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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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development. only days ago dr. carson said he did not want the job.>> we have to keep an eye on this. it caused a big scare. we can tell you police are looking for some people who may have been involved in home invasion near 27th street and broadway. the street was heavily watched we couldn't even put our reporter on the air live out there. we will keep you updated on this developing story. the search for the gunman who shot and killed 41-year-old de the reward for her killer now at $21,000. will it be enough to entice someone to do the right thing and turn over the gunman. our reporter takes us on the pastor that ended her killing. >> reporter: detectives are keeping a tightlipped over what they know now leading up to the shooting of tenia farmer on sr 51 farmer called 911 and said three hispanic and any white
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her near seventh avenue and broadway. she never said why.>> we are leaving all options open at this point. >> reporter: the sun is still out and it is rush-hour traffic. a lot of potential witnesses. farmer tells 911 operators that she comes up to seventh avenue that is when it looked like the three men were getting out of the truck to approach her. she gets nervous, and she speeds off. farmer says she entered the 51 near jefferson which means farmer was on the i-10 for a short time. somewhere between mcdowell and thomas road she tells 911 operators they are right next to me. it is the last thing farmer said before calls of gunshot and it crash poor in. police have a good description on the truck. they now need someone to id who was in that truck. and who was in contact with farmer in south phoenix. >> we need to know if somebody has put something on social media that concerned someone.
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us information anonymously than sit on that information and have justice not be done. a new investigation centered on a phoenix cop. his side through court paperwork. orders of protection, leroy potter filed against his ex- wife. detailing threats she apparently made against him. he is quoted as saying, he demands -- she demands that i love her or she will call my work to get me in trouble wife followed through. as of now he has not been charged. breaking news, a university officer has just been shot. there is very little information coming out right now. police are saying this happen at wayne state university. that is in the heart of detroit. 27,000 students go there. are sister station there in detroit is reporting that he was shot in the head.
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this is the latest incident following for officer shootings and just last week. we will keep you updated. track in the forecast. as the storm system's father to the east all that is left behind is dry air. the sun is setting, our temperature this afternoon near- normal. pretty similar tomorrow, although we are expecting a one to two decree warm-up in many neighborhoods. tonight down into low 60s. we will drop to 52 overnight in phoenix. will be back in the low 70s tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow big travel day across the area. if you have plans to hit the road, i-10, ia, i 17, sunshine, temperatures in the 70s along the i-10 stretch. mostly's and the 70s along i ate. if you're headed up north only 50 degrees tomorrow in flagstaff.
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novelli coming up in just a minute. it's being called a rare event. a shutdown in peoria after elevated levels of nitrate were found in the water. spot right now it is a big concern near 87th avenue. abc 15s joe bartels has the story. >> reporter: it was a mystery for folks living in this quiet peoria neighborhood. this pipe, the cone and the public works, and the sound of water going down the drain.>> learning about it three days after the fact. >> reporter: it popped up yesterday. folks are learning that the city of peoria is draining a massive water reservoir because water came back with levels above acceptable limits for nitrates, a common thing found in fertilizer.>> once you understand the details it doesn't seem like a huge problem. >> reporter: pure says people need to be aware.
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high levels of nitrates can make infants really sick. it can even kill. peoria says the problem well was shut off. the levels of nitrate were just slightly above guidelines.>> lab results take a couple days to be returned. >> reporter: here's what to do. if you made food, or ice or stored between november 15 and 17th go ahead and get rid of it. just to be safe. >> the big question is the city going to do about this long-term quek >> reporter: peoria said they routinely test the water. this nitrate scare is likely from agriculture use that percolated through the soil from years ago. all tasks have since returned to normal. the water is safe to use. joe bartel's, abc 15 is. you saw the horror and chattanooga. almost 3 out of 10 school buses in our state failed safety inspections last year for a variety of reasons. according to the arizona
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tires.>> i have more information on that driver and chattanooga who is now behind bars for the death of those five kids. the most chilling part that needs to be answered, what a mom says her child heard. are you ready to die? those were words allegedly coming from 24-year-old johnthony walker. police say he doesn't have a criminal record and tennessee. his license was suspended about a month back. for a crash. we are just hearing from her abc affiliate in atlanta who is saying a mom victims, she lost one child, two children are in the hospital. she says she filed complaints about this guy this year police say walker was speeding well over the speed limit at the time of the crash. the officer shot in detroit, now we are learning the latest development out of san antonio. in that case the man behind bars for the killing of a san antonio detective, apparently got married hours after the murder. what's more, it means otis mccain was likely even right
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his marriage license. investigators say detective benjamin marconi was shot what he was writing a traffic ticket. the accused killer says he was angry about a child custody battle and lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it.>> we need a name to this face. this body was found in the salt river bottom. they haven't said how he died. if you know who he is, please call police. ied's manufactured and arizona for isis. that's the basis of a trial now scheduled for a tober. a syrian man accused of supplying the explosive devices to a jihadist group which wanted to attack the u. s. military. fbi says they found the suspects fingerprints on some of the items. these phoenix firefighters saving a man an electric wheelchair who fell into a canal. he got too close to the edge near 36 street and baseline.
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he suffered a little bit of hypothermia. he is expected to be okay. a 327 under the hood, and a lot of noise. >> it was a local man's dream car. it is gone. angie kaylee is near brown and mesa of why there is one -- likely thought put into this theft. >> reporter: besides the shiny blue paint there is one thing that really stands out about jake crimmins 68 camaro. was loud. the hot rod was stolen from crimmins parents mesa driveway sometime between late sunday night, and monday morning.>> i cried. we are heartbroken for them both. >> reporter: crimmins and his wife just moved to vegas. he just got out of the navy, just got a new job, and they are having a baby in a few months. he was trying to sell the car.>> things were finally looking up. we got the call monday morning that the car was gone.
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it.>> it was -- starting it was a challenge. >> reporter: the steering will had a club on it. the car is worth around $28,000 per --. the car -- if you think you've seen it, mesa police. angie kaylee, abc13 is. he was one of the roc's most wanted. lance wills is under arrest. the attorney general accuses him of taking more than $115,000 for construction jobs he never finished. wills promise to pay this man
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happened. everybody needs a safe place. especially belly teens. knew it six, valley metro just designated 900 buses at safe places. much like safe places at light rail platforms those -- homeless can see got resources. scientists are warning that the zika virus is evolving. they are switching gears.>> we know enough about the virus to know it will continue to spread. we know that it there are many things about the virus that we don't know. we will be subject to long-term research agenda. >> the new research is showing that the virus can cause birth defects. it may show up months after birth. the world health organization plans to study zika more thoroughly. a beloved animal the zoo being remembered. this is southern white rhinoceros just passed away from complications of old age.
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in 2004. were taking action to get to the bottom of the mystery and the stink. only one guy finds a buddy mess.>> a family company trusted to help children with special needs. joe will let you know why some
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something in a gilbert canal is killing dozens of fish. that are popping up everywhere near elliott and greenfield.>> our reporter is taking action and getting answers. >> reporter: dead fish surfacing along this gilbert canal. after a vera sent these pictures we called srp which runs the canal. they sent out a biologist who found about 80 white eamer fish dead and a six mile stretch of the canal. gamers are important because
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one, there is six here and six there.>> reporter: srp is saying it is only the aimer fish that are dying. the waters are also being tested and are safe. so many have tried to put an end to the south mountain freeway project. the courts do not agree. this new ruling means construction can continue during the appeals process. the project is controversial for envi the dakota pipeline project has turned dangerous. one dad says his daughter may lose her arm if a second surgery doesn't work. he claims deputies through something that exploded right before his daughter was heard. the sheriff's office believes it may have been small propane tanks which protesters rigged to explode. this is one costly battle. north dakota may have to borrow more money to pay police to keep those protesters at bay.
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million. a san antonio man said someone broke into his car overnight. nothing could have prepared him for this one. he said inside of his car was covered in blood. he was on his way to work. he set his lunch down and he felt something wet.>> that is a lot of blood. you can see back here. >> what's troubling here is it is a mystery he was inside. gabriel garcia believes the person who was in there must have been trying to get help. family members confirming that kanye west as at ucla. the hospital -- the cameras are rolling despite how public their lives can be. west is said to be getting a psychiatric evaluation. handshakes after what appeared to be a tricky meeting with the president-elect donald trump and the new york times. one thing that came out of the interview, trump seems to be softening his stance to climate change.
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hillary clinton getting a boost from -- for moral support. jessica wake told clinton that she voted for her. clinton says she was gracious and warm. robbery is the game. this is a safety alert affecting men specifically. people are getting mugged through online dating apps. police and baltimore are looking for at least three crooks. treat were buying something online. meet in a public place. ask questions, and then sent pictures to friends of the person you are about to meet. so they know who you are with. sports brought to you by sanderson four. >> coach -- he had a scare following sunday's game in minnesota. arion says he is okay. the cards return to practice tomorrow. we will check in. need a new
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a festival of trees is back. these are one-of-a-kind trees decorated by local designers. all week you can view and bid on the nine foot trees. you can have it delivered to your home or you can donate back to phoenix children's hospital. there are 60 programs at the hospital that are supported strictly by donations. by the community, grants, foundations and donors. without funding those will go away. you can find the trees neiman marcus. you can bid online or in person until next monday. more long lines outside st. mary's food bank. we are expecting this team to continue tomorrow. >> everyone that is a lie right now get a turkey. they get an emergency food box. it is jazzed up with thanksgiving items. everything you would want to have on your table for thanksgiving. >> the food bank says they could still use more turkeys.
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today alone. yesterday storm bringing snow for to the high country just in time for the holiday weekend. we can see it on the peaks. both resorts for snowball in the white mountain for sunrise reporting snowfall yesterday. snowball is already open. we will keep you posted. 5 to 8 inches new snow fell there yesterday and up to 10 at arizona skies clearing back out. are storm system is heading further to the east. for us, we keep those forecast and skies clear tonight. sunny tomorrow, we do have a quick disturbance passing to the north. it will not make an impact here in the valley. sunny and warmer and warmer as we head toward the end of the week. tomorrow upper 40s to low 50s across the west valley. highs mid 72. and the east valley 72 is the
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early morning lows at 49 in chandler and 50 in mesa. your activity planner looks great for tomorrow. good to go for the next several days. biking, hiking, running, great time of year to get out. near average temperatures for tomorrow. averages 72, we will be around 73 in phoenix. by 10 am, low 60s here in phoenix. let's look at the next several days. 73 for the high tomorrow. 76 on thursday. friday at 77. the warmest day of the week. a few clouds on saturday. are back down to 75. bigger changes. will take a look coming up the next half hour. a pilot navigate a tricky landing.>> the jewelry heist caught on camera tonight. >> and immigrate wants a big payout. workmen's comp. here in the u. s. one court
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the loop 101, southbound at southern. the crash is blocking the hov lane. the left lane of traffic.
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this can really shake up the immigration debate. if indiana's courts side with
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he believes he can sway the jury. the justices say they will consider the arguments but have not said when they might rule. >> a bumpy landing pictures at the end after a plane cut through crosswinds. it turns out that the common issue at this airport. some pilots have said this is one of the trickiest places to land in the entire world. turkey and football it's what -- at the international space station that is the plan for the six person crew right now. while the crew makes plans up there, nasa is dishing out a recipe for cornbread dressing. we are told it does not involve freeze-drying.>> a special award for athletes. president obama handing out the medal of freedom for 21 people. tom hanks and robert de niro among some of the recipients.>>
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volcanoes, something happens with tom hanks.>> the president says the honorees get this metal because they help push america forward. another tragedy on valley road the message from the family of one woman who was killed in a crash.
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we have a serious crash on the 101 at southern. air15 is headed to the scene right now. we do not have control over the camera. some of the backup, the tempe fire department is telling us that seven cars were involved.
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on fire, and that there are some injuries out there. i want to show you this is backed up. this is the 101 right here. it is backed up all the way between the 60 and the 202. it's reaching over to tempe marketplace. had to dobson to get around this. it is going to be a long commute ahead. we are trying to get you more information on those injuries. we introduced you last night to amend his mission was to get people home safely.>> tonight the story of a 20-year-old whose life should have been so much brighter.>> a reporter with the story. >> reporter: here one day, gone the next. that's how sudden it has been for those who love 20-year-old jesse bennett. a young woman full of life. just starting to live her dreams.
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it all ended here on the 202 with a rollover crash caused by a driver, dps officials believe was drunk. jesse and another passenger ejected from the car. both not wearing their seatbelts. >> when i got there she was in a coma. five days in a coma, and a gut wrenching decision for the family.>> she would not be able to talk or move.>> reporter: jesse bennett has now been taken off of by sharing her story tonight family and friends hoping to send a message of safety. seatbelts can save lives. >> even if you don't think it's important it is true. you never know what can happen. i would still have my best friend. >> reporter: jesse's family is struggling to pay her medical bills. sadly this is a big problem. dps record show just this year 35 people died on our roads all
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the search for a killer in phoenix. the man shot at his front door of his apartment. the government is still on the loose tonight. all of this going down around midnight. near in a comp -- somebody knocked at his door and shot him several times per he did not survive. it is unclear if the two knew each other. while cops search for that color another one is still there. this happened back in september. a news conference was held they are not giving up hope. a wayne state university officer shot in detroit. knew from the live desk we found out the officer was shot in the head. no word on his condition. sister station is telling us officer was on duty, but was
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now. new developments in the nasty crashes along the loop 101. dps releasing the name of the man who died. a series of crashes happening between cactus and frank loyd wright paratroopers say courtland mckinney was driving one of the cars involved, we are told the mesa man got hit and died at the hospital. it took several hours for crews to clear the scene. in chandler tonight when cleaning a gun goes wrong. husband and wife both taken the hospital after their gun went off accidentally. please say the woman was the one cleaning it when it fired. she shot herself in the hand and her husband in the leg. both of them expected to be okay. a fight over a tool is what deputies say what led to a gruesome killing. investigator say the victim jerry lee thought the suspect stole a tool from his toolbox. that led to the fight.
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a large hammer this guy used to attack his neighbor in peoria. the neighbors got into an argument. they say thad klein grabbed a hammer and checked in at the other men hitting him in the arm. a, urged -- caused a large gash. klein is claiming self-defense. a three month drug trafficking investigation and will happy -- mojave county lance people it targeted people living in the area of what's called the arizona strip. officer say a group there was selling heroin and meth. team swarm the property and made the arrest. they also found multiple guns. investigator still trying to figure out what caused a mobile home fire. we brought you the story as breaking news last night at 10. street shutdown after the home went up in flames on 40th
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if you have travel plans across the country tonight or tomorrow listen up. at storm system yesterday is headed off to the east. over six inches of snow reported near minneapolis. delays at the airport up there. also delays in dallas because the cold front stretches all the way down to texas. we also have a new system coming into the pacific northwest. northern california, utah, and washington coastal areas. snow up in the mountains as well. this momo branch off a little bit of the north. more snow through utah and colorado. instead we stay sunny and dry. that will continue through thanksgiving day. temperatures in the mid 60s at 10 am. 71 at noon. low to mid 70s and the afternoon hours. will take a look at the 7 day forecast coming up in just a
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crash. loop 101 at southern, we have 10 people being taken to the hospital. two of them are headed to a trauma center. we are getting new video and from the scene. look at this, as we send air15 that way. that massive backup, it is an incredible backup. i was checking the roads, it looks like if you're going to hop on the surface streets, dobson is the way to get around this thing. they are backup. the 101 is so backed up it is even backed up around the side of the 202. use those to get around. 10 people headed to the hospital, a horrible week on the 101. air15 is just now getting to the scene. we understand that one car actually caught fire. that is why the huge and quick
6:37 pm
department. we will keep you updated on this developing story. avoid the 101 at all costs per as this investigation is just beginning. spec holding up a store without a fear in the world the team effort between two really brave -- a deadly pileup involving dozens of cars.
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ustomers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost. more breaking news. the loop has just shut down. you see all the traffic getting off the freeway at southern. this is all closed due to the crash that is being rerouted out on us 60. a dot saying you should plan for long delays, and use a totally different route. you are looking at two separate
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save lives. please give -- please give them space. this was the scene moments before a car catching on fire, seven cars in total in this one. 10 patients rushed over to the hospital. two people had to be sent to the trauma center. we want to think viewer chance h for sending that interest. i want to see if i can show you the traffic backup if you are headed out and you do have to go through this area, the 101 shutdown, that is causing a major backup. all the way up into scottsdale at mc dowell. also on the 202, the best route is to take dobson. if you need to get off in the tempe area, i would try to use mill, rural and mcclintock.
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lighting christmas trees to lighting up the face of one adorable little girl.>> a surprise homecoming involving a soldier dad and the entire school.'s>> reporter: a sneak attack of the very best sort. the soon to be very surprised target, thank you veterans for helping us keep our country safe. >> reporter: who hasn't hugged her army sergeant dad david and more than a year.>> this is the memory i want claire to have.>> reporter: the confusion, the surprise, and then the pure joy. perhaps only this little girl
6:46 pm
with claire's first glade -- grade class watching closely.>> oh my goodness i missed you so much.>> reporter: the parents and teachers at the school are about to turn the tables on sergeant turner. of patriots line the hall to think him for his service sacrifice. spec we want to get you caught up on the breaking news. a horrible crash at the 101 and southern. we just found out two of those trauma patients have been rushed over to the hospital. we have more pictures coming in form -- from all of you. a horrible scene. one of the cars, fire. who want to show you this video
6:47 pm
freeway. you can see rescue crews already out there trying to get that fire under control. 10 patients in total taken to the hospital. to headed over to the trauma center, the freeway is shut down. they are making everybody get off the freeway. right at us 60. a lot of lane changes go on in that area. we do not know what caused the crash. , on video a scary jewelry should door -- store smash store security camera show the robbery with less than a couple minutes. one-man orders employees to the floor at gunpoint. the other smashes the glass countertops with a hammer. a mingle mess of cars and a dozen people killed. this is a massive pilot. it happened in china. here are the tragic numbers. 17 people killed, 37 others hurt, 56 cars involved. this happened on a major
6:48 pm
the hospital. four years later a school librarian is taking action. filing a lawsuit after getting injured by an exploding toilet. she flushed the toilet at the school back in 2012. the side of it blew up. a porcelain projectile going right into her leg. the pressure buildup led to the explosion.>> i flush the toilet and to out. that -- pieces of shrapnel were flying around the room.>> at this point the city not commenting on the claims. brothers born months apart with the same genetic disorder.>> they don't walk or talk. their communication is very limited. >> reporter: when the boys turned 18 mauch christina has to file for guardianship.
6:49 pm
the time came for dante she hired the same company. ppg legal documents. >> i expected her to complete the documents. >> reporter: she did not. christina says the owner did nothing for the $1200 she was given. she stopped all communication. since she connected with other families on facebook who had the same story.>> one of them has two daughters. >> reporter: that is christine and emma. sisters with special needs. their mom says she weier perez $2500. her last attempt to contact lisa was in mid-may. she still has not heard anything. >> i kept seeing her on a beach somewhere using our money. christina could let it go.>> there is a supreme court certifies document prepares an arizona. praises license ran out in
6:50 pm
2016. we were able to contact perez by email. no word on where the money went. perez says she has been sick. unfortunately i have currently not in a position financially to make amends. it is my intention to make this right.>> these kids have been through a lot in their little lifetime. for somebody to be able to do that, and just be okay with it?>> reporter: both families had to hire another company to complete before hiring, check business reviews and social media for complaints. make sure they are certified through the state supreme court. we have links at if you have a problem let me know. 60 degrees here in the valley in phoenix. humidity at 36 percent. winds are calm at this hour. they will stay light throughout the entire evening. temperatures down into the low
6:51 pm
am. right now we are seeing 57 in cave creek. those are the coolest spots as we look at the map. farther out across the state we are seeing temperatures in the low to mid 50s. sedona as well. flagstaff at 42. south rim, just 2 degrees above the freezing mark at this hour. flagstaff at lots of freezes along the rim. northeast of the four corners. hears tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 70s across the valley. kingman will hit 64, stafford at 70 degrees. here in the valley we are waking up to the lower 40s. nice amount for the lunch hour tomorrow.
6:52 pm
70s. the pollen count going down. pollen count staying in the low range for ragweed. tomorrow, apache junction at 71 gilbert and scottsdale will top out at 73. right around 71 in buckeye. surprise with avondale levine and glen dale all at 72 tomorrow. here's the next seven days. getting warmer and warmer as we head to the end of the week. thanksgiving 76 degrees. friday 77, chilly in the morning. by the afternoon it will be the warmest temperature we will see all week. 77 friday. 75 saturday. clouds command late saturday and sunday. that storm system moving in. it will bring a slight chance of rain to northern arizona. the valley, right now, it looks
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know. they are all amazing tracy city -- charities. were collecting money, toys kids clothing, and nonperishable full -- food.>> stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or the abc 15 studios, or any other 120+ ups store locations. you can always donate at give to the for five dollars you give you'll get one entry to win 2017 ford f1 50. all courtesy of sanderson ford
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we hate to see this anytime. another life look at this crash. happened out at the 101 southern. look at that car on fire. one of the seven vehicles involved in this crash. 10 patients and all, to send over to the trauma center. loop 101 shutdown in this hour. southbound lanes -- us 60 if you're taking surface streets to get around it. at this point we will keep you updated when the loop 101 reopens.>> why you work out there working you over.
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