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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 24, 2016 12:35am-1:05am MST

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app. app. search the list tv in the app i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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it's november 23rd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman's clothes are smeared with fake blood before she's posed by cops who staged this entire murder scene. how it led them to an arrest in a chilling love triangle. >> they are like, got ya. >> don't block him. don't block him. just wait.
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dangerously close to traffic. >> he's really, really scared. >> what it takes to corner a dog named mozart. >> it's okay. a woman married to a plastic surgeon takes advantage of the body benefits. >> he's the only one that's ever performed procedures on me. >> meet the couple keeping nip and tuck in the family. plus bonus give away means a shot to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv. as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring the from the web, including a football fan's trust ball. >> there are a ton of people. >> see if this one is back flip or bust. >> somebody catch him. >> oh, my god! >> have i got a tale for you. stick with me on this one, okay, because it gets really, really interesting. see this woman here poking holes with a knife into this sweatshirt, stabbing it. >> voodoo sweatshirt?
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who is this right now? >> keep in mind, after the holes are poked through the sweatshirt, you see these folks start to color it in with red marker. that doesn't work, so they get red paint and pour red paint over the hole. then put the sweatshirt on this young girl, lay her down in these leaves. >> this is awful. whatever they are doing is mean. >> whatever they are doing is actually very, very good. it after they staged this body, russian police showed the photos to this 29-year-old woman. she then handed over about $3,100. in cash. >> this was a hit. >> a confession? >> here's the story behind this crazy video. this 29-year-old woman is a jilted lover. her partner from a civil marriage left her for a 23-year-old woman.
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used in this video. the older woman went to a friend and said, i want to hire an asasen. can you help me? instead, the friend went to police, told police about this hit. that's when police staged this entire murder scene so they could capture this girl and her plot. >> she handed over the money, got ya. she's going down, right? >> police do have her in >> scum bag. she deserves some time in prison and needs to stay there. >> yep. >> nothing gets the human male more pleasure than having to improvise an overly complicated solution to a problem. >> okay. basically his son lost control of his snowboard and it went all the way down and ended up 200 feet out in the middle of a
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also pretty dangerous, but don't worry. he's got a plan. all the way out there. there is a patch of very thin ice towards the middle, which is where the snowboard is. >> was his son going mach 2? >> don't worry, he's going to fix the problem. he's going to use his hands to drag himself along. he's got a poke stick to assess the depths of the ice and he's got a rope with hooks on it. this is how he's decided he's going to solve it. >> good idea. >> smart. >> paddleboard will disperse his weight and if it does crack, he'll float. >> am i the only sane person? >> wow, this is going to be great, going to be like -- wee! >> no. >> not so much. it does take a moment to kind of think about what he's doing.
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>> anybody know you're out there? >> you can see the water splashing up. he's breaking through. this is why he needs the paddleboard. >> scary now. >> goes fishing, grabs it, success! do you want me to call the victory shot right here? carves his way down the mountain with his son's snowboard on his back. >> my hero. >> doesn't only get a number one dad mug. >> keep it strapped to your feet. >> bushes right there you'll see some big ears. those ears attached to a german shepherd. his name is mozart. hope for paws was called in to rescue this dog in southern california. >> here, here, good boy. >> as you can see, the dog impervious to the temptation of the hamburger. >> what? not even i'm impervious to temptation of a hamburger. >> notice some security guards.
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>> these guards notice what was going on. you see the gate is open right there. they said, hey, let's just corner him in there. >> it's okay. >> he's just really, really scared. he's running around. finally they are able to nab him. >> hey, hey, hey, it's okay. >> come on, kujo, i mean mozart. >> once they lasso him in, he's like, you know what, i'm just going to lay down and wait you guys out. >> what abou >> he had that opportunity, he passed it up. >> they finally get a towel that they put on a long stick to pet him to make sure he's comfortable with touch. they get the leash around him and that's when things nearly go bad, because it's time to put him in the truck. >> quickly, quickly. >> he runs right through it. still have the loop around his neck and they are able to get him back into the trap. they say he kind of settles down. one thing they realize once they
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this dog is crate trained, he is house trained. didn't have a microchip and wasn't fixed, but mozart is really good with kids, so german shepherd rescue took mozart in, they are trying to find him a permanent home, so if anybody is interested in adopting him, he is available. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. that means we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. to enter you need wednesday's buzz word, be at 21 years or older and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. you know there are so many times when you want to take an epic selfie but there's a beautiful background but sometimes your arm is just not long enough. >> that's what a selfie stick is for. >> no, no. you sometimes need more than that.
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air selfie. this is a flying drone that is in a case that goes on your phone that you can remove, activate, sendoff line, thank you, so that you can then take the best selfie picture in any situation. >> hey, that's cool, man. >> i know! >> drone right in your back pocket. >> like we're in the future again. >> there's a kickstarter campaign. their goal was under they are well over double that, but you still have a chance to get yourself one by pledging roughly $200 for one of these cases. drones not just great for taking great pictures, also great for making your thanksgiving dinner. that's what i thought, watch this. this is a pretty epic way to remove the skin off your potatoes. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> and it works. on your carrots, as well. >> what's he doing now? >> this is the best part, though. you no longer have to get close to your deep fryer with your turkey. you just put it on the drone. this is a very clever video to promote the drone. they do admit drones are great for capturing pretty epic videos. thieves to snag an atm. >> in comes the tractor. >> the tractor. >> that's a new one for us. >> find out if the heavy machinery is enough to help them take off with the dough. and this little cutie's car ride is about to get a whole lot better. see the precious moment when a big surprise makes her day.
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your n closed captioning provided by -- gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had visibly firmer skin. gold bond. we heard of the pass and grab method that some robbers use. well, this robber decided he was going to snatch what he to take. check it out. we're here at the jewelry store, he's leaned over talking to the clerk. he is ready to purchase. she takes out a tray of change and is showing them to him. as any good customer service would do. as he's showing him the chains, he snags the entire case and runs out the door. she tries to run around the counter. >> no chance, lady. >> other people there, are they going to catch him? >> they are security guards, they do take off after him. unfortunately, they were long
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of jewelry he left behind. in total he got away with about $6,000 worth of pieces, but he didn't get far. he was arrested and the situation is now under investigation. this next situation went down in brazil. see these two here in the back of the supermarket tugging on an atm. they are trying to get it out of the place. here's where it gets interesting. they step out of frame and in comes the tractor. >> tractor! >> that's a new one for us. >> they use the tractor f than getting the atm out. they use it to bust down the walls to get in there. you see them toss it in the car and take off. the other twist to the story is they stole the tractor from a nearby space, so this is just all bad no matter how you look at it. >> when you have kids and they start reading. >> they'll read everything they can get their eyes on.
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here. she's in the car with a family and starts reading the sign. >> oh, my gosh. >> what? >> disney world sign. i just saw a disney world sign. >> sorry, we took a wrong turn. >> i think it said this is florida, where you can be in disney. i think it said that. >> okay, girl. she knows where she's at. see, rig >> should we go? >> yeah! >> of course! >> let's go to disney world. >> okay! >> guess what, we're in disney world. >> yeah! >> she doesn't seem to understand. she thinks they are going ton a train. >> surprise, we're going to disney! we're not going to the train. >> yeah! >> now, these kids are playing a game of hang man and dad's
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them. doesn't have all the answer, though. >> right here. and here. >> no way. >> fill it in. what's it say? what's it say? >> surprise. we're going to disney! >> minute" epic thanksgiving fails. >> here you have the perfect disaster. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a gymnast showing off his impressive bar skills. >> around and around and around we go. >> but see why where he stops will have you saying -- >> let's go. >> plus, it's time for a bonus give away. we'll reveal wednesday's buzz word for your shot to win an
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promotional considerations provided by -- when your skin is feeling rough and dry. soften up with gold bond softening lotion. now with 2x the shea butter. skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. this thanksgiving week is a great opportunity for us to remember it's the small things that you do for other people that matter, and this is an epic example of that. this is at a checkout stand at a grocery store in texas. this cashier, nicole, is having an exchange with this 20-year-old customer. her name is lexi. lexi was born with down's syndrome and as a child was also diagnosed with autism, but listen to their interaction. >> did you want to try and scan
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>> you want to do it? >> yes. >> immediately, she decides, yeah, i want to do this. this sounds fun, so she goes behind the counter. >> i want to. >> this is so incredibly sweet. >> there we go. >> next. >> and now we're going to scan this one. >> this one? >> yeah. make that beep sound. there we go. >> making the beep. and people are loving this video. not just because of the moment, but also the fact that nicole had the audacity, if you will, to connect with this situation and just embrace it and take the time to create a special moment for lexi, which a lot of people wouldn't necessarily have done. >> and it just takes that one moment to show some human
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for her mom, because she also has a mood disorder, which causes her a lot of distress when her usual environment changes suddenly, and the fact she reacted to this change so well is actually a really positive thing. >> i can tell you for the mom, this will mean the world. where legends are made. ohio state, michigan. there's the fans. >> is there any time where there's a group of people and three, two, one countdown, someone is going to get hurt. >> they are like a chinese star, nobody wants to get near that. >> this happened the montana state versus montana, they call it the cat grid.
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>> yeah. >> somebody catch him. >> it looks like he was okay. >> from this angle. >> i'm going to assume he had a good time and the cats did win 24-17. this clip, around and around and around we go. where he oh! >> dude, okay, that's not his fault. >> oh, my gosh. it looks like it is. >> i don't even want to laugh at this one. >> he's really good. you see the whole rigging just breaks right there. somebody needs to look into that. little maintenance every once in awhile. >> and again, he's fine.
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another ipad mini and today is bonus day. that means we're giving away an ipad mini and flat screen tv. >> to enter you need the buzz word, at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to, click on win ipad. enterhe buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> all right, let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it is yodel. >> get over to, click on win ipad, and enter the buzz word, >> you'll want to enter today because this is bonus give away day. two winners, one gets an ipad mini and the other a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. meet the plastic surgeon who designed his wife. >> and she's had quite a bit of work done. >> she is my model for the world. >> the story behind the nip/tucks that put her on the path to perfection. >> that's why we put the cream
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>> yeah.
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well, things do look better in slow motion. fellas, you're on the hot seat if you could design a wife. >> i would design exactly the woman i married. >> exactly. >> well, this doctor, let's just say he's got to design a wife. >> every morning she goes into the closet, puts her clothes on, and looks at me and says i love my breasts. >> her husband is a surgeon and she's had quite a bit of work done. she's had a breast job, liposuction, fillers, booty implants, and she's also done body sculpting. they've been married 21 years. >> he's the only one that's ever performed procedures on me and probably the only one that's placed a needle. >> she looks great. >> she's like the walking advertisement for him. >> exactly. >> they are in business together and he says that they give their customers exactly what they want
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why not have his lovely wife be the billboard for that? here's the thing, she started surgery after she had children. gravity isn't quite so kind to our bodies all of the time and she decided she wanted to have the procedures performed. >> after going through the process of child birth, right, it is understandable if you want to do some kind of nip/tuck. >> i started seeing women come in and they were stunning at 60 years old, 40 years old. here i was and i thought i looked worse than every woman over 50 that walked in the door. >> here are the before and after pictures of her. >> sounds like she wants to have the work done. >> we're all in, that's why we put the cream on our faces, get your eyebrows done. >> put me on point. don't make me start saying what you get done. thanks for watching, everyone,
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