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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news taking action. >> two shootings in the valley in less than 24 hours. one person killed at this scene. what police are telling us right now. >> and in chandler a couple shot. >> and investigators want you to take a good look at this good morning everyone i'm danielle lerner. >> and i'm justin pazera. >> as you look at the time lapse from the arsz department of environmental quality the last six hours have been nothing but clear skies across the valley. abundant sunshine but boy it was a cool start to the morning.
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the 40s and 50s. let's just call it. it was colder this morning than it was even just yesterday and a few days ago. right now we're sitting in the low 60s in mesa, deer valley, and chandler. we just barely made it into the 60s at the top of the hour. still a very slow warm up and today will be a cool day with highs in much of the valley only warming a few more degrees into the upper 60s this afternoon. our high temperatures go but very nice with those sunny skies. we do have warmer temperatures on tap. i'll show you what to expect by thanksgiving day in just a few minutes. phoenix police still searching for whoever's responsible for shooting a man while he was just opening the door to his own home. police say as the 32-year-old victim just opened his door, that suspect opened fire shooting him multiple times.
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the two new each other. chandler police were called out to this home after they say a woman accidentally shot herself and her husband. investigators say the woman she was cleaning her new gun. her husband was shot in the leg. >> just kind of safety wise if you're ever cleaning a gun bullets go in one room and the gun goes in another room. we now know the name of the person killed in the pile up on the loop 101 in scottsdale. courtlin mckinney of mesa god sideswiped and forced into the wall. there were several crashes along loop 101 yesterday afternoon and those roads were wet at the time.
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salt water river bottom. investigators with mcso have just released this sketch of the victim and they are asking for help trying to identify who he is. they say he has black hair and a short buzz cut with a short beard. we have a complete description of what he was wearing up now on >> happening right now there's a new investigation centered on a phoenix cop who's accused of domestic the sergeant is not charged with anything this morning but he is the focus on criminal and internal investigations. mcdough is back open right now after a mobile home went up in flames. the fortune of heart right here two nearby homes within feet of the flames were not affected. spend millions on renovation
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abc15's nick ciletti is in front of the ball park this morning. >> now they're having to start from scratch and striking out. so this is the deal. the maricopa county district was backing out. real estate partners who started this process all the way back in august. refused to meet with them. they also said demanded to seek financial documents before they'd even meet. they say they just want the same information that the county is getting. earlier this year when the team and the county both squared off on who would pick up the tab for almost 200 dollars in repair. well the county says they're going to hold the d-backs to this lease agreement which keeps them here until 2028.
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planning to do next. nick ciletti abc15. well she is behind bars for life after murdering her ex-boyfriend and now the representer. disbarred for writing that tell-all book. allegedly he agreed to a suspension but several lawyers complained including the ethics attorneys now arias. she read several excerpts and claims they're all lies. all to get rich. >> a lot of the lies surrounded the witnesses, the evidence, things he talked to her about which he shouldn't be revealing in the first place much less highing about. >> so this book was meant to be part of a trilogy. no word if we can expect to see those next volumes. the ruling by the nineth
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morning. so it denies emergency in junction from owatookie to lavine. until the full 9th circuit rules in the case. a group of homeowners in the heela river are challenging the billion dollars freeway. only on abc15 with more than 400 jobs to fill and the phoenix police department alone there's a new step to look out for safety. chief jerry williams telling them she's assembled the team to look for more effective ways for officers to respond to calls. officers have been working overtime and specialty squads help when they're needed. she wants to move an estimated 200 detectives back out onto the streets. a former mesa police officer will have the next few months to prepare for his trial. a judge denied it.
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in the death of daniel shaver. meantime jurors in tuscan still haven't reached a decision on the murder trial of a former fire captain. they will return to the pima county superior courtroom today. he is accused of killing his ex-wife over his daughter. he's also accused of killing that woman's mother and a friend three years later. well are you tired of that same old christmas tree? decorated by local designers. >> and a new plan to meet expanded gaming. the governor's plan to make it happen. >> go ahead justin. >> take it away danielle. >> poll of the day. do you think more games at the casino will bring in more
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happening night now we just got an update. >> if you remember this farmer was killed on the freeway back in september. there was a hunt for the three men in a white pickup truck. let's listen into this press conference right now. >> we also have phoenix law enforcement association who was present today $5,000 towards the reward and representing them will be ken crane. >> good morning. my name's ken crane k-e-n c-r-a- c-r-a-n-e. crimes like this impact negatively so many lives out there. the phoenix law enforcement
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that we can try to help provide some additional financial report to this effort to increase this reward to help people come forward. bring this horrible crime to justice. thank you. >> we have detective todd ragerie. again they can't give any information. >> so you are looking at a live press conference right now with talking about that murder on the 51 taking place back in september. they are now upping that reward to $21,000. of course folks in the community very concerned since they have not caught those three suspects. they're looking for three men in a white truck. silent witness just giving us an update that they're upping the reward to $21,000. we're going to switch gears now on a lighter note. do you need a new christmas tree? how about one that's already
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folks decorated by local designers and all week long you can view and bid on the nine trees. >> there are 60 programs at the hospital that are supported strictly by donations, by the community, by grants, foundations and donors. and without funding those will go away. >> you'll find those trees between dillard's and nemon marcus. >> something fishy happening at tempe town lake today. happening at the lake this afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00. a fishing clinic that's also going to be held today. well a new statewide casino agreement could mean more games are allowed at the new casino in glendale and a number of tribes have already signed on.
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existing casinos. it could mean games like black jack at the desert diamond casino in glendale. the man who lives next to the casino says expanded games could add a lot to glendale. >> more stuff to do around here. think it would help out the area. >> would that bring you guys over more. >> yeah it'd be an excuse to bring our friends from phoenix. >> a statement from the tribe says they'll consider the i don't get caught in the thanksgiving traffic mess. we'll tell you the exactly time you need to head out for your holiday travels. >> and at this time yesterday we were dealing with showers and thunderstorms moving across the valley. not the case now but i'll show
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right now there's a memorial growing for the detective gunned down in san antonio. the man accused of pulling trigger has apologized to ben gentleman benjamin marconi. aus a heart breaking story out of fresno this morning. dozens of dogs and cats were rescued from a burning duplex.
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the woman moved in two years ago after her husband passed away. now her granddaughter says she moved in with just four dogs. she ended up with about 40 dogs and cats. now all but two of them are with the spca. >> an incident is once again raising the alarm about police using force in the united states. a woman in a wheelchair was tased twice. the confrontation was all caught on week. holman was charged with resisting arrest and thinks the officers should also face charges. i feel like they actually abused the law and used it to abuse a disabled person that can't even fight back. >> when internal investigation is under way and the department says if any policies and procedures were violated the officers may be suspended or fired. well holiday traffic and
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hand in hand but there are ways to avoid the backups on your thanksgiving track if you time it right. >> a-dot says if you're taking i-17 or state route 57 northbound try to be on the road by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. maybe you're headed to californiaover tuscan you've got to start your trip by 2:00 p.m.. >> that way you can beat the real crunch that we expect as people end their work day and finish up their packing and they get on the road. >> so there's no predict your travel forecast. of course any crashes that could happen that could change things up but heading out early is always your best bet. >> and hopefully the weather's going to cooperate. i've got a look around the state. but let's talk about right now because we're feeling that chill still around parting of the valley. our temperatures starting up. this morning they were running
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but now you can see just a couple of degrees different. here's the deal, though, yesterday we had rain at this time now we've got abundant sunshine. stacy sticking around. that's why our temperatures are still struggling to warm dpoo it that sunshine that we have out there. it's 61 in mesa, gilbert, also chdl 62 in scottsdale. only right at 61 degrees and anthem you're checking in at 63 degrees. so cool as you get ready to head out to lunch. but sunny and dry too. unlike yesterday not tracking any storms. that storm system that brought the rain and know to our state is pushing air out to the east. like minneapolis getting in on a bit of mixed precipitation here.
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as far as our state goes we're clearing up the clouds. as drier air moves in. so for today if maybe you're heading out of town early plan on sunny to mostly sunny conditions across the state. cool temperatures through the afternoon but all dry. as we go through tonight looking at clear skies soon and tomorrow a travel day nice and clear across the state. if you're traveling up to flag staff all cle our west looking dry too. even southern california looking dry as we are actually going to get an ridge of high pressure moving in. heading into thanks giving you're barely going to notice it. still dry. and it looks like we're going to stay dry really through the end of the week even into the first half of the weekend.
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rain chances back into the high country sunday and monday. the valley still looking to stay dry with that one. but for now again plan on dry weather for thanksgiving also for black friday in case you have plans to get out and about maybe do some shopping. so for the rest of the day we're sitting at 63 degrees. by lunchtime we warm just another degree or so. we'll spend much of the afternoon into the 60s before topping out r here this afternoon with sunny skies. and winds will be lighter too with winds just coming in out of the west northwest between 5 and 10 miles an hour this afternoon. now the next couple of days we'll be getting warmer. so we're going to go from 70 today to back above average. thanksgiving day a high of 75 degrees. that 30 average is 71 to 72. so as we wrap up the week we're going to warm up above average
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in the mid 70s if are your thursday even into your friday. now i mentioned there will be a drop in temperatures. you know, it's tuesday and so many homeless animals here in the valley they would give
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okay. this little guy he doesn't really need an introduction but this is yogi. he is with the arizona humans society today. we have our friend ashley. boy, he is not shy at all ashley. >> ashley if he just had a little longer leash. >> i know. he's in need of a good home. >> yeah, he's six months old so
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bundled up in there. always ready to play and this is about the size he's going to be. not too much bigger here. so this is a great size dog and he's an australian cattle dog. >> and you were saying that with this breed they do require a little special attention. >> yeah, they do. they're very active dogs. so they need a lot of activity, a good sized they're great arizona dogs excellent for hiking. definitely an active family. they need to be kept busy and they're brilliantly smart. so excellent for agility. i mean, he's going to be the validpuptorian. he's already mastered sit. >> and he seems social and happy and sweet. he seems like a sweet little guy. >> everyone who he's met today
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right up to anyone who's got empty hands and wants to pet him and he just sits right next to you and soak up some attention. so their very good dogs and very loyal. >> i was going to say during commercial break he threw his toy himself. so he'll entertain himself for hours. >> yes. and i imagine he would be a lot of motivation on the trail. >> yes, he does great. like you said toys he's already got fetch down. >> he as an expert. >> he's a very athletic boy. friday through monday the arizona humans society you can
11:27 am >> do you guys see a surge in either animals or doctors around this time of year. >> yeah, absolutely and people are you know looking to add to the family. and we definitely encourage you of course to adopt a pet, save a life rather than going to a pet store or breeder or something like that because there's so many pets that need them. >> so little guy what should they do. >> he's available at our sunny slope campus and you better get
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well these images just so tough to look at. you see the school bus on its side. it was nearly split in half by that tree. five children dead. four girls and a boy and six othersre chattanooga tennessee police arrested and charged the driver of that bus johnthany walker. he's now facing vehicular homicide and reckless driving. even more charges could be on the way. >> he was going real fast. and he had hit a garbage bag and we hit a mailbox and then flipped over and hit a tree real hard. >> investigators also got a warrant to remove the black box
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the students on board at the time ranged from kindergartens to 5th graders. the safety alert to pass on to women mesa police are dealing with a rash of purse thefts. here are the two locations hit. mesa river view soccer complex and a living world bible view church. we're told the victims reported a black mini man speeding away. of one or two men operation. so if you know anything please call police immediately. we can only imagine how terrifying this was. a chain reaction crash claimed one life on the loop 101 near cactus. dps told us the road was wet after storms passed through that area. neighbors even came out to see the commotion. >> we were on the freeway and because of the congestion of the
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we knew something had to of occurred. >> the helicopter covering above was so loud. this looks like a war zone. >> well this also had a major impact on traffic. the loop 101 was closed for three hours. >> do you have anything to say to the family? >> i'm sorry. >> well he says he's sorry but that certainly will not make up for the fact that police officer is sded. otis mccain admits to the killing because he was upset of society for not letting him see his son. a memorial is now growing outside of police headquarters. the u.s. sect of education wants to put an end to that practice.
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governors and school leaders to replace it with more suspective practices against bad behavior. i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day 1 to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> for the first time as president elect donald trump is talking be directly to the american people by laying out his plans once he takes aufsz. one of the key to do is withdraw from the transpacific partnership. he wants to negotiate fair trade deals. and we are waiting for the next announcement on who will be on donald trump's administration. but the president's elect already had a busy morning. trump was supposed to be meet with top officials with that newspaper today but he said he clansed it when the terms and conditions of the meeting were
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now we're learning trump wants to meet with them in private. >> why are street corners still filled with these campaign signs. in phoenix signs on private property have to be taken down ten days after the election. if the signs are along public right of ways the deadline is 15 days. that will be tomorrow. but here's where it gets interesting. state lawmakers say it's a crime to remove someone else's signs but only if it's before the election or after. so bottom line if you see those signs up after tomorrow it is time for them to come down meantime the secretary of state's office has the final count of ballots in. 71% turnout. that's the 4th highest. more people showed up in the polls in 2008 and 2012 compared to this year and there were other surprises too.
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maricopa and pima while 13 rural arizona counties beat expectations. well concerns about the drinking water in pioria. officials say close monitoring caught that problem and the well has been shut down. the city says pioria water is safe: right now the city of phoenix is discussing how they're going to 206. by the start of next year. so city officials saying that this will directly impact 187 employees. the increased wages will cost phoenix about $125,000 next year. in october of this year the general fund took in more than $740 million that's roughly
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anticipated. more long lines outside of st. mary's food banks this morning. a mile and a half backup and at least three hundred families in line. we're expecting to see them continue today and tomorrow. >> everyone that's in line right now gets a turkey. they get an emergency food box. >> everything you'd want to have on your table for thanksgiving dinner. >> if you're looking for a way to help they also recommend avoiding thomas of grand avenue. well the holiday season is in full swing and if you are looking for something to do this weekend why not head north. sunrise ski park will be open. the park plans to have ski school open and some room for sledding. maybe more if those conditions are right. >> a tuscan teen took action to let first responders know that they're appreciated. this picture was just posted to the department's facebook page.
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deputies sitting nearby. she refused to let dad pay for the meal saying it would not be the same. coming up promises of longer lashes but a lot of customers
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we are keeping a close eye on wall street for you this morning. right now the dough is up. we're following someew developments linked to that takata air bag recall. gm wants some time to prove the air bags are safe. they're also hoping to avoid a big financial hit. to replace those takata inflaters. it says its inflaters are safer than those linked to the seven deaths in the u.s.
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style bistro gravy. hundreds of cases may be mislabelled as pork gravy. that means the jars don't accurately reflect the ingredients. this product could make you sick so make sure you take it back to the store for a refound. >> there's a growing trend many families are planning an untraditional menu. researchers at mott children's hospital found one in six have recently gone vegan. of the parents surveyed half the parents believe it's had a positive impact on their child's health. maybe black friday isn't your speed but you've got to keep in mind is your credit card information safe. especially around the holiday time. so we've got you covered with some ways to protect yourself. first you're going to want to create usernames and passwords.
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unusual activity. don't shop while using public wifi and finally use two step authentication to ensure you're the only one logs into your accounts. security is being beefed up in new york city. isis has mentioned the parade as a possible target. nypd not taking chances here. to prevent an attack like the one in niece france this year. they're also going to be more dogs will also be walking that route. well if you're stopping by starbucks on the way to work you might be paying for for your favorite drink. that's because starbucks has hiked its prices for the second time this year. back in july, the cost of other
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lattes went up 10 and 30%. if that deal involves a free trial period you may want to move on. take this ad for lash renew. >> we really don't have background on actually does the product work. >> felicia thompson with the better business is concerned on how it's sold. pay the 7 136 custom complaints to the bbb in the last year. >> just hard to get ahold of this company. >> customers say i called during my trial period. and the representative insisted i try the product first. i'd yell no. she says okay i'll just charge
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business. while lash renew gives you 14 days to cancel. >> their free trial started. and under terms it says 4 to 10 days. >> it's nearly impossible on those cases to send the product back before that free triem period ends. >> the cancellation rules are clear and had no reason for all of the complaints. free trial periods can be really tricky. i would avoid t sections and let joe know for all the ways to protect. i'm investigator joe ducey. >> you've got a problem let me know. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? it is time to take action and help out operation santa claus. for the four amazing charities listed right here on your screen. >> and for every $5 you give you'll get one entry to win a
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awe that jingle. makes me want to jam out every time. something else to put you in a good mood the weather outside right now. >> yeah. not bad. the rain brought in that cooler air. as you made plans to head outdoors we've got some sunny skies and very nice conditions right now. perfect if you want to maybe get a midday walk in. maybe you've got some time here before you have to head back to work this afternoon. we've got clear skies. and abc15 desert doppler all in the clear as we scan skies around the valley and really across the state. a few high clouds building right over the san francisco peaks at this time. not seeing any snow from them and overall we're getting some drier air in here. so we're done with those rain and snow chances. that storm system that brought the rain and snow pushing off to the east and it will continue to push further out as we enjoy that dry weather and high
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that we're going to see some stable air, some sunny skies and some warmer temperatures too. that's what we're going to feel over the next couple of days. so future cast will show you nothing but clear skies in our forecast too. the rest of the day. tomorrow abundant sunshine. if you've got to travel around the valley you should be all in the clear and not just in the valley but across the state. all dry here for driving tomorrow ahead of thanksgiving and thanksgiving day looking nice and dry too. we'll track a quick disturbance that will mov on thursday but it's going to be too dry to make an impact. otherwise mostly sunny conditions as we head towards thanksgiving too. >> so for today sitting at 63 degrees now. this is after dropping into the 40s and 50s across the valley. so it's been a very slow warm up. we're barely in the 60s now. and then today's high temperature just barely hits 70 degrees by 3:00 to 4:00. it will be a dry afternoon with
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temperature down to 66 degrees by 6:00 here this evening and then eventually we're back in a the 50s as early as 10:00 tonight. so keep that in mind if you've got evening plans it's going to be chilly out there. i showed you this earlier. back above average by still not so bad. we're talking highs in the mid 70s and if you're going out and about thanksgiving day in the valley. going to be a nice day. if you want to get an rl morning workout in before maybe dinner. temperatures will warm into the upper 60s and then the high that day 75 degrees. very nice. we'll watch for that high temperature around 3:00 to 4:00 and then temperatures cool back into the 60s by 7:00 on thanks giving evening. if you were getting to bed early then temperatures will be chilly that night heading into black friday. let's talk about today.
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under clear skies. fountain hills may only make it to 66. lavine up to 68 degrees and 68 for a high today in surprise. phoenix hit 70. and we're looking at highs in the 70s out to our west too. winds today across the state lighter than what we felt yesterday and highs only make it into the upper 40s and flag staff. 48 for a high today in cholo. then tonight it gets cold again. so if you're out and about spots like flag staff down into the 20s. also down into winslow we're down below freezing. down to 31 degrees in prescott. phoenix will drop to 51 degrees. so tomorrow just as cool and you may want that sweater or jacket as you get ready to head out the door. with those temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s across the valley. as you look at that 7-day forecast a high of 70 today.
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notice that morning temperature will be down to 51 degrees. so we're going to feel a lot of 40s in the valley by that morning. temperatures this afternoon very nice in the mid 70s. some more breezes by sunday and
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abc15's poll of the day is brought to you by sandovalserson ford. >> now the results of our poll the governor announced a d that could expand gaming. so we wanted to know if you thought those games would draw people in and 55% of you said yes. well 4:00 will be here before you know it. >> yeah, we're going to follow up on some of the things you guys were talking about as a silent witness announces a $21,000 reward now. plus a warning to get rid of your water. you may be drinking something unsafe. the new alater you need to hear
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wait until you see the dramatic fire one mistake can cost. store versus online. which do you think has the better deal. it is all ahead on the now arizona. >> it's a big question. you'll find out at 4. as we look ahead at the holiday looking at a beautiful stretch of weather. today it will be cool. we'll spend most of the afternoon in the 60s. looking great.
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snot ? ? >> announcer: today -- never hosted thanksgiving? don't panic, because we're showing you how easy it is to throw a first-timer feast. mario's in the kitchen with the incredible sterling k. brown. michael's showing a nervous newbie a classic turkey recipe. and clinton's revealing the secret to surprising your guest with how fabulous you are. the thanksgiving fun starts right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much. guys, thanksgiving is only two days away. [ turkey gobbles ]


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