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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 1:35am-2:10am MST

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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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you cannot arrest me if you do not have a warrant. >> hey. you can't do that. >> the video is crystal clear a police officer punching a woman right in the face. shocking to see, disheartening to learn it happened in our state. >> as we bring in the video yet again we can stell you this went -- can tell you this went
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unclear why she was being arrested. they called the woman uncooperative. but they're concerned by the video and are launching an investigation. only on abc 15 tonight. ghost guns impossible to track. >> until they show up at crime scenes. that is leading to new concerns tonight. abc 15's navideh forghani is live. >> there's a warning for police right now. >> yeah, there's a new intel repo enforcement agencies across the nation warning them of these untraceable guns. the parts are legal to buy right here in the u.s. but the concern is are some of the people buying them tied to criminal organizations and there are worries about terrorism. >> if you don't have a serial number, nobody knows where the gun came from. >> which is a big problem for police trying to clean up the streets. a newly released report saying
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receivers, an unfin ired part -- unfinished part used for ar- 15. a chunk of metal needs to be removed for it to be complete. bottom line. >> the fact that there is no pocket cut into this area right here makes it an 80%. >> there's no serial number because the unfinished part is not a firearm. president of american spirit arms rob dunaway says his customers are people who like to personalize their rifle. >> some people buy them just to store them for potential future use. >> those folks are worried about the changes to gun lawsment but the report says -- laws. but the report says criminal organizations across the globe are interested. >> last year we got a call from over the border of yuma from someone who wanted to buy five
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that seemed strange to us. we refuszed that -- refused that order and reported it. >> law enforcement experts say organized maly shas are a -- malitias are a concern. >> how about lone wolves with ties to international terror groups who can assemble a gun and plot an attack, and no one would know? >> we need to point out that semiautomatic rifles are used in less than 1% of crimes in the united states. most criminals are using handguns. >> how long does it take to make these? is it complicated? >> it stakes a long time -- take as long time. several hours if you're good at it. u you have to be -- you have to be accurate. most are stealing them and using them in crimes. you can also buy a gun the private sales and sand down the
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but forensically they are able to lift that up and figure out what it is. that's what they're doing now. there are easier ways to get a gun if you don't want to be traced. >> enough of a concern to warrant that warning for law enforcement. thankses. where did -- thanks. where did he go. tomorrow marking four months since jesse wilson disappeared. we talked to the private investigator handling this case. he's been doing this kind work for two decades and in his words he believes he knows who did this. he suspect saying whether he thinks he's alive or dead or saying names but he hopes to see movement soon. a whole community pulling for the 10-year-old boy. his desk is outside and illuminated 24/7 at his school symbolizing their dedication t finding him. just this week another
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two teenagers killed near 35th and dunlap. renee martinez and san shez. they were going to -- sanchez. they were going to mcdonalds when they were hit. the drive, edgar valenzuela was also speeding when he rear ended the car. one of the busiest travel times of year a security fence breechat in the top ten for these kinds of incidents. jon erickson is live. you're hearing from a pilot on this case? >> steve, he was surprised to hear about it. jumping over the fence is a serious crime. the signs say as much. a drunk 24-year-old in town for business gave it a try, made it, then gave jail a try. they watch what happens on the
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into the sky. they watch because ef red barnes wants to -- everett barnes wants to earn a living. >> it takes you away from problems on the ground. >> he flies a small bird now but is training to fly one of these. while pilots see an endless horson they don't want -- horizon. they don't want intruders on the runway. what might the control tower say to pilots on someone hops a fence. >> everybody stop what they're doing. nobody do anything anymore. >> court documents say reimer hopped a fence, walked across two runways and lurked around this hangar. he was then arrested. a press report this year says sky harbor is number six in the country for intruders. a chase suspect crashed through
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and in 2007 a woman rammed a fence. police arrested both of them on scene. this is more evidence that these signs on the airport fences mean business. reacting to this case a sky harbor rep says the security system worked as it should in this case. there are security layers we can see like the bashed wire and also -- barbed wires and also things we can't see. we asked the suspect's lawyer for comment and didn't hear back. big changes coming to the forecast. amber sullins has been warning us for days. the coolest temperatures in seven months. >> the big fall cooldown we've been waiting for weeks for. as it pushes in temperatures dropping big time into tomorrow. you may need those jackets or sweaters throughout much if not all of the day and bundle up
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the morning. early in the morning 50s across most of the valley a. few light breezes here and there as well. going home upper 60s to low 70s. putting us a few degrees below normal. how long will the cooler air stick around? tracking that and more changes ahead in your seven-day forecast in just minutes. breaking news update from central illinois. one killed, ten others hurt in an explosion. three blocks of downtown can on the are -- canton katded. -- barricaded. the gas is shut off in the city while that investigation stretches into the night. just into our newsroom hillary clinton making her first public experience since conceding the -- public appearance since conceding the election. >> america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values, and never ever
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the children's defense fund a nonprofit she spent years working with. donald trump honing in on who will be in his cabinet. tonight our former governor brez asked by cnn -- john brewer asked by cnn if she would take an position if offered. >> i've been an elected official for almost 3 that's a long time. >> not a yes or no answer. she said if that opportunity comes she would certainly consider it. what kind of role will phoenix police play as trumentz moves forward -- donald trump moves forward with any kind of deportation plan. >> we asked jerry williams. kim, she admits there are challenges. >> absolutely. she is the police cheer here her -- chief here.
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she was talking to people in laveen. she says she's new and doesn't have the answers yet. she took questions on immigration to staffing problems to crime. snapping selfies and hugging old friends the first female phoenix police chief back in her old stomping grounds of la voon. >> round -- laveen. >> round of applause. >> one man concerned about immigration and deportation plans under president-elect donald trump. >> i take an oath of office as do all the officers to uphold the law. >> she says she cannot predict if the law will change and will stay committed. >> i don't want to be political about it. i am the police chief. and i protect and serve the people in this community. >> she quickly addressed racial issues. >> i know i'm black and you're all black. but i'm not just a black police chief.
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>> another man bringing up staffing shortages as laveen keeps growing. >> it's encouraging to see that she talked about staffing. >> members coming out to meet her to learn how to help. >> i got a real feel for who she is. she's genuine. >> challenges ahead as she makes herself at home. >> all right so we talked about a lot of serious issues with williams. but we wanted to ask some fun things, everything from sports to food. all things phoenix so you can get to know her a little bit more. that video up now on the website, >> kim, thank you. new video from asu where students in juniper hall won't be able to return for at least five days after a hot water pipe burst. we showed you the flooding last night at 10:00. the university allowing students to get their clothes and medicine. they're staying in hotels and
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a teenager caught in the act at a buckeye home. afamily members saw a -- families members -- family members saw a car they didn't recognize and a fight broke out. >> you got to protect your property and as long as nobody was on my side of the family, the good guy won. nobody got hurt, so, other than the bad guy, so. >> family members tell us the brother-in-law who fir weapon is cooperating with mcso. hind sight is 20/20. the exact moment a man tried to run down a woman in scottsdale. nohelani graf has the 911 call from the victim herself as she tried to escape the crazed driver. >> the minutes on the phone probably felt like a lifetime. she told us it was pure terror. we've taken the call and condensed it to seconds.
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heart racing. >> he's trying to kill me on the road. he's flipping me off. >> when she called 911 it was clear she'd been in more than a fender bepder and it was -- bender and it was far from over. >> oh my gosh. >> ma'am? >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> she was stalked through traffic. the car full letting up. >> can you pull over somewhere where you would be safe with a lot of people? >> i tried. >> turn your flashers on now ma'am. turn your flashers on now. >> three jurisdictions later the police chased them both down. she's safe. >> i hear the cops. i hear the cops. >> amazing no one was hurt. the suspect in jail tonight bail set at $50,000, steve?
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suitcase spy. what's that up there on the utility pole and who put it up there abc 15 investigating your concerns. a mysterious plane circling the skies. why donald trump may have to stay out of the oval office
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an update on that flagstaff police officer. we showed you earlier punching a woman in the face. he's been identified as officer jeff binar. he's on administrative leave. donald trump filing his first lawsuit as president- elect. it's over his hotel in washington, d.c. used to be a post office. his legal team claims the tax bill is too high. they also claim the lease which
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million is only worth about $28 million. it was tossed out once. but they refiled it. the president-elect may not be able to get too comfortable in the oval office. he might not get to work out of it for an entire year after the obama administration allegedly put off security upgrades. that's according to carl rove. the white house not commenting. if they are true he might have to wor next door. doug ducey making his comments about the president- elect in orlando. he says he hopes the trump administration will be good for business. >> i think there's a road map. i think republican governors that have come before me have proven it and i'm hoping we apply the same to the federal government and the reforms that we hopefully see here in the first 100 days. >> it was a big day for the governor.
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committee for the republican governor's association. an on brothel or just a website with escort services? a judge cleared two men from pimping charges. a final ruling won't happen until december 9th. what's on this power pole? that's what drivers in glendale want to know after seeing someone in an unmarked vehicle strap this box on to the pole. we're taking action to get answers on this. what we do know is it does not belong to phoenix pd or aps. they say the pole belongs to the city of phoenix. we're waiting for that response. no word from glendale police either. as forever the feds with atf they don't know anything about it. they have been known to use similar cameras in criminal cases around the country. a mystery in the skies
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thousands saw in plane circling over the city several times. few answers from federal organizations. the air force says it is a military plane but it never checked in with any towers on the base and never landed in denver. the north american aerospace command also investigated but could not confirm its existence. prepare to pack less or pay more. united airlines taking basic economy fares to heart if you buy the cheapest level fare you can't use the overhead bins. the only exceptions are if you have unite's frequent flyer program or its credit card. now to one of the favorite stories. grandmas and technology don't usually mix and it's led to a mix-up for thanksgiving. >> 17-year-old jamal hinton a
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high school got a strange text. the pair realized that grandma wasn't texting the right number. but the invitation to dinner still on the table. >> i thought wow, this lady is really nice. any other person would probably blow me off and be like no never text my number again. she was nice and sweet about it. >> he posted the encounter online. it went viral. grandma had to change her phone number. the offer. he's going to be joining them for the feast. >> good for him. good for both of them. >> it might actually feel like the holidays around here. trying to get there little by little. the first storm system i'm tracking. i have two. the cold front associated with this is on our doorstep it's crossing the california-arizona state line as we speak. it leaves behinds some cooler air for tomorrow. the core of the system itself
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lots of snow expected through utah and colorado over the next 12 to 24 hours. for us it is continuing to stay a dry forecast. you see a little few blips here and there showing up on the radar. some rain that's leaving the clouds but entering drier air below the clouds and evaporating. the drier air sucking it up. as we look live at doppler it gives us a better picture of what's going on. not a thing to track. future cast keeps it that way. the issue the higher terrains. wind advisories in effect until 2:00 in the morning for mojave. flagstaff 17 mile per hour winds and show low at 15. the strongest winds shift to the east along the rim toward the four corners early tomorrow morning. some of these colder spots have windchills. flagstaff may feel like the
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30s, the actual temperatures. wind lighter toward the end of the week. right now 69 in the valley. with east winds at eight miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-60s for the most part for us. farther to the north at this hour. flagstaff at 47 and payson and sedona at 59 degrees. tonight 37 in show low. 31 at window rock. 50s out to the west and northwest. a few spots in highs in the mid to upper 50s in flagstaff and sedona. just yesterday flagstaff set a record at 72. down to 46 there tomorrow. phoenix at 72. a few degrees below that average of 75 for us. and booel be off to a chilly -- and we'll be off to a chilly start with temperatures in the 60s until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. upper 60s to the north, cave
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glendale at 71. and goodyear at 70. still in the 70s on friday. low 80s through the weekend. warmer and mostly sunny on saturday. this is system number two. it's going to dig far enough to the south to bring moisture our way. a big dro in temperatures and -- drop in temperatures and showers in the forecast. honoring a hero. how a company from shark tank is helping the major jeweler accused of swapping out real diamonds with fakes. and who doesn't want some extra cash for the holidays. here's your secret word, cactus. go to for your chance to win" ee" t er."
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ea... w! sep.. me lo... ..eep. d he.
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any time it happens it's difficult to comprehend. it's a small community like show low where the pain is
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a huge fundraiser in the works for officer darrin reed. he was weeks from retiring when he was killed in the line of duty. one of the companies taking action total tie key. they were featured on shark tank and they're donating some proceeds. >> everybody has come together and helped each other out and just supported the family. >> they're also hoping people come out to the lodge in pine holding a silent auction. jewelry thieves. you wouldn't expect the thief to be the company you're buying from. enough complaints started popping up about cay jewelers that customers started a facebook page. one report surfacing in houston. a cancer survivor claiming she had to resize her wedding ring but when returned she believes the boy monday was -- the
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they released a statement saying they were humbled by people placing trust in them. you could buy a whole lot of diamonds with tonight's jackpot. $290 million. 28, 41, 61, 63, 65 and the powerball 7. verdict out if anyone matched them all. >> we can only hope. cowboys quarterback tony row mow putting the be romo putting the best interests
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford.
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have the best record in the nfl. they're winning with a rookie quarterback dak prescott. he took over when tony romo got hurt. he's conceding the job to prescott. >> he's earned the right to be our quarterback. as hard as that is for me to say, he's earned that right. he's guided our team to an 8-1 record. that's hard to do. talk the team first, truthfully i haven't always been the biggest tony romo fan but wow. >> something magical is happening to our team. i'm not going to allow the situation to neg gively affect dak -- negatively affect dak or this team. dak knows that i have his back and he has mine. >> everyone thought the season was over when tony got hurt but they're 8-1 and tony is healthy.
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incredibly classy move. even larry fitzgerald agrees. putting the team first doesn't also happen in this day and age. so thank you tony for being a classy example. a semifinalist for the hall of fame class. he's been in this position before. the final vote will happen right before the super bowl. if you're more of person you've got to appreciate these cute little kit tees. -- kitties. part of a photo shoot in california to get them adopted. within an hour all of them had homes. >> of course. >> totally worth it to put the cats through sheer terror like that. >> they look scared out of their minds. they're so cute though. >> i see happiness and excitement.
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>> they're probably happy now at least. >> yes, good end. down to the low 70s in the afternoon hours. our cold front coming in right now. you can see it there. drier air behind it. rain chances with the next one
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