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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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caught the suspect in the act. a dark green toyota. the latest cases in peoria where witnesses spotted a similar car. one report seeing an older white male with a tan hat driving. >> the fact that somebody is shooting themming them and leave -- shooting them and leaving innocent people with holes in their vehicles is a shock to us. >> in phoenix abc 15 news. mcso detectives just about done looking for evidence after a bold burglar is shot inside a home in buckeye. there are charges here and the suspect is expected to survive. one of the family members came home, saw a car that was not theirs, and made that shocking discovery inside. the victim said he felt threatened and shot the suspect several times. tracking your forecast. the big changes started this afternoon.
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of cloudiness over the valley as moisture streams in. this system bringing our first case of fall weather and below normal temperatures. highs in the low 70s tomorrow for the first time in nearly seven months. hour by hour through your forecast and how long the cooldown will last in just minutes. a goodyear community hoping to control who lives in their neighborhood. a homeowner'as trying to ban high risk sex offenders from moving in. abc 15's kwas was is -- sonu wasu is from with their story tonight. >> it is legal, so really all they have to do is ask them to move out. if they refuse whoever oins the property -- owns the property can face fines and end up in court. i checked the state's website. it shows three sex offenders in this nearby area.
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lawyers. all tell me that this policy is perfectly legal but risky. they could be sued. we spoke to advocacy groups concerned by this saying sex offenders are already very closely watched. more than any other criminal out there. we question is this necessary? >> these people have done their time, they paid their punishment. if it were me i would be more concerned about burglars are often people who do it again because they are often sub tans abusers. >> -- substance abusers. >> when they do things like that, in my opinion they lose some rights. >> the palm valley community phase one hoa votes on this on december 2nd. >> son,thank you. . tonight new details since abc 15 mornings.
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avenue and southern sexually assaulted a woman after he offered her a ride. she says she was threatened with a gun. attacked at the airport and he never saw it coming. new details on the southwest airlines employee killed by a former coworker in oklahoma city. the shooter waited in his truck watching the employee parking lot and fired from the fourth floor as michael winchester walked to his car 50 yards away. >> it is po suspect acted in retaliation against the circumstances leading up to his resignation. we know his intentions were to go to the airport and hurt someone. >> so a couple things we know. the shooter quit his job last year as a ramp agent after he refused to take an alcohol screening. winchester was not his supervisor. it's unclear if he was the intended target. as if college isn't stress flg enough 150 asu students are
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because of a broken pipe. they're counting the days until they can go back. it could be nearly a week. asu says students have been moved to other dorms or have been put up in hotels. justice in germany. police confirmed an army soldier is facing charges for molesting two kids in the east valley for years. jason rogers used to work at costco in gilbert. meantime the people behind the may be off the hook for now. they cannot face pimping charges. a california judge will not allow it. there will be another hearing on the case. the attorney general of california has called the website an online brothel. an embarrassing mix up. brent farley pled guilty to a lesser charge and banged on the
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he'll be sentenced next month. two good samaritans helped to catch a driver. 25-year-old moses rammed several cars last week including a patrol car in scottsdale. two callers said this guy had a hand di cap license plate. -- handicap license plate. >> i'm going to see if i can see where he's going. i'll see if he's going kill somebody. that's why i called >> definitely. that's what this is for. >> moses tried to take his life while in police custody. he's now behind bars. police say marcelino rosales was caught touching himself inappropriately at hiss -- his child's school. since august police finally caught him on surveillance outside navajo elementary school. he was calculated and would do
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he even used his child's backpack to hide the crime. all right. so we knew the train was speeding but a bomb shell just into the live desk. another possible reason an engineer sloomed into a station -- slammed into a station. he had sleep apnea. it wasn't diagnosed until after the crash. it's the same thing as a deadly crash in new york three years ago. in this case a mother standing on the platform were killed. more than including engineer thomz gallagher. the pem -- thomas gallagher. . people not holding back with trump today. the meeting was respectful but candid. one of the big points immigration. >> i reiterated to him that this city and so many around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and make sure that families are not
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>> the idea of having families torn apart has the city rethinking its id plan. it allows immigrants to access services. city officials are wondering if that puts people at risk. meantime the president- elect using twitter to try to set the record straight. he claims there is no effort to get his kids top security clearance. he says quote this was a typically false news story. more than a week after election day 3 thsh ballot -- 3,000 early ballots still have not been processed in maricopa county. they've been fighting to protect their water for months. after a small victory it looks like tribal members will be waiting longer. a judge will likely not decide if the pipe lynn can continue until -- pipeline can continue until january. the remaining section of pipe would not cross the standing
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members say building it underneath the missouri river reservoir could hurt their water. senator stephen bannon making a surprise -- senator bernie sanders making a surprise speech. too drunk to see the warnings. raising new safety concerns at sky harbor. this man, 24-year-old dalton reimer, jumped a fence on november 6th and walked across two runways. they've before. they ranked in the top ten for intruders. these are the most noticeable. the driver of a pickup that plowed through a gate in 2005 and the mom who drove through a fence in 2012 with her child in the car. a lot of wounds to heal but the two people in this crash are expected to be okay. a 61-year-old got the worst of the injuries near 91st and olive. no word on what caused the
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and now changes are coming. the fda has approved labeling changes after getting thousands of complaints ranging from pregnancy loss to chronic pain. e-sure will now come with a patient warning. a va whistle blower says he was forced to resign. brian smothers worked for the va in colorado. he told congress about secret wait lists. the va waed document saying he broke the rules. he refused. in the past they say they do not tolerate retaliation. let detainees sleep. the federal judge says not allowing them to sleep is violating their civil rights. it involves detension centers in arizona. $12 billion. that's how much one agency says it's gotten back from
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congress are working to shut it down. the cardinals play for the first time in the viking's new stadium against a team that's lost four in a row. here it is. the next storm system moving through. bringing cooler air, lots of clouds, maybe even some rain. we'll take you through the
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some breaking news into the live desks. reports of an canton illinois. a building reduced to rubble. the windows brown out of other businesses -- blown out of other businesses nearby. i'm not hearing of injuries but i'm looking for for information. arizona congressmen have joined more than 150 democrats to oppose the appointment of stephen bannon as chief strategist. the democrats sclam he promotes
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and anti-semitism. >> he was once the ceo of biosphere two and was taken to court by employees. >> this is stephen bannon more than two decades ago when he was ceo of biosphere two in oracle arizona. he was brought in to fix the finances of the giant science experiment. he made enem defending himself in lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and false imprisonment. i read pages of testimony from back then. he admitted to calling one employee a bimbo saying she thinks she's a goddess and he also sent an email to someone to tell them to kick his expletive. the legal drama played out here. but it raises questions now how
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washington, d.c. melissa blasius abc 15. meantime the president- elect says there's no turmoil as his team picks out members of his cabinet. taking to twit tore quash the rue nors -- twitter to quash the rumorses. -- rumors. some are concerned that the agency designed to from tect us could face cuts -- to protect us could face cuts. >> navy accused of threatening families to collect a debt. >> that agency, that really is there for every day americans. >> diane brown says it's been a game changer. >> it's been a transformative agency in regards to giving consumers a voice. >> the agency says it's handled more than one million complaints and recovered nearly $12 billion for consumers. some critics are looking to
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republican lawmakers and the banking industry are making plans to limit the power once president-elect trump takes office. they claim that they overreach and overregulate. brown says it would be a step backward. >> we want it to stay strong and that consumers are the ones that benefit. >> if it's important to you, step up. let your representatives know that protections are important to you. go to click on sections and let joe know for links to that information. need my help? here's how to get ahold of me. i'm investigator joe ducey. abc 15 sports. cardinals on the roads for the next two games. a visit to the 5-4 vikings in minneapolis. they have the best defense in
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points allowed. this will be another tough outing for the cards something they're not taking lightly. >> like where we're at as far as the type of energy we had at practice. and got a big big road test. and how we handle the environment will have a lot to do with how we play. >> it's a very difficult environment, very good defense. i got to play my best game to date and i expect to do so. new plans for nachlt today they have a beer -- arena. today they have a new beer. the yotes pale ail. they are also -- ail. they are also -- ale. they are also hosting a fight against cancer night this saturday. >> lav der. >> i that -- lavender. >> i thought that was for the beer. >> keep us posted.
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your forecast. temperatures finally dropping now. low 70s our high today. only 79 degrees. so far this fall that's been about as low as we've gone. most of the time in the 80s even 09s finally starting -- 90s. finally starting to get a cooldown in here. that front is picking up winds not in the valley, winds are calm. but up to the north very breezy if not windy across the northern half of the state. these wind speeds lighter now th still over 20 miles per hour in kingman and flagstaff. gusts over 30 miles per hour. a wind advisory until #23k in the morning -- 2:00 in the morning for mo have a va county. -- mo have a vee county -- mojave county. from the rim northeast to the four corners is where winds will be howling.
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30 miles per hour with sustained wind and gusts higher than that. behind it is cooler air. temperatures drop dramatically for the high terrain n. the valley several degrees cooler tomorrow than today. here's the core of the system. area of low pressure digging down through the great basin. several inches of snow to nevada, utah, colorado, and wyoming over the next 12 to 24 hours. not expecting a lot of precip with it a few little blips on the radar imagery at this hour. because we're dry at the surface anything falling from the clouds is evaporating before it makes it to the ground. some of it is in northeast arizona and causing showers. not expecting anymore than this. here's future cast keeping most of the state dry.
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us as this storm system comes in. 72 for tomorrow. 77 on friday. back into the 80s over the weekend. but by sunday night, rain chances in play as a second stronger system comes in. we're going to talk about how much grater these rain chances -- greater these rain chances will be by monday. we have a traffic alert just breaking in to the live desk. firefighters rescuing people. a rollover crash in gilbert. y headed that way avoid hidly and chandler heights. the cost to repair and replace pavement around the country each year reaches to the millions. construction engineers at asu are creating solutions to preserve the pavement. they're testing on the tempe campus. an accident that so many are thankful for tonight. the internet now rooting for a valley teenager and a grandma.
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electoral college after donald trump's win. one lawmaker says we stand to learn something if we press the topic. a mother's grief after her
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we have gotten to this point and it is necessary for everyone to understand that we want peace.
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get outrageous and i support protests, but it's a manner to have things done. >> mothers calling for peace four months of her son was killed. news of an arrest. the minnesota offerer who shot philando castile in july now charged with manslaughter. you may remember his fiance live streaming the aftermalt on -- new tonight. talk about the electoral college and if it should be the way we vote. one lawmaker saying we could all learn something but taking it a step further. >> i think it would be educational for the country to have some hearings on the electoral college system. >> senator harry reid pointing to two elections where the person who lost got more votes
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campaigns ever run that's how bill montgomery is describing the failed effort to pass prop 205. he says he's thrilled it didn't pass. >> drug dealers lie. that's what they do. we had to overcome a lot of the false narratives and false information being frented to voters. -- presented to voters. >> arizona is the only state to in this election. the hunt is on for a suspect in a shooting. it happened near central and
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where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america of phoenix. olution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. some breaking news we want to tell you about. shots fired at a phoenix apartment complex. and police say they know who the gunman is. let's get to nohelani graf near central and thomas. what can you tell us? >> they do know who they're
6:30 pm
police tell me as you see them looking around now looking for various evidence they say two guys got into an argument inside the complex aarea -- area. one guy shoots the other in the calf and takes off. the guy who was shot taken to the hospital. he is okay. in the meantime the gunman took off. police know who he is. they just have to find him. back to you. >> do we have any kind of >> no not yet. they're not letting us know that since they know who they're looking for. >> nohelani graf out there live for us. might need a sweater. our first taste of fall moving in now. temperatures about to take a dive. >> i'm confused what a sweater even is at this point. amber has the forecast. >> it's been seven months since temperatures this cold. a lot of us not used to it as
6:31 pm
-- temperatures plummet. cloudy skies throughout the evening as moisture streams in ahead of the cold front that drops temperatures tomorrow. 60s through 11:00. wake up to 56 tomorrow morning. the skies clear out in the early morning forecast tomorrow. then sunny skies throughout the day as temperatures fall to the low 70s. putting us a few degrees below average. a few isolated showers. most evaporating before it reaches the ground. winds picking up too. wind-chill factors to deal with and taking a look at the forecast across the state plus your seven-day in minutes. a wild scene unfolding on a phoenix street today. it all ends with a suspected car thief in custody. a lot of details to sort out by the way. two people in two different cars were arguing while driving. this happened near 35th and
6:32 pm
others. then someone got into that driver's car and took off. that person was tracked down a short time later. to a developing story. an illegal gambling business in the valley. they have been working on this for months. they found the illegal operations at two locations one at 15th avenue and hatcher and one near camelback. this is the picture in one of them. four people facing a number of charges. a chandler man doing the unthinkable. he left his young son home alone and then met an officer posing as a 15-year-old for sex. he was talking to the cop online thinking she was the teen. he offered to pay $600 a week for sex. an update tonight on this deadly motorcycle crash in phoenix. witnesses saying that the rider went through a red light and crashed into a truck.
6:33 pm
west of the i-17. the motorcyclist was killed. the driver of the truck stayed on the scene. officers say they do not think impairment is a factor. a lot of you may have seen this ball of flames. an empty trk on fire near the loop -- truck on fire near the loop 101 and 35th. they think it was stolen and dumped in the desert. crews were able to knock down the flames quickly. the man behind the shooting rampage at a seattle college not winning his defense. aaron ybarra claimed he was meantly ill. prosecutors say -- mentally ill. prosecutors say he was motivated by anger and hatred. he will be sentenced in january. those wildfires burning in the southeast. aerial footage showing the smoke in north carolina.
6:34 pm
the air quality alert to code red near charlotte. crews are trying to control more than a dozen wildfires covering tens of thousands of acres. how fast the train was going in london when it killed seven people. it was going more than three times the speed limit. 43 miles an hour as it went into a curve. dozens were hurt in this crash from last week. police arrested the tram driver on suspicion of manslaughter. not slow down. now to another crash on the tracks. this one in florida. two trains collide causing a massive fuel leak of about 15,000 gallons. environmental crews were sent to contain the spill. but 20 cars were derailed. two crew members treated for minor injuries. another round of anti- donald trump protests. different groups of students speaking out today. video from connecticut, new
6:35 pm
carrying signs and letting their voices be heard. all of this happening as president-elect trump continues his transition to the bhous. he is take -- white house. he is taking high profile meetings in trump tower. team trump says their timeline matches other administrations. >> you don't form a federal government overnight. these are serious issues and appointments. joe biden sitting down with vp elect mike pence to talk seeing her since her concession speech. hillary clinton. she is returning to washington, d.c. these are live pictures from the children's desent fund dinner. -- decent fund dinner. a group is honoring her for her tireless voice for children. a text for dinner to a wrong number bringing strangers together. >> this texts mistake has --
6:36 pm
a tale of love. . joe bartels has the story. >> the holidays can be a stressful time, getting the whole family can be tough especially when you have the wrong number. >> i was sitting in class and i get a random text from a random group text and it was someone's grandma inviting me for thanksgiving. >> this 17-year-old was in class when his phone started blowing up. the text said. >> i said who's this and she's like your grandma. and i'm thinking my grandma got a new number so ask for a picture. >> the picture came in. not his grandma. >> he fired back a selfie. >> we established that we weren't related but i said hey why not ask for a plate since the offer was there. >> to his shock the offer just as sweet as ever.
6:37 pm
that's what grandmas do, feed everyone. >> i think it's crazy that people can actually connect and be so nice to each other even with people they don't know. >> he posted the chance encounter online and it's gone viral. shared hundreds of thousands of time. people online calling her everyone's grandma. she's the sxafrm we should all -- example we should all set this thanksgiving. he will be taking her up on the offer. joe bart tense moments on the tracks. a train slamming into a truck. how close this came to being so much worse. and getting tired of post- election anger.
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the family's things were scattered about the ground but everyone was unharmed. a car going up in flames in california. and officers saving a man inside. a car slammed head on into another car sparking this inferno. two people killed. another survived and was surrounded by the flames. that's when a trooper jumped into action forcing a door open. the trooper says he was just doing his job. taking to the skies for pizza. where a special delivery to a home. plus, how about staying in this room, getting breakfast for two and thanksgiving dinner for two and paying a phenomenal price for it all. tom brady served his suspension but now the champ is poking a little fun at the commissioner with his latest commercial for footlocker. temperatures in e upper 60s to low 70s. highs for tomorrow.
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we have the first pictures from illinois and that breaking news we have been following. the aftermath of a gas explosion we told you about in canton illinois. local authorities reporting one death. this is a restaurant where this happened. neighbors say it shook the entire area. the gas leak apparently caused the restaurant to explode. we're hearing about several jurors. we w injuries. we will continue to track this. a guy breaks into a maryland pizza place and runs around naked. he's on the run right now but we're not sure if he's naked. he made his way in through the roof vent and ripped his pants. the reward is free pizza for life from the restaurant to track him down. a teacher in michigan in
6:46 pm
water about president-elect trump. one reads that now that you know that what's your next step. no word what pin ushment he faces -- punishment he faces. more evidence that tensions are running high a veteran's car vandalized in kansas city. he says it's because of a trump sign displayed inside. he's urging others to be careful public. some students in iowa getting fed up with the arguing and fights since the election. they decided to do something about it. the sixth graders belong to a joyologists club. they try to spread joy to their clagsmates. this is -- classmates. this is still the naked pizza guy by the way. let's get back to this. coming up with ways to reach out to students that might feel uncomfortable, like i do right
6:47 pm
the leader admits it can be a challenge. >> we're trying to like get the drama to go away. but like it's kind of hard to get everybody to stop. >> indeed. the group says they wish adults would grow up and spread joy like them. a success for doctors in tennessee. they separated conjoined wins from nigeria. they weron coined at the low -- they were conjoined at lower half of the body. their names are miracle and testimony. they will be able to live on their own. the story. tom brady served a four game suggestion pension this season. a-- suspension this season. foot locker released his latest commercial with brady poking fun at the league and deflate- gate. >> it makes you wonder what foot locker is up to.
6:48 pm
mindset. just because something is great year after year doesn't mean something is going on. questions turn into assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations. why would you punish greatness for something that never even happened. >> wow. >> how could you not love that one? >> he needs the mic to drop at the end of that. vacations. >> investigations, lawsuits, all of that. tracking change in the forecast. 73 out there now. the high today 79. that cloud coverage came in early and thickened up a bit. didn't even make it up to 80 today. that was a good thing. tomorrow a little bit below average for the first time in weeks. 72 in peoria and glendale and even in tempe right now. laveen and mesa at 73. 68 in cave creek.
6:49 pm
and 50 in flagstaff and in show low. the clouds are coming in and they'll continue to stay in our sky in the overnight forecast. by the time we hit tomorrow morning rapid clearing as they get shoved to the east. we're seeing on the radar a few blips being detected here. most cases the rain is falling from the clouds and entering a drier layer of the atmosphere and evaporating. rain not making it to the ground in most cases. this storm system passes to our north dragging the cold front and bringing the winds through. but bringing all the precipitation to utah and colorado. several inches of snow in the forecast up there over the next day or so. in the valley sunny skies through much of the day. 50s in the morning. 65 by 10:00. and 70 by noon. highs in the low 70s. a few degrees below the average of 75 across the valley. mesa and gilbert 70 degrees.
6:50 pm
junction -- apache junction in the upper 60s. peoria and avondale hit 71 as will glendale for tomorrow. lows mostly in the 50s. up north flagstaff down to 29 degrees. with the stiff breezes in the forecast overnight up there we could be talking windchills in tuper teens to low -- in the upper teens to low 20s. 46 in the afternoon in flagstaff. yesterday they broke a record at 72 a more dramatic temperature drop for the northern half of the state. in the valley getting down below average and we'll stay in the 70s on friday as well. low 80s saturday and sunday. then another storm system comes in. this one digs farther to the south which will enable us to pull in some moisture. a slight chance of showers monday night and up to a 40% chance throughout the day on monday. temperature wills take another big dive. ten degrees cooler or so for
6:51 pm
around towards thanksgiving. big news for mesa gateway. you will be able to fly to canada from the mesa airport. three nonstop flights from calgary and service from edmonton. flights can be booked right now. to a consumer alert. amazon pushing its black friday deals more than a week before the day. they're offering bargains on a variety of products right now. toys, electronics, home goods and more. look out for more next week starting on thanksgiving day. talk about taking pizza right to the next level. we're back to pizza again. one company delivered two pizzas to a home by drone. dominos is behind this. they flew a drone to a kus ner the -- customer in new zealand.
6:52 pm
drone experts and a pilot. part of the order was a chicken and cranberry pizza, in case you were wondering. >> a lot of people to deliver one pizza. the snap schat glasses showed up -- snapchat glasses showed up in arizona. our sister -- in oklahoma. our sister station got this video. they don't come cheap though st thanksgiving doesn't have to be filled with lots of work in the kitchen. our smart shopper team has the deal of the day where you can stay and dine at a gorgeous resort. danielle lerner has the deal. >> if you haven't been to the scottsdale plaza resort now is the time to check them out. they have a phenomenal deal of the day for your thanksgiving weekend. they have single and bi-level suites that are big in size.
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from the been more than 24 hours now. crews not giving up in their search for a missing man on mount lemon. ronald huder was reported missing yesterday. he never showed up to meet a friend. deputies found his car with camping gear inside. at sock an exclusive -- at 10:00 an exclusive investigation into a gun buying loophole. why donald trump could be
6:57 pm
oval office for an entire year. and what's on that pole? we look into concerns about a suitcase spy in the valley. that's coming up tonight at 10:00. tracking your forecast. there's our storm system. it stays to the north. lots of snow in the colorado rockies overnight. for us just the cold front. tracking the coolest drive time forecast since about mid-april. enjoy it.
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