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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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car windows being shot out. dozens and by tomorrow there could be more. protecting our order with the wall was his campaign promise. what our president elected thing tonight. when all is said and done the cardinals got a win.>> can you imagine? a warm one today we are talking record h cool down in your forecast. we start with new information about a tragedy and chandler. you only have to look at the scene to feel this one. in the middle of the street, a crumpled stroller after a car slammed into a mother and her two children. chris tracktown the driver and found out he never should have been behind the wheel at
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surprised, so worry worry. a man opening the door listed for william amberley.>> i don't want to talk.>>reporter: to have anything to say? police charged him because he was driving with a suspended license, the woman he hit and killed. once processed he was released and never spent any time in jail grows do the scene. neighbors and strangers dropping off flowers and words of support. some with their own thoughts for the driver.>> be thoughtful. take the extra two minutes, to seconds to think about what your actions could do. >>reporter: he may not have said anything to us by his record speaks volumes. he has been arrested for
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including reckless driving in 2003. chandler pd says detectives are still working and it remains open. chris grow abc15 the two children hurt ages two and three are still in the hospital in serious condition. they've still not released their mothers name. a killer on the loose in glendale after police found a man dead, shot inside the apartment. we brought to the scene at 5:00 near 51st and northern. we have learned witnesses sought two men leaving m they left a dark-colored sedan if you know anything call glendale police. , one dose getting shot out in the west valley. we showed you surveillance video and since then several have reached out to us letting us know, it's happening in your neighborhood too. we are tracking this developing story, raquel cervantes is live in phoenix. to police have any
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police have received more than 20 calls just since yesterday and they say people reporting their car windows had been shot out and police are trying to figure out who is behind it. glen dale and north phoenix our findings shattered glass. we told you yesterday about joan utne of us who news near -- he caught salmon driving in a green car and shooting something that caused his car window a picture from 37th avenue and peoria. at 51st avenue and greenway, this viewer said her car window was broken out before 5 am saturday. at 23rd avenue and glendale, a window was shot out. phoenix police believe this person is using a bb gun to damage windows on park cars. all of this as people in the valley don't have an answer to
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the i-10. as police work to find the shooter with possibly dozens of cases so near to people at home. neighbors wonder what they are dealing with. phoenix police tell us they are working with glendale police to figure out what's going on, they describe the car as a late 90s four door dark green toyota corolla with call phoenix believe if you have any information. it's a busy sunday night for fire crews trying to figure out what caused three mobile homes to go up in flames. we sent to a abc15 mobile alert near 41st and van buren. no one was in any of those homes at the time. more of your votes counted but five days after the election, the
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112,000 early ballots need to be tallied, election workers processed 73,000 ballots today until they are done a couple races are still too close to call including one for county recorder, the person accounts all those votes. watching the numbers come in for prop 205 to legalize recreational marijuana , know is winning by 80,000 votes. that means nearly all of those uncounted be yes votes. now to our president-elect. donald trump hiring these men to help lead his white house. gop boss reince priebus will be chief of staff and steve bannon will be chief strategist. pre-bus is a traditional choice. bannon just became campaign ceo in august with the message that
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undertones.>> they may be equal in status, but there are on the qualities within the cabinet eventually you will see an inequality develop in the chief of staff will be the go to guy for the president.>> he believes trump will appoint one woman to the cabinet but as far as his tough talking plan to cracking down on immigration. trump just admitting he will accept a fence in some places along the border his promise was to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. immigration is one of the many issues dividing our country as even more people take to the streets. new video tonight from santa anna california where a crowd of 300 has gathered in orange
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in philadelphia, st. louis, massachusetts and denver just to name a few. trumps senior advisors asking protesters to come together for a peaceful cancer -- transition. he is also lashing out renewing his attacks on the new york times with new tweets and one he alleged the times losing thousands of subscribers because of very poor and highly are inaccurate covered, the news outlet replied saying, it's had a surgeon online day. another trump tweet called them dishonest. despite the tweet storm trump made a bold statement, pledging he will be more restrained on twitter. if he uses it at all pieces social media helped him win races and ink see proved it can be moore's powerful than money. it's back to business after the bye week the
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francisco.>> it's a favorable matchup. it should be a walk in the park right? not so much. things didn't look good early it did not -- 35 yard to michael floyd, 18 yarder to fix capped off by a touchdown pass to johnson. card steak is this time an 18 yard run cardinals had until halftime up 20-10. they failed to score a single point in the second half.>> the late game interception gives the niners a chance to tie the game into overtime. san francisco puts together a drive and colin kaepernick takes it in with less than two minutes. we are tied at 20, the cards manning again winning with no
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23-20 win.>> obviously we are extremely happy. it was a game where i thought we gave it back after we had it in hand. we weathered the storm and we won it. there was never a doubt in my mind that he would make that kit.>> it's one of those games, it's a division opponent they had nothing to lose. they will play hard you expect sometimes the division games are ugly. we take the win and get out. >> you can join us tomorrow night, at the big red brewhouse of the university of phoenix live at 5 and six and live on our abc 15 paid -- facebook page with michael floyd. come meet michael floyd and watch monday night football tomorrow night out at university of phoenix stadium.>> a good win for the
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tonight.>> it cancels it out right?>> you take a win wherever you can get it. laura thomas has your most accurate forecast. a little bit warmer out compared to yesterday we topped out at 85 that will be the trend and we will flirt with records. look at this beautiful 70 degrees at the airport east wind at six miles good 60s in deer valley, 69 scottsdale, 68 cal there, good year at the 70 degrees mark. overnight lows on the cool side tomorrow, clear skies tonight into tomorrow we are warmer. phoenix 86, 84 mesa, sunny skies valley wide and i start
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make a play off to the east and we be on top for tuesday. a big cool down in a minute. heads up the biggest and brightest and you can see it in just hours. what nassau expects to learn from the super moon. like it or not the alarm clock is going off in the morning. even if you sleep in why you
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they woke up to sirens when a seven point they woke up to sirens when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked new zealand and then they had to run for their lives to avoid a tsunami. more aftershocks with many saying the initial shaking
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>> everything started shaking and i got weird and then it got worse.>> doors were opening and closing. the whole house was moving. >> at least two people were killed and now crews are assessing the damage and beginning what will be a long cleanup. an emotional day in paris marking one year since terrorist attack this spots taken lives of 130, 90 of them at bataclan the french president unveiled the final plaque around the capital to honor the victims reading their names out loud the for a moment of silence with the pain still. survivors fought through tears to release balloons calling for tolerance instead of anger. lanterns were also released along the canal. within seconds he was murdered.
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>> across the nation heavy hearts in california after sheriff's deputy is gunned down outside modesto. deputy dennis wallace was responding to a call about something suspicious their fishing spot. the suspect was eventually arrested to our south. police in philadelphia blame of group of teens for bizarre flash mob style attack that injured six including an off- duty police detective and his wife. the mob started randomly beat when the detective moved in the mob turned, punching him and his wife. two teenagers are in custody. dozens of wildfires rage across the southeast. people in north carolina are being given special masks, if they need to go outside. most of the fires burning in north carolina, georgia and
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hours before the building would have been filled with sunday worshipers. they haven't figured out how the fire started in the church posted the services are canceled. the titans beat the packers, but their biggest victory was right here celebrating veterans weekend by honoring rachel hooks they helped her surprise her son on the field during the first quarter. she just got back from her deployment the forecast is looking nice. we have a cooldown on the way. we are talking records. we will get to that in our 7- day forecast. 85, the normal high as 77. the record is not too far at 91 in 1999. no records and we are all in the 60s and 70s.
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valley and the scottsdale airport the winds are calm. a quiet, cool night tomorrow morning we go back into the 50s. in the afternoon warmer than today phoenix expected to hit 86. plenty of sunshine. ridge of high pressure situated to the west that's keeping things dry for us across valley. tomorrow it makes the shift, closer to us for tuesday it will be on top of us keeping storm chances off to the north last. we will see changes coming up wednesday. it's tuesday, that we will have to watch for tying a record. forecasting 89 degrees just shy of the 90 degree record set in
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highs windy. storm system begins to move east, the ridge breaks down. we see clouds return wednesday cold front brings breezes and a big drop in temperatures. valley highs will be in the low 70s for thursday. high country, will have highs in the 40s. there will be a slight chance for rain or even a light snow as we go through wednesday night all dry and cold in flagstaff. 72 bullhead city, 16 tucson with overnight lows in the upper 40s. 37 patient, -- thiesen winslow 31. 70s along the rim, 76 sedona monday afternoon 79 kingman.
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very nice start tomorrow. paradise valley 84 cave creek 84, wickenburg 84. tuesday 89, we watch for records clouds return wednesday, breezes and cooler temperatures thursday and friday. we could see upper 40s across the valley going into friday morning. we will keep you updated through a lot of action in the west valley including the nascar race. the sprint cup team is running
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semi final racing action for the nascar sprint comes running in the can-am 500 at phoenix international cutting the field with four finalist for next sunday's finale at homestead. another exciting finish, this racetrack is known for its legendary crazy finishes. 08 crash forces overtime and what's expected to be the final restart, matt wanders, kyle push its lohman. after leading can seth finishes 20th. joey logano grabs the lead
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he makes the final four in next week's championship at homestead. jason stably caught up with them in victory lane where there was more drama but it had nothing to do with the race.>>reporter: in the middle of all the celebration, you lost something. >> yes my wedding ring. it slipped my hands were what. i don't know. i'm hoping someone i did not realize it until i sat down for the interview. i'm glad someone found it.>>reporter: will you be in the doghouse?>> i'm good. she was with me the first time i lost it. we are all good.>>reporter: i heard you say this is the greatest you have ever felt. >> there was so much on the
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it's a championship. there is so much to raise for right now and it special to have your back up against the wall and it's an amazing opportunity to feel pressure. to be able to get ourselves through and i can't wait for next weekend in miami. >> have you ever misplaced your wedding ring? >> he is just a guy.>> it's just a symbol.>> i saw his wife and she did t did she have herzog? >> yes.
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forced to pay a toyota agrees on a $3 billion settlement for trucks and suvs not having enough rest protection. and estimates it will cost $15,000 to replace each frame. toyota plans to inspect the vehicles and decide if the owner gets a new frame or will be reimbursed. we are keeping our eye out for new jobs and verizon needs 300 people for its call center in chandler. open house tuesday from 5 pm till 7 pm. your chance to get hired at sky harbor on wednesday they have a slew of positions open for the restaurants, a $200 signing bonus. that's from 9 am until noon on 12th street. watch where you shop.
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this is abc15 news taking action. and iowa's first big move president-elect donald trump named to top officials to run his administration but backing off a major campaign promise. richard cantu has latest.>>reporter: and his first big decision is president-
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priebus as his chief of staff. he is chairman of the rnc. trump also tapped tolleson -- steve bannon as chief strategist , he is the former head of breitbart news and a critic of the gop establishment. trump saying, steve and reince are qualified and let us to it historic victory i will now have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. minutes, trump backtracked now saying he will focus on illegal immigrants and the millions of others. >> after the border is secured and everything is normal will will make a determination on the people that you're talking about, who are terrific people.>> i'm pro-life.
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>>reporter: for five days and nights trumps election victory has sent protesters into streets across the country. thousands more were out sunday.>> why isn't he supporting the united states. it's obvious that we don't support him unitedly. >>reporter: f he is looking for the job ahead.>> we have both houses and the presidency it's been a >> you heard him talk about a border fence, what about his deportation plan. paul ryan said the government will not conduct mass deportations of undocumented immigrants. he says border security is the first priority. the border is about to get a boost with 150 agents sent to south texas. the feds say agents from tucson in san diego will be temporarily reassigned to the
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working another part of the texas border will join them to screen and process unaccompanied children and families. honoring victims of the uss arizona tonight construction for a memorial is underway at you of a and should be done by december 4. three days before the anniversary of pearl harbor. 2400 us service members were killed, the memorial honors the 1200 new lost their lives on board the tomorrow a final goodbye to a show low officer gunned down earlier this week before he was set to retire. darren reed funeral starts at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints at 1:00. overflow seating has been added. we will stream live on tomorrow, claim jumper restaurants will offer free meals to those who have served or are currently serving our country. lunch or dinner is available as
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clocks, you can see a rare event this month's super moon. it's the closest the moon is been to earth since 1948. it won't appear this big and bright again until 2034. surprises coming back from the spacecraft at the moon is that we are able to detect changes on a lunar surface. we have been mapping the moon for over seven years and in compare images. >> double oak 14% larger than the smallest full moon and 30% brighter. it will be a beautiful night to try and see the moon. get out before sunrise, that's the best time. lows tonight in the 50s, clear viewing conditions. we had some moonrise photos
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patty cooper from maricopa sent this one in. we love to see those photos share at the last time the sons and warriors met was two weeks ago and they led the majority of the game only trailing by two. they fell short. and eerily similar story tonight at oracle arena. golden state lost one game at home this season but find themselves trailing the sons by five with less than six minutes to play. the warriors get red-hot down the stretch. they outscore the sons 15-1 late in the 4th and take the win. maybe the sun devils could have better luck in tempe. this time it's a if you trailing cal poly when the mustangs stretch their lead to
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tray holder was outstanding with 24 points. 96-74 at wells fargo arena.>> final-round action, charles schwab cup at desert mountain in scottsdale. it's down to two greats. longer finishes in second two strokes off with four birdies on the back nine. gordo's comes through with three birdies in the final five holes finishing at four under and 15 under for the tournament.>> it's the biggest thing, my daughters are here. they flew in today to watch and they had not had the chance to do that. it makes it extra special.>> it's always fun when your family is there. he said this was the first time
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that. i don't blame them for coming to scottsdale in november. with the holidays you expect stores to be busy, there may be another reason for those crowds. experts say people will be spending like crazy in the coming weeks now that the election is over. a new survey showed that the case for one in 10 republicans and one in we have a shopper alert on your phone fake apps could be stealing your money. becky worley shows you what to watch out for.>>reporter: retailers are rapidly rolling out shopping apps for your phones. you by close on your phone with a nap or browser? >> an app.>>reporter: some of your favorite brands have a
10:38 pm
dummy apps have security researchers on notice.>> you have id theft, credit card theft and even counterfeit items. you may get an item that is not legitimate. >>reporter: some apps ask for permission for other information. this gives the app permission to track me? >> essentially. yes.>>reporter: that's crazy. br imposters. >> we discovered over 100 apps that were counterfeit. this was between the iowa store for apple and the android store.>>reporter: apps pretending to be post new balance and dollar tree are all fake.>> this is a game of lacrimal. -- whack a mole. the trend is that this will be
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season.>>reporter: apple users typically think of their apps has affected by the app store. apple tells us that they have set up ways to find fraudulent or suspicious apps which would investigated to ensure they are safe and secure. google says, we take security seriously and google play scan for potential he meant it -- malicious apps before they are published on the google play store.>> all for. here is what you need to watch. fake apps don't have reviews and the store name maybe just a little bit off. experts say they often use poor english or have spelling mistakes. as you make your list, jcpenney is using a new tactic on thanksgiving. the first few hundred through the door will get coupons of up to $500 off. jcpenney kicks off its sale at 3 am. one of the first to open that
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start on macy's and three hours on walmart, target, sears and calls. and you won't see me there. the everyday struggle that many the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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it's been a busy weekend for sports.>> we had a huge nascar race and football.>> it was fun getting back to the east side. and the championship tour. how in the world do you struggle with the 49ers? >> they are the niners, they are the worst team in the nfc and it comes down to a field goal.
10:43 pm
he would have missed. >> how does he throw an interception with three -- 3:13 to go.>> they struggled. david johnson ran all over them. >> the worst defense. >> unbelievable. they held them quiet and this is hands-down there is no way you could feel good about this win. >> expect the game-winner as time expired. holy cow. nascar. whose fault is this? the overtime was crazy. the restart for overtime.>> boom. i was in the press box and everyone was just like oh. >> bowman was trying to block kyle busch and kyle busch doesn't see him and here comes
10:44 pm
>> he was cruising to next week's championship race and we are talking lapse away and this happens. there is the bump from kyle busch sending bowman interim. what was he doing? >> why was he doing that? >> i read that ken smith said he had a full car length on the inside. >> should alex bowman be blocng like a perfect storm. you can't point the finger at any driver.>> big ben trickery in pittsburgh with the kill the clock. look at the time. the clock is ticking down, they are trailing 29-24 and look at this. now they take the lead.
10:45 pm
antonio brown. ben roethlisberger that's the academy award.>> it was fun for me to see, we did that 20 years ago and won a championship game. itself on to see it again. then look at this, that's the game-winner folks and the cowboys have one eight straight for the first time since 1977. pittsburgh didn't even have time to celebrate. i appreciate that kind checking health news, expect to see more cancer research coming from the university of arizona. the cancer center was accepted into a national group for clinical trials meaning a chance to develop more research and serve on national committees. fewer people will lighting up. cigarette smoking rates are at an all-time low dropping 15% from 45 million to nearly
10:46 pm
the cdc said there needs to be more anti-tobacco action taken. it's not your fault. no matter how much sleep you get, night owls will still be more tired than early birds because they have their own personal clock. it's genetic wiring, people are predisposed to sleep at different times. if you are an earlybird or night owl you are what you are. >> hopefully you are an earlybird tomorrow so you can see >> that the middle of the night bird. >> get out there before 6:30 am. send the photos in at . another chance in the morning. 74 in glendale right now and 60s in anthem. across the state we are below freezing in flagstaff 30. 29 at the grand canyon. 34 in show low.
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a few breezes across the higher terrain. sedona 12 miles per hour sustained. no problems with the wind but they will return as we go through the week. the storm system on the way, we will talk about high pressure building in and that happening today and it has been all weekend. keeping our skies clear out there tonight and will continue as we go through monday. this ridge has been building an out west and tuesday it will be on top of us. it brings more cloud cover but a dip in the high temperatures. not before we climb up to 90 tuesday. here is the average high of 76, 74 degrees as we wrap up the week. where above average through wednesday, below average thursday 73, 74 friday, with the 89 degree coming up this
10:48 pm
degrees the record for tuesday was 90 set in 1999. 35 and prescott, looking for lows in payson 37, 20s across the higher terrain. 76 tomorrow and sedona, 80s west and you want -- the -- 89 at record 90 the clouds rolling wednesday. breezes are picking up thursday across the state we still have dry air. 50s friday morning could be in the 40s and then we are right back up into the upper 70s too
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abc15 sports brought to buy sanderson ford. a crazy win over the bills the seattle seahawks take on tom brady and the 7-1 patriots. russell wilson finishes with 348 yards passing and three touchdown outperforming tom brady. pretty wrapped up with 316 yards passing no touchdowns and one interception. the seahawks score with over four minutes patriots drive the length of the field with the first and goal at the seattle 2 but they can't score on the 4th down and the seahawks escape with the 31- 24 win. looking at the nfc west of the rams and jets going at it and new jersey. by splitting becomes the third quarterback to start for the jets this season. today's snoozer can be summarized one touchdown, one missed extra point and three
10:53 pm
yards. greg zuerlein kicks three field goals for the rams including the go-ahead 34 yarder with under seven minutes and the rams snap a four-game losing streak with a 9-6 win. the dallas cowboys in pittsburgh trying to get their eighth win, stay on the bench tony romo. this team belongs to dak prescott and is the goal elliott. -- and 83 yard catch and run for tv while prescott overcomes an earlier fumble for 319 yards and two touchdowns. elliott gets the game-winner with nine seconds to play a 32 yarder giving the cowboys a 35- 30 win and their eighth win of the season. and nashville the green bay packers in the tennessee titans each looking for the fifth win of the season. it's the titans of jump out to a 21-0 lead with three first- quarter touchdowns.
10:54 pm
tennessee answers with the touchdown and its 28-7 with just under nine minutes in the 1st half. tennessee shocked the packers holding green bay to just nine points and a 47-25 beat down. the packers fall to 4-5 on the season. they say diamonds or
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take a look at your screen if you are shopping for the perfect ring, this one could be yours for just $25 million. did you like a casual i was? goes on sale wednesday in switzerland it's one of the largest of its type ever to be sold at auction.>> that is when you do not want to lose at
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forecast tomorrow 86, 89 near record tuesday and finally 70s on the way thursday. what a weekend for nascar. these guys did some hard work bringing you the sights and
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welcome to "the race", i am mike sacks. we have our eyes set on inauguration day here at the capitol. behind me the capital building itself is getting ready. president-elect donald trump will take the oath of office here on genuine 20. a closer look at his plans for a transition piece. now he is going to work with current leaders like president obama to bring this country together. >> working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation, and renewing the american dream. >> we are all rooting for his success, and uniting and leaving the country. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind, and


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