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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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as you said. mike williams made a lot of plays in the game. 12 catches, over 180 yards. look at the effort. never give up on the play. give your defense a place to stand. >> todd: that just jumps out to me. where he came from, tracking him down and how important it is in the game, not only as a coach and teammate you have a ton of respect. the nfl scouts will see effort he had on that play and the team player he is week in and week out. >> steve: even with it, it was a 70-yard return. >> brian: it does not overshadow that mistake. three interceptions now for watson. >> steve: second in the red zone. >> brian: 13 on the season and a golden opportunity for the offense of pitt. >> steve: here's peterman. throwing on the run.
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matthews, the true freshman out of clairton, p.a. >> brian: where has conner gone? the defense of climson has stood up in the fourth quarter. you cannot hand it to him and expect to run it between the tackles right now. you have soft edges when you use conner on the perimeter. couldn't be surprised if they try it again. >> steve: second down and ten. peterman. too high. scott orndoff, all 6'5" of him went up, and orndoff couldn't bring it down becomes you mentioned, 6'6", treat him like a basketball player. give him a chance to go up and make a play. got to have that.
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help pitt the way it would have clemson apartment the other end. 5:30 to go, fourth quarter. third and ten. peterman lost one down the sideline. the timing off for jester weah but there is a flag. >> brian: wallace the coverage. >> referee: holding defense number 12. 10-yard penalty, first down. >> steve: let's take a look. i didn't see it. >> brian: all-out blitz. the safety came. and wallace has man to man. that's -- oh, i don't see it, steve. i don't know what to tell you. there's no foul there.
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it in your pocket. gives them a fresh set of downs. here's conner. turns the corner. inside the 10, 5, touchdown! james conner and pittsburgh is a two-point conversion away from tying the game. >> brian: we talked about that stiff-arm. it is deadly. you come up to tackle james conner on the perimeter, you have got to go low. because if he gets you with that see, change the ball right there. daniel who had him earlier in the game and he will willed his way in the end zone. now you have to go for two. >> steve: that interception, the key play of a 70-yard return. setting this up.
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hit as he threw incomplete. clelin ferrell had the pressure. >> brian: the mistake by deshayne watson, starting to feel it. we're throwing the ball all over the field. took a chance. and pitt made him pay.
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>> brian: you want me to summarize this game? clemson should be winning by two touchdowns. there with two penalties. the personal foul on boulware which pitt scored a touch. that was a phantom call. that is 14 points in the game that should have gone to clemson. traming by two, pittsburgh is. with 5:17 left. there is artavis scott. stumbling forward to the 23.
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update. >> we have a final between the hedges. sean white intercepted by smith, and georgia added two field goals to top auburn 13-7 and alabama clinches the s.e.c. west. coming up, jabrill peppers and number three michigan staking on iowa. you can also see it live on watch espn. back to you guys. >> bob: wow, seven points for auburn is all that that game? >> steve: amazing. >> brian: that looked like the auburn team that played clemson earlier in the season. >> steve: always fun to watch jabrill peppers. scott on the receiving end there. pitt has been charged with no penalties so far this half. we will watch nar in the offensive series for clemson. better than 81,000 on hand here
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does it count as a night game now? i have always had it on my bucket list to do a night game here hat death valley. >> brian: absolutely, can daylight savings. >> steve: first down yardage. >> brian: what pat narduzzi has left in the play sheet, whatever energy they have, they have to find some way to stop this team on this drive. other wise, this game could be over. >> steve: throwing, completing, deon cain, a spin move for a first down. despeet the undefeated record, the third time clemson has given up over 30 points, gave up 36 to louisville, 34 to florida state. of course 40 here to pitt.
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replay it. may have gotten it in. >> referee: ruling on the field is a catch. previous play is under review. >> steve: this is a mind boggling statistic. clemson has 32 first downs in the game. none via the game. not one of the first downs has have on a running play. 30 on the pass, two on a >> brian: that's pretty clear, the knee down. it's three to run pass to run right now. >> steve: don't have to be
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>> brian: another first down, catches the ball there. >> steve: the 44. >> brian: yeah. our replay official tonight is joe ryder. >> steve: veteran of the 82nd airborne. we salute him. >> brian: w he hasn't had any issues tonight. >> steve: no. >> brian: it's been on the field. >> steve: i have no problem with good old joe there. from evans dale, indiana, hometown of my old man. actually went to high school with my uncle. i was talking to him before the game and he said it's harder now to do this job, replay official, than it ever has been. especially with the targeting.
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targeting at length. and now, the acc, they have an opportunity to review back in greeningboro. and makes it a little more difficult. >> referee: after review, the receiver's knee was down when the ball was possessed. that will second and seven. >> steve: that is the easiest one thehad. >> brian: sometimes it will take longer because they c greensboro and the s.e.c. is doing it more so. big ten is dabbling with it, the remote sites. fy was a betting man, i would say that go for it in all directions. >> steve: mission control centrally located office.
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and will bring up third down. >> brian: third and two, here it is. there is your opportunity to get off the field. narduzzi, why not sell out? sell out, try to make a play. and ejuan price hasn't made a lot of plays in this game. don't just give it to him on the outside. i think narduzzi's going to a time-out. >> referee: time-out pittsburgh. their first time-out of the half. full time-out. >> steve: too big a play. too big a play. good spot for a time-out. think about how they will play the third and two when we come back. chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles at kay, the number-one jewelry store... america. ? every kiss begins with kay. ? you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you.
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it's been 60 years since i came up here to watch football. i've seen a hurricane that rocks and a tide that rolls. i've seen hustle, perseverance and heart. i've seen a bowl of cotton that's anything but soft.
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i call it blimpworthy. ? stfd levy, griese, plk shay. two point game. number two team in the land, clemson against pitt. clemson has 44 straight victories over unranked opponents. out of the pitt time-out. third and two. maybe the ball game on this play. watson to throw. and it's caught. who else? mike williams. first down.
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it's just, one guy's bigger than the other. good in basketball position and box him out. right on his chest. 6'3", 225 and maddox over the top and dabo wanted a penalty on top of it. but you got the first down, coach. be happy with it. >> steve: and on first and ten, they will hand off to wayne gallman. he will on the last pass play that is significant for deshaun watson. he is not just breaking clemson records today. he just broke stephen morris' acc passing record. morris from miami threw for 566 yards back in 2012 against nc state. and deshaun watson now, 570, a new acc record.
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live. coming out of two minutes to play. >> brian: seat belt play clock under five seconds. and narduzzi will take a time-out. >> steve: here they come. watson to throw. williams, the catch. >> brian: narduzzi is not taking the time-out. he has two of them. you can stop the clock. >> todd: you have to call a time-out here. >> steve: you can stop the clock on offense when you have the ball. you can't do it on def you have time-outs. i don't understand. >> brian: now it's too late. already waisted all that time. >> steve: this game ticking away from pitt. >> brian: you have to anticipate that your defense is going to get the stop here. you just lost 45 seconds. i think clemson's going to let it run down and call a time-out.
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>> steve: following the cal/washington state game on espn, stay tuned for "sportscenter" at night, john anderson and lisa kerney. a busy night in spots, "sportscenter" at night after college football on espn. also available streaming live on the espn app and watch espn. on this veterans day weekend. i want to saw thank you very much not just for what they do for our country. these are all the veterans on our crew. marty, tom, jim, joel, b.z. helping us out. >> brian: look at joel's army t-shirt. i like that. they are flot faring very well against the fighting irish, i heard. this is it, clemson can seal it right here.
5:20 pm
the huddle. one yard wins it. >> steve: there's the pitch. didn't get it. didn't get there. >> brian: no, he didn't get there. >> steve: and pittsburgh will take a time-out. this play's out now. >> brian: it's a two-point game still. what does dabo swinney decide to go here? punt? >> todd: i think i would punt. the way your defense has given up big plays. they only need a field goal to win. i would try to pin them. >> brian: i don't disagree with you there. the last thing i would do is try to attempt a field goal.
5:21 pm
no, that's out. the sq the question, looks like dabo swinn swinney's going to go for it. >> todd: maybe sure it's a run pass option. >> brian: if your shoulder's hurt, ball security is an issue and he hasn't been there in the mesh at all in the game. i wouldn't rule out if he up in the shotgun, it will be a pooch punt. >> steve: clemson will take a time-out. 62 seconds left for number two clemson. clemson has found themselves in a lot of games, won five of the first eight by seven points or
5:22 pm
away. clemson hangs on. >> saves the game for clemson. >> intercepted by marcus edmond and that will end the ball game. >> tigers are going to escape tallahassee with a "w." >> steve: while we have a second, one more tip of a the cap top our crew member marley arnoff. the statistician in the booth. >> brian: this is where they like to run the ball with gallman. >> steve: pitch to gal gallson, stumbles. not going to get there. not going to get there. matt galambos came up to make a big stop. the middle linebacker and there's 58 seconds left. and pittsburgh has that one time-out left.
5:23 pm
goal. >> brian: galambos, taleni, they came up with a big defense and cover down with five defensive linemen mv give them credit. they needed that play and they got it. now, they do have a time-out. steve, that time-out was worth 40 seconds. they could have had no time-outs and 40 more seconds. this is how pat narduzzi has chosen to go. >> steve: the field goal kicker, four career field goals of 50 of more yards. heerp's peterman. able to escape, he will take off, middle of the field. he's just shy of the first down marker. >> brian: and narduzzi's going to turn the time-out right away. he took a time-out, didn't feel like peterman got to the first down sticks. so he ran up to the official and called time-out. >> steve: chris blewitt, career
5:24 pm
that's a school record. hit it at georgia tech in 2015. he's missed an extra point tonight and had a 53 yarder prior to the half blocked. >> brian: if you're dabo swinney on the sideline, what is going through his head? going back to the nc state finish and missed a 33 yarder and he fell to his knees, his hands and knees and was thankful just to get to >> steve: win streaks on the line for clemson. we figure they got to get to the 38 of clemson. give him a try from 56. you see the field goal target line. across the line, it's orndoff, they are in field goal range out to the 33. >> brian: plenty of time here to
5:25 pm
>> steve: peterman throwing again. again, it's orndoff about the 30 yard line. >> steve: if you are periterman you would louf to make it a feasible field goal attempt. >> steve: sideline, dangerous pass, looking for weah. ryan carter came home for the smack. that's a dangerous play. >> brian: great play by carter. it floated the peterman. i like the throw out there. but doesn't hurt him, right? incomplete pass, stops the clock. >> steve: third and six. it's a 48-yard field goal from here. brk you have to keep your eye on the play clock here. only ten seconds. you cannot have a penalty here.
5:26 pm
peterman who has thrown across his body. incomplete. could not hook up with dontez ford. >> brian: that's crunch time. crunch time blitz from venables, and incompletion and it's going to force a longer field goal attempt. the last field goal, the only field goal he attempts, h it into the back of his line. he has to get it up in the back of the air. >> steve: 48-yard field goal attempt. chris blewitt, the senior. >> brian: dabo got the time-out that time. >> steve: prior to halftime, he tried to get a time-out. and blewitt had it block md hech banged it off his own offensive lineman. this was the scene prior to the
5:27 pm
>> brian: in this situation, you just got to trust it. and will this kiss pay off for pat narduzzi? >> steve: you said you loved that coaching. >> brian: i do love it. probably saying, i'm going to need you later. if we're going to do this, i need you to get your head in the game, trust your leg swing and lecht it rip. >> steve: pat quirin, the long snapper. ryan winslow to hold it for chris blewitt to try to knock out number two at clemson. all the way and good! blewitt got it!
5:28 pm
>> steve: with six seconds left and it is stunned disbelief inside death valley. >> brian: you want to talk about the nerves on a kicker. not only did he kick that earlier, he missed an extra point in this game and pat narduzzi put his arm around him and gives him a kiss and says, i need you later and he was there for him. >> todd: i talked to before the game and said how comfortable are you? and he said, we have a great kicker. he nailed one from 56 last year, and if we had to do it, put in a situation, i would let him go a couple yards in further than that. he had a lot of kchs in that guy and you can see it on the last one. exactly why. >> steve: when nc state was here. they had a chance to beat clemson. that was the other end omp the stadium. that was from 33. clemson needed overtime to win
5:29 pm
many close games this year. they dodged a bullet against nc state and dabo swinney knew it. they probably shouldn't have been in this situation in this game. there are a couple penal tapes that we will hear about. >> steve: a kick to the young man. and they flip it around and try to get it to the hands of scott and he gets it in his hands. football games and the pitt panthers pour on to the field. they have done the unthinkable. they have rocked clemson's world. and shaken up all of college football. >> brian: talk about chaos. we didn't think it was going to be this game. we thought maybe washington, maybe michigan tonight. not clemson against pittsburgh.
5:30 pm
straight coming in. >> steve: and not here. first home loss against an unranked opponent. simply amazing. 44 straight games it had been. and down to todd mcshay, wow. >> todd: coach, unbelievable win. you hang in there and your defense comes up with three big turnovers. what are you feeling right now? >> unbelievable. our kids deserved this. we had a tough year, lost a lot our guys finished tonight. you know, they get all the respect in the world. you know, the little panthers got it done. we got little number 5. we got little number 10 but we got a bunch of guy nas make plays. >> todd: coming in the game, we talked about the different matchups and your kicker. i asked you before and you said i got a great kicker. tough start to the day. but how about him hanging in there and with the big kick.
5:31 pm
game. i gave him a kiss earlier in the game and i stayed positive with him. and he has been money and he made a major game winner mca couple seniors, how they played and how proud you are. >> they did a heck of a job, and 43 points, we government the ball back. and how about a fourth down stop down there? third and one and a fourth and one stop by the defense? it's a team of our guys. >> todd: how important is this win for everything you are building at pitt? >> it's everything. we are bowl eligible. we knocked off the number two team independent the country. and our guys had guts tonight. >> todd: thanks, coach. >> steve: pitt beat number two west virginia back in 2007 and here they come off number two clemson. give me a feel for reaction
5:32 pm
it's going to be shock. we knew there was going to be a shake-up in the college football season and playoff. and the final four rankings. we didn't think it was going to be in this fashion. it wasn't a perfect stretch sister pittsburgh. when clemson wakes up tomorrow morning, they are going to shoot themselves. they are thinking, we made too many mistakes. deshaun watson, three interceptions. we thought it was going to be built for the playoff run with the defen what gave up too much today. >> steve: let's go down the field. todd mcshay with the hero of the game. >> todd: here with chris blew blewitt. tough start to the day. ken your team needs you, you have a massive kick. >> i just thank god my offense and defense gave me another shot. it's a team win. everybody contributed and i thampg god my teammates gave me
5:33 pm
>> todd: coach narduzzi told me before the game, how long can he go? and he kicked a 56 yarder last year. and we him give you a kiss of confidence. how much is it to have the head coach believe in you? >> coach believes in us because he puts us out there on the field. we do it every week. they give me another opportunity. >> todd: congratulations mmpl you have fans around that want to celebrate with you. >> steve:ha chris blewitt on a night he misses an extra point. he kicks a 48 yard field goal to upset clemson. >> brian: the upset sealed with a kiss. >> steve: there are signs and promos made all over. you hear the cheers? they are comiing from columbus.
5:34 pm
all of a sudden, pittsburgh needed a win to be bowl eligible. it feels bigger than being just bowl eligible. the pitt panthers come to death valley and ko number two clemson, 43-42. tune in to abc tonight. coming up at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football presented by walmart. what about number three michigan? how will they handle going to iowa? that's the story from clemson.
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then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at it's abc15 news. victimized in their own home, shattered glass in the in phoenix and across the country it's the fourth day of marches and demonstrations and tonight we are hearing from people upset about the protests. in less than 24 hours the cardinals will be back in action, here with the team has to say about a second-half comeback thank you for joining us i am in for kim tobin. valley cars targeted, but the question tonight's wife, glendale family reaching out
5:39 pm
abc 15 megan thompson tracking this one because they are not the only victim's.>> reporter: glendale police say there are other cars at the same way the story you can see the shattered glass still in the driveway. the only difference is they actually caught on camera. >> ok, here's the vehicle coming by. "nothing happens." but, then the car comes back around his home near the loop 101 and 51st avenue. drove in a split sought -- in a split second something comes shooting out the driver side. >> they didn't get out. so, you're not going to see a person: height, width, age. you know, all you see is a car window rolled down bunch of glass shatters. >> reporter: a family member, who used to work at abc15, tipped us off to this string of vandalism. >> we talked to the officer and he said that this was the fifth
5:40 pm
call just for that one officer. >> reporter:so, that number is estimated to be closer to a dozen different calls in the surrounding area. for nieves, with his family so close to the crime, it is unnerving that this suspect just drove away. >> we're awake and up and around the house and this happens. it's frustrating to know that it happened right outside your house; it's really frustrating. >> reporter: the family really wanted to make this video public because police do not have a lot to go on, besides for the surveillance video they provided. contact the glendale police department if you have any information about the incidents. hundreds of demonstrators marching in downtown phoenix fourth day protest after president-elect donald trump. raquel cervantes is life at the state capital, what is happening down there?>> reporter: we still have a group of about 200 people still
5:41 pm
they return about half an hour ago from marching down to downtown phoenix and returning to the capital. i have spoke to different people and different groups and organizations them together for this. the group started here at the capital around 3 pm first marching tightly encircles then chanting, not my president. then the group broke into small groups encouraged to share their thoughts postelection several people wore emotional, the director of group, he is afraid of the integration team and we also heard from the other side. >> we know he wants to get rid of them. he's going to develop a plan alongside donald trump. in lesueur -- in arizona we survives and we will do the same. >> they are a large -- they are within their rights and allowed to process, but i question why some are.
5:42 pm
this a rally, the anti-trump rally continues. we also have people from the other side showing up voicing their opinions as well. troopers have also been here throughout the entire march and rally to ensure everyone's safety. back to you nohelani graf. we know you have friends and family and other parts of the country, we want to show you some other process that are going on. in new york city housing the protesters marched to trump tower today for fifth avenue was crowded with protesters for blocks. police lined both sides following on foot and motorcycle. the group did remain peaceful. in california, los angeles protesters marched to macarthur park into the federal building
5:43 pm
and here at abc 15 we were the target protester to women from apache junction wanted their voices heard with signs urging people to honk for peace. they said the protest have to stop and they blame all media coverage for encouraging it. >> it's time to stop the violence. stop all this ridiculous arguing and rioting. if hillary had been elected it would have been the same. >> reporter: twitter and when asked to comment this afternoon, he said he was referring to the national media for the most part. in the meantime president-elect trump continued building his new team. the first big shakeup vice president elect mike pence now heading the white house transition team and donald trump's children, don junior, eric n ivanka are joining the team.
5:44 pm
administration as they also take the lead in the family business. the potential conflict of interest is drawing criticism after the trumps promised strict separation. >> we are not going to be involved a government we would not involved. >> there will be a law between that. >> for -- further blurring line, ivanka's husband is now contender for white house chief of staff. mp gingrich, rnc chairman and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani are also big names being talked about. and amber alert and in tempe went to little girls are found safe. eight-year-old jazmyn campbell and three-year-old chandra campbell, they were kidnapped last night near broadway and roosevelt at a circle k. police
5:45 pm
shortly after 9 am taylor was canceled, the girls were located and reunited with their mother. fuller was in custody and arrested on suspicion of kidnapping work new details and a tragedy overseas. four americans killed by suicide bomber in afghanistan. especially troubling is it happened on bagram air force base. it is the largest and most heavily guarded airbase in the coun two u. s. service members and two contractors are now dead. 16 american soldiers hurt. they were getting ready for a fun run your -- fun run. we have pictures from a viewer with the plane landing in the north valley. the faa is investigating the machine. a small plane went down in a field near taylor. authorities were called to the area on saturday afternoon after the single-engine piper pa28 made an emergency landing. according to an faa spokesperson, the plane hit a berm after landing. an instructor and student were on the plane at the time of the
5:46 pm
injured. these are looking for shooter who left a man near dead in phoenix. homicide detectives were on scene trying to piece together just what led to the shooting. >> they heard shots, they saw the body in the street and they called us. we are still canvassing the area and talking to witnesses to see if we can get a better description. >> police say the victim was shot several times. he remains in critical condition at the hospital. no word on who the suspect might be, but if you have any information you are asked to call phoenix police. we are still waiting to get more ballots counted in maricopa county even though the election was five days ago. we were just told there are about 185,000 early ballots and 55,000 provisional ballots,
5:47 pm
of some races. helen purcell is in charge of counting the votes, she is up for reelection as county recorder. the latest tally has her trailing by just 11,000 votes. caught on video, a halloween scare for folks at a mesa home depot. police are asking for help catching the guy you see in the video. he tried to sneak past a clerk and steal something according to police, he also flashed a gun and threatened the clerk and they he took off in a getaway car it happened at the store on country club on howley night. look at the pictures, especially the one on the left. if you think you know who he is or you have any information, you are urged to call silent witness that phone number is 480 witness. a stolen car crashed and this guy, 23-year-
5:48 pm
several charges and take -- including trying to get with, they follow him when he slammed into another car. this habit in the area of 87th avenue indian school. both drivers were left with minor injuries. we now have a face to go with the name of a man arrested for a road rage crash in scottsdale. this is the mug shot of 25-year- he's accused of raping his car into several other vehicles including a patrol car. detectives say they rushed him to the hospital after he tried to take his own life after he was arrested. alcohol was a factor in all of this. one home destroyed, another damaged after a morning fire in mesa. investigators are looking into the possibility of arson. neighbors heard arguments just fore the fire started. this was 90th street and broadway. rural metro sent us these
5:49 pm
investigators believe this fire started in the backyard of the first home and then spread. they also say boarding conditions in the yard may have contributed to the fire. no one was hurt. firefighters say cat escaped the fire. five people cannot stay in the home and they are being helped by the red cross. it hit the
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
high cloud cover made a beautiful sunset tonight. if you have photos you would like to share, share it abc, you could see those tonight after the game, 81 degrees in phoenix, 19 percent humidity with high pressure building and that leaves humidity values again at 35 percent. will keep a few clouds tonight.
5:52 pm
returning as we get into the 10:00 hour with overnight lows similar to where we started this morning in the 50s to low 60s. we will keep the clouds for tomorrow morning, no rain chances at the clouds pass through. >> tomorrow, nascar is in town, by 10 am 73 degrees with the race starting at noon. 79 degrees warming throughout the day and we keep light winds into the 5:00 our. the air -- 5 pm. the air quality is good. >> 63 in sedona 53 in case 73 in tucson and flagstaff. satellite radar composite shows clouds through the high country over the last several hours much like the clouds we had here in the valley, not producing any type of freight.
5:53 pm
continue to work their way off to the east tonight. it will be several days before we see rain chances returning to the high country. we have a much stronger cold front moving it. first with the warm things up. 84 degrees tomorrow, 86 on monday and we will be flirting with records as we get into tuesday, a record high of 90 with a forecasted high of 88 degrees. 26 and flagstaff as you look at the forecast the highs tomorrow in the 60s, 70s along 80s in south-central arizona. the most accurate forecast, record watch going into tuesday. then changes. wednesday more cloud cover with the cold front coming in. we will finally see mid-70s, not seeing any rain chances across the valley, with highs in the mid-50s and 60s. the cardinals will be at
5:54 pm
weeks.>> the players needed to heal over the break. the team needs a lengthy win
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
tomorrow afternoon cardinals kickoff second half of the season against 49ers. here's to hoping they finish this season like last. i came out of the bye-week and that would be nice. that would put us on a franchise record, but different years different team, but they need a similar second-half performance to make the playoffs. >> we have had stretches in the past where we could put winning streaks together, we are capable of doing that. we just need to have our momentum start fast. we need to come out guns blazing, first team needs to
5:57 pm
playing lights out the past few weeks we need to continue to do that, and special teams, if we do that all three phases, we could be one of the best football teams in the football league -- national football league. >> that guy is pretty ecstatic, he is a former panther, pittsburgh upset second rate clinton. he just tweeted, the field goal kicker says we just shocked the world.
5:58 pm
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? >> chris: the hawkeyes are hoping to be an upset trap for michigan tonight, on a chilly big ten evening in iowa city. we say welcome to espn saturday night college football on abc, presented by walmart. and this big ten collision, undefeated, third-ranked michigan against iowa, hungry to redeem itself after an embarrassing loss coming in at 5-4. 31 years ago, the biggest iowa home game ever.


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