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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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busted on the asu campus. we will tell you how much water forest these students out. a man forced into a hotel and opened fire. we are getting brand-new insight into what happened on this deadly day. we will start with a traffic alert for east valley drivers with a new crash on us- 60. they have blocked off the hov and two left lanes. you will have to stay right to get by. this is almost the exact spot we had a crash yesterday. you are backed up probably to mcclintock or so just before you hit the 10. if you want to take the one-on- one to the 202 that will save you a few minutes. let's also give you a look at our abc15 live drive. katie conner will give us the
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have early. if you are heading out early, p help you get out the door with her your most accurate forecast . it would be cool and dry on your way to work with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you'll see more clouds but don't worry about any rain. it will be a dry day for us. we will feel a few breezes through the day. i will break down your hour by hour planner and show you how much cooler it will get in minutes. if you are just waking up, check out this video here. we were rolling on one of our adot cameras as flames were shooting into the night sky. happening right along the loop 101 and 35th avenue dps and firefighters quickly responding to this one. fortunately no one was inside the burning >> reporter: and the newest information is the truck was stolen.
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good excuse their homework is not done. the dorm room flooded. this is at the corner of rural and apache. justin pazera is live where they are cleaning up this morning. >> reporter: you do not hear about this often with a dorm room flooded, but that is what these students were dealing with throughout the night. all of the water then started to travel throughout the building forcing 150 students out. several inches of water with some saying their dorm room was severely damaged. students were forced out and the university had to figure out what to do with them. some of these students say they
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thought they were getting a pretty good thing by moving into the building, and now they are dealing with this pick >> we pay a lot for it. it is expensive to go to school here and live in these dorms because they are supposed to be the nicest dorms. >> reporter: it is not clear why that pipe busted. we do have a call to asu figure out what happened. a lot of restoration companies are here to get things back to normal. justin pazera, abc15. captured and back in jail with rodolfo avalos speaking to us about his escape. one of his handcuffs was lose so he slipped out and made a run for it.
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>> he picked the first car at the intersection and the woman driver accidentally unlocked the door. he took the car. avalos was arrested three weeks later in tempe. some shocking images from a case of road rage in scottsdale. cans scattered around the car and some of them were open. the doi accusations ar the start. >> he is going to kill somebody. that is what i called 911. >> the driver, jowen moses drove the wrong way before crashing into a patrol car. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. two former police officers in big trouble this morning. richard denny and sebastian castillo are in court accused of
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investigation. each is accused of hindering prosecution. a phoenix woman is set to face a judge as amanda miller pleaded not guilty to killing her husband and now she admits it. she said it was because he tried to like her house on fire. officers found small piles of burned paper in that home. it is frustrating and scary. out in north phoenix. right now no arrests but we keep telling with any information. we want them to give us those tip. we will stay on top of this. we have some new information after a guy stormed into the lobby of a motel 6. daterryn
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clerk. >> are you security? >> no. i am at the front desk. >> this happened in june. that clerk survived but two other people died. mcbride was eventually shot by police. there was a glimmer of hope for a chandler man who lost his wife in a crash while she was pushing her kids across the street. the still in the hospital but according to the gofundme page the 3-year-old is now out of the ico. the 1-year-old opened her eyes for a brief moment when william f roland had a history of drunk driving. president-elect donald trump emergence from trump tower. he
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nearby restaurant. the dan spindle said he would not be out for the rest of the day. nevermind closing guantanamo. president barack obama running out of time to fulfill his promise to close that prison in cuba. 60 detainees remain and only one third are cleared release to other countries. donald trump said he wants to load it up with some bad dudes. the cuban government partying 800 prisoners at the request of pope francis. the prisoners were selected according to crimes committed. that list does not include crimes for murder, rape, corruption of minors and drug trafficking.
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. it is in aleppo. this is one day after russia and syria announced at least 20 civilians have died in these missile attacks. all of this unfolding after a three-week hiatus. after this morning i mentioned temperatures were to certainly have. right now we are down to 60 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. glendale is down to 57 with 55 in mesa right now and 58 in surprise. a nice and cool start to the day just between five and 10 miles- per-hour for breezes across the valley. they will increase today between five and 15 miles-per- hour with gusts at times you 25.
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will be felt across northern and northwest arizona but we could get them near 50 miles- per-hour in northwest arizona. that will be key if you are traveling to las vegas today with dust a possibility. here in the valley the winds are not as strong with temperatures warming up to 84 degrees. still in the 80s today will show you the 70s on top tomorrow. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> let's give you another look at the crash on the 60. the hov is getting by in the far right lane is completely blocked off. delays will stick around for some time. your smart route this morning
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either way you will want to travel early. besides that, we have some delays on the 10 and 17. it will take you up to the mini stack and more protection coming as a federal grant is helping dhs expand dui department. it will also go toward enforcing seatbelts and safety seat logs. i want to get to the breaking happening right now with our first live images from this train crash outside of orlando. you can see one of our affiliates providing live images from the chopper. it has resulted in a oil spill in central florida. 20 cars have derailed at least two people injured.
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to you and there it is. coming up next on abc15 warnings, police k9s are on the streets and thanks to want charity, they are a lot for protected. the driver taking out his anger on several shoppers after they tried to stop him from hurting somebody else. dozens of protests across the nation or the dakota access pipeline. one political powerhouse is offering support here.
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? and nobody really knows... ? zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. a new person will be taking over elections in maricopa county. helen purcell officially receiving. what does this mean going forward? >> reporter: it means adrian
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maricopa county recorder. he said he has some big changes in store for the office. you mentioned he rants against helen purcell who held this position for three decades. she and her team got a lot of heat for those long borderlines in march. some people said they had to wait up to six hours to vote that day. i spoke with fontes on election day. he told me those long lines what motivated him to run for this office. >> i could stomach the idea that american citizen voters were being made to stand in these long lines. that is why i became a candidate for this office. >> reporter: what is he going to do to change things? he told me he wanted to take it
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and sporting events. he said they definitely more training -- need more training in his administration. we are hearing from secretary of state michele reagan about what it is taking so long to cast ballots. >> a lot of us asking that same question. protecting police k9s with a special donation for k9 officer donating a bullet proof vest. each vest costs about $1000. pipeline protesters are showing no signs of slowing down with 28 arrested in north dakota. have you seen these images from albuquerque? back
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track your a pipeline work staging area. the roadside trains were delayed about three officers with officers using pepper spray and stun guns against those who refused to leave. >> speaking of those who refuse to leave, bernie sanders spoke to a crowd in washington dc where the pipeline could harm the environment. here to say. >> we are not going to allow a pipeline to endanger the clean water that millions of people depend upon. >> the u.s. army corps of engineers have the latest discussion with the tribe. these protests have been going on for months. in iowa a representative is pushing his suck it up
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-- fine concerns about the election. it also push for the oversight committee to clear up signals about protesting. got on video a disturbing act of road rage. a man going on a violent rampage in this california parking lot. the driver attacked his girlfriend inside the store when a dozen people cause the suspect to drive right into the group before driving away. at this point we do not have any word on injuries just yet. all of these sentenced to a decade behind bars. they express regret saying they would warn young people to stay away from terrorism pledging to
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authorities say one of them tried using a student loan account to finance a trip to syria. to north carolina we go with the fire spreading. a burn ban is now in effect for tennesee, alabama, georgia, and kentucky. it includes even smoking cigarettes in some areas. a total of burned so far. >> supporters of the measure to legalize marijuana conceding. denver's become the first city to allow pot use in bars and other public spaces. this takes place immediately. they'll have to get the neighbor approval first and it would only be allowed outdoors.
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let's talk about your most accurate forecast. it is 6:19. temperatures right now are cool across the valley with 60 degrees. we do have some clouds that had moved in overnight. it will be a dry day so despite the cloud cover, don't worry about rain this morning. temperatures will warm back into the 80s despite some of that cloud cover. 60 degrees by 7 a.m. and then 70s by 10:00. 80s into the lunch hour with low 80s by 11:00 this afternoon. 84 still puts us 9 degrees above the average for this time of the year. today we will still be warm but we are tracking those changes and that is why the clouds are moving in ahead of a storm system. it is a cold front swinging in.
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and eventually the cooler air. we are talking a 12 degrees temperature drop to tomorrow. today a high of 84 but by tomorrow below average and down to 72 degrees. the cool down will stick around for a couple days going from 84 today to the 70s tomorrow. much stronger winds north of arizona. is little warmer into the 80s and a notice the temperatures in the morning. rain chances next week with we will talk more about in just a minute. you are seeing the heavy traffic said in 30 minutes on the 10 right now. i-17 has eased up with a 17 minute drive time and north valley was slow earlier along
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eased up. the slow spot is on the east valley. let's give you a from our adot camera. you can see it showing the back up at mcclintock. so us-60 westbound you can see exactly what you are going to hit. it looks like they may be are looking for a secondary crash and i will keep you updated. the cost to rip pair and replace millions. this morning engineers at asu are developing sustainable solutions. they are testing their methods on the tempe campus. christmas is in the air. we will let you know what you don't need to wait any longer to get those fresh-cut trees. >> you may want to wait a little bit.
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thanksgiving and black friday is coming up. >> the best discounts for atv. at walmart you and get a 24 inch samsung for $98.. at a target into tv is just $85 and at best buy ultra hd is 900 9999 -- $999.99 . it will look more like christmas because permits are on sale to cut your own christmas tree. it is first, first served here. each permit costs $15 and for
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can buy them in phoenix or mesa. >> this is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing of personnel. the dress worn by marilyn monroe and she said happy birthday to president john f. kennedy will sell for $3 million. coming up next the election is over now still thousands of ballots left to count? we are taking a look at the latest numbers. the high tension over donald trump winning the white house. when valley high school is taking it at a whole new level. plus i am tracking breaking news. take a look at this massive back up. i have brand-new information on this crash. you can see it is blocking multiple lanes. i will show you how to get
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hotspots around the valley. chuck moore clouds as we get even bigger changes headed our way.
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our priority is you. ? ? so whatever yr it is atopic dividing our nation. president-elect's plan on
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are saying about it. >> and a student dealing with more than homework after their dorm room flooded. we will tell you how much water is forcing these students out. >> we are starting to see election workers show up to count remaining ballots. we will tell you coming up. >> starting off with a traffic alert for east valley drivers. all of the center lanes are blocked at only the hov lane is getting my. the delays are pretty bad. let's give you a look at the smart because do not think you can just plow through. i would just try to avoid the 60 if you can. the slow starts before country club so maybe some say the streets could be a better option as well.
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>> reporter: it is a mess and it will be a headache for quite some time. i want to zoom in on where the crash actually happened on the freeway. it looks like maybe two or three cars were involved. we saw at least one person being taken to the hospital. take a look behind all those cars. this is going to be a big adot is working to clear the scene. you can see the carpool lane is open but the three right lanes are still blocked. i am waiting for an update and as soon as i get it on injuries involved i'll pass it along to everyone at home. >> let's talk about your most accurate drive times. you will notice the daylight
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some clouds. it will be dry for your drive in and your drive home. it'll be 84 degrees this afternoon with some more breezes tonight and then i will show you the changes in your seven-day forecast. water in a dorm is not what students want to deal with. so much water everybody had to be evacuated. abc15's justin pazera following this morning >> these students were forced out and some of them trying to finish up their homework. is started on the fifth floor and it just trickled down for the rest of the building forcing 160 students out of their dorm rooms. the students pretty much had to grab things and head out with the university scrambling to figure out what to do with
6:34 am
it was about a 3 inch pipeline that busted. they are trying to figure out exactly why this happened because this is a newer building. those students picked up some things and headed out. >> we dropped our laptops and a few notes. >> it is frustrating because this is supposed to be our new home. >> reporter: to spend the night in the hotel. we had a call into asu trying to figure out but we do know it water restoration company is here at the university trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible. justin pazera, abc15. election day is gone but ballots are still not fully counted.
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ballots need to be processed. the county recorder's office is getting back outage this morning but it has been more than a week. abc15's nick ciletti is digging into this. so many people just want this to be over. >> reporter: i want to let you know i saw somebody go in this building so we know they will be here counting, which is some good news. let's talk about what is happening. we did the long lines last week but they were even longer in march with the presidential preference election. there is a reason people waited five hours. michele reagan posted a blog and this is what she said. arizona has more than 2.3 million voters and over the last few elections people have
6:36 am
to election day. she goes on to say the fact is counties had a lot of ballots to process after the election itself. there was 600,000 ballots not counted on election day and most of them were handed in in person on election day causing the big back up. we will stay on top of the count and you can headed to tuesday posted on everything. jan brewer an anti-trump demonstrators. >> i think that people protest and it is something they are entitled to. but i believe in this case that there has been unwise and unruly protests. >> they picked from earlier in the week when she said many people are it illegal immigrants
6:37 am
she is rumored to be out for interior secretary. to the immigration debate, some saying no thanks to the plan of the president-elect to call for joint operations to remove 3 million criminals. we checked with the valley police department and no comment. phoenix police telling us they follow all the laws and the do not limit the enforcement of federal >> i consider that he is a liar. that he cheated or the people that voted for him because they voted for him on the assumption that he would carry on with what he promised and now he is backing out. >> tough words coming from the former president of mexico saying trump will never build that wall. they are working on a plan to
6:38 am
deportation. the ceo of packets led making some excuses about like he posted threats to donald trump on facebook. he said he was >> reporter: on election night and thought only his friends would see this post. it said i'm going to kill the president and he said he is now receiving death threats. he has apologized of his facebook friends new he was just being over the top. a principal has had enough of the postelection anger. he sent a letter to the parents outlining several incidents. black and muslim students have faced comments that are not repeatable. the school health and assemblies yesterday to listen to concerned.
6:39 am
out an alert asking for help. they are trying to sell tv that's -- thefts at walmart. >> the suspected south carolina silver killer could be under investigation for killing someone in arizona. that is the voice of a south carolina investigator speaking to the widow of the concussion by todd kohlhepp. he got out of the department of corrections in 2001 and there is a three day window of unknowns before he got his driver's license and south carolina. two prejudice in the valley tracked down to be sent back to connecticut where they are wanted for murder. it is unclear when exactly they'll be sent back.
6:40 am
know if it was the right one. we spoke with a forensics analyst. he said there is no way to know for sure if the former suspect 's gun could be connected to any of the shootings. leslie junior is the only suspect to be related to the case. a lot of people are looking forward to cooler temperatures. >> they are coming. today will still be a little bit warmer before the cool down hixson. check that out as the sun approaches on the horizon we have a beautiful sunrise. if you happen to take any great pictures, is the place to send them. today will warm back in the 80s and we will still be 10 degrees above the average for this time of the year by this afternoon.
6:41 am
clouds through the day. we will warm into the upper 70s and the early afternoon. today the high tops out at 84 degrees and we should hit the high around 4:00 this afternoon. it is not bad and still pretty nice. we will feel some breezes by late this evening tonight and through the day tomorrow. the valley winds are not as strong as up north. up in the hi like flagstaff will pick up wind gusts up to 40 miles-per- hour into the seething in the strongest wind overall in northwest arizona. as a cold front swings in it is what will bring in the cooler air. i will show you the drop in temperatures in the seven-day forecast. to the east valley the desert drive times showing 57
6:42 am
you hit the 10. it is a spot you'll want to avoid because we have the crash near preece involving the three are four different cars. it could maybe take some time to clean up. up in the north valley eastbound it is very slow. things do is up street or so. i-10 is solid delays until you hit the tunnel and there's also a new crash near avondale boulevard. we will head back at to the east valley in just a couple minutes. a mother turns her back for just a moment and the unthinkable happens. the whole thing was caught on camera. . got to see the video coming up next.
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i am katie conner in tempe for a bad crash is causing backups on the us-60. at least three cars were involved in the crash. dps hasn't released any information but we did see at least one paramedic leave the scene and heading toward the hospital. you can see there are a ton of delays this morning so drivers can expect a long commute into work. we want everyone to know that mallory has ways to get around the crash coming up. speaking of car crashes, i have got to show you this brand- new video from the i-25 in colorado. our sister station in denver
6:47 am
you can see the flames after a car hit a deer. look at that. the deer crossed the road and they collided. two people were in the car, and they are okay. another fiery situation at home in north phoenix. this is a truck that was stolen and abandon between 35th and 31st avenue. the reports of a fire came in around 4:00 this morning. we immediately started rolling. the vehicle have just been stolen. no injury and no arrests. >> this video will probably make your stomach drop. a toddler falls from a changing table. the 11 month old starts to roll over.
6:48 am
his 9-year-old brother caught him just before he hit the ground. mom said she turned her back for just a moment and she so grateful those kids were not seriously hurt. i have to announce workers are wanted with mcdonald's looking to fill 3000 positions today. you can walk into any mcdonald's to interview on the spot. part-time, full-time, holiday it is time to make those holiday shopping plan. experts say the best days for deep discounts our thanksgiving week. the tuesday before thanksgiving is the best for clothing and parents looking for generic toys should try cyber monday. it just keeps getting better and better.
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those scattered clouds are not producing any rain, but they will stick around today. if you take any pictures, . we would love to see the shots in your neighborhood. 50s and 60s in the valley with the gradual warm-up on top and a high of 84. some breezes into tonight as the cold front sneaks bringing cooler air. we are talking 12 degrees temperature drops from the high today of 84 to a high of 72 degrees tomorrow. phoenix is not the only spot. today wendy in -- windy in flagstaff. the cooler air settling in across the state with morning temperatures a little cold here in the valley.
6:50 am
seven-day forecast. i want to remind you you have got a chance to win some extra cash for the holidays. abc15 giving away $500 tonight. two lucky winners will get a $500 gift card. you just have to watch for the redditor court of the day tonight only on abc15 news at 10:00. there are a lot of slow spots this morning with the 10 in the west valley and the loop 101 in the east valley. a crash is westbound blocking all the center lanes. you are only getting by by hov lanes. loop 101 northbound will be your best option for the delays start near mesa drive. and you are starting to load up on the 202 as well. i want to give you a look from our adot camera with a secondary crash in the backup.
6:51 am
want to avoid this morning. this is a live look coming in from katie conner of the
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i am katie conner in tempe where the >> crash is causing some big delays on the us-60. three cars were involved in the crash.
6:54 am
injuries but we did see at least one paramedic leave the scene and headed toward the hospital. dps is working on clearing the scene but it is causing long delays this morning. avoid the us-60 near preece. katie conner, abc15 news . >> your drive time is improving just a bit but it is not a place you want to be. mesa drive delays begin and take loop 101 northbound and loop 202 westbound. let's get you caught up on the top stories with a truck going up in flames near 35th avenue. dps troopers on the scene and investigators telling us this truck was stolen. that is the latest with no injuries to report. the other story has one in
6:55 am
a couple hours in phoenix. he is a person of interest in a sexual assault investigation. the person taken into custody we are told the assault happened at another location. i am justin pazera in tempe on the campus of asu where students are drying out after their drum room flooded. a pipeline busted on the fifth floor in the water trickling down o forcing the whole building to be evacuated. 160 students displaced this morning and some students being put up in hotels. it is not clear why it broke. justin pazera, abc15 . >> reporter: a tremor father's wife was killed in a crash. according to the gofundme page the 3-year-old is out of the icu. we are learning about 10,000
6:56 am
also there are 45,000 provisional ballots to be processed. election workers to continue this morning that job. it is not clear if law enforcement will be teaming up with donald trump on his immigration plan. he is calling for a joint operation to remove 300 criminal immigrants. let's look at that seven- day forecast with big changes coming today. the strongest wind will be in northern and especially northwest. 70s through friday but check out those morning temperatures. definitely sweater weather by friday morning as lows drop into the 40s and low 50s. the 80s are back and then rain chances in the forecast by monday and back into the 70s. let's give you another
6:57 am
60 at mcclintock.
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good morning, america. donald trump leaves the press behind for a private dinner with his family amid new reports of a transition team in turmoil. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command. >> two staffers pushed out. trump fires back overnight. new fire danger. massive clouds of smoke, large enough to b send hundreds to the hospital as schools close across the southeast. dozens of wildfires scorching seven states. now the national guard is being called in to battle the blaze. wrong side of the law. a divorce attorney sentenced to prison. >> i thank god you got caught. >> accused of hypnotizing female clients without their consent and sexually assaulting him. the video that got him caught.


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