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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 12, 2016 9:30pm-10:35pm MST

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ten country. >> kirk: you have to believe jim harbaugh may freeze him here with that last time-out. >> chris: keith duncan for a walkoff winner. from 33 yards. >> kirk: he's moving down. time-out. >> chris: and he will, as you suggested. give the young fella a little more time to think about it. >> kirk: don't forget what's at stake here. not only for iowa, trying to have a big moment, but for michigan, penn state, ohio state. >> chris: happy in happy valley. >> kirk: if you are a penn state, you are cheering like crazy for this field goal to be good and for iowa to upset michigan. and if you're an ohio state fan, you're cheering like crazy for him to miss this field goal and for michigan to win the game. >> chris: michigan has been so good at getting their hands on kicks. ucf, a p.a.t., a field goal. we know what they've done
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harbaugh can't ice him again. keith duncan, true freshman from north carolina from 33 yards and a walkoff winner. right through! and the hawkeyes have stunned the wolverines! michigan, unbeaten no more! respect between king and peppers
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the road for the first time, don't pass the test. and the hawkeyes, who have been questioned and criticized, very few of these folks mobbing the team believed this would happen tonight, kirk. what a scene. >> kirk: not after last saturday. this is a heck of a moment for kirk ferentz and for this iowa football team. >> chris: he's in that mob somewhere with samantha ponder. sam? are you there? >> samantha: well, coach, you put a true fres win the game of this magnitude. how would you describe your confidence in him? >> i'm really proud of him. just really proud of our whole team. you know, a week ago, we weren't feeling so good about this time of night, so, the guys really did a great job. just played hard tonight. >> samantha: coach, you've been doing this for a long time. and you described what it was like last week in wanting to see how your team would respond, so, what can you say about the way they responded out here? >> just really proud of them.
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really, last week, we just kicked right in the teeth. and that's not much fun. been through it. done it, all that stuff, but you know, the guys got off the mat. they did a heck of a job all week. obviously competed tonight. >> samantha: coach what was the locker room like at halftime when obviously you guys had already proven you could hang with these guys? >> well, we knew we were in the game. i think they knew they were in the game. we knew there was a lot of football left to be played. a heck of a second half. >> samantha: coach, congratulations. >> chris: yeah, there was no real defiance. who knows what he said to his team, but after that embarrassment in happy valley, iowa comes home, regroups. the final drive was a short one. aided by a controversial face mask call. but then keith duncan, the true freshman, just drives it through and the wolverines beaten 14-13. in a game that is shades very much of that 1985 one versus two
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only 230 total yards by iowa. wadley accounted for 167 of them. and their defense played their tails off. it was a short-handed group. we talked about, you know, the freshman who made the interception in the second half. and they were not going to be able to pick on him tonight. >> kirk: this is why college football, for me, is the best. everything on paper, everything showed that michigan should win coming on the road, taking on a team they got embarrassed, one of their worst losses in 12 years. and they come back in front of these home fans in kinnick stadium, who are as loyal a fan base as anywhere in the country, and they did exactly what they needed to do. made it an ugly game. got it to 14-13 with the last second field goal and kirk ferentz, man, his emotion, so genuine after the game, he is so proud of this program that he
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one extreme of emotions last week at state college, to the other extreme of emotions tonight, just -- this is why it's the best. this is why college football is the best. >> chris: sure is. amen. and speaking of state college, this scene beneath us right on this field reminiscent of what we saw when penn state blocked the field goal, beat ohio state. the folks there were all white. these folks are dressed in all black. but it's an upset they'll never forget, an iowa team kicked around and a michigan team that just wasn't able to tonight on offense. wilton speight had a terrific season coming in here. did not have a very good night. they didn't really get the running game going until late. i don't think this loss, because of what happened at clemson, what happened in seattle, i don't think it knocks michigan out of playoff contention by any stretch, but it does raise some issues. >> kirk: it does. they've got the big game at the end of the year, still with ohio state. in columbus. still, there will be so much at stake for both teams. the winner is going to be in a
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gets into the driver's seat, if they were to win out, remember now, penn state would beat ohio state head to head. they would win the head to head tiebreaker, if ohio state beat michigan. penn state would then advance to indianapolis, so, that also could impact potentially the playoff at the end of the year. >> chris: we knew the big ten east was going to be a lot of fun. weren't sure it was going to be a three-team race. but penn state at rutgers, big favorites there. me and the lions, if they get those two wins and ohio state wins against michigan. you're right, they would go. and perhaps they would still be in playoff contention, even if they don't win the division. >> kirk: could be. a wild day. >> chris: it was a wild day, as three undefeated teams in the top four all go down. from death valley in clemson to out in seattle, here in the heartland at iowa, where a walkoff field goal by a true freshman, keith duncan, wins it for the hawkeyes.
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together to knock off the wolverines by a point. the ford wrapup show is up right now. thanks, chris. captain obvious, but we should be seeing some changes to the top four in the college football playoff rankings after a wild day. welcome into the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth. we all know crazy things happen in november, but clemson has been dealing with crazy all season. as they've had six games decided by seven points or less. you could say they've been playing with fire all year. but today, they finally got burned. to death valley, with the tigers riding a 21-game home winning streak into their matchup with pitt. clemson up, deshaun watson. clemson turns it over on towns. just 32 yards of offense in the second half. chris blewitt hits the clutch 48-yard game winner. pitt stuns clemson, 43-42,
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for an acc record 583 yards and three tds. is up supsets didn't stop t. usc and washington. 287 yards for the freshman qb. washington's 12-game winning streak snapped. 26-13, the final. number eight, texas a&m taking on ole miss. rebels down 28-26. 41 seconds left. gary on gary oner litch. aggies, 3-8 in conference games. auburn and georgia. maurice smith picked off. georgia would add two field goals to win 13-7, and with the tigers loss, bama clinches the s.e.c. west. georgia tech and virginia tech. marcus marshall up the middle. breaks through. 56 yards for the score. the yellow jackets with their third straight 300-yard rushing
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30-20. of all the upsets this may be the biggest. in division three, mount union's 112-game regular season win streak coming to an end under john car rroll. too the ranked teams that actually won today. jalen hurts, 347 passing yards, four passing tds, a td on the ground. five total tds types a single game school record. number five taking on maryland. j.t. barrett to curtis samuel. ohio state rolls. number six, louisville, trailed 12-10 to wake forest heading into the fourth. but then exploded for 34 points. lamar jackson, 145 passing yards, fewest this season. just one td. yes, i said just, for the heisman candidate, 44-12, the final. now, with i wi, they found their offense, it's in its stride. the badgers, 45-point win is
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in two years. penn state won a back and forth affair over indiana, moved to 8-2 on the year. their best start since 2011. oklahoma cruised by baylor for its 14th straight win in conference play. oklahoma state squeezed by texas tech. how about number 19, nebraska, taking on minnesota? game typed at 17 in the fourth quarter. tommy armstrong. would dive into the end zone. nebraska wins 24-17. armstrong, two passing tds, as well, after zero in the last two games. some pac-12 after dark action. colorado right now leads arizona, 28-10 in the first half. and over on espn, right now, washington state is up 21-7 with nine to play in the second. that's the ford wrapup.
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(door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? oh my god get out! smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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two children and their mom hit by a car in chandler while crossing the street. we are live. raquel, that driver now under arrest. >> reporter: yeah. the driver is a 39-year-old man. back there, you can see the silver truck on the scene. it is awful to see the stroller and bike in pieces. you see the evidence markers showing where that is. police say that witnesses tell them the driver had a red light when he went through it. according to police, he's been arrested for causing death by
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a suspended license, a felony. the driver was headed westbound. the family, a 35-year-old mom and her kids, two and three years old, were walking north to south on college inside the crosswalk when they were struck. a man who lives in the area said he saw the aftermath and tried to help the family. he was too shaken up by what you saw to talk on camera. the kids are in serious condition at a hospital. out here, police ask that drivers avoid the continue to investigate and as they -- as they continue to investigate what happens out here. the road will be closed. it's best inform avoid the-to avoid -- best to avoid the area. more breaking news and sadly someone else didn't make this after this crash in tempe. it's a motorcyclist and a car who hit each other. we're told this intersection
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along with southbound 143 at the i-10 bins it becomes -- since it becomes 48 street. this is the weekend but there's no rest for the message who have a message for the president elect. another full night of protests in cities across the nation. you're saying new york, and on the right, our nation's capital. more unrest here as well. protesters continue to take to the streets after donald trump's victory. we are live. it's been four days now since people are wondering when are these protests going to end? >> reporter: well, no. this group at it again. they continue to put on some more demonstrations at least in the time being. this is what they've been doing. we saw them do this yesterday. they'll gather up here near university drive, and eventually they'll march their way down mill avenue. all in protest of presidential elect donald trump.
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this so far since tuesday. we're being told it was a peaceful protest. by the looks of the crowd, 150 to 200 people. their message is the same as it's been all week. that's true unhappy with donald trump taking the general election. we pressed them if he is in office in january and no one is charging him, why are you protesting? here's their answer. >> we are standing here demonstrating our first amendment rights. we use it community. we use it to grow and origination to support -- organize to support people who are fearful. their lives don't matter as much as they did tuesday before the election? >> now, this group has been peaceful as compared to a lot of the demonstrations that we've seen across the country. now, i did ask them why they're continuing to do this when you're hearing a lot of the top politicians asking for unity. they're telling us that unity
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they're planning on more demonstrations but probably later on in the week next week. back to you. >> there are questions and answers. thank you, chris. turning to weather now, beautiful day out there. a lot of cloud cover making for a beautiful sunset. time lapse for you. we topped out at 84 today. that average high top we should be sitting in the 70s at this time of the year in the afternoon. 60s and 70s right now across the valley. overnight lows in the low 60s and even 50s out there tomoow morning and good year highs back above average tomorrow. going to be a beautiful day as we hit the 80s. if you're headed out to the raceway, that race beginning at 12:30. look at this. 79 as the race begins. they go through the afternoon into the 80s. mostly sunny. we have a warm-up on the way before a big cool down. more coming up.
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the wildcats had their hands full. it's hard to think it's almost thanksgiving. could they pull off the win tonight. wildcats taking in their first half. grant punches it in. we're all tied up at 7 apiece. that's when things look good. from there, you guessed it. bucks run away with it. they out scored the wildcats 21- 3 at last check. colora half. postseason aspirations on the line tonight in seattle. 20th ranked usc righting a five game one streak taking on number 4 washington. huskies yet to lose a game this season. they felt like they should go ahead and change that washington averaged under 50 points a game heading in. usc holts them to 1 -- holds
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unbelievable defense. they pull off the upset. usc's first roll. what a battle tonight in clemson. second ranked tigers on their home turf taken on unranked pitt, and no one told them they were supposed to lose this game it game down to a field goal. he didn't blow it. he made it had he missed, twitter would have had a field day? >> oh, my, would they have? >> served the loss of the season. movements ago on this -- moments ago on this station, michigan lost to iowa. this is one of the most rid i can will you tell us nights -- ridiculous nights of football. >> a high scoring game and then the last game was low. >> by unranked teams. >> which i love. i love that. we've got a twist on the fold phrase when live gives you lemons, and it involves a hit abc show.
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thanks to an off duty officer, they have gang ties. as for the victims, they will be okay. by now, many of you are saying enough already. if that is you, the chief of police in portland is on your side. >> the police will be here doing our best to keep the city safe and found. donald trump back in the
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up with a cabinet before unaugust ration day -- inauguration day. the secret service stepped in and asked him to leave. one thing you can count on from trump this entire election season, that he would tweet a lot. but don't count on seeing as many from a president trump. minutes, he said he will be, quote, very restrained if i use it at all. it won'ting easy. he admits -- won't be easy. he admits. social media helped him. the pile of ballots is getting smaller. the maricopa county recorder's office say they have about 185,000 early ballots left to count and only 55,000 provisional ballots they have to research.
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9:00 a.m. tomorrow. with those updated numbers, an update about prop 205. placed on the recorder's office, voters are 35,000 votes away from seeing it pass. that's why the group for legalizing marijuana have not conceded yet. they say me want to make sure every ballot is counted. happening now, a phoenix family desperate to find two autistic teenagers. they haven't benzine -- been van buren and 15th place. vis u. christian and josiah are just 15 and 16 years old. they aren't considered in dane -- they are considered in danger because of their mental capacity. now to a crime alert affecting a dozen families in glendale. vandals shooting out car windows happening near loop 101 and 51st avenue. this man's car window was shot
10:06 pm
drive. glendale police tell them there could be upwards of a dozen other cars with the same damage in the same area. >> we're awake and up and around the house, and this happens. it's frustrating to know that happened outside your house. it's really frustrating. >> luckily for him, they caught it on their security cameras. no suspect description or license plate. so if you have any information about who could be please contact police. one home is destroyed. another damaged after a morning fire in mesa. this was near the loop 202 and broadway. they would the these pictures of the scene there. when metro arrived, one building was fully engulfed and a second building was exposed to the fire. investigators believe it started in a backyard of the first home and then spread from there. hoarding skippingings in the yard -- conditions in the yard
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fire. firefighters say a cat named pumpkin escaped the fire. a little good as a result of a bad choice. no arrests have been made yet after someone took off with a box full of miss america crowns in mesa this week. they were going to be used for a pageant tonight. at the last minute, organizers had to get backup ones. new tonight, the director says they raised $is 400 after -- $1400 after we ran their story. they upped the scholarship amounts for the contest ants. great weather out there today as we hit the 80s and cooling down tonight under mostly clear skies, 60s in scottsdale. 75 in glendale and mesa. the plan for this evening heading back into those 50s and 60s. a little bit a cool start as
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slightly above average with the overnight lows. a little bit of passing cloud cover. no reason as the clouds continue to move over the valley tonight. now, highs tomorrow, they will be back in the 80s. if you're heading out to glendale, the cardinals at home. we'll be sitting at 83 degrees and be hanging out throughout the game. a dry sunday, a few clouds. a big warm-up on the way. we could be talking maybe records before a big cool down. that's all cong day. we now have a face to go with the name of a man arrested for a road rage crash in scottsdale. this is a mug shot of 25-year- old joe moses accused of ramming his car into several other vehicles, including a patrol car. detectives tell us they had to rush him to the hospital. that's after he tried to take his own life after he was arrested. we're told alcohol was a factor in all of this.
10:09 pm
news at 10:00 last night. the interview with the woman who was rammed by that suspect. she calls it 25 minutes of pure torment. she was on the phone with 911 for 25 minutes before he was finally arrested. >> watching him getting arrested and thrown in the cop car made me local a lot better -- feel a lot better. i hope he never gets to go out on the street and hurt anyone else. he sho drive again. >> we're working to get an update on an 8-year-old little girl and her family. air 15 over the scene of the crash last night in goodyear. not too many streets in that area. it's dark and hard to see. no word yet what caused this crash. a long and terrifying night at a mall in upstate new york as the search continues for a
10:10 pm
inside the mall in albany. swat has spent hours finding the suspect going store to store and getting everyone else out. no arrests yet. so far, no records of injuries -- reports of injuries either. a disgusting message graffitid on a wall in north carolina. the community is not having it people in durham coming together to scrub away the paint. someone wrote, black lives don't matter and neither does your vote. then someone else tried to paint over a would read black lives do matter. that wasn't enough for -- enough for neighbors. >> the only intention is to be bothersome. it's not to up lift or make something better. that's what we need right now. >> more was found a couple miles away, the words wake up on another wall. we hope lindsey vonn can catch a break. she's had a rough track record for injuries. new tonight, she's sidelined
10:11 pm
crashing during her training. she had a successful surgery and will return to the slopes as soon as she can. one man tried to get away with murder, but an arizona judge just called his bluff. what he's accused of faking still ahead: plus, hooked by the bait. a man fed up with package
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novums tonight. a convicted killer faked his mental health issues to avoid trial. craig here can stand trial for the death of christina
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pretending to be incompetent. he was convicted for the murder of a nevada singer and dancer. his wife helped debts find the body in florence, arizona. was this fire the work of an osar onist? that's what -- osar onist -- arsonist? that's what thinking trier to -- they're trying to find out. they tell us this is the second time this building has caught fire. so far, no exact cause, but they are considering opening an arson case. it was hook, line, and sinker for one colorado man, but this story has nothing to do with fishing. greg wasn't looking for a fish. he was fishing for these. he was getting his packages stolen off his front porch, so he hatched a plan to catch that person in the act. he set up a decoy and a surveillance camera putting a
10:15 pm
here was the hook. that guy took the bait. >> makes me feel violated honestly. somebody just coming up to your house and taking what's yours. >> now, police haven't tracked down the suspect. law enforcement says stealing someone else's package is a federal crime and it is on the rise. experts say as more and more people are online shopping, number of incidents is going up. that's why amazon has created this is the latest package thief spotted in the valley. we haven't heard she's been caught yet, so be sure to keep an eye out. this happened in the moon valley area. inside that box, this woman got a christmas gift for the homeowner's daughter. in health news, fewer people are lighting up. cigarette smoking rates have hit an all-time low.
10:16 pm
45 million to nearly 37 million. that was between the years of 2005 and 2015. now, although the cdc is happy with fewer smokers, they say more anti tobacco action is still needed. they say nearly half of all cancer diagnoses are linked to tobacco use. creating life changing art using the simplest of mediums. danielle shows us how one one napkin at a time. >> i do it while she's eating breakfast. >> reporter: with her pen be and canvas -- pen and canvas, she goes about her ritual. >> they are not perfect, just like my life. so i love that part about it. >> reporter: they may not be perfect, but they are milestones and memories kept inside a lunch box for this
10:17 pm
>> because she has down syndrome, she's delayed, and so everything takes more effort for her. so when she does that, it's a proud moment for me and for herself. >> to the art show. >> welcome to the art show is what she said. >> from magic to laundry, swim lessons or super horry. she has 471 napkins to cherish. >> remember halloween last year? remb little fairy princess. >> you can see dozens of her sketches on display at the gallery in mesa. >> i want people to realize that there is beauty in everyday life, and the simplest of moments can you precious. >> reporter: still, her greatest audience will always be the little girl who changed her life in ways she never could have imagined. >> yes. good job, baby. yeah. she likes to read it. >> ready?
10:18 pm
way to spend my world, my time with her. >> did you it. good job. >> reporter: in tempe, abc15 news. >> he a all needed a story like that -- we all needed a story like that. i see a children's book in her future. >> it gives me chills. it's getting chilly outside. the weathered has been perfect, but -- >> the sunsets and the temperatures drop. we like it we want to wear the long 69 out there. 60s in please -- mesa gateway. if you're going to play golf tomorrow, back up into the 80s. going to be another nice one as you look at the next 24 hours with me. air quality forecast looking good as well valley wide. all in if you're being bugged by t here's why. main allergen out there right now, ragweed question and it stays in that moderate category not only through tomorrow, but monday, tuesday, and even on wednesday. we're going to have ragweed.
10:19 pm
problem across the valley and state. radar composite slowing clouds moving across the pocket right now. not producing any type of rain. we have a quick disturbance that's going to be passing north. you'll see it very brief right here as we head into tomorrow. again, that will bring a little cloud cover, a few breezes, and it's not going to be bringing any rain chances across the higher terrain or the valley. then the next story we have, high pressure building in over the area as we get tuesday, and that means temperatures will be flirting with records as we get into that tuesday forecast. another warm one tomorrow. tempe up -- tempe up to 82. starting off at 61. its going to be a great day if you're tailgating tomorrow and the trend is to continue to bring the temperatures up slightly monday. 86. tuesday will be flirting with the record. we'll stay under it. the forecast looking like it as
10:20 pm
record 90. that was set in 1999. outside right now, we're in the 30s. we're already below freezing at flagstaff and the grand canyon. 72 in yuma. again, we have the 60s across south central arizona. tonight, it's going to be a cold one. low freezing in show low. 31. 37 in prescott, near 70. take a look at your forecast. we have changes. first we have to flitter with the records on tuesday. a little cloud cover ahead of a storm system cold front that takes us finally into the 70s. it will be closer to average, if not a little bit below average highs thursday. we'll see freezes 'we wrap up with the week with morning lows in the 50s and 60s. young gun and son starting to find their groove.
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another perfect game. abc15 sports. >> the sun devils had their fair share of struggles this season. they lost their fourth straight two nights ago. there was a bright side in that game. the true freshman from chandler
10:24 pm
this young man about it all. he passed for 46 yards. he broke free for a 31-yard touchdown run. he racked up 114 receiving yards. almost 200 scrimmage yards on the night. >> i got a warrior. i mean, unbelievable. i mean, for a freshman. he's an amazing guy that speed, physickingity and fin -- physicality and finish. i'm so he is pressed with how -- i'm so impressed with how he's playing. he's a freshman coming in and playing the game the way he does, he's going to be a great one. i love that -- i love how he competes, very impressive. >> second half of the season begins tomorrow. here's hoping they finish this
10:25 pm
last season. they came out of the bye week with fresh legs. that, of course, was on their way to a franchise record. it's a differ year, different -- different year, different team. they need a better second half performance of making the playoffs this year. >> we've had stretches in the past where we were able to put streaks to the. we're capable of doing we need to have our momentum. we need to do that. on special teams, we do that -- if we do that for all phases, we could be one of the best team. >> we hope they can put that together tomorrow with the '9ers.
10:26 pm
straight win on their home floor. eric bledsoe minutes -- the two- point game with just 4 minutes to play. from there, the nets go on a terror. brooklyn out scars the suns 20- 4 in the final minute. that's all she wrote. 15 miles northwest. taking on the bruins in glendale. looking for their first win over boston since 2010. been a while. they changed that it's a scoreless first period. second period has much more action. unfortunately it was all on the kite oaty's end -- coyote's end. it's not enough. boston wins it 2-1. from glendale, a hop, skip, and a jump to avondale for nascar. kyle busch leads 190 of the 200
10:27 pm
of the season. more importantly, the xfinity field has been cut to the final four drivers for the infinity championship. it will be the same story for the sprint championship tomorrow. it's an annual tradition one family never thought they
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
a traffic alert at this hour, but we're almost in the clear. at 11:00, part of loop 202 reopens. right now, eastbound lanes are closed between i-10 and 44th street. it's for resurfacing. for other traffic trouble spots and way to get around them, you can'd to in tucson, construction of a uss arizona memorial on the u of a cap pews is underway -- campus is underway.
10:31 pm
be completed in time for a december 4th ceremony. in entertainment news tonight, pink is pregnant with her second child. the grammy winner posted a picture of her baby bump -- more than a bump-saying surprise. she is married to carry hart. take a look. the rockefeller center christmas industry in place after a 140 mile trip from up state it was actually growing in someone's backyard. that family has gone to manhattan every year to watch this ceremony. they never thought one of their trees would be the centerpiece. 50,000 lights will be turned on that tree on november 30th. >> it's in place though? i thought they were going to stand it up. >> they had to use a crane. it went slowly.
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? ah, ah, ah, ah ah-ah-ah-ah ? ? ah, ah, ah, ah ah-ah-ah-ah ? ? ah, ah, ah, ah ah-ah-ah-ah ? ? ah, ah, ah, ah ah-ah ? [ dog barking ] james: damn it, ahab, i'm trying to sleep! [ barking continues ] ? you're so fine ? ? you know i live in the moment, i live for the thrills ? what is it, boy? there's nothing out there. [ barks ] oh, my god. [ barking ] how do you think it went? well, we'll find out soon enough. castle: ah, my two favorite redheads. and what are you doing? we wanted to know how your anniversary went.


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