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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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it is a time to give thanks not commit crimes. police officers alerted around the valley to be on the lookout for this man, alton taylor accused of kidnapping a woman. thankfully she's been found safe but he is still out there. he was seen trying to force the woman into a car earlier today near 35th and thomas.
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here's what it looks like. it has an arizona plate bsz4111. do not i proech him, call 480- witness you could get a $1,000 reward. an update out of gilbert. an uninvited guest showing up to a meal. that guest a fire the the at -- in the attic. the roof caved in. seven people and six pets able to get out safely. a after seeing the flames from across the street. >> i feel really bad for them. it made me want to dry. if that was me i -- cry. if that was me i don't know what i would think. >> neighbors helping the family out. despite the warnings we see this every year. a fried turkey sparking a house fire in mississippi. the family did not follow the safety protocols and used too
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look at that bleep. i i just came for a play station. >> organized chaos. video from the shopping rush. a number of stores opening tonight and more tomorrow morning. tensions are high with some of these shoppers. at least at this wal-mart in california. let's take you to florida. about five minutes after the doors opened up. it's like trying to navigate through a maize. is it even worth it? are the deals that good? or could you save just as much online. >> jon erickson live at the toys r us at arrowhead in glendale. for some families this is a part of the thanksgiving tradition. >> it is a popular tradition. one family checked out, filled up both baskets. gifts for the grandchildren. why is it so busy? so many sales. it's those sales making
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many valley families. first in line was kevin. first one in to toys r us. that's saying something this thanksgiving day. his mission? to be revealed that a moment. first -- revealed in a moment. first skylar arnold was less laser focused. the winners here are the kids and the credit cards. >> sorry. >> $800 off. >> that was on a swing set. but sant ideas. >> he's going to get a bike. i got to get something for my son and daughter. >> that decision gets put off today. at a nearby sears it wasn't the toys that were popular, it was the work boots. they might be necessary those work boots nortd to pay for the -- in order to pay for the toys later. speaking of toys kevin got the ones he waited for. got in line at 9:00 in the
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>> tricycles were for his brother. >> we saved $1-h. >> for some -- $100. >> for some the shopping is finished and we're hours away from black friday. kevin said the only way his family could afford those toys is because all of the sales. his younger three brothers will be happy come christmas. speaking of black friday. it's sort of already started here because this toys r us in glendale stays open all night tonight. all day night. shopping continues, guys. >> it seems like everybody is pretty well behaved. that's good as well. thanks so much. ready to spend money. the mad rush at kohls in ahwatukee. it will stay open 30 hours. target brought in the crowds. one woman planning to power shop all night says you need a buddy. she brought her husband. >> and what happens is if he
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line. and if he's not back i let the person behind me go and let them keep going until he's back. and then we're in and out. >> that's called earning your discount. >> some families actually flip- flopped the holiday. they're shopping tonight and then will do the turkey tomorrow. >> all weekend long an increased focus on keeping you safe on the road and spotting drunk drivers. kim riding along with police tonight. to keep us safe. >> oh yeah, absolutely. a lot of coordinating on this holiday. a big drinking night for people. no officers inside the building behind me. we did go out with the officers on the road to search what they're looking for to keep the drunk drivers off the road. >> as soon as we hopped in the car we were out on a call. >> we're going to say hi to her. >> derek checking on this woman stumbling near the road.
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stopped us and said they saw you fall down in the street. >> she wasn't united but she looked -- cited but she looked intoxicated. >> you're walking down the street. we don't want you to get run over. any alcohol consumption? >> back in the car searching for drunk drivers. this guy pulled over for no lights but no sign he was drunk. this black friday shopper in a bi coupons. the offerer didn't find the tell tale signs. >> when someone is intoxicated it's like it punches you in the face. >> with so many apps like lyft and uber officers hope they will make better choices. >> you can see that and be like i'm never going to be that person and i don't want to affect someone else's life and we continue to see it just over and over again.
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no lights on. in general a safe night. officers hope it stays that way through the weekend. >> have a good night. >> we permly did not see -- personally did not see any duis this evening but we hope to get numbers tomorrow from scottsdale pd. an interesting call. a domestic violence call. two people fighting over politics this thanksgiving night. back to you. >> thanks kim. a scary moment on the road in cave creek and his wife hit by a walking outside a bar. their names have not be released -- been released but she has life threatening injuries. the driver remained on the scene and it does not appear alcohol or drugs were a factor. live pictures from 59th after a driver hit a man in the street. we've been checking to see how he's doing. the last update not good.
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scene at first before coming back a short time later. s the -- it is not a smart thing to do. a man tried to light a dps car on fire while two troopers were in a restaurant. the troopers spotted osvaldo oregel before he daniel cadeyed damage. he admits he lit -- before he caused damage. he admits he lit it on fire. the year ago but today they celebrated a new start. larry wendt took a chance to rebuild the saloon after a suspicious fire last year. he says ever since they reopened business has been booming. that's good news for long-time customers. for some it's a home away from home and a place to cheer on their green bay packers. >> this is the fifth thanksgiving we've been coming here to watch football and have this great buffet.
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for larry bus it was the end -- larly but it was the end of two -- larry but it was the end of two big traditions. >> police believe someone intentionally lit the fire but no one has been arrested. big changes in the works for the rental center at sky harbor. the city council will vote on a contract. they want to look at demolishing some areas and renovating some other parts. they'll focus on the pick-up and return garage and the lobby where you sign paperwork. a beautiful day in the valley. above average highs. 77 in phoenix. glendale 77 as well as well as chandler. sun skies and as you look outside with me right now i actually have a camera back there. all clear. after the break talking about how cold it's going to get tonight. black friday shopping underway.
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duel in the desert forecast. you'll want to stick around. their text messages and selfies took over the internet when a mesa grandmother texted the wrong teenager and offered to feed him anyway. jamal hinton met the whole family including the grandkids that wanda thought she was texting. both are thankful. >> i've never seen her before. that shows me how great of a person she is. thanks to people like that. >> they see how important kindness is. and i think about doing that and doing kind deeds. >> a lovely message. selfies like these are what brought them together. they posed for a few before dinner tonight. >> nicely done. another heart warmer.
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different faiths but coming together. >> navideh forghani is finding out they are both thankful for the same thing. >> to have this family here in our home is really overwhelming. >> not because pat has to cook for five extra people but because she's able to help a family who's lucky to be alive. >> they're caught in a political situation that's unspeakable really. >> pat, opportunity to -- jumped at the opportunity to host the syrian family of five. >> his wife and five children barely made it out of syria. his wife lost her entire family. they're thankful their children can be playing without getting hurt and even more thankful to be part of a new tradition. >> i love this family and i
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and american people are pretty generous. >> pat say some people were worried for them. >> someone say to my husband aren't you afraid they're going to do something. >> that thought disgusted her considering the meaning behind thanksgiving. she says she's thankful that they're able to make the family feel welcome. >> i'm thankful they wanted to come. i'm thankful they're here. i'm thankful that the community has been able to bring us together. >> abc 15 news. maybe a lesson there for everyone. >> absolutely. so much ahead. why a presidential recount might really happen.
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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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a wild fight caught on video at one of the most popular casinos on the strip. women swearing like sailors. these two duke it out and a security stands and watches for 30 seconds before trying to break it up. officials say that's standard protocol. to wait a little while before the guards get involved. not everyone able to relax. cost guard hard at work -- coast guard hard at work in florida. in the meantime the incoming president continues to appoint. >> we have the latest from washington. >> abc news has learned president-elect trump is expected to name will ber roth to head the -- wilber roth to head the commerce department. >> he was the ceo of a coal
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mr. trump named two women south carolina governor nikki haley, a former marco rubio supporter named ambassador to the u.n. >> i think it's interesting that he's able to go beyond his strict loyalists because that seemed to be the thing that mattered the most to him during the campaign. she certainly wasn't loyal. >> for the education department republican school choice advocate betsy devos. she is common core tweeting i am not a supporter period. the president-elect is spending the nif holiday at his resort in florida. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthed by shared purpose and very very common resolve. >> and even though it's thanksgiving the president- elect is tweeting and working.
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carrier air-conditioning company in the united states. kerry is looking forward to working with the administration. abc news washington. our next president isn't getting daily intelligence briefings by choice according to the washington post. they say donald trump has only had two briefings. his team says the president- elect is staying focused on putting together his administration. meantime trump supporters calling out george soros and some organizing protests against the democratic donor. they claim he's been paying for many of the anti-trump protests we've seen. it's a claim he denies. she wanted to be the next president now she's challenging the results. not hillary clinton, green party nominee jill stein. she raised nearly $4 million for her push for a vote recount in michigan, pennsylvania, and
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after the possibility of hacks were brought up to hillary clinton campaign. >> there were lots of hacks taking place around the election. hackings into voter data -- hacks into voter databases and individual email accounts. unfortunately the xhiment that we use -- equipment that we use most of it is open to hacks and invites hacks and tampering and human error, et cetera. >> it will be up to the courts to decide if the re forward. it's an uphill battle. rosie o'donnell going after trump's youngest son baron. she's getting criticism for it. she asked if he's autistic saying if so it would be a good opportunity to bring to light what she calls an epidemic. now some are slamming her on social media.
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all new at 10:00. a look from sunrise park resort in greer right before sunset. they just opened for the season today. not all the trails are open but plenty of skiers and snowboarders out there anyway. the ticket price for any age $20 throughout the weekend. >> it looks like the holidays. right, yeah? we could be looking at more snow in those spots through the weekends. big changes coming up. first les happened today. 77. sitting in the 50s tonight. it is clear. it is cool. doing black friday shopping, take jackets with you as we continue to fall to the upper 40s. low 50s here in phoenix tonight. not a lot changes besides those temperatures falling. sky conditions stay clear. light winds in the forecast overnight tonight. then tomorrow starting out in those upper 40s to low 50s and then climbing into the low 60s by 10:00. so you start out with the
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80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. expecting phoenix to hit a high of 79 as we get into that 3:00 and 4:00 hour. 77 in mesa. glendale 77 after starting at 50. and gilbert also going to climb to 79. satellite radar composite quiet today. a few passing clouds across northeastern arizona. no rainfall. just a beautiful thanksgiving day in the valley statewide. we'll be watching the next storm system coast bringing heavy rain showers even snow showers to the higher elevations tonight. this will move to the south as you track it with me here on the futurecast. as we get into friday looking for nice conditions. a passing disturbance a few breezes in the higher terrain tomorrow. a couple reaching 15 miles per hour. as we get into saturday ahead of the system more clouds begin to roll in.
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start to move to the east as we get into sunday and monday. that brings rain and snow chances for the higher elevated areas. as we get into sunday for the valley 50% chance of rain into monday lingering to 20%. still -- 30%. still several days out. sunday evening into monday morning. we'll clear that out by tuesday. snow levels dropping to around 4500 feet. location one to four inches of snow. this starting on sunday. be watching that weekend commute traffic. so many folks tryings to get -- trying to get back to the high country or the valley from northern arizona. pretty big forecast to watch as far as traveling go. 30 in flagstaff. 26 in window rock. teens in those spots overnight. 20s along the ram heights tomorrow.
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tucson for asu and u of a. going to be nice. changes sunday 65. 62 monday. 60s all next week. all right. less than 24 hours from the kick off of the 90th territorial cup. but tonight craig is not so
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sfx: [beeping alarms] ? blues / country music? if it's in your nature to be the first one out there... ...then don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale. for 5 hours only, get $100 off vortex diamondback binos $80 off a cuddeback trail camera combo and $500 off a lowrance hook-9 combo plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes. doors open at 5am. day... y26oey yvpy abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> bears ask cardinals on the
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a win from the atlanta falcons this weekend. coach is back on field. clearly there's been something missings ring and -- missing. and everyone is trying to figure it out. tyrone matthew got philosophical. >> we got great character and leaders. i think a lot of time the ball just don't bounce your way. last year the ball bounced our way. this year we just got continue to fight through adversity. i think we'll do it. well talk about the toilet bowl. tomorrow's territorial cup features two teams who have lost a combined 13 games. five in a row for the sun devils and eight for the wildcats. just two years ago the winner was the pac-12 champion. both teams were in the top 15.
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arizona state 5-6. that's how far they've fallen in two seasons. that's an indictment on both head coaches. even though both teams stink it's the territorial cup and that matters. but honestly it's still two really bad teams squaring off in tucson. the pros now. night caps finishing up. steelers and colts playing tonight. both the steelers dominant. end up winning 28-7. lights, shopping, action. the biggest discounts, the best displays.
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well if you are still looking to do some black friday shopping tomorrow we have perhaps the most important list that you will want to see. >> a list of the stores with the biggest average discounts. wallethub made the list. jas pen knee and -- jc penney and sears also on the list. christmas is right around the corner. you might see some of your neighbors putting up lights tomorrow and in historic downtown glendale they'll flip the switch on the largest free holiday light display in arizona. here's some video from last year. all starting tomorrow at 5:30. every year hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights light up the mesa temple gardens. on from #35k to 10:00 -- 5:00 to 10:00 all year.


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