 upper 70s. clear skies in the forecast. perfect if you want to head out to dinner this evening. we'll talk a little bit more about that weekend forecast.
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around but i'll show you when we're going to see any chances of rain. protests getting violent in portland. protesters smashing business window, lighting fire crackers, even setting a dumpster on fire. officers forced to use tear gas on some of those protesters. at least 26 people were arrested. meanwhile today hundreds of valley students expected to protest donald trump's presidency two more marches planned despite the holiday. any minute now people are expected to march from south mountain high school to downtown phoenix. tonight more are expected to gather at old main on asu's campus. this morning a group is now telling protesters to stand down. >> black lives matter arizona took to their facebook page posting this. what are you protesting?
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just because we didn't get the president we want doesn't mean it's okay to protest the one chosen. they go on to challenge people to find a way to restructure the system they're so upset about. but more protests are planned in the valley today at asu and at south mountain valley high school. a total of 200 students walked out of class yesterday. >> and this morning there's concern of teachers helping these students plan protests. if the teachers are of doing this there will be consequences. president elect donald trump is monitoring the situations in each city. he has sent out two tweets with a very different tone. take a look. yesterday he had this to say. just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting very unfair. well around 4:00 this morning he sent this one out. love the fact that the small
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passion for our great country. we'll all come together and be proud. one of the men who helped proof bill. the l.a. times reported that chris cobong is being recruited right now. part of it allowed officers to ask people for their paper who is they thought could be here illegally. cobock was reported as saying the border wall will it's just a matter of cost and time. a final good-bye in the works for a hero taken from us in a senseless act of violence. cholo officer daren reed. meantime the candle light vigil honoring officer reed takes an unfortunate turn. that's a landmark statue. it is badly burned right now.
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statue's artist to replace it with bronze because the original material was sty row foam fiber glass. well the phoenix veteran's day parade going on right now. these are live pictures of that parade going on right now. the parade just getting started. 11:00 you can see air 15 overhead and we also have a ground crew right there. about 18 floats and 15 marching bands. they're just going to weave their way through the phoenix. huge crowds expected down there as well. 40,000 plus and for some people in this parade honoring veterans really hits home. >> it's been a journey. >> reporter: it is a journey and a labor of love for hank robinson. an army veteran. with the tribute to veterans. he joined the military when he was 17. >> when i got out i kind of got in a little bit of trouble for some years and i found engraving and it really saved my life and
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been absolutely phenomenal since then. >> reporter: hank spent 800 hours etching intricate details on his truck. >> i'm super focused. i don't think about the rest of the world or dramas or problems or anything. this is my focus. this is my get away. >> reporter: hank's truck is just one of the tributes in the parade. again this year the university of phoenix is a major sponsor. 20% of its students are vets. this parade is an opportunity to remember, honor, and teach a our country. >> i think that we as one generation need to continue these traditions because again this is about who we are as a nation. >> reporter: this is the 20th year for the phoenix veteran's day parade. a tradition of honor that will certainly corroborate. >> and in the east valley the mesa veteran's parade under way right now. generation of valor. going to expect them to re-open
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will be a benefit concert taking action for homeless veterans. that show is free but donations are welcome to go towards housing and other programs. earlier this morning president obama participated in delaying of the wreath ceremony at arlington cemetery in honor of military veterans past and present who have served and sacrificed if for our country. the ceremony is a tradition on veten' said where are you? where are you? i said grandma shut up just know that i love you. >> crushed by a suspected drunk driver. and everybody else on the road. >> and a medical break through giving hope to people who cannot walk. >> and do you think these protests over donald trump's presidency are hurting or
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seven arrests in the first seven days of the month and that's the tally just so far at the port of nogales. total they are worth more than $1 million and we're told two women from the valley were arrested and a couple of these busts. we've seen a lot of drugs at the border. that airport is making sure we don't have anything coming through the air in passenger's luggage. the airport has a new customs and board facility. one medical break through scientists say they have helped a paralyzed monkey walk again. so the findings just published in the journal of nature a neurosurgeon put electrodes. that device sent instructions to the spine telling the legs to move. scientists say it could be at
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that procedure in humans. u.k. scientists have come up with a way to test hiv. it uses a drop of blood to measure for hiv levels. then sends an electrical signal to a computer, a laptop or a hand held device. that device is said to be very accurate. right now people have to wait up to three days for test results. the hope is that it will help patients in remote regions of the world. researchers n finding that women with higher levels of vitamin d were given a wetter prognosis. premenopausal women. the phoenix veteran's day parade taking place right now. just kicking off just about 10 minutes ago. find out which businesses around the valley are honoring servicemen and women today.
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let's get to a crime alert this morning. a person of interest in a california murder may be hiding out here in the valley. 23-year-old tony macias he also goes by tony gutierrez. if you see him call 911 right
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store. they even stole a worker's purse, cash, and merchandise there and then they make a run for it. so if you recognize them please call silent witness. a reward up to $1000 being offered. a big break in a prisoner escape. busted for car-jacking in tempe. he was already wanted in scottsdale for a car-jacking there and we're finally hearing from th stole to run from the cops. >> he was like banging on my window and i'm thinking what does this guy want and i think in the meantime i like panicked and i probably opened the door. >> so jennifer right there had just dropped off her daughter and was waiting on a red light and told police that he jumped in her car and she bailed. he was on the run after leading salt river police on a chase that morning and later pushing a security guard to escape the
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investigation in scottsdale. look at this. officers say a 25-year-old in that black car there crashed into several vehicles including a patrol car. a woman called 911 afterward saying she was rear-ended several times. officers tracked down the driver who hit another vehicle and then spun around and hit a cop car. he was arrested at 48th street and thomas. but he is at the hospital right now. we're told road rage and alcohol believed to be factors in one. abc15 investigators raising some questions now about the group at the center of hundreds of lawsuits of hundreds of disabled parking facilities. seeking non profit status. a legal expert we talked to says that could mean a problem. hundreds of lawsuits seeking thousands of dollars in damages for minor parking lot infractions.
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emotionings of these elections affecting our youth. not to anger but to spark change. the outpouring of emotion seen stemmed from the rhetoric. talking about rounding up immigrants and building walls. it's really scared some of these kids. >> it's going to be okay. there's a government in place. there's checks and balances in place. we're america. we d our parties and i promise it will be okay. >> hey. we've had people that we didn't like in office before and the world didn't end and the sun's going to come up tomorrow and it's all going to be okay. >> teachers also asking adults to be mindful of what you post on social media or say out loud. a chorus of young voices
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in scottsdale performed for proud parents and members of our community who served our nation. >> i've got to admit i definitely had some tears and it's nice to see that they do know what we're about. what we were about. >> yeah, donald decker is a veteran and he calls four years in the air force the best of his life. he encourages other young people to serve. >> around the valley some businesses are offering deals for veterans and a members. to get a free pizza or salad. red robin has a free double burger and fries. and if you have a dirty car you can head to one of 11 jackson's car washes for a free full service. just remember have that military id with you at all of these places. asu unveiling some new security at sun devil's stadium. meet tillman.
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he's training to become an explosives detections dog. his handler officer colten adams says he's doing just as much training as tillman learning new techniques along the way. and a very beautiful day too. >> i know. >> so nice that a lot of you -- what were you going to say? you were outside. >> i was outside. >> and you were loving it. >> thank you iris. my of iris. >> you're so kind . well hopefully it was a great day for everyone and as a veteran's day parade folks enjoying the great weather and of course honoring our veterans here this morning. this is a live view from the parade in central phoenix here this morning. got started about 20 minutes ago and shaping up to be a very nice day. i see a lot of hats. we look live with our valley
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we're in the mid 70s. always have that hat, sunglasses handy. plus our burn time is about 45 minutes as you are outside. something to keep in mind. 76 is our current temperature. those winds rights now out of the east and northeast. we do have some slightly stronger winds in other spots like mesa coming in at 12 miles an hour. so genere 5-15 miles an across the valley. as we go into the afternoon. certainly much lighter again than what we've been feeling the last couple of days. mid 70s currently in mesa and chandler. and a nice 77 degrees currently in glendale. southern arizona where we had the strong winds the last few days even the dust that was kicking up. not seeing those strong winds anymore.
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the lighter side now. temperature-wise across the state we did drop into the 20s up north in spots like flag staff this morning. 66 in sedona. and currently sitting at a nice 71 at lake havasu. we're going to continue to see these clear skies. that storm system that brought the breezes the last few days is still just off to our east but it's slowly pushing away. and we keep our forecast nice and dry as that storm system again clears ou into tomorrow foo. by sunday we do track another disturbance that's going to move in from the west but it's going to be a dry one. you will notice more cloud cover by our sunday. today, though, all dry across the state. if you've got plans to head out to dinner. 5:00 looking pretty good and clear. a nice day ahead. a little warm this afternoon but overall a nice day. tomorrow looking very nice as well with those clear skies
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then sunday watch when those clouds start to move in. you'll see some of them thicker at times. otherwise mostly sunny and a dry forecast through the weekend. it's looking dry for the valley the next seven days. more moisture by wednesday. that will mean more clouds for the valley. but also rain chances moving back into high country. wednesday into thursday. we may not see rain chances in the valley but we will get nice cool down by the end of the week. for today 76 now. will warm to 79 by noon and a high of 83 degrees. i'll show you that 7-day forecast and that weekend in just a few minutes. well she may still wear her gown but what is she without her crown. the search is on for the thief who got away with a very important part of the miss america pageant. >> and who knew little pieces of
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we have a traffic alert for you right now in tempe. you can see rescue crews trying to get somebody out of that your screen. this accident pretty much just happening a few minutes ago. al just a few seconds ago you see that white car right there it's smoking pretty good. obviously you're going to have to try to get around that if you're headed that way or you know somebody headed that way. we're working to find out exactly what caused that crash. again a traffic alert at apache and rural. quick mention there that the
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closed. northbound lane rural closed. in phoenix convention center last night and you recognize those faces. serving as mcs for the event. srp was honored for their work in the event and the community. serve as the keynote speaker. the ald committed to fight against all forms of bigotry. a valley mother proving can use the simplest mediums to create life-changing art. >> yeah, with just a napkin and a pen. every single day. mya has down syndrome so every sketch encourages this little bubbly third grader to celebrate life and be proud of her accomplishments. >> i want people to realize that there's beauty in everyday life and the simplest of moments can
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>> well dozens of her 471 sketches are going to be on display starting tonight. >> veterans not catching a break on this veteran's day as we learn about another va hospital having weight problems. >> and a teen talking for the first time about her terrifying experience as a drunk driver
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so she thought she was going to die. this morning we are hearing from a phoenix teen from her hospital bed. >> terrifying ordeal for her. a young person must muster up courage. an incredible empowering story. >> it's kind of hard because sometimes i wake up and like i'll remember that my leg's broken. >> a metal bar and bandages. 16-year-old mindy markel fighting to keep both of her legs. >> this leg it was like from a movie. it was just dangling. >> the teen and her friends just ran out of gas at i-17 and cactus. they started to push when a car plowed into them. >> i accepted it that this was my time to go. >> lying on the ground mindy had her friend dial the one number she could remember.
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>> completely ruined there's so much blood. >> i said grandma shut up just know that i love you please. >> the paramedics loaded her into the ambulance ready to put in an iv. >> i said even though both of my legs are broken and i think i'm dying i was scared of the little needle. i think people mak >> vincent vaughn had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit and he's had two prior dui convictions. >> i really want him to learn that he's ruined my life, and my friend's life. >> that was hard to hear. that was kim toven reporting. mindy says she is taking it day by day but she is hopeful that
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again. >> new this morning and on veteran's day no less. problems plaguing the va again in arizona. they say two va inspector general reports confirm allegations and wait time stipulation and miss management. u.s. senators john mccain and jeff lake calling this up acceptable. while a different investigation found workers failed to properly schedule about 400 orthopedic appointments and 600 urology requests. >> well we now know one person who's not going to be getting the miss congeniality reward. those crowns were for a local qualifying pageant this weekend. police say a box with those crowns inside was delivered to a home near val vista and southern. the pageant executive director was once a miss phoenix herself and she says those crowns.
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shiny hat. they're dreaming of wearing that. >> she started a gofundme page and she did raise enough money to buy some new crowns. anybody with information is asked to call mesa police. >> it's the grinch who stole christmas. watch as a woman rings the doorbell. waits a few seconds and then she grabs that package on doorstep. and inside of that box a christmas gift for the homeowner's daughter. you know sure it's a possibility but would it actually happen. would sheriff joe arp arpaio go
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trump's biggest supporters but one challenge in all of this when arpaio's challenge actually begin his lawyers are working to delay it until the beginning of next year. arizona senator jeff lake before the election told us america deserves better but now that trump won he's willing to support the president elect. >> i have not spoken to him yet but the speech he gave was encouraging right after he won. i thought it was a healing speech. i think if he governs that way it will be good for the country and all of us. >> it's his words. replace it with a plan that does not burden people and businesses. >> and while questions surround what will happen to the affordable care act. americans are reacting by setting up for insurance . on wednesday 100,000 plans were selected. the busiest day since open enrollment began on december the 1st.
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don't expect many changes until 2018. maybe you're looking for a new career path. donald trump looking to fill 4,000 positions on his team. a variety of jobs there too. so if you want to apply you can go to they're still asking for ideas if you want to contribute. more local news right now. an attorney who worked in a high profile case in the valley has been fraud. scott mason hid assets including a million dollars home. she's the mother of little jesse shockly who went missing and was never found. today she's behind bars for her daughter's death. well your safety on the road comes down to the choices you make. you're going to see that message right now. a-dot launching a new weekend campaign changing those freeway signs to control yourself, control your car, save lives.
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special with a frozen turkey. the phoenix rescue mission is hosting its annual turkey drive tomorrow. to donate families in need and also cook for the homeless here in the valley. so if you want to help just drop off a turkey between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 this morning. want to pay off your mortgage faster? you don't need the bank to do it. how you can avoid the extra fees and save >> was it just a crazy coincidence or something more? many asking that question on social media after seeing this video here. two bald eagles being rescued from the storm drain after literally just falling from the sky. experts believe those birds of pray were fighting in the air. the other a 5-year-old female needed to be pulled out.
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girl scouts in our area are taking action really to help out our community and they need your help to do it too. we are leah here with good will and we also have sofia and sophie here. >> 1079. >> she's got it down. they're here because you're going recycling drive. >> we collected stuff to donate to good will. >> that's awesome. >> collect a lot of stuff? >> yeah. >> over 36 bags. >> over 36 bags, wow. >> amazing. >> how important is that? >> it's so important. it's good for the environment. and good for our community. >> talk about that example that
11:41 am
girls their age. have been somebody their age taking part in something like this. >> the girl scouts are setting such a great example of showing how easy it is to recycle. collect things that you don't need around your house don't throw it away and donate them. >> so what did you guys find that was maybe surprising. you didn't know that you could recycle. anything that you didn't know you were like i didn't know i could take this. anything you can think of? >> some of our that we earned we donated some of those. >> we got just big pans old metal pans. things like that that's just sitting around. donate that. those are things that can be recycled. >> so if people want to help out what other kinds of things do you need? >> we're always in need of house hold items. clothing. those pots and pans. all the electronics you don't
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the holidays are coming up. make space for that new stuff. donate those things and the girl scouts here have done a great job with doing that. >> where can people drop off those donations. >> our girl scout troops are collected donations this weekend. visit any good will donation centers. you can bring donations things that you no longer need. >> sophia all of our girls here from our girl scouts troop. thank you thanks allison. so have you ever sent an e-mail by mistake. you know that feeling. you want to take it back. well now there's an app to take it back. >> it is going to be a gorgeous
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all right. we are watching wall street for you here and right now this is a live look and the dow is 9 points. you can see right there we're currently sitting at 800,000. about 8 points right now. new jobs coming to tempe and the company bringing them has had big shoes to fill. payroll company adp moving in and promising nearly $34 million investments in the tempe community. tempe's mayor says the city's walk ability and asu talent pool has helped close that deal.
11:46 am
the residents and employees speaks volume and shows that we're commit today investing in our community and tracking companies like adp. >> they say they will keep their other location in chandler fully staffed. in flagstaff by 2021 minimum wage will be $15 an hour. voters just approved that initiative. and because of the passage of prop 206. barbecue and r down this week saying it's because of the voter approval to raise the minimum wage. the owners claiming it can no longer afford to do business. >> if you want to pay off your mortgage faster you may think you can do that by paying half. nancy says she signed up to do that but the money isn't immediately applied. until the second half comes in. but if a partial payment isn't applied until the full payment
11:47 am
money. >> it just doesn't make sense. >> it's not earning interest for you and it hasn't reduced your mortgage balance. >> you're basically paying them to pay them but there's a way around that. sending half your mortgage payment every two weeks amounts to about one extra payment a year. so instead of paying the bank. >> take that payment divide did by 12 and every month make an extra principle payment on y own. >> for example if your mortgage payment. >> you can easily do it yourself. >> and nancy make sure to tell your mortgage company you specifically want that payment to go to principle. need my help here's how to get ahold of me. i'm investigator joe ducey. if you've got a problem let me know. another traffic alert for you right now. this is going to be in pioria.
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patient into that ambulance right now. we actually saw another patient being loaded into the ambulance just a few minutes ago. there's a car on top of another car. >> yeah, i'm not sure if our friends at air 15. here we go right now. in case you're familiar with this air. look at that. yeah, i think that's some kind of red suv sitting on top of that white car, that white vehicle underneath it. it's a bad crash. makes you wonder how it got there in the first place. we are told three vehicles are involved in this one. seven people being treated. so again near 70th avenue and thunderbird and we're told that intersection is now closed because of this crash. we'll keep you posted on what we've learned there. yahoo under the microscope because the company knew of the hack attack 18 months before
11:49 am
from about 5 million users. but the public only found out about it seven weeks ago. help is on the way for parents whos kids made an inept purchase on their phone. laying out rules how amazon must reimburse customers. starting next year that's going to explain the refund procedure. the judge amazon's request to reimburse customers with gift offering companies now require a pass word for inapp purchases. if you've ever sent an e-mail by mistake and you thought oh, no and you wish there was an un-do button. it appears at the bottom of your screen but only for a few seconds after you send out that e-mail. it's also available on g-mail's
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the company snapchat is now selling sunglasses. if you want it to get them you're going to need to stake out this funky smiling yellow vending machine. the first one was installed in venice beach and the glasses quickly sold out. snapchat plans to offer the spectacles today at another location but have yet to say exactly where at. all right. get ready to rev y nascar back in town starting today. at abc15 photographer kendra flores getting to take a spin around the track as drivers and fans gear up. >> it's happening all weekend long at the phoenix international raceway. clint boyer told us he's got his eye on the prize. >> i'm here to win. i'd like to win this baby. >> so boyer also says that he
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wishes there were more like it around the country. >> we checked there are still 60s available. i was finally in the 80s here feeling like fall. i think it will be a great time to get out there. >> it is feeling a little closer to average. i've got even better news in that 7 day. let's talk about this weekend for us here and today. temperatures are actually running not far from where they were at this time yesterday. so as you were lunch yesterday. just hit a degree lower at phoenix sky harbor and you see a lot of 70s out there still. although we're close to the 80s in spots like surprise and pioria. 79 in chandler and gilbert. and goodyear you've hit 80 here this morning. but overall shaping up to be a very nice morning. generally just between about 5 and 15 miles an hour across the valley.
11:52 am
the last couple of days. certainly not seeing the dust issues south of the valley. right now 76 degrees. pleasant across the valley. we'll warm into the upper 70s at phoenix sky harbor and eventually the 80s set in by 1:00 and our highs today make it into the low 80s across much of the valley. so we are still unseasonably warm but again a little closer to that average than where we started at earlier very nice today. lavine also hits 83. and scottsdale will top out at 82 degrees with a high of 82 in gilbert as well. seeing spots like cape creek make interesting into the upper 70s this afternoon. 83 in phoenix but 85 in bull head city. if you're driving up to the high country today we will enjoy clear skies pretty much across the state. so through the afternoon should
11:53 am
interest the weekend. >> those temperatures cooling off into the 50s in some spots. a little bit of a chill in the air in some spots. down into the 20s though up north. flag staff down to 25 degrees as we kick off our saturday morning. this morning we dropped into the 20s in flagstaff. that's the coolest night we have felt up there so far this season. so another cool night on tap. across the valley just a bit of a chill in the as you start thinking about the weekend we'll top out at 83 today. tomorrow back into the low 80s after starting out in the 60s and sunday still in the 80s. just a little bit warmer. up to 84 degrees. a few more high clouds for our sunday as the disturbance moves across. check out that forecast if you are going to be at pir. it will be dry despite those clouds moving through. sunny skies through your saturday. temperatures warming to 82 by around 3:00 and then a high of
11:54 am
pir. you might want to take a hat or sunglasses as our burn time is about 45 minutes as i mentioned earlier. so sunblock still a great idea too. check out the changes by next week. we could see a big drop in temperatures by thursday. looking like we can drop back into the mid 70s. >> definitely. okay. well still to come we have got to look at this because we're tracking this bad crash in pioria. we know the
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abc15 poll of the day is brought to you by sanderson ford. >> now to the results of the poll of the day. we want to know if you think all of these protests are helping or hurting the country. thunderbird closed at both
11:57 am
pioria. thousands lining the streets in several valley cities including phoenix to honor our nation's vets. veteran's day parade going on today. that's okay. several streets downtown are going to stay closed we've got all the information online. let's look at that 7-day forecast. today shaping up to be a very nice day. in the low 80s across the valley. we'll stay in those low 80s
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? >> announcer: today, we're saluting our veterans with a tried and true thanksgiving. carla's making a decadent sweet treat with merrin dungey. mario's frying up a turkey with cajun twist. and michael's serving up a meal to some real american heros. thanksgiving dinner is served, right now, on "the cw. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew!" you know, we have been having celebrations for thanks giving for nearly 400 years, so who are we to mess with tradition? today, we're all about the tried


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