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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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then -- bridge over university for a time and then got to old main within the last 15 minutes or so. no one has been hurt, no property damaged, no one arrested. one says she's protesting democracy in that it resulted with donald trump as president. another says she's protesting the idea that donald trump could get elected. some trump supporters are driving along the protesters yelling at them. everyone has been safe so far. now that we have nightfall. >> thanks. let's give you another look. protests happening in philly. we know that you have friends and family all across the country so we're going to keep that box on the bottom left of your screen there so we can cycle through the scenes and keep you updated so you can keep an eye on things as well. many have asked what the president-elect's policies will look like and many are asking
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promise. all throughout the campaign he said he would repeal and replace obamacare on day one. he told the wall street journal he may keep parts of the law. trump supporters say it's not surprising. >> i always assumed you would have a preexisting condition provision in the revision or the amendment or the total repeal. you would still include preexisting conditions. >> the president-elect considering keeping the clause that allows kids to parent's insurance until they're age 26. this he says after his visit with the president yesterday. vice president elect mike pence has the reigns the incoming president in the process of picking his cabinet. president donald trump will be sworn in on january 20th and that team will be in place. an immigration hard liner the man who wrote the most
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country sb1070. advocates are stunned by this choice. >> there's been a lot of tears. >> hernandez says the immigrant community felt some hope when trump's victory speech highlighted unity. now they're preparing for more protests. kansas secretary of state kris kobach known as the father of sb1070 tapped to help the trump administration with immigration policies. >> from the wall to how you encourage illegal aliens to leave. >> he gives himself credit for coming up with a plan to force mexico's hand to pay for the wall. he would block money transfers into mexico. >> if you want to send money home and you're an alien in the united states you have to prove that you are here legally.
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immigration advocates say the mood has been somber. what they thought was tough campaign talk now seeming like reality. >> so much humanity in there. it's sad to see how heartless people can be. >> immigration advocates are holding out hope that president- elect donald trump would consider an inclusive plan. sonu wasu abc 15 news. work o in maricopa county will go on. that will happen through the weekend. they're saying that work is going to pick up again tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. there are still 238,000 early ballots to count. and 55,000 provisional ballots to count. they've got to get them processed and cooldowned in mare copa county -- and counted in maricopa county. it's a big topic of conversation. brandon coleman speaking up.
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at 10:00. but he's reportedly said trump needs good people around him like whistle blowers to make sure the va thrives. a much needed break from politics. we can all agree that vets deserve our respect and thanks. both young and old honoring the selfless heros of our country. the theme this year? welcome home vietnam veterans. >> thousands in the streets in the mesa vete honoring generations of valor. organizations are taking some time to single out the mesa men and women that served as well. a beautiful day to get out in honor of the veterans. we hit the 80s and now in the 70s valley wide. 75 in mesa. upper 70s in goodyear. a few breezes this afternoon. as you get into tomorrow's forecast upper 50s to low 60s as we start the morning. we'll still be in the upper 60s
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upper 70s by noon. and back above average. average high 77 degrees. headed to 83. going to be a dry, sunny saturday ahead. a couple of breezes as we get into the late morning into the afternoon hours between ten and 15 miles per hour. overall on the lighter side as we get into tomorrow. we're warming up before we see 70s return. a look at the full forecast coming up. two arrests two months after an arizona was found in parker valley. investigators say only this about the suspects at this point. her family says they heard from her two days before her death. she was supposed to get a ride from a friend but her body was found. the family offered a reward. the mother of a man who lived in the valley and is an accused serial killer.
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media outlets. todd was accused of killing seven people in south carolina. detectives have found three bodies on his property. new information about a man who police say rammed his car into several vehicles including a patrol car in skots dpael. they had to -- scottsdale. they had to rush the 25-year- old to the hospital after he tried to take his own life. road rage and alcohol are a factor. an unfortunate way to end a week. three people recovering from serious injuries afte five-car crash near 75th avenue and thunderbird. the good news, they're going to be okay. no word on what caused the crash. behind that wall is a pool. so this was a very close call. just in to the live desk. former governor jan brewer recovering from pneumonia. she made it back to the valley the same night and she will be fine.
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wants money to take down the terror cell. the secretary of defense agrees and says it's vital for national security. congress has to decide if they want to approve another 11.6 billion dollars that would bring the price up. it's hard to believe it's been almost a year since the paris attacks. the first anniversary this sunday. 130 people lost their lives in the attack linked to isis. police still have questions. two of the attacker been identified. police face pressure from the survivors. the survivors and their families expected to be at the attack sites on sunday to remember those who lost their lives. three dozen arrests at the dakota access pipeline. this as crews dig up the construction site. a sign things are moving forward there. a big development tonight. the company behind the controversial project says it's
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diffuse contention there. the u.s. army corp of engineers has been trying to get these results for a while. the keystone xl pipeline is a topic of conversation again. mitch mcconnell wants the president-elect to get construction going and quickly. it's controversial for environmental reasons. mr. trump has said he'll support the project. an evacuation suspicious package. one terminal closed for hours. police have not said what they found. a sun has set but thousands of people are just getting the party started. . >> nascar weekend is here and joe bartels is out there live tonight, joe? >> yeah, the lights are on. it's going to be a big party. a concert set for tonight. we're out here with r vshlgss. almost -- rvs. almost # 6,000 of them.
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celebration. they set up their rvs, they bring their kids, and it's just a huge party. and that is what nascar is trying to instill here, a culture of family-friendly fun. >> seeing the diversity, seeing more women. a lot of the younger generation, you know. as we're getting older, i didn't have gray hair when this started. it's cool. everybody is bringing their kids and they're growing up and bringing their friends >> and about 200,000 people expected for this race weekend. and tickets are pretty reasonable. about $20 for the grand stand, guys? >> it's a pretty exciting event out there. everyone is happy. >> everybody is celebrating, enjoying. thanks so much, joe. keep this in mind. especially since the traffic is outside pir. control yourself, control your vehicle, save lives. that's adot's new message.
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take a good look at your screen. some new surveillance pictures coming in from the live desk. they really want to catch this guy. he robbed a circle k. if you know who he is give police a call. workers wanted in the valley. there's a bonus if you're hired at the event you get $200. it's being held by hms host. they own a lot of restaurants and a variety of workers are needed. it's in phoenix at 9:00 a.m. . will trump tower become a second pillar of the new president? what happens next? one guy thought he had a one way ticket out of the state. instead it was to jail for a big scam. and veterans can be easy the targets for scammers. why their retirement could be in jeopardy. keeping you updated on a
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want to keep you updated from the live desk a third night of anti-trump protests happening across the country. people feeling that they need their voices to be heard. others at home feeling like their voice was heard when they cast their vote. at any rate, a big heads up if you're headed out. traffic tie ups in some cities. here in phoenix. the safety of all parties and all groups is what's most important here. steve? >> we've seen the protests outside trump tower but now more questions about plans for the property. tom is talking to some of those closest to the incoming president in a 20/20 special airing at 9:0 . >> someone used the phrase the new york wing of the white
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president that goes back and forth from manhattan to the white house. donald trump surprises everybody. >> tom spent more than 500 days covering the kamg pain. donald trump -- campaign. donald trump doze basically what donald trump wants. -- does basically what donald trump wants. another breech. the most notable one was this one in 20 sh. a teen -- 2014. a teen managed to hitch a ride to hawaii and lived to tell the tale. yesterday's scare involved a homeless man walking on to a restricted airfield. things have been running smoothly for hours after a computer glitch that affected airlines this morning. the company says things are fixed. american airlines, alaska airlines and jetblue were affected. 22-year-old gregory reed
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he was part of a three-man crew stealing loaded gift cards from wal-mart. police gathered up $25,000 worth of cards. they trick clerks by saying they would pay in cash. once the card was loaded they'd take off with the loot. veterans you've protected us. now it's our chance to protect you and keep more money in your pocket. avoid these scams like military pension schemes targeting vets over 65. the federal trade commission says these advisors come to senior centers and other places. they want to charge you to move your money around and charge you for things you don't need. problem is signing up could strip your ability for financial help that you qualify for. thn there's the va imposter scam. i know a lot of you have been waiting for cals back from the -- calls back from the va. verify who they are.
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number. contact the number you already have and check them out. it's a hassle, but better to be annoyed than scammed. bogus military charities. coming at you by phone, email, or a knock at the door. it's easy to give money to the wrong people. there are websites that can let you know who they really are. bottom line, research anybody who comes asking for your money. and thank you for your service. head to let joe know for always the information on where to start. i'm investigator joe ducey. you got a problem, let me know. a beautiful weather day across the valley for veterans day. if you have plans outdoors this evening maybe dinner or the patio 79 in phoenix. 80 in tempe. overnight lows on the cool side as you head out tomorrow morning. 50s for goodyear.
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os. above -- 80s. above average high temperatures heading into tomorrow afternoon. if you're heading to nascar weekend, 82 there. sunny skies. a little bit of high cloud cover moving in tomorrow evening. a little more in that sunday forecast. not looking at any rain chances. again we stay in the 80s. over the weekend our quality forecast looking good as well. if you have plans outdoors plan on getting outside ag air quality not seeing problems. 58 in prescott. 73 in tucson. overnight lows cold in some of the high country spots. could see 20s in window rock and flagstaff. disturbance down to the southeast. bringing in some sprinkles and light showers. not a lot there. that's the only chance to see rain over the next 24 hours as we have a little bit more cloud cover across the higher terrain
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white mountains. if you're traveling this weekend things looking nice and dry. we have high pressure that's building in. sedona sunny, 69. heading there sunday from the valley top out at 73 degrees. a little more cloud cover in that sunday forecast. valley wide 50s and 60s tomorrow morning. mesa at 81 tomorrow afternoon. glendale hitting 28 and a warm up on the way. high pressure builds in even stronger into monday and tuesday forecast. not far from records on tuesday. the record 90 degrees. expected to hit 88 after 50s in the morning. by thursday some 70s return. mid-70s on the way. this veterans day we honor so many servicemen and women. >> one veteran in kansas
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just got his high school di pla ma. >> the year -- diploma. >> the year was 1943, world war ii was almost over. >> oh man. there wasn't da day of my -- there wasn't a day of my life. >> he was 18 years old when his number was drawn. uncle sam calling him to serve his country. >> i just left that school and that was it. >> he his family and the love of his life. >> she was standing on that dock. she looked like a little puppy dog who was lost. >> he left behind something that would leave him feeling incomplete for 73 years until today. >> on behalf of se pull pa high school to -- on behalf of the high school to award you this
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this. >> bud sits in his living room surrounded by the people who love him. his cap and gown along with the diploma. one thing is missing, his wife who passed away last year. >> he says his wife meant the world to him and he knows that today she's looking down at him always proud. >> and as we salute our veterans so bruce. here's why he thinks this is such a big day. >> my dad and uncles were in the armed forces and i don't respect anybody anymore, first responders and law enforcement. and those who served. i couldn't think of better people to salute. two valley dogs missing
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a crime alert leading to a rush delivery for aspiring beauty queens. back up tee yar ras -- tiaras. a man and woman swiped them after delivery near southern. the miss america crowns were meant for a local qualifying pa jept this weekend.
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gemma and toby's owners say they've been missing for a month. their landscaperings didn't lock the gait and -- landscapers didn't lock up the gate and when they got home they were gone. they may have been separated. chicago, philly, miami, phoenix and now atlanta. an anti-trump protest going on. this is a live picture from atlanta. strange lights in the valley. where they came from.
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right now from the live desk those anti-donald trump protesters may be finishing up in tempe. a pretty big group finishing up their march through the streets tonight. the rally started about three hours ago. if you don't want to be
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right now. if you do want to get involved you have about 30 minutes left to do so. more than 100 people involved. they're staying peaceful and carrying signs. speaking their minds and making their voices heard. these are happening across the country. two live pictures here. one in miami. the other in atlanta. we were also tracking some protests in philly and chicago as well. if you'd like to keep watching these we're going to keep that smaller box up your screen or you can watch on abc 15's facebook. meanwhile other news to get to. the incoming president today telling the wall street journal he's willing to keep parts of obamacare. he wants to allow parents to keep their adult children on their policies longer and deny
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mike pence taking over for governor chris christie. he will build on the work done. to voter turnout. it's been pretty poor in arizona. and tonight we're learning turnout this year nationwide could be dipping to nearly it's lowest point in two decades. the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year. that's the lowest since 1996. we'll wait to see the final finish counting and certifying the results. here's one you don't see every day. a suspected burglar crawling through the duct work. this is evidence that he did not want to get away. police got an alarm call from the home near 55th avenue and northern. they heard a noise in the ceiling. he came down and was arrested. trying to get updates on two crashes the first near 35th
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two cars involved in this one. one of the drivers was trapped and had to be rescued by fire crews. it's unclear what caused the accident or if charges will be filed. the other crash caused by a guy trying to get away from police in a stolen car. this happened in the area of 87th avenue and indian school. both drivers have minor injuries. the man accused of causing the crash recovering in a jail cell. new tonight. more strange activity lighting up t we got a handful of emails and posts to social media about this. did you see it? laura thomas may have an answer -- megan thompson may have an answer for you that doesn't involve extra terrestrials. >> this woman suspect alone in asking that question. social media flooded with videos of a flurry of lights in
6:33 pm
but as strange as it seems from far away up close it was a salute to service. these pictures from the u.s. army golden nights sky divers taking the plunge during asu's football game last night. many of you may be on the extraterrestrial edge because the last encounter was in gilbert a couple weeks ago. >> there was no discussion of unidentified flying objects. i'd say maybe that's a flare. but i tend to it's not an ordinary aircraft. >> we put in calls everywhere and no one is claiming responsibility for those string of strange lights. but at least this recent sky show has been put to rest. megan thompson abc 15 news. >> if you see strange lights tonight it may be a meteor shower. more on that at 10:00. right now clear skies out there. 79 degrees at the airport.
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hour. wind speeds stay light all evening long. clear skies throughout the night into tomorrow morning as we head down to the upper 50s to low 60s. valley wide phoenix expected to hit 61 tonight then back up to 83 tomorrow. saturday's high in mesa 812. 82 in -- 81. 82 in tempe. valley wide mostly sunny skies all weekend. a little more cloud cover on sunday. 44 degrees in flagstaff. 55 in payson. 70s across the valley a little light rain in safford right now. a little bit of moisture not making it to the valley. not a significant rainmaker for eastern arizona. more cloud cover over there. high pressure begins to build in. looking for sunny skies as we go across the state this weekend. if you're headed to sedona upper 60s tomorrow. more on this forecast coming
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neighbors in minnesota allowed to return home tonight after a train derailment. it spilled hazardous chemicals leading to evacuations. they shut down a state highway, schools were canceled for the day, and at least one of the overturned cars was carrying propane. a has mat team was -- hazmat team was called in. nobody was hurt. remembering who served on this day. the valley coming together to honor our vets. we stopped by parades in phoenix and mesa. the streets packed with people showing their support. and leading the way in the phoenix parade a veteran from each era since world war ii. . >> for some a day of relaxation. for others a teaching moment that freedom is not free. >> but for one man today was
6:36 pm
elbow grease. we explain. >> we find so many unique stories. everyone has a story and today one of the most unique was that of thomas. he didn't serve in the military but he has found a way to serve in the different way. >> you have a bad day? it changes something in your mind. i tell people as they volunteer you won't be able to do one. >> he's talking about cleaning veteran's grave markers and memorials. he was polishing them today. >> it was tarnished. here in arizona we have a lot of sunshine and heat and it di sin grates the -- disintegrates the polish they put on it. >> any citizen that didn't serve who does this has my respect. >> he says he's one of hundreds across the country cleaning
6:37 pm
group called mission restore bronze. >> as far as condition of soldier's grave markers is right here in phoenix. i hope to change that one marker at a time. some scary moments in a mental health facility. and the possible motive behinds a stabbing rampage.
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a traffic alert. a crash near hardy and priest. these are the first live pictures coming in. one person is now on their way to the trauma center. two others have minor injuries. we're told both cars then hit a big sign out there. we'll keep you updated. avoid the area for rescue crews to work. tense moments near pittsburgh tonight. several people stabbed at a mental health facility. police say the situation is under control but that was far
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the suspected attacker shot by officers, putting an end to the hostage situation. employees at the facility say the man was upset and complaining that a recent stay he had there ruined his life. the people that were stabbed are expected to survive. crews spraying down a group of trees on fire in california. the firefighters right near the fence there. this is near san diego. the flames scorched several trees and the power lines next to them. took almost an hour to get this investigators are not ruling out arson as a cause. an up and coming star on the track. what helped one teenager break on to the racing scene. don't forget about friday. options for the weekend woit spending a dime. a nice, quiet evening ahead. warm and dry over the weekend.
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developing now. no arrests in the shooting deaths of a man in vegas who was homeless. police say he was sleeping when somebody walked up and shot him in the chest. >> this went down on a sidewalk outside of a cemetery. the killer is out there. officers have no idea what might have motivated somebody to do this. the video never gets oelt. a deer smashing -- old. a deer smashing through a oklahoma. the deer ran a few laps inside and jumped through the window and ran off. a college student captured the crash on his cell phone and as you can imagine it went viral on social media. an unusual target for a suspected thief. he told a really big lie to pull it off. he told employees he was there to service the gumball machine. he said he needed to take it outside to fix it. police say he left the
6:46 pm
never came back. he is still on the run tonight. a big time backtrack from the cofounder of grubhub. he's shying away from comments he made about employees supporting donald trump. he sent an email to his employees suggesting trump supporters should resign. grubhub connects online customers with takeout in the u.s. another controversy. mark sukerburg says it's a crazy idea to think that fake news on facebook affected the election. the company's ceo is denying that made many people or made up their minds based on the stories. coming up the man, the movement, the moment. looking at the run to the presidency for donald trump. among other interviews the wife of his son eric weighing in on
6:47 pm
>> what moment were you like this is going to win this thing. >> i am his daughter-in-law. i am not a blood relative. and we had 400 people come to an event that were so enthusiastic. women coming up to me crying saying i don't know what we're going to do if he doesn't get in. i'm praying for him. the number of people who came up saying they were praying for us as a family, just right there i said there's got to be something there. >> donald trump, the making of a president airs tonight at 9:00 right here on abc 15. stick around for news at 10:00. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> we welcome you to phoenix international raceway. it starts tonight. the series will hit the track and one young man is stealing headlines. he's just 19 years old. one of the most promising up
6:48 pm
and the way he got into racing is just about every kid's dream. >> i got started on looip racing through -- online racing through i-racing. you can race online with truck series and nascar series. it's a videogame. >> yes it is. kind of unique that i started that way. my parent wrs talking about -- were talking about you need to get out and do something. i plaid other sports but -- played other sports but i was passionate about racing and i got the opportunity to pursue my dream. >> what skills did you learn via i-racing that you use? >> just knowing the racetracks. you know, i'm able -- >> you learn that on i-racing? >> yeah. i'm able to come to phoenix. and i've been to some tracks this year.
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>> right, yeah, that's the plan. >> this season byron set the truck series rookie record with six wins looking for the seventh tonight. the big one gets underway on sunday. a chase for the sprint cup will be cut from eight to the final four. or the phoenix four as they call it here. that's all from zoom town usa jason snavely abc 15 sports. the weather forecast looking nice this weekend. breezes out there today. they let up tomorrow. temperatures, we saw the 80s this afternoon. sitting in the 70s valley wide. phoenix airport right now, scottsdale airport 77. still in the 80s in deer valley. glendale 70s soon with overnight lows in the 60s and a few 50s tomorrow morning. a cool start tomorrow as we look for clear skies. we warm back up tomorrow. the pir race starting at 12:30.
6:50 pm
a little cloud cover into 5:00. winds tomorrow out of that easterly direction between ten and 15 miles per hour from noon to 4:00. overall light winds tomorrow, saturday. and as you look at this with me future cast shows pressure building in over the state of arizona tomorrow and sunday. a little cloud cover with the disturbance that moves through sunday. before it begins to strengthen. that means as we get into monday and tuesday our temperatures could be with records. once again you'll see it in your seven-day. but glendale this weekend the cardinals taking on the 49ers on sunday. that kick off 2:45. more cloud cover in the forecast. not expecting the clouds to bring rain chances. bringing that to 84 sunday afternoon. before we drop to the low 80s as we wrap up the game. 44 in flagstaff. overnight lows cold. 24 at the grand canyon.
6:51 pm
highs upper 60s there. 68 in grove. 78 in tucson tomorrow. phoenix headed to the 80s. a quick peek at the forecast tonight. overnight lows slightly above average. 60 in fountain hills. 82 in re veen. after start -- re veen. after starting at 56 in the morning as well. tuesday getting close to the 90s. the record tuesday is 90 degrees. at 88. a cold front back by thursday. in consumer news if you haven't bought the mes classic yet, stephanie. >> yeah working on it. >> you could be out of luck already. >> oh no. >> nintendo released the console and it's sold out on amazon, best buy, target, only selling it in stores. one of our photographers saw
6:52 pm
we're hoping they got what they came for. something that makes parents cringe. the thought of their kids racking up hundreds in purchases on their cell phones without realizing it. relief on the way. a judge told amazon it has to reimburse parents. the fdc accused the company of making it too easy to use its app to make in-game purchases. amazon must now alert parents if they're eligible. pulling out your wallet. >> ladies take your favorite guy to keep it cut for a free haircut. the tradition is for women to ask a man on a date for sadie hawkins. he must be 18 or older. head to the raceway this weekend for a free screening. cigna is offering the screenings from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. also on sunday.
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need a little help with your mac products? there are free classes every wednesday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. you get free class and coffee and there's no need to register. there are dozens of freebies happening for veterans day. there are more on your primetime line up starts with last man standing, dr. ken, shark tank at 8:00.
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well the cardinals are toast or can they win? join us at 7:00 for our cardinals countdown. we're talking cardinals and 49ers as they kick off the second half of the season. it's coming up in about five minutes on our facebook page. bring your enthusiasm and questions. we'll see you then. just in from tempe. a new protest out there. it was quick though. police asked that group of protesters to leave. we don't know specifically why. we're seeing these anti-trump protests in a lot of american cities. another live look in from atlanta. we'll get you caught up on everything throughout your evening on abc 15. at 10:00 as well. you can find the protests on our facebook page right now or of course there's stay connected with our abc 15
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the lid off the veteran's wait time in phoenix talking about his attempts to make president- elect donald trump make good on some promises. the secret to saving 80% on life-saving medication. and bah humbug. a new creepy crawly that could come to arizona in time for the
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uh, yeah, so, reverend, i was looking over the readings you suggested, and they're coming off a little...preachy. um, i have some tweaks. on the bible? [ chuckles ] mike, your daughter wants to rewrite god. no one's gonna be listening to the reverend anyway. well, i see where she gets her charm. because everyone will be looking at the most beautiful bride ever. so beautiful. way more beautiful than i was. you're right. thank you. um, that's fine. we can keep them for now. but these pews -- ew. they're a little pewy. okay. you know -- if it makes god feel any better, she criticizes my house, too.


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