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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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chief long snapper james winchester. you're looking at video of the airport. a manhunt is on. all flights are suspended in the airport. there was one exception which was a plane carrying federal prisoners. the circumstances of the shooting have not yet been released. police do believe that this is an isolated incident. we'll keep queue updated. -- you updated. she's been the recorder since 1988 and now she's out. >> helen purcell losing her bid for reelection. adrian fontes is in. >> purcell at the center of a fire storm of her office's handling of even the most recent election. joe bartels spoke to them. he says he needs a look around before he changes. >> yeah guys soon his name will be on the doors here at the maricopa county recorder's office.
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democrat held the position. it became a tower of controversy following march's presidential preferences election. remember the three hour waits to cast ballots? a lot of fingers cast at helen purcell. she took full blame for it. she's been the cooldown city recorder for -- county recorder for 28 years. adrian fontes says his first act of duty is to get to the bottom of the election issues we've been seeing. >> a lot of little mistakes over really a couple of decades blossomed. people were paying close attention to elections. i won't say it's specifically helen purcell fault. i think it's all of our fall. we're on the right track now and it's time to move forward. >> purcell has declined interviews since she admitted defeat. in a statement she says it was an honor to serve as the county recorder and added that they built one of the most revered recording systems in the
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voting was made more successful than ever m. arizona bucks a trend. striking down legalized marijuana. the campaign conceded it does not have the votes to pass prop 205. the latest number shows it fell by about 80,000 votes. that's how short they were. five states put recreational pot on the ballot. arizona was the only state voting no. medicinal marijuana laws. there are still more votes to be counted in the valley. one week after the election and some new numbers for you. 10,000 early ballots are left and 45,000 provisional ballots. work does continue in the morning. stephanie? she's making big decisions and democrats aren't happy. petitioning gengs one of trump's -- against one of trump's team members.
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p presidency -- trump presidency gets closer and closer. >> he got his first presidential briefing today. from now on mike pence and donald trump will get the same updates as president bam massachusetts trump's team -- obama. trump's team rallying around him. one name definitely not on the list anywhere in his cabinet? ben carson. the former presidential candidate has taken himself out of the running. there's one appointee confirmed by trump polarizing politicians. stephen bannon, a conservative news outlet ceo. democrats in congress signing a letter to the president-elect urging him to resiend the appointment. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government.
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more balanced approach. >> this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory. he's judged orphan the results of this -- on the results of this administration. >> he calms international concern when asked but also throws a subtle jab. >> most folks who voted for the president-elect are better off than they were when i came into office. >> seven days later nationwide the president-elect. but more are speaking out about the hate crimes against minorities. students were walking out of class and joined the protest saying they're worried about their future. it coincides with more hate crimes since election day. house democrats delaying their leader's elections until
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nancy pelosi. house democrats say their choice for minority leader will be made november 30th. a group of younger democrats has been organizing behind the scenes. we broke records across the state today. flagstaff and prescott record warmth with highs in the 70s this afternoon. big changes about to arrive as the high pressure system that's been keeping things so warm starts to get pushed farther and further east. temperatures in the low 80s across the valley. 77 at 7:00 . . by 9:00 tonight 72 degrees as high clouds start to stream in from the west. seeing them now as we look at clouds and radar. upper level moisture ahead of the next system hitting the pacific northwest. it ha a cold system -- has a cold system with it. bringing a big drop in temperatures. the coldest air this season. we'll talk about how much cool ner a minute.
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minute. from the live desk. protesters gathering at the national grounds in north dakota. law enforcement shut down the road. groups are gathering across the nation. here's the one in the valley. this one lasting hours downtown at central and underyan school. they're part of condition indian school -- indian school. they're part of a to shut down the pipeline. a man caught carrying a homeless woman out of a scottsdale bar and sexually assaulting her. rodolfo ramirez was in court today and says he's not guilty. the mma fighter faces several charges. he's scheduled to be back in court next month. . when you turn on the sink water comes out and you probably don't give it thought. but some leaders are longing
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the meeting hopes to get city leaders on board with their water fund to invest in conservation projects. greg stanton says this kind of meeting is rare. >> you would think that city leaders would be talking a lot more about the issue of water. too often though we defer to other entities, the federal government or the state government. >> the water fubdz aims to raise -- fund aims to raise $7 million to h projectsch. 100 new jobs coming with united health group looking for customer service employees. we have a link on and on our mobile app. the horrifying video. and then the heartbreaking 911 call after a gunman opens firebomb inside a -- opens fire inside a hotel lobby. a video showing a suspected thief almost running down a cop. why this video is now being
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just in a chilling 911 call and surveillance video showing when a gunman opened fire in a motel 6 lobby. five people in total were shot in several locations including the front desk clerk gus gonzalez. >> where were you shot at sir? >> my chest. >> we're on our way sir. where was everyone else shot? >> i don't know. the security guard can't move. i think my legs are paralyzed. >> you can see mcbride bursting into the lobby and opening fire on the front desk. that clerk survived but two others were killed including a security guard. two others hurt.
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eventually. police and school officials trying to figure out what led up to a stabbing at a utah high school. five students still in the hospital. their conditions range from critical to fair. and a 16-year-old is the one in custody. the school about 40 miles south of salt lake city. it went into lockdown after authorities got word of what was happening. it may have gone on in the gym or boy's locker room. investigators questions tonight. in florida a student attacked the bus driver. several students witnessed the result. the driver was able to pull over and call for backup after the beat down. witnesses who saw the girl snapped these photos where it appears she's handcuffed. according to the sheriff's office the teen is in a mental health facility. a passer-by takes matters into his own hands. authorities say that deputy pulled over a suspect for
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going down without a fight and attacked the deputy. until someone saw it and shot the suspect, killing him. the sheriff's department hasn't released much information in the investigation, even canceling a news conference. a video out of ohio going viral after some shoplift suspects were caught -- shopt lyfting suspects were -- shoplifting suspects were caught nearly running over a police officer. >> the suspects comply with the officers commands to get out of the car. the officer tries to break the window as the suspects drive away. notice the officer draws his gun but never fires. since this video was posted it's been shared thousands of times. those suspects were later arrested and charged. donald trump's face a hot commodity. the factory employees working overtime. what facebook had to do
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some new video into the live desk. jan brewer an insider in the donald trump campaign, we asked her about rue nors -- rumors of turmoil on the president-elect's transition team. >> i hope that it's not in chaos. i personally don't feel that it's in chaos. but having gone through a transition myself i know how difficult it is. you've got a lot of helpers and a lot of people with different ideas. it's a difficult process. >> minutes ago governor brewer wrapped up her interview with abc 15's melissa blasius. coming up at 6:00 we answer this. would she accept a cabinet
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and why she thinks trump protesters should put down their mexican flags. in m.d. emotions are -- in maryland emotions are high. someone vandalized a sign advertising a church's spanish service. someone wrote the words trump nation, whites only. the same phrase written on a wall in the church's cemetery. a church official says he believes there's a lot to do to bring peace. donald trump on twitter this morning changing his tune slightly saying the electoral college is genius because it brings into play all states including the ones with smaller populations. otherwise politicians would only campaign in new york, florida, and california. nearly four years ago he tweeted it was a disaster for democracy. the trump phenomenon reaching japan. one factory struggling to keep
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of president-elect donald trump. since the big day they've been making about 350 masks a day. we're following those raging flames tearing across the southeast. more than 3,000 firefighters are battling 42 wildfires. all fuelled by the drought in the south. and maybe manmade. here's one arrest so far. 21-year-old johnny mullins. he confessed to starting the fire in eastern kentucky to get more facebook followers. the remaining suspicious fires under investigation in north carolina. the situation so dire a mandatory evacuation is in place right now. >> it's awfully dry there. hasn't been normal anywhere. dry and warm across at least the southern half of the u.s. many other spots warmer and drier as well. with la nina in effect it looks
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across the southern half of the the continue nep tal u.s. -- continental u.s. drier than average conditions across arizona, new mexico, and texas. as well as warmer than average temperatures. we've been incredibly warm the last week. temperatures more than ten degrees above normal. tracking some changes finally as the jet stream digs far enough to the south to bring this next pacific storm system into the great basin is and bring the cold o with it across our state as we head into wednesday night and thursday. we are tracking some changes. with this cold front coming in it's going to reset our temperatures and get us back to near normal levels by the ends of the week. let's talk act the changes. as it -- let's talk about the changes. as it comes in you can see snow across the rockies. doesn't bring us any
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a slight chance of a shower or two across the northern half of the state. chances slim, 10% to 20%. not expecting much. the cool air will come in. the winds will pick up. especially into the overnight forecast wednesday night into thursday. gustier in the valley, around 25 miles per hour. up north near 40 miles per hour as the cold front races through our state. 84 tomorrow down to 73 on thursday. average for this 74 or 75 degrees. putting our temperatures back in check and getting them near average for the end of the week. 80s return through the weekend ahead. right now 84. winds at five miles per hour. temperatures in the 80s across most of the valley. cave creek at 79 degrees. tracking temperatures in the 70s right now in sedona and prescott right now. and 61 in flagstaff and show low at 64.
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in the overnight forecasts. freeze briefly in flagstaff. 27 for the coldest spot at window rock. low 40s in show low, payson, prescott. temperatures still unseasonably warm tomorrow. talking two to three degrees cooler than today. for phoenix 84. a bigger temperature drop across the northern half of our state where the cool air starts to filter in. tomorrow. 63 in show low. and here's what it looks like hour by hour in the valley. 60s in the morning 78 by noon and partly cloudy skies. 83 in mesa and gilbert. 7 # in carefree. -- 74 in carefree. here's the next seven days for you. wednesday night and thursday we drop about ten degrees or so. stay in the low to mid-70s for thursday and friday.
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in the over-- dive in the overhead forecast as well. most of the rest of the valley in 40s by friday morning. back to the 80s saturday and sunday. then another storm system to track further to the south. maybe some rain out of it. officials are issuing some new guidelines just this week about how to prevent strokes or heart attacks. and now millions no symptoms or signs are wondering if they should be taking them. >> new guidelines in the fight against stroke and heart attack. the nation's expert panel is recommending all americans between 47 and 65 to consider stattons. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a
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>> these drugs are safe for people in these age groups. if you have these risk factors talk to your doctor. >> card vascular disease is - cardiovascular disease is responsible for many deaths in the u.s. the guidance from the task force this week is that even people with a lower risk could benefit from this. doctors without a history of the disease you could be at >> abc 15 and the may owe clinic -- mayo clinic recommend you know your numbers. more at stories coming up next on world news tonight. the american airport on lockdown. the new isis threat on thanksgiving. the high school stabbing spree. the suspect a straight-a student. and the trump team shake up
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new tonight. federal authorities have released new video of a man charged in the murder of a police officer in new mexico. >> it shows police interviewing him hours after they say he gunned down one of their own. statements. >> do you know what the taser use is? >> what's going on? >> how long have you all been doing that? >> ten years. >> ten years yeah. ten years in. congratulations. >> he's accused of killing daniel webster a year ago during a traffic stop. the u.s. attorney's office is
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delays. back to oklahoma city as detectives sort out the deadly day. plus the abuse and it's on record. more about the social worker behind this shocking case. >> a troubling report shows there's an increase in the number of millenials choosing to leave arizona. there's a big effort at the state level to change that. what the governor's office is doing to bring them back home. tracking your forecast. temperatures early tomorrow morning. a mid-50s to low 60s. a warm afternoon. more clouds throughout the day tomorrow. in fact, we're starting to see them stream in now from the west. a gorgeous sunset tonight and coming up at 6:00 tracking the huge changes ahead as a cold front drops our temperatures. how much cooler it's going to get and if you'll see rain in the forecast as well. plus who couldn't use some extra cash for the holidays?
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security, abruptly resigns. and who asked for national security clearance for the trump children? reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this hour, passengers stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all counts.


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